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Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Baldwin In Open Letter: Don’t Call Me Fat

Alex Jones, 'Son Of A B*tch'

Charles Lindbergh’s Secret German Mistresses in Truth and Fiction

How Will Bibi React To Revamped Arab League Peace Initiative?

What Didn't Come Up in Today's Presidential Press Conference?

What Guns Do in The Real World

How Social Scientists, and the Rest of Us, Got Seduced By a Good Story

What Gun Use Looks Like in the Real World

Waris Ahluwalia, All Around The World

Model Kendra Spears Engaged to a Shi'a Prince

Peak Oil Still Isn't Real, You Guys

Syria Is No Libya

Disturbing: Plane Crash At Bagram

Do Libertarians Have an Obligation to Not Aggressively Pursue Government Carve-outs?

Revealed: The Softer Side of Amanda Knox

Happy 80th Birthday, Willie Nelson!

The GOP Must Win Back the Black Vote

The Outsider’s Guide to the 2013 Tony Nominations

Meet the Most Compelling Crazy Person in America

Dutch Queen Abdicates

Margaret Thatcher's Hairstyle Craze

'I'd Like To Go To Bed With Somebody'

The Obama Press Conference

Should We Force Other Countries to Be Safe?

Want a Little Life Perspective?

'Rumors Of My Demise May Be A Little Exaggerated'

Obama: No ‘Rush’ on Syria

Sanford: 'Can You Repeat The Question?'

Why Are 'Think Tanks' Tax Exempt?

Time To Stop Demonizing The One-State Solution

What Back Taxes?

The Taxman Cometh

'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Reveals the Finale Will Be "Victorious"

Did the Boston Bombers Slit Their Friends' Throats?

'Downton Abbey' Fashion Line on Its Way; The New Trend for Post-Natal Corsets

What if the Supreme Court Had Turned Down Bush v. Gore? (Redux)

Livni Vs. Price Tag Attacks

No Rich Kid Left Behind

Do We LOVE The New Tatler Cover? I Think So...

Ken Livingstone Blames America for Boston Bombing

Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford Clash at South Carolina Debate

Jason Collins: 'It's Incredible'

The War on Salami Finally Ends!

Jason Collins Becomes the First Openly Gay Active NBA Player

The Return of National Greatness Democrats

Even the Dangerously Mental Ill Can Buy Guns

A Night Along the Military-Civilian Divide: An Iraq Vet in New York

Sequester Story Crashes After Congress Ends Airport Furloughs

Summer Movie Preview: Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, Man Of Steel, and More

JCPenney, Mango Among Companies That Used Fatal Bangladesh Factory

Farmwear label, Pointer Brand, Hits High Fashion Note

Black Turnout, GOP Denial Both High

Syria’s River of Death

The End of the Illusion: America Finally Learns Its Limits

Oxford, Miss. Famous: Elvis, Kimonos, Castor Beans and a Grinder

Memo to the South: Go Ahead, Secede Already!

Don Draper and Jay Gatsby: Two Men With a Parallel and Lurid Past

Background Checks ‘No’ Vote Cost Senators, Poll Shows (Interactive)

Tripoli on Edge as Fears of Additional Bombings in Libya Escalate

‘Greetings from Tim Buckley’: Penn Badgley on Playing Late Musician Jeff Buckley

Nathaniel Philbrick’s History Book Bag

Their First Integrated Prom

Katherine Russell Under Scrutiny After Female DNA Found on Boston Bomb

Sanford: Gay Marriage a States' Rights Issue

'Game of Thrones', 'Mad Men' and More of Television's Male Virgins

Twitter Reacts To Jason Collins

The Oxford English Dictionary: The Original Crowdsourcer

Stop Blaming Israel And America For Fayyad’s Fall

Frum-Shrum is Back!

American Dreams, 1933: Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West

Fewer Homeless, a Bush Legacy

At Holocaust Museum’s Anniversary, One Survivor’s Quest Continues

Guns are Dangerous, Even When Used by Good Men

Why One State Won't Work

The Rise And Fall Of Tim Tebow

Yes He Did! Jason Collins Answers the Coming Out Call for Gay Athletes

Che Guevera, Not That Cool

What if the Supreme Court Had Declined to Hear Bush v. Gore?

Defriending Facebook

Tea Partied Out?

This Week’s Hot Reads: April 29, 2013

Meet Jason Collins, the First Gay Athlete in Major American Sports

Barbara Boxer: Withdraw Your Biased Bill

J.C. Penney’s Very Good Bad Day

Austerity, Not a Great Cure for Debt

Cat Food by Joyce Wieland is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kate Middletons Baby Shower?

Kate's Rapidly Expanding Belly Takes Center Stage On Kid's Hospice Visit

Is Israel Really Pakistan's Enemy?

In Educational Achievement, the Rich are Pulling Away From the Middle Class

Reporter Pranks NFL Fans

Why the European Union Matters

Now She Tells Us

Abe Foxman Rationalizes Blanket Spying On American Muslims

Mother Forces Teenage Daughter to Get Pregnant

Labor News That Isn't All Terrible

In Saudi Arabia, You Can Be Lashed for a Text Message

The Lives a Background Check Could Save

Olmert Plays The Clown At Jerusalem Post Conference

Nicolas Ghesquière Speaks About His Balenciaga Departure; Alber Elbaz Backs Hedi Slimane

Chief Rabbi Blames Devil For Plan To Enlist Ultra-Orthodox

George W. Bush, Visionary

Boston Bomber Plays With Niece

Kate Suicide Nurse: "Make DJs Pay My Mortgage"

Go Kill a Wild Boar

Donald Kagan on Western Civilization

How Drugs Ruined This Small Town

Porn Superfans: Aurora Snow on the Relationship Between Cam Girls and Their Fans

Psy On New Single ‘Gentleman,’ Kim Jong-un, Justin Bieber & More

Six Months After Sandy, The Rockaway Story Continues

Mark Sanford's Formidable Opponent: Stephen Colbert's Sister

Obama’s Catastrophic Guantanamo Failure

Stephen Schwarzman On His New Scholars Program: ‘I Love Picking People’

Hurricane Sandy Anniversary a Reminder of the Power of Volunteers

Shame on Americans for Ignoring Gitmo

The Boston Bombing Is Impacting the Immigration Debate – And It Should

Dutch Coronation Celebrations Clouded After Boston Marathon Bombing

The Triumph of Suburbia—Despite Downtown Hype, Americans Choose Sprawl

Hurricane Sandy: Rebuilding and Recovery (PHOTOS)

Safe Birth Crowd-funding Campaign #HonorYourMom Launches

The 16th Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference

‘The Good Wife’: Creators Robert and Michelle King on the Season Finale, Alicia and Kalinda, and More

Two Police Shot Outside PM’s Office as New Italian Government Sworn In

'Boots on the Ground' in Syria?

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama Nails It, Again

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Newsweek Daily Beast Cocktail Party (PHOTOS)

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Gabby Douglas, Arianna Huffington & More (PHOTOS)

David's Bookclub: Mutual Contempt

'House of Cards' Unites D.C.

Obama's Got Jokes at 'Nerd Prom'

Feeling Down and Out in Cairo as Minorities Struggle in a New Middle East

Don’t Let Boston’s Survivors and Victims Get Ripped Off

Bernie Madoff’s Secretary Keeps Apologizing in ‘In God We Trust’

Rehtaeh Parsons's Best Friend Speaks Out

The Best Long Reads in Business and Finance for the Week of April 27

Leslie H. Gelb: Obama is Right on Chemical Warfare in Syria

Ryan Lochte, Alicia Keys & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Pity Boston, Ignore Nigeria: The Limits of Compassion

In Defense of a Good Guy with a Gun

The Week in Wingnuts: Dog Background Checks, a UN Plot Against Fishing & More

Week in Photos: April 27, 2013

Ricin Suspect J. Everett Dutschke Arrested

The FBI Cut The NYPD Out of the Loop About the Tsarnaev Brothers’ Plans

The Accidental Stoner

Hockey Night in the Punjab

Avlon: Government Has 'Proper' Regulation Role

Guns Turn Disputes into Murders

Justin Trudeau Has Canadians' Sympathy, But Not Their Respect

The Week’s Best Longreads for April 27, 2013

Natasha Poly, James Franco & More Fashion Instagrams

There’s Something about Typhoid Mary

Answers to Why People Become Terrorists

How Far Will Assad Go?

The Misuse and Meaning of GDP, the Main Gauge of Economic Growth

Tweets from the White House Correspondents' Dinner!

Nancy Pelosi Becoming House Speaker Again Would Be Sweet Justice

MyGirlFund: A Virtual Girlfriend—For The Right Price

Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush, A.J. Clemente & More Viral Videos

The Last Office Taboo for Women: Doing Your Business at Work

False Flags, Sharia Law, and Gun Grabs: GOP Lawmakers Embrace The Crazy

Dismantling the Myth of the Frigid Wife

Rebecca Martinson, the Viral Sorority Girl Letter Writer: How to Go From Unknown to Infamous in 60 Seconds

Sarkozy Gave the Obamas $41,000 Worth of Swag

The Awlaki Connection

Daniel Kahneman’s Gripe with Behavioral Economics

You Are Beautiful

Explore Global Street Style in Face Hunter's New Book

Democrats Disagree on Fracking, and It's Starting to Show

George Jones Would Break Your Heart Every Time

Could There Be A Conservative LA Times?

TSA Says Yes To Small Knives, Then No—What’s The Problem?

Rand Paul's Biggest Liability: His Dad

What Responses To Different Tragedies Teach Us About Ourselves

Inside Devens Prison: New Home for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Bashar the Terrible

US Sailor Beats Up Attempted Rapist

Israel’s Vacant Foreign Ministry Represents Israel Fairly Well

Sequestration: GOP Wins

Self-Regulation Fails in Congress

Cat Video by B. Wurtz at Triple Canopy is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Petition Filed Against John Galliano’s Parsons Class

The Future of Civics Education in Israel

Employee Non-Discrimination Act Must Be Passed

VIDEO: William and Kate's Harry Potter Wand Duel!

Country Singer George Jones Dies

Learn Your Geography, Kids

Not News: Americans Distrust Politicians

Will We Go To War In Syria?

The New York Times Company’s Quarterly Earnings Report: News Isn’t Cheap

Country Music Singer George Jones, RIP

Dan Klaidman on Drone Wars

Did Syria Sarin Itself?

Michael Bublé Sings In The Subway

‘Homework to Do’: The Afghanistan-Pakistan Peace Talk Tipping Point

The Senate Isn't Done With Gun Control

How a Discrimination Settlement Turned into a Bonanza for Fraudsters

Ultra-Orthodox: Resist Draft With All Your Soul

Inside Rick Owens's Paris Home; Ryan Lochte's Perfume Spoof

Jon Stewart's Bush Impression Is Back!

Immigration Reform Meets the House

Do We Really Trust Government Bureaucracy to Handle Immigration Reform?

William Rides The Bat Bike!

This Country Needs Inflation

Best White House Correspondents' Dinner Jokes

The Three (and a half) Musketeers! Young Royals Visit Harry Potter Studio

Following the Great Iditarod

The World According to an Eccentric

14 Reasons Why Gwyneth Paltrow is Awesome

Ben Affleck & More Stars Live on $1.50 a Day for Poverty Vow (PHOTOS)

The Funniest WHCD Speech Bill Clinton Never Delivered

Sequester Cancels Much-Anticipated Fleet Week in New York

Will Tamerlan Tsarnaev Get a Muslim Burial?

Stop Green Hill Activists Occupy Research Facility and Release Mice

Did the Terror List Fail?

Who Needs Explosives Anyway?

Can Maryland Clean Up Out of Control Baltimore Jail Corruption?

From Kate Middleton to Lena Dunham, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Alicia Keys, & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

The ball is in your court, Mr. President.

'Arrested Development' Sneak Peek

Bill Clinton’s Unused 1995 White House Correspondents Dinner Speech

Obama: America Stands With West, TX

Keeping Your Faith (In Gold)

The Future Uncertain: An Iraqi on His Country

Rebels Charge That Assad Continues to Use Chemical Weapons

Bush’s Legacy, Obama’s Choice

'Game Of Thrones' Meets 'Friends'

Why Does Anne Boleyn Obsess us?

Yael Bartana at Petzel Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Prince Harry Reads the News!

Lessons from Curt Schilling's Failed Business

Yair Lapid and the Peace Process

If Syria Used Chemical Weapons, Obama May Be Painted in a Corner

A Place That K-9 Dogs Can Call Home

How Australia's Jews See Israel

Gloves Off on Immigration Bill as McCain, Schumer Go to the Mat

How is Lapid Faring So Far?

Ted Cruz Won't Abide Reforming Obamacare

Justin Bieber Busted for Pot: Does It Matter?

The A.J. Clemente Show

Ron Paul's Insane Asylum

The Sequester Takes Off

OMG, I Want This House: Sydney Edition (Photos)

Obama Honors 'President Bush, the Man'

Syria Crossed Obama's Red Line

Did Tamerlan ‘Self-Radicalize’?

Bubba to W: Your Paintings Are Great!

'Many of the Militiamen Here are Ethnic Scots-Irish Tribesmen'

The Return of Mom Jeans; Victoria Beckham Reportedly in Talks to Cover 'Vogue'

Look Who Went to the Bush Library Opening Ceremony (Photos)

How The Pro-Israel Right Got Hagel And Kerry Backwards

Why is Google Running Ads for Its Own Product?

What's a 'Responsible Gun Owner'?

Anxious America

Is Congress Trying to Exempt Itself From Obamacare?

Both Parties Want Binders Full of Women

Listen to Alexander Graham Bell

Shin Bet: They've Got Mail

Practice Makes Perfect: Uncle Harry Changes A Baby's Diaper

Why is Paul Ryan Embracing Immigration Reform?

Exemptions from Obamacare, Ctd.

Sequestration Empowered President Obama

Cutting Off Support for the Gun Industry

Fox Forgets the Constitution

The History Behind ANZAC Day

Bush: I Didn't Want War

Good Morning from Dallas

Congress Wants to Exempt Itself from Obamacare

Are the Syrian Revolutionaries Even Worse than Assad?

Kate Wears Her First Maternity Dress

The National-Security Diaper Scramble

Jeannette Montgomery Barron Photographs New York’s Downtown Scene

Jamie Kirk Hahn, Democratic Strategist, Allegedly Stabbed by Best Man

Debbie Dingell On Passing Up Senate Race After Sexist Attacks

The Big Idea: Why Forgeries Are Great Art

Paul Kevin Curtis and J. Everett Dutschke: Epic Feud and Ricin Letters

Paul Ryan Aide Charged With Stalking, Harassing Women for Nude Photos

Eighty Lashes For Drinking? Egyptian Court Ruling Puts Sharia in the Spotlight

Will Forte: From ‘SNL’ to Star of ‘Run and Jump’ and ‘Nebraska’

Boeing Won’t Budge as Industry Abandons Lithium-Ion Battery

Boston Bombing Conspiracies and What’s Behind the ‘False Flag’ Crazies

Anna Wintour Hires From Within DNC

George W. Bush Presidential Library: An Impressive Return

The Ron Paul Institute: Be Afraid, Very Afraid

Why Is It So Hard to Be a Reality TV Host?

Matt & Tom Berninger on The National’s Doc ‘Mistaken for Strangers’

Abortion's Foes Twist Logic in Gosnell Case

George W. Bush: Run, Jeb!

Letterman Helps Fired Anchor

Look What Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Wore On Their Hawaiian Vacation

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Friend & Teacher Misha, the Bombings’ Mystery Man

Israel's New Plan For Ultra-Orthodox Jews

How H1-B Visas Really Work

A Hatchet Job on Jill Abramson

Errors in the Field

Leave Jill Abramson Alone, You Sexists

Vote for The Daily Beast at the Webby Awards!

Never Before Seen Beatles Photos From 1964

Trapped in the Rubble

Colbert Rips 'Spreadsheet Error' in Austerity Supporting Harvard Study

The Dark Side of the Midwest

Good Riddance Max Baucus

Kate Middleton Toplesss Photographs: Two Charged

The Homegrown Terrorist

The Real Problem with the Internet Sales Tax

Do Democrats Really Want to Make Guns a Litmus Test Issue?

The Misplaced Outrage Over Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bikinis for Little Girls

'The Moment We Change...They Win'

The British Economy Appears to be Tanking (Again)

Ellen Interviews...Ellen?

Did The Government Cause Our Long-Term Unemployment Problem?

A Glimpse into the Oklahoma City of 1913

Sofia Vergara Launching Shapewear Line; Christian Lacroix Thinks he and Schiaparelli are Kindred Spirits

Talkin' Tantric Sex

'Rent Is Too Damn High' Anthem

Are The Tsarnaevs White?

Richard Serra at the Art Gallery of Ontario is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Fisker: Another Government-Backed Company Set to Fail

Congress is Considering a Bill to Make Internet Firms Collect Sales Tax. Here's Why They Shouldn't Pass It.

Harry To Spend SIX MONTHS In Australia

The Immigrants Haven't Changed. The Destination Has

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Mosque Won't Give Him an Islamic Funeral

Senior Netanyahu Adviser Admits Fayyad Was A Partner For Peace

Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira: Dream Casting for a 'Today' Show

TV Comedy Turns to Economics

F-Bomb Anchor 'Fully Expected' Firing

The 'Bipartisan' Lobbying Behind Immigration Reform

America's Not So Strong Reaction to Background Checks Failing to Pass the Senate

'Stop Thinking We're Violent,' the Terrorist Thought

How Far Do I Have to Walk to Burn Off That Donut?

Can 'Abenomics' Revitalize Japan?

Did Tamarlan Tsarnaev Kill His Jewish Friends?

Prince Harry's Party Pal: "My Phone was Hacked Too."

How Libertarians Misread Reagan and Sidelined the GOP

Harry Passed Over for Order of Garter

Egypt’s President versus Egypt’s Judges

Why Didn’t the FBI Recognize Tamerlan Tsarnaev After 2011 Interview?

Art and Armor-Piercing Rounds, Family Businesses and Angry Young Men

A George W. Bush Comeback?

Pam Beesly, Kitty Sanchez & More TV Administrative Assistants (VIDEO)

Rangel Lawsuit Against Ethic Committee Hinges on Secret Memo

Trash Talk Returns as Pols, Pundits Point Fingers Over Boston Bombing

Evan Rachel Wood On Tribeca Film ‘Case Of You,’ Coming Out As Bisexual, Her Pregnancy, and More

Larry McMurtry: How I Write

The Gun Rights Revolution You Might Have Missed

Riding Along With a Towson University Student’s ‘White Patrol’

Three Cheers for the Internet Tax!

Ke$ha’s New Reality Show Is a Bore. Where’s Our Crazy Ke$ha? (VIDEO)

Apple Stimulates Economy Through Dividends and Stock Buybacks

Are the Tsarnaevs White?

Obama Vs. Clinton, the Rematch, in the Los Angeles Race for Mayor

Republicans: An Immovable Wall of Nays

Why I Don't Miss My Breasts

Freed Ricin Suspect Offers Lawyer Footrub

Maher On Islam's Dangerous Doctrines

'The Obesity Epidemic' Hits Coachella

Republican Benghazi Report Alleges State Department Coverup

James Nares at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Madbeth: Alan Cumming Plays Almost Every Role in “Macbeth”

Birthright Is Co-Opting Our Future

Canada Plot Shows New Al Qaeda-Iran Linkage

Just Kidding: Michael Bay Isn't Sorry for 'Armageddon'

The Return of Spice Girl Sneakers

Capital on Ice

Fred Kaplan: The Task of the Biographer

What Kind of School Treats a Sexual Assault Victim Like This?

The Tour Hagel Should've Taken To Better Understand The Mideast Conflict

Senseless. Evil. Silver Linings. Our Misguided Terms of Terror

George Bush Time Lapse

Admit It: You'd Totally Live in a Castle

Fox Host: No More Muslim Students!

Blast Hits French Embassy in Tripoli

YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Videos Ever

The Taxi Service We Deserve

Benetton's Glory Days

The Boy Scouts Are Rather Proud of Not Letting Gays Serve as Scout Leaders

Should Americans Identify With Israel After Boston?

Gwyneth Paltrow's "Controversial" Teeny Bikinis; Reed Krakoff to Depart Coach

Israeli Politician Takes To Facebook To Fight For Palestinian Access

The Family Farm is (Basically) Dead

Morning TV Wars: 15 Revelations From Brian Stelter’s ‘Top of the Morning’

Memo: The Aaron Sorkin Model of Political Discourse Doesn't Actually Work

Understanding Anti-American Totalitarian Terrorism

Joe Manchin's Model for Red-State Democrats

Shulamith Firestone's Madness

Whoa: Incredible New Photos of the Boston Shootout

Predictions are Hard, Especially About the Future

Meet Brian Schweitzer, the ex-Montana Governor Who Wants to Replace Max Baucus in the Senate

Illegally Running The Marathon

Bieber: "Keep The Monkey!"

Why Shouldn't Online Retailers Collect Sales Taxes?

‘She Knew Nothing’: Meet the Bomber’s Widow, Raising the Bomber’s Daughter

Canada Deals With Terrorism Too

Kate Dazzles in Erdem on Manchester's 'Shameless' Estate

Boston Will Change Nothing

The System Is Working

The Saddest Crusade for 'Liberty'

Stewart Rips CNN

A Moderate Muslim Helped Stop Al-Qaeda's Canadian Plot

Haaretz's Descent Into Clickbait

No, It's Not a 'Debt Crisis'

Thatcher's Grudging Respect For IRA Hunger Strikers

Anatomy of a Bombing: A New Account of the Boston Attacks

The Obama Rule: Do As The President Says, Not As He Does

Iceland’s Incest Prevention App Gets People to Bump Their Phones Before Bumping in Bed

‘Oxyana’ Documentary, at Tribeca, Exposes the OxyContin Epidemic

Isabel Allende’s Book Bag: 5 Books That Influenced Me

How American Muslims Can Respond to Boston

Spice Girl Platform Sneakers Return to Fashion

The Terrorist Tipping Point: What Pushed the Tsarnaev Brothers to Violence?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Best Friend, Brendan Mess, an Unsolved Killing

Welcome to the Anarchy Economy

Oprah & More Stars Who Do Transcendental Meditation (PHOTOS)

Obama’s Turning Point on Detainees

Miranda Warning Withheld From Bombing Suspect For More Than Two Days

‘Great Gatsby’ Adaptations: Ladd, Redford, DiCaprio & More (PHOTOS)

It’s the End of the World Unless We All Start Cooking

George W. Bush Emerges From the Shadows to Open Presidential Library

Snoop Lion Smokes Weed, Freestyles At HuffPo

Why the FBI Didn’t Make Much of Russia’s Request To Probe Boston Bomber

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is No ‘Enemy Combatant’

There's No Need for Further Near-Term Spending Cuts

Nike Reportedly Scrambling to Remove 'Boston Massacre' Shirts from Shelves

The Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Admiration Society

Why the Turn to Terror?

B. Wurtz on Triple Canopy is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

North Dakota Television Station Fires Brand-New Anchor Over Accidental On-Air Profanity

Jihadist Plot Thwarted By Canada

Let's Fix David Henneberry's Boat

Why Boston Tells Us Little About Our Immigration System

The End Of 'Fayyadism' In Palestine

Jennifer Lawrence Gets ‘Chopped’; Viktor & Rolf Return to Couture

A New Book Teaches Orthodox Jews How to Consummate a Marriage

Oscar-Winning Mugshots

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Charged: Read the Full Complaint Here

This Week’s Hot Reads: April 22, 2013

How The Media Chose Its Boston 'Suspects'

Photos From West, Texas

Possible Mass Murder Thwarted by 4Chan Readers

America's Jobless Crisis

The (Alleged) Terrorist Won't Be Held as an Enemy Combatant

Maureen Dowd and Thomas Carlyle

Senators Yell At Schumer

‘Broadchurch’: This British Murder Mystery Will Be Your Next Television Obsession

3 Shot at 4/20 Marijuana Smoking Festival in Denver

Frida Giannini Is "The Director"

The Centrism of Radical Individualism


Ryan Lochte: Secret Genius?

How to Handle a Terrorist (In Custody)

Boston Is Not 9/11 Redux for America’s Muslims

Bethlehem Marathon Can’t Find 26.2 Miles Of Contiguous Land

The Cost of Boston

'The West Wing' Isn't How Politics Actually Work, You Guys

High School Censors David Grossman Speech

No, Chechens Aren't Czechs

Beckham's Sons Kickaround at Paris St Germain

Tragedy at a Fertilizer Plant in West, Texas

Harry Wants To Marry, Cressie Gets Stressy: Report

Prince Harry Salutes 'Remarkable' Bostonians at London Marathon

Meet Donna Air, James Middleton's New Squeeze

The Caucasus Connection

Turning to Tolstoy’s ‘Hadji Murat’ as Boston Locked Down

‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Downton Abbey’: Violet Crawley vs. Olenna Tyrell

The Conservative Paranoid Mind

Phoenix on New Album ‘Bankrupt!’ and Journey to Rock Superstardom

They Saw It Coming: Life After in West, Texas, After the Boom

Why I Can’t Forget Boston’s Youngest Victim, Eight-Year-Old Martin Richard

From Bristol to the Wide World (Photos)

In ‘The Project,’ the Stormy Battle to Take On Somali Pirates

Which of Amazon’s TV Pilots Should Go to Series?

Boston Bombings a ‘Gift’ to Putin, Says Chechen Opposition Leader

In ‘Mapping Manhattan,’ a Point by Point Love Letter to New York (Photo)

Kate Really Shows Off her Baby Bump At Last!

John Galliano To Teach Master Class at Parsons

Forget Tittooing—Small Nipples Have Always Been the Platonic Ideal

Michelle Obama Lookbook

MOCA Gala Red Carpet for Urs Fischer (Photos)

Interview With Cute Alien Cat 'Lil Bub'

Tsarnaev Brothers’ Impact on U.S.-Russian Counterterrorism Cooperation

Criminal or Combatant?

Protest Mounts Against Rick Ross for Reebok; Zara Comes Under Fire for Slave Labor Claims

'The Immediate Threat...Is Over'

Boston Bombing Suspect on the Mat

Was this the First Clue about the Boston Terrorists?

The Boston Bombers Lived in My Neighborhood

Doctors Still Have to Treat Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Puffing But Paranoid: Seattle’s First 4/20 With Legal Pot

Jon Huntsman Holds His Ground as Republicans Come Around to His Views

The Week in Wingnuts: ‘Vaginas’ and Guns in Boston

Rob Black, Porn’™s Dirty Whistlebower, Spills Trade Secrets

The Boston Marathon Suspects Are Killers, Not Combatants

The Politicization of the Boston Bombings Has Begun

The Chechen Grievance: Tolstoy’s ‘Hadji Murad’ After Boston

The Last Days of the Americans in Afghanistan

Kim Kardashian, Ke$ha & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

One Boston Suspect is Dead, One is Caught & More Breaking Updates

Behind the Levon Helm Biopic 'Ain't in It For My Health'

Jennifer Hudson Shines in 'Call Me Crazy'

Urs Fischer Show Opens at MOCA Los Angeles

Welcome to the Pervez Musharraf Show

The Week’s Best Longreads for April 20, 2013

Brian Williams' Best Boston Lines

Pot’s Founding Fathers: The Real Story of 4/20

Nerdiness from Noah: How Tropico Taught Me Central Planning Can't Work

Week in Photos: April 20, 2013

The Hunt For Dzhokhar

Justin! Why Trudeau's Heir Isn't Ready

Tsarnaev Father: It's Anti-Muslim Prejudice to Deny Citizenship to Men Who Batter Women

News Footage of the Boston Bomber Chase

Every American Muslim's Fear After the Boston Bombing

'Don't Worry, There Aren't Men in the House Today'

Two Huge Choices for Toronto's Future

Defining the Good Life

Amanda Bynes, Daft Punk, Mark Wahlberg & More Viral Videos

Overlooked Stories of the Week: Torture Report, Venezuela & More

Justin Bieber, Hamish Bowles & More Fashion Instagrams

All Hail The Onion: The Fake News Site’s Very Good Week

NBC, Today Show Get Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage Right

Public Enemy Was Overdue: Chuck D on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Gun Control Fight Finally Lays to Rest the Obama-as-Timid Meme

Victor Carranza, Emerald Czar of Colombia, Dies

World's Top Markets: Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, Chatuchak & More (Photos)

Defeating Fear, from Boston to Texas

Twitter Never Sleeps, Even During Middle-of-the-Night Boston Police Shoot-outs

Boston Suspects Tamerlan & Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, From Boxing to Bombs

Obama: 'This Has Been A Tough Week'

'Thank You, Thank You, Thank You'

'We're Exhausted, Folks...'

Police to Watertown: 'It Was A Pleasure'

'Alive, Captured, In Custody'

Gunshots in Watertown

The Chechens in America: Why They’re Here and Who They Are

Suspect Fled On Foot

Keeping Up With the Tsarnaevs

The Suspect Remains at Large, But the Lockdown Was a Big Success

Kate To Move Back In With Mom

Amateur Hour

'My Two Sons Are Really Innocent'

Durex Unveils ‘Fundawear:’ Vibrating Underwear Triggered By Your iPhone

Al Qaeda is Probably Pleased with Boston Bombing

Neo-Nazis Gain Strength in Greece

Eminent Europeans: Drop The Oslo Peace Process

The Most Dangerous Substance in America May Be Fertilizer

Networks Go Wall-to-Wall With Boston News Coverage

What Friends Say About Suspect

Modeling Scouts Hunt for Fresh Faces at Swedish Eating Disorder Clinic

Should the Police Have Shut Boston Down?

Was Shutting Down Boston Really a Good Idea?

'Give Me Evidence!' Says Aunt

Can Ruth Calderon Unite Religious And Secular Israelis?

The Boston Bombings: Here Comes the Second-Guessing

Keith Haring’s Public, Political Art At Paris’s Musee D’Art Moderne

Is Tamerlan Tsarnaev Named After a Brutal Warlord?

The Prosecution Rests in the Gosnell Trial

Haunted Boston: Eerie Photos of the Locked Down City

Dzhokhar's Digital Trail

Dzhokhar & Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Proof of Need for Caution on Immigration

The Boy Scouts Seek to End Ban on Gay Members

Don’t Judge the Chechens Yet

Understanding Chechnya, Ctd.

The Reason Farm Workers Get a Fast-Track to a Green Card

Uncle: 'Turn Yourself In'

Lauren Hutton Uses Shoes As Weapons; <i>Tatler</i>'s Controversial Breast List

How Chechnya Suffered Under Russian Rule

Jewish Museum Opens in Warsaw

The Man Who Tried to Raise a Wife

The Sheikh Who May Have Influenced Boston’s Tsarnaev Brothers

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Plans New Scorecards After Gun Bill Defeat

Ryan Lochte Tells All: Sex, Swimming, Dating, Drinking, and Dieting

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Washington Unnerved by Boston Bombing, Ricin Letters: Echoes of 9/11

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‘Reporting on the Times’ Calls Out New York Times Holocaust Coverage

Boston Marathon Bombing Media Errors Pile Up, as Does the Outrage

Big Idea: Farming Treats Cancer?

Mark Sanford Ditched by NRCC, but Counting Him Out Would Be Unwise

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Pressure Cookers and More Evidence From the Boston Bombings (Photos)

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It Wasn’t the Aryan Brotherhood, Apparently: Texas Woman Confesses to Role in D.A. Murders

Let's Be a Little More French!

Senate Dims Green-Light For Israeli Attack

A New Direction For Schiaparelli

CNN Follies

Rogoff and Reinhart Respond

Poland Observes 70th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising With Exhibit of 3D Photos

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Ricin: Five Things to Know About It

Andy Cohen to Host CFDA Awards; Blackface Controversy for Vogue Netherlands

Arrest Warrants Issued For Leaders of Venezuelan Opposition Party

Land is More Important Than Gold

Please Ignore Westboro’s Shameful Boston Protest

Boston Bombing Suspect Identified & More Breaking Updates

New Zealanders Sing Maori Love Song After Passing Same-Sex Marriage

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Disgusted by the Boy Scouts? Here’s an Alternative

Background Checks Face Defeat

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Twitter Explodes Over Boston Bombings but Cooler Voices Urge Restraint

London Marathon on High Alert

Sundance Channel’s ‘Rectify’ is the Best New Show of 2013

‘Exorcist’ Director William Friedkin Tells All in New Memoir

A Boston Child Is Cut Down by an Attacker’s Bomb

President Obama Seizes the Spotlight After the Boston Marathon Bombings

Live Updates From Thatcher's London Funeral

Angelina On The Block!

Candlelight Vigil Honors 8-Year-Old Victim

Boston Mourns Marathon Monday Attack Victims With Memorials, Vigils

Poisoned Letter Sent To Senator

Jemima Kirke and Pamela Love Kiss For New Bridal Brand

Mark Kelly Lobbies for Stricter Gun Laws in Washington

Selena Gomez's Bindi Blunder

'She Had A Heart Of Gold'

Disgraced Terror Expert Says Boston Bombs Bear 'Hallmark' Of Muslim Radicals

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Meet the 90-Year-Old Granny Blown Away by Virtual-Reality Goggles

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Some Useful Terrorism Facts and Figures

Judge Fines Himself for Contempt of the Court

How The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Became The World's Greatest Bore

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A Stunning Number That Will Have No Impact

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Witness: Many 'Mangled Limbs'

In Defense of Measured Speculation

A Time for Resilience

Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Reported in Southeastern Iran

China's Abysmal Present

The Front Pages After the Boston Marathon Bombing

North Korea Lavishly Celebrates Kim Il Sung's Birthday

Massachusetts General Hospital Deals With Shrapnel, Severed Limbs, and Amputations

2013 Tribeca Film Festival’s Must-See Films: ‘Lil Bub’ & More (PHOTOS)

Carlos Arredondo, Boston Marathon Hero in a Cowboy Hat, on the Bombs

Yes, There Is A Gosnell Trial Coverup by the Big News Organizations

Who’s Setting This Small Town on Fire?

David's Bookclub: Strom Thurmond's America

‘Matilda’ Star Mara Wilson Reviews ‘Matilda the Musical’

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Plans: Full Details

Turkish Pianist Fazil Say Found Guilty of Insulting Islam

Boston Marathon Explosions: The Heroes Who Responded to the Blasts

How Julian Assange Fooled the Media Once Again

Big Daddy Kane: The Hip-Hop MC on Las Supper, Madonna, Jay-Z, and What’s Next

Book Bag: Mary Higgins Clark’s Favorite Chilling Thrillers

Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Gay Disease’?

Sasha Cohen Takes The Ice

Explosion From A Runner's Perspective

Boston: Reactions to a Tragedy

Timeline of a Tragedy

'This Is What The Nazis Did'

Boston Marathon Bombing Called ‘a Madrid-Style Event’

Newtown Survivors Suffer Through Yet Another Attack

Boston Marathon Explosions: Death on the Airwaves as Networks Scramble

Full Text and Video of President Obama's Statement on Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Attack Still Mysterious

Boston: So Who Did It?

Running Community in Shock Over Boston Marathon Bombings

'We Will Find Out Who Did This'

Boston Marathon Bombing: New York and Other U.S. Cities React (PHOTOS)

Peter Piller at Andrew Kreps is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Liberalism And Zionism (Sort Of) Debated

A Third Explosion

Immediate Aftermath of Boston Explosion

Long Island Anti-Muslim Free Speech Rally Forsakes Press Freedom

Many Cities on Alert After Boston Bombing

Afghanistan: An Opium Grower's Paradise

Boston Marathon Explosion: Photos From the Scene

Boston Marathon Explosion

Whew! 2013 Pulitzer Prize Given In All Categories, Including Fiction

Explosion Response 'Was Immediate'

Our Tax Code is Too Complicated. Here's How to Simplify It.

Granta’s List of Best British Novelists Today

Boston Explosion Witness: 'I Heard a Big Boom'

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Explosion: Breaking Updates

What Doomed Salam Fayyad?

Could this be the End for the Spanish Monarchy?

Friendly Reminder: It's Tax Day

The Upper West Side Celebrates An Imaginary Israel’s Birthday

Governance Can Be Good

Prince Harry To WALK To South Pole

America's Taxes are the Most Progressive in the Developed World

Who Invited 9-Year-Old Quevenzhané Wallis to the MTV Movie Awards?

OK, Anne Frank COULD Have Been a Belieber

What Doomed Salam Fayyad?

Bloomberg's Soda Ban Might Not Have Worked

Daft Punk In Saint Laurent

Carmen Reinhart on Why the Central Bankers Will Eventually Be Tempted to Inflate

This is America, But We Don't All Speak the Same English

Kerry: Foreign Students 'Scared' Of U.S. Guns

The Gosnell Trial and the "Conspiracy"

Long-Term Unemployed and Job-Hunting? Good Luck

'Bridesmaids' Director Paul Feig on Feminism, Rebel Wilson & More

How Markets Cope With Disappearing Bees

Shalom Salam

Can Justin Trudeau Bring Canada's Liberals Back to Power?

Daft Punk Stars in Saint Laurent Ads; Georgina Chapman Reportedly "Produces a Weinstein Heir"

How to Make Millions Off Barack Obama

Barack Obama, the Newest Winner of the 'Jo Moore Award'

10 Million Officials? Ridiculous

Egyptian Jewish Leader Fought To Keep Heritage At Home

Best of the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Celebrating Arab Deaths In The IDF

William and Harry's Non-Rager Stag Party

Chavez Heir Nicolas Maduro Wins by Razor-Thin Margin

Missouri, Where Parents Are OK With Armed Teachers

Reflections on Tax Day

'Hunger Games' Catches Fire

Caracas, Florida

The Part of Obama's Budget that Could Spark a Trade War

Dawn Dress Rehearsal for Thatcher Funeral as Controversy Rages On

‘Bates Motel’ Debate: Sex Scenes, Mother Issues & Implausible Twists

Rhode Island Woman Creates Jewelry Made From Breast Milk

Pope Francis’s Posse

This Week’s Hot Reads: April 15, 2013

Ashley Judd Smear Helps Mitch McConnell As Kentucky Dems Botch Reply

‘Central Park Five’ Member Yusef Salaam On the Ken Burns Documentary

James O’Keefe In Defense Of Taping Mitch McConnell, And Everyone Else

Conservatives to Obama: Spend More!

Eric Williams Arrested After Shooting Deaths of Texas Prosecutors

Can This Bracelet Save Your Life?

Exclusive: U.S. Recovered North Korean Rocket Head

Gun Deal Is Done; Now It's Time to Take On Video Games and Mental Health Care

Mark Wahlberg Goes Catfishing

MTV Movie Awards 2013 Best Moments: Rebel Wilson & More (VIDEO)

Happy Tax Day. Now Stop Making Interest-Free Loans to the US Government

‘The Angel of Death’ and The Hospitals That Put A Serial Killer To Work

Rubio's Recycled Talking Points

Rebel Fighters Inside Aleppo (PHOTOS)

The Best Longreads in Business and Finance for the Week of April 12

Justin Bieber Visits Anne Frank House, Enrages Internet

Rubio Rips Jay-Z

Venezuela Votes Today

After Chavez, Does 21st Century Socialism Have A Future?

Is That Pipe Tobacco Locally Grown?

SNL's Accidental Racists

Audrie Pott Suicide: Dead After Inauguration Day

How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida

The Week in Wingnuts

Wiz Khalifa, Paramore & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Why are the Israelis so Damn Happy?

An Appalling Welfare Proposal

Democrats Need to Stop Attacking Obama’s Budget and Wake Up to Reality

Benjamin Franklin, America’s First Storm Chaser

Wiz Khalifa, Sofia Vergara & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

From Nicole Richie to Kim Kardashian, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Kickstarter's 'Veronica Mars Movie Project' a Smash Success

Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Resigns

Russia Bans John Yoo, Other Ex-U.S. Officials

Is Psy More Than a One-Hit Wonder?

Week in Photos: April 13, 2013

Golf Boys 2.Oh

Confident Hosni Mubarak Appears in Court

Did the Gosnell Trial Make Front Pages?

Nerdiness from Noah: BioShock Infinite

The Week’s Best Longreads for April 13, 2013

Organic, Fair Trade Porn: On the Hunt for Ethical Smut

National Scrabble Day: A Poem So You’ll Know All 101 Two-Letter Words

Farewell to America’s Ballerina: Remembering Maria Tallchief

Merav Michaeli: The Knesset’s Feminist Fighter

In Her New Show, La Toya Jackson Gets Real

Say It Ain’t So, Sequester: Why We Love New York’s Fleet Week (Photos)

‘Shirt Kings’ Book Looks Back at Hip Hop Fashion

Why Is the Media Apologizing About Kermit Gosnell Coverage?

Remembering Jonathan Winters: Ken Tucker on the Tragic and Triumphant Life of the Late Comedian


Just Wait Two Years To Free Pollard

The 4 Most Fashionable Chairs from the Milan Furniture Fair

Dana Perino 'Raps It Up'

No Pressure, Psy. One-Hit Wonders’ Followup Misses (Videos)

What Intolerant Buddhist Monks Are Doing to Sri Lanka

Israel Broadcasting Authority Reportedly Bans Eurovision Contestant from Wearing Galliano

They All Fall Down: The Perils of Mumbai Housing

The Mormon Church Backs Away from Prop. 8

'Glee' Tackles School Shooting

Claes Oldenburg at the Museum of Modern Art is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Bumper Sticker: 'If Babies Had Guns, They Wouldn't Be Aborted'

Israel’s Ethiopian Beauty Queen Sparks Debate

Do You Love Your Guns Enough to Move to Texas?

Al Qaeda Comeback

What A Catch!

In Our Banks We Trust?

Why I Didn't Write About Gosnell's Trial--And Why I Should Have

Finding Love Within Your Faith

Why Isn't the Trial of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell on Every Front Page in America?

Israel's Perpetual State Of Emergency

Papua New Guinea Might Repeal Sorcery Law

Congressman Pretended to Be 'Hot' For Cyndi Lauper

Carla Bruni's Soulful New Song

Greetings from Germany!

Beyoncé To Wear Dsquared2 On Tour; Carine Roitfeld Documentary To Bow at Cannes

British Leftists Try to Send 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' to the Top of the Charts

Pro-Obamacare Groups say that Now We Need Cost Control. Why Didn't We Hear This Three Years Ago?

Wilfred de Brujin and France’s Scary Gay Marriage Backlash

What One Brilliant Irish Kid Thinks of 'EU and You'

Kate Middleton Loves 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

Islamophobe With Militarist Name Attacks Muslims For Militarist Names

Prince Harry Becomes Patron of Diana's Brain Injury Charity

Those Bumps In Israel's Arms Sales

Pamela Paul Talks Future of New York Times Book Review

Stewart Mocks Paul's Black Outreach

Texas Homes are Cheap for a Reason

Margaret Thatcher, Divisive Even in Death

A Republican Opera Buffa

Why Don't We Eliminate Farm Subsidies?

BBC To Play Anti-Thatcher Song

The Gun Lobby’s Dumbest Argument

The Notebooks of James Salter: Outlines and Drafts of ‘The Hunters,’ ‘Solo Faces’ & More (PHOTOS)

All Grown Up in Maxim: Mackenzie Rosman, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan & More (PHOTOS)

OMG, I Want This House: Houston (Photos)

Meet Mike Tyson, the Entertainer

Barack Obama’s Herbert Hoover Budget A Political Boon for Republicans

The Unfinished Mubarak Business

16 Surprising Things Now More Expensive Than a Night on a Carnival Cruise

Gun Groups Rage at Pat Toomey, but Polls Show Pennsylvania Agrees

Anonymous to the Rescue in Canada Rape Case

The Senate’s Worthless Gun Control Compromise

A Gay Warrior’s Win for Partner at National Cemetery

‘Disconnect’: A New Film About Cyberbullying, Identity Theft & Porn

Maryland’s Martin O’Malley Breaks the Seal on 2016 Discussions

Dick Cheney’s Deep Thought About North Korea

Why The Right Is Wrong About Marrying Young

'Simpsons' Goes 'Breaking Bad'

Miranda Kerr, Matthew Williamson & More Fashion Instagrams

Katy Perry, Selena Gomez & More Best & Worst Dressed (Photos)

Sylvie Fleury at Salon 94 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Golfers Gone Wild

USC Prof: GOP is Racist and Stupid

'Gentleman': Is Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Follow-Up Any Good?

The Rise of GHE20G0TH1K

Why Greg Walden Won't Worry About a Primary

Kerry's Failure To Launch Peace Talks

678 Firearms Is Quite the 'Personal Collection'

Paul Ryan Thinks His Budget Is a Compromise

The Lady-Guards Of North Korea Wear Platform Heels

Jay-Z Responds to GOP Critics With 'Open Letter'

Pentagon Report Says North Korea Likely Has Nuclear Warheads

Victoria's Secret Smörgåsbord

The Senate's Immigration Deal

Weiner Puns

Phoenix, The Stone Roses & More Must-See Coachella Acts (Photos)

Should Greg Walden Face a Primary Challenger?

Kerry Squanders Obama’s Good Work In Israel

Glenn Beck Fears the Arrival of King Obama

Jay Carney vs. Jay-Z

When Thatcher Cut Off Israel's Weapons

The Real Lesson of JC Penney: Sometimes, You're Stuck

Why is Obama Taxing a Pre-existing Condition?

Bernard Arnault Withdraws Application for Belgian Citizenship; California School Bans Leggings

A Senate Breakthrough on Gun Control as Republican Filibuster Is Defeated

Priorities: Jobs or Gun Control?

The Weirdness That Is Rand Paul

When Toddlers Get Guns

Police Officer Shot Dead in Pakistan for Crime of Guarding Workers Giving Kids Vaccine Against Polio

Bridge Over Troubled Drivers

Pay Attention to the Gosnell Trial

Tear Down This Wall

Delaware, the Next State to Legalize Gay Marriage?

Colbert Makes Weiner Jokes

Cool News for Dinosaur Nerds (Like Me!)

Why the Existence of this Obama Budget is a Victory for the Republicans

Pelosi Joins Obama as Target of Liberals’ Anger Over Budget

DSM-V: Hoarding, Binge Eating & More New Mental-Disorder Diagnoses

Tony Hale Talks Return of ‘Veep,’ ‘Arrested Development’ & Being Weird

How Scared Should You Be About North Korea?

Rand Paul at Howard

Spring in Bloom Around the World (PHOTOS)

North Korea Threatens War, and South Korea Wants Revenge

Curtains for Hezbollah?

Dirty Jobs NYC: The Heroes of Trash

Qatar Sends Aid Money to Help Egypt

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Rocky Path to Sex-Tape Stardom. Also, Sex Tapes Are Still a Thing?

Takashi Murakami on Religion in ‘Jellyfish Eyes’ and His New Exhibition

An Elephant Is Wounded In Mississippi

Melissa Harris-Perry and the Firestorm Over ‘Collective’ Parenting

Mr. Reasonable's Last Stand

Thatcher's Death Sends Sales of "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead" Into Top 10

'American Idol': Lazaro Arbos is the New Sanjaya

Homeschooled Kids, Now Grown, Blog Against the Past

Bill O'Reilly Fondly Remembers the 1950s

Firefighter Hostage Gunman Dead

Karl Rove's A 'Terrorist'

Top 5 Reasons To Accept Sharansky’s Western Wall Compromise

Deficit Hawks, Rejoice! We’re in a Golden Age of Deficit Reduction

After Uproar, No One Shows To Protest Jimmy Carter At Yeshiva University

Metta World Peace 'Too Sexy' Remix

Curtains for Hezbollah?

'Jew in a Box' Puts Tilda Swinton to Shame

Victor Navasky’s 7 Favorite Political Cartoons

The Real Battle for Los Angeles: Does the Bureaucracy Serve Taxpayers?

Photos of Perth

I Cheer Obama's 'Shocking Attack on Seniors'

'Give Meaning To Hadiya's Life'

Mayor Weiner?

Twitchy! Michelle Malkin's Phony War

Let’s All Throw Anthony Weiner a Bone

Five Coolest Things in Obama’s New Budget Proposal

Obama Should Use His Budget to Reject Austerity and Promote Growth

Why Bitcoin is a Bubble

Here's What You Need to Know About Obama's Budget

Forcing Workers To Pay a Tax on Lunch Is Unfair

Obama Wants to Cut Farm Subsidies: Good!

From Terrorism to Academia

Thatcher’s Funeral To Have Falkland's Theme

Obama And Bush Were 'Lucky'

Washington Post's Flawed Thanks For Netanyahu

Bipartisan Background Checks

It’s Nearly Official: The Met Is the World’s Great Museum

Miranda Kerr Reportedly Dropped As VS Angel; Kate Upton and Diddy May Be Dating

Why Shouldn't Smokers Pay Higher Health Insurance Premiums?

'I'm Too Sexy For My Cat'

10 Juiciest Bits from Anthony Weiner’s New York Times Magazine Profile

The New Gender Gap?

'Buckwild': MTV Officially Cancels the Troubled Reality Series

"Tax Breaks for Corporate Jets": The Non-Issue at the Heart of the Presidential Agenda

President Obama: Free Jonathan Pollard

What's the Difference Between a Violent Maniac and a Homicidal Maniac?

How 1960s Radicals Ended Up Teaching Your Kids

How 'The Little Way of Ruthie Leming' Taught Me It's OK to Love My Hometown

Nakba Day At Tel Aviv University

Obama and the Nihilists

What Margaret Thatcher Meant to Eastern Europeans

Obama, Oil Baron?

Anthony Weiner, Egomaniac

Lindsay Lohan Says Rehab 'A Blessing'

Pipelines, Not Rail, Ctd.

A Deal on Guns in the Senate

'It's Big Brother, Sort of, But With a Good Intent'

Queen Will Attend Thatcher's Funeral

‘Anti-Rape’ Lingerie Creator Wants to Protect Women From Sexual Assault

Was Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda Poisoned?

Al Qaeda’s Syria Play

Blake Shelton, Lady Gaga, Conan & More Celebrity Officiants (PHOTOS)

Five Rules for Social Media Safety From Manti Te’o’s ‘Girlfriend’

Milan Design Week: The Best Contemporary Offerings (PHOTOS)

Workers earn money on the job for losing weight

The Forgotten Russian: The Genius of Nikolai Leskov

Obama Budget Catching Hell From Both Sides: Why That’s a Good Sign

‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Americans’: Reading Prestige TV Dramas as YA Fiction

Maya Angelou: How I Write

A Personal Plea for Gun Control

NY’s Plan To Bribe Politicians To Stay Honest: What Could Go Wrong?

Obama Could Win in 2014 Midterms by Losing Legislative Battles Now

JT Croons For Obama

Jake Gyllenhaal Reads 'Great Gatsby'

Rick Scott & Rick Perry: A Tale of Two Ricks in Palm Beach

God's Gonna Get Mad!

Armor Hall at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Another Campus Attack, This Time With a Knife

The South's Race-Based Relationship With the New Deal

Pro-Gun Absolutism: The Gun Lobby’s Push To Privatize Law and Order

Tech Crunch Founder Denies Allegatons

How To Shrink The Pro-Israel Tent

Harvard's Disgusting Rape Rapper Outrage

America Ferrera's 'Mind Was Blown'

Pamela Paul Named New York Times Book Review Editor

Christy Turlington: Most Maternal Deaths 'Are Preventable'

Sara Blakely: 'It's Okay' to Say Panty

Police Brief On Texas Stabbing

What About Increased Social Security Benefits?

Bulletin From The Front

Maggie Won't Jump

How Did Continental Europe Get the Welfare State?

Bassem Youssef, Egypt's Jon Stewart, Harassed for Being Offensive

I See Violent People

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch in Taxland

The Cost of Using Rail Instead of Pipelines to Move Oil

Book Bag: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Writer

Bravo to Rand Paul for Speaking at Howard University

Secret McConnell Staff Videos

Hamas: The Palestinian Fashion Police

Controversy Erupts Over Guantanamo Bay-Themed Fashion Party; British <i>Vogue</i> Sets Modeling Standards

The Time Margaret Thatcher Met One of India's 'God Men'

Jon Favreau: These Cuts Are Very Real

I Would Leave Journalism to Help Rescue JCPenney's

The American Conservative Union Offers to Lobby Against Certain Spending Cuts

Mitch McConnell and Mother Jones

Lessons from Sweden on Equal Pay Day

Rock Throwing On Palestinian Children's Day

British Tabloids Can't Quite Agree on How to Mourn Thatcher's Death

If You Keep Paying for People to Build Things Where They Shouldn't, They'll Keep Doing It

Chuck Hagel To Visit Israel In April

Money Is Whatever People Think It Is

Colbert Registers Bill Clinton For Twitter

Why Did Pirates Wear Eye Patches?

Bobby Jindal Backs Away From Big Ideas

Indian Official: 'Civil Servants are Lazy' and 'Hitting them is Justified'

Does William REALLY Want to Film The Royal Birth?

Washington Is Waiting for Godot as President Obama’s Second-Term Agenda Stalls

How to Think With Your Gut

The Margaret Thatcher, Rupert Murdoch Connection

Obama’s Social Security Gambit

Anne Smedinghoff, the Hero Diplomat We Lost in Afghanistan

Why Harry Reid Won't Kill the Filibuster to Get a Vote on Gun Control

Everyday Sexism Creator Laura Bates On Helping Women Speak Out

The Most Hilarious ‘Game of Thrones’ Craigslist Sex Ad You’ll Ever Read

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Italy’s Women Still Getting Shafted

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Former British PM Margaret Thatcher is Dead

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Sakurako Shimizu at the Museum of Arts and Design is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

As VA Backlog Grows, ‘Baffled’ Veteran Allies Begin To Turn On President

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Obama Can Help Stop North Korea by Promising Never to Station Troops

Is It Time to Forgive Greg Mortenson?

In Syria, Follow the Money To Find the Roots of the Revolt

‘LA Shrinks’: A Television Writer Discovers His Shrink Is on a Bravo Reality Show

After Soldiering, A Challenging Transition Into Civilian Work

‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere: Matthew Weiner on the ‘The Doorway’ & More

David's Bookclub: Time Regained

Bill Hinting At A Hillary Run?

Women of Impact Awards

Life After Life

Too Soon On Kevin Ware?

Why Pakistan's Mohammed Ali Jinnah Was No Nelson Mandela

The Week Ahead

You Mean It's Not Really that Much of a Meritocracy?

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Anniversary Trip To Cuba Criticized By Republican Lawmakers

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Vanessa Hudgens, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & More Stars on Tumblr (Photos)

Ellen DeGeneres, Snooki, Rihanna & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Ray J’s Not-So-Classy Kim Kardashian Diss Track, “I Hit It First,” About Their Sex Tape Tryst

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Mad Men Precap

Nerdiness from Noah: Iain M. Banks and 'The Culture'

Celebrate Alongside the Women in the World

On Hillary: Why Do Democrats Want to Become the Party of Stagnant Ideas?

Stephen Harper is Respecting Voter Wishes by Not Reopening the Abortion Debate

Joseph Kony Gets a Break as U.S. and African Forces Stop Their Search

Joan Smalls, Courtney Love & More Fashion Instagrams (PHOTOS)

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Week in Photos: April 6, 2013

The Week’s Best Longreads for April 6, 2013

When In Doubt, Mumble—Dynamic Inaction May Be Our Best Hope

Taliban Have Second Thoughts About Fighting in Afghanistan

LaPierre et Le Deluge

Four Reasons Why Obama’s Week Totally Sucked (and One Reason It Didn’t)

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‘Upstream Color,’ Shane Carruth’s Sci-Fi Drama, Is the Year’s Craziest Film (So Far)

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Myanmar's Pioneering Girl Group

Disaster Relief Online

Born To Be A Ballerina

Every Girl Can Improve The World

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Getting Flashed And Making Cash

Mothers 'Have The Right To Health'

Tom Hanks Chokes Up For Nora Ephron

'Investing In Women Is Smart Economics'

Sam's Club CEO Talks Leadership

$200K? No Problem, Says DVF

'We Want Women To Have Power'

Saint Laurent Campaign Spoof Features Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen & More

How Africa Must 'Break The Chain'

Well Played, China: Buses So Big Cars Can Go Under Them

Controversial Panel Debates Whether Israel Is A Democracy

Bloomberg Terminal Finally Gives Wall Street Access to Twitter

The Jobs Report Was Crappy, Ctd.

Oprah: WITW Is Like Church

Gareth Neal at MAD is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Garry Kasparov: Russia's 'A Dictatorship'

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Sexist Obama? That's 'Bogus!'

How the West Bank Settlements Can Bring About Peace

Store Where Lanza's Gun Was From Shut Down by ATF

A Majority of Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana

Reebok Urged to Drop Rick Ross; Zara Labor Practices Under Fire

'For Us, The Future Is Very Personal'

Campbell Brown Takes On Today's Politicians

“Sympathy”—Not A Useful Metric

Is Dr. Ben Carson the Real Deal?

Women Are The 'Foundation' Of Libya

Eva Longoria: Hillary 2016!

Rush Limbaugh is Terrible, Volume 462

Bloomberg Fronts Eco-Friendly May Issue of <i>L’Uomo Vogue</i>

I Think Obama Is Bluffing

First Look: ‘Top of the Lake’ Part 5

The Bakken Boom Isn't for Everyone

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Byron York Weighs Rubio's Risks

Hillary Slams 'Culture Of Rape'

Hillary: 'Let's Keep Fighting' For Women

Hillary: Malala Was A 'Threat'

Hillary: 'I Have Been Challenged'

Shopping in Beit Hanina

Crazy Idea: Cable TV Shows Should Book Experts Instead of Talking Heads

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March Jobs Report: Not Good

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The March Jobs Report is Not Great

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A Kiss From a Prince? Maybe Not....

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‘Hannibal’: Ken Tucker on His Lack of Appetite for NBC’s Serial Killer Drama

Michelle Obama, Lindsay Lohan & More Best and Worst Dressed (PHOTOS)

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Dutch Court Says Pedophilia Advocacy Group Martijn Can Continue

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How to Survive a Sex Scandal: Mark Sanford Edition

What Can We Do About North Korea?

‘Mad Men’ Returns: A Recap of Season Five

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Judge Rejects Sheldon Adelson’s Request for No Cameras in Court

‘Evil Dead’ Remake Pays Homage to a Horror Cult Classic

Patty Davis and Michael Reagan Feud Over Gay Marriage

Women in the World 2013: Diane von Furstenberg

Women in the World 2013: Fawzia Koofi

Women in the World 2013: Michaela DePrince

Rashida Jones and the Pornification of Pop

The Stars Come Out For Women's Rights

Afghanistan's Social 'Transformation'

South Africa's Betrayal Of Mandela

Finding a Home, Realizing a Dream

Women 'Hold The Only Hope In Syria'

Angelina: Malala Is 'Powerful'

Meryl Plays Irish Trade Union Leader

Six Moments From the Life of Roger Ebert (Videos)

Tina Brown's Women In The World Welcome

Ballerina From Sierra Leone Opens Summit

David Diao at Postmasters is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Roger Ebert’s 10 Best Reviews and 10 Best Zingers

Roger Ebert, 70, Has Died: A Look At The Life of Cinema’s Great Appreciator

John Kerry's Mission Impossible?

R.I.P. Roger Ebert

This is Where the World’s Richest People Hide Their Money

Facebook's Red Sea of Equality

Don’t Tread On My Hair, Hamas

A .GIF Guide to Americans' Craziest Conspiracy Theories

Child Chess Prodigy Meets Garry Kasparov

Topanga Took Lance Bass To Prom?!

Israel: Nation State, Or Ultra-Orthodox Synagogue?

Facebook Is Invading Your Phone

Why Doesn't Every State Have a Unicameral?

Diesel Names Nicola Formichetti As Artistic Director; Lululemon Restructures to Prevent Against More Sheer Recalls

Michael Kelly and the War

Tom Holland's 'Rubicon' Out With a New Cover

Bitcoin Purchasers Should Just Keep Their Dollars Instead

You Are a Terrible Investor and You Should Stop That

Spain's Royal Troubles

New Drone Report: Our Border Is Not as Secure as We Thought

Beyoncé's 'Big Announcement'? Pepsi Ad

'Arrested Development' Finally Gets a Release Date

Understanding David Stockman

A Brief History of Men In Heels

Calvin and Hobbes: Redux

Beneath The Surface Of Israeli Content

Kate, William and a Tartan Bump

Thanks, Newt, But We Should Have Fewer Debates

Mike Rice, Macho Men, and Homophobia

This Chart Should Scare Investors

Palestinians Protest Abu Hamdiyeh’s Death With Strikes and Demonstrations

Big Changes at The Tonight Show

White Smoke = New Host

'I've Been to the Mountaintop'

Japan's Bold, Limited New Economic Plan

The Story of Hitler's Food Taster

Can Consultants Help Protect a Monopoly?

Tina Brown: 'Great Energy' Behind Women

The Great Sushi Scam

Russian Corruption is Poisoning Britain

American Jews Urging Netanyahu To Deal

Flashmob Recreates Rembrandt's 'The Night Watch'

Rutgers Athletes Stay Silent on Mike Rice

What the Eurozone Crisis is all About

Could The Spanish Royal Family Fall?

Literary City: Boris Akunin, A Dissident in Moscow

From Buzz Bissinger to Nicolas Sarkozy, the Rise of Heels for Men

Hillary Derangement Syndrome

My Bitcoin (Mis)adventure

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas: “Brutal, Deadly and Effective”

Syria’s Media War

Mads Mikkelsen On Playing the Tasty New Hannibal Lecter

Middle East Activists Muzzled and Arrested in Arab Gulf States

Jada Pinkett Smith on Her New Angela Davis Documentary

Pizza Hut’s Evil Genius

America’s Power Brothers: Ezekiel Emanuel on the Famous Three

‘American Idol’ Sucks This Season: Here’s Seven Reasons Why

On Polygraph Tests, Would-Be Border Patrol Agents Confess to Crimes

Call Me Definitely

Fox News Host Defends Abusive Coach

Somebody Has to Drive Down Healthcare Costs

Kevin Ware's Emotional Post-Injury Interview

Where Does Jay Leno Go Next?

Shocking! Indian Engineers Introduce Electric ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear

Diplomacy Fail in Cairo as the U.S. and Egypt Clash Via Twitter

Reality TV: The Way To Israeli Consensus?

With New Facebook Phone, Mark Zuckerberg is One Step Closer to World Domination

Meet the People Making it Harder for You to File Your Taxes

How Russians Forget Their Own Past

RIP Jane Henson

Leslie H. Gelb on Obama’s New Security Team

Boris and Pippa's Ping Pong Challenge

South Carolina Special Election Has All The Makings of a Scandal-Filled Telenovela

How Can Israel Be Both Jewish And Democratic?

The Time Dick Vitale Almost Had His Own Hollywood Sitcom

Congresswoman Doesn't Know How Guns Work

And You Thought It Was Basketball

Pakistani Youth Lose Faith in Pakistani Democracy

One Social Conservative's Alternative to Obamacare

Bob Costas Spits Hot Fire

Thoughts on the BRAIN Initiative

Bradley Cooper's New Hair Style; Nicola Formichetti Reportedly Headed to Diesel

Obamacare Won't Be Doing Much for Small Business Next Year

Ending Domestic Abuse with Loveisrespect

Who is the Next Andrew Breitbart?

A Neighborhood, and a Life, Reclaimed

When Coaches Get Mad

South Carolina's Upside-Down Congressional Race

Illegal Immigrants Have Been Banned From the AP Stylebook

Headlines You Can Use Again and Again

A Palestinian Birthright Trip?

Why Shouldn't Gun Owners Have to Buy Liability Insurance?

Surprise, Surprise: Gun Violence in Red States

The Obama Administration Wants Banks to Stop Being So Uptight About their Mortgage Underwriting. How Crazy is That?

What's the Future of the Venezuelan Opposition?

Egypt's 'Apes and Pigs' Morsi Can't Handle Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian Jon Stewart

Bennett Presents Haredi Share In Burden Plan

Why Are We Fat? Let's Blame Cars

Want to Fly? It's Time to Pay By the Pound

Tweet This: Companies Allowed to Tweet #USearnings

The Truth Probably Isn't Out There

Prince Charles Gets British Meat Award

Queen's Approval Ratings Remain High

Source: Jimmy Fallon To Take Reins of 'The Tonight Show' From Jay Leno

Malcolm Smith’s Alleged Plot To Rent New York’s City Hall

Nathaniel Rich: How I Write

Exclusive: Bill Ayers On the Weathermen, Obama’s Crap Job & More

Is Your Kid’s Coach Too Mean?

John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama & More Presidents’ Style Off-Duty (PHOTOS)

Boston College Cracks Down on Condoms

Speak, Faulty Memory: Why Memoir Writing Is Harder Than You Think

The New Era of Evolution Helps Pols Switch Stance on Issues from Gay Marriage to Immigration

What’s So Scary About the Texas Aryan Brotherhood? Take a Look at the Indictments

Crackdown in Egypt: Bassem Youssef and Alaa Abdel Fattah Face Charges

Gun Control Stalls After Sandy Hook, but Stage Set for Changes to Come

William Breathes on Being America’s First Marijuana Critic

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Review: Triumphant, Lyrical, and Way Existential

Why My Mother Would Save Aurora Shooter James Holmes

Fake Somali Pirates Scam Western Journalists

Cellphones Through History: Motorola DynaTAC, iPhone & More (PHOTOS)

Mike McLelland Investigation Focuses on Those the D.A. Prosecuted

Obama Launches BRAIN Initiative to Map the Human Brain

The NRA Is Beating President Obama on Gun Control

The Cellphone Turns 40: Remembering Martin Cooper’s Historic Call

Not These Idiots Again

Hovercraft Golf Cart...Exists

Economic Data Show That at Last, (Many of) the Fundamentals Are Sound

Luigi Ghirri at Matthew Marks is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The AP Drops 'Illegal Immigrant'

Rutgers Coach Abuse Caught on Tape

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno’s Video: Does Either Host Win?

Iran's Leaders Care More About Getting the Bomb than Helping Their People

Wildest of the Wild: Gun Control

Crazy Condom Ads (NSFW)

How Hillary Would Stifle Democratic Innovation

America's Reflection on Our Political Parties

Nicola Formichetti and French Label Thierry Mugler Part Ways

Death Penalty Is The Wrong Punishment For James Holmes

Rosalind Brewer Gives Back

Solyndra 2.0

Don't Look for Work in the Eurozone

Gay People Want Their Families to Be Treated Like Everyone Else

Heidi Klum Heroically Saves Son From Drowning; Angelina Jolie Sells Jewelry to Fund Afghan School

Ban All the Racist Toys!

Kevin Ware and Market Value of College Athletes

Hollywood Does White Supremacy

Al Held at Cheim and Read is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Memo to the Media: Quit Ruining Politics

McAuliffe and Hillary

No New Line, but Kate Trademarks Her Name For Clothes Just in Case

After Victory, Palestinian Village Runs Into A Wall

Actual Companies Don't Share Wall Street's Euphoria

Is Pigeon Racing Cruel?

Settlements Offer More Living Space

Deer Hunters, Your Nation Needs You!

The Cost of Hamas

Plans For William and Kate Middleton's New Ten Bedroom Country House

What Makes Ted Cruz Tick?

How London Became a Gangster's Paradise

Late Night Lovefest

Danny Boyle, Director of 'Trance,' On His Favorite Psychological Thrillers

Who Was Shain Gandee, the MTV ‘Buckwild’ Star Found Dead?

How Washington Gifts the 1 Percent

Rubio’s Immigration Cowardice

Read the Sons of Confederate Veterans Press Release

Pakistan’s Dangerous Elections

The Storm of Violence That Killed Texas District Attorney Mike McLelland

Virginia Republicans’ One-Two Punch of Financial Scandals

The Dangers of Trusting Wikipedia with Your Life

Winthrop Roosevelt on the Oil Boom that Threatens His Great-Great-Grandfather’s Legacy

An Often-Overlooked Clause in the Constitution Points the Way to Same-Sex Marriage

Kansas Quarantine Bill Has HIV/AIDS Advocates Up in Arms

Do Cops With Guns Mean Safer Schools?

Guns and Gay Marriage: With the Campaign Over, the Real Fight Begins

Georgia Is Celebrating Confederate Heritage and History Month? Really?

Helmut Newton Book ‘World Without Men’ Returns

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ Bootie is The World’s Ugliest Shoe

The Year of Living Dangerously

‘Chopped’: Why I’m Obsessed with Food Network’s Reality Competition Show

How the Aryan Brotherhood Kills: From the Gang Signs to the Sanctioned Hits

Obama’s On a Roll! Photos From the White House Easter Egg Hunt

Desperately Seeking Charm: Steven Amsterdam on an Elusive Quality

The Return of State Surpluses Could Point to More Growth to Come

Let's Not Call Marriage Equality the Civil Rights Movement of Our Time

Alfredo Jaar at Vogt Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Did Embezzled Palestinian Money Arrive in Canada?

You Should Get Married As Early as Possible, But No Earlier

Get Well Soon, Kevin Ware

Why You Should Marry Young

This Week’s Hot Reads: April 1, 2013

The Absurd Lies of College Admissions

Justine Rosenthal on '125 Women of Impact'

Tina Brown Talks to Andrea Mitchell About Women in the World

The Spaghetti Harvest Goes Forward

Obama Can't Buy A Bucket

David's Bookclub: It Was a Long Time Ago and It Never Happened Anyway

White House Plays April Fools' Prank

Why I Fear the Aryan Brotherhood—and You Should, Too

A Very Different Interfaith Seder

Let's Just Blame Modernity for the Marriage Crisis

The resolution of the Cyprus banking collapse paves the way for more crises

Your Daily Reminder We Use a Lot of Coal

UK Jew’s Harassment Claim Fails

Senator Ashley Judd?! Nope.

Chris Brown Can't Make Everybody Like Him

The Iraq War Caused Many Bad Things, But Did It Really Cause the Financial Crisis?

Legal Outsourcing Within the United States

Heightened Security Restricts Palestinian Land Day Demonstrations

Dolce & Gabbana Fined $440 Million; Marilyn Manson Reportedly Models for Saint Laurent

Why David Cameron's Tories Can't Veer Right

Don't Get Too Stressed About the Farm Bubble

Karl Marx, Nudnik

Will Iran Be the Next Hyperinflation?

Google Nose Launches

Why Democrats Don't Want Hillary for 2016

Why the Rush to Sell Gold Coins is Drowning Out Real Critiques of Obama

Will Hillary Rodham Clinton's Agenda Survive?

Why the GOP Needs Bob McDonnells

Closing the Gender Gap

Dueling Saxes In NYC Subway

Slight Revision on Immigration

Diana's Night Out With Freddie Mercury in Gay Bar

How Kentucky Democrats Duped the MSM and Helped Elbow Out Ashley Judd

Never Mind New Guns Laws—The NRA Keeps Weakening the Existing Ones

Inside the Latest Michael Jackson Trial—The One With $40 Billion on the Line

Memo to GOP: Hands Off Those Presidential Debates

Ellen DeGeneres’s Best Pranks: Taylor Swift, J.Lo & More (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly vs. Rush Limbaugh

Japanese Company Fake Food Hatanaka Makes Food Jewelry and Headbands

Kevin Ware’s Broken Leg Will Live On in the Annals of Grisly Injuries

David Stockman On ‘The Great Deformation’ and Our Economic Doom

Why This Is Baseball’s Golden Age

Public School Children Cheated By Perverse Performance Pay Incentives

The Agony of Syria’s Children

Berezovsky’s Dubious Legacy Lives on in the Kremlin