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Exclusive: President Obama Asks Campaign Donors to Send Him More Money

Yo-Yo Master

Obamacare Supporters Ousted in the Last Election Are Cheered by Court Ruling

Yitzchak Shamir on Peace Negotiations

Left Behind in Libya (PHOTOS)

Did Scientology Destroy Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Marriage?

How America's Healthcare Debate Affects the World—David Frum

Do you agree with the Vatican's criticism of American nuns?

Bush and Clinton Get the 'Bad Lip Reading' Treatment

Michael Tomasky on Obama’s Swing-Voter Victory

Mario Balotelli, Brandi Chastain, David Beckham, and More Shirtless Athletes

A Patton Uses Film as a Tool to Help Veterans With PTSD

Obamacare, Ann Curry, Nora Ephron, and More Viral Videos

9 Best Reads on Obamacare Ruling

Meme of the Week: Tumblr’s War Against Cleavage

Dirtiest Beaches in America: Indiana to Maine, Florida to California

Syrian Civil War Spreads to Damascus

‘Octopus’ Review: Sam Israel, the Ponzi Schemer Who Got Duped

Experts Bash Report Saying Shopping Explained By Politics

Willow Smith, Miley Cyrus & More: Too Young to Pierce? (PHOTOS)

California Sinkin’: What Rising Sea Levels Will Mean for the Golden State

Silvio Berlusconi, Comeback Kid? Italy’s Ex-P.M. Leverages Euro Crisis

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for June 30, 2012

Kids of War: Libyan Children Fight a New Battle at School

Hunt for L.A.’s ‘Teardrop Rapist’ May Hinge on Familial DNA Testing

Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman & More of Tom Cruise’s Past Loves (PHOTOS)

MemeFeed: Obamacare

What the Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Means for the Drinking Age

Weekend Reading

Expendable Lives

Tom Cruise's Crazy Couch Jump

Newsweek Book Club’s July Winner!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Daughter Suri Through the Years (Photos)

Bagels from B&B Empire are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

New Poll: Voters Dislike Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling

In Case of Lies and Free Speech, Supreme Court Skirts Law of Online Dating

Divided Government, Slower Growth

News Corp. Split Could Mean No More Murdoch Dynasty

I'm Moving to Burma

Old Familiar Tunes of Suppression

How Would You Reform Drug Enforcement?

Theory: Yesterday's Decision Increases Chance of a Certain Veep Pick

Obamacare: Who Really Wins?

Did Scalia Scare Off Roberts?

Channing Tatum Dressed as a Girl

Economic Growth is Moving East

How Unrestrained Was the Dissent?

The Blame Game

Charles Spends £6.7m On Staff

Palestinian Children

Obamacare Failed to Win Over Critics Because the Era of Big Ideas Is Over

Seven More Thoughts on the Decision

Jon Stewart Skewers Cable’s Deplorable Coverage

Yet Another Fast and Furious Conspiracy

"That's not (the Mossad's) Style"

Mitt Romney’s Empty Obamacare Repeal Rhetoric

Obama Must Speak Out on Chicago Carnage That Kills Too Many Kids

Could Summer Indie ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Nab Oscar?

11 Books of Drug-Fueled Escapades

Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Leaves Republicans Scrambling

Fearing Public Backlash, Israeli Settlers Speak Out Against Their Own

Magic Mike Review: 5 Strippers on the Channing Tatum Film

How to Buy an Emmy

Red Sky in London

Kate to sleep rough

Lynn Sherr Remembers College Friend Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron: The First Modern Woman I Knew

Democrats Walk Out in Protest Over GOP’s Contempt Vote Against Eric Holder

Humiliating Day for TV News, From Ann Curry’s Exit to CNN, Fox Debacles

Colorado Blazes Remind Us That National Policy on Fire Needs a Fix

Nice Little Peace Agreement You Have There

After Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare, Get Ready for Tax Attacks

The Internet Reacts to Obamacare: Best of the Memes

Consolation for Conservatives: Upsides From the Health Care Ruling

Who Was Ready for the SCOTUS Decision? The Fox News Crew

A Supreme Win for Women: The Crucial Benefits of Obamacare

Demonstrators Pro and Con Greet Supreme Court Health Care Decision

7 Fascinating Facts About Savannah Guthrie, ‘Today’s’ Probable New Anchor

Matthew Brandt at Yossi Milo is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare: 16 Experts Weigh in

Michelle Obama: Supreme Court Decision ‘Truly a Victory’

NewsBeast Goes Live: Highlights from the Obamacare Webcast

Did Chief Justice Roberts Take a Cue From Two Centuries Ago?

Randy Barnett's Win

J14 V. The Occupation: Why Talking About The Occupation Will Only Prolong It

Is the Supreme Court’s Health-Care Ruling a Turning Point in Constitutional Law?

Pippa Middleton Hits Tennis

Inside the Supreme Court, Poker Faces All Around

Cable's Crappy Health Care Coverage

Obamacare: What About the Independent Voters?

Romney Praises His Own Individual Mandate

Responding to Gil Troy

Legal Experts Decode the Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling

Fashion’s Most Expensive Sweatpants from Resort 2013

How Obamacare Ruling Helps Boost Mitt Romney’s Campaign

Chief Justice John Roberts’ Ruling Restores Faith In The Court’s Neutrality

Explaining the Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

A Doctor’s View of the Supreme Court’s Health-Care Ruling

After Waterloo

Palace Bug Hunt

Fox News Mourns the Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

Romney Rakes in Money After Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care

Israel's Terrible Twos

JP Morgan Losses, Barclays’ Bad Bet: It’s a Bad Day for Banks

Obama: 'Decision Was A Victory'

Word Cloud: Readers Call Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling a Relief

Richard Blumenthal, Xavier Alvarez, and More Who Faked Military Service or Honors (PHOTOS)

Repeal is A Fantasy

Michael Tomasky on Obamacare’s Reversal of Fortune on the Supreme Court

Train Wreck: How the Media Kept Blowing It On Obamacare

Paul Begala: Damn you, John Roberts for Upholding Obamacare

Did Roberts Change His Mind?—David Frum

Gaga's new song inspired by Lady Diana

Obamacare Ruling: Peter Beinart on the Favor Justice Roberts Did the Right

Freedom of Assembly

Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling: John Roberts Changes His Legacy

Is the Democratic Process at Risk?

ObamaCare Is Constitutional, Sun Still Shining. News at 11.


John Roberts Upholds Obamacare and Rises Above Partisanship

Morsi Finally Answers Jeff Goldberg

Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira, & More: Best ‘Today’ Anchor Signoffs (VIDEO)

Pro-Obama Super PAC Keeps Bain Attacks Coming

American Nightmare: Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” at 60

John Roberts Joins Liberal Justices As Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Tearful Ann Curry Announces ‘Today’ Departure

Global Recession, Round 2?

Pundits Go Ape for Healthcare Decision

Lieberman's List

Tea With Nora Ephron, and Talk of Newsweek and Women Writers

Mitt Romney Fires Up Supporters on Virginia Campaign Stop

Nuns vs. Romney: The Sisters Hit the Battleground State of Ohio

Did a CIA Agent Work for the Mob? Excerpt from Evan Wright’s New Book

Stockton Goes Bust: California City Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Lourdes Wears A Cone Bra!

NRA Has Democrats Running Scared in Eric Holder Contempt Vote

Evan Miller and More Juveniles Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole (PHOTOS)

Lanvin, Givenchy Resort 2013: The 10 Most Expensive Sweatpants (PHOTOS)

How Darrell Issa’s Pursuit of Attorney General Eric Holder Is Playing Back Home

10 Revelations From ‘Amy, My Daughter,’ Mitch Winehouse’s New Book

Diablo Cody on How Nora Ephron Blazed a Trail for Female Filmmakers

"She did what had to be done"

Watch Live: Daily Beast Debates the Future of Obamacare

Liberals Shouldn’t Defend FDR’s Attacks on the Court

Waiting for the Supremes

Newsweek Story on ‘Personhood’ Leaders Fuels Abortion Debate

Obamacare Decision Day

Shocking Photos from the Colorado Wildfires

Band of Outsiders Livestreams 60-Hour Fashion Show (VIDEO)

Nora Ephron and the Horror of War

Turkey and Israel: Together Again?

How Women (And Men) Can Have it All--Now

Women in the World: Sara Slocum

What Should Spain Have Done Differently?

Terror Prisons in The Post-Gitmo World

Objectivists Shrugged

Rob Reiner Remembers Nora Ephron, The Sally To His Harry

Bernanke Finally Has Some Allies

The Truth Inside the Conspiracy Theory—David Frum

Death Sentence Marks Latest Battle in Iran’s Culture War

Egypt’s Sexual Harassment Epidemic

The Eric Holder Contempt Vote

Egypt’s Ultraconservative First Lady Naglaa Ali

Hat Man by Ringo Starr is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

John & Rielle: The Movie

Reddit Co-Founder: Say Goodbye to TV

Keeping up With Zionist BDS

Lockheed Martin’s Layoff Notices: An Empty Threat?

Is Obama Worse than Bush on Civil Liberties?

My Supreme Court-Health Care Prediction

Inside Somalia's Hellish Prisons

Beyond The Political

Remembering Nora Ephron: Writers and Friends on Her Legacy

Assad's Agents Target Rory Stewart

Nora Ephron's Greatest Hits

Views of Obama Are Too Positive!

When the Pious Do Graffiti

True Cost of Kate's Clothes: $150,000

Handshake of History in Belfast

Nora Ephron, a Filmmaker With a Strong Voice

Somalia’s Prisons: The War on Terror’s Latest Front

What is really behind the curtsey row?

Joan Juliet Buck on Being in Awe of Nora Ephron

Incumbents Charles Rangel, Orrin Hatch Beat Back Primary Challenges

Charlie Rangel Survives Scare to Win NY Democratic Primary

8 Juiciest Bits From Latest Lawsuit Against John Travolta

Former Spouses of Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and More Are Focus of VH1’s ‘Hollywood Exes’

Most Divisive Supreme Court Decisions, Obamacare & More (Photos)

Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ & Louis C.K.’s ‘Louie’: Comedy Clash

7 Juiciest Bits From ‘Boy Kings,’ New Facebook Book by Employee No. 51

What You Can Learn from John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Who’s Screwed if Obamacare Gets the Axe

Marco Rubio Is the Ideal Candidate to Fill Out the Second Spot on Romney’s Ticket

New Life is Redemption for Caril Ann Fugate, Who Still Claims Innocence in Killings

Chilling Letters to Hitler, Lost for Decades and Recently Found (Photos)

Nora Ephron, Dead at 71, Remembered for Wit and Wisdom

Nora Ephron’s Best Quotes

Stars and Friends Remember Nora Ephron: Mike Nichols, Nicole Kidman, and More

Boulder, Ann Arbor, Tucson & More: 20 Most Creative U.S. Cities

Don't Call it "Stimulus", Call it "Defense Spending"

Are the Iranian Leaders Morons?

The Tragedy of Nigeria

Remembering Nora Ephron as Our Dorothy Parker, but More

Nora Ephron’s Movie Hits: ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ & More (Video)

Anna Gristina, New York’s Alleged ‘Soccer Mom Madam,’ Gets Bail

Nora Ephron’s Life in Photos: ‘When Harry Met Sally’ to ‘Julie & Julia’

11 Bizarre Ex-Olympic Events: Tug of War & More (Photos)

Remembering Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron Dies at 71: Read the Best of Her Journalism

Memphis Doctor Who Performed Steve Jobs’ Liver Transplant Bought His House

What’s the Deal with Health Care? 10 Questions & Answers

On the Road with Meghan McCain and Michael Ian Black

How Much Does The Presidency Cost?

NATO Meets Over Downed Turkish Warplane in Syria

Trayvon Shooter George Zimmerman’s Iffy Defense

Making Olympic History

Immigration Ruling No Victory for AZ

Neil Goldberg's Wind Tunnel is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Murdoch’s News Corp. Hives Off Its Publishing Firms but the Hacking Scandal Woes Remain

Subway Romance

And Now For Something Completely Different

What's new with Charlie Sheen?

Launching Our Newsweek & The Daily Beast Book Club on Tumblr!

Better Talking Heads

Ringo Starr Is Selling His Pictures and Donating the Proceeds to Charities

Mitt Romney’s Achilles Heel: Immigration

Twitter Invests in Young Women with ‘Girls Who Code’

John Roberts: Stealth Scalia?

Why China > Soviet Union

How Bad Is Obama's Record On Whistleblowers?

Rielle: Edwards and I Broke Up

Questions For One-Staters

Immunity for a Murderer?

Mohamed Morsi’s Great Burden: What’s Next for Egypt

AZ Ruling: Bad for Country, Hispanics, and Romney

Mute Romney’s Lack of Answers

Queen in N Ireland

Where is America's Cyber Warfare Leadership?

"I Don't Think That Was Our Job"

The Price is Wrong

Obama Ad: Beware the 'Outsourcer-In-Chief'

Obama: Hell No We Won't Enforce

Obama Booed Over Baseball

Social Protests Redux

Handshake more likely

Kate's Fashion Habit

Big Ben To Be Renamed

Obama Piles On Arizona After Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

America’s Most Creative Cities: Boulder, Portland & More (PHOTOS)

What Happened to a Mormon Missionary Turned America’s Most Wanted?

Emma Stone On ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ Andrew Garfield & More

Exclusive: The Untold Drama of the Jerry Sandusky Trial

Joe Manganiello’s Turn as Big Dick Richie in ‘Magic Mike’ and His Road to Hollywood

Karin Slaughter’s Pajamas: How I Write

11 Wacky Supreme Court Facts: Frozen Yogurt Justice, Scalia and Ginsburg Friendship & More

Immigration Could Sink Mitt Romney Regardless of Supreme Court Rulings

Asian-Americans Reject ‘Good’ News in Pew Report

A Former Teenage Carjacker Reflects on Supreme Court Ruling in Miller v. Alabama

Supreme Court Slam-Dunks Campaign Finance Reform in Montana Case

Families Decry Supreme Court Decision on Juvenile Life Without Parole

Mitt Romney’s Immigration Gap Highlighted by Supreme Court Arizona Ruling

Michael Tomasky on Antonin Scalia, the Lawless Supreme Court Justice

Ringo Starr, James Franco, Courtney Love & More Celebrity Artists (PHOTOS

Don't Mention The Annexation of Tibet!

Key Fundraiser Leaves Susan G. Komen

Personhood USA: Going for the Abortion 'Jugular'

Time’s Breastfeeding Cover and More Awkward Magazine Cover Babies (Photos)

The Arizona Immigration Decision

Facebook’s Brazen Switch: User Email Addresses Change to

Aaron Sorkin's Repeat Dialogue

The First Couple's First Date

Don’t Believe the Hype: Supreme Court Decision on Juvenile Life Without Parole Is Weak

Mohamed Morsi Will Have His Hands Full Uniting a Deeply Divided Egypt

Good News, Bad News

What the Supreme Court’s Arizona Ruling Means for Immigration and Health Care

Samuel L. Jackson: Pink Haired Host?

Josiah McElheny at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Islamist Mohamed Morsi Wins Egyptian Election: Inside Tahrir Square

For the Love of Israel

The Spanish Rescue Plan That Won't—David Frum

Expert: Sandusky Trial Just the Beginning

What Conservatives Think About Fast & Furious—David Frum

Robert Lacey on the Order of Precedence

This Week’s Hot Reads: June 25, 2012

Deborah Kenny’s “Born to Rise” Tells Story of Harlem Village Academies

A Slender Silver Lining on the Montana Decision

Newsweek Sets Charlie Sheen on Fire

Will Bush Officials Ever Be Tried For Torture?

No Partner For Peace

The Euro Crisis Not a Racial-Fable—David Frum

PS22 Chorus Nails It With Adele Cover

Harry Will Walk With The Wounded

When Will They Ever Learn?

If the Mandate is Struck Down...

The Word Coup Seems Pretty Apropos to Me

Charlie Sheen on Fire for 'Newsweek'

William Celebrates 30th

"We Do Not Condemn the Harming of Arabs"

Kate Must Curtsey to Blood Princesses

A Job to Kill For? Unemployed Spurn Detroit Veteran Hiring Fair

Bill Clinton Warns About Supreme Court Ruling Against Obamacare

Why Did the Lawyers’ Post-Sandusky Conviction Comments Shield Penn State From Shame?

Home Birth: Increasingly Popular, But Dangerous

Marie Tillman, Widow of Pat, on Her New Book & How She Found Peace

Cinema’s Hottest Strippers: Channing Tatum, Demi Moore & More (PHOTOS)

Despite Obama’s Policies, The Rust Belt’s Revival Could Save His Campaign

A New Lobby Forms to Get U.S. Guns to Syrian Rebels

Anna Gristina, the Accused Mommy Madam, and Her Matchmaking Defense

Muslim Woman Sues Religious-Freedom Commission For Discrimination

Digital Power Index Methodology

Candy Crowley's Moments of Silence

Candy Crowley's Moments of Silence

Gay Pride Parades Around the World (Photos)

Rubio's Lesson on How to Dodge a Question

How Much Time Is Too Much Time Online?

Personalities Panelist: Nance Rosen

What Device Would You Want on a Desert Island?

Activists Panelist: Mary Joyce

Personalities Panelist: Gary Vaynerchuk

Virologists Panelist: Anthony DeRosa

Evangelists Panelist: Alexis Ohanian

Marco Rubio, Darrell Issa, Tim Pawlenty, and More Sunday Talk

Russell Simmons Calls for Truce With Abraham Foxman

Egyptians React to Mohamed Morsi’s Victor in Egyptian Presidential Race

Should Women Be Allowed Into the Priesthood?

Mohamed Morsi’s Bittersweet Egypt Victory

Have You Ever Thought About Leaving the Church?

Greg Burke: The Pope’s New PR Guy

Muslim Brotherhood Wins in Egypt

Virologists Panelist: Jonah Peretti

A Very Scandalous Diary: Kate Summerscale’s “Mrs. Robinson’s Disgrace”

Sonia Gandhi Health Mystery Sets India Leadership Adrift

Mitt Romney Visits Subsidized Farms, Knocks Big Government Spending

Obama’s Muslim World Fantasy: Early Hopes Undermined by Drone War

Beverly Hilton Hotel: 7 Famous Scandals

History of Marital Customs on the Side of Same-Sex Marriage

Penn State Values: The System that Discourages Making Waves

Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky: Democrats Should Come Out Swinging Against the Court

Stephen A. Smith Gets Autotuned

The Secrets of the American Voter

News: One Export Canada Can't Sell

Is Gotham Girl All Star Bonnie Thunders the LeBron James of Roller Derby?

The Rio+20 Conference Went from Good Intentions to the To-Do List from Hell

Sandusky: The Lawyers Speak

How Would You Reform the Church?

In Defense of Private Bridges

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for June 23, 2012

Ryan Gosling, Alec Baldwin, Bristol Palin & More Viral Videos (VIDEO)

Despite Obama’s Order, Deportation Looms For An Immigrant Dreamer

War on Terror’s Next Phase: The Legal and Strategic Consequences

Meme of the Week: Ermahgerd! Animals!

Alan Turing’s Brother: He Should Be Alive Today

The Sandusky Verdict

Linda Hirshman on America’s Gay Rights Victory

What Could Bullied Karen Huff Klein Do Now? How to Blow $500,000

Diane Dimond at the Courthouse

Sandusky Guilty Verdict: What's Next for Jerry

Jerry Sandusky: GUILTY

The EU's Science Video Snafu

Soccer Diplomacy: Merkel, Greece Near Critical Final Round on Debt

Weekend Reading

Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan & More Stars Accused of Plagiarism (PHOTOS)

The News, Brought to You By Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain

Visionaries Panelist: Jason Goldberg

Activists Panelist: Tim Pool

Disruptors Panelist: Ryan Schreiber

Conservatives and Rock and Roll

Resolved: This is Not the Road to a Two-State Solution

The Truth About Title IX

Bonnie Thunders, Roller Derby Queen

Did Jerry Sandusky Molest His Son Matt?

Who Will Buy the Boomer's Homes?

Obama's Immigration Speech

Oh to be a Butterfly...

The Pro-Sex Republican Rabbi Running for Congress

Clinton's Mardi Gras Swearing-In Party

Sunday Night's Alright for Fighting

NYC Auction Held to Raise Funds for Stony Brook’s New Marie Colvin Center

Josiah McElheny Shows Radical Glass Art at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston (Photos)

Bain and Outsourcing

Jeff Koons at the Beyeler Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

When the Vatican Tries to Silence You

Issa Committee Called for Justice Department Scalp

Phantom Phone Vibrations: You Might Not Be Crazy

Queen Will Shake Martin McGuinness's Hand

First They Came for the Guns....

It's Always One Word

Is There A Pragmatic Center?

Freud Gets Automated

How Law Enforcement Really Uses Drones

Policy Black Hole: Mitt Romney Keeps His Ideas To Himself

PETA Kills it in Virginia

Harry's School Games Video Message

Brooks, Rupert Murdoch’s Former Deputy, Appears in Court

Meet the Youngest Star of ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’

How Do We Even Talk?

Who's Prepared for Judea and Samaria?

Syria’s Propaganda Cloud: How the West Is Falling for Misinformation

Threatening Eric Holder With a Contempt Citation is Just Cheap Talk

Spate of Pit Bull Attacks Has Nation on Alert

LeBron James and Miami Heat Throttle OKC Thunder to Win 2012 NBA Championship

Sex, Sports, and Title IX on Campus: The Triumphs and Travails

‘Downton Abbey’ Estates Lost to Time (Photos)

Alan Turing’s Brother: He Should Be Alive Today

Ksenia Sobchak, Reality-TV Star Turned Unlikely Putin Foe

Sister Carol Keehan Offers Plan to Resolve Obama Contraception Fight With Catholic Bishops

The Sad Fate of ‘Downton Abbey’ Estates: ‘Felling the Ancient Oaks’

‘5 Broken Cameras’: Can West Bank Film Change Israel?

The Mother of Title IX: Trailblazing Athlete Eleonora Sears

Will Text-Message Contributions Save Obama’s Reelection Effort?

Aaron Sorkin’s Cable Crackup: Why His HBO Series Is a Snooze

‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’: Seth Grahame-Smith on Its Real-Life Origins

Newsweek & The Daily Beast-Open Hands Prize Ceremony: India in the 21st Century

GOP Governors Conflicted by Mitt Romney’s Bad News Messaging

Fore! Record Catch…In A Car

China’s Dramatic Suicide Rescues (PHOTOS)

Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington

Bloomberg’s Latest Poll Raises Eyebrows

Speed Read: Rielle Hunter's 'What Really Happened'

What Is Operation Fast and Furious? 11 Questions & Answers

Domenico Gnoli at Luxembourg and Dayan is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

We Have a Winner!

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Eight: Adopted Son Drops a Bombshell

An Obamacare Hint

Newsweek & The Daily Beast – Open Hands Prize Ceremony Guests: Ray Kelly, Nisha Pahuja and Others (Photos)

Is Nuclear Pakistan America’s Biggest Threat?

Commerce Secretary John Bryson Resigns After Historically Short Tenure

Davening Discrimination

GOP Opposes Broadly Supported Treaty—Again

When Marriage Is a Crime: A New U.K. Law Could Change Lives

How Jeff Koons Keeps it Real

Is 'To Rome With Love' Worth Your Love?

Romney's Immigration Speech: Interesting Definition of Progress

Why We Should Read "Israeli Army Fiction"

Eli Lake: In Defense of Leaks

Where Do You Stand On The Contraception Battle?

Carole at Ascot

Issa and Holder: Fie to Both

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Get Serious About Global Warming

Fast and Furious: Inside Joke—David Frum

What Does World Jewry Expect from Israel

An Unexpected Endorsement

Zimmerman Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

LeBron James Deserves to Be Crowned King of the NBA

Romney Sons Prank Their Dad

Sweet, Good Youth

David Beckham: Visit Buckingham Palace

Massive pay rise for Queen

Obama and Felipe Calderón Blow Chance to Talk Substance at G20

Michael Tomasky on America’s Robed Radicals on the Supreme Court

Jill Lepore on When Life Begins and Ends In ‘The Mansions of Happiness’

Madonna Badger’s ‘Today’ Interview Shouldn’t Ignore Fire’s Tragic Lessons

Ann Curry’s Crazy ‘Today’ Show Style: Bright Dress and Spike Heels

Democrats, GOP Draw Lines in Eric Holder ‘Fast and Furious’ Contempt Battle

Pablo Neruda, My Neighbor: Roberto Ampuero Recalls His Childhood

Apple’s Move to Spite Google and Use Its Own Map Software Hurts Customers

Will Celebrity Snoop Anthony Pellicano Get Sprung?

Nick Stahl, Dave Chappelle & More Stars Who Have Gone Missing (PHOTOS)

The Faking of ‘House Hunters’ and the Realness of Reality TV

Marco Rubio & More Politicians Who Switched Religions (PHOTOS)

The Fed’s Forthright Admission About Our Messy Economic Situation

Happy 31st Birthday Your Highness: Prince William Through the years

Meghan McCain Interviews Michele Bachmann on Obama, Romney & More

Intelligence Community Aims to Get Tough on Leaks

Roger Clemens Deserves a Place in Baseball’s Hall of Fame

How the Supreme Court’s Health-Care Ruling Will Move the Markets

Advice for Politicians

How Long Do Canadians Wait for Healthcare?

10 Juiciest Bits From Rielle Hunter’s Tell-All John Edwards Memoir

Newsweek & The Daily Beast Open Hands Prize Winner

Teddy Roosevelt vs. Big Oil

An Intimate Portrait of a Very Normal Prince

Ann Curry's Rocky Ride

Straining Toward Serenity

Sandusky To Try Nearly Obsolete Histrionic Personality Disorder Defense

House Committee Votes to Hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt

Is the AP Stylebook Archaic?

A Picture-Perfect Quarter Pounder

William Lamson at Pierogi is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Seven: Sandusky’s Last Mile

Baldwin Defends Photog Scuffle

Harry's Former Squeeze Flea at Royal Ascot Today

Hosni Mubarak Rumors Swirl Before Election Results Announced

The Zionist Beat

Romney Is Blown Away by WaWa's

Why You Shouldn't Fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Justice for Brett McGurk

What "The Presidency" Really Means

Obama’s New Attack Ads Hit Mitt Romney’s Statehouse Record

No, you the man!

Where Are All the Fracking Accidents?

Jaws’ Anniversary: Newsweek’s 1975 Review

How Are the Bishops Wrong on Marriage?

Why Susya is "Illegal"

Bristol Palin’s Reality TV Breakdown

Congress' 'V' Word Controversy

White House Uses Executive Privilege on ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents

Ask India to Stop Iran's Bomb—David Frum

Some Context For The Rockets From Gaza

Health Care Attack Ad Hits Swing States

This is Why You're Broke—David Frum

How 9-11 Happened, or, We Must Never Forget the Bush Team's Incompetence

Zara's Olympic Bid

A Note to Conservative Readers

Harry Reid: ‘That’s a Clown Question, Bro’

Interpreting Obama's G20 Presser

Egypt’s Second Revolution: Purging the Mubarak Regime’s Legacy

Let the Offshore War Games Begin?!

Put it in your pocket

Microsoft’s Tablet Revolution: Surface Marks End of the PC Era

What’s Behind Israel’s Unofficial Ban on Wagner?

Jonah Lehrer’s “Self-Plagiarism” Scandal Rocks The New Yorker

Remedial Reader: The Essential Richard Russo

Where Were the Doctors to Testify at Roger Clemens’s Perjury Trial?

Miami Heat’s Victory Over OKC Thunder in Game 4 Signals Shorter Series

Anthony Mackie Talks About ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ & More

Ryan Gosling’s 1991 Talent Show & More of His Best Dance Moves (Video)

Is the Rio+20 Environmental Summit a Failure?

‘Technik’ and the City: How Urban Centers Like New York and Tokyo Are Becoming Info-States

Baseball’s All-Steroid Team: Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, More (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Finney Boylan’s ‘How I Write’ Interview

Roger Clemens Acquitted in Bogus Perjury Trial

Democrats, Republicans Mobilize for Adverse Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare

Obama’s Dreamer Immigration Move Boosts His Standing With Arizona Latinos

‘Forbrydelsen,’ ‘Borgen,’ ‘The Bridge’: The Rise of Nordic Noir TV

Shackle Sneakers, Oreo Barbie, and Other Controversial Pulled Products (PHOTOS)

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Six: Dottie Defends Her Man

Ron Paul: I'm Not Endorsing Romney!

What the Roger Clemens Verdict Leaves Out

Debating Obama's Immigration Announcement

Must Read Fiction: “The Watch,” “Alys, Always,” “The Year of the Gadfly”

Mark McKinnon on Obama’s Late, But Correct, Immigration Announcement

Why Adelson's Money Shouldn't Bother Us

West Virginia. Sigh.

Where Modern Slavery Thrives: State Department Unveils Trafficking Report

Romney and the "Share of the Tax Burden": Listen Carefully

‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,’ ‘Amazing Spider-Man’: Best Movies of 2012 So Far (PHOTOS)

Aaron Curry at Michael Werner is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Pakistan's Judicial Coup

Making Friends

The Forgotten Lives of Refugees

Can Angus King Save the Senate?

Mitt Romney, Awesome Campaigner?

Israel and the Islamisation of Egyptian Politics

U.K. Blocks Russian Cargo Shipment to Syria

Obama's Enemies List: Fact or Fiction?

Debating Obama's Immigration Announcement

Royal Ascot Fashions

Civil Marriage for Gay and Lesbian Couples?


One-Note History: A Response to Yousef Munayyer

Royal Ascot

Salma and Jada’s Campaign to Stop Human Trafficking

Pakistan’s Supreme Court Sacks Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani

Golden Dawn’s Violent War Against Immigrants in Greece

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Ryan Gosling Does the Running Man

Peres Talks Love

Harry's Deployment Schedule

William Attacks 'Selfish and Ignorant' Rhino Poachers

11 Juiciest Bits from Dominique Moceanu’s Memoir, ‘Off Balance’

Is the White House Too Politicized? A New Book Analyzes the Data

Morsi’s Win in Egypt Sparks Fear in Israel

Macaulay Culkin’s Life After Fame

Michael Tomasky: Stop the Obama ‘Enemies List’ GOP Lies

Antonis Samaras: New Greek Prime Minister and Predecessor Share College Ties

Romney Should Make Runaway Federal Spending a Key Issue in His Campaign

Jack Osbourne, Ann Romney & More Stars With Multiple Sclerosis (PHOTOS)

The Unemployed Finally Speak Out: D.W. Gibson’s ‘Not Working’

Correction: FDA Did Not Change Guidelines on Morning-After Pill

Charles Barron on Gaddafi, Israel, and Gay Marriage

Shia LeBeouf, Michael Fassbender & More Full Frontal Men on Screen

Is Israel-Bashing, Dictator-Backing Charles Barron Heading To Washington?

Austerity in the U.K.

Michael Steele and Lanny Davis's New Alliance

Animals: They Have Foreplay, Too

Paul Sietsema at the Basel Kunsthalle is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Mitt Romney Is a Lot Like Thomas E. Dewey, the Equivocating Loser to Truman

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Five: Sandusky’s Defense Flails

“Can We All Get Along?”—Al Sharpton Remembers Rodney King

Bobby Flay's Grilling Tips

Eyeball Eating Kids?

From the River (In)to the Sea

Jailhouse Calls of Trayvon Shooter George Zimmerman Released

Monsieur Power Broker: François Hollande’s ‘Grand Slam’ Victory

Judith Regan on the Chris Christie Hype

John Roberts Is Just a Liar

The President Who Isn't President—David Frum

Pageantry in Windsor

Cristina Saralegui's Got Obama's Back

How Not to Keep Israel Jewish

What In The Bible Backs Gay Rights?

Pick a Talking Point—David Frum

The Darling Duck Run

Harry sick in club

The Siren Call of Israeli Unilateralism

How Lies Spread—David Frum

This Week’s Hot Reads: June 18, 2012

The Way Books Used to Be Sold by Tim Waterstone

The Dumbest Journalism Passage of All Time

The Next Boom

David Brooks and the Mania

Romney: I’ll Stop Obamacare ‘In Its Tracks’

No ‘Grexit’ After Antonio Samaras and New Democracy Win Greek Election

Hamas founder's son 'sympathizes with IDF'

Rodney King’s Sudden Death Ends Long Struggle With Demons

Chaz's Video Message to the G20

Ann Romney’s Horse Goes to the Olympics: 6 Key Facts About the Sport of Dressage

Queen Suffers Sore Eye

Two Partisan Warriors, Michael Steele and Lanny Davis, Going Purple

Kate Puts The Boot In

Iraq War Sanctions Run Amok: Shakir Hamoodi’s Story

Leslie H. Gelb on Egypt, Syria: Take a Deep Breath, America

What Rodney King's Death Symbolizes for the Black Community

Joy Behar on her Comeback Talk Show on Current TV

The New Cool: Can Coolness Be Studied Like a Science?

Around the World With Woody Allen’s ‘To Rome With Love,’ More (VIDEO)

America’s 25 Most Crime-Rattled Colleges, From Yale to Duke (PHOTOS)

How Bravo’s Andy Cohen Made Obama Plead the Fifth on Michelle’s Outfit

Who is Marco Rubio? Life Story Revealed in Manuel Roig-Franzia’s Biography

Election Shows Greece Unlikely to Cause Financial Meltdown, Despite Gloom and Doom

Beasts of the Southern Wild: One of the Year’s Best Films

Googoosha: Uzbek Dictator's Daughter is a Disco Queen

Youth Dooms OKC Thunder to Game 3 Loss Vs. Miami Heat in NBA Finals

Romney Dances on Immigration

What’s Next for Greece?

Best of Sunday Talk: Mitt Romney, John McCain & More (Video)

Jerry Sandusky Trial: The Defense’s Risky Psych Defense

Police: Rodney King Found Dead in His Pool

Tennis Star’s Disqualifying Kick

Rodney King: 'Can We All Get Along?'

Prostitutes Are Scapegoated As HIV Panic Grips Athens

BK Brings Home the Bacon

Prince Nayef’s Death and Saudi Arabia’s Unhappy Youth

Tough Hollywood Dads: Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery & More (Photos)

Pendelton Marines’ Car Crash Raises Questions of Alcohol Abuse in Military

Michael Tomasky on the Problems with Mitt Romney’s Biography

Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

‘Zoobiquity’: What Animals Can Teach Us About Our Health

A Pornographer’s Daughter Salutes Her Dad’s Wisdom on Father’s Day

Law Schools Fudge Numbers, Disregard Ethics to Increase Their Ranking

2012’s Best Commencement Speeches: Steve Carell & More (VIDEO)

A Father’s Day Transgender Surprise

Chessmaster Garry Kasparov Is Determined to Checkmate Vladimir Putin

The Eagle Scouts’ and Boy Scouts of America’s Anti-Gay Policy

Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt & More Celebrity Dads on Fatherhood (PHOTOS)

Inside Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig's Apartment (PHOTOS)

Ethan Russell's 'An American Story': Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jim Morrison & More (Photos)

Summer Reads: 'Swim'

VatiLeaks Puts the Pope in Publicity Hell

The Evolution of Dad Dancing

Prince Salman: Meet the Next Saudi King

How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Is Like ‘Ulysses’

The Price of the Tea Party

Meme of the Week: Justin Bieber Fan's Obsession with "Boyfriend"

Phil Better

Rock Photographer Ethan Russell’s ‘American Story’: Beatles, Rolling Stones & More

Sans Parliament, Egypt Picks a President

A Bacon Sundae May Sound Like a Dream Combo Until You Try to Eat One

Shocking Bacon Calorie Equations

Bill Knudsen’s Business Skills Saved the U.S. at the Dawn of World War II

Inside the ‘Food Basket’: ‘Valley of Shadows and Dreams’

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for June 16, 2012

Colin Powell Sings, Mitt Romney’s Horse, and More Viral Videos

Singer Cindy Bullens Goes Public: She’s Becoming Cidny, a Man

California’s Perilous Acres: Food, Hunger, Business, Migrants (Photos)

Librarians Who Hated ‘Ulysses’ (Letters)

Is Meritocracy Un-American? Chris Hayes Says System Is Hurting U.S.

Triple Homicide Near Columbia University Leaves Few Clues

Obama's Immigration Announcement: Another Loss for the Middle Class

Haqqani: I am No Traitor

Rajat Gupta Was Found Guilty of Insider Trading in Less Than a Day

NAACP 'Sick and Tired' of Stop and Frisk

Daily Caller Reporter, Wilson’s ‘You Lie!’ & More Obama Hecklers (VIDEO)

'He's a Monster'

Runa Islam at Art Basel is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Correction: FDA Did Not Change Guidelines on Morning-After Pill

Obama Stirs the Melting Pot

A Daily Newspaper in New Orleans? Not Going to Happen

Unusual Pizza to Cook on Your Grill

Obama’s New Immigration Policy Explained: 7 Key Facts

Greece Going for Yard Sale Prices

From the Comedy Archives

O Brotherhood, Where Art Thou?

Obama Gets Smart on Immigration With New Policy for DREAMers

Philip Back in Action

Hovercats for Adoption!

The Religious Zionist You Didn't Know

5 Reasons I Hate My New MacBook Pro: A Geek’s Critique

Dream Act: More Republican Hypocrisy

China’s First Female Astronaut, Liu Yang, Ready to Blast Off

How The Sausages Get Made

Diversity vs. Solidarity

The Best Moment at Women In The World

Top 10 Art Basel Secrets: Garbiele Basilico, Troika & More (Photos)

Boomerang Moms: When Mommy Returns to Deal With ‘Adultescents’

Leave Lance Armstrong Alone

The Sins of St. Reagan

Why I'm Still a Two Stater

How Obama Got Fierce on Foreign Policy: James Mann’s 'The Obamians'

Should Be Like Fish in a Barrel

A Corgi Covers ‘Call Me Maybe’

Los Angeles Bar Night

"Just Like Rubber Bullets"

Anthony Weiner Leaves Behind a Big Hole in NYC Politics

From Day One

Will Evangelicals’ Immigration Shift Mean Common Ground With Obama?

In Focus Group, Independent Voters Souring on Obama

Mullets, Bobs, and More Tom Cruise Hairstyles (Photos)

James, Wade Step Up as Miami Beats OKC Thunder in Game 2

Why Ed Rendell Is an Obama Advocate But Frequently Criticizes His Candidate

How Mitt Romney’s Success With Wall Street Could Sink Him

Attorney General Eric Holder Hangs On Despite Republican Pressure Over Probe

Family Research Council’s Award to Antigay Pastor Ron Baity Rewards Hate Speech

What It Means That ‘New York Jew’ Is No Longer Synonymous With ‘Liberal’

Jennifer Love Hewitt on ‘The Client List’ Season Finale

Greek Election: Andonis Samaras, Alexis Tspiras, and More Candidates

Skout Website Case Suggests How Adults Could Use Apps to Rape Kids

Did Tom Cruise Rock 'Rock of Ages'?

Obamacare: The Endless Wait

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Four: ‘Was Mrs. Sandusky Home?’

Democrats: Too 'Soul Searching' to Win?

Egypt’s Fractious Presidential Race Reflects a Country Deeply Divided

Lawmaker Banned From Speaking After Referring to Her Vagina In Abortion Debate

The Seven Craziest Royal Families

“A Black Thing”—The Likes and Dislikes of Radical Congressional Candidate Charles Barron

Joe Sacco on the Story of Rudy, a West Virginia Miner (Illustrations)

Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco Chronicle Mining Catastrophes in West Virginia

Obama: This Election Is About Our Economic Future

Walmart “Unable to Substantiate” Forced Labor Claims at Seafood Supplier

Assimilating Awad

Obama's Speech: Calling Drew Westen!

The Tools Is Slick and Savvy—Like a Hollywood Remake

Jamie's Mouth: Too Big To Succeed?

All the Israeli Ladies

A Good Word for Sally Quinn

Most Satisfying Achievement at The New Yorker?

Romney Continues Assault on Obama’s “Doing Fine” Quote

Showdown in Cairo: Egyptian High Court Dissolves Parliament

Israel's Real Image Problem

Why Americans Hate Politics

Surf King

Super PAC Watch: Priorities USA

The Spectator Reviews "Patriots"

Garter Day

The Mormon Card

Cameron: Pols and Press ‘Too Close’

No Future for Kadima, Says Livni

Dasha Zhukova, Bryan Lourd, Credit Suisse & Daily Beast host Rem Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obrist at Art Basel (PHOTOS)

Edward's Visit to Gibraltar Stirs Up Spanish Anger

Harry: I Can't Wait to Watch Usain Bolt at London Olympics

Father’s Day 2012 Gift Ideas: 13 Best Books for Dad

Jay-Z, Beyonce & More Celebrity Obama Fundraisers (PHOTOS)

Government Should Not Spend Big Bucks to Close Internet ‘Time-Wasting Divide’

The Man Behind the ‘Blue Ball’ Emails Scandal That Snared Brett McGurk

The Mafia’s Public Enemy Number One: Italian Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri

Mark Duplass, Filmmaker and Star of ‘Safety Not Guaranteed,’ Ready for His Close-Up

Inside ‘Real Housewives’ Star Taylor Armstrong’s Lawsuit Settlement

The GOP’s Two-Faced Celeb Bashing of Obama’s Parker-Wintour Fundraiser

Universal Wallet: Facebook’s Very Bright Future

An Insider at Last, Burma’s Suu Kyi Encounters New Political Woes

James Joyce’s Grandson Stephen and Literature’s Most Tyrannical Estate

Michael Tomasky Gives the President Some Advice: Grow a Pair, Obama!

Alan Simpson Plans ‘Cialis Solution’ to Get Congress to Slash Debt

‘Liz & Dick’: 8 Crazy Scenes from Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor Biopic

Dasha Zhukova, Bryan Lourd, Credit Suisse & Daily Beast host Rem Koolhaas at Art Basel

How Game Theory Can Fix Your Marriage

Advancing Human Rights’ Robert Bernstein on New Movements.Org Alliance

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Three: The Defense Gets Steamrolled

As David Cameron Takes the Stand, Why the Leveson Inquiry Matters

The Lessons of the British Women’s Fight for the Vote

Jeb's Governance vs. Grover's Agitation

George W. Bush’s Faux ‘Game of Thrones’ Cameo

Want to Settle? Ask the Rabbi

Pakistan: Judges Rebuke Haqqani in Memogate Scandal

Dimon: 'We've Let a Lot of People Down'

Welfare Reform? Not For The Orthodox

What Jamie Dimon’s Senate Testimony Got Right

Will Greece Leave the Euro Zone?

Stars with Shiners: Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Madonna & Others

The Not-So-Favorite Son

How to Save the Euro: Adjustment and Insurance—David Frum

Romney and the Problem of Intelligence-Insulting Comments

Netanyahu Makes the Case for BDS

Elizabeth is the rock 'n' roll Queen, says Sir Paul

The Worst Thing About Living In England?

Pakistan's Judicial Farce—David Frum

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti Needs a Miracle To Fix Italy

Lindsay Lohan in Richard Phillips Video Is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Don't Quit Now, Jeb!

Anthony: 'Obviously I Didn't Kill My Daughter'

Baron-Cohen's Bilbul

Why Cranks Love Gold

Kate tries hand at javelin

Big Gulp Fascism

Romney’s Horse Takes Center Stage

Terrorizing Education

We're Going to War With Syria

Jamie Dimon and the Sickness in Our Culture

Patron Harry to Feature in Walking With Wounded Doc

Harry Will Not Attend Memorial For His Ex Astrid's Tragic Father

My Gloria Allred Nightmare

How the Oklahoma City Thunder Out-Heated the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Democrat Ron Barber Retains Gabby Giffords’s Arizona Congressional Seat

Marriage and the Art of Game Theory

Spike in Shootings, Murders Creates ‘Wild, Wild Midwest’ Effect in Chicago

Anonymous Member Speaks About Divide in the Collective’s Mission

Antony Beevor: How I Write

5 Cool Facts About NASA’s NuSTAR X-Ray Telescope

No Home-Field Advantage for Mitt Romney

Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro, Other Products, but Where Is Apple TV?

Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy on the Glory Days of ‘Dallas’

Shaming Russia for Arming Assad Won’t Help End Syria’s Civil War

George Zimmerman’s Wife Arrested for Allegedly Hiding Knowledge of Online Account

Previously Unpublished Documents Show Piers Morgan Under Fire

A Totally Unnecessary Sharpton-Gingrich Showdown

Cake Boss’ Transgender Disaster

Mark Regnerus’s Gay Parenting Study Starts a Political War

Pets or Predators? 10 Things on Australia’s Famous Dog, the Dingo

On Hunger Strike, Palestinian Prisoner Near Death in Israel

Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Two: Mike McQueary Takes the Stand

Russians Protest Putin’s Crackdown

Rumor Has It: Celine Covers Adele

Bar Night Tonight!

The Case for Deportation

It's Not Just Jeb

The 'Bain' of the Obama Campaign?

Interesting Research on Voters and "Getting Better"

Goodbye GOP

Where Are the Public Awareness Campaigns?

Jobs for Extra Drones: Twitter Responds

Journal Reporter Resigns Over Affair

Creflo Dollar’s Problematic Corporal-Punishment Defense


Philip-Lorca diCorcia at Art Basel is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Meryl Streep in ‘A Cry In the Dark’ & the More Dingo Spoofs

France’s Valerie Trierweiler Tweets Against Segolene Royal

Can Too Much Web Cause Cannibalism?

Obama, Iran and the “Jewish vote”

Which Controversial Newsweek Cover Did You Kill?

Freeing Voices, Saving Lives Benefit Gala (PHOTOS)

Migrant Mitzvahs

Edward Causes Royal Row in Gibraltar

Marking My Predictions to Market—David Frum

The Twisted Details Behind Mary Kennedy's Death

An Article That Made Me Sad, and a Little Response to Readers

Who Will Pay?—David Frum

Stop Calling, Stop Calling, I Don't Want To Talk Anymore

Satire Surrenders—David Frum

The Candidate Gaffe Cycle

Pushback on Ulpana

Is Phil Still Ill?

Is Pedro Hernandez, the Suspect in the Etan Patz Case, Mentally Ill?

Win-Win Strategy: Michael Tomasky’s Foolproof Plan for Obama

TV Preview: Snap Judgments of 2012-13’s New Shows

How Robin Roberts’ Breast Cancer Treatment Could Cause More Cancer

On the Porn Film’s 40th Anniversary, a Thank-You to ‘Deep Throat’

Tip for Horace Mann: Rename School Field for Former Teacher Robert Moses

Porn Stars Stormy Daniels, Joanna Angel, More on ‘Deep Throat’ (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan Short Film By Richard Phillips Premieres at Art Basel

What Director Alan Pakula’s Papers Reveal About Watergate

Food Writing To Make You Drool: Kate Christensen’s Book Bag

Federal Judge Rejects Demeanor Defense, Blasts Group Lineups in Appeals Ruling

Watergate Remembered Four Decades Later at Washington Post Party

Jerry Sandusky Trial: The Defense Reveals Its Strategy

Miguel, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & More Concert Fails

Missing Clues in Commerce Secretary’s Hit and Run

The Wives of the Kennedy Coterie

‘41’ Review: HBO’s Bland Documentary Valentine to George H.W. Bush

Claude Lanzmann on 'Shoah', His Memoir, and the Banality of Evil

This Week’s Hot Reads: June 11, 2012

Bob Schieffer Disappointed in Presidential Race

Columbia Student Says Sheherazad Jaafari Doesn’t Belong At Public-Policy School

DC Bar Night Returns

Two Decades of Prosperity: Gone

What Happened to India?—David Frum

A Secret the Republicans Know But Will Never Admit

Laurence Leamer Fires Back at Critics

Richard Hutten at Design Miami Basel is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

A Question for LA Readers

The Illegal Precedent for Ulpana's Relocation

Does Barack Obama Need a Friend Like Bill Clinton?

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Vandalize Jerusalem’s Holocaust Memorial

Ariel versus Academia

Can Hip Hop Be Conservative?

If Fox Had Covered D-Day

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Tennis's Global Game at the French Open

Romney's Israel Brand

Robin Roberts: ‘I Am Going to Beat This’

Mary Kennedy's Tragic Death Uncovered

Gordon Brown Hints Murdoch and Brooks Misled Leveson Inquiry

Could Europe Cost Obama the Election?

Brown: No ‘Explicit Permission’ Given

The Well-Dressed Mrs. Assad—David Frum

The Only Swing State That Matters in 2012—David Frum

Ouch! Lady Gaga’s Pole Strike

Jeb Bush Angling for 2016

Frears on 'The Queen'.

Pippa needs a man

Nowhere to Hide

Leaks and Lhasa Apsos

New York Post's Schizophrenia

William Parties Like Harry

Mariano Rajoy Sugarcoats European Union’s $125 Billion Spain Bailout

Markets Relieved at Spain Bailout Deal, Financial World Still Worried

‘Mad Men’ Finale and Video of Best Season 5 Moments

7 Things You Need to Know About the Spanish Bailout

Whitey Bulger’s Women: Inside the Terror and Glamor of His Ex-Girlfriends

Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh Jackman & 12 Buzziest Moments From 2012 Tony Awards (VIDEOS)

Meghan McCain Says Yes to Legalizing Marijuana

Congressional Name-Calling, Incivility On the Rise

Trying to Kill Bashar al-Assad Not So Radical Given U.S. Security Interests

New Book Argues Body Processes and the Brain Together Drive Wall Street Risk-Taking

William, Kate and Harry Attend Wedding of Diana's Niece

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Reading List: Books That Appear in the Show

Tony Awards Red Carpet 2012: Neil Patrick Harris & More (PHOTOS)

If Life Were Like Theater, It Wouldn't Suck

Secret Celebrity Weddings: Ryan Reynolds, Mark Zuckerberg & More (Photos)

Horace Mann's 'Open Secret' of Sex Abuse

Sunday Talk: Ann Coulter Defends Mitt Romney & More (Video)

Sexual Assault As Political Tool: Men Attacking Women at Tahrir Square

Theaster Gates at Documenta is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Soup Nazism—David Frum

Greek Elections May Force Euro Withdrawal

Tony Awards: ‘Once’ Stars Steve Kazee and Glen Hansard on the Show’s Success

Vatican Banker Running Scared: Gotti Tedeschi Could Turn Whistleblower

The Evil Genius of Fidel Castro

'Just Send Me Word' by Orlando Figes: Life and Love in the Gulag

Netroots Nation and Obama: It’s Complicated

Circumcision’s Deadly Fault Line: Rationality vs. the Metzitzah B’Peh

10 Women to Watch in Politics During the 2012 Campaign

Why Was Stuxnet Attack Called Operation Olympic Games?

Gwyneth Paltrow Should Apologize for Her Careless Tweet

The Belmont Stakes: A Photo Finish

Horace Mann Abuse Stories Pile Up

Jack Hitt Examines Why Amateurs Are the Job-Creators

Sam Durant at Documenta is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Egyptian Government: 'Don't Talk to Foreigners'

Zooey Asks Siri Creator Revealed as Curtis Dickerson

Another Tax?

David McCullough at Wellesley Commencement: ‘You Are Not Special’ (Video)

You Are Not Special

It's Over Philip, You Can Come Out Now

1812 and the American Way of War

Lisa Ling's 'Our America' Highlight: The World of Swingers

Michael Tomasky on Obama’s Gaffe and How His Campaign Lost Its Groove

Chinese Not Surprised By Zhang Ziyi Scandal

Bloomberg Soda Ban Wins Few Fans, But Fat Tax May Fare Better

Diego Garcia, a Mauritanian Island, Is Crucial Real Estate for U.K. and U.S.

My Good Divorce: How One Woman Found Happiness Separating

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for June 9, 2012

Scratching I’ll Have Another Lifts a Cloud of Suspicion Off the Triple Crown

Obama’s ‘Sings’ Again, a ‘Hunger Games’ Teacher, and More Viral Videos

Why Is the Supreme Court So Unpopular?

Andrew Cuomo Wades Into Pot Fight, Again Ends Up on Barack Obama’s Left

The Art Exhibition Documenta Contains Almost Too Much Good Art to Experience

‘Car Talk’ Hosts to Retire: Best Moments With NPR’s Laughing Mechanics

Emma Watson & More Foreign Actors’ American Accents (VIDEO)

5 Revelations of Abuse From The New York Times’ Expose of Abuse at Horace Mann

An Affair to Remember: Diane von Furstenberg Toasts Worldly Women

8 Founders of Indie Rock (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan, 50 Cent, Zac Efron and More Stars Who Fixed Their Teeth (PHOTOS)

Hey Questlove, Call Me Maybe?

14 Startling Images From the Documenta Art Exhibition

The Patriot Movement’s New Bestseller Tests Their Anti-Racism

Strong and Stronger

Amr El Masry Hates Israel

Yo La Tengo and the Birth of Indie Rock: ‘Big Day Coming’ Reviewed

On Jews And Immigration, Here's What Gives

What Book Should Mitt Romney Read?

Mister Rogers Gets Autotuned

Obama on National Security Leaks: It Wasn’t Me

Accused 'Soccer Mom Madam' Defense Makes Bond Appeal

Germany Must Pay Europe’s Tab if It Wants to Keep the Union Together

Harry and William Visit, but Philip Will Stay in Hospital for his Birthday

Don't Take it Personally Your Honors: They're Mad at Everybody—David Frum

Brave New Plastic-Free World—David Frum

Aftermath of a Massacre—David Frum

Imagining a Palestinian Economy

Obama: Leaks ‘Source of Constant Frustration’

Outpost Nation: Why Bibi Won’t Break With Israel’s Settlers

In Secret Meetings, Congress Is Still Fiddling Over the Deficit

Romney Boasts "Strong Leadership" as Governor

A Really Depressing Number

Pressure Backfires? Not with Ulpana.

America's Inconsequential Anger

Pip's new book pics

The Daily Show’s Fairness Doctrine

Lev Grossman’s Weird Phobia: ‘How I Write’ Interview

More on Obama and Reagan

"Regards from Ulpana"

Prince William Qualifies to Captain Rescue Choppers

History Festival of Ireland

Charles Sex Offender Row

New Finding That Testing Could Identify Defects in Fetuses Is a Baby Step for Genetics

LinkedIn Performance Impresses Investors, Despite Hiccups

Wisconsin Political Attack Ad Forces Mom to Re-Live Anguish Over Murdered Son

President Romney? He’d Have to Thank Obama for Improving Picture

‘True Blood’ Season 5: Has HBO’s Vampire Drama Lost Its Bite?

Daniel Klaidman on the Mind of a Drone Strike Operator

Gray Davis: Wisconsin Recall Election Was Appropriate Bid to Remedy State’s Ills

Nuns React Differently to Vatican’s Condemnation

The U.N. Sanctions Intervening to Protect Civilians, So Why Not in Syria?

Europe’s Soccer Championships Kick Off Amid Sideline Drama

For Kanye West’s Birthday, His 18 Wisest Tweets

The Real Problem With Leaks: Too Many State Secrets

Joe Eszterhas on His Book, ‘Heaven and Mel,’ and His Mel Gibson Ordeal

Rudy Eugene, Brian De Leon, and More Crazy Bath Salt Freakouts

Democrats Jittery Over Obama’s Sputtering 2012 Campaign

After the Queen’s Jubilee, a Sobering Summer

Nadal's Never-Ending Wedgie-Picking

Sorry, Ridley: 'Prometheus' Is An 'Alien' Prequel

Anri Sala Clock is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Uh, Take Him Seriously Now

White Like Me

The Sex Lives of Cab Drivers—David Frum

"Patriots" Reviewed in Huffington Post—David Frum

Women Who Rock the World: Activists Gather for Vital Voices Awards

What's Next in Syria?

Magical Thinking On Netanyahu

Good Riddance to Canada's Hate Speech Laws

Michelle Obama Takes the First-Ladies Version of the Hippocratic Oath

Van Der Sloot Extradition To U.S. Postponed By Peru Judges

Weak and Weaker

Mark Shriver Talks About His Family, the Kennedys, and Writing About His Dad’s Decline

Burning Down the House: A Little History

Drones: How Obama Learned to Kill

What Was Big Labor?—David Frum

The Art of Lying—David Frum

How Gabriel Garcia Marquez Brought Down Samuel Zemurray, the Banana King

What Country Has The Best Tax System?

Penn State's 'Boy-Hostile Culture'

Mark McKinnon: Why the Euro Crisis Matters to Americans

The Refugee I Know

Can Egypt’s Economy Turn The Corner?

Obama and Romney Go Country

Prisoners in Parallel

Past Scott Walker: Fight Crosses Party Lines as California Voters Back Pension Reforms

Rip Van Winkle Economics—David Frum

A Very Generous Setback

The "Wealth Creators" Are Winning

Boris on Bloomberg

It's The (Haredi) Economy, Stupid

Why Was Obama MIA in Wisconsin?

Escalating Row Over BBC Coverage of Jubilee

Sex Offender Was On Board Queen's Boat

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood’s Smart Decision to Ask for a Prison Sentence

Derek Boogaard: The Player Whom Hockey Hooked By Feeding Him Painkillers

The Net Roots, the Super Rich and the Ugly, Endless Election

10 Celebrity Teen Brides: Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore & More (PHOTOS)

My Own Horace Mann Story and The New York Times Abuse Report

After Wisconsin’s Recall: Rahm Emanuel’s Labor Battle

Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, More of Whitney's Family Cash In

Bad Week Aside, Female Voters Still Love Obama More Than Romney

Senior Chinese Leaders Flouted Rules to Call Out Troops in Tiananmen Square, New Book Says

7 Facts to Know About Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese Cat, Choupette

‘When I Left Home’: The Life of Buddy Guy

Whatever Happened to Superman Hunk Dean Cain?

Michael Tomasky on Obama’s Delusions About the GOP’s Fever Breaking

Red-State Democrats Distance Themselves From Obama

Scott Walker May Be the GOP’s New Darling, but There’s No Way He’ll Be on Romney’s Ticket

Five Reasons Charles Should not be King

7 Famous People, Besides Mitt Romney, With Embarrassing Email Addresses

Why Was Obama a No Show in Wisconsin?

Apple Juice by Christov-Bakargiev is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Killed By a Drone Strike, Top Al Qaeda Recruiter Abu Yahya al-Libi Will Be Hard to Replace

California’s Proposition 29 Is Yet Another Ballot Initiative That Could Hamstring the State

Do Personal Habits or Advertising Affect the Way We Eat?

Ray Bradbury on His Love of Books and Life

The Story of the American Journalists Who Landed on D-Day

The Birthers Will Quiet Down if Obama Wins? Get Real

German Neo-Nazis Applaud Boycott

David Sanger’s ‘Confront and Conceal’: 5 Revelations in Obama’s Wars

Why Backing Legalized Pot Helps Obama in 2012

Scott Walker Won Because He Took Action Against Soaring Pension Costs

What The Evacuation of Givat Ulpana Means—And What It Doesn't

Ray Bradbury, Dead at 91, Taught Generations of Readers How to Dream

How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drone

Where the Racism Comes From

Sheryl Crow’s Meningioma, An Exceedingly Common Brain Tumor

How Powerful Is AIPAC?

Flypast Aerial Video

Philip doing well, Queen Visits

Justice for Harlan Crow

Barbara Walters Regrets Syrian Blunder

Class Consciousness Still Makes a Difference

Who Will Rule, Romney or the House GOP?

American Jews and Immigration, Round Two

Sovereign Debt

Scott Walker’s Survivor Speech

Arab MK: "Netanyahu Should Be Put on Trial"

Wisconsin Exit Polls: Obama, (Pretty) Big

“No bonuses should be awarded unless they are directly related to shrinking the cost of government and delivering visible, quantifiable cost savings to taxpayers.”

Scott Walker Survives Recall, But Investigations May Zero In On Him

The Tony Awards Are About a Lot More Than Theatrical Excellence

Is U.S. Bungling Manning Case?

Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning on Airtime, Facebook IPO, Pinterest, More

Media Ignores Rash of Assaults On Transgender Women

Despite Massacre, Chávez Fueling Friendship With Syria

Alyse Nelson: A Life Less Ordinary

How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Is Shaking Up the Business of the Romance Genre

The NBA’s Greatest, Ugliest Series

Freed Activist Blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad on Egypt’s Future

17 Craziest Bits From Joe Eszterhas Ebook About Mel Gibson, ‘Heaven and Mel’

In Turkey, Abortion Law Sparks New Battle Over Mosque Versus State

Dinners With Anna Wintour for Obama, Donald Trump for Romney: Rise of Raffle Fundraising

David Bowie’s Vanishing Act—and Looming Return

Top Three Conclusions From Wisconsin Recall Election

Anger Backfires in Wisconsin Recall Election

Obama’s Takeaway From Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Recall Election Win

What Did Wisconsin Mean (And Not)?

Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall Win Boosts Tea Party Morale

This Week’s Hot Reads: June 5, 2012

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