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Articles February 2014

Image is Everything: An Interview with Alejandro Zambra

A Look Inside Crimea, Crossroads of Empires (Photos)

Exclusive: Russian ‘Blackwater’ Takes Over Ukraine Airport

Steve Mumford: The Artist Who Went to War

7 New Orleans Hotels for Mardi Gras Madness (Photos)

The Ultimate Guide to Winning Your Oscars Betting Pool

Michelle Obama's Brow Got a Makeover; Proenza Schouler Takes Over Le Bon Marché

Show Me the Medicaid Money

How Season 2 of “House of Cards” Murders the 25th Amendment

Watch Justin Bieber Try to Walk in a Straight Line After His DUI Arrest

From Lupita Nyong'o to Naomi Watts, The Best and Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Steve Mumford's Graphic 'War Journals'

Conservatives Agree: Barack Obama is ‘The Real Racist'

Week in Photos: March 1, 2014

Putin’s Shadow Shock Troops Roil Ukraine

Bill O’Reilly to Blacks: Stop Listening to ‘Gangsta’ Music!

Over-Sexualized, But OK for Kids?

The Spoiled Generation

The Best Actor and Actress Oscars: Will Woodygate Sink Cate Blanchett? Has DiCaprio’s Time Come?

Tea Party Is 5! No More Tantrums?

Kids’ Author on Trial In Egypt

Ukraine’s Mother Teresa Of The Maidan

Crimea in Chaos and Crisis

More Than Just Seven 'Bad Words'

DINO Hunting: Netroots vs. Steve Israel

Italy’s Killer Boytoys Target Cougars

Will Jordan Davis Become the First Transgender Miss England?

Why We Shouldn’t Freak Out Over Three-Person IVF

The Ominous Meaning of North Korea’s Missile Launches

Tiger, Tiger: The Hunt for the Great Irish Novel

Should the Military Pull All Forces Out of Afghanistan After 2014?

The Party Monster Lives For the Applause: Michael Alig’s Second Act

Sarah Jessica Parker Designs Shoes with Manolo Blahnik's CEO

Why Respected Screen Veterans Are Following Liam Neeson’s Footsteps

Up to a Point: P.J. O’Rourke on Ukraine, Craps & the Fed

Camilla Backs FGM Eradication Campaign

GASP! Kate Middleton To Change Her Hairstyle?

Princess Diana's Irish Roots

The Swedish Neo-Nazis 'Volunteers' of Kiev

There’s a Life Saving New Drug. But You Can’t Afford It.

Inside Japan’s Bitcoin Heist

The Flaw in My Brother’s Keeper

Scandal’s Most Scandalous Character: Jeff Perry on Playing Cyrus

Putin’s Bluff? U.S. Spies Say Russia Won't Invade Ukraine

The Real Arizona Isn’t Anti-Gay

State Department: Putin Oversaw Massive Human Rights Abuses

Piers Morgan’s Comeback Strategy

Bitcoin Forever!

Does Alleged Corruption Video Spell the End Of Turkey’s Erdogan?

Yiyun Li Takes on Evil in “Kinder Than Solitude”

Is Breast Milk Really Best?

Your Dentist Is Watching You Brush

Don’t Trust the Economic Numbers That Govern Our World

Captain Schettino Returns to Costa Concordia Crime Scene

It’s Still Legal to Fire Gays in Arizona

Will Russia Invade Crimea?

Top Republicans Call for Return to Cold War

Versace Sells Minority Stake; Jessica Lange Fronts Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign

The Tragedy of the Tea Party

The Victim Complex of Bigots

How To Be a King; Avoid War; Don't Trust Ministers

Are William And Kate 'Gearing Up' For A New Baby?

Morally and Legally, the Right Call in Arizona

William and Harry's Polo Mentor Killed in Freak Accident

Exposed: Paparazzi vs. the Stars Over the Past 50 Years

Treasure Hunt to Discover Oak Island’s Mysterious Booty

The Medical Community’s Hidden Abortion-Training War

The GOP Already Has a 2016 Front-Runner... for Vice President

American Dreams, 1914: Penrod by Booth Tarkington

Breaking: The Oscars Might Not Suck This Year

The Most ‘WTF’ Oscar Moments Ever: Rob Lowe’s Duet with Snow White, Sacheen Littlefeather, and the Streaker

The H.M.O. That Kills Terrorists

Get Elected, Get Your Kids Rich: Washington Is Spoiled Rotten

Celebrity Stylists Dish About Dressing for the Oscars

How Harold Ramis Invented Baby Boom Comedy With ‘Animal House’

Retired Marine Reveals Secret Suffering of Male Military Rape Victims

Model Sigrid Agren Gives a Tour of Her Favorite Haunts in Paris

‘Portlandia’ Duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Discuss the Secrets to the Cult Show’s Success

Egypt To Newspapers: Support The Army Or Else

Gay, Iranian And Stylish in Exile

Inside Yanukovych's Palace

Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars, and Artists at the Centre Pompidou (Photos)

‘The Americans’ Showrunners Dissect the Secrets of Season 2

Why Does Congress Listen to Celebrities like Ben Affleck?

Jan Brewer Keeps Arizona in the 21st Century

The Only Non-White Juror in the George Zimmerman Trial

Ted Cruz is Still Not Here to Make Friends

The 'Freedom' to Discriminate

Colorado Senate Race Becomes Competitive For GOP

How Justin Bieber Can Beat His DUI

How Likable Is Alec Baldwin After His ‘New York Magazine’ Confessional?

Yanukovych and other dictators on the run (Photos)

Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg arrested following compensation payout

Pedophile Advocacy Comes Back to Bite a British Politician

Kanye West Is a Modern Michelangelo; Pippa Middleton Jokes About Her Bridesmaid Dress

Whites in the Deep South: Are They Partisan, or Just Racist?

Guns, Blow Jobs, and Choke Holds: a History of the New York Knicks

Andi Wins ‘The Bachelor’ by Dumping Juan Pablo

Wills Pal Pelly Claims iPhone Could Have Interfered With Breath Test

Why We’re Not Ranking Rabbis

Obama Looks Weak Abroad to Those at Home

How I Write: Doug Dorst

Porn's Behind-the-Camera Feminists

Gagging the Corps: A Marine Commandant’s War on Newsprint

'True Detective' Director Cary Fukunaga’s Journey from Pro Snowboarder to Hollywood’s Most Wanted

Abs, Steel, and Statistics

Why Putin Hates Fracking

Unseen Photographs of 1960s German Supermodel Veruschka (Photos)

The Skunk at the Oscar Party

Bernard-Henri Levy: Ukraine’s Revolutionaries Are Not Fascists

Texas: Where Crazy Gets Elected

Celebrities Who Testified on Capitol Hill (PHOTOS)

Occupy Kiev: What Should Ukraine Do Now With The Heroes of the Maidan?

Inside China's Underground Black Market Banks

The Second Life of San Miguel de Allende

Wes Anderson’s Austrian Muse

Drug Cartel Beauty Queens Face an Ugly End

Obama Should End America’s Stupidest Foreign Policy: Isolating Cuba

Prince Harry To Represent Queen at Mandela Memorial

The Worst Oscar Winners, From ‘Rocky’ and ‘Crash’ to Gwyneth Paltrow

Why ‘The Americans’ Is the Best Spy Show on TV

How the War Ended: WWI’s Last Hundred Days

Citizenship: Sold to the highest bidder!

Ukraine’s D.C. Lobbyists in Disarray as Dictator Flees

Conservative Conference Is An Attack On God?

Dick Cheney Loves War, Hates Food Stamps

Super Bowl Could Keep Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill From Becoming Law

Babies’ Skinny Moment: Obesity in Little Ones Drops 43 Percent

Relax, There’s No Polio Epidemic—Yet

Catching Chris Christie

'Moral Panic' Miley

A Century Of Dingell?

Is Ukraine Headed For Civil War?

Where in the World is Yanukovych?

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Take on the Oscars; Giorgio Armani Is Unhappy With Anna Wintour

Bobby Jindal Gives Up, Joins the 'Stupid Party'

Newly Single Robin Thicke’s Potential Pick-Up Lines For Women at the Club

Guy Pelly, Prince William's Friend, Tells Cops, "I Don't Want To" When Asked To Take Breath Test

Where Does the Tea Party Find These People?

Introducing the Internet’s New Bundle of Joy: The Baby Selfie

Harry Engagement Rumors 'Wide of Mark'

How the World Sees El Chapo

Putin’s Police Arrest Pussy Riot Again In Court Crackdown

New York Can't Kick Its Revenge Porn Habit

Stand Your Ground With Your Smartphone

The Secret Speakeasies of Buenos Aires

Hillary, ‘The Family’ And Uganda’s Anti-Gay Christian Mafia

Is Jindal the Least Popular Guv?

Harold Ramis’s ‘Groundhog Day’ Is About as Perfect as a Movie Gets

Republicans Go From Anti-Gay to No Way on Arizona Bill

‘Kids for Cash’: Crooked Judge, Damaged Teens, and the Perils of Zero Tolerance

The A-Z Dictionary of Google Images—For the Moment

How Washington Dooms Millions of Americans to Premature Death

Could Tylenol Cause ADHD?

Time for Warning Labels on Miley Cyrus’s Licking and Twerking Concerts?

The Tightest Oscar Race: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Lupita Nyong’o for Best Supporting Actress

Bring on the Made-for-Reality-TV District Race Down South

Arm Wrestling Your Way to Fame

Seth Meyers Gets Off to a Rocky Start on 'Late Night'

Lobbyist Has An Indecent Proposal for Gays in the NFL

Do Not Defy Ronan Farrow’s Power Pout

It’s Matt Miller Time! Longtime Radio Host Runs for Congress

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 24, 2014

Here Come The Democratic Birthers

The Most Annoying Myth in Politics

Erin Andrews Joins ‘DWTS’; Marion Cotillard is Lady Macbeth

The Dark Rooms Where Our Secrets Hide

Lawmakers Warn Michelin Over Iran

Capturing the ‘Spirit of Harlem’ (Photos)

'Ghostbusters' Star and Comedy Legend Harold Ramis Dead at 69

Dear Tea Party, Meet the Constitution

Tech Start-Ups Get Their Sexy On

Will El Chapo Rule From Prison?

Here Are Your Oscar Presenters

John Dingell's Record Breaking Time In Office

Arizona’s Pro-Discrimination Law Won’t Stop With Gays

Miranda Kerr Records An Elvis Cover, Beyonce Performs in Versace

Zara Sells Baby Pictures To Hello!

After CNN Cancels Morgan, Larry King Says: I Could Come Back

Dictatorship and Double Standard: Meet Venezuela's Useful Idiots

Pippa Dropped by Viking As They Pass On New Book

Pollution At The Palace

Here's What It's Like to Fight Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine’s Revolutionary Champ

Teaching a Lesson to Bullies and Educators Alike

RIP Loehmann’s: Another Nail in the Coffin for America’s Middle Class

Duke's Freshman Porn Starlet Isn't Ashamed—and She Shouldn't Be

Lupita Nyong’o Discusses Her Style Inspirations and Red Carpet Fashion

Inside the Misunderstood Mind of Jeopardy! Champ Arthur Chu, Who Is Not Ruining the Show

Uganda Gays Face New Wave of Fear Under Anti-Gay Bill

Fashion Secrets of a ‘Real Housewife'

Putin’s Post-Sochi LGBT Crackdown

Jihadist Vendetta Takes Out Qaeda Leader

Federal Open Markets Committee Was Clueless to Financial Crisis

‘True Detective’ Episode 6: Michelle Monaghan On That Sex Scene and the Show's View of Women

‘Downton Abbey’ Finale Review: The Depressing Demise of a Once-Great Show

Obama’s Kansas Tea Party Cousin Has a Creepy Pastime

Frank Underwood Will Not Tolerate Insubordination in This Olive Garden

What Do We Really Know About The Walking Dead’s Eugene?

Image is Everything…Unless We’re Talking About the NFL

Spy Chief James Clapper: We Can’t Stop Another Snowden

The Week in Brutality

The Daily Beast Looks Ahead: February 24 - March 2

Inside Yanukovych’s Palace

Scenes of a Revolution

Sochi Olympic Games: February 23

Yulia Tymoshenko: She's No Angel

Barkhad Abdi: From Limo Driver to Oscar Contender

Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Ukraine’s Techies Will Teach You About Forgiveness

A Breast Cancer Alphabet: F Is For Fashion Accessories

An Islamic Louvre On Venice’s Canals

The Week in Death: George Jacobs, Sinatra’s Domestic Confidant

My Imaginary Literary Friends

The Good, the Bad, and the Pink Eye

Isabel Allende’s Controversial New Thriller

Doctor to Dads: You’re Doing It Wrong

'Kesh Angels': The Biker Chicks of Morocco (Photos)

Femen's Topless Sextremists Invade the US

The Perils of Being a Hemingway Wife

What’s a Key to Victory in Sochi? Coming So Close to Defeat.

Michael B. Jordan, Lorde, and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

Fringe Factor: More Carbon Dioxide, Please

Creating ‘American Hustle’s’ Sexy, Oscar-Nominated Look: From Pasties to The Plaza

Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience

The Strange Saga of ‘Jesus Calling,’ the Evangelical Bestseller You’ve Never Heard Of

WhatsApp Experiences Massive Outage Days After Facebook Acquisition, Internet Blames Zuckerberg

Ukraine's President Flees Kiev, Tymoshenko Is Free at Last

Can This Man Make Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere?

How (Not) to Fight Racism and Anti-Semitism

Lupita Nyong’o On Her Magical Journey from Kenya to ‘12 Years A Slave’ and Possible Oscar Glory

The GOP’s Real Ted Nugent Problem

El-Sisi Is The Putin Of The Nile

Just Don’t Do It: Why You Should Outsource More of Your Life

The Real Crisis in Thailand is the Coming Royal Succession

Consultants Are Cashing In On Campaigns’ Dark New Economics

Sex, Booze, and Feminism

Sochi Reacts To Ukraine’s Bloodshed

The Pleasures of America’s Oldest Vines

Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles, The Sochi Wolf, and More Viral Videos

Lies the Greatest Generation Told Us

France Honors Women … Finally

Week in Photos: February 22, 2014

Will This Man Make Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere?

Why We Need Medical Meth + Cocaine

The Cuckolding Fetish: When Your Wife’s Cheating Turns You On

All Hail Richard Hamilton, the Father of British Pop Art

From Beyonce to Rihanna, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, February 22, 2014

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Fun, Brilliant ‘History of Rap 5’

#LoserKeepsBieber Means Justin’s Probably Coming to America

Arizona Anti-Gay Bill Advances

Of Course the Gun Lobby Is Pouncing on Ukraine to Push Their Pet Cause

How I Taught Arthur Chu to Be The Jeopardy! Champ Everyone Loves to Hate

Inside the Hairstyles of HBO's 'Girls'

It’s A Good Thing This Scene Was Deleted From ‘Frozen’

Sorry, Michele Bachmann. We Are Ready for a Female President. And It’s Partially Because of You.

The Laboratory of Real Life in Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information”

TV’s Most Hated Characters (PHOTOS)

Former Reality Star Sarah Palin Returns To Television

The Viral Heroine Of The Maidan

High Tech in Modern Warfare

The Dark Recesses of Lena's Brain

YouPorn’s French Publicity Stunt

Heritage and Hate at Ole Miss

Thank Ukraine's Spies for WhatsApp

Sotnikova Beat Kim Yu-Na? Figure Skating Is Probably Corrupt (But We Knew That)

Venezuelan Protesters Speak Out

Pharrell Williams’s Grammy's Hat For Sale; Lena Dunham Responds to Altered Vogue Photos

Sochi Olympic Games: February 21, 2014

Beck’s ‘Morning Phase’: The Final Singer-Songwriter’s Album

How Four Men Conned People into Investing in a Jean-Claude Van Damme-starring WWII Epic

Rehabilitating Italian Futurism at the Guggenheim Museum

Pussy Riot Whips Sochi

From Angelina Jolie to Emma Watson, the Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Up to a Point: PJ on Sochi Stray Dog Stew and 1-800-F*CKYOU

Russia’s Nuke Cheating Could Blow Up a Top Pentagon Pick

What the Sex Lives of the Founding Fathers Reveal About Us

LeBron Vs. Russell: Why Big Heads Crowd NBA’s Mount Rushmore

Justice Thomas Is Right About America’s Obsession With Race

‘Vote for the Crook. It’s Important’: Edwin Edwards Wants Back in Congress

Is Marnie From ‘Girls’ the Worst Character on TV?

No, Texas, Spouse Abuse Isn’t Foreplay

The True Story of Malcolm X

Democrats’ Best Weapon for Midterms: Fear of a Red Senate

Why Trust What Bernie Madoff Says About JP Morgan Now?

My Life Behind Kiev’s Barricades

At American Enterprise Institute, NeoCons Say ‘Hello, Dalai’

Girl Scouts and Homosexual Overtones: The Worst of Bill O’Reilly

James Middleton's New Marshmallow Venture

'New York Magazine' Writer Celebrates Pippa Middleton Lifestyle and Diet With Hilarious Results

Moschino’s Ode to Junk Food at Milan Fashion Week

The Bloody Battle for Kiev in Photos

Christie Finally Finds a Crowd That Doesn’t Care About Bridgegate

The Best of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

Scenes From Ukraine’s Bloody Revolution

Kevin Durant Is Poised For NBA Supremacy

Boehner's Newest Battle

Kids Reenact Best Picture Nominees, You Die of Cuteness Overload (VIDEO)

Thong Models, Racist Rants, and Other Salacious Bits from Scott Walker’s Secret Email Trove

Obama's Art History Apology

Ukraine Is On the Verge Of War And Putin Is To Blame

Are We Ready for a Muslim Pres?

What is the News? Whatever Alain de Botton Thinks It Is

Facebook’s ‘Desperate’ $19 Billion Gamble on WhatsApp

Rebekah Brooks Takes The Stand At Phone Hacking Trial

Democrats Can’t Accept the Trade Off of a Job-Killing Minimum Wage

Photos from the Fiery Battle for Kiev, Ukraine

New Calls For Obama To Confront Turkey

Hate Crime Victimization Statistics Show Rise in Anti-Hispanic Crime

Photos From Day 13 of the Sochi Olympics

Brooks Cleared of Prince William Photo Charge

Welcome to Sealand: a Sovereign Nation

A Satanic Killer of 100 People? More Like One, Cops Think

New Facebook Project Imitates Virtual Iranian Prison

Read ‘The King in Yellow,’ the ‘True Detective’ Reference That’s the Key to the Show

Exclusive: Obama Admin Stiffs Chemical Survivors on New Claim

The End of Republicans and Democrats (And Your Libertarian Future)

Just Kill Mr. Bates Already! How to Save ‘Downton Abbey’

When Artists Attack—Themselves

Lesbian Love for All in Iran

A Q&A with Scott Stossel, Author of ‘My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind’

Tension in the Streets of Caracas

Wall Street Wolves Want to Bring their Big Bucks to the GOP Party

'About a Boy' Star David Walton Is No Hugh Grant, in the Best Way

P5+1 Talks Drill Down On The Future Of Iran’s Nukes

The Truth About Florida’s Civil War History

An Oscar Voter Spills Secrets on Woodygate, Wolfgate, and Awards Scandals

5 Healthier Ways to Detox (That Aren’t Juice Cleanses)

Dem’s the Breaks: GOP Investigation Gives the Left Another Reason to Point Fingers

Google Glass’s Insane, Terrifying Etiquette Guide

Exclusive: Read the Speech Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Made Before He Was Jailed

11 Things to Know About Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy

Apple Wants to Make Your Head Into an App

Ukraine’s Bloody Crackdown Enters Its Third Day

Prince Charles In Saudi Sword Dance

GOP’s Wango Tango With Ted Nugent

Kansas Lawmaker Would Let Parents Legally Bruise Their Children

What’s Got CNN’S Anchors So Riled?

Breakthrough In Alps Family Murder Case

Democrats Need to Get Specific to Make Obamacare a Winner

Democrats Are Ready to Let Hillary Deliver a Knockout Blow in Iowa

Sochi Olympic Games: February 19, 2014

Michael Dunn, Jordan Davis, and America's Racist Heritage

The Man Who Made American Modernism

Russia Bans Lace Panties; Kardashians Launch Kids' Clothing Line

Alfonso Cuarón On ‘Gravity,’ Creationists, and Bonding with Sandra Bullock Over Divorce

Tony Blair Says He Gave 'Informal Advice' to Rebekah Brooks

Making It in the 2-1-2: How Kenneth Walsh Achieved His NY Dream

Kate's Hair Is 'Overdone' Says Former Royal Hairdresser

Brian May Compares Royal Hunting To Slavery

High Fashion Made in India

The Craziest Cases of Art Vandalism (Photos)

About a Boy’s Jason Katims Is the King of Cry TV

Tea Party Takes on Boehner

Jesus is Coming Soon. To Theaters.

Taliban Civil War Looms as Peacemaker is Shot

Heroin Threatens Vermont’s Rural Paradise

Baby Names: Gunning For Trouble?

Will ‘Son of God’ Be the Next Grassroots Christian Blockbuster?

Crusader for Gun Rights Aims for Second Shot With Dems

Binge Watching Is So Lonely

Anthony Weiner, Disgraced Over Sexting Scandal, Still Tweeting

Nugent: President Obama Is 'Subhuman Mongrel'

Can Thailand’s Prime Minister Cling To Power?

The Dalai Llama Brings Peace, Love and Politics to Washington

Religious Violence Engulfs Central African Republic (PHOTOS)

Figure Skater Gracie Gold Is America’s Darling in Sochi

How I Write: Manuel Gonzales

No Mas Democracia

Up to Speed: What’s Going on in Ukraine?

How Jehane Noujaim Made The Year’s Most Dangerous Documentary ‘The Square’

The Nuclear Nun Goes to Jail

The Job-Killing Minimum Wage?

Snowstorm Cripples Japan (PHOTOS)

The Battle for Kiev Begins

Tom Ford Nods to Jay Z at London Fashion Week

The CFDA Celebrates Black History Month

Sochi Olympic Games: February 18, 2014 (PHOTOS)

How the World Sees Putin's Russia

Is Al Qaeda Aiding Bashar Al-Assad?

Tea Party Candidate In Texas Makes Viral "Turtle Soup" Campaign Ad

Kendall Jenner Makes London Fashion Week Debut; Michelle Rodriguez Confirms Relationship with Cara Delevingne

America’s Most Perverted Ex-Congressman

Cumberbatch on Working with Meryl

Helen Mirren Shakes a Finger At The Queen!

Mitch McConnell is the Most Shameless Man Alive

Bill Clinton: Nelson Mandela Was 'The Only Free Man I Ever Knew'

U2 Rocks Top of the Rock

How Blacks Freed Themselves from Slavery

Jimmy Fallon’s Brilliant ‘Tonight Show’ Debut

Britain's Welfare Queen

Inside the Great Bitcoin Heist

The Podcast Too Hot for iTunes

How To Create Your Own User Manual

Borana Joins the Fight to Save Kenya’s Rhinos…and Wants You to Help Too

Fitness Gadgets … for Your Dog

The Conservative Crusade For Christian Sharia Law

Inside The Ethiopian Airlines Hijacking Terror

Stone: Romancing Chávez

Putin’s Sochi Popularity Boost

The Senate’s New Taxman Won’t Be Controlled By His Own Party

How Wendy Davis Became America’s Conscience on Abortion

Bible Passages that Could Get You Killed

Legal, Regulated Heroin Could Have Saved Philip Seymour Hoffman

Out, Proud and Loud: A GOP Nominee Breaks Boundaries

This Cairo College Campus Is Now a 'Warzone'

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Twisted Marriage Thrillers

Jean-Michel Berts Captures the Light of Jerusalem

This Week’s Hot Reads: February 18, 2014

Yes, Pundits, Hillary Has the 2016 Nomination in the Bag

Why Is Walmart Paying Chris Christie's Pals?

She Thought ‘Fargo’ Was Real: The Misguided Voyage of ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’

Spy Chief: We Should’ve Told You We Track Your Calls

Art Takes the Runway at Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2014 London Fashion Week

How Will History Judge Barack Obama?

It’s Not Ok to Be Gay in Sochi

Why I'd Rather be a Black Republican

The Lyndon B. Johnson Renaissance

Sochi Olympic Games: February 17

Can Jimmy Fallon Be Himself on ‘The Tonight Show’?

The Rise of Superhero Therapy: Comic Books as Psychological Treatment

Homefront Veterans: Skiing With Wounded Warriors

A New Start To U.S. Policy In Syria Can Save Lives

Iran’s Mixed Messages Ahead Of P5+1 Talks

Today is George Washington’s Birthday—Except It’s Not

Pawel Althamer Creates Art That’s by the People, for the People at the New Museum

The Mount Rushmore Fight Club: A History of Hating Presidents

Greg Mankiw: the Wealthy are ‘Deserving,’ Even When They’re Crooks

The Celebrity You've Never Heard Of

The Best Books on President Lincoln

The Best of London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

The Presidents Who Made America’s Sports

Abe Lincoln Burnishes His Brand Through Comedy Routines and Ads (Video)

Why Presidents Need Prayer

Prince Harry, Conservationist, Poses Over Body of Dead Water Buffalo He Just Shot

Why Leonardo DiCaprio, Who Wows in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Deserves to (Finally) Win An Oscar

‘True Detective’ Episode 5 Review: ‘The Secret Fate of All Life’ is the Best Episode Yet

Fashion Designer Michele Savoia Found Dead in Hudson River

Paddy Chayefsky: The Dark Prophet of ‘Network’ News

Michael Dunn Trial: White Fear Matters More Than Black Lives

Bill Maher’s Plan To Defeat One Lousy Congressman Is Good for (Almost) Everyone

Fringe Factor: Criminalize Homosexuality, For the Love of Black Men

“Dirty 30”: Talking AIDS To The Basketball Wives Set

Mel Brooks Is Always Funny and Often Wise in This 1975 Playboy Interview

Tour Companies That Give Both An Israeli And Palestinian Perspective

Why the Biathlon Makes Bonds of Us All

Take Refuge from Tokyo’s Winter at These Hot Springs

Syria’s Jihadist Twitter Wars

Poet and Rake, Lord Byron Was Also an Interventionist With Brains and Savvy

Inside MGM’s Surprising Turnaround: ‘Robocop,’ ‘Bond,’ and ‘The Hobbit’

Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong'o, and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

Does Sex Really Distract Olympians?

The Cast of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Says Wes Anderson Is a Genius Hardass

The Real Voter-ID Fraud? Look Closely at North Carolina

Is This the End of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela?

Donte Stallworth on Michael Sam and How He Learned to Accept Gays

Afghanistan’s Michael Jordan (PHOTOS)

Why American Christians Love Satan

Jon Batiste, a Thrilling Jazz Pianist Whose First Goal Is to Entertain

Do You Have Gay DNA?

Former NFL Star Accused Of Rape

Richie Incognito and the NFL's Nasty Warrior Culture

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay in a Beautiful Speech at Human Rights Campaign Foundation Conference

How to Hustle Your Way to the Oscars

Sochi Olympic Games: February 15, 2014 (Photos)

Presidential Assassins in LEGO, From Lincoln and JFK to Ford (Photos)

The First Dunk in Basketball

The Uffizi’s Secret Mass Grave

The Great Valentine’s Day Hangover

Aces High: Where to Buy Affordable Art

Beau Willimon on Most Shocking Twists in ‘House of Cards’ Season 2

The Gettysburg of the GOP Civil War

The Great Book of Picasso Returns

The Rebirth of Seriously Good Georgian Wines

What Each of Facebook’s 51 New Gender Options Means

Weed Could Block HIV’s Spread. No, Seriously.

So You Are Enduring a Temporarily Paralyzing Winter Storm

From Anna Kendrick to Karlie Kloss, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, February 15, 2014

These Diet Lessons From Olympians Will Help You Lose Weight and Look Awesome

The Movement to Boycott the American Studies Association for Boycotting Israel

Most Overlooked Romance Films for Valentine’s Day Weekend: ‘True Romance,’ ‘His Girl Friday,’ More

Movie Title Break-Up, Star Wars on the Slopes, and More Viral Videos

The GOP’s Working Mom Schizophrenia

World Press Awards: 2013’s Best Pictures (Photos)

The Champagne Tranarchist Who Hijacked Occupy’s Twitter Feed

The Week in Pictures: February 15, 2014

Venezuela Erupts in Violence (Photos)

Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, & Calvin Klein New York Fashion Week

Dear Princeton Mom, Stop Telling Me To Husband-Hunt

Should More Money Mean More Votes?

Hollywood Mourns the Death of Marius the Giraffe

The ‘American Hustle’ Style Guide

Florentine Mayor Matteo Renzi to Lead Italy

U.S. Olympian Jason Brown Is Stealing the Show with His Ponytail Power

Meet the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girls: Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal, and Lily Aldridge

Kendall Jenner Bares Breasts at Marc Jacobs; Raf Simons Previews Home Goods Collection

Sochi Olympic Games: February 14, 2014 (PHOTOS)

Why Can't William and Harry's Be Polite With The Press?

Kate's Post-Baby Bod

Virginia is for Lovers, Finally

Best Cities to Find Love and Stay in Love (Photos)

9 Works Inspired by Writers’ Love Lives

Best Cities to Find Love and Stay in Love

The Perils of a Famous Family Member

David Best Creates a Temple Made of Memories Outside San Francisco

LGBT Christian College Students Fight For a Voice

From ‘Mars Attacks!’ to ‘The West Wing’: Watch the Best and Worst Fictional Presidents from TV and Film (VIDEO)

Pediatrician: Don’t Make Your Kid’s Healthcare a Proxy in Your Divorce Battles

My Sexy American Sikh Valentine

Can a Senator Stop a Union? Bob Corker Is Certainly Trying

From Victoria Beckham to Sarah Jessica Parker, The Best & Worst Dressed of the Week (Photos)

Christie's Online Bromance

Saudi Arabia May Go Nuclear Because of Obama’s Iran Deal

Sochi Athletes Get It On At The Tinder Olympics

Lincoln in Love

Marc Jacobs is on Cloud Nine at New York Fashion Week

Up to a Point: P.J. O’Rourke on Valentine’s Day and Oral Hygiene

Harry & Sally on Relationships

Last Flight of the Monarchs? A Plea for Help for the Dying Butterflies

Revisiting ‘Valentine’s Day,’ the Star-Studded V-Day Movie Disasterpiece

Italian Pirate-Fighting Marines On Trial

As de Blasio Loses Roker, Call In the Weather Detective

Meet Obama’s Controversial Surgeon General Nominee

‘House of Cards’ Season Two Review: Even More Bingeworthy Than the First

Fall Won’t Be Dreary for Proenza Schouler

Femininity on the Runway at Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa

Ex-Employees of Conservative Figure L. Brent Bozell Say He Didn’t Write His Books or Columns

Anti-Gay Jim Crow Comes to Kansas

Sochi Olympic Games: February 13, 2014 (PHOTOS)

Pakistani Jihadis Abduct Iranian Soldiers

Paula Deen Cooks Up a Comeback, So Pass the Butter, Y’All

All Kids Want a Head Start

Pediatrician: Why I Recommend You Give Your Kids the HPV Vaccine

What Should Be Your Favorite Books?

Harry Leaps To William's Aid

The True Cost of Extreme Weather…Or is it Climate Change?

The 2016 Void Left By Chris Christie

America's Next Top Shooting Gallery

Cara Delevingne's Secret Mulberry Project; Diane von Furstenberg Names New Art Director

Why Would Comcast Improve When It Could Buy Time Warner Cable Instead?

How Creationism Hurts Christian Colleges—And Their Students

Meet the Creative: Up-and-Coming Designer Misha Nonoo

Wendy Davis’s 20-Week Abortion Ban Compromise

In Defense of First World Problems

It's Time to Kill the Debt Limit

What the New ‘Endless Love’s Fireplace Sex Scene Is Missing

How to Survive a Southern Ice Storm

The True Henri Cartier-Bresson

New Kids on the Fashion Block: Timo Weiland, Wes Gordon, and Rosie Assoulin

Cat Cora’s Valentine’s Day Menu for Single People

Gloves Come Off and Women’s Hockey Gets Dirty In Sochi (PHOTOS)

Andrew Rannells Is Back On ‘Girls.’ You’ll Want to Give Him a Hug.

Seduce Like a Writer: How 7 Famous Scribes Wooed

A Mob-Defying Former Mayor Knows Why New Jersey Is So Corrupt

Gallery Owner Accused of Cyberstalking Members of L.A.’s Art Scene

The Making of Brand Putin

Syrian Children Bear Brunt of War

Curling: Your New Olympic Addiction, Explained

A Field Guide to Valentine’s Day Office Etiquette

Unemployed Ken Cuccinelli Finds a Job With Rand Paul Suing Obama

Legalized Spousal Abuse Is Coming to Afghanistan

Wild Wednesday: Flooded Britain Battered By Storms

William's Hunting Trip Timing Was 'Unfortunate"

From Katrina to the Clink: Ex New Orleans Mayor Heads to Prison

Sid Caesar’s Funniest Moments

Japan’s Beloved Deaf Composer is Neither Deaf Nor a Composer

Why We Worship Derek Jeter (Even If He Kinda Sucked at Shortstop)

India’s Shameful Failure to Defend Historian of Hinduism

Where to Fall in Love—or Just Get Drunk—on Valentine’s Day

On Rescuing America's Only P.O.W.

Senate Passes Debt Ceiling Increase After GOP Drama

The Stench of Sochi

Sex, Threats and Taxpayer Cash: A GOP Pol’s Multilayered Scandal

Illinois Gubernatorial Hopeful’s Multi-Layered Scandal

Taylor Swift Debuts New Short Hair, Paul Walker Last Film Releases Trailer

Here’s Why America’s Only P.O.W. Was Suddenly Shown Alive

The U.S. Tells You Where to Buy the Best Fake Designer Handbags, Pirated Movies, and More

Only the GOP’s ‘Short Straw’ Caucus Can Raise the Debt Ceiling

You Can't Unsee Billy Ray Cyrus’s Pseudo Hip Hop ‘Achy Breaky 2’

Michelle Obama Wore Carolina Herrera to State Dinner; 'Sports Illustrated' Models Make Flight Safety Video

Sochi Olympic Games: February 12, 2014 (PHOTOS)

Hillary Supporters Should Want to Complete Ferraro’s Unfinished Business

The Cowboy Republicans Can’t Quit

Flood Waters Approach Windsor Castle

YouTube’s Holy Trinity Goes to ‘Camp Takota’

Marc by Marc Jacobs Gets Its Cool Back at Fall/Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week

Sochi Selfies

Suck It, Putin! Johnny Weir's Fabulous Sochi Fashion (Photos)

Westminster: Parade of Purebreds

Mafia’s Cocaine-in-a-Can Bust

How I Write: Julianna Baggott

Rand Paul Woos the Base With Hot Monica Lewinsky Talk

A Guide to Hijacking History

From Snowy Atlanta to Sunny Sochi, It's All About Global Weirding

Virgin Sacrifice and the Meaning of the Parthenon

Addiction & Fame: How Flappy Bird is the App Store’s Grunge Moment

6 Ways to Avoid ‘Sochi Gut’ While Watching the Olympics

Porn Company Wants Amanda Knox To Star In Adult Entertainment Film

Michael Sam Is Not a ‘Distraction’

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…to North Carolina

Switzerland Paints EU As Cheese-Hungry Rat

Everything You Wanted To Know About Bob Costas’s Olympic Pinkeye

Hilary Mantel Skips Dinner With 'Jointed Doll' Kate

Backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week 2014 (Photos)

Star Wars Makes a Runway Cameo at Rodarte’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection at New York Fashion Week

Marriage, the French Way

England’s Women’s Soccer Captain Casey Stoney Comes Out

I Watched Shia LaBeouf Cry at His Weird LA Art Project #IAMSORRY

House Passes Clean Debt Ceiling Extension With Limited GOP Support

Shirley Temple Survived Being the Biggest Child Star of All Time With Wit and Grace

America Is Too 'Sensitive' About Race

‘CR Fashion Book’ Phones Home with ‘E.T.’-Inspired Fourth Issue

The Jim Crow Zombie That Won’t Die

Virginia Gets In Middle Of Geography Fight Between Japan And South Korea

Could an Obscure Ethics Rule Endanger Republican Star Cathy McMorris Rodgers?

A Real Housewife Gets Real About Sex, Dating, and Widowhood

Is Your Juice Cleanse Doing More Harm Than Good?

UK Clinics: Abortion Leads To Sex Abuse And Cancer

Edmund White: Sex, Success, and Survival

Sochi Olympic Games: February 11, 2014 (PHOTOS)

Book Bag: How to Survive—Five Stories About Unlikely Survivors

Peter Pilotto for Target Breaks Records; Tory Burch Eyes Possible Men’s Collection

Backstage at Billy Reid New York Fashion Week 2014

7 Impossibly Cute Shirley Temple Moments (VIDEOS)

Charles Asks Spice Girl When They Will Reunite

Greenwald’s ‘The Intercept’ Gets Intercepted on Day One

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 10, 2014

The Era of Republican Hostage-Taking Is Over

John Boehner's Debt Ceiling Dilemma

Kentucky’s Finest Antihero: Walton Goggins on Justified’s Chameleon Villain

What Cold War CIA Interrogators Learned from the Nazis

The Blessing of Thom Browne Latest Collection

Juan Pablo Has Ruined ‘The Bachelor’

Everything Is Politics to the Right, Even Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death

Obama Could Legally Stop Immigrant Deportations

Is Hillary Ditching Senate Dems?

Oscar Nominees’ Most Embarrassing Roles: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and More

Obamacare Is Wayne’s World

To See the Progress in Afghanistan, Stop Viewing the Country Through a Western Lens

How the World Sees Woody Allen

Thom Browne's Holy Runway at New York Fashion Week 2014 (Photos)

How AIPAC Botched Its Biggest Fight in Years

The Taliban Trolled the Internet with a Dog Video and Upstaged an American POW

The Way We Live Now: Nearly Half of Single Cellphone Users Have Received a Sext, Two-Thirds of Couples Share Passwords

The 24 Apps on We Heart It CEO Ranah Edelin’s Home Screen

The Poet Iran Executed

Meet Alexandre Desplat, Hollywood’s Master Composer

Mozza: William Is A Thickwit For Hunting Boar

Behind The Prince Harry Murder Plot

Sir David Attenborough: Enough With the Creationists and Climate Change Deniers!

British Jihadists Torture Syrian Rebel

This Is What Real Women Look Like

Obama Administration Announces Further ACA Delays

Will Today’s Closeted NFL Stars Let Michael Sam Be the First Out Player?

How the Wacko Birds are Destroying the Economy

The Coolest Kids on the Block: Public School, Opening Ceremony, and Band of Outsiders at New York Fashion Week

Ken Burns Explains His New App

Backstage at Hood by Air New York Fashion Week 2014 (Photos)

The Cruelest Species of All: Humans Wronging Animals

UMass Sophomore Wins Westminster

Susan Minot on Africa, Joseph Kony, and the Limits of Writing About Love

Digital Harassment Is the New Means of Domestic Abuse

How ‘The Lego Movie’ Became a Big, Fat, Huge Hit

Digital Harassment Is the New Means of Domestic Abuse

Sochi Winter Olympics: Are We Winning?

Top Pentagon Official Goes to CAP

Monica Who-insky? - Why Clinton Attacks Won't Work this Time

Kanye West’s $16 Million Sneakers; Coco Rocha Wants More Diverse Models

Sochi Olympic Games: February 10, 2014 (PHOTOS)

An iPhone With Flappy Bird Was Selling For $100,000 on eBay

Watch HBO's Epic 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Trailer (VIDEO)

Republicans to America: 'Work, Moochers!'

Harry and Cressida Closer Than Ever

Fashion’s Most Powerful Women: Victoria Beckham & Diane von Furstenberg Show at New York Fashion Week

GOP Base Would Rather Take Out Incumbent Republicans Than Beat Democrats

Inside the Shocking Custody Case Court Documents that Shed Light on the Dylan Farrow-Woody Allen Saga

Imperfect Harmony: Sochi Ain’t All That Bad

Mexico City’s Magical Moment of Resurgence

Uber and Its Enemies

From Prada Mural Coats to Dover Street, Fashion’s Art Moment

When Conservatives Cry Wolf

Wingman, an App for Hookups at 30,000 Feet, Wants To Be the Tinder of Airline Travel

The Right’s Dangerous Rhetoric: Obama as an ‘Enemy Combatant’

The Immigration Dance

Welcome to Glenn Greenwald, Inc.?

Moral Courage: Imam for Peace

The Speeding Love Train Of Marriage Equality

Yanukovych's Friends On The Hill

William's Bloodsports Problem

No Longer a Hypothetical, an Openly Gay Player Will Test the NFL

‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere Review of ‘After’: What if Rick Was Dead?

ISIS: Too Hot for Al-Qaeda?

Fashion Week Dispatch: Prabal Gurung, Altuzarra, Alexander Wang

Sochi Olympic Games: February 9, 2014 (PHOTOS)

My Attack of Model Jealousy

It’s Shockingly Easy to Create False Memories

From Emmett Till to Jordan Davis, a Foolish, Lethal Fear of Black Teens

How a Few Monster Tech Firms are Taking Over Everything from Media to Space Travel and What it Means for the Rest of Us

U2 Drops ‘Invisible’ to Remind You the Band Exists

How An Israeli Stranger Helped An Ethiopian Girl Escape Prostitution

‘A Field in England’ Is a Psychedelic Cinematic Trip

The Olympics Are Already Two Days Old. This Is Your Test.

Ken Ham: The Making of An American Religious Huckster

D.C. Needs a Grassroots Fix That Will Come When Left and Right Find Common Ground

What Military Base Shootings Reveal About the Mental Health Debate

From Kim Kardashian to Karlie Kloss, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Fringe Factor: Hollywood Liberalism Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman

Beyoncé, Shaun White, and the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Is a Classic Twice over—as a Movie and a Novel

How American Economic Sanctions Are Hurting Innocent Students in Iran, Cuba, & Sudan

The Triumph and Tragedy of Ari Shavit’s My Promised Land

The Can't-Miss Sochi Showdown: Bode Miller And Ted Ligety

The Lost Tribe Of Sochi: Russia’s Circassian Diaspora

A History of American Fun

12 Ways Catholicism is More Radical Than Pope Francis

What It Was Like to Watch the Beatles Become the Beatles—Nik Cohn Remembers

Backstage at Prabal Gurung New York Fashion Week 2014 (Photos)

First Test Of 'Pen And Phone' In Holder's Gay Rights Announcement

Fashion Week Dispatch: Jason Wu and Rag and Bone

Dylan Farrow’s Point-By-Point Response to Woody Allen’s New York Times Op-Ed

Sochi Olympic Games: February 8, 2014

Why the World Cannot Forget Stalin

Sochi’s Internal Refugees

Sochi’s Impenetrable, Utterly Russian Opening Ceremony

These Cartoonists Are Killing It: Our 20 Favorite Illustrators (Photos)

Tea Partier Matt Bevin Is Selling Himself as the Anti-Mitch McConnell

The Battle over President Lincoln’s Legacy

After 30 Years of Growth, the Cowboy Poetry Festival Tries to Keep Its Pioneer Spirit

The Week in Photos: February 8, 2014

‘Love & Air Sex’: A Rowdy Film that Demystifies the Kinky Air Sex Championships

The Olympics Have Always Been a Little Gay and More Viral Videos

Hunter S. Thompson Was Right About America: It’s Still Freaks vs. Fear

Saddam’s Jewish Treasures

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, February 8, 2014

Meet Team U.S.A.: Olympians' Favorite Pump-Up Songs & More (PHOTOS)

Britain Puts Mormonism on Trial

Where the Nazis Hid Their Art: The Castle Behind ‘Monuments Men’

Has ‘The Biggest Loser’ Gone Too Far?

David Bailey’s ‘Stardust’ Shows a Keen Eye for Fine Faces

Woody Allen Fires Back: Dylan Farrow Was Brainwashed By Her Mother, Mia Farrow

Meet Putin’s Olympic Torch-Lighting Paramour

Sorry Putin, the Sochi Opening Ceremony Was Totally Gay

Peter Pilotto Makes Target Go Pop in Latest Collaboration

What ‘The Walking Dead’ Can Learn From ‘World War Z’

From Kate Upton to Gwyneth Paltrow, The Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

Inside Philip Seymour Hoffman's Funeral; 'Lego Movie' Is Really Good

Alleged Silk Road Kingpin Pleads Not Guilty, Says Hi to His Mom

The Yakuza Olympics

Yes, the Pseudo-lesbian Band t.A.T.u. Sang at Sochi’s Opening Ceremony

Putin’s Sochi and Hitler’s Berlin: The Love Affair Between Dictators and the Olympic Games.

Rosie O’Donnell’s Explosive Return to ‘The View’ Makes Us Miss Her More

PLO Official: Al-Qaeda To Target Lebanese Christians

Big Changes at Marc Jacobs; Sophie Dahl Starts Blogging

Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (PHOTOS)

Confessions of a Death Camp Collaborator: Claude Lanzmann’s ‘The Last of the Unjust’

The Monument's Men's Finest Nazi-Looted Art Recoveries: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Vermeer, and More (Photos)

Jay Leno Cries It Out

Mitt Romney: He’s Back!

‘Doll & Em’ Is the Female ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

No, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Dealer Isn’t a Murderer

Exclusive: U.S. Won’t Seize Taliban Ally’s Cash

The Home-Birth Rebellion

CVS, Smokes and ‘Liberal Fascism’

Up to a Point: PJ O’Rourke on Sochi and Senate Slackers

Should Woody Allen Have Been Allowed to Adopt?

A Sax Player, Then a Suspect After Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Final Act

The Mothers Behind The Girl Scout Cookie Boycott

Literary City: Ahdaf Soueif’s Cairo

What Feud? CBC and Obama Make Up, for Now

Grant Heslov Is the Robin to George Clooney’s Batman

Inside Hitler’s Fantasy Museum

American Cool' at National Portrait Gallery Picks the 100 Coolest Americans (PHOTOS)

The Michelangelo of Lego Who Quit Law to Play With Toys

The 100 Coolest Americans Gather at the National Portrait Gallery

Taylor Swift Says Singing "Livin' On A Prayer" with Prince William Was His Idea

Prince Harry's Spoof Facebook Movie

20 Amazing Lego Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)

Are These Gas Fields Israel’s Next Warzone?

From Jack to Johnny to Jay: Saying Goodbye to ‘Tonight’

Meet The Post-Soviet Athletes Whose Countries Are In Putin’s Crosshairs (PHOTOS)

How America's 'Miracle' Was Made

How to Catch a Depressed Gorilla, Japanese-Style

Cop Cam Shows Deadly Shoot-out

He's Back! Glenn Beck Says Obama Will Throw Opponents in Internment Camps

‘Michael J. Fox Show’ Creator: We’re Not Canceled…Yet

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Review: Wes Anderson’s Best Ever Is a Whimsical Crime Caper

Immigration Reform Dead In 2014 According To Boehner

Republicans Attack Obama DOJ Nominee Who Defended a ‘Cop-Killer’

Terrorists Could Already Be Inside Sochi

India’s Olympic Mess: Why You Won’t See the Nation’s Flag in Sochi

A Killer's Racist Rants

Pussy Riot Rocks Brooklyn

The Makers of ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Heathers’ Discuss ‘Vampire Academy’ and Coming-of-Age Movies

Doutzen Kroes Is Expecting; Tavi Gevinson Lands Another Book Deal

State Dept Official Caught on Tape: ‘Fuck the EU’

Seahawks-Broncos and 7 Other Thrilling Super Bowl Matchups

Snowden Keeps Outwitting U.S. Spies

Pussy Riot And Madonna Slam Putin At Amnesty International Concert

The Book of B.J. Novak: An Absurdist, Scathingly Funny Literary Debut

The Real Monuments Men: The Coronation Chamber of Hitler

Between Boredom and Terror: One US Soldier’s Letters from Afghanistan

Can B-List Hollywood Stars Shine in Washington?

Mosque Raided in Battle for Africa

By The Numbers: Syria’s Crimes Against Its Children

Egypt: Al Jazeera Had ‘Marriott Cell’ Of Terror

Could Creationism Become Law?

A New Constitution? We Can Hardly Handle The One We’ve Got!

(Almost) Everything We Know About Toothpaste Tube Bombs

Where the Fashionistas Eat: An Insider's Guide to Fashion Week New York

The Death Penalty’s Gruesome Truth

The Ultimate TV Guide For Watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

My $295 Skype Exorcism

Where to Celebrate the Olympics by Drinking Russian Style

The 7 Types of Patients that Drive Your Doctor Totally Bananas

We Made Our Olympians Wear What?! Delightful Winter Uniforms from Olympics Past (PHOTOS)

Breaking: Jihadis Hate Art

GOP Will Force Reid to Save Obama’s Iran Policy—Over and Over Again

Obamacare Attacks the Middle Class

Yet Another Obamacare "Game Changer" That Wasn't

Why is This London Commuter in an Obama Ad?

How the Catholic Church Got in Bed with Mussolini

The War on Smoking Didn’t Save My Mother’s Life, but It Could Save Many More

Justin Bieber Has Been Drag Racing Down the Road to Recovery

Robots Paid to Stand Guard Over Million-Dollar Ferraris

Beyond the Fame: Meet Professional Hockey's Forgotten Foot Soldiers

George Zimmerman Wants to Profit Off Trayvon Martin’s Death

George Zimmerman’s Fame & Fortune

Your Must-See New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 Agenda (Photos)

UN Slams Vatican On Predator Priests

Columbia’s Pompous Butler Library Porno

6 Healthy Foods to Fight the Flu, Beat Stress and More

CVS Quits Tobacco to Become a Medical Giant

Bob Balaban: How I Write

Bipartisanship is Ruining America

The Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate Was a Nightmare for Science

I’m a Christian, and Ken Ham Doesn’t Speak for Me

‘No No,’ a Documentary on MLB Pitcher Dock Ellis, Who Pitched a No-Hitter While Tripping on Acid

Brought to You by the Letters W-T-F

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Let You Pay for College Like a Car

Iranian Found In Venice Lagoon, Alleged Victim Of Botched Sex Game

The Grand Jury Voting on One Case Every 52 Seconds

Longtime Sufferers of Cluster Headaches Find Relief in Psychedelics

The GOP’s Suicide Pact on Immigration

MLK Family Wars Over Peace Prize

Can the GOP Learn to Love Scott Walker?

The Parisian Belle Epoque Time Capsule

It’s Complicated For Cutie & the Boxer

Christie and the 7 Dwarves

Don’t You Dare Call Russians Thin-Skinned!

The Senate Candidate Who Wants to Give You an AR-15

These 4 Easy Home Health Tests Could Save Your Life

Victoria Jackson’s Greatest Hits

Exclusive: Florida Rep Helped Fugitive Embezzlers

NYPD: We Have Hoffman’s Diary

'Cool Runnings' Goes to Sochi

Ten Years On, Facebook Has Changed Politics

Congressman: Obama's Drone War Rules Let Terrorists Go Free

When America Said "No" to the War on Segregation

An American-style School Shooting In Moscow

23andMe and Me: Why Policymakers Should Set the Genetic Testing Company Free

America’s Ambassadors of Hate

The Cross-Dressing Revolutionary: Alex Myers’ New Novel

Kremlin Analysts Push For Ukraine Annexation

Congress Needs to Pump Up the Deficits

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014: 8 Models to Watch (PHOTOS)

New York City Named Fashion Capital of the World; Naomi Campbell Denies Bullying Allegations

Running Against Obamacare in Massachusetts? Uh, Sure

Another Longtime Democratic Incumbent Bites The Dust

First Pap Pics Of Prince George Published

Pediatrician: Don’t Make Me the Bad Guy By Teasing Your Kid About Shots

The Play Obamacare Needs: ‘Mercy Killers’ at the Working Theater

The Mourner’s Playground

Tom & Lorenzo’s 12 Fashion Week Essentials

Scenes from the GOP Civil War

The White Collar Heroin Problem

Chopped? Amanda Freitag Hopes Not

Coca-Cola Critics Have Never Heard of ‘E Pluribus Unum’

Robots Undercut the Case for More Immigrants

Inside China’s Mistress-Industrial Complex

Inside the Obsessive, Strange Mind of True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto

Italian Migrants Sew Mouths Shut In Protest

Matt Galligan, Co-founder and CEO of Circa, Shares His Home Screen’s Apps

Bob Dylan’s 115th Sellout

Parker Griffith Re-Rats

When Politicians Tweet One-Liners

BYU to Undergrads: Self-Love Is A Battlefield

This Week’s Hot Reads: Feb. 3, 2014

Can You Really O.D. on Pot?

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman

The World Gets Ready for Sochi

GOP Congresswoman Trash Talks Clay Aiken

The Internet’s Deadly ‘Neknomination’ Drinking Game

Who is Most Excited About America's Future? Minorities

New Alice Walker Doc Delivers Good Medicine

Thank The Pill For Abortion Rate Drop

Al-Qaeda Denounces Syrian Jihadis

Heroin: America’s Silent Assassin

Tomasky Twitter Book Giveaway Sweepstakes Official Rules

Queen Elizabeth Orders Makeover for Kate Middleton; Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Wedding Tiara Available for Rent

Rage Against the Coke Machine

Senators: Kerry Admits Obama's Syria Policy Is Failing

The Impossible Super Bowl Score: First 43-8 Football Game in a Century

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Deadly ‘Ace of Spades’ Branded Heroin

The Aid Industry Failed Haiti After Its 2010 Quake

Model Melanie Gaydos’s Fight for High Fashion

The Tragic Downfall of Tanaquil Le Clercq, Ballet’s Greatest Muse

Are You Ready for “Queen of the Night?”

Welcome to the Jungle: Pot Tourism


Media Coverage of Olympic Terror Threats Shines Spotlight on Wrong Players

I Lived Dylan Farrow’s Story

12 Priciest Fitness Classes (Actually Worth the Splurge)

Obama Pits Republicans Against the Work Ethic

How Goldman Sachs Rescued Libya

Are Female Long-Distance Runners More Prone To Suicidal Depression?

The Dutch Debate Doctor-Assisted Suicide For Depression

Thai Curry Therapy At London’s L’Atelier Des Chefs

Welcome to MorbidReality, A Subreddit Featuring Some of the Most Disturbing Content on the Internet

Free Speech Kills!

Super Blowout: Seahawks Buck Broncos to Take Home the Championship Title

Bruno Mars Super Bowl Halftime Show Review: Strange (Blood Sugar Sex) Magic

The Obama and O’Reilly Interview Was a Super Snore

Philip Seymour Hoffman: An Actor First

Watch Woody Allen Address the Dylan Farrow Child Abuse Allegations On ’60 Minutes’

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Best Performances: ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Capote,’ and More

Inside Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment

8 Great Football Flicks From Horse Feathers to Friday Night Lights

Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

Beatlemania Turns 50

Springsteen, Seeger, and the Joy of Political Music

Armistead Maupin Bids Farewell to 'Tales'

The 15 Best Super Bowl Commercials

Dylan Farrow Takes Woody Allen, Hollywood, and Celebrity to Task

Controversial Landfill Prompts West Bank Showdown

‘The Puppy Bowl’: The Super Bowl’s Fiercest Rival

Meet the New John le Carre

The Oscar International Film Festival: ‘Stranger By the Lake’ and Foreign Films You Should Watch

Meryl Streep, Katy Perry & the Week’s Best Celebrity Selfies (PHOTOS)

Want a Super Bowl Boost for the Economy? Root for Seattle.

Possessed by PTSD, A Veteran Uses Exorcisms to Cast Out His Demons

Was The Beatles’ Music Really That Unique? Yeah, It Totally Was.

The Daily Grind of Domesticity in Jenny Offill’s ‘Dept. of Speculation’

Do Circumcision Bans Protect Kids’ Rights, Or Infringe Upon Parents’?

The Beatles and JFK 50 Years Later

The Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

The Best Celebrity Cameos in Super Bowl Ads

Morsi’s Soundproof Glass Booth Trial

Fringe Factor: Gun Control Leads to Genocide

Will Immigration Reform Be John Boehner’s Legacy?

Obama’s 34 Words That Matter Most

Ukraine Government and Opposition Clash, in Munich

Chris Christie's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Oppo Dump

Was A Ukraine Activist Tortured By A Government ‘Death Squad’?

Taste Off: Super Bowl State Wines From Colorado and Washington

Russian Foreign Minister: We Can’t Get Assad to Do Anything

Inside Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet’s Sexy ‘Labor Day’ Pie Scene

This is What Happens When You Teach Machines the Power of Natural Selection

The State of the Union Should Be More Like the Super Bowl

From Joan Smalls to Eva Chen, the 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

David Wildstein: A Christie Groupie Scorned?

When Hollywood Flirted with Porn: 1969, ‘Myra Breckinridge,’ ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,’ & 20th Century Fox

The Marie Antoinette Diet

Will Home Grown Marijuana Go the Way of Moonshine?

Can Higher Education Really Save Our Humanity?

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, February 1, 2014

Thai Election Not Likely To Resolve Protests

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Attack, Anna Kendrick Says ‘Suck It,’ and More Viral Videos

Ukraine Is America’s New Adoption Mecca

No, Women Don’t Make Less Money Than Men

Your Super Bowl Etiquette Guide From Food to Clothes to What Not to Say

Week in Photos: February 1, 2014

Super Bowl’s ‘Nipplegate’ Fiasco 10 Years Later: The Pop Diva, the Boob, and the Outrage

Move the Damn Super Bowl to Saturday!

Super Bowl Can't Hide This Pain

Haiti Rebuilding Four Years After the Earthquake (PHOTOS)

Will a Criminal Enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Art on the Tracks

Keystone Report May Allow Obama To Make Debt Limit Deal

UN’s Brahimi: Round One of Syria Peace Talks Failed