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D.C. Protesters Battle Over Obama’s Syria Response

Obama Might Still Attack Syria if Congress Votes No

’12 Years a Slave,’ Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender, Is Mesmerizing

The Odds of War in Syria? A Lot Higher Now

Bruce Weber's 25th Anniversary of Let's Get Lost at the Venice Film Festival 2013

Obama's Speech: War With Syria Postponed – For Now

'Right Equals Might'

Patrick Stewart's Quadruple Take

WWII’s Greatest Battle: How Kursk Changed the War

Ty Carter Awarded Medal of Honor

OMG, I Want This House: Venezuela

Dogs on Amtrak: Yay or Nay? Take Our Poll

Is Obama Going to War Just to ‘Check the Box’?

The Night Princess Diana Died

The Week’s Best Longreads for August 31, 2013

In Southern California, a Lilly Pulitzer Retrospective (Photo)

My Fabulous Summer in the Hamptons

Dog Owners Aren’t Booking Train Travel Yet

The Office Raptor, Morgan Freeman Defines ‘Twerking,’ & More Viral Videos

Nine Luxury Retreats in California Wine Country (Photos)

IVF For Just $300 Could Be a Reality Soon

Robin Thicke, Jay Z & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

She Who Came After Tolkien, Before Rowling

Ben Affleck Isn’t the Worst Thing to Happen to Batman

Ex-Bush Officials Love Obama’s Unilateralism on Syria

The Female Judge In Putin's Crosshairs

Paul Muldoon On Seamus Heaney: The Mark of a Great Poet

Kerry: Sending a Message to Whom?

John Kerry: 'Let the United Nations in Immediately'

Colum McCann: Seamus Heaney Brought Us Together

Israeli Soldiers Dancing at Hebron Wedding Were Probably Not Welcome Guests

Three Key Questions on Syria From Geoffrey Robertson

The Donut Economy’s Fat Profit

Seamus Heaney, 1939-2013: Accessible, Yes, and Beautiful

Kerry's Remarks: Here We Go, I Guess

On Shopping for Gas Masks on a Wednesday

With Britain Out, Allies Abandon Obama on Syria

Kate Middleton Makes First Public Appearance; Naomi Watts to Wear Tod's in Diana Biopic

Kim Jong-un's Ex-Lover Reportedly ‘Executed by Firing Squad’

R.I.P. Seamus Heaney

The Military Teaches Soldiers Strength the VA Teaches Veterans to Beg

Yang Fudong at the Berkeley Art Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Israeli Politicians Forbidden to Attend Rosh Hashanah Event With Abbas

Louis Vuitton's 'Timeless Muses'

An Open Letter to President Obama: Syria Is Not Our War

Kate Bounces Back To Pre-Baby Shape Just Five and a Half Weeks After Giving Birth

The Coen Brothers On Their Brilliant Folk Film, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ At Telluride

The Myth of Welfare and Drug Use

The Week in Photos: August 30, 2013 (Photos)

Alma: America’s Best New Restaurant

Will Boehner Play Ball?

Justice Department: Good News for Recreational Stoners

Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

New Jersey’s Syrian Community Rallies Against a U.S. Intervention

Has Jim DeMint Gone Too Far?

Don’t Call It Gay Rap: Le1f’s Transition From YouTube to the Main Stage

Palace Wins Kate Privacy Battle As Paper Pulls Kate Shopping Pics

At Telluride, Jason Reitman’s ‘Labor Day’ Is Superbly Acted

A Eulogy for Gus, Central Park’s Polar Bear Man of Mystery

The Lure of North Dakota’s Enchanted Road

No Republicans At March On Washington Anniversary

How the Power of Protest Died in Egypt

Why the IRS's Gay-Marriage Move Is a Big Deal

Sudan Groups Hope New Envoy Will Reverse Obama’s ‘Disastrous’ Approach

Eric Schneiderman Hits Back Against Trump’s ‘GMA’ Claims

A History of the Double Bun

Apple's iPhone Trade-in Program to Add Consumer Choice

Is Syria Being 'Lebanized' or is Lebanon Being 'Syrianized'?

Shares of defense contractors rise as Syria tensions mount

Hey NYPD, Being Muslim Isn’t a Crime

'Disappearing Palestine' Vancouver Bus Ads Rile Jewish Organizations

Saint Laurent May Revive YSL Couture; Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney Announce Mysterious Collaboration

Eight Years After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Has Resurrected

Victor Hugo at the Morgan Library is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Five Reasons We'll Miss Gus

Yosemite Wildfire Time Lapse

Can a Drone Save Yosemite?

Mark Levin's Nutty Constitutional Convention Idea

IDF Goes Gangnam Style At Palestinian Wedding

Naomi Watts: My Fears For William And Harry

Syria, Iraq, and Proof

9 Secrets of the NYPD’s Spy Unit Revealed in ‘Enemies Within’

Andrew Bachelor, a.k.a. King Bach, Is the King of Vine—And Comedy’s Next Big Thing

Walmart’s New Embrace of Gay Employees a Sign of Corporate Shift

Obama Refused to Send Gas Masks to Syrian Opposition for Over a Year

How the Obama Administration Reversed Course on Syria Strikes

How Iran Would Retaliate to a U.S. Strike on Syria

Where Would We Bomb?

The Army Life, Mundane and Hideously Violent, by Turns

One Direction Documentary ‘This Is Us,’ Seen Through a Superfan’s Eyes

Emmys 2013: Connie Britton Picks Her Favorite ‘Nashville’ Moments

Pippa’s Big Fat Success

The True Muslim Revolutionaries and Their Fight Against Extremism

Inside the Donald Trump–Eric Schneiderman TV Food Fight

Merritt Wever on ‘Nurse Jackie,’ ‘New Girl,’ and More

Inside Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Girl’s Abduction

Forget the Glass Ceiling: Fast Food Has a Sticky Floor For Low-Wage Female Workers

The Evolution of Outrageous Performances

India’s Rupee Drops Off a Cliff

What Obama Didn’t Say in His March on Washington Speech

Nidal Hasan Deserves the Death Sentence the Fort Hood Jury Imposed

Montana State Senator Files For Federal Office To Be Named Later

Bennett’s Western Wall Move Is No Goodwill Gesture

Sheldon Adelson Pays Out to the U.S. Government

8 Outrageous Pat Robertson Remarks

Netanyahu Must Rein in Extremists in Coalition, or Risk Derailing Peace Talks

Kris Jenner's Talk Show Gets Cancelled, Miley Cyrus's New Song Leaks Online

'We Are All Marching'

Why Israel Is Concerned About Chemical Weapons, But Will Stay Out of Syria

New York City: DeBlasio Running Away?

Five OTHER Outrageous Pat Robertson Theories

South Carolina Court Decision Looms Large For 2016

Palestinian Children: The Invisible Workers of Israeli Settlements

Commander-in-Cheap: US is a Bargain Manufacturer

Jonathan Livingston by Francois Curlet is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Michelle Obama Gets Highlights; Calvin Klein's Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Writing a Tell-All

New Privacy Row After Pictures of Kate Middleton's Supermarket Shop

Tom Jones Gets the BDS Treatment

Let It Bleed: No American Action Can Resolve the Syrian Conflict

SAS Launches Internal Inquiry Into Diana Murder Claims

American Dreams, 1973: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Facebook Is Giving Users More Ways to Express Themselves. And It’s Terrible.

Where Have All the Fat Rappers Gone? Or, How Hip-Hop Lost All the Weight

Miley Cyrus: The Nadir of American Civilization?

One Direction Is a Boy Band That Proves You Can Be Both Famous and Unknown

How U.S. Strikes on Syria Help Al Qaeda

Emmys 2013: Jeff Daniels on Will’s Finest ‘Newsroom’ Season 1 Moments

Is Prince Harry Going To Get Engaged?

Impeaching Obama May Be Absurd But That Won’t Stop the Right Wing Fringe

Lady Gaga’s New Toned-Down Style

Republicans Admit Voter ID Laws Are Aimed at Democratic Voters

50 Years in 10 Charts

Martin Luther King’s Dream of Love, 50 Years After ‘I Have a Dream’

Louis Begley: How I Write

Lady Gaga’s New Toned-Down Style

‘Bachmannistan’ Writer: Bachmann’s Supporters Deserved an Explanation

The 1963 March on Washington Still Vividly Inspires Those Fighting for Change

Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi Exhibition Opens in Venice

Why Republicans Are Starting to Love Health Reform

The Battle of the Sexes Is Back: Serena Vs. the Men

Airlines are Finally Adding Capacity and Routes

5 Forgotten March on Washington Speeches

The Original Gone Girls: Dorothy Salisbury Davis and Other Forgotten Pioneers of Crime Fiction

Peter Beinart on the Issue of Syria

Are Earthquakes the Result of Natural Gas Fracking?

Should We Strike Syria? The Five Best Opinion Columns

Middle East Tensions and Supply Issues Push Oil Prices to Six-Month High

“So Much Hope”: A Reporter Remembers the March on Washington

For Israel, Syria Intervention is Both a Security Imperative and Risk

Why I Got Banned from Israel

Exclusive: McCain Says Obama Gave ‘Green Light’ to Syria to Use Chemical Weapons

Venus Williams: Her 9 Most Awesome Hairstyles (Photos)

Pietro del Donzello at the Frick Collection is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Donatella Versace Thanks Lady Gaga For Song; Maya Angelou Stars in Cole Haan's New Campaign

Scarborough: 'Send in the Clowns'

'If You Compel Me, I Will Engage in Peace Talks'

Jackie Collins Does Cher

Bob Dylan, Joan Baez & More Music at 1963’s March on Washington

Sasha Grey on Her Novel ‘The Juliette Society,’ James Deen, and More

Comedy of Errors at the Republican’s March on Washington Celebration

The RNC Celebrates MLK Jr. and How Republicans Can Win Black Voters

Keith Olbermann Makes Hilarious Return to ESPN, But For How Long?

William "Saddened" By African Game Park Murder

‘Breaking Bad’ Is Fully Dependent on Our Broken Health-Care System

Elisabeth Moss Reveals 4 Tough Challenges in Making ‘Top of the Lake’

Simon de Pury’s Studio Tours of Los Angeles Artists (PHOTOS)

Book Bag: Megan Abbott’s Five Dangerous Mentors

Time for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Step Aside to Save Her Legacy

The Army Was Right Not Labeling Hasan’s Killing as Terrorism

The Pros of Putting Special Forces On the Ground in Syria

Is America Out of Ideas?

The Eerie Echoes Between the Trials of Bo Xilai and His Father

Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech, Annotated

The Essential Civil Rights Reading List

Simon de Pury: Visiting 16 Studios of Los Angeles’s Top Artists

‘Our Nixon’ Producers Respond to Claims the Documentary Is ‘False’

Nikki Haley Brings Out Perry, Jindal, and Walker for Reelection Bid

Meet the Entrepreneurs: Paperless Post’s James and Alexa Hirschfeld

VMAs Red Carpet in Brooklyn Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without NYPD

Luciano Benetton's Imago Mundi

West Bank Clashes Leave Three Dead, Threatening Peace Talks

15 Amazing Photos From the March on Washington

15 Posthumous Books, From Kafka to Stieg Larsson

Thomas Hirschhorn at Forest Houses is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Kate Middleton Spotted Out For First Time Since Birth (Shopping, Naturally)

A Stunning 'Meet the Press'

Celine Dion Selling $100 Million Worth of Mansions

Miley Cyrus's VMA Performance Was Ridiculous, But It Wasn't Racist

Netanyahu, Third-Term Incompetent

Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor, Madonna Tops Highest Paid Celebs List

8 Juicy Bits from New York State’s Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

The Israel Project Answers Beinart's Call

What Happened to Miley Cyrus?

Wall Street Hearts Tesla

This Week’s Hot Reads: August 26, 2013

Why Ken Cuccinelli Is the Anti-Chris Christie

Amid Reported Rumors of Drug Binge, Friends of Lamar Odom Say He Isn’t Missing

Lady Gaga's VMA Hair Evolution; Opening Ceremony to Join New York Fashion Week

Diana Film Just Gossip, Says Khan

Liberate Poetry! Robert Pinsky’s Manifesto for Readers

Israeli Forces Expand Illegal Outpost Settlement in Nablus

Are Fergie And Andrew Planning To RE-MARRY?

Apple’s iWatch Can’t Arrive Soon Enough

The Economic Crisis Makes Infidelity too Expensive

10 Things to Watch at the 2013 U.S. Open

Operation Bright Star: A U.S. Soldier on Training With Egypt’s Army

Bob Dylan: Face Value Opens at London’s National Portrait Gallery

March on Washington in 1963 Was Truly Militant, Despite Portrayals

Marco Rubio, the Real Threat in 2016, Has Been Eclipsed by Ted Cruz

Sarin, Nitrogen Mustard, Cyanide & More: All About Chemical Weapons

Best of the VMAs Red Carpet

Is Bombing Syria Obama’s Best Bad Option?

Emmys 2013: Elisabeth Moss on Peggy’s Best ‘Mad Men’ Moments

Inside the Minds of Russia’s Black Widows

VMAs 2013 Wildest Moments: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus & More (VIDEO)

Jeff Daniels on the Most Explosive Episode of ‘The Newsroom’ Yet

*NSYNC’s Back

‘Breaking Bad’s’ Latest Episode, “Confessions,” Epitomizes the Show’s Highs and Lows

Obama’s New Syria Options

Real Racism: What Aaryn Gries Reveals about Reality TV

Massive Yosemite Wildfire Spreads (PHOTOS)

Martin Luther King’s Dream Still Lives

Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

The Surprising Reasons the Chinese Love the Little Mermaid

Brie Larson On ‘Short Term 12,’ One of the Year’s Best Films

Ben Lashes, Meme Manager for Internet Celebrities

Dakota Fanning, Nicole Richie & More Celebrities on Boat Vacations (Photos)

Party on in Pag: The Controversy on Croatia’s Hottest Island

Classic U.S. Open Moments

Fringe Factor: Obama Hates White People—and White Dogs

Finding God Behind Bars: A Look at Religion in American Prisons

Ban E-Cigarettes? The Anti-Smoking Lobby's Clueless Crusade

Best Business Longreads for the Week of August 24, 2013.

Jennifer Hudson, Selena Gomez & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Can Dilma Rousseff Recover?

Who’s Policing the Internet Police?

The Week’s Best Longreads for August 24, 2013

Solar Mosaic aims to raise crowdsourced funding for solar panels on military base

Child Molestation at Idaho Scout Camp in the 90s Has Lasting Impact

College Application Guru Turned Author Lacy Crawford on ‘Early Decision’

11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Spreadsheets: The New App That Tracks Your Sex Life’s Ups and Downs

The Nixon Home Movies: Glimpses of Tragedy in ‘Our Nixon’

Tony Leung on His Journey to Kung Fu Spirituality in ‘The Grandmaster’

The Devil’s Drug: The True Story of Meth in New Mexico

North West Debuts, Rob Ford Arm-Wrestles Hulk Hogan & More Viral Videos

We Got It Wrong

Dogs on Trains

Israel's Most Liberal City Introduces Racially Segregated Kindergartens

Inside the ‘Boredom’ Killing That Has Shocked Oklahoma

Vasily Kandinsky at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Damon Teaches Affleck to Be Badass

Can the Palestinians Take Yes For An Answer?

13 Revelations From Reddit’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Thread Exposing Alleged Industry Secrets

Conservatives and the March

Julian Assange's Political Party Implodes

Send in the Marines—and the Anthropologists too?

Why Joint Palestinian-Israeli Police Patrols Are Good For Peace

Colin Powell Lashes Out at the GOP’s Bogus Claims on Voter Fraud

Kanye West Debuts Baby North During Ridiculous Interview with Kris Jenner

OMG, I Want This House: Fabulous Homes From Paris to Sao Paulo (PHOTOS)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Is Finally Out After a 13-Year Reign

Facebook stock pushes above $40

Cara Delevingne's Face Gets Made Into a Cake; Harper's Bazaar UK to Launch Online Exhibit Featuring Model Self-Portraits

Formulating an Alternative to the ‘Jewish State Law’

Week in Photos: Aug. 23, 2013

Nasdaq CEO Greifeld Speaks Out

Israel Levels East Jerusalem Land for 'National Park'

Bo Xilai’s Perfect Show Trial

At the Obama White House: Transparency Transhmarency

Ben Affleck Cast As Batman In ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel… Is He the Right Choice?

Emmys 2013: Emilia Clarke’s Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Moments

The Craziest Moments From ‘Ghost Shark’ (VIDEO)

Eddie Robinson, College Football’s Winningest Coach

‘My First Time’: Josh Duhamel on His First Kiss, First Heartbreak & More

The Best Republican Efforts Are Not Enough to Defund Obamacare

There’s No ‘Reverse Trayvon’ in Christopher Lane Killing

How The Purple Heart Can Help Heal Veterans with PTSD

Egypt’s Arms Race

John Gallagher Jr., Star of ‘Newsroom’ and ‘Short Term 12,’ Is Hollywood’s Nicest Guy

From One Direction to Lady Gaga, Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (PHOTOS)

Peter Dinklage Hula-Hooping Makes Every Photo Better, From the Royal Baby to Justin Bieber

In 911 Call, Atlanta School Bookkeeper Calms Shooter With ‘Love’

How the Policy Might Be Changed

NASDAQ Goes Down, but the Scary Part Is Any Lack of Sensible Explanation

Japanese screen at the Asian Art Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Egypt Crackdown and Israeli-Palestinian Talks

Syria’s Child Refugee Crisis Hits One Million Children Displaced (PHOTOS)

Everyone Loves Ron Paul

Hormone Therapy Is More Than Just a Physical Process

The Big Apple’s Man to Beat

Is Juliette Kayyem the Next Elizabeth Warren?

Sears Continues its Long, Sad Decline

Inside the New Nixon Watergate Tapes

The Best Bits from Ron Paul's Second Reddit AMA

Yahoo Beats Google for US Web Traffic

How Will Chelsea Manning Be Treated in Prison?

Was 2012 the Worst Year Ever for Voting Rights?

Faulkner of Oil Country: Rick Bass Talks New Novel

Mysterious Sea Creatures Wash Ashore (Photos)

Forget Mubarak

John Bolton's Surprising Support For Gay Marriage

Accidents That Freaked Us Out This Summer

Garance Doré Signs Book Deal; Lena Dunham Wrote to Sex Columnist About Being a Virgin at Age 19

New Super PACs Brace for Mitch McConnell’s Brutal Campaign

Turkey’s Secret Fairy Chimneys

On the Miranda, Greenwald, Guardian Latest

Justice Scalia Goes Gun Crazy

Why the GOP May Lose Virginia’s Statehouse

Meet Lulu: An App That Lets Girls Rate Guys Anonymously

Amid Standoff, Stocks of Time Warner Cable and CBS Fall

Tim Armstrong, Steve Jobs, Carol Bartz, and More Dramatic Firings

VMAs 2013: MTV’s Awards Show, Once Crazy, Is Getting Old

Why We Can and Must Focus on Preventing Alzheimer’s

The 15 Worst Cities to Have A Baby, from New York to Miami

Emmys 2013: Kerry Washington’s Favorite ‘Scandal’ Season 2 Moments

Manning Is Guilty and So Is the Army That Sent Him Overseas

Should You Be Your Kid’s Facebook Friend?

Is Rafael Correa the Next Hugo Chavez?

Why Egypt Has Coups…And We Don’t

Give Me Your Studious: American Universities Are Prolific Exporters

If Cosi Wants to Make a Profit, It Needs to Increase Wages

The Muslim Brotherhood’s War on Coptic Christians

#SlaneGirl: Teenager Hospitalized After Oral Sex Photo Goes Viral

Breaking The Water Ceiling for Pregnant Politicians

Reported Chemical Weapons Attack Could Kill Obama’s Syria Strategy

Where to Glamp Like a Champ

Technology Firms Staff up to Build Health Insurance Exchanges

Kanye West May Debut North on Jenner's Talk Show, One Direction's Zayn Malik is Engaged

Josh Rogin: Courier Led US to Al Qaeda Meeting

Kirsten Powers Swats Down Anti-Obamacare Argument

Japanese sliding doors at the Asian Art Museum are the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How Will the Peace Process Impact Netanyahu’s Coalition?

Bradley Manning: ‘I Will Recover From This…This Is Just a Stage in My Life’

Bullying Israeli Government Flack Sparks Diplomatic Row—Among Other Concerns

Will a Military Panel Show Any Mercy for Staff Sgt. Robert Bales?

Twitter Weeps for Bradley Manning

Photos: Syrians React to Reported Gas Attack

Oscar de la Renta Calls Hillary Clinton 'A Symbol of Where Women Want to Go'

Rethinking Sam Horowitz’s Bar Mitzvah

George Washington University’s Housing Horrors

The Hot Leg/Hot Dog Conundrum

Kate Middleton's Family Portrait Dress Sells Out; Anna Wintour Makes Instagram Debut

No Fireworks on Al Jazeera America’s Plodding Debut

Enter the ‘Iron Man’: Muslim Brotherhood Appoints New Leader, But Remains in Disarray

The Fall and Rise of Skateboarder Danny Renaud

How Biden’s Win on Afghanistan Policy Has Shaped Obama’s Arab Approach

LinkedIn and the Internet’s New Organization Kids

Pakistan’s Murder Mystery

Emmys 2013: Christina Hendricks on Joan’s Best ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Moments

Sunny’s Debut, Bo’s Bubble & the Undogly Life of a Presidential Pet

Junot Díaz: How I Write

“Slut, Bitch, Dyke”—Joan of Arc and the Modern Military Woman

Emmys 2013: ‘Downton Abbey’ Creator Julian Fellowes’ Favorite Season 3 Moments

Emmys 2013: Linda Cardellini on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ and More

‘The Bone Season’ Could Be the Next ‘Hunger Games,’ But Is It Any Good?

Chris Christie’s Delicate Social Issues Dance

Joe Biden Drops a 2016 Hint by Headlining Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa

Republicans Move to the Center? Nope, They’re Crazier Than Ever

The Man at the Center of the Princess Diana Conspiracy

A Plot Against Living: J.F. Powers’ “Suitable Accomodations”

Asako Narahashi at Pier 24 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Jon Stewart No. 1 in Late Night, David Arquette Falls Off the Wagon

Meet Saint Laurent’s New Muses

Discovery’s Sneak Attack

What Killed the Intern?

Ryan Braun and Anti-Semites

Palestinian Prisoners Are Released And No One Cares

The Internet’s 9 Most Hated Companies

Antonio Sabato Jr.: Love Instructor

Tina Brown: It's Absolutely Old Potatoes

The Crazy Dog Videos of George W. Bush

The Banality of Occupation

The Criminal Folly of the Egyptian Armed Forces

Elmore Leonard Was the Cool King of Crime Fiction

Who Inspects the Inspector?

Exclusive: Courier Led U.S. to Al Qaeda Internet Conference

Cara Delevingne, Model Turned Singer

World Record Fails

Elmore Leonard’s Best Movie and TV Adaptations: ‘Out of Sight,’ ‘Get Shorty,’ 'Justified,' and More

The Highest Paid Models: Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, and More

How the Chuck Hagel Fight Changed the American Jewish Landscape in Washington

Obamas' New Dog = Drone Strikes?

Gisele Bündchen Tops Highest-Paid Supermodels List; Kate Middleton Wears $72 Dress in Official Family Portrait

’N Sync May Reunite at the VMAs: Everything We Want From Their Performance

‘90s Soap Star Antonio Sabato Jr. Is My Wingman

Lawyer: Hosni Mubarak Will Be Released

Les Gelb's Challenging, Wise Words on Egypt

Terrence Howard, Star of ‘The Butler,’ Is an Actor With a Dark Past

Of Punk and War: A U.S. Combat Veteran in Solidarity with Pussy Riot

Ivan Doig’s Book Bag: Five Favorite Books on the American West

Bloomberg’s Big Win? New York’s Largest Gun Raid Ever

Eminem Rocks Ireland: Slane Castle’s Latest Legendary Performer

Incredible Subway Station Art (Photos)

Oprah Winfrey Should Win an Oscar for ‘The Butler’

Egypt Targets ‘Terrorists’ in Ongoing Violence

Anti-Obamacare Rage, Once a GOP Hit, Fizzles Despite Town Halls

Andrew Garfield & More 30-Somethings Who Played Teens (PHOTOS)

Does Your Drone Deliver?

Meet Sunny, the Obamas’ New Pup

The Immortality Financiers: The Billionaires Who Want to Live Forever

Sounding Takes Off, but Injuries (Fork in the Penis!) Are Inevitable

The Godmother of Burlesque

The Dark Side of Italy's Garment Business: Human Trafficking

Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, and the World Cup Warriors Who Inspired A Generation of Girls

Kerry Clears Benghazi Officials Clinton Punished

First Official Photos of Prince George Arrive

Senator: Obama Administration Secretly Suspended Military Aid to Egypt

Rupert Murdoch Invests in Edgy Upstart Media Company Vice

Deconstructing Lady Gaga's 5 Bras in "Applause"

Yes, Virginia, There is Anti-Israel Bias at the U.N.

New Apple iPhone May be Gold

John Stamos Turns 50! Watch Uncle Jesse's Greatest Moments

Lee Thompson Young, Star of 'The Famous Jett Jackson,' Commits Suicide

Exchanging Stories of Trauma

Chinelo Okparanta: Champion of the Stifled

Violence in ‘Kick-Ass 2’: the Comic Book vs. the Movie

AIPAC’s Moral Myopia

Grace Coddington Models in New Marks & Spencer Campaign; Could Lipstick Contain Dangerous Toxins?

Nepal Old and New: Kathmandu Valley’s Royal Cities Get a Facelift

Tom Hanks Wasn't First Choice For Forrest Gump

Is Bibi Netanyahu the New Ariel Sharon?

Prince William: George Is a 'Rascal'

A-Rod Hit by Pitch in Boston

AIPAC’s Moral Myopia: Israel Want Egypt’s Military to Stay in Power

America's Thriving Cities, From Seattle to Boston (photos)

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s Wild Feud: Stalking Allegations and Smear Campaigns

Why I Don’t Watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ or Any Shows With Black People in Prison

Olivia Wilde on ‘Drinking Buddies,’ Skinny-Dipping, Booze, and More

Ted Cruz at Princeton: Creepy, Sometimes Well-Liked, and Exactly the Same

This Week’s Hot Reads: August 19, 2013

Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan Interview Settles It: Lohan’s Comeback Is Real

Summer 2013: The Season We All Started Wearing Birkenstocks Again

My Life as a Jihadist

The True Life of Marilyn Chambers, the ‘Other’ Queen of Porn

Tina Brown: No, Conspiracy Theorists, Princess Diana Was Not Murdered

Julian Assange Loves Rand Paul and His ‘Very Principled Positions’

America's Thriving Cities, From Seattle to Boston

Saudi Arabia Blames America For the Turmoil in Egypt

Poll: Women Say They Are Leaning In

Why Is Skinny Shaming Ok When Fat Shaming Is Not?

Lohan to Oprah: I Am an Addict

Jerry Sandusky’s Son Matt on the Brink of Settling With Penn State

POTUS on the Silver Screen

Wildfire Rages in Idaho (Photos)

Thomas Demand at Pier 24 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

AbleNook designers offer alternative to disaster-relief tents and trailers

Was Princess Diana Murdered by the British Military?

Why People Throw Shoes in Afghanistan

Watergate 40 Years Later: Newsweek Covers From the Summer of ’73

Venezuela's Anti-Gay Politicians

Lindsay Lohan Comes Clean to Oprah & More Addiction Tell-Alls (Video)

Fringe Factor: Latin Americans Bring Violence to the U.S.

Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

A Night with The Conjuring’s Ed & Lorraine Warren

Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016...or Ever?

Business Longreads for the Week of August 17, 2013

Meet Hollywood's Eyebrow King, Damone Roberts

Plants That Glow in the Dark Spark Heated Debate

Seattle Police Hand Out Doritos at Hempfest

Rent This Mediterranean Villa (Photos)

How Do I Protect My Girls From Princess and Porn Star Culture?

It’s Time to Hold Our Nose and Back Egypt’s Military

A New Twist Emerges in Princess Diana’s Death

OMG, I Want This House: Provincetown

Colbert’s Olympic Solution, ‘Breaking Bad’ Romcom & More Viral Videos

Anna Dello Russo, Stella McCartney, & More Fashion Instagrams

Chinese Consumers Are Buying Cherries Directly From American Farmers

How Does All Your Stuff Get to You? Inside the Shipping Industry

Palestinian and Israeli Citizens Bypass Their Governments in Search for Peace

The Week’s Best Longreads for August 17, 2013

Somalia on the Brink

Oprah Winfrey’s Fabulous ‘Butler’ Press Tour: The Best Moments (VIDEO)

Egypt’s Day of Rage

Israel’s Balancing Act in Sinai

Lindsay Lohan, Fashion Blogger?

Neocon Scholar: Keep Bloodying The Brotherhood

Area 51 Is Real!

Beyoncé Debuts A New Blonde Bob

In Memory of the Victims of Murderers Just Sent Home

Pull the Plug on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Ending the Blame Game Through Talks

The Art of Rediscovery: Muriel Rukesyer’s “Savage Coast”

RNC Bans CNN And NBC From Hosting '16 Debates

The Bar Mitzvah Boy Who Went Viral

Jihadist Suicide Bomber Likely Behind Blast in Hezbollah Stronghold

Ted Cruz's Candidacy Would Be Awkward For Birthers

"Punk: Chaos to Couture" Ends As Fifth Most Popular Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Exhibit; Hermès Unveils $12,900 Basketball

We're All Guilty of That

Head Of Israeli Military Courts: Palestinians Don't Get Fair Trial

Why Oprah Won't Use the N-Word

Week in Photos: August 2, 2013

John Oliver's Epic 'Daily Show' Finale

‘The Butler’ Fact Check: How True Is This True Story?

Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ Is Actually Not That Bad

How Eric Holder Got His Chance to Overhaul Broken Sentencing System

Yes, There’s a ‘War on Coal.’ Here’s How to End It.

How Obama Lost His Influence in Egypt

Barbara Fredrickson’s Bestselling ‘Positivity’ Is Trashed by a New Study

Rooney Mara, Lady Gaga & More Best & Worst Dressed (Photos)

The Jazz Pianist That John F. Kennedy Saved

Palestinian Prisoner Freed by Israel Has American Blood on His Hands

Rush Limbaugh as Debate Moderator? It’s the GOP’s Craziest Idea Yet.

Why Elvis Presley Never Really Died

Nine Craziest Moments From ‘Jobs’

Arctic Monkeys, Foxes & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Bill de Blasio: The Man for New York City

Obama Played Cards During bin Laden Raid

Paul Cezanne at the Morgan Library is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

NSFW: Alex's Best Snarks

Welcome to the Golden Age of Activist Investors

U.S. Picked One Side in Egypt All Along

'Duck Dynasty' Breaks Records, WWE Wrestler Darren Young Comes Out

'That 70's Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dead at Age 43

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What It Means to Poll Israeli Attitudes on Peace

Is Cara Delevingne Responsible For Declining Tweezer Sales?; Miley Cyrus Twerks For Terry Richardson

Prince William Is Out of a Job. What Now?

Obama: 'The Egyptian People Deserve Better'

When Prisoner Releases and Direct Negotiations Aren’t Enough

20 Percent of the Ground Isn't Solid

Why Are Walmart Stores Underperforming? Blame Their Terrible Wages

Hezbollah Takes Credit for Attacking Israeli Troops in Lebanon

Stephen Colbert's Olympic Solution

Harriet Tubman Sex Tape Parody Sparks Twitter Outrage From Spike Lee and More

Coming Clean on Egypt

Yelp Joins With Advocacy Group ALEC to Fight SLAPP Lawsuits

Boycott Putin, Not the Sochi Olympics

Oprah Winfrey’s Fashion Evolution in ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

You’ve Forgotten About Syria Again, Haven’t You?

Oprah’s Costume Evolution in ‘The Butler,’ Sketches by Ruth Carter

Luke, Chris and Liam: Your Guide to the Fabulous Hemsworth Brothers

‘We the Parents’ Chronicles L.A.’s Controversial Charter School Law

Killing the Peacemaker

Booz Allen Keeps Winning Government Security Contracts After Snowden Leak

The Truth About Angels in the Bible

Wendy Williams Announces Her Online ‘Hair World’ of Wigs, Weaves and More

‘Kick-Ass 2’ Star Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Favorite Movie Villains

Four Former Vanderbilt Football Players Accused of Rape

Why Are America’s Postpartum Practices So Rough on New Mothers?

Obama’s Greatest Failure

Jesse Jackson Jr’s ‘Staggering’ Fall From Grace

Can Netanyahu Deliver a Two-State Solution?

Good Hyperloop News: G-forces Won't Crush You

'Bachelor' Contestant Dies

Chris Brown Sued for Assault, 'Bachelor' Star Gia Allemand Dies

Thy Hand, Great Anarch!

Jack Germond, a Reporter from Another Time

Do You Know the Pledge of Allegiance?

Syrian Electronic Army Leader Says the Hacks Won’t Stop

Jack Germond and the Old Days

Michelle Elzay at Fitzroy Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Time To Cut Off Egypt

Celebrating Pirelli's 50th Anniversary

The Six Most Fabulous, Most Epic Bar Mitzvah Dances Ever (VIDEO)

Dante de Blasio Might Just Have Gotten His Dad Elected Mayor

The Porn Industry’s Hepatitis Problem

Share Your Horrifying (and Hilarious!) Pet-Sitting Stories

Carl Icahn’s tweets send Apple stock above $500

Cigarettes’ Last Gasp

Kanye West Reportedly Wants to Debut Baby Photos in Vogue; Disney Princess-Inspired Dresses to be Auctioned Off at Christie's

How Abbas Can Recognize A 'Jewish State' While Preserving Palestinian Rights

The Best Art Is Outside Your Door

Egypt’s Government Thugs Beat Me Up at the Rabaa Sit-In

Quinn Attacks Weiner in Mayoral Debate

Army Storms Cairo Sit-Ins

Amnesty International U.K. Board Chairman Resigns Over Crude Jokes

Hillary 2016 Brings Back Boomer Clinton Rage

‘Safe Passage’ Signs Are a Signal That Chicago Has Surrendered

Jack Hidary Waits to Make His Push in New York City Mayoral Race

Palestinian Prisoners Released on the Eve of Peace Talks

Obama Administration Pushes for Apache Helicopter Sale to Iraq

Penis Pics: Behind the Instagram Account That Looks Like a Dick

Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga & More Girls With Grills (PHOTOS)

Tom Reiss: How I Write

Old Nazis May Be Dying Off But Nazi Hunting Continues to Thrive

The 10 Best Model Chefs

Cory Booker Wins But Almost No One Votes

Lady Gaga's Weird Non-Promo

Ryan Gosling Chrome Extension ‘Hey Girl’ Transforms Your Webpage Into ALL Gosling

Intriguing, Humorous, Even Poetic: Peter Orner’s New Story Collection

Bibi's Settlements and Kerry's Restraint

The Bickering Behemoths Saga, Continued: Trump Weighs In

Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again, Hits SocialFlow, New York Post

Carl Icahn Takes a Shine to Apple

Weiner Hangs Tough

WATCH: ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, and Best Singing Impersonations

Christain Bale Offered $50 Million for Batman, Woody Allen Plays a Pimp

Edouard Vuillard at the Morgan Library is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Online Jobs Listings in Detroit Region Grow Strongly

North Carolina’s Attack on Voting Rights

Boom Times For Florida’s Sinkhole Fixer Uppers

Sinkhole Madness!

Does Elliott Abrams Speak For American Jewish Leaders?

Congressman Says House Could Impeach Obama

The Defense That Sank Whitey Bulger

Palestinian State Won't Solve All Israel's Palestinian Issues

Michelle Obama's Rap Album Is Kind of Embarrassing

U.S. Justice Department Files Lawsuit to Block Merger Between American Airlines and US Airways

Coco Rocha Pulls a Beyoncé And Gets a Pixie Cut; Damien Hirst Teams Up With Alexander McQueen

Florida Sinkhole Devours Building

'Breaking Bad' the RomCom

Your Brain's Ability Peaks At 22

Fast Food Goes Upscale

Hey Whitey Bulger: I Was a Snitch, Too

John Oliver Rips Chris Matthews the 'Witch'

Propagandize For Israel And Get A Free Ride At College

Children Swarm Cairo’s Rabaa Sit-In

Hannah Anderson Captor a ‘Trusted Friend,’ Cat Lover

How Did Cory Booker Get Himself Into Such a Dumb Money Mess?

Tased to Death?

‘Hot in Herre,’ ‘Cruel Summer,’ ‘Temperature’ & More Hot Summer Songs

CeeLo and Goodie Mob on Their Comeback, Kanye West’s ‘Emotional Problems,’ More

Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional: A ‘Fair Trial’ for the NYPD?

Wayne Koestenbaum’s Book Bag: The Best of the ’80s

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Won’t Solve the Jewish State Problem

The 11 Best-Dressed Dogs of Instagram (PHOTOS)

How to End the War in Syria

Mary Decker, Zola Budd and The Fall Heard 'Round the World

Hilarious Photos of Bewildered Dads at One Direction Concert Take Internet By Storm

Man Tilts His Brother's Room 90 Degrees

Treasury Monthly Statement Shows the U.S. Deficit Is Melting Away

Two Days Before Talks, Israel Opens Settlement Floodgates

Elon Musk Introduces the Hyperloop, a System for Ultra-Rapid Transit

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Both Release Singles, but Which is Better?

This Week’s Hot Reads: ‘The Bridge of Beyond,’ ‘The Virgins,’ ‘Holy Orders’

Holder Seeks Mandatory Minimum Overhaul

‘Breaking Bad’ and TV’s Five Most Shocking Flash-Forward Scenes

Allan Sekula Appreciation is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Joe Miller Hopes "Surveillance State" Will Be Winning Issue In 2014

'Get Your Head Out of the Bucket'

The Prophet of the Bogus Drug War

‘Breaking Bad’ Breaks Records, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Release New Songs

Eric Holder’s Decision to Back Away From Mandatory Drug Sentences Is a Positive Step

Bill Lynch, the Culminator

Far-Right Pro-Israel Group Rallies Against Vaunted New York Jewish Institution

10 Rejected Baby Names, From Messiah to Mafia No Fear

The BlackBerry’s Death Rattle Gets Louder

Kelly: Stop-and-Frisk Ruling 'Offensive'

Israeli Bypass Roads: Separate But Unequal

Revealed: Behind Homeland’s Surprising 'Princess Bride' Connection

Walt Kills Skyler? What’s with the Color Green? Craziest ‘Breaking Bad’ Theories

Porn Professor Hugo Schwyzer Comes Clean About His Twitter Meltdown and Life as a Fraud

Pictures of Justin Bieber Naked Leak and We Just Don't Know How to Feel

Beyoncé & Dead Celebrities Top Magazine Sales; Karl Lagerfeld Offers Angela Merkel Fashion Advice

Which Job Really Exists?

Netanyahu & Co. Erase Israel's Economic Horizon

Models's Pursuit of Happiness

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump a Sideshow at Fire and Brimstone Rally

Israel Announces 1,200 New Settlement Home Days Before Talks

Lea Michele Dedicates Award to Cory Monteith

Perseid 2013: Meteor Shower Lights Up the Night Sky

Chris Rock to Blame for Obsession with Black Hair and Beyoncé

Lee Daniels on ‘The Butler,’ Working with Oprah, Trayvon Martin, and Race in America

Cara Delevingne’s Wackiest Style

Can Chris Christie Avoid the Giuliani Jinx?

2 Chainz, Snoop Lion, and More Rappers in the Kitchen

t.A.T.u’s ‘All the Things She Said’ Turns 10

George Orwell’s Letter On Why He Wrote ‘1984’

Is Megyn Kelly Pushing Sean Hannity Out of Fox News Prime Time?

Obama Is Giving Up Some Executive Power, and He’ll Still Get No Credit

Zarqawism Lives: Iraq’s Al Qaeda Nightmare is Back

Meet Jane Austen's Most Extreme Fans

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Spills on Midseason Season Premiere’s Big Plot Twist

Hannah Anderson Found! Five Things to Know About the Kidnapped Teen

'Red Flags' When Campers Saw Hannah

Chanel Iman, Pamela Love & More Fashion Instagrams

Jon or John? Stelter Decides

Snowden's Dad is Going to Russia

News One Now: Roland Martin Wants to Change the News

Old School Golfing With the Stars (Photos)

The 2013 Artist Sandcastle Competition Hosted By Creative Time (PHOTOS)

OMG, I Want This House: Brooklyn Edition (Photos)

Sigur Rós, MGMT & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (Photos)

Business Longreads for the Week of August 9, 2013.

The 2013 Artist Sand Castle Competition Hosted by Creative Time (PHOTOS)

Washington's Protocol Chief Capricia Marshall Steps Down

Jesus Needs Reza Aslan, Author of 'Zealot'

Fringe Factor: Gay Love Is Just Like What Ariel Castro Had With His Victims

'Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical' Geniuses Rhett & Link Talk Going Viral

Real Life 'Orange is the New Black' Counterparts (Photos)

Classic Jet Set: Jackie O., Liz Taylor & More Stars in the Air (Photos)

Behind the Johnson & Johnson Curse

Ted Cruz Gets An Early Start For 2016

Garry Winogrand's Beautiful Women

Family Leader Conference Mixes Religion & Politics

Steve King Plays Coy On Presidential Ambitions

Rick Santorum, Culture Warrior Resurrected

Crazy Carrie Mathison is So Crazy

Is Psychiatry Being Stumped By the Mental Illnesses It Has to Treat?

Terrifying Close Encounters with Sharks

Why Time Warner Cable Can’t Cave to CBS’s Demands

The Other Mumford & Sons, Shark Week Insanity & More Viral Videos

How Bronx Teen Shaaliver Douse, Killed by Cops, Ended Up With a Gun

Sequester Furloughs Force Government Workers to Change Financial and Career Plans

The Week’s Best Longreads for August 9, 2013

‘Let Them Wear Towels’: The Women Who Changed American Sports Forever

Journalism’s Least Safe and Most Intriguing Site:

Snowden Who? U.S. and Russian Officials Say NSA Leaker Not Part of ‘2+2’ Meetings

Obama Says He’ll Reform the NSA. Happy Now?

The Week in Weird: A Skyscraper Missing Elevators, ‘Frankenfish’ & More

Jack Donaghy vs. Alec Baldwin

U.S. Postal Services Loses $740 Million Amid Declining Volume

Jimmy DeSana at Salon 94 is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Lady Gaga, John Lennon & More Celebs Doing Performance Art (VIDEO)

Obama: Snowden Not a Patriot

The Week in Photos: Aug. 9, 2013

There’s a Bipartisan Effort to Get Yes Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

'Homeland' Season 3 Trailer: 15 Observations

Usher’s Feud With Tameka Foster Intensifies Over Son’s Near Drowning

Kate Moss Earned $18 Million in 2012; Jason Wu to Launch Makeup Collection

Anthony Weiner Can't Take British Reporter Seriously

What's Wrong With the Discourse About Throwing Rocks?

Connecticut Plane Crash: Photos from the Scene

Superpowers or Just Freaky?

What Role For AIPAC In The Process?

Don’t Flip Out, But Some Burger Chains Actually Pay Pretty Well

Meet the Aqualillies! (Photos)

Erbie Bowser: A ‘Gentle Giant’ Who Snapped


Royal Hols

Prince Philip's Return To Public Life

Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Oprah and More Best & Worst Dressed (PHOTOS)

Russia: the Next Third Reich?

North Carolina, Your Anti-Sharia Law Takes the Cake

Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé, Miley, And More Stars With Pixie Cuts (PHOTOS)

‘Low Winter Sun’ Might Be the New ‘Wire’

Ramen Burger’s Inventor Talks About the Food Craze Eclipsing the Cronut

The Big Idea: Saving the World’s Most Important Fish

Meet Al Qaeda’s New General Manager: Nasser al-Wuhayshi

Tom Cotton’s Run for Senate in Arkansas Makes Him the New Neocon Darling

Why the World Is Smarter Than US

The Mafioso Next Door

Aurora Snow Reviews ‘Lovelace’

Can the Republicans Get a Handle on Their Bigots?

The Santorum Slot: Desperately Seeking Social Conservatives

‘Fallen Princesses’: The Amazing Photos of Depressed Disney Royalty

'Breaking Bad' Precap

The Case for Older Foster Children

Too Soon to Write: Choire Sicha’s “Very Recent History”

Words of Wisdom from CeeLo

Ebony Magazine’s Trayvon Should Not Be Controversial

Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report for Wife of Scientology Leader

Start-Up Automaker Elio Builds Small, Cheap, Two-Seater Car

Amazon Opens Fine Art Market

Is Israel’s Government Serious About Peace?

'Two and a Half Men' gets a daughter, Real World Star dies at 44

Katrin Heichel at Thierry Goldberg is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

How One Sex Abuse Case Tore Apart the Williamsburg Hasidim

Clooney, Murray, and Damon Star in New ‘Monuments Men’ Trailer

Crocs Stock Falls on Critical Research Report

Al Qaeda's Board Meetings

San Diego’s Rage Against the Mayor

Best Photos of Ramadan 2013 from Around the World

Skyping With Al Qaeda

Phone Throwing App Is Awful

Israeli Mayor: If I'm Racist, So Is Israel

On Abortion, Wendy Davis Doesn’t Know What She’s Talking About

Naomi, Christy, Linda, & Kate All Starred in a Car Commercial

Before They Were Famous

'We Are Trayvon': The Ebony Covers (PHOTOS)

Giving Talks The Best Chance Possible

John Galliano in Talks With Oscar de la Renta; Kate Upton Felt Terrible About Swimsuit Cover

Jeff Bezos' Intentions

John Oliver Slams the Huge 'Sharktroversy'

Activists Target 'National Proirity' List Inclduing Record Number of Settlements

End of the Affair: Inevitable Collapse of Obama’s Russian Reset

Beyoncé Gets a Haircut: Pixie Cut Debuts on Instagram

August Is the Cruelest Month—If You’re On Instagram

‘Breaking Bad’: The 7 Plot Points You Need to Remember for the Final Season

My Professor the Killer: Why Dr. James St. James Should Stay

Can This Waffle Save America?

Meet the Terrorist Who Most Terrifies America’s Terrorist Hunters

What Links the Neo-Confederate Virginia Flaggers, Barack Obama & Race

Is Life Without CBS Really So Bad for Time Warner Customers?

Exclusive: A Photo Essay on the Making of ‘The Spectacular Now’

Send Me to Heaven App, Which Encourages Phone Throwing, Is a Buzzkill

Jodie Foster in ‘Elysium’ & More Actresses in Roles Written for Men (PHOTOS)

Elizabeth Hurley’s Model Nephew

Chasing Cleopatra: Peter Stothard Writes About the Queen

Paul Ryan, Still a Darling to Republicans, Is Quietly Getting Ready for 2016

Lady Gaga Gets Naked for Marina Abramovic in NSFW Performance Art Video

Soviet-Era Secret Leakers Were Way Worse than Snowden

Academic Israel Programs and Their Critics

Surf's Up! Awesome Big Wave Photos

Kutcher: I Was 'Terrified' Portraying Steve Jobs

Joaquin Phoenix & Scarlett Johansson Star in Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ (VIDEO)

Rio’s Security Crisis

Charles Baxter: How I Write

Walmart Calls Out The Nation for its Low-Wage Internship Program

Highlight Reel: The Best Stephen Colbert Episode Ever?

Weather Kitty App Makes Meteorology Fun

Daniel Gross: The Government Mortgage Industry

Between Gibraltar and a Hard Place

The Real Lessons Of Portnoy’s Complaint

Allan Sekula at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Massive Fire Engulfs Nairobi Airport (PHOTOS)

Daft Punk is NOT Playing at Colbert's House

Yellow Will Make You Happier

Cleveland Victim Attends Castro House Demolition

Justin Bieber Involved in Brawl Over H&M Bow Tie; Kim Kardashian Rumored To Design Children's Clothes

Israelis Reject Likely Specifics of Peace Agreement

Weiner Calls Opponent 'Grandpa'

Obama Tells Leno about Al Qaeda Threat

No Occupation Before Lunch On Israeli TV

Kate To Join William In Wales

Prince William's Paternity Leave Ends

Al Qaeda Conference Call Intercepted by U.S. Officials Sparked Alerts

Wall Street Gets Punked Again With Sprouts Farmers Market IPO

Can Vegetarians Eat In-Vitro Meat? The Debate Rages.

Python Murder Mystery: How Did a Snake Kill Two Young Boys?

T.E. Lawrence Rides Again in Scott Anderson’s New History

‘Grumppuccino’: A Look at the New Coffee Line by Famed Internet Meme Grumpy Cat

Jennifer Aniston’s New Movie Sucks. What’s She Doing Wrong?

‘Broadchurch’ Is Great TV for Fans of ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ and ‘Prime Suspect’

A-Rod Let Us Down

Kristin Davis, Self-Styled Spitzer Madam, Is Arraigned on Drug Charges

Wendy Davis, Kamala Harris, Chris Taylor & More Tough Democratic Women

Twelve Men, Silenced by an Unconstitutional Law

Conservatives Have No Idea What ‘Racist’ Means

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Kylie Bisutti Releases Christian Clothing Line, God Inspired Fashion

George Bush Gets a Heart Stent—and a Close Brush With Our Broken Health-Care System

CeeLo Thinks Adam Levine is 'Precious'

Naomi Watts Shines as Princess of Wales in ‘Diana’ Biopic Trailer

Exclusive: John McCain on His Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

A Bar of Paranoid Schizos: Robert Boswell’s “Tumbledown”

July was the Greenest Month Ever for U.S. Car Sales

Behold: The Waffle Taco

Christine Quinn Explains Her Teal Nail Polish

Lingerie for the 1 Percent

What's Wrong With Throwing Rocks?

Manning Brothers' Unreal Music Video

El Anatsui at the Brooklyn Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

A-Rod Stars in 'Damned Yankee'

Mumford & Sons' Hilarious Parody Video, Feat. Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, More

U.S. exports hit record $191 billion in June and shrink trade deficit

Hillary Clinton’s Big Challenges in 2016 Will Come From the Left

How to Fix Health Care

The Coming of Al Qaeda 3.0

PA Shooting Presser

Summer Vacation Bucket List

The Venice Beach Menace’s Troubled Past

Mitch McConnell's New Enemy

Rodarte’s Dark Fantasy

'Hair Robbery' is Venezuela's Latest Crime; Oprah Dons 3.5-Pound Wig on O Magazine Cover

Why Did Netanyahu Release Palestinian Prisoners?

I Got a $180 Bird-Poop Facial

Brennan Emerges From Shadows

The Digital Future of News

Israeli Visits to Turkey Up 86 Percent in June

A-Rod Booed in Yankee Return

Will Bea announce her engagement tonight?

Bob Woodward Saddened by ‘Washington Post’ Sale to Jeff Bezos

Did William Press The Princess Kate Button?

Nidal Hasan’s Murders Termed ‘Workplace Violence’ by U.S.

The Graham Family’s Shock ‘Washington Post’ Sale to Jeff Bezos

Virginia’s Gubernatorial Race Has Turned Into a Sad, Sleazy Circus

Juan Gabriel Vasquez’s Book Bag: My Favorite Books About Latin America

Mosquitoes Love Some People More and Science Wants to Know Why

Robert Ford: Troubleshooter

Lindsay Lohan, Spectacular on ‘Chelsea Lately,’ Is Alive Again

Anthony Weiner’s Summer of Bright Pants Just Got a Whole Lot Darker

Print Textbooks Still Dominate Campus Textbook Market

The Washington Post Sale: By the Numbers

If Sexting Is So Wrong, Why Does It Feel So Good?

Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, Zac Efron & More of the Best On-Screen Bulges

‘Nikki & Sara’ Is Late Night TV’s Best-Kept Secret

Nigerian Weddings: Money and Marriage in a Massive African Economy (PHOTOS)

Olympian Katarina Witt: I Felt 'Betrayed' By East Germany's Secret Police

On the Hunt for Trevino Morales, Zetas Leader

Everything You Need to Know About Jeff Bezos

'I'm Not Here to Judge People'

Senator Places Hold on Top Defense Department Nominee

A-Rod the Scapegoat

So Long, Washington Post

This Week’s Hot Reads: August 5, 2013

Why 2013 Hasn’t Been Lululemon’s Best Year

VIDEO: What Do Israelis Wish For Iranians?

Donning the Turban: Harleen Kaur’s Response to Oak Creek Massacre

Edward Hopper at the Whitney Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

White House Addresses Terror Alert

New Bank ATMs Feature Human Presence

Meet The (Other) Medine

State Department Ordered Review of Iranian Terror Activity in Latin America

Pro-Israel Group Attacks New York Times' Iran Correspondent

People Way Too Pumped for Shark Week

The $330,000 Franken-Burger

Frank Pallone's Uphill Fight

The Problem with the Process

Professional Matchmakers Build Business on Facebook

Really Buff Guy Can't Open Water Bottle

How to Overcome Party Anxiety

Elle Macpherson Remarries; "Bling Ring" Copycats Attempt to Rob Paris Hilton

Who Cares About the Green Line?

Report: Egypt Cancels Erdogan Gaza Visit

World's First Lab-Grown Burger

Bands Made Popular By 'The O.C.': The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Rooney, More

William: Gotta Get Nappies For Baby Georgie

Granny Panties Throughout History

Jim Messina, How Could You Flip From Barack Obama to David Cameron?

Alex Rodriguez Suspension Is a Sad Moment for Baseball

13 Actors You Didn’t Know Were on ‘The O.C.’ (PHOTOS)

The Republican Party Isn’t Conservative Enough

15 Rounds and Still Talking: Lt. Brian Murphy’s Story of the Oak Creek Massacre

16 Questions for the ‘Real-Life Barbie,’ Valeria Lukyanova

Off the Hook: Eric Young’s Craziest Shark Catches (Video)

How to Beat Hillary: End the Republican Fratricide

Lindsey Graham Challengers Line Up for South Carolina GOP Primary

It’s Not Easy for Black Celebrities Like Raven-Symoné to Come Out

Remembering ‘The O.C.’: Creator Josh Schwartz on the Show’s 10th Anniversary

Why the Tea Party Is a Nativist Libertarian Movement

Autism and Child Pornography: A Toxic Combination

Kate Middleton: Why Be a Duchess When You Can Be a Princess?

Bickering Behemoths: Time Warner Cable Dispute With CBS Leaves Viewers in the Dark

Britain's Muslim Communities See Rise in Part-Time Wives

Britain's Part-Time Wives

The Art of Sleeping Alone: French Journalist Sophie Fontanel Gives Up Sex for 12 Years

New 'Doctor Who' Likes to Swear

Are We Killing Our Sports Gene?

'The Most Serious Threat'

McConnell's Fancy Farm Monster Comes Back to Haunt Him

Jason Sudeikis Learns Soccer

Marilyn Monroe & More Celebrities at New York City Hotels (PHOTOS)

Kanye West, John Legend & More Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO)

In China, ‘Leftover Women’ Get Plastic Surgery

Shooting on the Strip: Las Vegas's Prostitution Secret

Whitey Bulger Refuses to Testify

The ‘Dream 9’ Ripple Effect

Anthony Weiner Has Some Competition

Hawaii Flies Its Homeless Away and Other Ideas from the Fringe

Beyoncé, Betsey Johnson & More Fashion Instagrams

Barack Obama, Nick Jonas & More Celebrity Twitter Pictures (PHOTOS)

Newsweek Magazine Sold to IBT Media

Newsweek Sold to IBT Media

Jim Messina’s New Mission: David Cameron

Shark Attacks On Screen

John Kerry’s Message to Pakistan

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film

The Making of a Monster: Charles Manson’s Childhood

What’s Behind Hollywood’s Asian Flirtation? China’s Box Office

16 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Win 2016

The Week’s Best Longreads for August 3, 2013

Celebrity Retro Road Trip Instagrams: Beyonce & More (PHOTOS)

OMG, I Want This House: Hudson Valley (Photos)

Apple’s Dumb Penny-Pinching

Ransomware Scams Prey on Your Sense of Guilt to Open Your Wallet

Honey Harvest at the Waldorf Astoria’s Beehives

How to Break Into Sitcom Writing: Start a Twitter

Brian Williams Does Marky Mark, NASA’s Scary Map & More Viral Videos

Fears of Al Qaeda Affiliate’s Plot Behind U.S. Travel Alert

The Good Old Travel Guide Days

Syrian President Assad’s Desperate Instagram Feed

New Calculations of U.S. GDP Finally Take Research and Development Into Account

Netanyahu Sticks By Rowhani Misquote To Build Hawkish Case Against Iran

Sound Art at MoMA is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

Politicians Throw Punches

Don't Say These Words Abroad


Letter to the Don Lemon Haters

Stunning Images from Easter Island

Is there a Rabin-Netanyahu Link?

Pippa Looks Hot in New VF Shoot

America’s Secret Government Program to Hire Nazi War Criminals

Why Can't "No Scandal" Be Big News?

Ellen DeGeneres Is the Perfect Choice to Host the 2014 Oscars

Peace Talks Play Well at the Israeli Polls

A record 21.6 million millennials live with Mom and Dad

The Game Show of Israeli Politics

Karen Elson Granted Restraining Order Against Jack White; Carine Roitfeld Styles a Home Depot Jumpsuit

Alexander Wang's Free-For-All

Should We Cut Off Egypt Aid? Ask AIPAC

Prince George Officially Registered

Shots Fired Early in Hillary Clinton Super PAC War

Politicians Fight in Taiwan

Fair Assumption: No IDF In Palestine

Jimmy Fallon Sings 'Blurred Lines'

America's Next Top Meltdown

BBC Shows Picture of Prince William With Penis Drawn On His Head

Suburbs Are Dying, Say Urbanists, but the Obits May Be Premature

The Sex Scenes in ‘The Spectacular Now’ Are Awkward, Honest, and All Too Real

Read This Book to Understand Lee Harvey Oswald

Week in Photos: Aug. 2, 2013

Is ‘The Canyons’ Really a Disaster? Our Critics Debate

Kanye, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga Love the Art World, and the Art World Loves Them. By Simon de Pury.

Will Sex Help Sell ‘The White Queen’?

The 9 Hottest Power Cats of Instagram

Dictators Who Love Instagram: Bashar al-Assad & More (Photos)

With New Poll, Mitch McConnell Has Trouble on Two Sides

A Fast-Food Joint Thrives, Even by Paying $12 an Hour

Egyptian Army Allegedly Told Protesters ‘Move First, and We Will Be There’

SarahPAC's Sketchy Books

From Tilda Swinton to Princess Charlene, the Best & Worst Dressed (PHOTOS)

How To Turn a Red State Blue

Ariel Castro’s Victim Fantasy—and Why Prison Will Make It Worse

Charlie Rangel on Immigration, Pope Francis & His Successor

Single Mothers and the Blame Game

Hot Shirtless Guy Cures Hiccups

'Most Interesting Man' Hates Bombs

The Best ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Freakouts

Consumers push July U.S. auto sales up sharply

What Global Warming?

Israel’s Security Experts Cry 'Mayday'

Let Them Shoot Up: In Defense of Alex Rodriguez

Reaction Muted as Silvio Berlusconi Found Guilty of Tax Fraud

WWII Tribute Goes Viral

The Suri Effect: Little Kids Want to Wear High Heels

The Dark Secrets of Central Park

Twitter Reacts to A-Rod Scandal

Weiner’s Desperate Rockaway Trip

Palestinian Prisoners: Pawns of the Peace Process

Seven Crazy Things Ariel Castro Said Today

Castro Captives Kept Diaries Revealing Torture, Rape, Beatings and More

Ariel Castro: 'I Am Not a Monster'

A new project makes owning an eco-friendly smart house possible for more than just the one percent.

ExxonMobil’s Profits and Market Capitalization Rival Apple’s

Anna Piaggi and Her Hats

'Your Hell Is Just Beginning'

Inside Ariel Castro's House of Horrors (Photos)

Moscow to Snowden: Welcome to Russia

Is 'Asian Girlz' Summer's Most Offensive Song? (POLL)

AIPAC's Push To Scuttle Iran Diplomacy

Joan Miro at the Metropolitan Museum is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

A Fiery Pit Rages in the Turkmenistan Desert

Hillary Clinton to Receive Michael Kors Award; Shirtless Men Take Over New York City

Surfing Is Less Mystical and More High Tech Says a New Book

Landing with a THUD

Joel Kotkin: The New Metropolitan Economy

PA: Investigate Bennett's 'Kill Arabs' Remark

Who You Calling Bald? Prince Meets Eagle

Ben Stein Slams CNN’s ‘Our Nixon’

Bastards in North Carolina

Queen's Speech In Event of Nuclear War Revealed

Alex Rodriguez Is Facing a Lifetime Ban From Baseball, But He Was Never a Yankee

‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Star Wars,’ and More in Mashup of ‘The Simpsons’ Seasons 1–10

Anthony Weiner Aide’s Rant Is the Capper to a Campaign Gone Wild

‘The Man With the 132 Lb. Scrotum’: TLC’s Lowest Show Yet?

Big Idea: The Time for Divided Nations Is Over

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