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Gotye Performs at New York City's Webster Hall Photos

Exclusive: Gotye on Success of 'Making Mirrors'

Piers Morgan Vs. Touré: How the CNN Host Blew It

Morgan/Toure Feud Goes Primetime

Mega Millions Winners Might Not Be So Lucky: Jack Whittaker and More Unlucky Lotto Winners

Jack Nicholson, Angelina Jolie: Silvio Berlusconi Dream Cast Photos

Anti-Adoption Traditions in the Muslim World Benefit Al Qaeda Recruiters

David's Book Club: The Republican Brain

Gotye on His Viral Hit ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’

Stephen Harper's Success

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for March 31, 2012

Tina Fey’s Dance Moves, a Blind Dog Is Rescued, and More Viral Videos

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Obamacare Nightmare

Intimate Documentary on Maldives’ President Nasheed Coincides With His Ouster

Before Condemning Foxconn, Americans Should Examine Their Own Labor History

‘The Hunger Games’ Is a Clarion Call of the Social-Media Generation

Rachel Maddow’s ‘Drift’ Probes America’s Uneasy Relationship With the Military

Mitt Romney Secretly Supported Anti-Gay-Marriage Group

“Hitlerland” by Andrew Nagorski: Review

Did Bin Laden’s Widow Lie?

Can Anyone Work With Olbermann?

Keith Olbermann's Best Moments on 'Countdown' and MSNBC

Readers Aren't Swayed by Romney's Endorsers

Olbermann's Shortlived Current 'Countdown'

Rush Limbaugh: My Enemies Are Lying About My Financial Health

Reading Earns Street Cred

Why Toulouse Terror Fears Won’t Help Sarkozy With Voters

Justice Slams the Competition

Banned TSA Items as Art at Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver

Banned TSA Items in Denver Art Show

Yes, Israel is Thriving, But All's Not Well

Listen: Edward Luce Discusses America's Descent

ABC’s Morning Maneuver: Will it work?

Romney and Ryan: That’s Amore!

Yousef Munayyer Responds to His Critics

Trayvon Martin Repeat?

Where Are the Women?

When Will Romney Shake Things Up?

My Response to Bret Stephens

George H.W. Bush Endorsed Romney? Big Surprise, They’re Cut from the Same Cloth

Pakistan Police Summary of Bin Laden Widow Questioning

Mike Huckabee: All Kids—and Their Parents—Should See ‘Bully’

Stars' Favorite Beatles Songs

Neil Heywood & China’s Bo Xilai Scandal: Drinker, Sailor, Fixer, Spy?

Queen Mother Remembered: Great Anecdotes

‘Sand Flea’ Robot Leaps Over Building Wall

Colbert Has Israel’s Back

Is This the Worst Movie of the Year?

Begin vs. Bibi

Poll Question: Rubio, Ryan, or Bush...Which Endorsement Helps Romney Most?—David Frum

Magnum Contact Sheets at the International Center of Photography

Hunger Games vs. Twilight

As Pippa Middleton And George Percy Join Will and Kate's Ski Trip, Can Carole Pull of the Duchess Double?

What’s Up With Hat? Beatrice’s Bizarre Headgear Redux at her Grandmother’s Memorial

Galloway and Bradford Deserve Each Other—David Frum

How to Dance Like Tina Fey

" this time, this is problematic"

Duggar Says Overpopulation Is a Lie & More Controversies

Lionel Shriver’s Book Bag: Novels About Terrorism

Failed Israel Boycott Attempt in Brooklyn Aided by Netanyahu Policies

15 Things More Likely to Happen than Winning Mega Millions

Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, & More Odd Celebrity Rebounds (PHOTOS)

Black Women Still Battle Mad Men in Corporate America

Supreme Court Releases Same-Day Audio, But Forget TV

Why New CDC Numbers on Autism May Not Add Up

Sanford Frets About Prospect of Riots Over Trayvon Martin Killing

Somalia’s Hostage: Judith Tebbutt Is Home—But How Free?

Paul Ryan’s Budget Sets Republican Platform for 2012 Election Year

Meet the Mafia’s First Blogger, Tommy Gioeli

Sex-Slavery Facilitators: Backpage’s Sleazy ‘Adult Ads’

Is ‘Mirror Mirror’ Starring Julia Roberts the Worst Movie of the Year?

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 Review: Majesty, Mystery, and Terror Reign Supreme

The Daily Beast and Trendrr find TV’s MVPs, from ‘Jersey Shore’ to ‘Mad Men’

Keith Olbermann’s Firing at Current TV Could Be his Ruin or his SalvationKeith Olbermann’s Firing at Current TV Could Be His Ruin or His Salvation

Hunger Games: Mitt Romney Needs to Tap His Inner Katniss Everdeen

Apple Makes Smart Move by Vowing to Improve China Labor Conditions

Peter Popham on Aung San Suu Kyi

When Cato Loved Mandates—David Frum

Male Domination Persists as a Pervasive Reality in the U.S. and Abroad

Behind the Spy Who Tweeted

Rupert Murdoch’s Twitter Account Has Made the Mogul a Figure of Fun

Poll Results: Readers Less Optimistic About Healthcare Mandate—David Frum

Vatican Cancels Stem Cell Conference After Scientists Refuse to Be Censored

7 Experts Try to Read Supreme Court Health-Care Tea Leaves

10 Best Commentaries After Supreme Court Health-Care Arguments

Mitt Romney Once Mocked John Kerry's Big House

How Will the Supreme Court Land on Obamacare?

Earl Scruggs, Dead at 88, Pioneered a Banjo Style Imitated but Never Equaled

Cute Giraffe Alert! Plus More World's Tiniest Animals

Terrified of Each Other

‘The Lady and the Peacock’: Peter Popham’s Biography Reveals the Real Aung San Suu Kyi

10 Obamacare Questions Answered by MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber

What Does Homophobia Have To Do With Cheney's Heart?

Trayvon, Hoodies and America's Fears

The Gaffe is Back! Vintage Prince Philip Remark to Disabled Man

Lynnae Williams: The CIA Spy Who Tweets

Charles Dickens on "Stand Your Ground" Laws—David Frum

Aziz Ansari Talks Obama Meet and Greet

Romney Ad: Obama Is The Best President...At Piling On Debt

The Orwell Prize Has a Chance to Redeem Itself—David Frum

Saudis Say: We Want Cheap Oil Too--David Frum

Grave of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's Wife Who Survived, to Open to Visitors

The Ghost of Conferences Past

The Rainbow Skittles Didn't Want You to Taste

After Three Days of Arguments, How Do You Think the Court Will Rule on Obamacare?--David Frum

testing the headline change without date change

Jubilee Celebrations Could Push UK Economy Into Recession

Kathryn Harrison on Rasputin in New Novel 'Enchantments'

The Wall Street Journal: Unwitting Advocates of Single-Payer

No Spring Break for the IDF

The Crime of Kufr Qaddoum: An EmergencyStandWithDavidMonitor Animal Rights Division Expose

Anne Truitt at Matthew Marks – The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Chloe Moretz as Carrie & More Badass Roles (Video)

‘South Park’ Turns ‘Tebowing’ Into ‘Faith Hilling’

Pomp, Circumstance and Manure: a Day in the Life of the Royal Household Cavalry

Nudist Beach Near William and Kate’s Home Wants Official Recognition

Solicitor General’s Critics Wrong About his Defense of Obamacare

George Zimmerman Video Outrage: Where Are Injuries From Travyon Fight?

Latest News Corp. Scandal Embroils Company’s Man From Scotland Yard

Celebrity Moms Feeding Frenzy: Alicia Silverstone, Beyoncé & More (Photos)

Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Mirrors America’s Paranoia About Barack Obama

Rep. Gwen Moore on Her Own Sexual Assault, Violence Against Women Act

Marion Hammer Woman Behind Stand Your Ground

How Katy Butler, ‘Bully’ Documentary’s Teen Crusader, Was Bullied

The Fall of California Democratic Campaign Treasurer Kinde Durkee

Michelle Obama to Appear on ‘The Biggest Loser’ (Video)

Michael Tomasky Asks: Did Liberals Screw Obamacare?

Newt Gingrich’s Zombie Campaign, Neither Dead nor Alive

New Video Shows Zimmerman Unscathed

Michelle Obama's Reality TV Roles

The Real Story of Lawrence v. Texas Revealed in ‘Flagrant Conduct’

Supreme Court Finishes Hearing Health-Care Law Arguments

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu Smiling?

11 Reasons Chocolate’s Good for You

The Story Behind Bobby Rush, the Hoodie-Wearing, Trayvon-Supporting Congressman

Readers Support Greater Supreme Court Transparency—David Frum

Conflict of Interest in Bnei Brak

From the JetBlue Pilot to Robert Bales, Cultural Road Rage Is Everywhere

Meet the New Susan Boyle

Park Slope Food Coop’s Israel Boycott: Funniest Tweets

McCain Disagrees with Boehner: Romney Has a Right to Criticize Obama

We're Still Stuck With Predatory Insurance Companies—David Frum

Supreme Court Considers Whether to Throw Out Entire Health-Care Law

Newsweek's Special Beatles Issue Reveals Original 'Sgt. Pepper' Cover Art

Conservatives Love Obamacare - When it's Singaporecare—David Frum

Not Ready to Give Up the Battle

Why Did Tzipi Livni Lose?

Al-Qaeda Down and Out? Maybe Not.

Burmese Political Prisoners Speak Out In 'Into The Current' Documentary

Mandate? Big Deal!

Funeral of King Tupou V of Tonga

Don’t Blame Verrilli for Supreme Court Health-Care Stumble

Blind Dog Sees for the First Time!

Statistics From Iran's Murder-State

Daily Poll: Should The Supreme Court Allow Live Broadcasts of its Hearings?

Harry Waves Off Injured Servicemen Explorers

Labor Politics: Not What They Used to Be

Beatles Mania on 'Morning Joe'

Turkish Hypocrisy

Don't Shoot, Camilla, She Can't Help It Charles Kissed Her

Census Data Reveals Elder Women’s Poverty Crisis

Interview with SholomTV

The Question I'd Have Asked at the Obamacare Hearings—David Frum

Romney’s One Word for Rick Santorum

Mofaz Wins Kadima Primaries

Komen Kills Major Lobbying Day, Urges People Not to Turn Backs on Women

Harry Moves out of Home as Young Royals Establish New Kensington Court

Pilot Goes ‘Nuts,’ Steven Slater, and More JetBlue Fiascos (PHOTOS)

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 for Dummies

Murdoch Hacking Scandal Could Go Global, Threaten News Corp. Core TV Business

Black America’s Heartbreaking Burdens

Zimmerman’s Twin Lakes Community Was on Edge Before Trayvon Shooting

The Biggest Threat of Dara-Lynn Weiss and Vogue’s ‘7-Year-Old on a Diet’

Justin Townes Earle Talks About His New Album

Gillian Anderson on ‘X-Files,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Great Expectations’

The Supreme Court’s Health-Care Stock Problem

New Sanford, Fla., Case Asks, Just When Can You Stand Your Ground?

Facebook QR Code, Doritos Campaign, More Alien Outreach (PHOTOS)

‘Game of Thrones’: Who’s Who in Season 2? (PHOTOS)

Is October Baby’s Pro-Life Message Misunderstood?

People Are Born with Religious Belief Argues New Book

Afghanistan’s War on Women

How Did Rupert Murdoch Scare Parliament?

Supremes Won't Save GOP From Itself on Obamacare—David Frum

Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch's Biggest Hits

Justice Roberts Shines—David Frum

Did Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Blow the Case on Obamacare?

Whitney Houston’s Death Is Not Solved by Toxicology Report

Readers Support the Individual Mandate. SCOTUS Judges Are Less Eager.

Queen Gives Royal Assent For Jubilee Baby

Trayvon Martin Was the Victim of a Stereotype That Has Its Roots in Crime Statistics

A Strong Republican for Congress...Who Just Happens to be Gay

Supreme Court, Day Two: Is Affordable Care Act Doomed?

National Organization for Marriage Memos Reveal Racial Wedge Strategy

The Trayvon Martin Smear Campaign

The Right’s Health-Care Flip-Flop

Kadima: Losing the Vital Center

Miami Music Week: Florida’s Epic DJ Dance Party

Bret Stephens' Crisis of Empathy

Arab Spring?—David Frum

What Were These Guys Watching?

Why the Right Turned Its Back on the Individual Mandate

The Rich Are Getting Facebook Stalked—David Frum

John McCain Rips Super PACs

The Real Estate Crisis Hits the Ski Slopes—David Frum

Do You Think the Individual Mandate is Constitutional?—David Frum

Netanyahu is Our Man

What Makes a Bestseller?

Will Scalia Rule in Favor of Obamacare?

Syrian Video Activists Caught Enhancing Reports

Nothing For You, Sonny

Brutal, Brutal Gaza

Queen’s Bank Fined for Enabling Money Laundering

Beatrice’s Hopes to Become a Working Royal Thwarted

Supreme Court Health Care: Why Losing Would Help Obama

Erica Jong Defends Feminist Revolution

Syrian Rebels Caught Embellishing on Tape

Behind Court Challenge to Health Care Lies the Right’s ‘Freedom Fetish’

‘Mad Men’ Highlights Invisible Black People and Stain of Racism

‘Shahs of Sunset’ Star Reza Farahan on Being a Gay Iranian

Why Conservatives Are Smearing Trayvon Martin’s Reputation

James Cameron Plans Next Dive After Surfacing From Ocean Abyss

PBS’ ‘I, Claudius’ Still Captivates With its Taut Drama

George Zimmerman’s Account of Fight With Trayvon Martin Questioned

Will Dick Cheney’s New Heart Change His Personality?

John Chamberlain Shows Crushed Cars and More at the Guggenheim – The Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Why the Individual Mandate Is Effective and Efficient

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Battles New Charges in French Prostitution Case

Pope Benedict XVI Says Mass in Cuba (Photos)

Poll Results: Despite its Flaws, Readers Support the National ID—David Frum

Early Warning Signs Revealed In Jerry Sandusky’s 1998 Psychologist Report

When a 'Mad Men' Actor Goes Mad

Diddy, Miami Heat & Other Celebs Wearing Hoodies for Trayvon (PHOTOS)

Space Station’s Near Miss Underlines the Dangers of Debris in Space

How Matt Weiner Sold 'Mad Men'

Meet the WMC Musicians, Including Swedish House Mafia, Justice, Fatboy Slim, And More

Ultra Music Festival's Wildest Fans, Including Paris Hilton, Wheelchair Raver, And More

What Happens When You Confuse Borat's Anthem...

Ale Under the Veil—David Frum

How Close Is North Korea to a Nuclear Missile?

Martin Sheen Defends Medicare

‘Obamacare’ Arguments Open, Justices Set the Stage for a Crucial Decision

Charles Moves In For a Kiss

Draw the Line: How Israel Erases Itself

Jon Hamm on Groupies

Rupert Murdoch’s Battle With the BBC

Live Chat on Health-Care Reform With Economist Jonathan Gruber

Did ‘Mad Men’ Live Up to Its Hype?

Welcome to Open Zion

Tibetan Buddhist Self-Immolation Suicides Go Viral

Oops! Obama's Live-Mic Gaffe

Poll Question: Should America Move Toward a National ID Card?—David Frum

China is Running Out of Cheap Labor—David Frum

Queen Crashes Commoners' Wedding

Does Obama Really Care About March Madness?

Prince Harry's Night Out

Welcome to Hell, AKA "Obamaville"

Robert Caro’s New Yorker Essay: 7 New Insights Into LBJ

Show, Don't Tell: Why the Apartheid Analogy Falls Flat

Real Conservatives Cuss Out Journalists

Mohamed Merah’s Brother: France’s New Public Enemy

Looking For a Smoking Gun

The Case for National ID Cards—David Frum

Stan Douglas shows Disco Angola – Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Bales's Wife: He Wasn't 'Involved'

Karilyn Bales: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales ‘Would Not Do That’ (Video)

Trayvon Martin Slaying Shows the Young Black Male Is Society’s Prime Target

Are Harry and Chelsy On Again?

How Dick Cheney Got His New Heart

Negative Supreme Court Decision Will Make Obamacare Appear a Mistake

Military’s Internet Scrub of Robert Bales Data Was a Futile Whitewash Bid

Paul Butler on Trayvon Martin and Racial Profiling

Far From the Streets, the Bold-Faced Names Rub Shoulders With The Wall Street Occupiers

Crime Watch Groups Viewed Suspiciously After Trayvon Martin Killing

Justin Bieber’s Hair Evolution: Shag, Frosted Tips, Manly Crop (PHOTOS)

Dick Cheney Surgery: 7 Essential Facts about Heart Transplants

Why Tiger Woods’s PGA Tour Comeback Win Isn’t Surprising

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Unusual Betting Patterns Trigger Fresh Speculation

Al Sharpton’s Conflicting Roles in the Trayvon Martin Case

Newt Gingrich, Facing Campaign’s End of the Line, Crawls in the Gutter

NBC’s ‘Smash’: Weak Writing, Terrible Characters, and Painful Subplots

Amy Poehler Talks to Rachel Dratch About Her Memoir

‘Mad Men’ Premiere: A History of ‘Zou Bisou Bisou,’ Megan’s Sultry Song to Don

Cheney in History

Obama Meets 'Mad Men'

New York Times’ Phony Controversy Over Cookbook Ghostwriters

Denis O’Hare Talks About One-Man Show “An Iliad”

This Week’s Hot Reads: March 23, 2012

Marina Warner’s Stranger Magic Reconsiders the Arabian Nights

Sunday Talk: Trayvon Martin, David Plouffe, Rick Santorum, & More (Video)

Plouffe: The GOP Primary Is a ‘Clown Show’

‘Finding Your Roots’: Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s New PBS Series (Video)

What Are Andrew's Religious Doubts?

College Grads Continue Their Exodus From the GOP

Enough With the Cliffhangers! Movies Need a Cathartic Conclusion

Rihanna, Zooey Deschanel & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Can This Eyewitness Clear George Zimmerman?

‘Sex Rehab’ Star Duncan Roy’s Jailhouse Blues

After Rick Santorum Takes Louisiana, Wisconsin Looms as His Last Stand

Nature Gone Awry: Tics, Plants & Birds, Oh My! (PHOTOS)

Mad Men Cast, from Jon Hamm to January Jones, Dish on Show’s Secrets

Bahraini Dissident Blogger Ali Abdulemam Missing For One Year

Economists Argue Over the Cost of Caring for the Uninsured

Rick Santorum Sweeps the Louisiana Primary With Easy Win Over Mitt Romney

Rivera on Trayvon Martin: 'Leave the Hoodie at Home'

Karl Lagerfeld Uncensored: On Newsweek, Adele, Mink and More

The Goldman Sachs Muppet Sing-a-long

Black America Gets A Martyr

For U.S. Presidents, Odds for a Second Term Are Surprisingly Long

Amnesty International Calls on Cuba to Release Journalists

The Sept. 11 Survivor Tree in Bloom

Auti Angel, Star of ‘Musical Chairs,’ on Being Disabled in Hollywood

New Laws Pushed by Nicolas Sarkozy After Toulouse Massacre Go Too Far

Geraldo Rivera’s Trayvon Martin Hoodie Comment, and Other Outrageous Remarks

Jim Kim: Obama’s Bold Pick to Lead the World Bank

Kristen Stewart, Johnny Depp & More: Weirdest Celebrity Phobias (PHOTOS)

‘Hunger Games’ Opens, John Slattery Gets Naked, and More (Videos)

Kristen Powers: Fight Unseen U.S. Slave Trade on Day of Remembrance

A Technicality That Might Save Obamacare: The Anti-Injunction Act

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for March 24, 2012

Michael Tomasky on Why Obama Shouldn’t Defend Gay Marriage (For Now)

John Edwards’s Biggest Scandals

Must Read New Fiction: ‘Arcadia,’ ‘Men in Space,’ ‘The O’Briens,’ ‘Hot Pink’

Online Activism, Nationwide Protests Deepen Ahead of Supreme Court Health-Care Hearing

Etch a Sketch Artist George Vlosich Takes On Romney Portrait

Answering Your Questions

Venus Williams On and Off the Court (PHOTOS)

Geraldo Rivera's Self-Inflicted Wound on the Trayvon Martin Killing

Zionism's Been Stolen

Andrews Advice For a Young Idealist?

Unseen Photos of Queen and Family From March 1952

Sanctions Make War More Likely

Why 'Hunger Games' Fans Love Katniss

Obama: 'If I Had a Son, He Would Look Like Trayvon'

Etch A Sketch the Media: Call It For Romney?

Sniping on Capitol Hill Ends a Brief Cease-Fire Between the Parties

Ryan's Budget is So Ambitious, it Needs Magic to Work

Should We Pity John Edwards?

You Don't Make Peace With Your Friends


Royal Condolences to the King of Tonga

Happy Anniversary, Obamacare!

Drunken Irish Lorry Driver Who Scaled Palace Walls Sentenced

A Stunning Look Inside Cuba

David’s Book Club: ‘Capitol Punishment’

Karlie Kloss's Provocative Fashion Fetish

Prince Philip and Queen Get Immortalised in Terracotta

Guess Who Doesn't Want to Cut Government: Republicans!

Santorum’s Etch a Sketch Campaign

Either Way, Bibi Wins

Will He Ever Learn?

The Real Fight Over Health Care Should Be Against Diabetes and Obesity

Trayvon Martin: Other ‘Stand Your Ground’ Cases, From Florida to North Carolina

Louisiana GOP Primary Is Mitt Romney’s Last Chance to Win in Deep South

Venus Williams’s Big Comeback to Tennis and Fashion

Television News and the Incredibly Shrinking 2012 Campaign

John Edwards Denies Reported Link to Soccer Mom Madame’s Service

Liberian Writer Mae Azango Forced Into Hiding for Story on Female Genital Cutting

Is Jennifer Lawrence Going Stir Crazy From ‘Hunger Games’ Hype?

Why Is Shmuley Boteach Running for Congress as a Republican?

‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence’s Fashion Highlights (Photos)

Accused Soccer-Mom Madam’s Money Launderer

Sanford Protesters Demand Arrest in Trayvon Death as Residents Question Racial Profiling

Million Hoodie March

Did Trayvon Shooter Abuse 911?

Dr. Mark Hyman on Obesity-Related Disease Prevention

46 Calls

Obama is Captain America! Or Maybe a Transformer.

Sit Back And Think of England

Rabbis Versus Rabbis

Hollywood’s Biggest Flops: John Carter, Ishtar, Cleopatra, More (PHOTOS)

Truman Capote Slept Here: 10 Big Authors’ Houses for Sale (Photos)

So What Do YOU Want to Talk About?

Don't Be Nostalgic for Elections Past—David Frum

10 Die-Hard ‘Hunger Games’ Fans and Their Crazy Tattoos (PHOTOS)

PETA Kills Bunnies (Updated with PETA Response)—David Frum

William and Kate to Recreate Their Royal Wedding Carriage Ride for Jubilee

Romney's Etch a Sketch

The Tea Party Should Adore Mitt Romney, So Why the Cold Feet?

Why Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

Etch a Sketch Sales Boom After Romney Aide Gaffe

John Edwards: High-End Hooker Hook Up?

Well, It Worked For William

Where in America Does Andrew Want to Explore?

You Can't Fix Medicaid by Making it Bigger

Mohamed Merah and the War on Terror’s New Front

Donald Judd Drawings at Sprueth Magers - Daily Pic by Gopnik

This Duck Is an Apartheid Duck

Daily Poll: If Romney is An Etch A Sketch, What's Obama?

Settlement Boycotts Work

Conservatives Prepare to Boss Romney Around

‘Mad Men’ Premiere: Before Season 5, Remember Season 4

Mohamed Merah Dies in French Standoff’s Gory End

"Castle Doctrine" Author: Trayvon's Killing Was Not Self-Defense

Keystone Pipeline: Not So Dead—David Frum

Matthew Weiner on Newsweek's 'Incredible' Issue

Hitchhiking Through the U.S.

Dutch Castration Scandal: How Journalists Broke the Story

"I was in the shower and thought missiles were falling on Israel"

Bob Kerrey Interview: Nebraska Senate Race & More

Trayvon Martin Protest Floods NYC

Falling Out! Why Soldiers Faint On Parade

Military Wives Rally Around Wife of Accused Afghanistan Shooter Robert Bales

Someone Must Be Punished for Killing Trayvon Martin, Says Mom Sybrina Fulton

Can Taking Aspirin Once a Day Reduce Risk of Cancer, Stroke, and More?

French Shooting Suspect Mohamed Merah Under Siege in Raid

What Happened When General Grant Expelled Civil War Jews

New Hampshire House Rejects Gay-Marriage Repeal

Mitt Romney and his Rivals Are Running Short on Cash

Robert Bales and the Cost of Fighting Wars With Other People’s Kids

8 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Aviator Amelia Earhart’s Demise

States With the Most Guns in 2012

What Scares Turkey’s Women?

Fall Out! Soldier Faints As Prince Charles Inspects Guard of Honour in Oslo

Inside Newsweek's 'Mad Men' Issue

How the Saints Players Betrayed the Football Brotherhood

Poll Results: Ron Paul Has No Secret Service Protection Because He Can't Win

'Mob Wives' Big Ang On Plastic Surgery and Wise Guys

Trayvon Martin Killing Inspires 13 Tweets From Celebrities

Obama's Romney Smackdown

In Defense of Romney: the "Etch A Sketch" Candidate—David Frum

Doing the Delegate Math

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Hypocrisy About Activist Judges

Why Is 'Mad Men' So Secretive?

The Broncos Sell Their Future: Tim Tebow Heads to New York Jets

George Zimmerman, the Man Who Shot Trayvon Martin, Profiled by Family and Neighbors

Amid Attacks, Obama Tries to Maintain High Ground on Energy

Somali Pirates Ransom British Hostage Judith Tebbutt

Allah in the Cafeteria—David Frum

Former Israeli Security Chief Pushes for Unilateral Withdrawal

Rebekah Brooks’s Latest Pickle in News Corp. Investigation

Dems to Romney: Some Things You Can't Shake Off

Sketching a Shapeless Romney: Fallout from a Top Aide’s ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ Remark

So What Do YOU Want to Talk About?—David Frum

Tom Ford's Fall/Winter Collection

Was Moses a Zionist?

Ben Bernanke Smashes the Gold Standard Standard—David Frum

"Zionist BDS" is Not the Way to Save Israel

An Unarmed Teenager is Killed – Where's the Outrage?

Obama Signs to a Deaf Supporter

Does Andrew Dislike Anything About His Viewers?

Russo & Dubus on Amazon's E-Book Monopoly

Poll Question: Ron Paul Declines Secret Service Protection. Gimmick or Insight?

What Is Charles Saying to This Tree?

Mad-Men Live Chat: Modern-Day Advertising Execs Talk 'Mad Men'

Can Advertising Survive Digital? Yes—By Leaving ‘Mad Men’ Behind

Toulouse Murder Suspect Was Motivated by Propaganda and Lies—David Frum

Three Cheers for a Settlement Boycott

JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account

The Romneys: A Love Story

Princess Diana Wallpaper for William and Kate’s New Home

Did The Notorious Mansoor Ijaz Lie About Me Under Oath?—David Frum

Kate’s Over the Moon as William Returns Home

The Thin Green Line

Madeline Miller Discusses ‘The Song of Achilles’

Migron v. Supreme Court

‘Tebowie’ Returns With Song About Peyton

Obama’s ‘The Road’ and Bush’s ‘The Pitch’ Both Smart Films, But Dubya’s Video Gave Hope

Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, Brando: Actors Who Trash Their Own Movies (Photos)

Big Ang, Breakout Star of VH1’s Reality Series ‘Mob Wives,’ Opens Up

Jack Kerouac’s ‘The Sea is My Brother’ and Other Lost Novels

Fox News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Criticized

Romney Wins the Land of Lincoln—David Frum

Mitt Romney Romps in Illinois, But the Long Race Continues

Mitt Romney Mocks Barack Obama for Teaching the Constitution

Gingrich Might Withdraw From Presidential Race for Right Appointment

Readers Outraged by Trayvon Martin Shooting—David Frum

'A Conservative Businessman': Mitt Romney's Latest Reinvention Falls Flat

Mitt Romney Wins Delegates but Not Love in the Illinois Primary

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on Mitt Romney’s Win in Illinois

Romney's Midwest Victory Lap

Mitt Romney’s Win in Illinois Is Just a Momentary Victory

Would John Slattery Dye His Hair?

Mitt Romney Romps, Beating Rick Santorum in the Illinois Primary

Follow Daily Beast Political Reporters Covering the Illinois Election on Twitter

John Slattery On Getting Naked

Kate's Weight; The Debate

January Jones on Reading the Pilot Script for 'Mad Men'

January Jones on Being in a Jack in the Box Commercial

French Police Mount a Massive Manhunt for Killer of 3 Children, Teacher

What's On Mr Mickey's Sideboard?

Susan G. Komen Woes Continue as a New York Bigwig Resigns

Save My Kid From ‘The Hunger Games’

The Great Ron Paul Caucus Strategy Fizzles into Failure—David Frum

Earthquake: Tweets, Photos, and Videos from the Mexico Earthquake

Diddy and Harry to Party in London

“Get Out!” Says Christian-Supremacist Pastor. Does Rick Santorum Agree?

Are the French Anti-Semites?

New Gingrich Ad: "Ideas Have Consequences"

James Cameron Hopes to Be the First Solo Visitor to the Deepest Part of the Ocean

George Zimmerman’s 911 Call Before Trayvon Martin’s Death (AUDIO)

Santorum and Romney Once Supported Each Other, But Now Trade Attacks

Ultra-Orthodox Dovish on Iran?

Cut Medicare More, Food Stamps Less—David Frum

Taliban Jails Commanders For Back-Door Peace Talks

‘Mad Men’ New York Premiere: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Creator Matthew Weiner & More

The Best Viral Video of 2012 (So Far!)

The EU's Top Diplomat Uses The Toulouse Shooting to Smear Israel—David Frum

Both Sides Now

What Would Andrew Leave The Dish For?

Jon Hamm Addresses Kardashian Comment

Revenge of the She-PAC

“Liberal Zionism”: A Contradiction in Terms

Daily Poll: What Do You Think of the Trayvon Martin Case?

Get Real: Romney’s Not Inevitable

Answering My Critics on Zionist BDS

The Man Behind 'Mad Men'

Fed-Up Press Ready to Call the Republican Race, But the Math Matters

There is America, and Then There is "Fox News America"—David Frum

Inside the Mets’ Madoff Payout

Coherent Cacophony

It's Time for Romney to Start Running for All of America—David Frum

A Nice Jewish Boy-cott

Queen: Philip Doesn’t Like Compliments

‘Morning Joe’ Goes Inside Newsweek’s Retro Issue

Holiday Meals For Some Muslim Prisoners, Hunger for Others

FLOTUS to Letterman: ‘This Isn’t Oprah!’

‘Mad Men’ New York Premiere: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Creator Matthew Weiner & More

It’s Complicated: The Love Lives of Harry, Chelsy and the Young Royals

Romney Is Way Up in Illinois Primary Polls, but his Message Is Muddled

Dana Loesch: On Twitter, the Tea Party, and Her Rise in Media

The True Victims of Mike Daisey’s Lies May Be Those Chinese Workers He Championed

Where Does the Line Between Fact and Fiction Fall for Documentaries?

Kirk Cameron of ‘Growing Pains’ Says He’s Not Homophobic, Explains Christian Beliefs

Mike Daisey, James Frey, and More Famous Fabulists (PHOTOS)

The Affordable Care Act Protects Women’s Health

‘The Richer Sex’: How Women Became the New Breadwinners

Romney and Paul Team Up, Try to Snatch Santorum’s Missouri Delegates

Rick Santorum’s War on Pornography Stirs Up the Same Tired Arguments

Romney and the Right-Wing Shakedown

Murdoch Phone-Hacking Scandal Expands From U.K. to Australia

Tyler Clementi, Dharun Ravi, and the Problem With Hate Crimes Laws

Michael Ware on Sgt. Robert Bales, Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians

She-PAC Targets Democratic Misogynist Hypocrisy, Pushes GOP Women Candidates

Celebrity March Madness 2012: How to Pick NCAA Tournament Winners

Rosie O'Donnell's Biggest Hits

Damien Hirst, Warhol Reborn

Harry and Best Mate Tom Inskip Cheer on England Rugby Team

Noreen Harrington: The Mets’ Madoff Whistle-Blower

Kate Middleton Steps Into the Spotlight

The Affordable Care Act's New Ad Campaign

What if Congress Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble?—David Frum

Poll Results: Maybe Puerto Rico Has More Influence then it Deserves--David Frum

A Hung Jury for Nicollette Sheridan

Can You Be a Zionist If No One Thinks You Are?

Damien Hirst, Warhol Reborn

Israel's Ambassador Replies to Beinart "Solution": "Well Beyond the Mainstream"

Robert Bales, Accused in Afghan Deaths, Hires Flashy Lawyer John Henry Browne

Kate Speaks!

One State, Two States

France’s Shocking Shooting Spree

The Beinart Solution: Punish the Israelis to Change the Palestinians—David Frum

French-Jewish Tragedy

Inside the Mad Men Issue

Can God Make a Planet so Perfect He Can't Warm it Up?—David Frum

Goodbye Rosie

Politics of the ‘Mad Men’ Era

Where Are All the Female Dish Readers?

The West Bank Through Chinese Eyes

Poll Question: Should U.S. States Matter More Than Territories in Presidential Primaries?

Jeffrey Sachs for World Bank President—David Frum

Kate Wears Her Mum’s Dress for Maiden Speech

Lara Friedman, AIPAC, and Iran

Romney: Fire 'Gas Hike Trio'

Where Does the White Working Class Struggle? On Reality TV.—David Frum

Garage Magazine’s Very Modern Nursery-Rhyme Cover

Love and Hate from the Iranian State

Why Obama Won’t Speed U.S. Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan

American Dreams: "Babbitt" by Sinclair Lewis

Arizona Ethnic-Studies Ban’s Unintended Result: Underground Libraries

Samira Ibrahim, ‘Virginity Test’ Victim, Fights Egypt’s Military Rule

China’s Not the Big Trade Cheat Harming America’s Domestic Economy

Romney and Santorum Face Off: 5 Things To Watch For In Illinois

Is Kate Middleton Too Thin? Weight Loss Recalls Dark Days of Diana

Ex-Prisoners Say Life Term Is Cruel for Teens, As Case Hits High Court

Where’s the Outrage Over the Killing of Trayvon Martin?

Is Mitt Romney the Most Unpopular Likely Presidential Nominee Ever?

HBO’s ‘Luck’ Runs Out as Show Is Canceled After Three Horses Die

Stop the Press on ‘Preemptive’: Media Adopt Pro-War Rhetoric on Iran

The Mad Men Era: When Hope Was Cheap

‘Mad Men’: Advertising’s Glory Days?

Judd Apatow, Elizabeth Banks & More Stars’ Twitter Pictures (Photos)

The Ads of the US Postal Service

Sex in the Mad Men Era

The Ads of Spam

The Ads of NY Life Insurance

The Ads of Triumph Motorcycles

Eleanor Clift on the 'Mad Men' Era at Newsweek

Opposition Organizer Olga Romanova on Russia’s Rotten Justice System

Coldene Confusion

Think Small: Volkswagen Ad a Favorite

Lois’s Big Break in Magazines

Santorum’s Protection Plan

Clooney on Fox, Santorum as Newt’s ‘Frenemy, More Sunday Talk (VIDEO)

Adman George Lois on Creative Revolution of ‘Mad Men’ Era (VIDEO)

Clooney's Crusade

Robert Bales’s Alleged Crimes Show a Soldier Pushed to the Brink

Israel’s Campaign To Halt Organ Trafficking Tourism

Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni’s Strong Voice of Reason

Paul Ryan, Barack Obama & More Shirtless Politicians (PHOTOS)

Adrien Brody: From Queens to Oscar and Back Again

Audrey Tautou on ‘Amélie,’ Her New Film ‘Delicacy,’ & More

Robert Bales, the Army Staff Sgt. Accused of Killing 16 Afghans

Rosie O’Donnell’s Disastrous Oprah Winfrey Network Experience

Top U.S. General on Winning Afghanistan, Civilian Murders

Wife: Kony Filmmaker's Meltdown Caused by 'Stress'

Behind the Latest Bust at High Times Magazine

New 'Prometheus' Teaser Hits Web

Green Card Chant Draws Fire

The Murdoch and Thatcher Meetings: What Really Happened

Michael Jackson's Rabbi is Running for Congress

A Professional Critique of Obama's New YouTube Video

David's Book Club: The Pursuit of Italy

'Game Change' in One Minute

Call it What You Want, "Post-Zionism" is Anti-Zionism—David Frum

Saying Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger

Secret Meeting Between Margaret Thatcher and Rupert Murdoch Revealed

This Week’s Hot Reads: March 16, 2012

How Mike Daisey’s Zeal Got the Best of Him

Mark McKinnon’s Memo to Romney Staffers: These Dark Days Will Pass

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for March 17, 2012

The Conning of ‘This American Life’ Leads to an Embarrassing Retraction

Why Obama’s Campaign Film Won’t Reach Angry Voters

Why You Should Read Ken Bruen the Master of Irish Noir

On Match Day, the Nation’s Medical Students Discover Their Residencies

College Sports Programs Don’t Deserve the Bad Rap They Routinely Receive

McCain Disses ‘Game Change,’ Clooney Gets Arrested, and More Viral Videos

‘50 Shades of Grey,’ a Self-Published E-Book, Is the Future of Publishing

Abstraction We Can Step on (But Don't)

Daisey’s Journalistic Hypocrisy

Poll: Majority Don’t See Loss of Liberty in Obama Contraception Rules

Indian Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Hopes to Teach Peace to the Taliban

Democrats Machiavellian Move

15 Newsweek Photos Win Prestigious American Photography Awards (Photos)

Poll Results: Fighting for the Right to Party--David Frum

3 Secret Novels: Coral Glynn, The Thief, and Bloodland

Clementi Roommate Webcam Verdict

Rep: Robert Downey Jr. Is Not Controversial Internet ‘Blind Item’ Commenter

Jury Did the Right Thing in Ravi Case

Why We Don't Have Comments

Attention Royalists; Lend Me Your Plates

Mike Daisey: The Man Who Outed Apple’s Abysmal Labor Practices in China

Apple’s Deal With the Devil

Politicians Are Never Wrong, They Just Need 'Better Communication'

Define Flop? Mitt Romney, ‘John Carter’ Are Exceeding Expectations

Tel Aviv Appears Indifferent, Unprepared on Iran War Threat

Santorum's Economic Plan Is "The Worst Idea of Any GOP Candidate"

Would You Rather do Real Work, or Joke About the President?--David Frum

‘Luck’ Runs Out: If Horses Die While Cameras Roll, You Must Quit

Kate Anxiously Awaiting William's Return

The Case for Crazy: Nominate Santorum!

Can Mitt Lock It Down?

George Clooney Arrested in D.C. Protest

Dreamy Royal of the Day

Bobbi Kristina, Angelina Jolie & More Stars’ Awkward Family Smooches (PHOTOS)

What Lara Friedman Gets Wrong About AIPAC and Iran

Really, Who Cares What the President Says?

Beatrice To Harry: Anything You Can Do...

Poll Question: Are the Obamas Spending Too Lavishly on Entertainment During These Hard Economic Times?--David Frum

Hey John Oliver: Satirize THIS—David Frum

The Case for Crazy: What the GOP Would Learn by Picking Rick Santorum

Zionism, Meet Feminism

Bob Turner, Weiner-Slayer, Takes Aim at Kirsten Gillibrand

Gas from Algae? Hilarious!

A Leftist's Critique of BDS

Italy Struggles With Spate of Domestic-Violence Murders

Taking Iran to the Bank

Biden Unleashed: VP Slams GOP Candidates

Goldman Sachs’ ClGoldman Sachs’s Cleanup Man Is Clinton Scandal Mastereanup Man is Clinton Scandal Master

Susan Sarandon on ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home,’ Limbaugh, the GOP, Tim Robbins, and More

Look Out London Ladies: Harry's Back!

In assassinating Anwar al-Awlaki, Obama left the Constitution behind

Rick Santorum’s Ugly Appeal to Rural Voters

Could Graphic New Anti Smoking Ads Do More Harm?

Samantha Cameron Sends Message as Champion of British Fashion Talent

Samantha Cameron’s Style: State Dinner Appearance, Michelle Obama, and More (PHOTOS)

Serial Killer’s Twisted Logic: Allegedly Murdered Homeless Victims as Community Service

U.S. Soldier Afghan Rampage Tears at Our National Soul Says Former Marine

Women in the World Summit: Most Memorable Quotes

James Barrett on ‘The Irish Way,’ How the Irish Influenced U.S. Cities

Shmuley Boteach: Michael Jackson’s Rabbi Is Running for Congress

Senate Dems and Republicans Square Off Over New Violence Against Women Act

Obama Campaign Unleashes Joe Biden in Battle for Blue-Collar Voters

America’s Luckiest States, From Massachusetts to West Virginia

The Legal Claims of Wrongful Birth vs. the Right to Lie Over Abortion

Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Girl-Power Moments (VIDEO)

A Rape Victim’s Suicide Proves Morocco’s Culture of Silence Must Go

Come to Mama

Why Obama Shouldn't Use Wikipedia—David Frum

Union Jack Attack

Dave Franco, Elle Fanning & More Younger Celebrity Siblings (Photos)

Jubilee Invites

Taliban Halts Talks With U.S., Puts NATO on Collision Course with Pakistan

Our Readers Don't Think the System is Stupid. They Think Newt is.--David Frum

Sanctions Strangle Iran's Oil Output—David Frum

Santorum PAC Slams Romney

Afghanistan’s Karzai and Taliban to U.S.: Go Away and Shut Up

Are Democrats Overconfident About Obama?

Rush Limbaugh Wrongly Attacks Tracie McMillan as ‘Over-Educated’ ‘Authorette’

Judges Criticize Prosecutors After Conviction of Warlord Lubanga

Dutch Board Game Lets You Settle Canaan

Another Reason Sandoval Can't Be VP: He Won't Bow to Norquist--David Frum

Romney Son Lures Puerto Ricans With Spanish Ad

Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Game Change’ Betrayal

Kate In Gray Orla Kiely Dress

The Dream Ticket for Obama's Re-Election--David Frum

Bashar al-Assad’s iTunes Playlist & More Dictator Jams

What Harry Ate

Don't Prove Walt and Mearsheimer Right

The Hardest Part of Inventing the Wheel? Not the Round Part.--David Frum

Bo Xilai’s Sacking Signals Showdown In China’s Communist Party

Reza's Singing Debut

Daily Poll: Gingrich Thinks Our Political System is "Too Stupid" To Debate His Ideas. Do You Agree?--David Frum

How I Lost My Zionism

Katrina Darling, Kate and Pippa Middleton’s Cousin, Strips in New York City (PHOTOS)

21 Jump Street: Meet Dave Franco, James Franco’s Hot Brother

Jolly Hockey Sticks, Kate!

Goldman Loves its Customers so Much it Won't Talk to Them

"You're the Devil"

Zara Phillips and Camilla See Zara's Ex In Horror Racing Fall

Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Speeches on Women

Leaked Al-Assad Emails Reveal Lavish Lifestyle, Jokes About Reform

James Murdoch Pens Letter to Parliament Proclaiming Innocence

Meet Katrina Darling: Kate Middleton’s Naughty, Burlesque-Dancing Cousin

America’s Biggest Marijuana Ring: Black Tuna Tells All

Raoul Wallenberg’s World War II Heroism a Lesson for World Doing Nothing About Syria

Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend Avoids Trial With Guilty Plea, Angers His Victims

Why Was Executive Greg Smith Shocked by Greed at Goldman Sachs?

The Quidditch Western Cup: Inside the High-Flying Sport (Photos)

Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine Explores Creativity for Capitalists

Hangout with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Author Sheryl WuDunn

Hollywood’s Craziest Director, Tony Kaye, Seeks Redemption With ‘Detachment’

Obamas Host Camerons, Celebs for White House State Dinner (PHOTOS)

Digital Double-Vision

Human-Rights Toll of U.S. Shooting in Afghanistan

HBO Axes Michael Mann/David Milch Drama ‘Luck’

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron Share a Symbolic Make-Nice Moment

Michael Tomasky on Mitt’s Months of Misery in the Primaries to Come

Swiss Ski Trip’s Horrific End

Sabatina's Harrowing Tale

Poll Results: Our Readers Won't be Goldman Clients

Santorum, Romney Square Off in Suddenly Crucial Puerto Rico Primary

From J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Novels to Real Life: The Sport of Quidditch Takes Flight

Celebrity March Madness 2012

Ben Nelson Reimburses DSCC

Ann Coulter: RINO?!--David Frum

The Other One Staters

Santorum's Southern Win: The Morning After

Russia Launches into the 1960's

Harry Phone Theft Man Back in Court

A Security Blunder

Rick Santorum’s Momentum Shouldn’t Convert GOP Into a ‘God Squad’

Match, Spark...

Don’t Be So Quick to Condemn the Homeless Hot Spots Idea, Writes Lee Stringer

Goldman Sachs Executive Quits in a New York Times Piece, Did He Just Realize What Goldman Does?

Camilla Wears Diana's Brooch

Rick Santorum's Dixie Surge

Harry: "I'll Be Heading Back To Afghanistan"

Romney in 2007: Individual Mandate is 'Ultimate Conservatism'

A Journalist's Battle with Hamas

Toxic, Callous, and Lacking Leadership. Welcome to Goldman Sachs.

Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Hit-and-Run and Other Bad Celebrity Drivers

25 Deadliest Red-Meat Meals (Photos)

Cancer Screenings, Birth Control, Prenatal Care: 'We're Gonna Get Rid of That'

Is Assassination Tikkun Olam?

If You Had Money to Invest, Would You Let Goldman Sachs Touch Any of it?--David Frum

Upcoming Public Appearance

Newt Gingrich: I'm Still Going to Tampa

A Eulogy for Marie Colvin

Warships in the Suez; Harvard out of Bethlehem

George Clooney’s Crusade for Diplomatic Intervention in Sudan

Santorum: Mitt Spent A Lot for Being 'Inevitable'

Kate and Pippa Middleton's Cousin Dances Naked With Topless Woman

State Pols Outraged by Anti-Abortion Laws Push Onerous Restrictions on Viagra

‘The Hunger Games’ Movie for Dummies

How Close Is Prime Minister David Cameron to Former Murdoch Deputy Rebekah Brooks?

Uproar Over Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke Attack Should End Because He Doesn’t Matter

Obama’s Mission Impossible in Afghanistan After Soldier Shooting

Soldier Who Shot 16 Afghans Was From Troubled Lewis-McChord Army Base

Gingrich Won’t Quit the Race, but He’ll Make Sure Romney Doesn’t Win

Conservatives: Do You Really Want to Do This to Your Party?—David Frum

Harry: I Need A Girl Who Can Handle The Pressure

Santorum Didn't Sweep the South

Democrats Belatedly Find the Benefits of Citizens United

Michael Tomasky: Romney Barely Hanging On After Alabama and Mississippi

Romney’s Dixie Debacle in Mississippi and Alabama Primaries

Daily Beast Contributors Weigh In on Rick Santorum’s Mississippi and Alabama Wins

Rick Santorum Whistling Dixie With Projected Wins in Alabama and Mississippi Primaries

Follow Daily Beast Political Reporters Covering Southern Primaries on Twitter

Mitt Romney Stays in the Hunt in the Dixie Primaries of Alabama and Mississippi

Blame the Graphic Designers

Digital Overlords: Business As Usual?

Hunter Moore, Creator of ‘Revenge Porn’ Website Is Anyone Up?, Is the Internet’s Public Enemy No. 1

Women in the World Red Carpet Highlights

Readers like GOP Rules, Just Not the Candidates--David Frum

Cheesy Grits, Y’all: In Defense of Mitt Romney’s Political Pandering

22 More Reasons to Stop Writing

Atlas Won't Shrug

Koch Backs Gillibrand

Meat Glue, Pink Slime, Health Risks & More Reasons to Never Eat Meat

It’s Not Just Arabs: Haredim Don’t Sing Hatikva Either

Stop the Polarization in Congress!

Conservatives go to Court to Stop Free-Market Healthcare

Rick Richman’s Mis-State-ment

Kishke Watch

Remember to Pray to Limbaugh Five Times a Day—David Frum

Obama Rolls Out Red Carpet for British P.M. David Cameron

Red White and Blue Fund Takes on Energy

It's the Hard-Knock Life for New York's Madams—David Frum

Obama’s a Muslim? Not So Fast…

So That’s The Thanks He Gets: Harry Ordered Off Jubilee Duty

Approved Tweets for the Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief

Guess Who Wants Netanyahu to Use Even More Force—David Frum

The Greater Israel Prize

Daily Poll: Should the GOP Revert to Winner-Take-All Contests?

You Can't Write a Country Song About the Deficit—David Frum

What's Right About the Holocaust Analogy

Obama's Second Term: Not the Second Coming

Police Arrest Murdoch Deputy Rebekah Brooks and Husband

Will Ferrell as King of Mardi Gras

"Israeli Blood Is No Purer Than Palestinian Blood"

Pippa and Harry's Flirty Texts

Sophie Wessex: Not a Mall Shopper

Was the Saudi Government Involved in the 9/11 Terror Attacks?

Badger Family Fire Tragedy’s Criminality Will Be Weighed by State’s Attorney

Michael Tomasky on GOP Plans to Sink the Economy

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: How Ruy Teixeira Got it Wrong on ‘Swing Vote’

Lugar, who turns 80 in April, is suddenly an endangered species—a rare bipartisan moderate in an age of Tea Party absolutism.

Why the Major Mainstream Media Hate Mitt Romney

Syrian Rebels, Regime Offer Dueling Tales of Karm al-Zeitoun Massacre

Can Newt Gingrich Hang On After Alabama and Mississippi Primaries?

‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Community,’ and More: TV Worth Watching This Spring

How Republicans Screwed Themselves With Their Own Proportional-Delegate Trap

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum’s “Anti-Romney Vote” Hardly Registers

Can the Heart and Blood-Pressure Pill Propranolol Cure Racism?

Obama’s a Muslim? PPP Polls in South Appear Designed to Bring Out Bias

‘Bachelor’ Finale: Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson & a Terrible Season

Prince Harry Reinvents Himself, and the Royal Family, in a Transformative Jubilee Tour

With-It Art That's Ancient History

Lanvin Louis Vuitton Margiela Big Hips on The Runway (PHOTOS)

Like Father, Like Son

Poll Results: Our Readers Are Ready to Leave Afghanistan--David Frum

Wallis Simpson Hated Marilyn Monroe

Bringing the Left and Right Together

Four Wisconsin Senators Face Recalls

Courtroom Style

Israel's 'Iron Dome' Can't Stop a Suitcase Bomb—David Frum

Afghanistan: Casualties of a Pre-Dawn Killing Spree

Prince Harry To Take Queen Out On The Town

The Technocrat and the Moralist Square Off

Heroin Works Better Than Methadone, So Why Won’t Politicians Allow It?

Media to Newt: Get Out!

Is Cheney Afraid of Toronto?

Steele Endorses Messed Up GOP Primary

Kony 2012 Video Reopens Uganda’s Old Wounds

Watch the Trailer for Obama Documentary


Poll Question: Is the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan Over?--David Frum

Just Like Everyone Else

In the Rockets' Red Glare

Pippa and Kate Middleton's Brother James Speaks

Romney to Gingrich: I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Dick Morris: Nominate Someone!

Unfriending Over Politics: Facebook, Twitter Users Flee Contrary Opinions

What Comes After Women in the World

Why Open Zion?

Please Shut Up

Rush Limbaugh: Why the Left Is Envious

A Weekend of Fearless Women: Tina Brown on Women in the World Summit

Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary (Photos)

The New Threat to Peace Talks in Afghanistan

Sheridan-Cherry Trial Reveals Ugliest Truth of ‘Desperate Housewives’

Fifteen cities that beat the cold this winter, from Green Bay to Albany

Women in the World Summit: Fearless Women Taking On the World

‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Community,’ and More: TV Worth Watching This Spring

Newt Gingrich’s Southern Strategy in the GOP Primaries Is Doomed

Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs: Big Hips on the Runway

Still a Fast Food Nation: Eric Schlosser Reflects on 10 Years Later

‘The Good Wife’: Robert and Michelle King on Alicia, Kalinda, Renewal Prospects, and More

Dr. Hawa Abdi Receives Women of Impact Award From WITW Foundation

Can Israel Really Aid Iran’s Opposition, as Meir Dagan Suggests?

How Wasteful and Ineffective Is Airport Security?

Sunday Talk Videos: Game Change, Newt Gingrich & More

Web Black Market in Diabetic Supplies Costs Government $200m

U.S. Soldier Murders Afghan Civilians, in Latest Blow to Afghan-American Relations

Heroic Animals

McCain Disses Game Change

Why Mitt Romney’s Attack Ad Deluge Won’t Play Against Barack Obama

Jiro Ono, Considered to Be the World’s Greatest Sushi Chef, Is Subject of New Documentary, ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’

Exclusive: U.N. Won’t Back Down on Iran Nuclear Inspections

Paris and Milan Fashion Week's Nuttiest Trends

It Used to be a Warzone, it Became a Hockey Field

Hillary Clinton, Christine Lagarde, Meryl Streep & More Riveting Moments From Women in the World 2012

Thank You Iron Dome

Chernobyl’s Lessons for Fukushima on Earthquake’s First Anniversary

Channing Tatum, Selena Gomez, Diddy and More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep and More Women in the World

Meryl Streep's Tribute to Hillary Clinton

Dalia Ziada: "No Arab Spring Without Women"

Lauren Bush Lauren: 'Be Fearless and Create'

Chelsea Clinton Discusses Feminism and the Internet

Molly Melching on Men's Place in Women's Issues

Kamala and Maya Harris on Obama and Sisterhood

That's a Wrap!

Hillary Clinton: It’s Time to ‘Shape Our Destinies’

Hillary Clinton: Let Women Choose!

Christine Lagarde on Europe’s Next Battle

Woman of the Hour: A Conversation with Christine Lagarde

Meryl Streep to Play Hillary Clinton?

Congresswoman Speier on Reproductive Rights

Lynsey Addario: "I'm Still Alive Because I'm a Woman"

Lynsey Addario on Being a Working Mother

Video: Clinton Calls on Women to Be 'Fearless'

Video: Meryl Streep Honors Hillary Clinton

Tzipi Livni on Israel and Women

Sandra Uwiringiy’imana’s Happily Ever After

Burmese Spring or Phony Thaw?

Bishop T.D. Jakes on His New Book and Whitney Houston’s Death

Suma Tharu Brings Down the House

Sarah Brown: We Share a Moral Obligation to Educate Girls Now

Asenath Andrews: Take Away Shoes and Give Girls Wings

'Get On the Map!' Helps Women and Girls Change the World

How Facebook Empowers Girls

Talia Leman Harnesses the Power of Kids

Legal Power Sisters Credit Mom

Molly Melching: Enlist the Men!

Rape in the Military: A Firsthand Account

Behind the sOccket Rockets

Masha Gessen: Putin Isn’t Legitimate

Where Are Women at Internet Companies?

The Arab Spring for Women: ‘Heaven’

Lynsey Addario: ‘Do You Ask Men That Question?

A Diva Takes the Stage

Tzipi Livni: Iran Isn’t Just an ‘Israeli Problem’

Condemnation of Rush Limbaugh Shows Our Hypocrisy

Harry Wears William Mask On Fun Run

Valerie Jarrett Responds to the 'Mancovery'

Lauren Bush Lauren’s Canvas Totes Feed Children in Need

A Jobs Report With Not Enough Jobs

Where Women Went Wrong in Egypt

Cambridge University to Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Get Off Our Campus!

Harry Works It In Brazil

DVF Awards

Guam and Saipan Make Tempting Targets for Delegate-Hungry GOP Candidates

National Geographic Revives Debate Over Imperiled Bluefin Tuna in New TV Series.

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for March 10, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Math Mojo Means He’s Likely to Win the GOP Nomination

Is Pat Robertson’s Reefer Madness Code for Resisting Mormon Advances?

Obama Is Right to Prosecute Leakers Who Are Not the Same as Whistle-Blowers

Jaycee Dugard’s New Life

Welcome to Day Three!

Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers

Good Night! Day Two Wraps Up

After the Arab Spring, Are Egypt’s Women Losing Ground?

Pelosi: Limbaugh Should Be 'Advertiseless'

Scholarly Baubles

Napolitano on Female Leaders

As Journalists Become Targets, the Need to ‘Bear Witness’ Continues

Alain de Botton on the Benefits of Religion Without God

Kent: The Century for the Woman

Robin Roberts Gets Candid

Russian Opera Star Anna Netrebko Closes Day Two

Livni on Iran: Let’s Hope Sanctions Work

Who Do Readers Blame for the Economic Slump? Everyone!

Leymah Gbowee: ‘It’s Time for Women to Stop Being Politely Angry’

Jarrett: Obama Views Women as Integral to Administration, Economy

Gilt Groupe CEO: Make More Noise!

Nancy Pelosi Calls for More Women in Politics, Military, Business

Masha Gessen: Putin Rules by Humiliation

New York Times’ Gutter Rhetoric: Catholics Launching an Inquisition

sOccket Inventors: Being Young and Stubborn Helps Innovation

Scott Brown's Winning Strategy: Denounce Limbaugh

Lohan’s Comeback, Limbaugh’s Misstep, Angelina’s Entrance, and More Viral Videos

Don't Crucify Mankind Upon a Cross of 2% Inflation

Rep. Speier: Time for a Cold, Hard Look at the Military Justice System

United-Continental Web Meltdown: Why Can’t Airlines Get It Right?

Steinem: 'Together We Can Change'

Tiger Women, Tycoons and Type-A Kids

Sabatina: 'I'm Representing Thousands of Girls in the World'

Backstage at the Summit

Former Obama Aide Chris Hughes Buys The New Republic

Barbara Bush: Young Leaders Can Solve the Global Health Crisis

Japanese Debris Plume From Tsunami Migrating Across Pacific Ocean

Bibi Hokmina on Changing the Minds of Men

Central America’s Prostitution Epidemic

Napolitano: Women Have the Power to Protect

Christine Lagarde: If Lehman Brothers Had Been ‘Lehman Sisters’…

Angelina Jolie Takes the Stage

Madeleine Albright: What to Do About Syria

Afghan Elder Bibi Hokmina: Why Let the Taliban Control Our Lives?

Madeleine Albright on Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Anatomy of a Forced-Marriage Rescue

Who’s to Blame for Forced Marriage?

Diane von Furstenberg, Sheryl Sandburg, and Jane Harman Give Voice

Tina Brown’s Welcome

Coke CEO: Promoting Women Is Good Business

How Dare Ben Bernanke Try to Reduce Human Suffering!

Furness: “I Love Seeing Chicks Out There Doing It”

Brown’s Dream Realized

Messing on WITW: Inspiring

Burch Gives Back

DVF: “I’m So Humbled”

King Chooses WITW Over Sleep

Tian Hou, Imprisoned After Tiananmen Square, Has Now Returned as a Successful Financial Analyst

Will Obama’s Bump Last?

Jobs Report Shows Unemployment Steady, but There’s Underlying Trouble

Nobel Winner Gbowee: Where Are the Angry American Women?

Steinem: Female Authority Is Still Associated with Childhood

Poll Question: Who Do You Blame for the Length of the Slump?

Why Rush Limbaugh’s Apology for Sandra Fluke ‘Slut’ Remarks Bombed

Meet the Israeli ‘Octet’ That Would Decide an Iran Attack

The Throw-the-Bums-Out Super-PAC

The Harvard Video That Reveals Obama as a Radical ... Conformist—David Frum

What's Got Up Philip's Nose?

Broadway's Holland Taylor Embodies Gov. Ann Richards

Welcome to Day Two!

Lagarde: Don't Underestimate Italy

Katie Needs New Shoes

Teapots, Shortbread and Other Royal Merch

Pat Robertson Is Latest Supporter as Drive to Legalize Marijuana Heats Up

Jay-Z, ‘Marley’: Most-Anticipated Movies & Musical Artists of 2012 SXSW (PHOTOS)

Best of the 2012 Armory Show: Marina Abramovic, Jorma Puranen & More (Photos)

Michael Tomasky on the Right’s Delusions About the Derrick Bell Video

Two in the Bush: Is Romney Counting His Iowa Delegates Too Soon?

‘Game Change’ and ‘21 Jump Street’: Screenwriters Danny Strong and Michael Bacall on Writing

Leslie H. Gelb: The Dangers of Warmongering on Syria, Iran

Eddie Murphy’s Career-Killing New Movie

Women in the World: Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep & More Best Moments from the Summit

HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Goes Easy on Sarah Palin, John McCain in 2008 Saga

Kate’s Mum: Eat More

Women in the World: Angelina Jolie, Tina Brown, DVF and More (Videos)

'Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom' by Stephen R. Platt: Review

Goodnight! Day One Wraps Up

What’s Behind StopKony? Critics Question Video Producer’s Finances

Jolie's Stunning Entrance

Does 'Game Change' Capture or Demonize Sarah Palin?

Women in the World Full Panel Videos

Critics of Rush Limbaugh Ignore Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi Misogyny

Angelina Jolie Champions Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Hawa Abdi

Prince Harry's Guide to Vacationing in the Tropics (Photos)

Pillow Talk

A Congolese Teen’s Horrific Machete Tragedy Fuels Haunting Photography

Albright Urges White House to ‘Act Soon’ on Syria

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Some Georgetown Students Back Sandra Fluke in Limbaugh Flap, Others Feel Muzzled

10 ‘Racist’ Magazine Covers: FHM Philippines, Vanity Fair (PHOTOS)

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Mark Pagel in ‘Wired for Culture’ Makes a Strong Case for Cultural Determinism

Peter Goodwin Is Dying: An Assisted-Suicide Doctor Invokes Law He Built

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The Snowtown Murders: Australia’s Gruesome Crime Saga on Film

Lindsay Lohan on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Videos: How’d She Do?

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Italy Has Europe’s Highest Percentage of Children in Poverty, Says UNICEF

Ask Mormon Girl Author Joanna Brooks on LDS Church, Mitt Romney, Faith

Weinstein, MPAA Feud Over Doc Rating

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An App for Immigrants: The Controversial Issue’s New Tech Frontier

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Santorum Shrugs off Limbaugh as 'Absurd'

James Q. Wilson, 1931-2012—David Frum

Queen: Spend Some Money On Your Clothes Like a Proper Princess, Kate

Obama Sure Sounds Like He's Bluffing Iran—David Frum

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Scientists Unveil Speech Jamming Device

Harry Parties in the Belize Night

Amid Capeci, Decorated Magazine Designer, Dies at 50

Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, L'Wren Scott: Charles Dickens on the Runways (PHOTOS)

President Obama Ate Dog Meat, and 12 Other Animal Problems That Hound Politicians

Kofi Annan’s U.N. Mission Is Last-Ditch Push for Diplomacy in Syria

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2012’s Other Elections: Kerrey Welcomed With Negative Ad in Nebraska

Harry Makes First Gaffe Within Minutes of Touchdown

Poll Results: Have Our Readers Escaped the Recession?

Harry Arrives in Belize

Tornadoes Hit Across South, Wipe Out Indiana Town

Why is the GOP Screwing Around With Contraception?—David Frum

This Insult Was Paid for By Our Sponsors—David Frum

Wall Street Bonuses Tumble, But Bankers Have Nowhere to Go

The GOP's Contraception Delusion

Job Market’s Tough ‘New Normal”: Some Careers Aren’t Coming Back

Isaac Herzog: Israelis Feel Obama-Netanyahu Summit Will Decide on Iran

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Why Assange's Trashy Celebrity Harms Democracy

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Romney Boasted DC Funds in '02

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Peter Schweizer: Big Pharma’s Role in the Contraception Debate

Peter Travers' Top 5 Political Movies

Women in the World Kicks Off!

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Pippa Ski Adventure: Sponsorhip Now Stands at £7,2000

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Tim Tebow, Taylor Lautner & More Past Taylor Swift Boyfriends

Nicollette Sheridan Testifies Marc Cherry Hit Her ‘Upside the Head’

In Second Term, What Will Obama Do About Bush Tax Cuts?

Why Republicans Need to Get Over the Idea of Jeb Bush in 2012

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Shimon Peres’s Influence Wanes as Israel Grows More Bellicose Toward Iran

Putin’s Biggest Threat: Billionaire Playboy Mikhail Prokhorov

Why the GOP Won’t Win the Senate

Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef Have It Wrong: the Boys’ Club Is No Fun

How Mitt Romney Missed His Moment on Contraception

Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Armani: Charles Dickens’s Influence on Fashion Week

‘The Lorax’: Why Do Dr. Seuss Movies Suck?

TED Conferences Drag Down Intellectuals, Glorify Smart-Style People


Beyonce and the Myth of Black Beauty

Thousands of Men Become One

Boehner Supports Fred Upton and More 2012 Campaign News

Remembering Breitbart’s Controversial Legacy

Let Them Eat Cake

The GOP’s Ugly Win

Army Vet: Government and the Country Need to Support Vets in War and in Peace

Poll Results: I Guess Our Readers Don’t Drive—David Frum

Dutch May Ban Hash but Would Permit Dutch Cannabis Use To Continue

Taliban in Turmoil Over 'Mullah Omar' Letter

Andrew Breitbart Dies at 43: Why He’ll Be Missed

Harry's Friend Was Faced Two Attackers And Was Threatened With Knife

Andrew Breitbart at the Center of the Political Storm

Andrew Breitbart Dies: Most Controversial Moments (Video)

Andrew Breitbart’s Last Twitter Scuffle

Why Jonathan Franzen Can’t Appreciate Edith Wharton

Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten Kick Off Paris Fall 2012 Fashion Week

Freakishly Large Animals

Wheels Is Dead: Remembering a Canadian Childhood

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012—David Frum

Pippa Ski Sponsorship Exceeds £6,000 Mark

Should Scotland Be Independent?

Good News by Default—David Frum

Romney Regains Balance after Rocky Week

Meghan McCain Slams HBO's 'Game Change' and Tom Hanks

Obama Will Have Koch, not Policy, Thanks

Mothers of Invention, Part 2—Detroit’s Surrogate Mother

In Our Poll, Let Us Know How High Gas Prices Affect You. —David Frum

'William' and 'Harry' in Naked Pictures to Promote Men's Health Charity

From Russell Simmons to Ben and Jerry: The Would-Be Sponsors of Occupy Wall Street

Bristol Palin Gets a TV Show

Andrew Breitbart Videos: Blogger Dies at 43

Who's the Moderate Now?—David Frum

Stewart Lampoons Cable Election Coverage

Kate Determined not to 'Do a Di'

Sweep of Romney’s Michigan & Arizona Wins Hidden by Media Distortions

Geoff Dyer Discusses His New Book, ‘Zona,’ the Upside of Boredom, and Despair

Rick Santorum Can Regain Momentum With Focus on the Economy, Not Religion

Whitney Museum’s Biennial Is Too In Step With Contemporary Art Market

Pickiness: The Secret Eating Disorder Nobody’s Talking About

Is Energy the Last Good Issue for Republicans?

The U.S. Military Should Hand Out Qurans in Afghanistan as a Good-Will Gesture

Afghan Women Speak Out Against Violence Over U.S. Quran Burning

Olympia Snowe Quit Senate to Protest GOP Agenda

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Preview

Is Snooki Pregnant? The ‘Jersey Shore’ Star’s Guide to Motherhood

Tornadoes Hit Midwest, Killing at Least 12 (Video)

Happiest Cities in America, From Boulder to Bridgeport (Photos)

Russo & Dubus On Writing About Family