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Articles October 2013

Nouri Al-Maliki Asks America For Help in Defeating al Qaeda Affiliate in Iraq

Getting It Right on Obamacare

World Reacts to Polio in Syria

Why Democrats Should End Nomination Filibusters

The 15 Hottest New Apps at Dublin’s Web Summit

Your iPod (Most Likely) Won’t Bring Down the Plane

The Forgotten Reign of England’s Lesbian Queen

Jack Nicholson Deserves a Better Biography Than This

Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2013: Miley Cyrus, Kate Upton and More

What Made the Beatles So Big? Diagnosing ‘Beatlemania’

Most Popular Halloween Costumes Through the Years: 1985-2013

Alina Szapocznikow Gum Photos at Andrea Rosen are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

What We Didn’t Know About Israel’s Agreement to Renew Negotiations with the Palestinians

Prosecutors Allege Affair Between Rebekah Brooks And Andy Coulson

Famous for Not Being Famous: Enough About ‘Stoner’

NSA Accused of Peeping On The Pope

America is Not the Next Greece

Settler Violence: Think of It Like Burning Down a Jewish Business

British Vogue Taps John Galliano as Guest Fashion Editor; Christopher Bailey Wins WGSN's Hall of Fame Award

Eat Your Halloween Pumpkin and Save the Planet!

Ding Dong, You Have Lice

The Red Sox Win the World Series: Big Papi By the Numbers

Cressida and Harry Spend Weekend At Sandringham Party

Welcome to the Most Haunted Graveyard in the World. Safety Not Guaranteed.

Venezuela Unveils Orwellian Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness

Democrats March on the South to Hold Senate Majority in 2014

Ken Cuccinelli’s Libertarian Love Affair

Republican Infighting Over the Farm Bill Infuriates Farmers

Chucky, the Possessed Doll, on His Favorite Kills—and Katherine Heigl

‘Hocus Pocus’ Turns 20: Meet the Voice Behind Binx the Talking Cat

Why It’s Time to End Blackface, Finally

River Phoenix’s Fatal Halloween, 20 Years On

Spike Lee on Blackface, ‘Oldboy,’ ’12 Years a Slave,’ and The Brooklyn Nets

Meet the Facebook Police

Christie Brinkley’s Hair2Wear Wig Line

Christie Brinkley’s Hair Evolution

U.N. Prepares for Regional Polio Outbreak in Syria and Lebanon

The Truth—and Tragedy—of Drone Warfare

Nixon, Obama, and How We Lost Trust in the U.S. Government

E.W. Jackson Slams Facebook Mogul In Email

Obama’s Defiant Obamacare Defense in Boston

Murdoch’s News of the World Editors Admit To Phone-Hacking

Suzanne Somers’s 13 Craziest Quotes: Sex, Adam Lanza, Patrick Swayze, and More

Instagram’s Sex Censorship is Inconsistent and Hilarious

Alison Elizabeth Taylor at James Cohan is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

At West Bank Funeral, Palestinians Express Rising Support for Armed Resistance

Best Maryland Accent Ever In Montana Political Ad

Israel's Latest Prisoner Release is an Unconvincing Goodwill Gesture

America’s Start-Up Silver Lining

Sebelius in the Hot Seat

U.S. Embassy In Australia Promotes Anti Drone Movie

Chris Brown Enters Rehab, Miley Cyrus Carves Racy Pumpkins

Libertarians: The Great White Hope

Suzanne Somers Responds To Critics, Says She Has A Thick Skin

Fact-Checking Suzanne Somers’s Claim That Obamacare is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme

American Dreams, 1993: The Road to Wellville by T. Coraghessan Boyle

A Dread Disease Spreads in Syria

Ted Cruz Advocates Overruling 100-Year-Old Supreme Court Case

Hardcore Mixed With Honey: ‘Bitter Rivals’ and the Evolution of Sleigh Bells

Karl Lagerfeld Charged With Defamation; Naomi Campbell Calls Out Victoria Beckham

Knesset Speaker Boycotts French President's Visit to Israel

Brown University’s Campus Liberals vs. Free Speech

Pakistan’s Gay Community Quietly Breaking Barriers

Ann Patchett: How I Write

10 Abandoned Cities You Wouldn’t Want to Visit Alone (Photos)

The Best of Chloé ‘Attitudes’ (PHOTOS)

From Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga, Stars Who Look Like They’re Dressed For Halloween (Photos)

How Virginia Democrats Are Winning on Gun Safety

The Drug War Is Over (If Obama Wants It)

A ‘Wicked’ Decade: How a Critically Trashed Musical Became a Long-Running Smash

Hulu is the New Netflix: Why You Should Watch ‘Behind the Mask’

Matthew McConaughey In ‘Dallas Buyers Club’: From Bongos to Oscar Contender

Voting for Slavery? Jim Wheeler Gets Into Hot Water

Iran’s Nuclear Black Box

Empress Dowager Cixi: The Woman Who Made China Modern

The Empress Who Ruled China From Inside The Harem

Cottle on GOP's 'Best Hope'

No Denial From Bret Stephens Re. Yeshiva University Panel Slurs

Our New Look

All Terrorism, Both Jewish and Arab, Must Stop for Talks to Succeed

Robert Rauschenberg Photos at Pace/MacGill are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Hurricane Sandy’s Soaked Memories

Eminem and Rihanna Release 'Monster,' New 'X-Men' Trailer Hits the Web

Rubio's Immigration Flip-Flop

IDF Posts Fairuz Video, Raises Internet Hackles

Kanye West Slams Louis Vuitton; Jeremy Scott Named New Creative Director at Moschino

Authorities Test Roma Man To See If He’s Missing Boy Ben Needham

The Obamacare Ripoff: More Money for Less Insurance

‘Got Milk?’ Turns 20: Best Ads From the Iconic Campaign (PHOTOS)

Meet Fusion, Obama’s Favorite New Cable Channel

Paula Abdul Celebrates Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Still Fighting A Year After Sandy

Ken Cuccinelli Making Bad Candidate History in Virginia

Emma Donoghue’s Book Bag: Five Whorestoricals

New York’s Oldest Bar Stays Afloat

Hezbollah Prepares for Syria Showdown in al-Qalamoun

How Daniel Radcliffe Became Harry Potter And Other Masterpiece Theatre Tales

Enough Already on Don’t You Remember Medicare Part D?

Working As A Male Model

When Mars Attacked 75 Years Ago—And Everyone Believed It

Sam’s Club Republicans Vs. the Tea Party

Prankster or Politician? Jay Stamper Says His S.C. Senate Bid Is Real

Henry Selick on Directing ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

‘Reflektor’ Makes Arcade Fire the Biggest Band in the World

Moe Tucker’s Tribute to Velvet Underground Bandmate Lou Reed

Felicia’s Letter to Leonard Bernstein: ‘You Are a Homosexual and May Never Change’

Elliott Sailors: Female Model Turned Male Model (PHOTOS)

Is America Ready for Over-the-Counter STD Tests?

Penn State Pays Up—and Will Likely Pay Up Again

Chinese Embroidery at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

New Guidebook Tells Reporters How Not to Write About Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

State Department Rejects Graham’s Demand for Benghazi Witnesses

Lady Gaga Releases ‘Venus,’ Chris Brown Could Face Jail Time

Britney Spears’s Music Is Used to Fight Off Somali Pirates (Stop Laughing)

Grover Norquist Slams Ted Cruz

Despite Hebron's Importance, Israel Will Have to Give It Up

Toward a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East

Syrian Hackers: We Hacked Obama’s Twitter Account

Rebekah Brooks Phone Hacking Trial Begins In London

McDonald’s Ditches Heinz To Keep Burger King Out of Its Business

The Kennedy Court Stunner

‘Blue is the Warmest Color’: See What the Sex Scene Looks Like In the Graphic Novel

Jay Z Speaks Up About Barneys

Arrested for Learning Torah in Hebron

Israel Resumes Cooperation with U.N. Human Rights Council

Hillary, 16 Years After

Jacques Azagury on Recreating Diana's Dresses For Naomi Watts

‘No Woman, No Drive’: Behind the Viral Video

Lou Reed Lives! Why the Man With the Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart Isn’t Dead

Hurricane Sandy: Then and Now

Brooklyn Mother, Four Children Allegedly Slain by Jealous Cousin

How Military Veterans Led Sandy Volunteer Efforts

Robert Capa at 100 (PHOTOS)

In Egypt’s Countryside, Vendettas Between Police and Islamists Simmer

American Poet: Remembering Lou Reed

The Strange Power of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Remembering Grace Kelly

Robyn Lawley: Why The Dangerous ‘Thigh Gap’ Trend Makes Me Mad

The GOP’s Racial Handicap

Congress Can Become Civil and Productive if Moderate Voters Demand It

Harrison Ford Discusses ‘Ender’s Game,’ Drone Warfare, Vietnam, and Playing A Badass President

Russell Brand: Not Quite a Messiah

This Week’s Hot Reads: October 28, 2013

Michael Musto: Lou Reed Made Me A Believer—In Transvestism, Prostitution, and Lou Reed

In The Good Wife’s Explosive ‘Hitting the Fan,’ That’s Exactly What Happens

What Lou Reed Was Really Like: Legs McNeil’s Tribute to the Velvet Underground Legend

In Praise of Parks

Avlon: 'Twitter is Your Homepage'

Lou Reed Dead at 71: His Life in Music

Sunday Talk: Should Sebelius Go?

Lou Reed Dead at 71: His Life in Photos

In Praise of Parks

The King David You Never Knew

Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Chris Christie

The World’s Most Subversive Soap Operas

Fire the Crackpots of Congress! (And Replace Them with New Crackpots!)

David Hockney’s “A Bigger Exhibition” Opens at the de Young Museum

From Hollywood Socialite to Catholic Missionary

Business Longreads for the Week of October 26, 2013.

Leonard Bernstein Asked About Hemingway, So Martha Gellhorn Set the Record Straight

Fringe Factor: End Homosexuality With a Class Action Lawsuit

The Best Scenes From Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Counselor’ Screenplay

Block Party: From Freddie Mercury to Angkor Wat, Amazing Lego Sculptures (PHOTOS)

A Tribute to Divine, Hollywood’s Most Infamous Drag Queen

Why Won’t the West Defend Middle Eastern Christians?

Out of the Ruins of the Second World War

The Man with the President’s Ear, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and JFK

The Week in Photos: October 25, 2013

My Week At An Austrian Fat Camp

LED Baby, Ylvis’ ‘Massachusetts’, Hoop Dreams, and More Viral Videos

Cruz in the Cornfield

David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition at the DeYoung Museum (PHOTOS)

The Week’s Best Longreads for October 26, 2013

Sochi’s Furtive Gay Clubs

Friday Night Lights Out: The Concussion Debate Hits the Texas Youth Leagues

Excerpts From a New Johnny Cash Biography Capture His Iconoclastic Genius

Clooney’s Satellites Detect Sudan Threat

President Lincoln’s Twitter Mole

The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The Republicans’ Food Stamp Fraud: It’s Not About Austerity

Hillary Clinton’s Soft Launch in Upstate New York

‘The Counselor’ & How Cormac McCarthy Beat the Hollywood Curse

Justin Long Responds To Jonathan Franzen Over His ‘Mac Guy’ Criticisms

The Week in Nostalgia: ‘Halloween’ Turns 35, Butch and Sundance Debut, and the iPod is Born (VIDEO)

Medicine Bedevils Pregnant Women With Too Many Warnings About Risk

Olympians Dish on Their Favorite Spots to Ski & Snowboard

“I hear Gore’s voice and I want so much to be with him”

Top 10 Hotels & Resorts in the U.S. (Photos)

‘Mirages’: Anaïs Nin’s Intimate, Unexpurgated Diaries

Barely Legal, Sometimes Mature: Should Porn Raise the Minimum Age to 21?

Miley Cyrus, Madonna & the Week in Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Banksy Snapped? This Is Allegedly a Photograph of the Graffiti Artist at Work in New York City

What Bret Stephens Said At Yeshiva University

Nikki Finke 'Locked Out' of Deadline, Planned Exit Gets More Tumultuous

Sheldon Adelson’s ‘Bomb Empty Iranian Desert’ Comment

Martin Honert at Matthew Marks is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Jewish Americans, Get On Board the Immigration Reform Train

Amazon Stock May Be Up, but the Company Still Doesn’t Make Any Money

Naomi Campbell Channels Michelle Obama For W Magazine; Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Split

Little Maria’s Real Roma Mother Found In Bulgaria

Why is the E.U. So Willing to Compromise on Settlement Guidelines?

The Second Oldest Profession is Here to Stay

Obama Can’t Blame the Republicans This Time

The NSA Scandal According to...

Ben Affleck Was ‘Reluctant’ to Play Batman, Nikki Finke Confirms Deadline Exit

Why Are Israelis Tone Deaf to Incitement Against Palestinians?

IDF and Hamas Engage in Direct Communication Via Twitter

Social Media is So Old Even the Romans Had It

Palace Denies Telegraph Claim That Charles Sees Kingship As Prison-like

New Revelations in JonBenet’s Unsolved Death

Kate Says George Was Such A Good Boy At His Christening

Johnny Knoxville: My 6 Favorite ‘Jackass’ Pranks, From 'Terror Taxi' to 'Bad Grandpa'

Where Are the World’s Best Restaurants? A Look at the Changing Landscape of Michelin’s Gold-Star Winners

Vicious Rift on the Right

Boxers, Be Brave and Quit Before Your Brain Turns to Mush

The Big Idea: Craig Venter On the Future of Life

Giancarlo Giammetti’s Private Life Captured in “Private GG”

How Ted Cruz Can Win in 2016

Top 25 Islands in the World (Photos)

Obama, Congress Get Back to the Immigration Fight

The House of Shock Is Terrifying Its Guests and Causing Controversy—and the Zombies Who Run the Show Are Loving It

Inside ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ And The Year’s Most Controversial Sex Scene

NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Sure Is Sexy, But It Isn’t Scary

E.U. Fight Club: Russia Dukes It Out With Ex-Soviet Satellites Over E.U. Membership

Lech Walesa: Obama Couldn’t Accomplish What I Did

Will Cotton's Candy World at Pace Prints (Photos)

From Kate Middleton to Miley Cyrus, the Best & Worst Dressed (PHOTOS)

Giancarlo Giammetti’s Private Life

The ‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ Feud and More Actresses Who Were Terrorized By Directors

What’s Got Jay Z Tongue-Tied?

Israel as a Totem for Jewish Identity

The Official Prince George Christening Photos Are In!

Congress Warms Up for the Sebelius Circus

The Obligation to be Interesting: James Wolcott’s “Critical Mass”

Obama Finds’s New Hero

Hagel Set to Scuttle Internal Think Tank

Tony Lewis, American, Jew, Remembered

Why The Zombie Tea Party Won’t Stay Dead

Why Sheldon Adelson’s New 'Rethink Israel' Website Is Doomed to Fail

Transparency Is 'The Only Play'

How I Became Obama's Spiritual Adviser

Investigation Into Madeleine McCann Disappearance Reopened in Portugal

Ed Ruscha at the Hirshhorn Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Roma Face Persecution Across Europe In New Baby Stealing Panic

Internet Gushes Over Jamie Dornan’s ‘50 Shades’ Casting, Tom Hardy Cast as Elton John

American Student Slashed In London, Police Eye “Muslims Patrols”

'Naked Rowers' Pose For Charity To Help Fight Homophobia

EU Backs Away From Settlement Sanctions

The World's Most Tech-Savvy Art

Jil Sander Leaves Her Namesake Label; Calvin Klein to Design Drake's Tour Wardrobe

Still Killing Time: John Grisham Talks Broadway and “Sycamore Row”

How the White House Mystery Tweeter Fell

"Forgotten" Prince Charles on Cover of Time

Mike Lee Has Gone Too Far For Utah

The Great Medicaid Swindle

No Country for Old Moderates

Remembering The Invasion of Grenada 30 Years On

294 Dinosaurs Once Walked on This Wall in Bolivia

Brazil Crowns Transgender Beauty Queen in Daring New “Miss T” Contest

Colleen Ritzer Is the Second U.S. Math Teacher Slain in Two Days

My Friend Jean Paul Gaultier, By Dita Von Teese

Saudi Fears and Mysteries

9 Things Kathleen Sebelius Has Time For

Obama’s Tea Party Cousin Takes Credit for Push Against Sebelius

Special Interest Money Has Upended Judicial Elections, Says New Report

The National Security Agency, Narcissism, and Nationalism

The Tea Party’s War on Comedy

‘Blackfish’ Director: Killer Whales Don’t Belong in Captivity

Libya's Grand Mufti Orders Teachers to Veil In Front of Male Students

Scott Walker Investigated in Secret Wisconsin Probe

The Obamacare Success Stories

You Killed My Son…And I Forgive You

Fired White House Tweeter Accused Official of Leaking Stuxnet

Once Key Players in the Revolution, Egypt's Workers Stand Down

Chris Burden at the New Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Blonde Child Reunited With Roma Family After Irish Police Blunder

Grayson’s Folly: What the Tea Party and the KKK Have in Common

de Blasio on the Defensive

‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’ Feud Heats Up, Jeremy Piven May Be Delaying ‘Entourage’ Film

Why Judge Posner Changed His Mind

The Greatest ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ Episodes

Exclusive: The Flaming Lips’s ‘Ender’s Game’ Theme and Wayne Coyne’s Favorite Movie Music

Writers on Their Difficult—And Not So Difficult—Breakups with New York City

New Report Cites Half-a-Million War Related Dead in Iraq

Banksy Bails Due to “Police Activity”

Up to Speed: The Red Sox and Cardinals World Series Showdown

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Legacy

Condé Nast Ends Internship Program

Meet Jamie Dornan: ’50 Shades of Grey's' New Christian Grey

‘Anchorman 2’ Trailer: Ranking the 10 Best Quotes (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton Wears Alexander McQueen to Prince George’s Christening

Rogin: @natsecwonk 'Rude' and 'Misguided'

Melissa McCarthy Defends Her Elle Cover; Vittorio Missoni's Remains Recovered From Plane Crash

Israeli Forces Set Up Checkpoint in Jenin Village

30 Years After the Beirut Bombing We Have Learned Nothing

Mike Enzi Takes on Liz Cheney

University of Florida Basketball Pick Born Without Half an Arm, Plays Great Ball

Scott Turow: How I Write

RINO Hunting Season Opens in Earnest With End of Shutdown Drama

A History of Britain’s Royal Christenings (Photos)

Time Bandit: Donna Tartt’s “Goldfinch”

Fishy Mystery: Are Beached Oarfish Trying to Tell Us Something?

Obama’s 2012 Campaign Prepped for Disaster. Obamacare Didn’t.

Britney Spears’s ‘…Baby One More Time’ Turns 15: The Making of an Iconic Music Video

Morgan Freeman Says WTF to GOP, Dishes on ‘Last Vegas,’ ‘12 Years a Slave,’ and Batfleck

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Carlton Gebbia Really Practices Witchcraft

Nevada Teacher Mike Landsberry Survived War. He Was Killed in Class.

The Murdoch Omerta

15 Most Bonkers Chairs at Pop Art Design in London

Texas Judge Carlo Key Flees the GOP: ‘These Are Not My Values’

First Picture as Prince George's Godparents Named

Exclusive: White House Official Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name

Paul Ryan Calls On Kathleen Sebelius to Resign

Rick Perry To Announce Texas A&M Campus in Nazareth

In a Weapons Shell Game, Russia Is Still Arming Syria

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and the Craziest Celebrity Wedding Proposals (PHOTOS)

Steve Mumford at Postmasters is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Another Fatal Shooting in Las Vegas

Apple Launches New iPads in Effort to Boost Sales

Kanye West Proposes to Kim Kardashian, Charlie Hunnam Talks ’50 Shades’ Exit

The Other Reason Palestinians Build Tunnels in Gaza

A Judge Sees the Light on ‘Voter Fraud’ Laws

The Graham Dynasty’s Last Hurrah

Buy That Breast Milk!

Another Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Child Is Found Living With Roma Gypsies In Ireland

Once Again, the Anti-Defamation League Defames

A Few Good Bits in a Pretty Bad Jobs Report

Lorraine Schwartz Designed Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring; New York Passes Labor Law to Protect Child Models

Where Does Geneva Leave Us?

Palestinian Youth, Jailed by Israel for Facebook Statuses, Released

Jason Bell Named As Official Christening Photographer

Iconic Craig McDean

Why Billy Collins Is America’s Most Popular Poet

Six Key Parts of a New Report That May Change Your View on Drones

A Walk Through History-Filled Princeton

Anas al-Liby’s Health Care During Terror Trial Could Gouge Taxpayers

Prince George’s Christening Will Reveal Kate and Will’s Closest, Most Loyal Pals

Wall Street’s Disconnect

Craig McDean’s Fashion Muses: Amber Valletta, Kate Moss, and More

In Latest Killing of Egypt’s Christians 2 Young Girls Slain

People Are Using Instagram to Sell Their Guns...and It’s Mostly Legal

Dick Cheney Is Back and Rejuvenated, and That’s Bad News for the GOP

Ken Cuccinelli’s Last Stand in the Virginia Governor’s Race

Yes, We Scan: Why the NSA Collected Intelligence on Mexico and France

Obamacare’s Vermont Fail

A Game Called The Tribez: Inside the City-Building Behemoth

‘Prism’ Review: Katy Perry Perfects the Pop Blockbuster

Alec Baldwin Uncensored: On His HBO Doc, Bloomberg, Polanski, and The New York Times

Slavery As ‘Innovation’ and Other Provocative Ideas: What I Learned From Henry Louis Gates’s ‘Many Rivers to Cross’

A New Book Gives A Rare Glimpse Into The Life of Lucian Freud

Rescued by Racism: The Blonde Maria and the Dark Roma

Another Journalist Joins the Obama Administration

Sevres Vases at the Metropolitan Museum are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

If You Want To Be Politically Irrelevant, Support BDS

“No Excuse” For Obamacare Rollout Problems

‘Breaking Bad’ Fans Flock to Fake Walter White Funeral, Rihanna Kicked Out of Mosque

Tom Donahue Has Some Sharp Words for Ted Cruz

The GOP’s Moral Failures

This Week’s Hot Reads, Oct. 21, 2013

Smog Overtakes North-Eastern China

Google Fights the Censors

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s ‘Do What U Want’ Is Pure Pop Heaven

Rihanna Gets Turned Away From Abu Dhabi Mosque; Prince George Will Wear Replica of Historic Royal Gown at Christening

The Mysterious Case of Maria, Greece’s Fake Roma Child

Two Blockbuster New Reports on Settlements

The Chief Rabbinate Proves Jews Would Be Better Off without It

I Do! New Jersey Gay Couples Get Married (Photos)

Egyptian Doctor's Family Rejects Yad Vashem Recognition

Business Longreads for the Week of October 19, 2013

Supersize Me, Your Honor: Liebeck v. McDonald’s and Our Era of Ambition

Egypt Rages Over Proposed Protest Ban

Are Polisario Camps Becoming Prime Recruiting Grounds for al Qaeda?

Inside Israel’s Frenemy Diplomacy With Turkey

Why Money Is the Root of All That’s Wrong With Washington

Murder, She Wrote: Jayne Anne Phillips on Her New Novel

Michael Steele on the ‘I Told You So’ Caucus Getting the Shutdown Right

Tina Brown on the Obamacare Cock-Up

The Tea Party, Not Democrats or Republicans, Is the Problem

Hillary Clinton Vs. the GOP Boys’ Club: Fighting for the Female Vote

Republicans Don’t Really Care About Reducing America’s Debt

‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Reveals the Battle Over Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’

Why We Are Under the Spell of Survival Movies

Miley Cyrus, Walter White, Oprah: Your Pop Culture Halloween Costume Guide

Let’s All Stop Feeling Sorry for JPMorgan Chase Having to Pay Billions

Student's Masturbation Column Causes Conservative Firestorm

The Walking Dead ‘Infected’ Recap: There Will Be Exploding Faces

Chronicling Genocide: Inside The Khmer Rouge (PHOTOS)

Sunday Talk: October 20, 2013

Tiona Rodriguez Charged After Dead Fetus Found in Bag at Victoria’s Secret

Khmer Rouge’s Bloodiest Murderers on Trial

Why Albert Camus Remains Controversial

The Woman Who Saved Solomon

Obamacare’s Rollout Is a Disaster That Didn’t Have to Happen

Joshua DuBois Got Schooled by Obama, the Marriage Counselor in Chief

A Brigham Young University Professor’s Escape from Mormonism

The Twilight Vindication of George H.W. Bush

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock Play ‘Chopsticks,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Parody, and More Viral Videos

Dane Dehaan Is Hollywood’s Homicidal Darling

Norman Mailer: A Life Lived Loud

Fringe Factor: South Carolina Mayor Won’t Apologize for Anti-Gay Rant

The Masculine Mystique: Inside The Men's Rights Movement (MRM)

The 13 Best Fashion Instagrams

Warhol's Glorious Rat Pack

First Look: 'Lone Survivor'

Hani Abbas Extends the Vital Tradition of Political Cartooning in the Mideast

10 Best Off-Season Adventures (Photos)

Gun Rights Advocates Descend on the Alamo for a Well-Armed Gun Rally

Anonymous, Maryville And The New Vigilantism

Nairobi Mall Attack: Al Shabaab’s Scandinavian Connection

Radio’s Mark Levin Might Be the Most Powerful Conservative You Never Heard Of

Style Icon: The Lupita Nyong’o Lookbook (Photos)

The Week in Photos: October 18, 2013

The Week’s Best Longreads for October 19, 2013

What Happens When White Women Have Black Hair?

What are the Best Novels on Music?

Bags of Swank: The Unlikely Alliance Between Churchill and George VI

Seven Cruises for People Who Hate Cruises (Photos)

Obama Would Be a Fool to Pursue Immigration Next

Wired Executives Find that Disconnecting Can Help Spur Creativity

Gay Marriage Comes to Chris Christie’s New Jersey on Monday

Nicki Minaj’s Pasties, Kim Kardashian’s Butt, and the Week in Selfies (PHOTOS)

The Week in Nostalgia: ‘Fight Club’ Hits Theaters, Cyndi Lauper’s Album Drops, and More (VIDEO)

Ja Rule on Life in Prison, His 50 Cent Beef, New Film & Finding God

‘Gravity’ Hauls in Viewers Both Desperate and Indiscriminate

Stars Who Citi Bike

Hermann Göring’s Shrink and the Perils of the Nazi Mind

White Women, Black Hair: Photos From Endia Beal’s ‘Can I Touch It’?

Video Killed the Porn Star: The VHS and Fast Forwarding Revolution

The Speaker Who Spoke for the Whole House

Jim DeMint’s New Obamacare Attack: It Wasn’t Approved

In Syria, Palestinian Refugees Made Refugees Again

Mark Levin-Ron Johnson Fight Explains the Shutdown Perfectly

13 Staircases Worth the Climb (Photos)

Adad Hannah at Confederation Centre is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Honeywell CEO to Washington: Don’t Squander Our Heritage

Connecticut Obamacare Rollout Is Remarkably Breakdown-Free

Miranda Kerr Reportedly Won’t Walk in This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show; Gucci Receives $144.2 Million in Counterfeit Damages

The Art of the Selfie

From Taylor Swift to Avril Lavigne, Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Details Behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Feud, Katy Perry Leaks New Album

Eminem’s Homophobic ‘Rap God’ Lyrics Are Getting a Free Pass

Why, the Obamacare Website, Doesn’t Work

It's Time to Think Creatively About Getting Settlers on the Side of Peace

Court Orders Likud to Halt Campaign Against Jaffa Mosques

Malala Meets The Queen

As Kate Bounces Back And Flashes Tummy At Volleyball Game

New Yorkers Are Calling Out Banksy

Obamacare’s Most Engaged States

The Deadliest Botox Has Arrived

The Company That Built Obamacare Is Doing Better Than Ever

The ‘12 Years a Slave’ Book Shows Slavery As Even More Appalling Than In the Film

Pierre Omidyar, Investigative Journalism’s New Patron Saint

‘Walmart Moms’ Are Furious With Washington

The GOP’s Uncertainty Strategy Is Killing the Recovery

The Ted Cruz Armageddon Is Coming

Give Dame Judi Dench the Damn Oscar for ‘Philomena’

Diablo Cody’s Personal (and Directorial) Paradise

Hashbag Wants to Help You Navigate the Instagram Flea Market

Can Pedophiles Help Themselves? A Book’s Provocative Take on Sexuality

Mitch McConnell Is Now Tea Party Enemy No. 1

Leaning In for a Better School Schedule

Why House Stenographer Dianne Reidy Snapped

The Art of the Selfie

Jamaican Bobsledder Tal Stokes Takes to Reddit and Reveals ‘Cool Runnings’ Was Mostly Made Up

Kim Kardashian Posts Revealing Post-Baby Instagram of Butt, Internet Goes Crazy

The Wacko Birds Will Fly Again

Exclusive: Jeh Johnson Tapped to Lead Department of Homeland Security

The IDF Eid Crasher

Who's Afraid of the Right of Return? A Response to Kathleen Peratis on BDS

The President Is Pissed Off

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’: Ranking the Best Wes Anderson Movie Trailers

Gohmert Responds to McCain's Dimwit Dig

'Let's Make Government Work Better'

Don't Offer Sanctions Relief to Iran

Up to Speed: Five Facts About the Debt Deal

Hillary Clinton Receives First-Ever Michael Kors Award for Outstanding Community Service; Karl Lagerfeld to Teach Master Class in Paris

Iran Willing to Discuss Snap Inspections of Nuclear Facilities

Iran Willing to Discuss Snap Inspections of its Nuclear Facilities

Harry's Late Night Trip To Nando's

Morrissey on Fergie

Cressida Bonas's Risqué Film Role Comes Back To Haunt Her

The Shutdown According to Everyone Else

After the Bloodbath

Cory Booker is Heading to Washington

White Collar’s Matt Bomer Picks His Favorite TV Duos

Speed Read: 13 Juiciest Bits From Morrissey’s ‘Autobiography’

America’s Tiniest Town Is Sold And Renamed PhinDeli Town Buford, Wyoming

Behind the Smiles in Geneva, No Concrete Progress in Iran Negotiations

Hitman Network Says It Accepts Bitcoins to Murder for Hire

The Man Who Made America: Simone Winchester Talks New Book

Inside the GOP Surrender

Portrait of FDR as a Young Man: How He Became a Radical

With the Govt Open it’s Time to Repair National Security

Remembering Corinne Day

10 Years of VMAN

The 15 Best Things to See at Frieze

The Abysmal, Pathetic Obamacare Rollout

Obamacare Is Winning in Kentucky, Thanks to Steve Beshear

Oliver Stone on the Tyranny of Obama’s ‘Exceptional’ America

SNL's Kenan Thompson and the Invisible Black Women of Comedy

Punch and Poetry: Slàinte to New Irish Fiction

Erich Priebke: The Nazi Nobody Wanted

Now Charles Sounds Off About ... Pension Funds!

Stenographer Starts Shouting During Debt Limit Vote

Nebraska Foster Teen Denied Abortion As Ward of the State

‘Boy Parts’ Proves ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Is the Boldest Drama on TV

McCain Trashes Part of Debt Deal

A Lexical Life Raft for the Government Shutdown

House Republicans Throw In the Towel

If You Want Two States, Support BDS

Has Banksy Been Identified?

Panetta Slams Senate Deal for Failing to Deal With Defense Cuts

Finally! The Republican Fever Is Broken

Kerry Washington to Host 'SNL', Miley's 'Bangerz' is No.1 on Billboard 200

Yahoo! and Twitter Results Show Difficulties of Online Advertising Business

Brandon Stanton Captures 'Humans of New York' (Photos)

The Most Glorious Beards in Sports

Egypt's Army and Muslim Brotherhood Are Negotiating, Says Islamist Leader

No Filibuster Expected On Debt Deal

Libya Eyes Funding Al-Liby Defense In Terrorism Trial

Murder Most Rare: An Exclusive Interview with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Budget and Debt Ceiling Games Could Cost America $3 Trillion and 2.75 Million Jobs

Kate's Outlet Shopping Habits

Neil Leonard at Stephan Stoyanov is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kate Moss Joins Vogue as Contributing Fashion Editor; David Bowie Crowned Most Stylish Briton

Russian Experts: Tests Show Arafat Did Not Die of Polonium Poisoning

The New College Calculus

Allan Gurganus: How I Write

20 Best Party Colleges (photos)

Hot College Courses: Mad Men, South Park and More Unique Classes

Dry Ice Goes Boom

Daily Beast Readers Offer More Overlooked Colleges & Programs (PHOTOS)

Amazing But Overlooked: 25 Colleges You Haven't Considered But Should

College Rankings 2013

Germany’s Bishop of Bling

20 Healthiest Colleges (photos)

20 Sexiest Colleges (photos)

20 Most Rigorous Colleges (Photos)

Senate Debt Ceiling Deal Won’t Mean This Chaos Is Over. Far From It.

‘Humans of New York’ Documents the Colorful Lives of the City’s Residents

The Daily Beast’s Down and Dirty Guide to Colleges Methodology

Gripping His Koran, Anas al-Liby Has His Day in Court

Dope on Wheels: Speed Read of 'Wheelmen' About Lance Armstrong

20 Happiest Colleges (photos)

Learning To Fear Dodger Pitcher Brian Wilson’s Beard

20 Colleges with the Worst Return on Investment (photos)

Debt Ceiling Crisis Is Like a Toxic Groundhog Day on Capitol Hill

Medal of Honor Awardee Embodies the Best of His Generation

13 Most Useful College Majors: Nursing, Math, and More (PHOTOS)

Afghan Elections: The Warlords Are Back

Ghosts of the Confederacy Out in Force as Fringe Rules GOP

New York City Mayoral Debate Features Strong Sparring but No Knockout

Michael Fassbender Opens Up About ‘12 Years A Slave,’ Religion, and Assassin’s Creed

50 Shades of Fall TV: New Girl, Scandal, and More Television Fan Fiction

14 Best Quotes From Diana Vreeland's Private Memos

Stop Obsessing Over Daniel Radcliffe’s Gay Sex Scene in ‘Kill Your Darlings’

20 Colleges with the Best Return on Investment (photos)

20 Most Affordable Colleges (photos)

20 Least Affordable Colleges (photos)

How Buckets Catch Rain Leaks At Windsor Castle

Iowa Crowns Transgender Homecoming Queen

Tea Party Donors Push Back

Still No Debt Ceiling Deal In DC

Pre-Christmas Shutdown Over Contraception?

Western and Iranian Diplomats Upbeat after Swiss Talks on Security Issues

Israeli and Palestinian Narratives Mirror One Another, But Do Not Reflect Parity

'Wackobirds' Don't Show Up to GOP Senate Meeting

How Bad Is It? Even Ann Coulter Has Turned On Conservatives

Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts Moves To Apple

Diet Like Jesus

The Most Offensive Lyrics and WTF Moments From ‘Chinese Food’

This Week’s Hot Reads: Oct. 15, 2013

London Parking Warden Tickets Hillary Clinton's Car

Debt Limit Stalemate Continues On Capitol Hill

A Debt Deal Won’t Save Us

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Return as Globes Hosts, Britney Spears Reveals Album Name

This Is a Video of Baxter the Baby Dog Singing Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"

Defeating the Arab Spring Syndrome of Self-Defeat

Sperm Smuggling Creates Gaza's First 'Prison Baby'

Eric Wilson Named InStyle's Fashion News Director; Christopher Bailey Replaces Angela Ahrendts as Burberry CEO

The Senate's (Hoped For) Cease-Fire

Tom Hanks on His Riveting Oscar Moment That Ends ‘Captain Phillips’

Senator Jim DeMint’s PAC Has an Expensive Interior Designer

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick On How Obama Should Handle the Crisis In Syria

Marijuana’s Lawless Online Frontier

7 Genius Twitter Hacks

Concealed Carry Handbags: An Evening Bag for Your Gun?

Anas Al-Liby’s Pakistan Qaeda Connection

Oath Keepers: Bring On the Collapse!

Debt Ceiling Deal May Be Struck, but the Crisis Is Not Over Yet

Daniel Radcliffe on ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ Love Scenes, and What’s Next

Daniel Boulud Reveals His 4 Favorite Recipes From His New Cookbook

What Obama and Rouhani Want From Geneva

Charles and Camilla To Tour India and Sri Lanka

Dissecting Cressida's Style

The Cressida Bonas Lookbook

Panic Sets In With the Davos Crowd

Rand Paul's Muslim-Bashing Speech

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp Reunite for Music Video; Mario Testino Receives Honorary OBE from Queen

Mysterious American Man Found Dead In Egyptian Jail

Pope and Rabbi Planning Joint Pilgrimage

Giacomo Ceruti at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Did This Man Abduct Madeleine McCann?

Banksy’s Biggest Trick Yet: Selling His Art on the Street for $60

Why the Shutdown is a Republican Victory

The GOP’s Backdoor Impeachment Scheme

The Savior of Sobibor

John Singer Sargent’s Watercolors

Did the U.S. Make a Mistake In Seizing Anas al-Liby?

Happy Birthday, Ralph Lauren!

Can Corporate America Break the Radical Right?

Mark Darcy Is Dead! British Bridget Jones Fans: It Had to Happen

Chris Christie Slams Congress

Ylvis, the Duo of 'The Fox,' Shares Some (Angry) Fox Sounds You Haven't Heard

The Band’s ‘Rock of Ages’ Is the Greatest Live Album Ever

Downsize Fitness, the Gym for Overweight Members Only

CEO Solutions to the Shutdown

Is Your Chair Killing You? The Consequences of Comfort

Damian Lewis Spills On ‘Homeland’s’ Shocking Plot Twist and Brody’s Return

‘The Walking Dead’ Returns

Justice for Baby Hope

Andy Rourke Tells All

With Charlie Hunnam Out, Who Will Play Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?’

Fringe Factor: Michele Bachmann on Obama's 'End Times' Foreign Policy

Dude, Where’s My Bus? Fast Times in the Iconic VW Van

Cézanne’s Letter to Pissarro: Picture Business Isn’t Going Well

Pale Fire, Cold War

Magic Bus: Remembering the VW Bus in All Its Day-Glo Glory (Photos)

Wheeere’s Johnny?

The Heart of the Matter

Nine Jaw-Dropping Hotel-Room Views Around the World (Photos)

Lea Michele, Nicki Minaj & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

The Week in Viral Videos

Joshua DuBois’s Daily Devotionals for Obama Are Now a Book

Paralyzed by Polarization

Rupert Grint Talks About ‘CBGB,’ Harry Potter, and His Butt

'Up Late with Alec Baldwin' is a Snooze

Malala's Fight for a Modern Pakistan

The Week’s Best Reads

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

New York’s Petty War on Airbnb

The Other Nobel Winners

From Derek Blasberg to Eva Chen, The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Made for Walking: The World's Most Aesthetic Footbridges (Photos)

The Shutdown’s Human Cost

At the Values Voter Summit, Bachmann Gohmert Overdrive

This Loophole Can End the Shutdown

Alice Munro, Cinderella Story

The Week in Nostalgia: ‘SNL’ Launches, O’Reilly Debuts & More (VIDEO)

At the Values Voter Summit, It’s YOLO Conservatism

General Giap and the Myth of American Invincibility

Remembering Mike Kelley

Van Gogh's 'Repetitions' Opens in D.C.

Palestinian Parents To Be Allowed To Accompany Children Under Israeli Interrogation

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Revealing Reddit AMA: On Julian Assange’s Letter and Fame

Louie Gohmert Says John McCain Supports al Qaeda

Israel Looks to Eurasia to Achieve Top Energy and National Security Goals

The Shutdown that Stole Christmas?

Former GOP State Chairman: New Jersey and Gay Marriage Belong Together

Damien Hirst Unveils Provocative Birth Sculptures In Doha

Miley Cyrus, Allison Williams and More Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

‘Glee’ Ratings Surge With Cory Monteith Tribute; Taylor Swift Still Searching For ‘Great Love’

J Street U Rejected for Standing Behind IDF Soldiers

Ted’s Excellent Adventure: How Cruz Rocked the Value Voters Summit

The Starbucks Shutdown Petition is Baloney

Middleton Parents To Spend Christmas At Sandringham

LMVH Denies Nicolas Ghesquière Rumors; Michael Kors Collaborates With Gwyneth Paltrow

The Thief of Words: Starling Lawrence

Libya’s Attempted Coup: Inside The Kidnapping of Prime Minister Ali Zidan

Jeff Bezos’s Dad Was a Circus Performer and 5 More Juicy Bits From the Tell-All Book

Ted Cruz Gets Heckled By Protestors

What Do Jews Lose When Rabbis Feel Compelled to Dissemble on Israel?

Highlights of the Hero Summit (Photos)

Becca Albee at Momenta Art is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Nobel Peace Prize Goes to … Who?

Ed Westwick on Life After Gossip Girl

Interview With Canadian Filmmaker John Greyson Following His Release from Cairo's Tora Prison

Crying Wolf on Capitol Hill

Exclusive: Tommy Robinson, a Prominent British Voice of Hate, Apologizes

Polls Show the GOP Is Now Losing Their Faithful

Cool It on the CrossFit: What’s Rhabdomyolysis?

Week In Photos: October 11, 2013

The Day the Mad Dogs Took Over the Republican Party

No One Wins Washington’s Zero-Sum Games

A Primer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four Premiere

How Crazy Became All the Rage on TV

‘You Have 30 Seconds’: The Real Captain Phillips’s Gripping Memoir

The Truth Hunter: One Man’s Quest to Expose Conspiracy from Diana to Watergate

How Jennifer Hudson Played a Drug Addict—Despite a Lifetime of Sobriety

What Mums REALLY Need To Know

Soldier First, Woman Second

Teaching a Syrian Warlord to Swim

Leave War to the Professionals

End of a Hero's Career

Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute: Cathartic and Could Not Have Been Sadder

Gen. John Allen Praises U.S. Army Heroism

Why Black Men Aren't 'Cute and Cuddly'

'Rules Were Written for Peacetime'

Woodward: Change Only Comes From Crisis

Royal for the Weekend: Nine Historic Castles, Mansions, and Estates Where You Can Stay (Photos)

The Key to Being a Leader During Crisis? Break the Rules

7 Things You Might Not Know About Iranian Views of Israel

Where Kenyan Authorities Went Wrong

The “Rebirth” of Mariko Mori

Wole Soyinka's Nobel Nominees: The Malala Heroines

'That's Not My America'

Whose Problem is Syria?

The Ad Hoc Black Hawk Down Rescuers

In Deeply Polarized Egypt, Revolution's Social Justice Slogans are Seldom Heard

The Grisly Mummy Museum in Guanajuato, Mexico

'I Wasn’t Afraid of Jail. I Just Didn’t Want to Go Anymore.'

McCain: I'm Worried About the GOP

Three Cheers for Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize in Literature

Pew Director Explains Rationale Behind Survey of U.S. Jews

The Latest Greatest Generation

General Al-Sisi’s Popularity Soars After U.S. Aid Cut-off To Egypt

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Young Kate Moss

Queen Fears e-Books and Computer Games

11 Wacky, Moving, Memorable ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Moments (VIDEO)

Ray Kelly: New York Is Prepared for a Nairobi-Style Mall Attack

Nobel Win Shines Light on Israeli Brain Drain

Nobel Prize In Literature

Black Hawk Down Heroes Recall the Battle

McCain: Obama Mishandled Egypt, Abandoned Libya and Syria

Anne and Sophie Are The First NFIs For Prince George's Christening

Ellen Page On Starring In ‘Beyond Two Souls’

60 Second Guide to Alice Munro: 2013 Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature

How I Write: Margaret Atwood

Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa on Borges, Fascists, the Politics of Literature

Libyan PM Kidnapped In Retaliation For U.S. Raid

The Bully Waging War Against Bullies

The World’s Worst Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

Classic Christian Dior

How Nicolas Maduro Is Strangling Democracy In Venezuela

Heritage Action, the Group Giving Boehner Fits, and Its Confident CEO

Speed Read: 9 Revelations From Elizabeth Smart’s Memoir, ‘My Story’

Death Benefit Scandal Is the Government Shutdown’s Ultimate Insult

21 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Finding Nemo’

The Internet Shouldn’t Own You

How ‘Real World’ Sean Duffy Morphed Into the Shutdown Congressman

Will the Republican Moderates Please Stand Up?

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Awkwardly Make Up on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

I Want My Daughter and Everyone's Daughter To Have Access to Safe and Legal Abortions

Is Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ Anthem Anti-Feminist?

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Is Creepy, Hilarious...and Scary Good

The Highest-Paid Male Model Made $40.5 Million Less Than Gisele

The #Herograms of the 2013 Hero Summit

Paris Hilton's Trippy Los Angeles Release Party For Her Single With Lil Wayne

Janet Yellen Won’t Change the Fed

Paul Ryan Angers Tea Partiers

Attending Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s Funeral as a Secular Jewish Woman

Bruce and Kris Jenner Split Up, Lamar Odom Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

When the Right is Right

Not the Story You Were Expecting from Lebanon

Help Us Harry Reid, You’re Our Only Hope

Black Hawk Down’s Long Shadow

A Malaria Vaccine That Cuts 46% of Infections Is a 100% a Big Deal

Kate Upton Models Hot Pockets; DVF President Resigns After 14 Years

Is John Boehner the Fredo of the House?

Netanyahu Humiliated By Son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Janet Yellen’s Historic Nomination For Federal Reserve Chairwoman

Obama’s Partial Aid Suspension Unlikely to Influence Egypt

Harry Makes A Million Dollars In One Night For Charity

The Battle with PTSD After the Fighting Stops

Ovaries on Overdrive in the Saudi Kingdom

The Last Ones Left: Photos of a Syrian Family That Refuse to Leave Their Village

This Shutdown Is Not the Same as 1995 and 1996…It’s Worse

Dirty Debt, Done Dirt Cheap

Models and Their Mothers

What Jane Austen Didn’t Write in ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Shutdown Setback: Republicans Are Bailing on ‘Clean’ CR

A Teach for America Alum On How Testing Is Hurting Our Kids

McCutcheon v. FEC: Big Money Fights Back at the Supreme Court

‘Escape From Tomorrow’: Making Disney’s Worst Nightmare

Is Eliza Doolittle the Next Adele?

Is ‘Modern Family’ Still Modern?

Nobel Literature Prize Favorites for Dummies, According to the Bookies

16 Great Writers Snubbed by the Nobel Prize (PHOTOS)

Iran’s Foreign Minister Loves Facebook Despite Banning It at Home

Why the Brontës Hated Jane Austen

Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv Wants to 'Silence' Muslim Call to Prayer in Jaffa

Obama at the Shutdown Press Conference: ‘Lord Knows I’m Tired of It’

Do the Right Thing and End the Shutdown, Boehner

Raising the Threshold or Pulling the Carpet Out From Under Israel's Minorities?

How to Read a Novel: The 5 Best Books of Criticism, Picked by John Freeman

Lady Gaga’s Kick-Ass Movie Debut As A Sexy Assassin In ‘Machete Kills’

Kathleen Sebelius’s Daily Show Disaster: Jon Stewart Slams Obamacare Rules

Extremely Conservative and Incredibly Out of Touch

Exclusive: How the State Department Escaped the Shutdown

The Shutdown Isn’t Racist

David Frum on How George H.W. Bush Was a Man of Greatness in Modesty

The Tao of André

Craziest Stories From the Past Week

The Sinead / Miley Feud Rumbles On With Fourth 'Open Letter'

Halevi's 'Like Dreamers' Is the Big Book On Israel We've Been Waiting For

Israel's Chief Sephardic Rabbi Dies, Leaves Controversial Legacy

Gravity’s Space-Diaper Fiasco; Beyoncé Debuts Her First Calendar

Harry Reid's Latest Move

Who Is Shaun McCutcheon?

Venezuela’s Audio Hoax Sees Chavez Speaking From the Grave

Inside Florida’s Battle With the Flesh-Eating Vibrio Vunlificus

Republican Debt-Ceiling ‘Truthers’ Are Risking Financial Disaster

Miley Cyrus’s Craziest Lyrics From ‘Bangerz,’ Analyzed

Are Motorcycle Clubs a Public Menace?

This Book Will Stop You Watching Football

Debt-Limit Disaster Is Exponentially Worse Than 2008 Lehman Debacle

The Magical World of Debutantes

The Devil and Antonin Scalia

The New New Left Is No New Frontier and JFK Was No Liberal

Libya Fears Jihadist Retaliation After al-Liby Raid

Most Young Gamers Unfit For Call of Duty

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Israel’s Pragmatic Kingmaker

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties

‘Machete Kills’ Director Robert Rodriguez on His Favorite Cult Movies

Alfonso Cuarón Explains the Darwinian Ending of ‘Gravity’

Megyn Kelly’s Prime-Time Debut Leaves No Doubt She’s Fox News’ Future

Pippa Instagrammed in Front of Pile of Dead Pheasants at Shoot

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is TV’s Craziest, Most Over-the-Top New Show… And You Should Watch It

The GOP’s Top 10 Debt Ceiling Denialists

Caught in Her Mind: Fiona McFarlane’s ‘The Night Guest’

Look At What John Kerry Wore in Bali Today

Lady Gaga Goes Naked on ‘ARTPOP’ Album Cover, Miley Cyrus Insults Matt Lauer’s Sex Life

Iran Shows Bibi Its Jeans

Benghazi’s Al Qaeda Connection

House Republicans Won't Budge On Clean CR

The Best of Scarlett Johansson

Antonin Scalia Believes in the Devil & 8 More Juicy Bits from the ‘New York’ Magazine Profile

Egypt’s Military Holiday Marred By Deaths

Five Boehner Quotes—From One Interview—That Explain Everything

Dems, Seize the Moment and Negotiate Now

On the Value of Remaining Identified as a Jew, in the Absence of Faith

Diddy's Daughters Make their Modeling Debut

Between J Street and the Pew Survey

Scarlett Johansson Named "Sexiest Woman Alive;" Kate Moss to Revive Collaboration With Topshop

Road 443: More Evidence of a Long Deception

44 Dead in Egypt as Divided Country Marks 40th Anniversary of Yom Kippur War

William Tells Buckingham Palace Footballers: Don't Break Granny's Windows

Italian Shipwreck Survivors to be Prosecuted and Fined

This Week's Hot Reads: October 7, 2013

Fashion Legend Colin McDowell On His Breathtaking New Book, The Anatomy Of Fashion (Photos)

The Lesser-Known Lee Miller

Abu Anas al-Liby Captured Alive, Now a Rare Fate for Terror Suspects

The Apostate: An Interview With Diane Ravitch

Banksy’s Unexpected Turn

Shutdown Aversion: Republicans May Have Just Lost the House

All About the Benjamins: Here’s the Redesigned One Hundred Dollar Bill

Here Are Three Debt-Ceiling Lies You’ll Hear From the GOP This Week

Ken Cuccinelli’s Incredibly Lackluster Campaign

Al Sharpton, ‘PoliticsNation’ Advertisers Targeted in New Boycott

The Danger of Electing Bill de Blasio as New York City Mayor

SCOTUS-Palooza: Preview of the Big Cases in the New Term

Bill Nye on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Fabulous Things & Being Popular

Miley Cyrus’s Album ‘Bangerz’ Is Totally Schizo And Catchy as Hell

I Can’t Shake Hawaii: An Ode to Returning to Places You’ve Been Before

1Granary: The College Magazine Funded by Comme des Garçons

Harry And Cressida Inch Towards Engagement

‘Homeland’ Star Morgan Saylor: TV’s Most Hated Character Talks Back

Annette Kelm at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Miley Cyrus Twerks Out a Stellar ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosting Stint

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Eyes U.S. Shutdown, Expresses Doubt Over Nuclear Negotiations

Yep, It's Offensive

Ernest Hemingway’s Macho Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Shutdown Crisis: We Need a Hostage Negotiator

Hitler’s Killer Women Revealed in New History

The 7 Wildest Moments from ‘House of Versace’ (VIDEOS)

College Football and Great Golf Courses? 10 Towns That Have It All (Photos)

Best Business Longreads for the Week of October 5, 2013

Pope Francis’s Injunction to Get Back to Basics May Help American Christianity

Fringe Factor: House Republicans Are Just Like 9/11 Heroes

Miley Cyrus, James Franco & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

The Week in Nostalgia: ‘Tonight Show’ Turns 51, Cartoon Network Turns 21 & More (VIDEO)

‘Borgen’: The Television Show That Could Solve the Government Shutdown

Twine: A Dating Site With No Faces

OMG, I Want This House: France Edition (Photos)

Constitutional Performance Art?

California’s New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude

11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Get Out the Lederhosen, Oktoberfest Is in Full Swing (PHOTOS)

In Months Before Wild Capitol Scene, Miriam Carey Battled Psychosis

The Week’s Best Longreads for October 5, 2013

Urban Explorers Face Sewage, Rats, Vertigo, Claustrophobia and Cops

Malcolm Gladwell In Five Minutes: What to Know to Pretend You’ve Read the New Book

Frozen in Time: An Elegy to Africa’s Disappearing Species

Nick Brandt’s Across the Ravaged Land (PHOTOS)

The Folly of Banning Greece’s Neo-Nazi Party

Quitting Girl, a Biker Gang’s Scary New York Chase & More Viral Videos

Adam Scott on ‘A.C.O.D.,’ Love & Divorce

Christopher Plummer on Muhammad Ali and Getting a Police Horse Drunk

My Two-Day Oktoberfest Bender

Prince Harry Meets Australian PM's "Not Bad Looking" Daughters

Jordan: The Last Arab Safe Haven

James Bond is Back But is He Any Good without Fleming?

James Castle at Peter Freeman is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Story Behind That Incredibly Riveting Video of the D.C. Car Chase

After Four Years, J Street Is On the Map

Emily Henretta at Room East is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Week in Photos

Sinead O’Connor Writes Miley Cyrus Another Letter, Britney Spears Thinks Her Video Was Too Sexy

David Adamo at Untitled is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Who’s Really ‘Winning’ the Government Shutdown Debate

Rihanna's New Music Video Was Banned After Only Ten Minutes; Tamara Mellon Spills on Jimmy Choo

The Politics of National Security: Shutdown Edition

Madeleine McCann Libel Case Resumes in Portugal

Morgan Fisher at Bortolami is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kerry Washington’s Hair Evolution As Olivia Pope on Scandal

Kerry Washington's Hair Evolution on Scandal

Gaming the Twitter IPO

Israel Plans Bid for U.N. Security Council Seat

What Pippa REALLY Means: Breaking The Pippa Code

Russell Simmons Goes Hollywood

Sinead to Miley: I Will Visit You in the Psych Ward

‘Shark Tank’: Robert Herjavec talks Money, Mark Cuban & Racing Cars

Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

What Pushed Miriam Carey to a Capitol Hill Tragedy?

Washington’s Other Car Crash: Obama vs. the Boehner Rule

To Be or Not To Be…A Loser: Boehner’s Hamlet Moment

Government Shuts Down and Private Sector Feels the Pain, Too

Nine Amazing Outdoor Hotel Suites (Photos)

In Fantasyland, Hardcore GOP Likes Where This Shutdown Is Going

‘Gravity’ and Film’s Eight Best Long Takes (VIDEO)

Gina Gershon On Being Donatella Versace, ‘Showgirls,’ and Bill Clinton Rumors

Roma Immigrants Have Set France on Edge

Shunga: Sex And Pleasure In Japanese Art Opens in London

Japanese Shunga Exhibiton at British Museum

Valerie Plame on Love in the CIA and Her Nuclear Proliferation Nightmare

The ‘Scandal’ Premiere Is as Brilliant and Batsh*t Crazy as You Hoped

Nothing New Under the Sun

Joshua Reynolds at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Mexico's All-Female Vigilante Justice Squad (PHOTOS)

Proustapalooza: Going Crazy for Marcel’s Novel at 100

The Man Behind NOM’s New War on Transgender Students

Raw Footage: D.C. Shooting and Chase

A Hebrew Democratic State for All Its Citizens

Notes From a Shootout

Canadians in Egyptian Jail Might Be Under Suspicion For Film Footage

Omer Fast at Frieze in London is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Italy’s Shipwrecked Syrians Fare Better Than Most Migrants

Live Updates: Shooting on Capitol Hill

Why David Bowie’s Top 100 Books List Had Only 75 Books

Activist Investor Dan Loeb Tagets Auction House Sotheby’s

Pew Survey Raises More Questions About American Jewry

How the South Blocked Health Care for Those Who Need It Most

“It’s Too Soon”: Black Hawk Down 20 Years Later

No More Coddling!

No More Coddling!

'Parks & Rec,' 'Veep,' 'West Wing' Shut Down

Acclaimed Israeli Film 'Bethlehem' Brings the War Back Into Our Homes

The Man Oswald First Tried to Kill Before JFK

Marc Jacobs’s Greatest Hits at Louis Vuitton

7 Shutdown Winners, From the Newseum to Dollywood

America’s Women Hate The Government Shutdown, Blame Republicans

'The American People Aren't Pawns'

Debra Ramsay at Pocket Utopia is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How the Shutdown Could Make You Sick

Shutdown Could Hit Military Funding for Israel

Iowa State Senator Quits After Probe Into Michele Bachmann Payments

New Engagement Rumours as Harry and Cressida Allow Themselves To Be Pictured Together

Speed Read of ‘King of Bitcoin’—the Erotic Bitcoin eBook

Sinead O'Connor to Miley: Getting Naked and Licking Sledgehammers Will Destroy Your Career

It's All on Boehner

Republicans Against the Republic

Portland’s Undergound Tunnels Are Relics of a Seedy Past

Pope Francis’s Rough Road to Reform

Of Course the GOP Isn’t Worried About Those Affected by the Shutdown

Memorial Visit a ‘First Amendment Demonstration’

Mystery Solved: Here’s Why Big Business Keeps Supporting Republicans Even as Republicans Destroy the Economy

Best of Backstage at Paris Spring/Summer 2014 (PHOTOS)

GOP Donors Revolt Against Republican-Led Government Shutdown

Denny Hastert Disses the ‘Hastert Rule’: It ‘Never Really Existed’

The 9 Wildest ‘Vampire Diaries’ Twists (VIDEO)

Five Things to Know Before the ‘Scandal’ Season Three Premiere

Alfonso Cuarón on the Making of His Instant Sci-Fi Classic ‘Gravity’

British Artist Banksy Stages Guerrilla Street Art Show in New York City

Celebrating Sikh Style

It’s Nudity Week (Again) at Brown University

Government Shutdown Empties Offices Enforcing Sanctions on Iran

What the Rest of the World Thinks of America’s Shutdown

Twitter Reacts to the Jackson Verdict

Sorry, Mrs. Jackson: How the King of Pop’s Mother Lost Her Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Netanyahu Swims Against Iranian Diplomatic Current

A Breath of Fresh Air at Hermès

Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How To Twerk In Sexy Video For “Pour It Up”

Gene Davis at Ameringer McEnery Yohe is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Watch A Hilarious Pranking Clip From the Movie 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa'

Paris Fashion Week Photo of the Day: October 2

Best of the Front Row

21 Best Tom Clancy Quotes

Netanyahu’s Iran Soliloquy at the U.N.

Riccardo Tisci Styled a Car Wreck for CR Fashion Book; Beyoncé Reveals Stylish Prom Picture

How ‘Veep’ Nailed the Government Shutdown

Childhood Denied

Cozy and Cute at Miu Miu

Empire State Building Sells Shares to the Public

Automakers Scramble to Deal with Government Shutdown

The Media Research Center’s Strange Investment

The Media Research Center’s Strange Investment


Lawyer for Canadians Detained in Egypt: 'This is Not Going To Be a Short-Term Thing'

How S.N. Goenka Changed My Life—And the Lives of Millions More

Take Your Lumps, GOP

Britney Spears's 10 Crazy Looks in "Work Bitch"

Shoes Fit For A Museum

Tom Clancy's Pop Culture Legacy (Photos)

The Danger of Two-State Messianism

Britney Spears's 'Work Bitch' Music Video Is Flawless, Classic Britney

The ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Phenomenon: Billions in Sales, Crashed Servers, and A Flashy Concert

Marc Jacobs Leaves Louis Vuitton After 16 Years

Beckham Strips For New H&M Ad

How New York City’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Terrorized a Young Family

How Team Clinton Shut Down the CNN and NBC Hillary Shows

America’s Long-Simmering, Semi-Civil Civil War

Firebombing in Syria

Bikers Attack an SUV and More Real-Life Grand Theft Autos (VIDEO)

Is Dave Eggers’ ‘The Circle’ our Generation’s ‘1984’?

What History Will Say About Obamacare and the Government Shutdown

Better Out Than In: A Timeline Chronicling Banksy's Artist Residency On The Streets Of New York

Elizabeth Gilbert: How I Write

Tourism Is a Big Deal, and the Shutdown Will Ruin It

Inside Kerry’s Syria Diplomacy

Will Arnett on ‘The Millers,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ and More

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