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Articles July 2012

London 2012 Closing Ceremony and More Great Photos From the Olympics

How I Discovered Jonah Lehrer Was Lying

Top Afghan General: Taliban Defeat Would Take Less Than A Year

Blackouts in India Leave More Than 600 Million in the Dark: Photos, Tweets, and More

The Number: 3.3 Billion

Palin's Star Gets Dimmer

A Moment with Philip Gourevitch

Not Your Average Zionist

The Ugly American: Mitt Romney’s Disastrous Overseas Excursion

Milton Friedman's Unfinished Legacy

Death and Other Cosmic Questions

The Olympics Are Too Full of Dubious Sports, Silly Ceremonies, and Choke Artists

Daniel Gross: CNN, NBC’s Today are big moneymakers. But you wouldn’t know it.

Abe Foxman, Step Away From the Election

Mitt's Magical Mishap Tour

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Being Politically Correct

2012 Olympics: The Latest Medal Tally

Texas Senate Primary: Elite vs. Elite

The Israel Leg: Not a Disaster, But Not Good

David's Book Club: The Conquest of Malaria

Israel Under Siege

Stop Paying Banks to Hoard

Stephen Walt Finally Says What He Means

Kate Not Pregnant, Says VF Mag

Shawn Johnson: The Champion

Who's Afraid of The Two-State Solution?

Michael Tomasky: "This Is A Guy Who Has No Backbone"

The Euro Depression

Joan Juliet Buck: "Who's This Woman I Met?"

John Avlon: "Make A Deal"

Stewart to NBC: Are You Kidding!?

Royals watch Zara's Penalty Cost Gold

Tal Law Expires Tonight

Archive Picture of Kate Graces Vanity Fair's September Cover, No Interview or Shoot

TiVo’s 20 Most Time Shifted TV Shows of 2011-12: Mad Men, Fringe & More

Jayson Blair Reflects on Jonah Lehrer’s Journalistic Sins—And His Own

Olympics ‘Travesty’: Jordyn Wieber’s All-Around Gymnastics Exclusion

Deborah Harkness’s Book Bag: Five Otherworldly Reads

Why Sarah Palin’s Reputation Has Plummeted as Bill Clinton’s Has Grown

Michael Tomasky on Wimpy Mitt Romney’s Missing Backbone

Why the Democrats Backed a Gay Marriage Plank for the Party Convention

Russia: All Eyes on Vladimir Putin as Pussy Riot Trial Begins

China’s Sex-Worker Warrior Ye Haiyan Fights for Prostitutes’ Rights

Mitt Romney’s Possible VP Picks Not Releasing Tax Returns

Olympic Moms Steal the Show at London 2012

The Best Royal Parody Accounts

David's Book Club: Who Ruined Southern Italy?

'Boys' Is the New 'Girls'

Pro-Life ‘Personhood’ Activists Escalate Fight, File Petition With Supreme Court

11 Things Cheaper Than A $1,250 headband (Photos)

Shawn Johnson, Tom Brokaw & More Celebrity Olympic Memories (Videos)

Is Kate Hiding Something?

Buck: 'Vogue Flattered Me'

Introducing 'The Number'

‘The Hand Of Providence’ And, Oh, The Occupation

Zara's Outstanding Ride

Is Mitt Man Enough?

Do the Olympics Boost the Economy? Studies Show the Impact is Likely Negative

How Israel Isn't Like Saudi Arabia

Guns: Excellent Protection Against Imaginary Dangers

Clinton Seizing Spotlight, Again

Gold Medal in Parenting

The Sneakiest Form of Campaign Finance?

Romney Versus the World Bank

How the GOP Will Win Jewish Votes

Nicholson Baker, Katie Kitamura, and This Week’s Hot Reads: July 30, 2012

20 Reasons to Feel Good about the 2012 Olympics in London

Romney Offends Israel and Palestine With Economic Comparison

Too Young for Makeup? Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith & More (PHOTOS)

Harry and Cressida Out For the Weekend

Tomasky: "We'd Like To See Our Politicians Have Some Kind of Backbone"

Bob Schieffer: "I Think It Could Hurt Him"

Topless Woman Takes N.Y.C.

The Fortunes Across the Sea

Prince William and David Beckham Watch Footie

Spinmeister Ammar al-Wawi Peddles Upbeat Message of Syrian Rebellion

The Case of Mel Gibson’s Ex and L.A.’s District Attorney

Mitt Romney Misuses Judaism to Support Israel and Buttress His Own Campaign

Al Qaeda’s Arab Comeback: Capitalizing on Chaos in Syria, Mali

Campaign Keeps Quiet When It Comes To Deejays For Obama

Who Is Lauryn Hill? The Singer After the Fugees, Seclusion, Tax Issues

Nicholas Wapshott: A Lovefest Between Milton Friedman and J.M. Keynes

Ryan Lochte, Anastasia Davydova & More Olympians’ Tattoos (PHOTOS)

China Machado in 'About Face': A Fashion Legend Takes On Aging

Celebrity Grills Gone Wild! Ryan Lochte & More (Photos)

Kobe and Michelle Obama Hug It Out

Answering Tomasky

Romney's Jerusalem Win

Royal Round Up

John McCain: Palin Galvanized Our Campaign

Mitt Romney, Dick Cheney, Justice Scalia, and more Sunday Talk.

How can Sunday talk get better?

Schieffer: Is Mitt Romney a Wimp?

Romney the Wimp?

Today's Lamentations

Zara's Olympic Debut

Olympics Opening Ceremony Review: Hats Off, Danny Boy

‘Satyamev Jayate’ Host Aamir Khan: Bollywood’s Rebel With a Cause

Moira Johnston Goes Topless in NYC to Raise Awareness of the Right to a Bare Chest

Shooters’ Early Warning Signs: James Holmes & More (Photos)

Barack Obama, Lady Gaga & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

London’s East Enders: Olympic Outsiders (Photos)

Ryan Lochte's Golden Sense of Style: Suits, Shirts, Sneakers & More (Photos)

Italy’s Mob Extends Its Reach Into Daily Life

Did Mitt Romney Help Lake Michigan’s Polluters?

Paul Begala on George W. Bush’s Very Bad Economic Advice

Nantucket Rich Beach Lit: What Fitzgerald Wrought

Austrian Markus Rogan: Olympic Swimming’s Dark Horse

Chick-fil-A’s Place in the Church of Fast Food

Queen Works Olympics

Is There Really a U.S. Rift With Israel?

Exclusive: Key Pro-Israel Obama Ally Splits

Flick Picks: 'Killer Joe'

Tuscon Shooting Survivors Tell Their Story

Ryan Lochte: America's First Gold Medalist

Bankers on LIBOR: Huh?

What are your favorite jokes?

War’s Most Powerful Weapon: Double Agents from WWII to Al-Qaeda

Tomasky and Frum Talk Romney's Foreign Troubles

Was Romney's Overseas Trip a Flop?

Can You Kindly Keep Your Election Out of Canada?

Aurora Murders Rekindle Horrific Memories for Survivors of the 2011 Tucson Shootings

14 Craziest Fan Reactions to Kristen Stewart’s Dalliance With Rupert Sanders

Usain Bolt, Jordyn Wieber & More Olympians to Follow on Twitter (Photos)

Arab Spring Comment Was a Romney Love Letter to the Israeli Right Wing

‘Outed’ by the Military, Some Gays Fleeing Iran

Is Israel Mitt Romney’s New Swing State?

Hugh McCutcheon: U.S. Women’s Volleyball Team’s Silent Savior

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for July 27, 2012

Fred Willard Talks, Tripp Palin Speaks & More Viral Videos

The Al-Assad Regime Prepares for a Massive Assault on Aleppo

Drew Barrymore, Marilyn Manson, and More Celebs in the Booze Business (PHOTOS)

Becks Brings in the Torch

The Newest Bond Girl: Queen Elizabeth II

An Olympic 'Call Me Maybe' Lip Dub

Weekend Reading

Olympics Opening Ceremony Review: London Goes Wild

New Kate Pregnancy Rumours

Dismantle #2 by Denyse Thomasos is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Olympics 2012 Photos: Opening Ceremony & More

British Cabinet Minister Commits Ironic Blunder

Why "You Didn't Build That" Stings the Successful

Grover's Tax Pledge Has a Giant Loophole

Right-Wing Grassroots Rises to Defend Michele Bachmann Over Abedin

The Opening Ceremonies

A Thought for Tisha B'Av

Is Taylor Swift In Bed With The Kennedys?

Fast and Furious Women

Intimate Madonna Show at Paris’s Olympia Hall Turns Ugly

Mitt Romney’s London Gaffes Unite Divided Britons—Against Him

Would Mitt Romney Be Good for Israel?

Whaddya Know: He Didn't Build It

Two Midsummer Fears

Racism? No, Obama’s Own Incompetence Is Hurting His Campaign

What Does Political Journalism Get Wrong? Get Right?

Mitt, Are You Sure This Trip Was a Good Idea?

10 Must-See Olympics Events: Closing Ceremony, Gymnastics & More

Fred Willard On That Theater Incident

VIDEO: What If Danny Boyle Directed the Entire Olympics?

Why Gays Love the Muppets

Is the GDP Report Really Important?

Romney's Media Guru: Nixon

Young Royals To Light Olympic Cauldron?

More on Palestinian Children

And The Settlements Keep on Growing

'The Watch': Ben Stiller's Mid-Life Movie Crisis?

Who's Inexperienced?

Nearly at the Olympics: Photos by Charles Ommanney

Olympics Kickoff: Boris Johnson on London’s Sporty Side

‘Step Up,’ ‘Saw’ & the Most Played-Out Movie Franchises (Photos)

Jennie Ketcham Interview: Recovering From Sex Addiction

Was Jesus Lily-White? Author Edward Blum Discusses Race and the Mormon Religion

Lindsey Graham Defies Party Line as Defense Cuts, GOP Primary Loom

Wacky Olympic Mascots Over Time (Photos)

South Dakota Legalizes Lies With Suicide Warning for Abortion Seekers

Drinking With the Stars: Drew Barrymore, Ramona Singer, Wade Into Wine

Norah O’Donnell’s Morning Workout Will Now Start at CBS

Syrian Rebel Fighters Overwhelm Turkish Border Hospitals

The Affair Witch Hunt: Leave Kristen Stewart Alone!

What Richard Nixon Taught Mitt Romney

Gun Owners Say They Want More Controls, a GOP Pollster Says

6 Classic Olympic Tearjerker Moments (Video)

Will Gu Kailai Get the Death Penalty?

Gay for a Day: Tom Hardy, Lindsay Lohan and more

New Film Captures Ai Weiwei’s Defiance

Iran's Excuses, Excuses

Sandy Weill Gets Religion

'The Matrix' Creators's New Movie

Derecho Hits Northeast: Photos, Tweets and More

Tech Optimists or Macro Pessimists? Who's Right?

Why Voters Don’t Care About Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

London's Mayor Mocks Romney

Ken Kesey’s Wars: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” at 50

Wrighting a Wrong

9 Things We Learned About Katie Couric

Fission by Bridget Riley is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Top GOP Contenders for Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

The Kennedys' Grave Indiscretion

Alternative Universe Where Mitt Romney Is A Cool Guy

Lara Friedman Responds to Dani Dayan

Mann-Ornstein: A Deafening Silence

‘Twilight’ Superfan Sobs for Pattinson

Mitt Romney Using U.K. Visit to Raise Money

Can Islam Cure Itself of Anti-Semitism?

Young Royals Welcome Torch to London

Give Palestinian Third Parties a Chance

The Assault on Aleppo: Photos and Tweets From the Ground

Norah O’Donnell Joins ‘CBS This Morning’

Let the Convention Pick the Vice President

The Big Lie Debunked

Romney: America’s Still No. 1!

Obama: Eisenhower Republican?

Biggest Worry About Citizens United?

Olympic Mascot or Male Body Part?

Debate Aversion Therapy

CAIR Loses a Fight

Romney Alienates England

Evidence by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Politico Asks, "If I Were President ..."

Republicans Are Not Sodomites

Have royal tootsies taken a hiding?

William: Kate's Dangerous With a Racket in Her Hand

Mitt Romney, Anglo-Saxon

Obama: AK-47s Are for Soldiers, Not Criminals

Goodbye for Good, Mofanyahu

Zoe Kazan Talks About Starring in ‘Ruby Sparks,’ Grandfather Elia Kazan, & More

A History of Sex in London: City of Lust?

North Korea IDs Mystery Woman as Kim Jong-Un’s Wife—But Who Is She, Really?

Kermit, Miss Piggy and Chick fil-A: Why Gays Love the Muppets

As Syrian Troops Pour Into Aleppo, Rebels Warn of Drawn-Out War

Syrian Rebel Leader Mustafa al-Sheikh Says Victory Against Assad Not in Sight

Amid Days of Riots, Residents Wonder If Anaheim is Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Meet Liberty Ross, the Model Rupert Sanders Jilted for Kristen Stewart

Michael Tomasky on Why Mitt Romney’s Warmongering Won’t Work

Congressional Budget Office Report Estimates Cost of Health-Care Law

What Will Los Angeles’ Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Mean?

Mary Kennedy: Bringing Up the Body

Facebook Teaming Up With Television to Become Your News Service

What’s Next for the Aurora Theater?

Kristen Stewart, Hugh Grant & More Sad Celebrity Apologies (PHOTOS)

Romney’s Running Mate Short List: Who’s Ready for Prime Time?

Caster Semenya And The IOC’s Olympics Gender Bender

Liberty Ross: Pictures of the SuperModel’s Life (PHOTOS)

Romney: Stricter Gun Laws Won’t Help

What Happens to the Aurora Theatre?

‘Dark Knight Rises’: Christopher Nolan’s Masterpiece

Democrat. Jewish. Still Voting for Obama.

Mitt Romney Denies Anglo-Saxon Claim, But His Camp Has Been Trying to Label Obama Un-American

Israel's Other Unlikely Coalition

James Tilley Matthews at the New Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

List of Charities and Fundraising Efforts To Help Victims of Aurora Shooting

America's Doctors Are Overpaid

Will the Penn State Sanctions Work?

Chris Cleave Goes for Literary 'Gold'

Will an Insanity Plea Fail?

Ask Barney Anything: How Was The Wedding?

Obama's Gold Medal Worthy Attack Ad

Pro-Obama Super PAC Uses Olympics to Hit Romney

Of Obama and Bagels

The Family Battle Over Michael Jackson’s Millions and His Three Children

The Book Club is Updated

Amis on Harry: 'He's Ginge, He's Loud...'

The Number Games: Daily Beast Olympics Spectator Challenge

The Prayers of Susya

Hard Cider by Royal Appointment

Moviegoing After Aurora

Alexander Cockburn: Apologist for Scientology

Why Men Commit Mass Murders

Mark McKinnon: "I Think That Looked Particularly Political"

Obama's Report Card

If Danny Boyle Directed the Entire Olympics

Iron Dome, Successful Once Again

On the Road With Gideon Lewis-Kraus: How I Write

The Colorado Shooting: Why Mothers Take Babies to Movies

Columbine Survivor Liz Carlston on the Shooting’s Lessons for Aurora

‘Modern Family’ & More of TV’s Nastiest Contract Battles (Photos)

Andrew, Will, Harry, and Phil: Sex Lives of the U.K. Royals

Why Ban Full-Body Olympics Swimsuits? A Scientist Explains Polyurethane

How Obama and Romney Will Try to Leverage the Olympics

All the Presidents’ Chefs: Culinary Secrets of the World’s Leaders

‘Batman’ Taught Accused Colorado Shooter James Holmes How to Be Crazy

Wall Street’s Irrational Negative Reaction to Apple’s Earnings Report

Romney’s Flip-Flops on Gun Control Over the Years

Colorado Shooter: Insane or Just Plain Evil?

Romney’s Panama Misadventures Open Our Eyes to Offshore Tax Evasion

Do U.S. Women Need Guns? Self-Defense Expert Paxton Quigley Says Yes

Reform and Replace Obamacare

How I Climbed Kilimanjaro—Without Legs

Christian Bale Visits Aurora Memorial

Zooey Deschanel, Eminem, Johnny Depp & More Unhappy Red Carpet Faces (PHOTOS)

Rube Goldberg at the New Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Sherman Hemsley: 1938 - 2012

Meghan McCain: Fred Willard, There Is an Internet

MTV Rewind: House of Style Returns

87 Gun Deaths a Day: Why the Colorado Shooting is Tragically Unsurprising

How Ramadan is Like Yom Kippur

Kadima Marches Backwards

Why is Scientology Tax-Exempt?

Victims Without Insurance

Tina Brown: Fear of NRA Is 'Disgusting'

Pippa Middleton Websites Up For Sale

Licensed to Write: Passports of Norman Mailer, Lillian Hellman & More (Photos)

Iranian Americans, Take a Lesson

35 Percent of the People Have 50 Percent of the Representation

Cherie Blair Avoids Her Old Enemy The Queen

Romney's Defense Argument Misfires

The ADL and Huma Abedin

Joe Paterno Was A Dictator: Penn State Deserved Its Punishment

'How Do You Break That Capture?'

Syria’s Rag-Tag Rebel Army’s Sophisticated Campaigns

Fast and Furious' Dumb Conspiracy Theory

Yale’s Singapore University Criticized For Free-Speech Restrictions

About That Other Jim Holmes...

The IDF Looks East

Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, and Fleet Street’s Elite Charged

What ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Says About Killing and Gun Control

The Tribal Election: Barack Obama Turns to the Karl Rove Playbook

Harry gets Tix To Beach Volleyball

Will the Pope’s Former Butler, Paolo Gabriele, Pay in a Vatileaks Trial?

Romney, Obama, and the Hidden Issue of 2012

466/64 Fashion, Clothing Line Inspired By Nelson Mandela, to Debut at New York Fashion Week

Neil Barofsky's Bailout: Why TARP Failed

Fred Willard’s Proposed Sex Education Program Would Wipe His Slate Clean

We Stop The Next Aurora Not With Gun Control, But With Better Mental Health Treatment

How the London Olympic Games Will Revolutionize Food

Michael Tomasky: More Punishment for Penn State, Please

Maggie Shipstead’s Book Bag: Five Beach Read Picks

Flawed Father Figures: Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, and the NCAA Too

Behind Obama’s Tribute to the Aurora Victims’ Courage, Goodness

Suspected Gunman James Holmes’s Campus Mayhem

For Obama, Romney, and America, Gun Control Is Dead

The Mets’ R.A. Dickey’s Miracle Season

Obama’s Not-So-Secret Terror War

New ‘Idol’ Judge Mariah Carey’s 7 Most Outrageous TV Moments (VIDEO)

Lynn Sherr: Sally Ride’s Heroic and Trailblazing Life as an Astronaut

With Gaddafi Gone, Libya Slogs Toward Democracy

The Real Alexander Cockburn

Floats by Robert Breer Are the Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik

Sally Ride, 1951-2012

The Return of Prince Bandar: Saudi’s New Spy Chief

I Can't Get No...

NCAA's Penn State Report: Read the Document

This Week’s Hot Reads: July 23, 2012, All Fiction Edition

Less Fear, Fewer Guns

Scott Brown Jumps on "You Didn't Build That" Bandwagon

Twitter Reacts to Penn State Sanctions

A Bachmann Retirement?

Dear MTA, A Little Consistency

Tripp Palin's F-Bomb

Penn State’s Life Sentence: Beyond the NCAA Sanctions

Should Bush Officials Be Tried for War Crimes?

A P.S. on Ernst Jünger

Take a Stand, Obama!

Holmes’s Dazed Court Showing

NCAA Sanctions: Let’s Forget About Football Now

Queen Beatrix: 'No Reason' to Cut Back

Republicans and the 'Quality of Sodom'

Michele Bachmann: Crazy Like a Fox

The State of the Race

Harry Not Coming to America

James Holmes: 6 Reported Facts About the Alleged Aurora Shooter

Penn State’s Fair Punishment?

Katherine Jackson Missing: Family Staged Intervention

The Egypt-Gaza Relationship

Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes’s Life in Aurora

Best American Cities to Buy a House, from Minneapolis to Fargo (Photos)

Peter Beinart: Mitt Romney’s Overseas Trip Smacks of Cold War Nostalgia

Charlie Sheen: Anger Management on FX, DirecTV, Fiat

Bachmann, Gaffney, and the GOP’s Anti-Muslim Culture of Conspiracy

Syrian Opposition Leaders: We Need U.S. Weapons

How Research Into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Turned into an Ugly Fight

Bill Daley Asks: Is Obama Campaign Ready for Recounts?

Oligarch v. oligarch: London's courts attract litigious tycoons

‘The Bachelorette’ Finale: Why Hide Jef Holm’s Mormon Connection?

Explosion of James Holmes’ Apartment Would Have Been ‘Catastrophic’

Obama: 'I Came to Them as a Father'

Chris Wallace Defends Fox Against Obama

Chris Wallace:We're Not Obama's Favorite Network

Where Can Syria’s Asma Assad Go?

Judith Miller: My Gun Control Fantasy

The Media's Toxic Holmes Obsession

Michael Bloomberg, John McCain, Aurora’s Mayor and More Sunday Talk

Joe Paterno Statue: It Had to Go

As Exit Date Approaches, A Surge Of Green-On-Blues Attacks in Afghanistan

8 Questions and Answers About Rupert Murdoch's Resignation

Aurora, Colorado’s 12 Shooting Victims (Photos)

First Video of James Holmes

David's Book Club: Fellow Travelers

Royal Round Up: Harry's New Girl and Royal Olympic Plans

Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012

Colorado Massacre: No Causes, No Cures

Rupert Murdoch Isn’t Getting Out of Newspapers

Royal Olympians: Zara Phillips, Prince Albert II of Monaco & More (Photos)

The National Rifle Association’s Bizarre Colorado Response

The Batman Shooting: The Trouble With Acting Too Fast

For Clinton and Suu Kyi, the Honeymoon May Be Over

Colorado Shooter James Holmes’ Family History Goes Back to the Mayflower

Cairo, Revisited: How Naguib Mahfouz Predicted the Future of Egypt

A Look at the Aurora Shooter’s Guns, Including the AR-15

After Batman Shooting, Hollywood Looks Within

Endorse Gun Control, Mitt!

George W. Bush’s New Cause: AIDS in Africa

In ‘Marijuana Legalization,’ Hard Truths For All Sides of the Debate

Snooki, Kim Kardashian & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Colorado Shooting: What is the World Watching?

Rupert Murdoch’s Stunning Exit: A ‘Saigon Moment’ for the U.K. Mogul

Scenes From the Aftermath of Colorado’s ‘Batman’ Shootings (Photos)

Why Rupert Murdoch Surrendered Top Newspaper Posts in His Global Media Company

How Alleged Colorado Shooter James Holmes Bought His Guns

Ben Stiller's Awkward Sex Scene

Snooki, Louis C.K., Beyonce and More Viral Videos

Amazing Aurora Tribute Art on Instagram (Photos)

Colorado Shooting: Police Cautious Entering Suspect's Apartment

The Trattorias of Prince Edward County

Late Night Reacts to Colorado Shooting

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for July 21, 2012

The Motivation Behind the Colorado Killings Is Murky, but the Horror Is Crystal Clear

Polo’s 9 Hottest Hunks, From Facundo Pieres to Nacho Figueras (Photos)

After Aurora, Michael Tomasky on the Country the NRA Wants to See

Does Global Warming Cause Severe Weather? “Global Weirdness” Excerpt

Who’s Minding the Planes? Airline’s Overlooked Security Risk

Aurora, Colorado: Small Town Shaken by ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting

Celebrity Roller Coaster Faces: Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and More (PHOTOS)

Meme of the Week: ‘You Didn’t Build That’

Colorado Shooting Victim Jessica Ghawi Left an Indelible Impression

Mass Murderers, Unlike Serial Killers, Are Hard to Profile

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting ‘Could Have Happened Here,’ San Diego Neighbor Says

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s Lonely Crusade for Smarter Gun Control

How to Survive a Disaster: Advice From an FBI Profiler

Gary Cole: From 'Office Space' to 'Officer'

Does Hollywood Inspire Violence?

Who Is Behind Obama's Af-Pak Policy?

The Real Problems with Israel's Newest University

Is This the End of Norquist's Pledge?

Romney Reaches Out

Why Don’t Mass Shootings Lead to Gun Control?

Witness Says of Colorado Shooter: ‘He Pointed the Gun at My Face’

Josephine Halvorson at Sikkema Jenkins is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Shalit Was Worth It

Ai Weiwei, Tax Evasion Appeal Rejected, But I ‘Morally’ Won the Case

Charles Wedding Toast Sells!

Will Moviegoers Shun ‘Dark Knight Rises’ After Colorado Shooting?

The Deficit Won't Go Down Till The Private Sector Goes Up

A Potentially Pivotal Week

‘Dark Knight’ Colorado Theater Shooting: Witness Accounts (VIDEO)

Fictional Vice President Gives Romney Advice on Picking a Real One

'Batman' Premiere in Paris Canceled After Colorado Shooting

Obama 'Heartbroken' By Shooting

Palestine Can Wait…for Now

'Dark Knight' Shooting: Tweets, Photos, Video From the Scene

America's Gun Violence Map

Netanyahu Balks At Base

Michelle Cottle: "Concern He's Not Tough Enough"

Scenes From the Colorado Shooting

Death Imitates Art

Colorado Witness: Shooter Pointed Gun at Me

War Tourism

Beyond Marissa Mayer, Bigger Problems for America’s New Mothers

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors After The Events Are Over

How To Stay On Facebook And Protect Your Privacy At The Same Time

Why Doesn’t Obama Compromise With the GOP on Tax Cuts?

Behind the Scenes of Live Action Role Play (Photos)

New Exhibition: ‘Art in the Age of Truthiness’ at SITE Santa Fe (PHOTOS)

7 Places to Stash Your Billions: Bermuda & More (Photos)

Republicans Embrace Theatrics—It’s Time For Barack Obama To Do The Same

Jennifer Sultan’s Arrest for Gun Running Caps Long Fall From Internet Success

Why Mitt Romney Invests Overseas

Michele Bachmann’s Attacks on Women, From Huma Abedin to Nancy Pelosi

What Comes After Assad in Syria?

Anne Hathaway’s Stellar Turn as Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

George McGovern Celebrates 90th Birthday With Washington

Live Action Role Play’s Rich Tudor History

Mitt Romney's Aide Hits 'Bullying' Obama

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and the Best Superhero Movies Ever (PHOTOS)

Fred Willard and Other Stars Caught With Their Pants Down (PHOTOS)

What If Lincoln Had Survived?

Shocking Images of Violence in Damascus, Syria (PHOTOS)

The A4 Accounting Machine by Mario Bellini is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Fred Willard: Arrested in a Post Pee-wee Herman Universe

Syria’s Next Act

The Tale Behind Fred Willard’s Arrest in an Adult Film Theater

Beyoncé Knowles Fashion Look Book: Pre & Post Blue Ivy (PHOTOS)

BBC Foul

Janine di Giovanni: “The Bubble Has Burst”

The ADL Waffles on Bachmann

What Rules for Words?

Listen: Can Romney Escape the Bain Trap?

Ties Between The Drug War And Afghanistan?

2012 Emmy Nomination Snubs & Surprises: ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘The Good Wife’

Marissa Mayer Is Pregnant. So What?

A Trojan Horse in CUNY’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies?

Explainer: The Weak Link Between Former Bain Man Mitt Romney and Batman Bad Man Bane

The New Polls and the "Enough's Enough" Question

Note to Self: Must Try Harder

The Passing of Rav Elyashiv

Canada isn't Richer, the Loonie is Stronger

Trayvon's Parents: He Was A Child

Pippa and Alex - Parents Unconvinced

What If George Zimmerman Were Black?

Was Kate Bullied?

WillKat Make Millions for Royals

Mubarak’s Spy Chief, Omar Suleiman, Dies

Snooki Meets Newt, Late Night TV Explodes

Middleton Family Website Breaches Olympic Rules

The Nature of the Enemy

Ann Romney on Mitt's Pesky Taxes

Party Prince Leaves London Club at 4am

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Birther Brouhaha

John Avlon: All Eyes Turn to Ohio

Kids on 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Fuller Figure: Is Kate Pregnant?

Arab Spring on the Border

Meet Lanvin’s Unlikely New Face, Jacquie Tajah Murdock

8 Great Books About Books: ‘Phantoms On the Bookshelves’ & More

Joran Van der Sloot Reportedly Getting Married, Seeks Overturn of Prison Sentence

U.S. Tests a Lie Detector-Type Machine for Interrogations on the Mexican Border

Why New Diet Drugs, Belviq and Qsymia, Are Just in Time

Mitt’s Other Secret: Time to Disclose Romney’s Campaign Bundlers

10 Famous Maids of Honor: Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears, and More (PHOTOS)

Michael Tomasky on Romney: the Un-American in the Presidential Race

Is ‘The Master’ Based on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard?

Is Voter Fraud a Fraud?

Richard Spencer: What's Next in Syria

How We Lost Bookshops Thanks to Amazon and Publishers

Mired in Gridlock, Congress Barrels Toward a Fiscal Cliff Over Debt

‘Speed Freak Killer’ Wesley Shermantine to Help Police Find Victims

HSBC Report Shows Difficulty of Stopping Money Launderers

Will Anthony Weiner Mount a Political Comeback?

Right Wing Rips Mitt Romney for Refusing to Release Tax Returns

Don’t Occupy Gotham City: A Protester Reviews ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The 13 Thirstiest States From Arkansas to Iowa

Jacquie Tajah Murdock, 82-Year-Old Woman, Star of Lanvin Campaign (PHOTOS)

George Zimmerman No Regrets & More Sean Hannity Interview Highlights (VIDEO)

DNC Chair: Sununu Stepped 'Into the Gutter'

Does 'Dark Knight' Live Up to the Hype?

DNC Chief: Sununu Went 'Into the Gutter'

Inside the Syrian Bomb Plot

Breaking Bad, Homeland, Game of Thrones & More 2012 Emmy Nominees

George Zimmerman Speaks

Did Hezbollah Do It?

Mofaz Fumbles, Netanyahu Hits Rough Turf

John Henderson at Wall Space is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

From Iran to Bulgaria

David's Book Club: Storm of Steel

A Few More Shades of Grey

'Teen Vogue's Messy Teen Drama

Partial B(DS)?

The Kitchen Sink: More Desperation

New Clues in JonBenet Ramsey’s Murder

Bombs in Bulgaria

Ever Think You'd See a Black Israeli Rapper?

Murder Mystery of Assad’s brother-in-law

Is 'Fast and Furious' For Real?

Christian Zionism: An Extended Reality Check

Defend Capitalism?

Don't Credit "Socialism" for Canada's Success

James Warren: Romney Attacks on Chicago Misguided

Meanwhile, Everyone Else's Taxes, Not Just Romney's

Barclays, RBS, and JPMorgan, Oh My!

School Lunches Get Healthier

Romney Highlights Father's Mexican Roots

Assad is Doomed

Weird Euro Facts

Where Sarah Silverman Goes Wrong

Why is the Romney Campaign Talking So Crazy?

Eva Rausing’s Husband Faces Charges in Heiress Death

What’s Magic? The Science of the Mind and Trickery in ‘Fooling Houdini’

How to Live in a Micro-Apartment

The Emerging Theory on Mitt's Taxes: It's 2009

Some Legal Measues

Prince Charles Condemns "Cold Blooded" Murder of British Troops in Afghanistan

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova Helps Flood Victims in Russian Homeland

It’s Time for Mitt Romney to Invite Sarah Palin to Speak at GOP Convention

Joe Lieberman’s Slow-Motion Divorce From the Democratic Party

Janitors With College Degrees and The Higher-Education Bubble

Space Shuttle Enterprise: Flashback to an Icon of ‘70s Design

Millennials Report From the Trenches: High Loans, Low Pay, Few Jobs

Marissa Mayer Stares Down ‘Glass Cliff’ at Yahoo

HSBC Report Should Result in Prosecutions, Not Just Fines, Say Critics

Parents Need to Act Against Climate Change For Their Kids’ Sake

The War on Teen Vogue: Young Readers Fight for “Real Girls”

Kitty Wells, The Girl Singer Who Became Country’s Queen

Jenny Craig Supports Romney, While Fashionistas Back Obama

Louis C.K. on Daniel Tosh’s Rape Joke: Are Comedy and Feminism Enemies?

Planned Parenthood Takes Fight Against Arizona Defunding Law to Court

Messaging Guru Frank Luntz Offers Romney Help on Bain, Taxes

Javier Sierra’s ‘How I Write’ Interview: A Room of One’s Own

Gina Gershon on ‘Killer Joe,’ Tom Cruise, ‘Showgirls,’ ‘Bound’

Space Shuttle Enterprise: Icon of 1970s Unstylish Design (Photos)

Democratic Gov. Jack Markell, GOP Rep. Pete Sessions Unite to Help Disabled Find Jobs

Prince Pierre Accuses Jeffrey Jah

Needle Found in Delta Sandwiches and More Gross Things Found in Food

Michael Vick: Maybe I’ll Get a Dog

America’s Agriculture Catastrophe: The Midwest Drought (Photos)

Penn State’s Next Battle: More Sandusky Accusers Come Forward

A Tribute to Kitty Wells

Israel: Mofaz Bolts Netanyahu’s Coalition Over Draft Law

Kadima—Just Trying to Go Home

Kate Speaks Out

Peter Reacts

Chayanne Chimes In

Matt Weighs In

“Why Does the World Exist?” by Jim Holt: Review

A Short History of Political PDA

Sorry, Iran. I Didn’t Mean to Invade You

Get Creative For Yossi Falafel

Victoria Terminus by Homai Vyarawalla is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Mofaz Takes His Trucks and Goes Home July

Coalition Break-Up: Mofaz Moves Out

Former East Timor president Jose Ramos-Horta’s Advice For Syrian Rebels

Oliver Stone: Seven Drug Movies

Netanyahu: All-Powerful for 15 Minutes

Parliament Assails Buckles Over Olympic Security Snafu

Rapping in the Land of Milk and Honey

George W. Bush Talks About Life After the White House at Memphis Hospital Celebration

How Hands On is Obama with Drone Killings?

New Bain Attack Hits Romney Hardest

The Kane Controversy

Super PAC Watch: Restore Our Future

The McCain Defense Shouldn't Fly

Hunger on the Homefront

Louis C.K.: I Didn't Defend Rape

Mick and Margaret?

A Presidential Smooch

A Ray of Light in Islamist Gloom

Marissa Mayer, Media Darling

This is Why the Stimulus Failed

No Space

Faith, Hope and Charity

Mark McKinnon: No Labels

A Hint for Romney

Walter White Wants You to Call

"Hagit, you're dead."

How Bond will Open 2012 Games

Imposter Bieber Incites Teen Riot and More Bieber Wannabes

Yahoo Aims to Achieve Turnaround Dream With Hire of Marissa Mayer

Vice Magazine’s ‘Dos & Don’ts 2’ Book (PHOTOS)

Stallone Family Fight Over Sage’s Death Sparked by Facebook Comments

Vice Magazine’s Dos & Don’ts Volume 2 (PHOTOS)

GOP Kills DISCLOSE Act and Leaves Voters in the Dark

Demi Moore’s Downward Spiral Since Her Split From Ashton Kutcher

Caitlin Moran on Slut Walks, Feminism, and Being the British Tina Fey

Penn State's Economic Fallout: Will the Sandusky Scandal Sink a Whole City?

Can Ben Bernanke, Like John Roberts, Ignore Political Pressure and Do His Job?

Michael Tomasky on Romney’s Veep and Convention-Speaker Trap

Obama Team Can’t Swift-Boat Mitt Romney the Way GOP Did John Kerry

Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan: What I Learned as a Rock Star

Don’t Announce Your Vice-Presidential Pick Yet, Mitt!

Book Bag: Kurt Andersen’s Favorite ‘Sixties’ Books

Lackland Rape Scandal Shines Spotlight On Military Failure

Sarah Silverman’s Message for Sheldon Adelson and More of Her Political Campaigns (Video)

Can Anthony Weiner Rebound? 10 Politicians Re-Elected After Scandals (Photos)

Comic Con 2012’s Best Costumes: The Hulk, Chewbacca & More (PHOTOS)

Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?

Andrea Longacre-White at Foxy Production is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bianca Speaks Out

Springsteen and McCartney Rock in Hyde Park Until the Promoter Pulled the Plug

Woman Accuses Zimmerman of Molesting Her, but Is It Relevant?

A Promise is a Promise

Irresponsibility is Contagious

Mitt Romney as Nathan Jessup

Photoshop Kate Special

What J Street's Gotta Do

France: Madonna and Le Pen Spar Over Swastika

Bain and the F-Word

Skin In The Game

Are There Political Advantages to a Kill Operation?

What About Sarah?

Obama's Failed Peace Ambitions

The Ultimate Campaign Weapon: Beyoncé

'Generic Republican' is Not Enough

Vetting Mitt's Veeps

Raf Simon's Dior Debut

Letter to the Editor on J Street

War Rooms Gone Wild

Romney 'Retired Retroactively' from Bain?

Netanyahu: No Immediate Draft for Ultra-Orthodox

Where Does the Bain Story Go This Week?

Obama’s “Global Jail” in Afghanistan

Jack Abramoff on His New Talk Radio Show, Lobbying Reform & More

How Obama’s Middle East Policy Has Worked

Most Comments Are Horrible—Sites Look For Ways To Make Them Better

Rock Star Shirley Manson From Garbage Battles a Cyberstalker

USA Today Takes Digital Gamble in Hiring David Callaway as New Editor

Kelly Preston and John Travolta: Scientology’s Other Celebrity Wife

This Week’s Hot Reads: July 16, 2012

Quiz: ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Or ‘Ulysses’ and Other Literary Classics? (Photos)

Can Children's Dental Fillings Spur Depression?

Norah O'Donnell: Romney Must Respond

Darth Vader Wants You to Call Him, Maybe

Norah O'Donnell on Romney's Defensive Media Blitz

Twitter's Got Bieber Fever

Philip: Spikey

Harry's Rickshaw Ride

Sunday Talk: Rahm Emanuel, Karl Rove & More (Video)

Costas: 'Irreperable Damage' For JoePa

Who’s Rooting for Syria at the Olympics?

Hillary Clinton Meets Mohamed Morsi

David's Book Club: Within a Budding Grove

What Has Obama Cost Blacks? A Columbia Professor Asks Hard Questions

Romney: Too Weak?

China Targets ‘Naked Officials’ Corruption With Expense Crackdown

Hotels Lure High-End Clients With In-Room Cocktail Service

Michael Tomasky: Obama Is Winning Because of the Shrinking GOP

10 Live TV Brawls (VIDEO)

Mali: Islamists Destroy Historic City of Timbuktu

How the Drudge Report, With Its Condoleezza Rice ‘Scoop,’ Again Rules the Media

Heidi Klum, John Stamos, & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Claire McCaskill and Others Skipping the Democratic Convention (PHOTOS)

America’s Zoloft Problem: A Generation Grows Up With Antidepressants

Michael Ybarra’s Death Underscores the Allure and Dangers of Solo Climbing

Romney Interview Mashup

Richard Posner Bashes Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling

Yesterday's News: Obamacare

Sage Stallone on Working With His Dad

An Unorthodox Primary Win

Spain's Austerity Hits the People, But Not the Pols

Socialized Medicine in Action

Summer Reads: 'The Stolen Chalice'

Bain: The Debate You Have When You Don't Have Ideas

Boyfriend or Bodyguard? Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson & More (PHOTOS)

The Freeh Report on the Sandusky Sex-Abuse Case: Annotated

London’s Olympic Transformation: City Sites in 2003 and 2012

Hey Daniel Tosh—No One Believes Your Lame Twitter Apology

Mark McKinnon: An Unfair Attack on Mitt Romney’s NAACP Speech

Cookie Monster, ‘Batman,’ ‘Breaking Bad’ & More Viral Videos

Libya Election Loser Mohammed Sawan’s Dangerous Words

Freida Pinto On Playing Passive ‘Trishna,’ Her ‘Slumdog’ Break & More

I Went to Penn State—But Don’t Pity Me

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for July 14, 2012

Sage Stallone: Sylvester Stallone’s Son Found Dead

The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary: Classic, Vintage Photos

Gordon Brown on Why Education Is Every Human’s Right

Ray Gardner Used Autism Training To Find William LaFever

Romney Fires Back on Bain

Romney’s Possible Pick of Pro-Choice Condoleezza Rice for Veep Has GOP Abuzz

MemeFeed: Romney at the NAACP

Rate-Fixing Scandal Hits U.S.: Fed Drops LIBOR Bombshells

Designer Thom Browne Honored at White House With 2012 Cooper-Hewitt Award Winners

David's Book Club: What Are Liberals Thinking?

End College Football

Levy is Right

Rosecrans Baldwin’s “Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”

The Wise Woman of Divorce

A Bundle of Bombast

Ditch 'Fifty Shades' for a Brainy Beach Read!

Still Life with Ram's Head by Willem van Aelst is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Romney's Tax Returns

JPMorgan Chase Earnings: CEO Jamie Dimon Comes Clean

Eva Rausing Monitored By Ex-Army Men to Disrupt Drug purchases

Explore the Federal Reserve’s Bombshell LIBOR releases

You Gotta do What You Gotta Do

Ahnold As A Nine-Year-Old African Boy

James Franco is the Wizard of Oz

Slice of Charles's Toast to be Auctioned

Queen's granddaughter Zara Philips prepares for London 2012

A New Way to Fight Juvenile Crime in Chicago

Diane Dimond: 'They're All Liars'

Reading Obamacare In Jerusalem

How the 1% Rules—David Frum

An Alternative Travel Itinerary for Mitt Romney

Buzz Bissinger: Ban Penn State Football!

Eva Rausing’s Husband Arrested on Murder Suspicions

Did Letterman Just Ruin 'Batman'?

Graffiti Left and Right

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Latest To Reject ‘Secure Communities’ Immigration Law

Bain in the Light of Day

Guess Who Doesn't Care that Condi Is Pro-Choice?

Despite Dissent, Greece to Sell Public Assets

Let It Read! The Ultimate Literary Guide to the Rolling Stones

Evangelicals Struggle to Address Premarital Sex and Abortion

Alan Cumming’s ‘Macbeth’ and a New Sonnet App Breathe New Life Into Shakespeare

America’s New Bomb Threat

‘Political Animals’: Greg Berlanti on the Clintons, Fiction, and More

As Income Inequality Widens, Rich Presidential Candidates Dominate

Joe Biden’s Visceral Politics on Display in NAACP Speech

Obama Does Not Always Get Good Job Ratings but His Likeability May Be the Key to a Win

Top-Earning Presidential Candidates, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama

Post-‘SNL’ Report Card: Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig & More (PHOTOS)

Abortion Outposts in Arkansas, Dakotas Wary of Mississippi’s Fight

‘The Central Park Effect’ Explores the Magical Power of Birding

Obama Must Defend His Own Record, Not Savage Romney’s Character

Camp Fashion Design Draws Budding Designers To New York

Meme of the Week: 1990s First World Problems

Should Congress Police Horseracing? ‪

Obama’s Biggest Mistake

Nancy Pelosi Reveals Dancing Secret from Barney Frank’s Wedding

Our First Tumblr Book Club Live Chat, Friday July 13, 3 p.m. ET

If Convicted Felons Could Vote…

The Energy War: How Fossil-Fuel Democrats Became An Endangered Species

Gainsborough's "Blue Boy" is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Rise and Fall of Kim Dotcom and Megaupload: 10 Burning Questions Answered

The PA's Pitiable Strategy

Steal This Slogan!

Jason's Bigg Stripper Debut

'The Nation' Profiles Me

Christian Zionism's Own Reality Check

Thomas Hollande and the Tweet Rocking France

American Billionaire Leon Black is ‘The Scream’ Buyer

For Shame

Libya Is Still Riven by Violence as Loyalists and Rebels Alike Keep Killing

It's Not DeMint's Senate Yet

Romney: 'I Pulled Over and Literally Wept'

Where in the World is Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Sharing a Noun

Diane Dimond: Penn State Report 'Devastating'

The Globe's Bain Revelation: Drip Drip...

This Is How You Give a Speech to the NAACP

Comic-Con 2012 for Dummies: User’s Guide and Must-Sees (PHOTOS)

The PR Nightmare of Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s Ex

Penn State Freeh Report Speed Read: Most Damaging Findings

Tom Parker-Bowles: I Call my Step-Father Charles 'Sir'

Freeh Report: The Fallout for Penn State

Crossroads GPS Unleashes New Obama Attack

You Know China is Slowing Down When...

BDS Isn't About Winning or Losing

The Ghost of Yasser Arafat

Prince of Tonga Marries Second Cousin

We Read 'Fifty Shades,' So You Don't Have To

When Settlers Attack

Shocking Photos of the Flooding in Russia’s Krasnodar Region

Eva Rausing's Body May have Lain Undiscovered for a Week

My Chick-Fil-A Miracle: Dining at Fried-Chicken Chain’s Original Restaurant

Did Aubrey Lee Price Kill Himself, Or Is He Just Hiding in Central America?

When the Law Targets Latinos: The Battles Yet to Be Fought

Dear Romney: I’m Black—Hire Me!

GOP, Democrats Fiddle With Health Care as Unemployment, Tax Cut, and Debt Crises Loom

Freedom to Marry for Young Conservatives: The GOP Gay Marriage Push

Giant, Red Roaches Invade Italy

Occupy Murder Mess Points to Problems With New York’s DNA Database

More Books Like ‘50 Shades of Grey’: Naughtiest Bits From 12 Other Erotica Bestsellers

Bryan Cranston Picks 13 Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Moments

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney the Race Baiter at the NAACP

Don’t Just Blame Banks for Barclays Interest-Rates Mess

Vin Weber, Top Romney Adviser, Lobbying for Ukraine Group

The Girl Who Wrote About Drugs: Cat Marnell on Vice, Addiction & More

The Scariest Cockroaches on Earth: Giant Burrowing & More (PHOTOS)

Why Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Remained Mum about His ‘Mood Disorder’

Casey Anthony Prosecutor: Vote For Me!

What Timothy Geithner Could Have Done About Interest Rate Rigging

Putin’s Popularity Waning Following Floods in Southern Russia

‘Damages’ Premiere: The Creators on That Twist, Julian Assange & The Final Season

Batman's Breaking Bad Twist

Why Daniel Tosh’s ‘Rape Joke’ at the Laugh Factory Wasn’t Funny

Pelosi: House Obamacare Repeal 'Useless'

President Obama Has Official Fundraising Advantage Over Mitt Romney

Quilts by Chris Rucker are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Walker Evans’ Famous Picture of an Alabama Tenant Farmer’s Wife Is Celebrated and Explained

Doh! Joe Biden's Funniest Gaffes

Janine di Giovanni on Syria's Elite

The Ten-Day Romance

More on Marginality: God Help Us

Barclays’ Rate-Fixing Is the Tip of a Much Larger Scandal, Bank Officials Say

Sandy Koufax 2.0

A More Civil Society

NBC, Microsoft Getting Online Divorce

Western Wall (Street)

TomKat Divorce Post-Mortem: Goodbye, Scientology!

Dead Heiress Eva Rausing and Husband Hans Kristian Battled Addiction

A Tale of Two Reports

Mitt to NAACP: I’ll Repeal Obamacare

'Transparency' is Overrated—David Frum

Leaving The Language Of Conflict

Craig Romney Shows Off His Spanish Again

Fight Gangs by Enforcing Immigration

What's Holy About Displacement?

Serious About Getting Sh**-Faced

Gary Oldman Takes on R.Kelly's 'Soulacoaster'

When Harry Met Cheryl

11th Hour for the Tal Law

Let Us Praise Sarah Paley

Eva Rausing Dies of Suspected Overdose

Remember the Party of Personal Responsibility?

Taliban Execution of Afghan Woman Causes Outraged Activists to Mobilize

The Spy Who Tricked Hitler: The Story of Double Agent Juan Pujol and D-Day

Why Won’t Obama Sell His Health Care Plan Now That It’s Been Upheld?

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and More Quickest Celebrity Divorces (Photos)

Teresa Giudice’s Crazy ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Journey

Egypt’s Overhyped Parliamentary Showdown

A Tour of St. Francis Xavier, a Potential New Church for Katie Holmes

Meet the Woman In Charge of the Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

What Happened to Big Screen Hunk Casper Van Dien?

Can Facebook Make You Quit Smoking?

Penn State’s Hidden Victims

No Supreme Court Bounce for Obama

Europe’s Growing Crisis of Abandoned Babies

Supreme Court Immigration Ruling in Arizona v. U.S. Got It Backward

Thriller Author Steve Berry: How I Write

How Did Rodney King Die?

Katie Holmes, Paul Haggis, and Other Celebrities Who Quit Scientology (Photos)

Louis Vuitton Is Seeing Spots!

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry & More Stars Without Pants

Nancy Pelosi Busts a Move

Can Romney Do Better on Jobs?

The Slow Death of the American Dream

Polly Apfelbaum at Ameringer, McEnery, Yohe is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

New York: Then and Now

‘White Collar’ Creator Jeff Eastin: My Biggest Con

More Cabs, More Jobs—David Frum

No Need for Shame

Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, and more ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Parodies

Cookie Me Maybe?

Israel Didn't Kill Arafat

A Post With No News But Lots of Stuff You Didn't Know

Mitt Romney’s Flat-Footed Tax Dodge

How Science Can Collect More Taxes

Vintage Photos of Royals To Go Under The Hammer

Can Romney Do Better on Jobs?

BDS Loses by Losing

How Katie Holmes Won the Custody Battle Before It Started

The Outsourcerer's Apprentice

Hooray! Philip back to his frank best

Entrepreneurship in Decline

For the Political Junkie in All of Us

10 Re-Written Classic Novels and Films, From Hemingway’s ‘A Farewell to Arms’ to Hitchcock

Obama Camp Continues Romney Tax Attack

Christian Zionism: An Overdue Reality Check

Are Conservatives Happier?

Swing Toward the ACA; plus, the Backyard Fence Theory

The Anti-Balfour Declaration

William and Kate Honeymoon Photos Published

THAT'S the Obama Second Term Agenda?!

Mika Brzezinski's Phone Interruption

The Governors Opposing Obamacare: Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, and More (Photos)

Oreo Does Gay Pride

UK not OK with Occupation

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement: 6 Unsolved Mysteries

Stephen L. Carter’s Book Bag: 5 Best Presidential Thrillers

Indrani and Her Palace

A Fashionista’s India Dream: Indrani Changes Girls’ Fate

Obama and Romney Are Not Giving Voters the Rocky-Like Spirit They Want

What Is Rick Perry Thinking by Rejecting Obamacare Help?

Michael Tomasky on How Obama Should Play Offense on Taxes

Boston College’s Secret Tapes Could Bring IRA Exposure and Retribution

Buddhist Retreat’s Death Saga

Oral History: The Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of England

10 Best and Worst “Call Me Maybe” Covers

25 Top Summer Olympics Countries (Photos)

Penelope Scotland Disick & More Celeb Kids Named After Places (Photos)

Keeping Up With Granny Kardashian: Meet Mary Jo Shannon

Hey, Mitt, You Can Be Rich and Win the Election, Just Not Richie Rich

Obama Plan to Extend Bush Tax Cuts for Middle Class Is Dead on Arrival

Nora Ephron Memorial: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks & More (Photos)

Inside Katie's New NYC Life

This Week’s Hot Reads: July 9, 2012

Paul Tucker Testimony: Bank of England Pushes Back

Nora Ephron Memorial: Warm, Funny Tributes by Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Rosie O’Donnell

America's Funniest Attack Ads

Advice to Romney: Be a Better Rich Guy—David Frum

What Putin's Trip To Jerusalem Really Means

Flashback: Tom’s Insane Scientology PSA

Rights Without Reason

Savannah Guthrie, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and More ‘Today Show’ Sign-ons

French Terrorist Mohamed Merah’s Last Words Taped by Cops Now Leaked on TV

Chicken Peacekeepers—Literally

Germany Lifts Mein Kampf Ban—David Frum

Takashi Murakami in Doha is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Dan Amira, May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You

William's Bring Your Dad To Work Day

Obama Launches Tax Cut Fight

Winona Ryder, Christina Hendricks & More Stars Who Went Goth and Punk (PHOTOS)

In Defense of Israel Advocacy

Less Compromise, More Jim DeMint!

How Syria's Other Half Lives

Metamorphosis: Titian 2012

Should Romney Be Six Points Ahead?

George Romney's Money

Pippa Wears Princess Mary's Dress To Wimbledon

Tom Cruise: Potential Priest?

Tightrope Walker Plummets—and Survives

BDS Opponents' Pyrrhic Victory

Is Cyber Space Making Us Mental?

7 Famous CEO Grillings: Bob Diamond, Rupert Murdoch & More (Photos)

Libya’s Optimistic Leader: Mahmoud Jibril Poised for Historic Election Victory

You Missed It, Mofaz

Execution Video: Taliban Shoot Woman in Public

Dov Lior Does it Again

The Apple That Fell Far From the Tree

Assad Supplier Finmeccanica Did Business With the Pentagon

James Carville On His New Book, ‘It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!’

Museums Are About the Art, Not Racking Up Big Numbers on Crowds and Revenue

The GOP’s Class-Warfare Hypocrisy, From Nixon to Romney

10 Olympian All-Stars: Ryan Lochte, Abby Wambach & More (Photos)

Why Canadians Aren’t Laughing at Latest Version of ‘The Newsroom’

London Cracks Down on Security for Olympic Games

Octomom Nadya Suleman Wants to Shed Her Creepy Persona

Vintage London Olympics Photos From 1908

Romney's SCOTUS Flip-Flop: Do Voters Care?

The Best of Ernest Borgnine: ‘Marty,’ ‘McHale’s Navy’ & More (VIDEO)

Ernest Borgnine 1917-2012

Did Antidepressants Contribute to Mary Richardson Kennedy’s Suicide?

Andy Murray's Heartwarming Speech

'Dark Knight Rises' Sneak Peek

Sunday Talk’s 7 Best Moments: Mitch McConnell & More (Video)

Chuck Todd, Defending the Craziness

McCain: US 'Shameful and Disgraceful' on Syria

Royal Round-Up From The UK

Kim Kardashian, Stephen Colbert & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

After Health-Care Ruling, Time to Reconsider Supreme Court’s Power

‘Resilience’ Author Andrew Zolli on the Secrets of Failure

Ignore the Pundits, Mitt, They’ll Ruin Your Presidential Campaign

China’s Dog Dyeing Craze: Once Shunned, Pet Pooches Now Embraced

Use of Red-Light and Speeding Cameras Increases, but Some Protest

In Putin’s Russia, the Walls Still Have Ears

Roger Federer: Transformation of a Tennis Star

‘Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in California Photography’

9 Amazing Watermelon Sculptures (PHOTOS)

Jordanian MP Pulls Gun On Live TV

Polls Close in First Libyan Election in Over 40 Years

Designing Bond's Look

Rupert Murdoch’s Romney Tweets: See Other Seniors on Twitter

Should Government Help the Private Sector?

GOP Governors's Obamacare Problem

Libya Votes in First Elections Since Fall of Gaddafi

The Mafia-Built Highway That Could Cost Italy $471 Million

Elderly People React to Dubstep

Chief Justice Roberts’ Obamacare Switch: Historical Roots

Why Do People Believe in Scientology and Other Fringe Religions?

The Week’s Best Longreads: The Daily Beast Picks for July 7, 2012

Wall Street’s Biggest Players Avoiding Bets on Eurozone Financial Crisis

Why Katie Holmes May Win Custody

Mayor Bloomberg, Chris Christie, Anderson Cooper and More Viral Videos

How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP: Focus on Its Radical Economic Plan

Will Veterans Lose if Mitt Romney Wins?

Worst Celebrity Tans: Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron & More (Photos)

Are Israeli Agents Assassinating Iranian Scientists? A New Book Argues

Escape from Scientology's Sea Org

Kate's Rotten British Teeth

Chris Christie Gets Angry

Breaking: Kate To Attend Wimbledon Final

House Goes Wobbly on Farm Subsidies

Campaign Tactics: Who's Making the Right Moves?

Where’s the Shame?

Jobs Report: Who Cares?

God: Great Job On Finding My Particle!

Throw Your Tents in the Air if You Just Don't Care

Obama: Romney "Denies" Healthcare Success in Mass.

Bobby Jindal: He Wants a Summer Friday, Too

Why Conservatives Dumped Milton Friedman

The Two-State Solution Paradox

Q&A: Moody’s Makes Sense of the Jobs Numbers

Today's Dismal Jobs Report

The Web's Best Scientology Longreads

After the Higgs Boson: What Scientists Will Do With the Discovery

Capitalism <i>is</i> Regulation

Bill Allen: Tipper Gore’s Secretive New Beau

Two Important New Studies: Spending = Jobs

Romney Undercuts His Own Critique of Obama in 2006 Video

Will the Euro Crisis Affect the US Election?

The Cost of Leaving Scientology

Presbyterians Reject Divestment–Take Four

Vuillard Self-Portrait at the Jewish Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Speed Read: ‘Presumed Guilty—Casey Anthony: The Inside Story’

William and Kate Baby Due in … 13 Months Time?

Success for Some, Stagnation for Most

Whose Unilateralism is it, Anyway?

Jobs Numbers: Conservatives, This Thread's For You

Unemployment Report: Why Job Growth Is Stalling

Haute Couture Histories

Grim Jobs Report Wounds Obama

Chatting With Your 12-Year-Old Self

Usain Bolt and Prince Harry: The Rematch!

Presbyterians Say No

Busted; Plus, This Election's Other Referendum

Scientology’s Sea Org: An Escape Story for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

In Tom Cruise Divorce, Scientology Loses Fashion Icons

Lance Armstrong Rips Deal With Accusers in Doping Case as ‘Vendetta’

Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter & More: Taking the Measure of 1980s Art (PHOTOS)

New Report Finds Madeleine McCann Could Be Alive—And Living as Someone Else’s Daughter

Meme of the Week: The Large Hadron Collider

The Last Time We Fought Iran

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Fight Over Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Scientology’s Famous Ladies: Elizabeth Moss, Kelly Preston & More (Photos)

3 Must Read Offbeat Novels: ‘A Million Heavens,’ ‘The Investigation,’ ‘Office Girl’

Scientology Glossary: Thetans, Engrams, Sea Org & More Key Terms

Does America Still Matter? Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Strategic Vision”

Calls for Shake-Up of Mitt Romney Campaign Team Ignore Their Successes

The Higgs Boson: Why You Should Care

Seventeen’s About Face on Altered Photos

Frank Ocean’s Coming Out as Bisexual Changes Homophobic Hip-Hop Genre

Did Tito Kill Stalin? A New Book on the Theory

How Is America Really Doing? Wharton’s Idea for Better Accountability

The GOP Shift On Gay Rights

‘Inspector Lewis’ on PBS’s ‘Masterpiece Mystery’: TV’s Smartest Sleuths

More Anti-Jewish Violence in Toulouse

Herman Cain's Would-Be TV Star

Jeff Brouws at Apexart is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

What's the Fate of Employer-Based Coverage?

Further Thoughts on Penalty v. Tax

Barclays Settlement: The Worst of the Emails

Where in the World is the IDF

Air France 447 Report: How the Plane Went Down

No, Israel Didn't Offer to Trade the West Bank for Peace in 1967

Subprime Loans Were a Chinese Export

The Right Discovers That Romney Lacks Specifics!?

Our World in a Time-Lapse

TomKat Divorce: How Long Will It Take?

The Inadvertent Roman-a-Clef: Not Writing a Novel About Daniel Pearl

Cut Spending? How About Cutting Austerity?

Hasn't Austerity In Europe Failed?

Your Move, Mofaz

Learning How to Innovate in the Developing World

San Diego’s Fireworks Fail

Reality TV's Working Class Warriors

The Olympics Gets Animated

That Journal Editorial

Gasp! NEW dress for Kate in Scotland!

What’s in a Name?

China's Economy is Hitting the Brakes

Obama Camp Asks: Do You Have an Offshore Account?

"Kate" Calls a Cab

Mitt Romney: It’s a Tax

The Politics of Physics

Obamacare: It’s Cheaper!

Justin Bieber, Beyonce & More Celebrities Eating Hot Dogs (Photos)

Michelle Goldberg Answers a Critic’s Distortions of Her Home Birth Argument

Obama Has Already Quietly Begun Revising the Government’s War on Drugs

Romney’s Big Tax Bluff: Why It Will Haunt Him

Libyan Women Are More Visible in Post-Gaddafi Libya, but They May Have Lost Ground

Ex-Scientologists Speak Out About What Katie Holmes Is Experiencing

Join the Manifesto for Global Economic Recovery

Madonna's Russian Revolution: Her "Freedom Fight" Against Anti-Gay Law

Julian Assange’s Asylum Gamble: End of the Wikileaks Saga?

Inside Katie Holmes’s New Life

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