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Cheats January 2014

Man Survives ‘16 Months’ At Sea

Ex-Official Says Christie Knew

Is Norovirus the Next Superbug?

White Powder Sent to Jersey Hotels

Bloomberg Named UN Climate Envoy

Canada Spies on Airport Travelers

Zimmerman Agrees to Boxing Match

Gun Control Could Lead to Genocide

Aussies Dump Mud in Barrier Reef

Lawsuits Bankrupt Montana Diocese

Ukraine Prez Repeals Protest Law

Yahoo! Mail Accounts Hacked

Food Stamp Cuts Starve Walmart

College Adds Course on Beyonce

Mom Pimps Daughter for Super Bowl

Amazon to Inflate Prime Prices

Ukraine Activist: 'I Was Tortured'

Thieves Hit Special Needs School

Admiral Tapped for Big Brother

NYC to Settle Stop & Frisk Suits

Human Trafficking Rings Busted

Ashley Judd Still Mulling Politics

UAE Frees Woman Over Rape

GOP Backs Immigrant Legalization

MSNBC Apologizes to RNC Chair

Rob Ford: I Envy Bieber

Knox Found Guilty of Murder

Papal Blood-Snatchers Busted

Death Penalty Ready for Tsarnaev

Scientists Modify Monkey DNA

Bieber Drug Test Shows Xanax, Pot

Henry Waxman Calls It Quits

DOJ Wants More Drug Clemency

Utah Snatches 40 Kids' Lunches

U.S. Economic Comeback Continues

Detroit Deadliest City for Kids

North Korea: We Shot Kim's Uncle

Bieber Charged for Toronto Assault

Scarlett Johansson Cuts Oxfam Ties

WSJ Board Defends Nazi Comparison

Ukraine President Takes Sick Leave

Police Snag Happy Meal Heroin

Russia Broke Treaty With Missile

IG: Afghans Can’t Be Trusted

House Passes Food-Stamp Cuts

Russian TV Faces Kremlin Censoring

Best Song Oscar Nod Yanked

Birther Lawyer Ousted by SCOTUS

Lance Berkman Says Goodbye to MLB

SCOTUS Rescinds Stay of Execution

Prince Won’t Sue Fans for $22M

Bieber Faces Canadian Justice

Defendant Monitored by NSA Sues

Erick Erickson Loves Calling Wendy Davis ‘Abortion Barbie’

Navajos Push for Gay Marriage

China Jumps Into U.S. Phone Market

How Drive Across the U.S. for Free

Snowden Snags Nobel Nomination

Neanderthal DNA Found in Humans

Fed Cuts Help for the Economy

Obama Foes Live-Troll SOTU

Indian Woman Pol: Women Cause Rape

Sapp Sacks Strahan's Legacy

400 Dead Pythons Found in Home

North Korea Restarts Nuke Reactor

Egypt Charges 20 Journalists

Al Qaeda Seizes Syrian Oil Fields

Nightmare Storm Paralyzes Atlanta

Ukraine ‘On Brink of Civil War'

Lesbian Heiress Rejects Millions

GOP Ready to Cave on Debt Ceiling

Grimm Regrets ‘Break You in Half’

Woman Trapped in Jail for 5 Months

Martin Felt ‘Trapped’ By Bullying

Mötley Crüe to Dissolve

Missouri Execution Halted For Now

Obama: I Will Go It Alone

College Football Player Comes Out

Queen Not Down to Last $1M

Indiana Advances Gay-Marriage Ban

Disney Channel Debuts Gay Moms

Congress Lets Hemp Bloom

Record-Low Unemployment in States

Baucus: I’m No Expert on China

Fox Analyst Ready for Military Coup

Fleetwood Mac Reunion in the Works

Mo. Bill Lets Parents Pull Kids from Biology Class

Sentenced to Read Malcolm Gladwell

Man Fights Shark, Stitches Own Leg

MLB Pitchers Get Padded Hats

Uganda Prez Refuses Anti-Gay Bill

High Homeless Man Wins $1.9 Mill

College Athletes Vote to Unionize

Ukrainian Government Resigns

Mexico Legalizes Vigilantism

iPod On Its Death Bed

Ukraine PM Offers to Quit

Black Death Could Strike Again

Palin Defends McCain

Obama to Raise Gov't Minimum Wage

Pete Seeger Dies at 94

U.S. Sends Arms to Syrian Rebels

Food Stamps Put on a Diet

Florida to Vote on Medicinal Toke

Bibi's Son Dating a Non-Jew

Tech Firms to Share NSA Requests

Army Commander Masturbated to Rep.

Colorado Student Immolates Himself

Tarantino Goes Medieval on Gawker

Billionaire: Liberals Still Nazis

NSA Spies on Angry Birds

Russia Would Ban 'Sex Propaganda'

Hil: Benghazi My Biggest Regret

Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested

Jason Collins Gets SOTU Box Seat

Coke-Busted Congressman Resigns

Marlboro Man Dies From Smoking

Guns Kill or Hurt 20 Kids a Day

Snowden: U.S. Wants to Kill Me

Crocodile Snatches 12-Year-Old

Gay Couples Wed at Grammys

Pope's Peace Doves Attacked

Ukraine Justice Ministry Captured

Leno's Wife Hates Conan

Obama Ready to Stiff-Arm Congress

Brain-Dead Woman Off Life Support

Kim Jong-un Killed Uncle's Family

Rand Paul: Remember Lewinsky

Russian Teen Arrested for WMD

300 Ill on Royal Caribbean Cruise

Egypt to Hold Early Elections

Wawrinka Beats Nadal

Hollande Splits From First Lady

Fallon, Romney Slow-Jam the News

Pope: We Need More Roles for Women

Kiev: Peaceful Resolution ‘Futile’

Saudi Man Released on Blood Money

Courtney Love Wins Twibel Suit

Maryland Mall Shooter ID'd

1 Killed in SC School Shooting

NFL Fines Sherman for Taunting

Elizabeth Vargas: I'm an Alcoholic

Hagel on Sochi: We Can Evacuate

Judge: Cut Woman's Life Support

McDonnells Plead Not Guilty

U.S. Stocks Plummet

Black People Are Responsible for Racism

Aide Charged for Child Porn Dead

Another Blow for Chris Christie

Dems Want Women Dependent on Gov.

Kobe Bryant Doesn't Want Your Vote

Court Weighs Pregnant Woman’s Fate

Three Bombs Rip Through Cairo

Leno ‘Blindsided’ by Conan Pick

D.C.’s Most Powerful Gays Ranked

Naughty Hollande Meets Pope

JPMorgan Got Fined, CEO Gets Raise

Kiev Protesters Say Nyet to Deal

40-Vehicle Pileup Chokes I-94

North to South Korea: Friends?

Obama-Hater Indicted for Donations

Snowden: I'm Not Coming Home

3 Dead in Nursing Home Fire

Florida Politician Wants Obama Hanged

Rick Perry: Decriminalize Pot

Gov. McDonnell Rejected Plea Deal

Holder: Snowden Clemency ‘Too Far’

‘Revenge Porn King’ Arrested

Colin Jost to Replace Seth Meyers

NFL: Pot for Concussions

Sean Hannity Gets an Invite to SOTU

Sea Caves Exposed on Lake Superior

Review: NSA Data Sweep Illegal

Ghost Rat Ship Threatens U.K.

Pope: Internet Is 'Gift From God'

New Arrests in Lufthansa Heist

Morocco Amends Rape-Marriage Law

Bill Cosby, NBC Creating New Show

Captain & Tennille to Divorce

Vince Young Goes Bankrupt

Texas Executes Mexican Citizen

Netflix Threatens to Unleash Hell

U.S. Sues Firm That OK’d Snowden

Bieber Busted for DUI

Indian Court Gang-Rapes Woman

VA AG Rejects Gay Marriage Ban

State Dept. Knew of Syria Photos

Hill Made Just $60k for ‘Wolf’

24-Hour Deadline for Ukraine Prez

Chinese Elite Hide Money Offshore

Girl Scouts Go Gluten-Free

Sherman: Thug Is Code for N-Word

Obama Targets Campus Sex Assault

Christie's Ratings Plummet

Faux Tourists Target U.S. Embassy

Unreported Chemical in W. VA Spill

False Gunshot at U. of Oklahoma

Guccifer Arrested in Romania

Feds Grill Google Glass User

Glenn Beck Admits Divisive Role

Tarantino Kills Film After Leak

Purdue Gunman Worked With Victim

Judge: No Banning Gays From Jury

8-Year-Old Saves Six in Fire

Kiev Protests Become Deadly

McDonnell: ‘I Did Nothing Illegal'

Pussy Riot Coming to Brooklyn

Northeast Digs Out From Snow

Sherman: Rant Was 'Immature'

Snowden: I'm No Russian Spy

Kerry: Get Assad Out of Gov't

NY, NJ Declare Emergency

U.S. Secretly Backs Syrian Rebels

Chicago Archdiocese Comes Clean

Rob Ford Goes Jamacian

Amazon Mulls Online TV Service

Virginia Ex-Governor Bob McDonnell Indicted

Bangkok Put in State of Emergency

One Dead in Purdue Shooting

Snowden Wants University Honor

Retrial Sought in 1944 Murder Case

1st Female Prez for African Nation

Obama and Pope to Meet

Vitter Runs for Louisiana Gov

Christie's Inaugural Bash Nixed

Ukrainians Clash with Police

Cops: No Drugs Found at Bieber’s

2 Dead in Omaha Explosion

Grisly Photos May Implicate Assad

HIV+ Man Secretly Filmed Sex

Belichick Bashes Welker

China Lifts Lady Gaga Ban

U.N. Withdraws Iran's Invitation to Syria Talks

Palin: Obama, Don't Play Race Card

Bieber Texts Gomez Angry Selfies

NJ Lt. Gov Denies Pressuring Mayor

Racist Response to Sherman's Rant

Iran Invited to Syria Talks

Prince Charles Taking Over

Bombings Kill Over 25 in Iraq

Palestinian Jail Smuggles Sperm

Sharapova Out of Aussie Open

Jailed American in NK: Help Me

Broncos, Seahawks to Super Bowl

Bieber Downing Shots of Codeine

Islamic Terrorists Threaten Sochi

Egyptian Editor: Kill Americans

Mayor Goes to Feds Over Christie

Jamaican Bobsled Cleared for Sochi

UK Pol: Gay Marriage Causes Storms

Madonna Apologies for 'N---er'

Obama Cool With Legal Weed

Amazon Ships Before You Order

Wendy Davis Stretches the Truth

Dennis Rodman Enters Rehab

Serena Williams Out of Aussie Open

‘Bachelor’: Gays Are Perverts

Chimps Communicate with Gestures

Abortion Ultrasound Law Illegal

Man Assaulted by Bikers to Sue NYC

18 Killed in India Stampede

Mayor: Christie Ransomed Sandy Aid

Afghan Restaurant Attack Kills 21

Bakery Violated Civil Rights

Inmate Granted Right to Sex Change

2 Students Shot at Philly School

400 Priests Defrocked in 2 Years

Houston Mayor Marries Her Partner

Calif. Declares Drought Emergency

Hollande Visits Jilted First Lady

Japan's Last WWII Holdout Dies

Obama Revamps NSA Spying Program

Putin: Gays Will Be Safe at Sochi

Pennsylvania Nixes Voter ID Law

Obama Announces NSA Reforms

Zara Phillips Gives Birth

Bitcoin Breaks Into NBA

Uganda Prez Blocks Anti-Gay Law

Smoking Is Worse Than You Thought

Obama to Address NSA Reforms

Facebook Takes a Page From Twitter

‘Dr. No’ Says Yes to Retirement

Explosive Lands on Thai Protestors

$1.1T Budget Sails Through Senate

Doctors Ban Hollande from Visiting

Gilligan’s Island's Professor Dies

MLB Approves More Instant Replay

Biden: Thanks for 'Saving Our Ass'

NSA Grabs 200M Texts Per Day

Trace Adkins Fights Impersonator

1,700-Acre Blaze Erupts Near L.A.

Heat Wave Suspends Australian Open

Rev. Wright Slams Obama for Drones

Rev. Wright Slams Obama for Drones

Untested Drugs Execute Killer

Nigerian Man Lashed for Being Gay

Ex-Bushie Running for Senate

90% Approve Egypt Constitution

Oscar Nominees Announced

Drake Rips ‘Talentless’ Bieber

QB’s Wife Leaves AR-15 in Rental

Dodger Kershaw First $200M Pitcher

Congress Shoots Down Drone Change

U.S. Curbs Use of Racial Profiling

Apple to Cough Up $32M in Refunds

Grocery Store Shooting Kills Three

Lanza Called Radio Station in 2011

GOPer: Gay Sex Like Bad Plumbing

Nuclear Officers Probed in Scandal

U.S. POW Seen Alive in Video

FL Shooter Harassed Texters Before

Seven Billion-Dollar Storms in '13

Euro Spooks Reach Out to Assad

Springsteen, Fallon Mock Christie

Senate to Jobless: On Your Own

U.S. Offers $380M as Syrian Aid

Thousands Protest Thai Government

Brain-Dead Woman’s Husband Sues

Danish Woman Gang-Raped in Delhi

Paul and Ringo to Reunite

NSA Infiltrates Via Radio Waves

75 Killed in Iraq Bombings

Okla. Marriage Law Struck Down

Christie: We Let People Down

2 Shot in New Mexico School

9/11 Mastermind Cools on Killing

Bieber Detained for Felony Egging

Judge Punts $760M NFL Settlement

Blue Meth Found in New mexico

11 Cops Raid Justin Bieber's house

Hollande Support Up After Affair

Nigeria Arrests Dozens of Gay Men

More Old Than Young in Obamacare

Iran Boasts of West’s “Surrender”

FCC Struck Down on Net Neutrality

Baby-Stealing Doc Sentenced to Die

Nut to Kardashian: I’ll Kill You

Cops Acquitted in Homeless Murder

Israeli Minister: Kerry ‘Obsessed’

U.S. Journalist Booted From Russia

Penis Pumps Cost Gov't $172M

Egyptians Hit the Voting Booth

FBI: IRS Officials Broke No Laws

Man Killed for Texting in Theater

Congress Ready to Spend $1.1T

‘Newsroom’ Signs Off This Year

Octomom Faces Fraud Charges

Arrests Pending in McCann Case

Mississippi to End Conjugal Visits

Nigeria Passes Harsh Anti-Gay Law

Kalashnikov Felt Blame for Deaths

Ronan Farrow Skewers Woody Allen

SCOTUS Rejects Abortion Appeal

$330M Offered to Save Detroit Art

Feds After Christie on Sandy Funds

'16 & Pregnant' Stops Teen Births

Pope: Abortion 'Throwaway Culture'

NSA Program Stopped Diddly-Squat

‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Released

Explosive Open for ‘Lone Survivor’

First Womb Transplants a Success

Cannibal Ate Man for ‘Revenge’

Gold Frenzy Caused by Man's Dream

Southwest Lands at Wrong Airport

Bosch: I Personally Injected A-Rod

WV Chem Site Unmonitored Since '91

Peyton Manning Zaps Chargers

49ers Strike Playoff Gold

McCain: Gates Should Have Waited

World to Pay Iran $550 Million

French First Lady Hospitalized

First Target, Now Neiman Marcus?!

Banks Turn Away Pot Money

U.S.: Stay Away From Nigeria

Pimp Sues Nike for $100M

Robin Wright, Ben Foster Engaged

Five Dead in Idaho Plane Crash

Egypt’s al-Sisi Likely to Run

Patriots Smash Colts

No Love Life for University Prez

No Water for 300K in W. Virginia

McAuliffe Sworn in as VA Governor

Bobbi Kristina Brown Now Married

Foster Farms Plant Reopening

Boy, 9, Killed by NYC Taxi

Arkansas Lieutenant Gov Resigning

Larry Speakes Dead at 74

Ariel Sharon Dead at 85

A-Rod Suspension Reduced

13-Year-Old Stripper Found at Club

New 'Bridgegate' Docs Released

110M Target Customers Hacked

Dunham's Bod Still Bothers Someone

Drunk Arm Wrestlers Cut Off Ears

Google Sorry for Hitler Mistake

Teen Gets Pakistan's Top Honor

U.S. to Recognize Utah Marriages

French Daytime Bans Miley, Britney

W.V. Spill Now a Disaster

Central African President Quits

Jobs Growth Worst in Years

Chris Brown Swears He's Not Guilty

Ocean Tries to Drown Anne Hathaway

Google Lets Strangers Email You

Karzai Flouts U.S., Frees Inmates

FBI Sent to Scary Sochi

Indian Diplomat Booted From U.S.

Obama to Make NSA Less Orwellian

French Prez Livid at Affair Charge

Syrian Militants Recruit Americans

Pakistan Hails Teen Hero

Afghanistan to Release Prisoners

50% of Congress Are Millionaires

Obama Lays Out ‘Promise Zones’

Beyoncé Crashes Karaoke Party

Christie Pal Pleads The Fifth

Big Food Cut 6.4 Trillion Calories

Castro Makes Public Appearance

Russia on Alert After Bodies Found

Chinese Director Fined for 3 Kids

Malta to Sell EU Passports

U.S. Attorney to Open Inquiry

Chris Christie: Staffer Lied to Me

Live: Christie Faces the Press

Suicide Bomber Kills 23 Recruits

Militant U.S. Indian Leader Dies

T-Mobile Wants to Buy Your Phone

Macy’s to Lay Off 2,500

Vermont Has a Heroin Crisis

‘Thug’ Toddler Now in Custody

Khamenei Accuses U.S. of ‘Enmity’

Dennis Rodman Apologizes

‘SNL’ Hires 2 Black Female Writers

‘Mein Kampf’ Tops Charts

NY OKs Medical Marijuana

Cormac McCarthy’s Ex Arrested

Baseball Hall of Fame Inducts 3

Utah Gov.: Gay Marriages On Hold

Rodman Sings to Kim Jong-Un

U.S. Navy Helicopter Crashes

Greek Terrorist Escapes

Lily Tomlin Weds Longtime Partner

Christie to Face the Press

Gates Book Dishes on Obama

Ready for Hillary Raises $4M

Miss Venezuela, Husband Murdered

Cops, Firemen Busted in $400M Scam

Al Qaeda Tries to Stop Infighting

Polar Vortex Blows North

Surfers Flock to ‘The Black Swell’

Morsi Trial Delayed

Kaling Defends ‘Elle’ Cover

Vail Founder's Grandson Killed

4 Killed in U.S. Chopper Crash

Maryville Teen Attempts Suicide

Syria’s Weapons Shipped Out

French Workers Take Bosses Hostage

Inmate, Scared of Cold, Returns

‘Downton’ Scores Record Ratings

LA Sheriff Retires Amid Scandal

Rodman: I ‘Love’ Kim Jong Un

JPMorgan Settles In Madoff Case

Senate Advances Unemployment Aid

Lindsey Vonn Not Going to Sochi

Seinfeld, David Collaborating

Michael Bay Storms Off Stage

Spanish Princess Charged

FSU Beats Auburn 34-31

Man Survives 60 Hours at Sea

Detroit Delays Pension Freeze

FBI Burglars from ’71 Confess

Turkey Fires 350 Police Officers

Russia Launches Sochi Security

Polar Vortex Freezes U.S.

Yellen Confirmed as Fed Chairwoman

‘SNL’ Picks Black, Female Member

U.S. Health Spending Shrinks

China: Japan Is Voldemort

U.S. Boosts Military Sales to Iraq

Jihad Jane Gets 10 Years

Bieber, Gomez Back On?

Sheen: Marriage Tweet a Joke

Steubenville Defendant Released

North Korea Dog Story Was Fake

SCOTUS Halts Utah Gay Marriage

Angela Merkel Breaks Her Pelvis

‘Frozen’ Passes $600M Mark

Urban Outfitters Pulls Shirt Line

AP Photo Finds Missing Man

Moonshine Kills 16 in Indonesia

Liz Cheney to Drop Senate Bid

Jahi McMath Released From Hospital

Kerry: Iran In Syrian Talks?

‘Polar Vortex’ Slams U.S.

Lawyer: I Could've Stopped Torture

Packers Lose Wild Card Game

Hillary Rents Out Her Email List

States Confirm Fracking Pollution

Plane Crashes in Aspen

Mitt: Harris-Perry Made ‘Mistake’

Tunisia Rejects Sharia Law

‘Gone With the Wind’ Star Dies

Steven Seagal Mulls AZ Gov. Run

Six to Join Rodman in North Korea

Obama, Daughters Leave Hawaii

NY to Relax Marijuana Laws

Pope: Accept Kids of Divorce, Gays

11 Dead in Bengal Election Clashes

Plane Lands on NYC Highway

Record Cold Temperatures Hit U.S.

Kerry: Troops Not Going to Iraq

Paul Walker Suffered Horrific Injuries

Machinists Sign Boeing Contract

Al Qaeda-Linked Commander Dies

Obama: Renew Jobless Benefits Now

Snowstorm Death Toll Hits 16

Phil Everly Dies at 74

Court OKs NSA Phone Collection

CA Man Claims $324M Jackpot

Al Qaeda Forces Capture Fallujah

Cops Raid Chinese Meth Town

‘Community’ Premiere Ratings Tank

NC Councilman Resigns in Klingon

Likely WWII-Era Bomb Detonates

Report: Kim’s Uncle Eaten By Dogs

Clay Aiken for Congress?

Ford: I’m Toronto’s Best Mayor

Rescue Vessel May Now Be Stuck

Emergency Room Visits Increased

Al Qaeda Hits West Iraq

Republican AGs: Obama Broke Law

Oklahoma Upsets Alabama

‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer Released

Lawsuit: Facebook Sold Messages

U.S. Urges South Sudan Evacuation

Cheerios Goes GMO-Free

Body Found in Minn. Building

Indian PM to Step Down

Snowstorm Slams Northeast

Snowstorm Batters East Coast

First Day Colorado Pot Sales Hit $1 Million

Did SeaWorld Rig ‘Blackfish’ Poll?

NSA Builds Code-Cracking Computer

Female Marines Fail Physical

Shia LaBeouf Skywrites Apology

'Duck Dynasty' Gets Gun Line

NFLer: Fired Over Gay Marriage

Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes

Mindy Kaling on Tinder?

Rob Ford Officially Running

Walmart Recalls Donkey Product

Germany Is Falling Apart

Times, Guardian: Snowden Clemency

‘Fresh Prince’ Star Dies

Popular CA Priest Found Slain

Ariel Sharon in Critical Condition

Michigan State Wins Rose Bowl

Northeast Braces for Blizzard

Fiat to Buy Rest of Chrysler

Al Qaeda-Linked Group Head Caught

4.6M Snapchat Users Hacked

Boehner Vows Immigration Reform

Rescue in Antarctica Begins

13 Hurt in Minneapolis Explosion

Colorado Marijuana Stores Open

Bill de Blasio Sworn In

Dwyane Wade Confirms ‘Secret’ Son

Sotomayor Stays Birth Control Rule

Woman Crushed in Boston Drawbridge

Bomb Found Near Musharraf Home

Afghan Prisoner Release Angers U.S.

Judge Nixes FL Welfare Drug Tests

Apple Denies NSA Claims

Dubai Fireworks Break Record