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Cheats February 2014

$60M High School Stadium Closed

Russia Moves Into Ukraine

Uniqlo Owners May Buy J.Crew

Hoffman Died From Drug Mixture

Arizona Drafts New Anti-Gay Bill

Az. Christians Are Now Slaves to the Gays

Details Cast Doubt on TX Execution

Ex-NFL Star Accused of Raping 9

Man Found Alive in Body Bag

Foot of Snow to Hit Eastern U.S.

U.S. GDP Revised Down

China Taunts U.S. Ambassador

Ashton and Mila Are Engaged!

Nyong'o: My Skin Was 'Obstacle'

Dogs Kill 4-Year-Old Alabama Girl

Court OKs Ban on Flag T-Shirts

Arizona Targets Abortion Clinics

Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Bankrupt

Gunmen Seize Crimea's Airport

Armed Men Seize Crimea Airport

Egypt: We've Cured HIV and Hep C

Yanukovych Living It Up in Moscow

Obama: $200M for Minority Youth

Utah Rep.: Women Don't Really Understand Divorce

Rebekah Brooks: I Paid Officials

Man Plans to Dive Off Everest

News Corp Gave Blair Charity $100K

Camera Sneaked Into Supreme Court

Feds: Cali Cops Were Dealing Drugs

Murdoch Gave Blair Charity $100K

Signed 'Mein Kampf' Hits the Block

Eric Holder Hospitalized

Aid Cut to Anti-Gay Uganda

Paula Deen: I'm Like Michael Sam

Team Christie Targeted Rabbi

U.S. Food Has Hazardous Chemical

U.K. Spied on Naked Webchats

Bullock Paid $70M for ‘Gravity’

'Girls' Star Cast in 'Star Wars'

Missioner 'Admits' Duping N. Korea

EU Cracks Down on E-Cigs

Older Dads Put Children at Risk

FDA to Correct Nutrition Labels

Obama to Press Netanyahu on Peace

Armed Men Seize Crimea Parliament

NASA Discovers 715 New Planets

Brewer Nixes AZ's Anti-Gay Bill

588 Troops Removed From Positions

Super Bowl May Leave Arizona

Ex-SEALs Partied to Death at Sea

CTE Found in Dead Soccer Player

715 New Planets Found by NASA

Va. GOPers Offending People on Facebook

Texas Gay-Marriage Ban Struck Down

Yanukovych Files Dry in His Sauna

Court: Yank 'Innocence of Muslims'

Credit Suisse Went 007 for Clients

Uber Rigged Surge Pricing

Reporters Muzzled for Ronan Farrow

China Muckraker Stabbed in Attack

Benedict: I Wasn’t Forced Out

Shakespeare's Juliet Statue Pulled

Experts: New Pain Pill a Killer

Companies Want Your SAT Scores

Putin Alerts Troops Near Ukraine

MO Executes Murderer of Teenager

Katy Perry and John Mayer Split

Divorce Led to Knick's Gun Charges

Netflix Mocks Amazon Drones

PBS Reporter Loses Forearm

Biden: 'White Man Can Jump'

Moscow Threatens Ukraine Money

NSA Domestic Spying May End

Couple Finds $10M Buried in Yard

House Passes Phone Unlocking Bill

Brewer Plans to Veto Anti-Gay Bill

Baby Obesity Drops 43 Percent

Fukushima Radiation Nears U.S.

Wrong Teen Spends Month in Jail

Guns Returned to Blind Man Acquitted of Fatally Shooting Friend

Google: Don't Ban Glass in Cars

U.S. Expels Venezuelan Diplomats

Egypt Names Mubarak Adviser New PM

CA Frees ‘Lifers’ at Record Speed

FBI: Mob Maybe Rigged Ali-Liston

Obama Floats Total Afghan Pullout

Feds Look Into U of Mich. Rape Case

Ukraine’s Prez to Face The Hague

Michelle Cracks Down on Cafeterias

Uganda Media Lists 200 'Top' Gays

Ukraine: No Gov't Till Thursday

Islamists Kill 29 Nigerian Pupils

Cheney Slams Obama's Troop Budget

Major Bitcoin Exchange Vanishes

Holder: AGs Can Curb Marriage Bans

Republican: Women Are Baby 'Hosts'

Felony Gun Charge for Knicks Guard

GOP Turns On Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Nugent: U.S. Becoming Nazi Germany

Study: Remove Cancer-Prone Ovaries

SCOTUS Rejects Guns-for-Teens Case

Gay Marriage Leads to Parent-Child Unions

Jindal Rips Obama at White House

Goodbye, "Got Milk?"

Comedy Great Harold Ramis Dies

Baby Kim Jong-un on the Way

Longest-Serving U.S. Rep. Retiring

Oil Spill Closes Mississippi Ports

7 Protesters Jailed in Russia

Egypt’s Entire Interim Gov’t Quits

Uganda Prez Signs Anti-Gay Law

Oldest Holocaust Survivor Dies

Collins First Gay Player in NBA

KISS Won’t Play Hall of Fame

Hagel Wants Pre-WWII Size Army

Ukraine Wants to Arrest Ex-Prez

Piers Morgan to End CNN Show

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Network

Jason Collins To Join the Nets

Report: NSA Bugging Merkel Circle

Thai Protests Kill 30, Injure 50+

Last Original von Trapp Dies

Canadian Hockey Wins Historic Gold

Taliban Calls Off U.S. P.O.W. Talk

‘DWTS’ Co-Host Leaves

Six Californias Plan Moves Forward

Maduro Seeks Talks With Obama

Mexican Cartel Chief Busted

Ukraine President Flees Kiev

Italian Prime Minister Sworn In

Obama to Award 24 Medals of Honor

Break-In at D.C. Whistleblower Group

Europe Sanctions Ukraine

Girl Scout Sells Cookies at Weed Clinic

‘Ferris Bueller’ House Sold

Nugent 'Apologizes' to Obama

Canada Beats USA in Hockey

Somalia’s Palace Compound Attacked

Want to Sleep in a Submarine?

Ukraine Could Release Jailed Ex-PM

Brooks: Coulson & I Were Intimate

Sochi Kicks Out Doping Bobsledder

4 Dead in Calif. Tribal Meeting

Man Assaults ‘Modern Family’ Star

CO Corrections Head: End Solitary

Bevin: Gay Marriage Becomes Incest

Rand Paul: Nugent Should Apologize

Arizona Passes Discrimination Bill

Dalai Lama, Obama to Meet

Snipers Killing Protesters in Kiev

UAE Issues Fatwa on Mars

Earth Had Fourth-Warmest January

Google Plans 3D Vision Smartphone

Canada Wins Women's Hockey Gold

Obama to Ukraine: Pull Troops Now

Polar Vortex Returns to Midwest

My Snowden Writing Self-Deleted

U.S. Army Has Hitler’s Watercolors

GOProud Leader Resigns Over CPAC

Alleged Auschwitz Guards Arrested

Ravens Player Dragged Fiancée

Brooks Cleared of One Charge

Legal Pot Rakes It In for States

Hoffman: Keep Son Out of Hollywood

Egypt Puts 20 Journos on Trial

Dolphins Sack Coach Over Bullying

MLK Kids Fight Over Peace Prize

Climate Change May Heat Up Crime

North Korea OKs Family Reunions

Idaho Sued Over Gay-Marriage Ban

Zuck Buys App Worth 16 Instagrams

$100M Ready for Climate Change Ads

Walmart May Back Min. Wage Boost

New ‘Living’ Drug Kills Leukemia

New York Limits Solitary in Prison

Obama on Ukraine: Everyone Cool It

Russian Coach: 'Eat Me Alive'

Utah Rep: More Carbon Dioxide, Please

25 Killed in Deadly Kiev Battle

FCC to Fix Net-Neutrality Rules

Study: Women on Film Silent, Naked

Ex-Border Patrol Vigilante Running for CA Governor

Obama Signs Away Trade Barriers

VW Workers Threaten the South

Pussy Riot Whipped in Sochi

Ligety Nabs Gold in Men’s Slalom

Greenwald Partner Detention Upheld

EU to Meet on Ukraine Sanctions

Obama: Sorry I Mocked Art History

$13M Settles L.A. Priest Sex Abuse

Ai Weiwei: Wrong to Smash Vase

Christie Staffer Ignores Subpoena

U.S. May Sweeten Swap for POW

Rapes Rise Under New Definition

'Diseased' Hot Pockets Pulled

Candy Crush Company Files IPO

Man Tries to Feed Self to Tigers

$10 Min. Wage Would Kill 500K Jobs

Food Stamps Rise in Military Homes

Monkey Sees, Makes Other Monkey Do

Glasgow Students Elect Snowden

Idaho Bill Allows Doctors to Refuse Gays, Single Mothers

Pentagon Shocks Soldiers Awake

NY Sen. Wants Corruption Trial Delayed

86% of NFL OK With Gay Teammate

Dunn Claims ‘I Was The Victim’

Wolves of Wall St. Caught on Tape

Zimbabwe Nabs Ex-U.S. Rep on Porn

NYC Gets 14th Snowstorm

Fallon Nails His First 'Tonight'

IN Passes Weaker Gay-Marriage Ban

Iran Hack Worse Than Reported

OK Pharmacy Denies Execution Drugs

3 Killed in Bangkok Protests

Ex-Pussy Riot Members Released

Venezuela Expels U.S. Diplomats

Huge Asteroid to Brush Past Earth

Saudi Arabia Gets 1st Woman Editor

Record Boom in IVF Babies

First Ever US Gold in Ice Dancing

S. Korea Ceiling Collapse Kills 10

China Cracks Down on Hookers

Clown Shortage Plagues Nation

Groupon Claims Hamilton as Prez

Renzi To Be Youngest Italian PM

NY Really Wants Pot Legalized

Obama at 42 Percent Approval

UN Slams N. Korea's Abuse, Torture

'12 Years' Takes Top BAFTA Honors

Aussies Wiretapped Indonesians

East Wins NBA All-Star Game

Bode Miller Pressed On Dead Family

Co-Pilot Hijacks Own Plane

CO Avalanche Kills Two Skiers

PA Woman: I Killed for Satan

Romney: Scandal Won't Hurt Hillary

Snake Kills Snake-Handler Preacher

U.S. Hockey Trounces Slovenia

Dozens of South Africa Miners Trapped

Inmate Flees on V-Day For His Girl

Plane With 18 Missing in Nepal

Zimmerman: Travyon Caused My PTSD

'Stand Your Ground' Shooter Not Guilty of Murder

4.1-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles South Carolina

Geneva Syria Talks Fall Apart

New Snowstorm Hits Northeast

U.S. Hockey Defeats Russia in Dramatic Shootout

Ellen Page Comes Out as Gay

Volkswagen Workers Vote Against Union

200K Bond for Arrested Hoffman Pal

Frat Hazing Ruled Homicide

New Book Maps Kerouac's Journey

Col. Sen: Good Thing James Holmes Had That 100-Round Magazine

Japan Wins Men’s Figure Skating

FAA Grounds Flower Delivery Drones

Feds Tell Banks How to Get High

Ugandan Gays to Get Life in Prison

Denmark Outlaws Kosher Slaughter

Rampaging Cali Camel in Custody

PA Pileup Leaves 16 Injured

Richie Incognito’s Worst Revealed

Accused Pol Won’t Release Sexual Harassment Report

American Wins Photo of the Year

Perkins: 1% Faces 'Extinction'

Breivik Won't Eat Until PS3 Comes

UN: Humanity Crimes in N. Korea

Putin Surprise Visits Team USA

Genes May Affect Male Sexuality

Actor Ralph Waite Passes Away

Ruthless Winter Storm Kills 21

Measles Threaten Berkeley

Yemen Jailbreak Frees al Qaeda

CA's Concealed-Carry Rules Voided

100K Flee Indonesian Volcano

Pistorius Mourns Lover He Shot

Federal Judge Rules Virginia Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Son-in-Law Charged in Package Bomb

Russia's Plushenko Falls, Retires

Iran Leader: Prepare for Cyberwar

Uniforms Blamed for USA Sochi Loss

Russia: No Single-Parent Adoption

Belgium Approves Child Euthanasia

Jack Hanna Pools $100K for Giraffe

World's Largest Solar Plant Opens

Storm Roughs Up Eastern U.S.

Snow Fight: Roker vs. NYC Mayor

Facebook Adds 50 Gender Options

Cruz Writes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Kansas House OKs Anti-Gay Bill

Drake: 'The Press Is Evil'

Anti-Debt Group Goes Broke

Obama Murders His Critics

Putin: Al-Sisi for President!

Germany Pursues Nazi-Looted Art

Lil’ Kim Rocks Baby Bump

U.S. Sweeps Slopestyle Medals

Snowden Used Coworker’s Password

L.A. Owes $26M for Sleepy Drivers

Obamacare Hits Goal for First Time

Comcast Snatches Up Time Warner

NRA: Leave Toy Guns Alone!

Afghans Free Anti-U.S. Prisoners

Davis Backs 20-Week Abortion Ban

Porn Addiction Not a Real Thing

Japan’s Beethoven Regains Hearing

28 Killed in Schools Since Newtown

Obama Raises Contractor Min Wage

TV Legend Sid Caesar Passes Away

Senate Votes to Raise Debt Ceiling

18 Congressmen: Decriminalize Pot

U.S. Scientists Hit a Fusion First

Derek Jeter Will Retire After 2014

Ex-NOLA Mayor Guilty of Corruption

CFL Fines for Michael Sam Remarks

‘Satanic Ritual’ Murder in Texas

KY Court Rejects Same-Sex Ban

Queer Nation Rips Bi Athlete

Mexican Tycoon Played Super PACs

Floods Swamp England

Sinkhole Swallows Corvette Museum

Thai Court Rejects Opposition Bid

Michael Sam's Dad Not OK With Gay

U.S. Press Freedom Declines

Greta Gerwig Stoops to TV

Annual Mammograms Don't Save Lives

Snow Kills Power for 245,000

Wire Fox Terrier Is Best in Show

FDA: More Female Libido Studies!

Obama Chastises France Over Iran

Iran Rally: ‘Death to America’

Tom Brokaw Battling Cancer

House GOP Frees Its Debt Hostage

Mayor Calls NYPD Re: Pastor Arrest

Catastrophic Storm Aims for Georgia

Justice Thomas: Too Much Race Talk

Holder: Give Ex-Felons the Vote

Shaun White Flounders at Sochi

WA Gov. Suspends Death Penalty

Hoffman Diary Reveals “Demons”

Windfarm Beats Donald Trump

FBI Busts Trans-Atlantic Drug Ring

Actor/NRA Board Member: Boys Today Are ‘Neutered’

Obama to Help Young Men of Color

Court: Keep Force-Feeding at Gitmo

Gay Eagle Scout May Lose Rank

Clapper: Karzai Won’t Sign Pact

Republicans Cave on Debt Threat

Army Purged Bin Laden Death Photos

102 Dead in Algerian Plane Crash

China, Taiwan Talk After 65 Years

Nevada Won’t Defend Marriage Ban

Sam Jackson Blasts Journalist

Shirley Temple Dies at 85

N. and S. Korea Agree to Rare Talk

30 Years for Fast & Furious Murder

18 New Subpoenas for Bridgegate

Obamacare Delayed for Small Biz

Armisen's Band Joins ‘Late Night’

Defender of U.S. Jews Retires

Starbucks Upset At Parody Store

Film Shows CIA Grab Terror Suspect

GM's Female CEO Gets 60% Raise

Terrorist Teacher Blows Up Pupils

Holder Plans to Quit This Year

Hillary: Lewinsky a 'Loony Toon'

Fischer: Criminalize Homosexuality, For the Love of Black Men

Michael Sam Gets Mixed NFL Reax

Iran Kills 'Enemy of God' Poet

Republicans Want Hospital Bailouts

14K Animals Died in Research

Rodman Defecated in N. Korea Hotel

Swiss Vote to Keep Out Immigrants

Obama, Hollande: We're Cool Again

No Olympic Stickers to Honor Dead

UN: Iran Makes Diplomatic Progress

'Angry Birds' Op Busts Cockfights

U.S. May Kill Citizen With Drone

N. Korea Rescinds Bae Negotations

Rand to TX: You Could Turn Blue

Congress to NFL: Change Redskins

NFL Prospect Comes Out as Gay

LaBeouf Wears Bag on Red Carpet

Obama Mentored Black Teens

Marcus Smart Suspended for Shove

AOL 'Distressed Baby' Mom Speaks

Swiss Vote to Limit Immigration

Petraeus: Prez Hil 'Tremendous'

LaBeouf Storms out of Press Event

Flappy Bird Pulled From App Stores

Snowden Mined NSA on the Cheap

Out Lesbian Takes Gold in Sochi

U.N. Syrian Aid Convoy Attacked

Brits Win First Ever Medal on Snow

Danish Zoo Kills Healthy Giraffe

Fed: Gay Couples Get New Benefits

American in N. Korean Labor Camp

NJ Mayor Says Christie Courted Him

Ambassador Nominee Questioned

Spanish Princess Goes to Court

House GOP Prepping Debt Limit Bill

American Wins First Sochi Gold

U.S. Olympian Breaks Sochi Door

Woody Allen: I Didn’t Molest Dylan

Alex Rodriguez Drops Lawsuits

Report: Will & Charles to Hunt

White House Locked Down

Cal Football Player Dies After Run

Flight Grounded By Hijack Attempt

GOP Town Hall Derailed by Calls to Execute Obama

Anna Wintour Gets New Challenger

NSA Overwhelmed by Cell Phone Use

UFC Fighter Jailed After Standoff

Biden Dangles 2016 Run

'Pineapple Express' to Save NorCal

Jobs Numbers Disappoint

TV's ‘House’ Diagnoses Patient

800,000-Year-Old Footprints Found

Leonard Nimoy Reveals Lung Disease

Brit Museum Buys First U.S. Art

Taliban Captures NATO Dog

Russia: Butt Out of Ukraine

Boehner: Immigration Reform Dead

Israel Lobby: Don't Sanction Iran

Biden: LaGuardia Is ‘Third World’

Biggest Inside Trader Convicted

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Slated for 2015

Pussy Riot Boots Two Members

Cop's Lapel Cam Films Shootout

GOP Blocks Jobless Aid

Japan's Beethoven: I'm a Fraud

Credit Card Signing Ends in 2015

Saudi Medics Kept from Dying Woman

Silicon Valley Hires NSA Lobbyist

Stolen $5M Stradivarius Returned

Pope's Harley Goes for $280,000

Obama May Stay Away From Races

Russia: Journalists Being Babies

Pacific Castaway Hospitalized

Sorkin: Hoffman's Death Saved 10

Bionic Hand Gives Man Touch Back

Judge Demands Theater Shooting Vid

Beachgoers Find Giant Jellyfish

Pat Robertson: Shut Up, Ken Ham

Mancession Grips America

Iraqi Forces Rape Women Prisoners

Funeral Home Sued in Mystery Death

Egypt Denies Sisi Run for Prez

Russia: Sochi as Safe as New York

U.S. Freezes Drones Over Pakistan

Curt Schilling: I Have Cancer

Affluenza Teen Won’t Do Time

Journo Gets 12 Years in Prison

Busted Dealer Had Hoffman’s Number

Twitter User Growth Stalls

Schumer, Moscow Spar Over Yogurt

Pussy Riot: We Can’t be Silenced

Beckham to Bring Own Team to Miami

Feds Bust Docs for 5M Oxy Pills

Farrow's Brother Defends Allen

CBO Reverses GOP Obamacare Claim

Nuke Cheating Scandal Hits Navy

Billionaire: ‘The 1% Work Harder’

Conservative Activist Wants to Unseat GOP Leadership

Amsterdam Opens Red Light Museum

Bieber Hotboxed Private Jet

Flea: Our Guitars Were Unplugged

Crime to Insult Bahrain King

Volgograd Bombing Suspect Killed

Sochi Hotels a Horror Story

CVS Quits Tobacco

4 Questioned Over Hoffman

UN Rips Vatican Over Sex Abuse

In Rare Move, TX Executes Woman

Woman on the Lam 37 Years Arrested

U.S. Fears Sochi Security

Philippine Prez: China Like Hitler

Murdoch Ex Likes Tony Blair's Butt

T-Mac Wants to Be a Pro Pitcher

U.K. Court Summons Top Mormon

President Obama to Sign Farm Bill

U.S.-Backed Rebels Use Kid Troops

Board: Punish Lenient Rape Judge

Holder: Gay Equality 'Civil Right'

Massive Coal Spill in N. Carolina

Scotland OKs Same-Sex Marriage

NSA ‘Probably’ Spies on Congress

Obamacare May Cost Jobs

Scalia: Internment Could Return

Former SNL Cast Member Runs for TN County Commission

Pope: 'Unjust' Economy Can Kill

Super Bowl Child Prostitutes Found

Red Hot Chili Peppers Unplugged?

Deficit Hits New Low Under Obama

Bill Gates Is Back!

Ethics-Damaged Dem Quits Congress

Sandra Fluke Readies Congress Run

Web Companies Reveal NSA Requests

Gay-Marriage Ban Challenged in VA

Car-to-Car Talk Mandated by Feds

Facebook Turns 10 Today

Chris Brown Narrowly Avoids Jail

Conservatives Bash Coca-Cola Ad

Karzai Holds Secret Taliban Talks

Keystone Would Save 6 Lives a Year

YouTube Sex Abuser Charged

National Review Online: Hollywood Liberalism Killed Philip Seymour Hoffman

Super Bowl: Most Watched Show Ever

Queen Elizabeth Gets Nazi Salute

Gov't to Hit Debt Ceiling in March

Your Guide to Clooney's Lake Como

Utah Pols Mock Transgender Issue

Christie Accuser Changing Story

Wisconsin Sued Over Gay Marriage

Stray Dogs Killed in Sochi Prep

James Holmes Lawyers Want SCOTUS

Mandela Will Worth $4.1 Million

Mo. Votes to Jail Agents for Enforcing Gun Laws

Hackers Attack Russian Grindr

Yellen Takes the Reins of the Fed

Hoffman Had 70 Bags of Heroin

Cancer Cases to Rise 50%

9/11 Truther Crashes Super Bowl

Northeast Faces Massive Snowstorm

Hermione Should've Been with Harry

Quadruple Murderer Escapes Prison

Castaway Called Into Doubt

Abbas Wants NATO Troops

2 Dead in Russia School Shooting

Woody Allen Slams Dylan Farrow

Seahawks Shred Broncos

Hillary Hits Fox During Super Bowl

Abortions Lowest Since Roe v. Wade

Subpoenaed Christie Staffer Quits

Obama: Fox Promotes Faux Scandals

Woody Allen: Farrow 'Disgraceful'

Celeb SNL Goodbye to Seth Meyers

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

Manning Nabs Fifth MVP

6 More Weeks of Winter

Christie Slams Bridgegate Reveal

Dylan Farrow Goes Public

Indonesia Volcano Kills 16

iPhone Catches Fire in Pants

Sollecito: I Wasn’t Going to Flee

Three Indicted for L.A. Wildfire

Man Livetweets Emergency Landing

102-Year-Old Sets World Record

South Sudan Aid Being Looted

Maximilian Schell Dead at 83

Menendez Set up Legal Defense Fund

Will Lawsuit End National Review?