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Articles July 2014

Democratic Senator Calls on CIA Director to Resign

Do Palestinians Really Exist?

Congress Harshes Stoned Drivers’ Mellow

Why Poor Mothers Don’t Breastfeed

The GOP’s Big Border Bill Fail

Morrissey Denies Ordering Hit on Fan

What Is the Israeli Endgame in Gaza?

Call Him ‘Poprah’: Pope Francis’s 10 Commandments for a Happy Life

Martha Stewart Poses for Terry Richardson; Net-a-Porter CEO Gets Epic Send Off

Syrian Defector: Assad Poised to Torture and Murder 150,000 More

Viral Video of the Day: Warren G. Regulates Warren G. Harding

Fired From Los Alamos for Pushing Obama's Nuclear Agenda

Photos of Assad's Killing Machine

Michael Daly: Tales of Old Media

Israel Tells Hamas: You Can Keep Your Rockets

Octavia Spencer on Hollywood and Race: The Film Roles I’m Offered Are Too Small

Atheist King Richard Dawkins’ Rape Fantasy

I Pushed the Lance Armstrong Lie: An Open Letter to Greg LeMond

'The Honorable Woman' Is Maggie Gyllenhaal's Best Performance Yet

Have We Reached ‘Peak Burger’? The Crazy Fetishization of Our Most Basic Comfort Food

These Photographs Would Die Without Him

James Brown, Friend of Strom Thurmond and Mentor to Al Sharpton

Why the Death Penalty Needs to Die

Georgian Ex-President Faces Criminal Charges, Blames Putin Cronies

Lana Del Rey Makes Me Wish I Were Straight

Does America’s $400 Billion Stealth Jet Need Another Engine?

Colorado Man Buys Former Prison, Hoping to Transform It Into a Pot Factory

ReaganBook Is the Latest Conservative #Fail

Thank You, Elizabeth Wurtzel: ‘Prozac Nation’ Turns 20

American Voters Don’t Get Foreign Policy

The KGB Welcomes You to Estonia’s Hotel Viru. Please Mind the Hidden Bugs

The White House’s Woman in the Immigration Crosshairs

Underage Sex Allegations Against Prince Philip's Former Equerry Rock Palace

GOP Realizes Impeaching Obama Is Impossible, Votes to Sue Him Instead

Congress Finally Moves on Campus Sexual Assault

Xtreme Eating Awards: The Deadliest Chain Restaurant Meals in America

Are Buzz Cuts the Next Big Trend for Women? And Christian Dior Unites with Princess Grace Foundation

Israel Is Minting the Next Generation of Hate

An Unlikely Hero Blooms in Ibiza: Orlando Bloom Sort of Punches Justin Bieber

‘Old Fashioned’: Your Christian-Friendly, Kink-Free Alternative to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Amazon Won’t Kill the Indie Bookstore

Eating With The Enemy: Conflict Kitchen’s Political Cuisine

Allison Williams Won’t Suck as Peter Pan

Is This A New Cold War?

Is Putin About to Blink?

Viral Video of the Day: Women Survive Being Run Over By Train

‘He Could Have Brought Ebola Here’: Minnesota Widow on Her Husband

Bieber vs. Bloom 'Bitch' Slap Down In Ibiza

Even Left-Wing Politicians Can’t Quit Israel

I Tried Cosmo’s Lesbian Sex Tips and They Were Terrible

Mike Tyson Reinvents Himself (Again) as a Cartoon TV Detective on ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’

Researchers Have Created a New Blood Test to Predict Risk of Suicide

Elizabeth Warren’s Biggest Donors Warn Her Not to Run for President

Can Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang’ Save Us From This Awful Musical Summer?

Tea Party Reindeer Farmer Faces Extinction

The GOP’s Audacious Impeachment Spin Job

Ganjapreneurs Line Up to Get Florida High

Pediatricians Have the Right to Ask About Guns

Strippers for Jesus

Paul Ryan’s New Plan Is a Good One, Especially for Black People

The Republican Occupation of Detroit

The Million-Dollar Map Thief

Bryan Singer Agreed to Settle Sex Abuse Lawsuit for $100,000, but Insists He’s Innocent

Dear Moon Landing Deniers: Sorry I Called You Moon Landing Deniers

Social Media Is Deadly in Pakistan

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman: A Hamas-Bashing, Ex-IDF Soldier and Former Miss Israel

Hit Putin Where it Hurts: His Legacy

Pope's Tears Over Gaza

White House Says Bibi-Obama Transcript Is Fake

Religious Leaders Hail Obama’s New Ambassador

Why World War I Is at the Heart of ‘Lord of the Rings’

Danielle Mastrion's Iconic Street Art

Israel’s Campaign to Send Gaza Back to the Stone Age

Obama Facing Stern Foreign Policy Tests

Beastie Boys Return to Paul’s Boutique

Kerry Struggles to Broker Ceasefire Agreement

Helen Mirren Trains Like the Air Force; Kendall Jenner Denied Kim Kardashian at Her Shows

Italy Suddenly Gets Ugly for Jews

Hobby Lobby Employee Says She Was Fired for Being Pregnant

Viral Video of the Day: International Tiger Day

Scarlett Johansson Vs. the Faceless Men of Color

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Pricks

How Ted Cruz Trolls Obama’s Foreign Policy

The Case Against Cards Against Humanity: Is Max Temkin a Horrible Person?

James Franco: How Cormac McCarthy Changed My Life

Inside the Kerry-Israel Meltdown

Is FedEx America’s No. 1 Drug Dealer?

Tupac Shakur’s Race-Killer Prison Pal Talks

Kids Don’t Know How Overweight They Really Are

The Rediscovered Genius of Muriel Spark

Red State Democrats Ditch Obama

Blue State Anti-Immigrant Hate: Rallies Spread to the East Coast

Taking a Flying Leap: Scenes From the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Why Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Babies Keep Getting Herpes

It’s a Miracle! Congress Compromises on VA Reform Bill

The ISIS Caliphate’s Frightening First Month

The Pill Is More Than Birth Control

The Sheikh Who Wants to Put the Hurt on Hezbollah in Lebanon

Palin TV Will Be Comedy Central

Scottie Dogs At Games 'Disrespectful' To Muslims

Roguish Harry Photobombs Team NZ

Oh La La! The Nude Models of Paris Go on Strike

Mystery Defector Known as ‘Caesar’ Appears in Washington With Evidence of Assad’s Atrocities

Rand Paul Gears Up For 2016

CDC Calls Ebola Outbreak ‘Forest Fire’

Exclusive: GOP Senate Candidate Caught Saying States Can Nullify Laws

Israel Creates ‘No Man’s Land’ in Gaza, Shrinking Strip by 40 Percent

Israeli Priorities Have Shifted As Conflict Rages On

State Department Highlights Actual Oppression Against Christians

Is This The Worst Ebola Outbreak Ever?

Stars and Bars on Cars in Texas

Better International Safety Standards Might Have Prevented MH 17

‘Lamestream Media’ Execs Are Running Palin TV

Cara Delevingne Is Topshop’s Solo Star; Music Festival Bans War Bonnets

Viral Video of the Day: ‘The Simpsons’ Meet ‘Family Guy’

ISIS’s Black Flags Are Flying in Europe

The ISIS Caliphate’s Coming Blitz of Baghdad

Rand Paul’s Daddy Issues

Comic-Con’s Year of the Kickass Woman

George R.R. Martin on ‘Game of Thrones,’ That Controversial Rape Scene, and His Writing Progress

Two Americans Have Now Been Diagnosed With Ebola in Record Outbreak

About That ‘World-Ending’ Solar Storm...

‘Sharknado 2’ in Winter: Has the Franchise Jumped the Shark?

Rebels Rise Again Over Flag Banning

A Report From the Misunderstood Gathering of the Juggalos

Pulling the Plug on English Departments

Why the Left Protests Better: A History of ‘Disobedient Objects’

Andrew Cuomo’s Do-Gooders Done Wrong

Why ‘Moral Mondays’ Matter: Fulfulling the Jesse Jackson-Rainbow Coalition Legacy

This Is Your E-Cigarette on Drugs

Your ‘Craft’ Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana

Is It Just Me or Is the World Exploding? So Why Isn’t Obama Doing More?

Prince Harry Parties TOPLESS

The Absurd Impeachment Feedback Loop

Israel Still Swears Hamas Kidnapped Those Teens

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: July 27

What Would Jesus Do in Gaza? The Tears of Pope Francis Point the Way

Watch the Best Footage From Comic-Con ‘14: ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Ant-Man,’ ‘Batman v Superman,’ More

U.S. Diplomats and Marines Close Embassy and Flee Libya Fighting

Filming a Beautiful Town in Decay: ‘Rich Hill’ and the Elusive American Dream

Dancing Grandpas, Morgan Freeman Impressions, and More Viral Videos

Three Dicks: Cheney, Nixon, Richard III and the Art of Reputation Rehab

Week in Photos: July 26, 2014

The Warlord Who Defines Afghanistan: An Excerpt From Bruce Riedel’s ’What We Won’

SAMI Is Like Google Earth for the Universe

WGN’s ‘Manhattan’ Is Summer’s Best New Show. But Will Anyone Watch?

Up To A Point: Why I Hate The Beach

Chris Burkard Captures Surfing at the Ends of the Earth (Photos)

Anti-Fluoriders Are The OG Anti-Vaxxers

Hope When the World’s Gone Off the Rails

American Dreams: Saul Bellow’s Masterpiece of Lamentation

Dr. Mike’s Makes the Best Ice Cream on Earth

The Awful Facts Behind the White House's Plan to Help Honduras

Rob Reiner on the State of Romcoms, ‘The Princess Bride’s’ Alternate Ending, and the Red Viper

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Unmasked: Robert Downey Jr. and Co. Speak at Comic-Con

The End of Beyonce and Jay Z? The Craziest Claims From the New York Post’s Hit Piece

Fringe Factor: 'Gaystapo' Claims Its Latest 'Victim'

Israel, UNWRA, and What Lies Behind the Gaza Schoolyard Massacre

Senate Report on CIA Interrogations Could Be Released Next Week

Beyonce Can Do It! Plus More Celebrities Dressed as Rosie the Riveter (PHOTOS)

Comic-Con 2014: See the Weirdest and Craziest Costumes and Gadgets

Why There Will Never Be a Female Viagra

The Stacks: The Day ‘The Big Lebowski’ Came to Life

Trans Celebs Are Great; Trans Leaders Are Better

Why You Should Blame Iran For The Gaza Conflict

No Drama Obama's Israel Ambivalence

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, July 26, 2014

Ron Rosenbaum on Hitler, Hollywood, and Quantifying Evil

Lessons From Fallujah, Then and Now

Does This Widow Deserve $23 Billion?

The Classic Hotel Bar Checks Back In

Detroit Shuts Off Water to Residents but Not to Businesses Who Owe Millions

Israel, Hamas, WhatsApp And Hacked Phones in the Gaza Psy-War

‘Kill Team’: The Documentary the Army Doesn’t Want You to See

Chicago’s Running of the Bulls

The Ugly Truth About Ugly Politicians

Holy Homophobia, Batman! A Queer Reading of the Dark Knight

Quality Bud, but Like, Whoa, The Prices

Epic Meal Empire’s Meat Monstrosities: From the Bacon Spider to the Cinnabattleship

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Cast Revealed: An Oscar Nominee, A Celebrated UK Thespian, and More

Bachmann: Gays Would Legalize Child Rape

Is Rand Paul 'Putting Lipstick on a Pig?'

Why Did Israel Reject the Ceasefire Brokered by John Kerry?

A New Facebook Page Dedicated to the IDF Is Being Flooded With Sexy Selfies

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated (That Aren’t Water)

U.S. Soldiers, Accused of Rape in Italy, Hope to Go Free in America

Jim Norton And His Many Vices

The Racism of Disaster Coverage

Gun Training Could’ve Prevented Newtown and 7 More of the Craziest Ideas From NRA YouTube Stars

Viral Video of the Day: Morgan Freeman Sucks Helium

Did the Fifty Shades Trailer Disappoint?

Andreja Pejic Undergoes Sexual Reassignment Surgery; CFDA Acquires Fashion Calendar

The Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist’s Handbook on Sex in the West

The Red Cross Is 80,000 Blood Donations Short

Jonathan Demme on Gaza, Transphobia in ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’ and Meryl Streep as a Rock Star

‘Phineas and Ferb’ Pilot Disney’s Premier Voyage into ‘Star Wars’

Jamie Lee Curtis and Naomi Foner on What It Means to Be ‘Very Good Girls’

The NFL’s Mindless Misogyny: Why Was Ray Rice Given a Slap on the Wrist for Beating His Fiancée?

He’s Still Older, Even in the Moonlight: Woody Allen’s May-December Romances Inspire Scrutiny

How America Started the Border Crisis

Why I’m Against Hamas, Against What Israel Is Doing, and For Judaism

The GOP’s 20-Year War on Health Care

The Biggest Myths and Truths About Baby Making

Mississippi Hippos, Teddy Bears, and Other Strange Beasts

Putin’s Number One Gunman in Ukraine Warns Him of Possible Defeat

How to Get Laid in Brooklyn a la Adelle Waldman’s Nifty Novel of Manners

Beware the Designer Vagina

Europe’s Jews Punished for Israel’s War

How the USDA Blew Millions on Afghan Soybeans

The Royal Children as Never Seen Before

Selena Gomez, Rachel McAdams, Eva Longoria and More Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

U.S. Military Chief Compares Putin’s Ukraine Move to Stalin’s Invasion of Poland

Bruce Springsteen’s Bond Moment: The Boss’ Body Beautiful at 64

Born in Hell: The Gaza Maternity Ward

Hey NFL Fans: Ray Rice Isn’t the Problem. You Are.

Paul Ryan’s Plan: Rebooting Compassionate Conservatism

Artist Gives Celebs the 'Natural' Look

ISIS ‘Worse Than Al Qaeda,‘ Says Top State Department Official

Happy National Tequila Day! Here’s How Climate Change Is Murdering Your Tequila

Montana Dems Have Time To Find A New Candidate, But It Won’t Be Schweitzer

American Apparel Appoints First Female Board Member; Britney Spears Is Designing Lingerie

Is Current Republican Partisanship Extraordinary?

Ukraine Asked U.S. For Tech To Jam Russian Radar

The ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Trailer Is Pretty Ridiculous, Right?

Pope Thanks Freed Sudanese Christian For Her Faith

Women Against Feminism

Viral Video of the Day: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer

‘We Cannot Return to Guatemala’: An Immigrant Mother’s Plea

Artist Gives Celebs the ‘Natural’ Look

Susan Sarandon on Her Love Affair With David Bowie, Woody Allen’s Creepiness, and Psychedelics

It Costs a Lot of Money to Look This Cheap: Inside the Weird World of Celebrity Clone Surgery

A 200-Hour ‘Simpsons’ Marathon? That’s Unpossible!

Why the University of Phoenix’s Favorite Congressman Killed the GI College Aid Bill

With Friends Like These, ISIS Is Doomed

Jeb Bush’s Risky Business

Self-Tracking for N00bz

The GOP’s Last Identity Crisis Remade U.S. Politics

You Don’t Hate Feminism. You Just Don’t Understand It.

Iraq’s Long-Lost Mythical Temple Has Been Found…and Is In Danger of Disappearing Again

Meet the Man Running for Congress on an Anti-Muslim Platform

John Barrowman's Gay Kiss To Countries That Criminalise Homosexuality

Anna Kendrick on ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ Drunken Horror Stories, and Singin’ Pharrell

Poppy Link To Queen's Horse Which Failed Drug Test

The Gentle Giant Cut Down by Cops

David Gregory: Dead Head Talking?

Arizona Botches Execution

Missouri Rep To Lead Crucial Highways Subcommittee

U.K. Probe: Putin Involved in Poisoning Death of Russian Spy

Glenn Beck’s Anti-Common Core Kumbaya Moment

Fleeing Israeli Troops, Gaza Muslims Find Refuge in a Christian Church

Putin-Loving Republican Congressman Calls for Investigation Into Anti-‘America’ Google

Bob Dole Says Rob Portman Won’t Support Disabilities Treaty Because He Supports Gay Marriage

A Bonsai Tree Goes to Space…for Art

It’s Not Time to Worry About China’s Plague Just Yet

More Bad Luck For Depressed Polar Bear

NRA Hipster: Give All Kids a Gun

Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein; David Lynch Designs Activewear

Viral Video of the Day: Jon Stewart Wants to Buy CNN

Miss America Hypocrisy: The Vanessa Williams Nude Photo Shaming

Peaches Geldof OD'ed On '61% Pure' Heroin

How Questlove Is Bringing Music Back to Television

The Problem With Weird Al’s ‘Word Crimes’ Video

Dysfunctional Congress Prepares to Claim Another Victim: Injured Veterans

Rand Paul Is the New Compassionate Conservative

The 9/11 Commission Is Back With a New Warning for America

‘Clinton Inc.’ Author Dishes on Monica Lewinsky and the Blue Dress

Busted for Heroin: When Pilots Fly High

Brooklynite Goes Off Her Meds—for Art

Hezbollah Talks Big but Bows Out of the Gaza War

The Unsinkable Lee Grant Sets the Record Straight

Grindr and Tinder Help the Holy Land Make Love, Not War

1,000 Americans Are Serving in the Israeli Army and They Aren’t Alone

Exclusive: Ukraine Asked U.S. for Tech to Counter Russia's Jet-Killers

Bill de Blasio’s Roman Holiday

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Twisted Anti-Vaxx History

People for the Ethical Treatment of Vodka

Blake Lively Gets Her GOOP On

Daniel Radcliffe on Sex, ‘Harry Potter,’ and Complicated Relationships

‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Loses a Leg in Sixth-Season Finale

Ukraine Denies Deadly Grad Rocket Attacks on Donetsk

Conservatives Find Typo in Obamacare, Try to Kill People With It

U.S. Intelligence: Separatists, Not Russians, Killed MH17

MH17 Is the World’s First Open-Source Air Crash Investigation

Snatched at the MH17 Morgue

Ted Cruz Calls ‘True Blood’ A ‘Misogynist’ and ‘Profanity-Ridden’ Show For Cruz Bloodbath Episode

The EPA Is Keeping Up With the Kardashians; Gigi Hadid and Ireland Baldwin’s Sisley Love Triangle

Queen's Horse Tests Positive For Morphine

Did U.N. Workers Give Rockets to Hamas?

Brits Investigate Assassination of the Spy Who Warned Us About Putin

New Gadget Detects Date Rape Drugs, But Will Women Use It?

Why TV Anchor Jorge Ramos Swam Across The Rio Grande

Viral Video of the Day: The Video Kim Jong-un Doesn’t Want You to See

How World Wars Made Females More Androgynous

Living With Disability in the Dark Ages

Cameron Diaz Deserves Better Than ‘Sex Tape’

An Iraqi Group Helping Women and Gays Is Receiving Death Threats

Canadian Parents Risk Jail to Give Sick Kid Marijuana

Israel’s Mystery MIA in Gaza

ISIS Robs Christians Fleeing Its Edict in Mosul: Convert, Leave, or Die

The Bruce Braley-Joni Ernst Race Is Iowa’s Ugliest Senate Campaign Ever

Forget 5-Hour Energy: Tea Is a Better Buzz

China Is Brewing Wine From Tiger Bones

Remnants of Lives Lost: Passenger Belongings From MH17 (Photos)

How to Really Empower Black Voters Nationwide

To Truly Shame Putin, Show Us the Bodies of MH17

Is Twitter Trolling Making the Israel-Palestine Conflict Worse?

‘Persecuted’ Is the Christian Right’s Paranoid Wet Dream

The Next Han Solo: Chris Pratt on His Star-Making Turn in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Prince George’s First Year Bodes Well for the Survival of the Royals

The Supreme Court’s Coming Paralysis

This Week’s Hot Reads: July 21, 2014

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon To Visit Iowa

How Jon Stewart Made It Okay to Care About Palestinian Suffering

The Seven Weirdest Questions That People Asked Hillary Clinton On Facebook

Does a Parkinson’s Drug Increase Creativity?

‘True Blood’ Sinks Fangs Into Tea Party with Massacre at Ted Cruz Fundraiser Held at Bush Library

U.S. Presidents and Israel: It's Complicated

Dos and Don'ts: Celebrity Hashtag Politics

Viral Video of the Day: Abrams Teases ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ X-Wing Fighter

Was Putin to Blame For MH17?

Tony Blair Tells Europe to Quit Begging the U.S. for Help

Olivia Palermo Now a Shoe Designer; Behati Prinsloo Weds in Marchesa

Prince Harry Announces: I Hate Twitter

The Most American Pit Stop in the U.S.A.

Inside the Battle to Crush Ukraine’s Rebel Capital as Dutch Search for MH17 Clues

James Cameron Dives into the Ocean's Abyss

‘Love Child’ Game Over: Internet Addicts Let Their Baby Starve to Death

Obama and Latinos Are at the Breaking Point

A Millennium After Inventing the Game, the Iroquois Are Lacrosse’s New Superpower

Happy Birthday, Prince George! Will the Wee Royal Be the First King of the 22nd Century?

The Scopes Monkey Trial 2.0: It’s Not About the Stupid Science-Deniers

How I (Digitally) Killed My Twitter Impostor

Why Women Should Forget the White House

MH17 Was Awful, but It’s Probably Unique

Latinos Encounter a New ‘Grapes of Wrath’ Situation in California

Saying Goodbye to the Salvage Saviors of Giglio

American Statesmanship Is Depressingly MIA on Border Kids, MH17 & Gaza

Not Just for Music: Drumming Is Therapy, Too

MH17 Brawl Hits Ukraine Soccer Team Shakhtar Donetsk

Hillary Clinton Wants It Both Ways on Gay Marriage

Adam Levine Is Off the Market… Thank God

Emma Stone and Colin Firth on Woody Allen, Shrinkage, and Live-Texting ‘Bridget Jones’

Chrissy Teigen and the Rise of the Social Supermodel

Life’s Essentials: Serious Work, Serious Fun.

Saddam’s Former Deputy, the Red Skull of Baghdad, Still at Large in Iraq and Allied With ISIS

I Was Snatched at the MH17 ‘Morgue’

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: July 20

Palestinians Fleeing Israeli Bombardment in Gaza Have ‘Nowhere Left to Run’

Prince George Walks For First Birthday Pics

Patted Down by India’s Hugging Saint

Sam Brownback’s Kansas Catastrophe

Christian Radio Host Says Obama Politicized MH17 to Normalize ‘Sexual Deviancy’

The $10 Billion Pet Cheetah and Chimp Industry

Best Way to Punish Putin? No World Cup

Who Will Save the Wolverine? Not the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Did the United Nations Give Rockets to Hamas?

Bikers of Baghdad: Sunnis, Shias, Skulls, ‘Harleys,’ and Iraqi Flags

The Best Map of Mars Yet

Up To A Point: My Problem With People Who Agree With Me

Russia’s Missiles Stung the World Long Before MH17

James Lee Burke Talks About His Fiction, History, and the American Dream

In the Killing Fields of Ukraine with Children Who Saw the MH17 Horror

Live Updates on the Battle Over MH17, July 20

Is it Time to Send Lady Liberty Back to France?

Meet The Putin-Loving Congressman Who’s Worried About Fluoride In Our Drinking Water

The I.V. Doc Comes to Your House, Fights Hangovers, and Wins

DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules

‘There Are People Who Should Live’: Good Confronts Evil in Ukraine

Confiscated Contraband: Animals in Airports

How an iPod Can Fight Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Snowden tells hackers of the world to unite

Michel Gondry on ‘Mood Indigo,’ Kanye West, and the 10th Anniversary of ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Putin Sanctions Abu Ghraib Soldiers and Guantanamo Officials

Invasion of the Celebrity Body Snatchers, From Charlie Chaplin to Casey Kasem

Whither the Women’s Movement?

Wine, Watch Out! These Ciders Are Just as Good

Live Updates on the Battle Over MH17, July 19

Bergdahl’s Bitter Homecoming: The Psychological Cost of War

Is Nick Ziobro the Next Frank Sinatra?

So You Want to be a Porn Star? Inside the Sex Tape Phenomenon

Who’s Watching Your Statehouse? No One.

Guess Who Doesn’t Want You to Know How Much Added Sugar Is in Your Food

The Week in Photos: July 19, 2014

The Sexiest Nude Beaches Around the World (PHOTOS)

Competitive Eaters, Breaking Bad in Space, and More Viral Videos

The Kremlin’s Favorite Anti-Gay Hate Group is Coming to Utah

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, July 19, 2014

The First Amendment Works, But Does it Work Blue?

Twin Disasters Turn 2014 Into the Year of Flying Dangerously

The Malaysian Air Tragedy Reawakens a Primal Fear

The Stacks: Mr. Bad Taste and Trouble Himself: Robert Mitchum

Bombing and Invading Gaza Is Israel’s Peace Plan

Putin Poised to Retaliate Against Obama by Trashing Iran Deal

Israel Says It Invaded Gaza Over Tunnels Like These

Woody Allen on ‘Magic in the Moonlight,’ the Crisis in Gaza, and Those Allegations

Gaza Underground: A Look Inside Palestinian Smuggling Tunnels (PHOTOS)

Document Dump Shows Bill Clinton Was Skeptical About Osama bin Laden

Waist Training: Can You Cinch Your Waist Thin?

HIV’s Greatest Foe Went Down With MH17

Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and More Best and Worst Dressed of The Week

Fired New York Times Editor Jill Abramson Blitzes the Media

A Child’s Funeral in Gaza

Viral Video of the Day: Miranda Kerr Plays Flip Cup with Jimmy Fallon

Beyonce’s Wardrobe Visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Karl Lagerfeld Gets the Barbie Treatment

Coloring Outside the Lines

Live Updates on the Battle Over MH17

Lindsay Lohan Parties in Europe

Vaccines Are Poison, Cellphones Cause Cancer, and Other Medical Conspiracies I Can’t Believe People Still Trust

Zach Braff’s Irritating Sense of Entitlement

It’s Finally Time for the West to Stand Up to Putin

How the Constitution May Screw Rand Paul for 2016

Model Minority Rage: Why the Hulk Should Be an Asian Guy

Israel Had a Secret Underground Bullet Factory

Some of Israel’s Top Defenders Say It’s Time to End U.S. Aid

Turkey’s Rampant Domestic Violence Problem

The New Battle Over Reproductive Rights

How the Bridgegate Investigation Ground to a Halt—And Let Chris Christie Zoom Off to Iowa

Why Putin Let MH17 Get Shot Down

Fantasy Titan Joe Abercrombie Invades the YA Kingdom

Can Rand Bring Blacks Back to the GOP?

Female Yahoo Exec Accused of Sex Abuse Fires Back

Bill Gates’ Internet Doomsday Prophesy Comes True

Why Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Flying Through a War Zone?

The Missile That Likely Shot Down MH17

Elaine Stritch Pinched My Butt and Changed My Life

Colin Firth and Emma Stone Remember Comedy Legend Elaine Stritch, Who Passed Away Today at 89

Wendy Davis's Fundraising Fiasco

Congress: MH17 Crash Is ‘Act of Terror,’ and Putin May Be to Blame

MH17 Black Box ‘Sent to Moscow for Investigation’


London Court Told Simon Cowell Is Gay

Germany’s Sausage Cartel is the Wurst

Latest News on Malaysian Airliner Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

Top Democrat Says Party Doesn't Have National Message

It Sounds Like Todd Akin Only Wants to Talk About Rape

Viral Video of the Day: ‘Game of Thrones’ Birther Theory

We Took a Competitive Eater to TGI Fridays

Internet Decides That Airbnb's New Logo Looks Like A Vagina

Guillermo del Toro on Hardcore Gothic ‘Crimson Peak’ and ‘Pacific Rim 2’

Disney World Means Everything to a Special Needs Mom

In Praise of ‘Dating Naked’ and the Glorious Rise of Butts on Reality TV

Meet the PR Guru for the ‘Hot Convict,’ the Octomom, and Every Other D-List Trainwreck

Iraq Is Not Our War Anymore. Let It Be Iran’s Problem.

Don’t Accuse Israel of Apartheid

Can John Bolton Use Benghazi to Win an Election?

An Open Letter to Attorney General Eric Holder: It’s Not About Race

Five Young Palestinians on What It’s Like to Live and Die in Gaza

Girls Love Science. We Tell Them Not To.

Video: We Took a Competitive Eater to TGI Fridays for Endless Appetizers—and They Ran Out

When New York City Hit Its Stride

Chick-fil-A Is Like Gay Sex: Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

The Cops Who Found Out the Truth About GM's Deadly Cars—in 2006

This Anti-Heroin Drug Is Now King of the Jailhouse Drug Trade

So You Want to Rule a Kingdom: A Wacky History of One-Man Nations

Kabul Airport Attack Comes as Pakistani Fighters Join Afghan Taliban

The Best Movies of 2014 (So Far): ‘Boyhood,’ ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ and More

Embarrassingly Awesome Photos of Celebs in the ’90s: The Rock, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and More

Don’t Count Rupert Murdoch Out Yet: Why The Magnate Hasn’t Given Up on Time Warner

Mike Myers Has Been Painting Colonel Sanders…for Three Years

The Palestinian Artist Trapped in the West Bank: ‘Every Minute, for Me, Was Like a Knife in My Heart.’

Ladies Hate Other Ladies’ Sexy Selfies

Two-Thirds of These Female Scientists Say They’ve Been Sexually Harassed

Bowe Bergdahl Thanks Obama for ‘Saving His Life’

Man Arrested For Posing As Johnny Depp's Stylist; Patrick Schwarzenegger and Gigi Hadid Front Tom Ford Eyewear Campaign

Viral Video of the Day: ‘Re2pect’ for Jeter

Baghdad’s Shia Militia Plans for War on ISIS

Pentagon Enlists Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson To Design a Space Plane

Andy Cohen Reveals His ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Dream Guests

Tony Goldwyn Tackles Political Scandal Again on ‘The Divide’

Patricia Arquette Uncut: Drunken Mischief with Johnny Depp, ‘True Romance’ Crush, and ‘Boyhood’

The View’s Bloody Backstage Politics: How Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie Lost Control of Their Show

Why Male Breast Cancer Is Back in the Limelight

Japan’s Hypocritical Vagiphobia

Here’s What the U.S. Has to Do to Deal With the Mad Middle East

Can Linda Perry Save Music?

After Bipartisan Bush-Obama Blundering, Let’s Try a Libertarian Foreign Policy

Celiac or Not, Gluten Free Dish Soap Is Ridiculous

Writing a Novel: Even Making It Up Requires Research

Barry Goldwater, Father of the Tea Party

The New Right-Wing Idol: Working Moms

Binge Drinkers Rule the World

Hamas Has Already Won Its Rocket War With Israel

The Looming Political Game Changers

American GIs: Dude, Where’s My Car?

Can Rudy Giuliani Rescue Uber?

Chris Christie Made an Anti-Union ‘Movie’ With The Rock—and Then Yanked It Hours Later

Dick Cheney’s Awfulness Is Here to Stay

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Deport Kids Quickly

Cleveland Comes Crawling Back to LeBron: The Masochism of Rust Belt Chic

Colleges Don't Have to Involve Police in Campus Rape Cases

The Running of the Bulls Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Padraig Harrington's Hole-In-One, Blindfolded

Can Baseball’s All-Star Game Be Saved?

Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Donna Karan, and More Reactions to Gianni Versace’s 1997 Murder

New Kate Pregnancy Rumors Circulate!

Conor Oberst and the Myth of the Woman Who Cried Rape

Gisele Bundchen Is Worth $128k a Day; Prince William Gets the Photoshop Treatment

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DARPA’s $40 Million Plan to Save Soldiers’ Brains

America’s Poets: Battle Rap Gets Real

You Can’t ‘Steal’ a Culture: In Defense of Cultural Appropriation

Hulu’s Very Funny ‘Hotwives of Orlando’ Takes on Netflix

There’s No Evidence the Ukrainian Army Crucified a Child in Slovyansk

How India’s Elites Encourage Rape

Obama’s Counterterror Plan Has New Doubters: His Own Generals and Spies

George Takei Sets Phasers to Reform

Should We Have the Right to Be Forgotten Online?

Couples Clothes Swapping Isn’t Just for Kimye

Why We’ll Always Need a Civil Rights Movement

Who’s Murdering Baghdad’s Prostitutes?

D.C. Moron Phil Gingrey Spread Ebola Fever Over Immigrants

Sarah Palin Is Perfect for ‘The View’

Prince Charles Meets Camel Toe In Cornwall

The Israeli App Red Alert Saves Lives—but It Just Might Drive You Nuts

‘24: Live Another Day’ Showrunners on the Finale, the Dangers of Drones, and Jack Bauer’s Future

The Hippie Punching of Rand Paul

Yahoo's Accused Sexual Harasser Asked Women to Wear More Skirts at Work

Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire Posts Pro-Palestine Photo, Allegedly Cyberbullies Israeli-Born MTV VJ

‘Killer Drone’ Is a Lousy Hamas Fake

Church of England Gets Female Bishops and a Conservative Backlash

Lottie Moss Channels Kate for Calvin Klein; Terry Richardson Shoots for Playboy

‘When Harry Met Sally’ Turns 25: Director Rob Reiner Reveals the Secrets of the Romcom Classic

When Is It OK to Cheat? The Pros and Cons of Cheat Days

Being a Royal Baby

Viral Video of the Day: A Brief History of Movies

Cara Delevingne Posts Protest Picture Of Her Boob

Is the Summer Blockbuster Dead?

Cleveland, LeBron James, and the 2016 Republican Convention

These Undocumented Teens Outsmarted MIT—and Still Cant Get Real Jobs in America

The Strange Leak of the New Exposé ‘Clinton, Inc.’

Saving Us From Ourselves: The Anti-Clickbait Movement

The Black Widow of Silicon Valley

Don Carpenter Was a Novelist Both Lacerating and Forgiving

The TSA’s Insane Instagram Feed

@CongressEdits Helps You Track Your Congressman’s Vanity in Real Time

For Ukrainians on Holiday, the Carpathians Are the New Crimea

Why the World’s Armies Don’t Want U.S. Tech Anymore

Feeding Diddy’s Art Addiction: How Maria Brito Buys Art for Celebrites

How India’s Honor Culture Perpetuates Mass Rape

Why Smart People Are Dumb Patients

Forever a Golden Girl: The Art of Being Bea Arthur

How Liberal Love for the ‘Border Kids’ Could Sink Immigration Reform

Thank Obama for Iran’s Growing Economy

Hey, Benghazi-Heads, You Stand Down!

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel on ‘Sex Tape,’ Awkward Sexual Positions, and High-Fiving in Bed

Vampires without Glitter or Girl Problems: Inside Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Strain’

Allison Janney’s Incredible ‘Double O’ and That ‘Masters of Sex’ Love Scene

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows, July 13

Why Do We Hate Hipsters So F'ing Much?

Great Cities are Born Filthy

The Gestapo’s Hell on Earth

He Humiliates Women Online and In His Strip Club, Like a Good Liberal

An Investigation Into the Delicious Origins of Ice Cream

The Tea Party Isn’t a Political Movement, It’s a Religious One

Week in Photos: July 12, 2014

Up To a Point: Oops, I Enjoyed Soccer

Out and Proud in El Salvador’s Murderous Gangland

The Hottest Spot for Cosmic Rays

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, July 13, 2014

Argentina Doesn’t Have A Prayer Today. Lucky Them?

What the Forward Prize Doesn’t Recognize About Poets

Meet The Former Call Girl Saving Hookers For Jesus

A Magical Meal at Louie’s Backyard in the Conch Republic

Forest Whitaker’s New Cause: Child Soldiers

Everyone Says John Kerry Should Stay Out of the Middle East

P. J. O'Rourke's Up To a Point: Oops, I Enjoyed Soccer

Germany Wins, World Cup Justice Is Served

Is This Hemingway’s Pamplona or a Lot of Bull?

Enjoy Argentina’s Lionel Messi While You Can

The World Cup of Prostitution: How the Soccer Tourney Is Affecting Brazil’s Sex Workers

‘Orange Is the New Black’: Inside the Wild S2 Finale and What’s Next for Season 3

Charlie Haden’s Emancipated American Music

The Amazing Tale of Paul the Psychic Octopus: Germany’s World Cup Soothsayer

Why Middle School Should Be Abolished

The Stacks: Princess Diana and the Day the Fairytale Died

The Government Is Using Subliminal Songs To Scare Immigrants

McDaniel Supporters Allege Fundraising Violations by NRSC

Turkey's Gorgeous Ghost Town

One Big Reason The CIA Spied on Germany: Worries About Russian Moles in Berlin

Junta Crackdown On Burmese Press

Iran Supreme Leader Spills the Nuke Talk Secrets

How the ‘Witch Hunt’ Myth Undermined American Justice

Why Rye Is The Nation's Spirit, And Why No One Can Get It

Cartoonist's Dark Take On Iran's Child Bride Problem

Hollywood vs. The Daily Mail: George Clooney and Angelina Jolie Take On The UK's Leanest, Meanest Gossip Machine

Who Has the Right to Write About War?

Repetition Doesn’t Work: Better Ways to Train Your Memory

Hedgehog Birthday, ‘Frozen Is the New Black,’ and More Viral Videos

A Founding Father Profit Sharing Fix for Inequality

Tavi Gevinson: From Teen Fashion Queen to Broadway Star

Too Hot for Google: Why The Internet Giant Is Scared of Porn

LeBron James: The Yoko Ono of The Heatles

Republican Thinks Obama’s Mental Illness Caused Border Crisis

Giorgio Armani Turns 80: Highlights of the Designer’s Life and Career

The Decision 2: LeBron James Trolls the World… Again

World Cup Fan Axelle Despiegelaere Already Dropped From L’Oreal; Forever 21 Fired Chrissy Teigan For Being "Fat"

The GOP May Punt on the Border Crisis

LeBron James Returns to Cleveland: How 'The Decision 2.0' Happened

Viral Video of the Day: Boyhood of the Planet of the Apes

The New Conservative Purity Test: Impeaching Obama

Activists Fight Antiquated Policy With National Gay Blood Drive

Why the Caliphate Will Devour Its Children

‘Boyhood’ Star Ellar Coltrane: An Astonishing Debut 12 Years in the Making

‘Kidnapped for Christ’ Review: Come Because You’re Gay, Stay For Jesus

An Author at Home in Lonely Landscapes

The Secret War On Black Republicans

Congress Wants to Keep Norwegian Airlines’ Cheap Flights Out of America

The Immigrant Kids Suing America

When Bigotry Comes to Your Hometown

Why Progressives Shouldn’t Support Public Workers Unions

Kerry Must Let the Afghan Voters Choose Their Next President

These Gorgeous Historic Buildings Are Now Luxury Hotels

The Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

The Best of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week (Photos)

Our Taste for Cheap Palm Oil Is Killing Chimpanzees

A ‘Truman Show’ For Today: The Return of Josh Harris

What’s Haute, What’s Not: The Meaning of Modern Couture

The Deported L.A. Gangs Behind This Border Kid Crisis

Florida Has To Redraw Its Congressional Districts Because, Florida

Jada, Steubenville, And How America Is Failing Our Teen Girls

This Is Where George W. Bush Paints

Knesset Member Walks Back On Facebook Post Calling Palestinian Kids ‘Little Snakes’

It’s Impossible to Cure a Baby With HIV, No Matter How Seductive the Hope May Be

Numbers Don’t Tell the Mideast Story

Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline Takes New York (PHOTOS)

Joni Ernst Last Month Said Boehner ‘Should Proceed’ With Obama Impeachment

How U.S. Taxpayers Are Subsidizing The Defense Of Palestinian Teen’s Alleged Killers

Nic Pizzolatto: ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Set in California with Four Leads

The So-Called Immigration Border Crisis Is Neither

Stock Market America and the Rest of Us

Pope Francis v. Pope Benedict: Who Will God Favor In World Cup Final?

Could Chris McDaniel Get A Do-Over In The Mississippi Senate Race?

Amazing Aerial Photos Taken from Drones

Behind The Scenes at Viktor & Rolf Couture

Eurovision's Conchita Wurst Makes Couture Week Debut For Jean-Paul Gaultier; Cara Delevingne Hires a Nanny For Her Bunny

Laverne Cox, Emmy Trailblazer

Foodshop: It’s A Delicious World After All

The Enraging Emmy Nominations: 20 Snubs and Surprises

Viral Video of the Day: 29 'Perfect' Impressions Were Faked!

2014 Emmy Nominations: ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ & More (PHOTOS)

Blame Guns for Domestic Murder Epidemic

New Web Platform Crowdsources Human Rights

The Making of ‘Boyhood’: Richard Linklater’s 12-Year Journey to Create An American Masterpiece

Only in the Age of Crowdfunding: $40K Potato Salad

Hillary’s Outside Enforcers Are Led by a Former Foe

Brooklyn’s Museum of Death: Inside Morbid Anatomy’s House of Intriguing Horrors

Ukraine’s Pro-Putin Rebels Prepare for a Last Stand

U.S. Ignored Warnings Before ISIS Takeover of a Key City

The Cliven Bundy Copycat Militia Movement

The CIA in Germany: A Secret History

Liberals Need to Learn to Say No

America’s Only Pot Researcher Fired Before She Could Help Vets

The Science Community’s Fight Over an Artificial Brain

Chris Christie’s Faking It on Gun Rights

Prince Fielder’s Demi Moore Moment: World Loses It Over Athlete Without Six-Pack

Idaho Woman Who Gave Birth on Highway: ‘I Had to Pull My Pants Down to Get the Baby Out’

Hey, Boomers—Millennials Hate Your Partisan Crap

Why Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Could Work

Border Kids Crisis—Impotent Congress

Is the Campus Rape Crisis Overblown?

Will and Harry's Royal Selfie

Turn Down For Cool: Downstairs at Fifty Seven

Jay and Bey, On The Run For One Night Only

A Fresh Take for Summertime Adventure

True Art: The Barrio Logan Arts District

Summertime Poolness at The Lafayette Hotel

Not Your Typical Miami Pool Party

In Houston, The Eats Are On Fire

Eat Your Way Through Tampa’s Cuban Oasis

Adventures in Miami’s Coolest South Beach Alternative

Balloon Races Are Suddenly Cool. Why? Because, Instagram

Catch a Show at Atlanta’s Oldest Indie Cinema

Foodie Heaven in Houston

Spain’s Finest Restaurant Pops Up in Texas

The Best Food In Miami Is On Calle Ocho in Little Havana

New Getty Retrospective On Minor White’s Metamorphosing Camera

Explore Phoenix’s Vibrant Native American History

Dallas’s Bishop Arts District Brings European Flavor To The Texas Heartland

The Ghost Towns of Arizona Live On

Too Many Spider-Men, Too Little Time: Get Ready for Comic-Con

A Dali Museum as Playful as its Namesake

Dreaming Up the Cars of the Future

Arizona’s Treasured Desert Botanical Garden

Zoo Atlanta Invites You To A Slumber Party

It’s Tampa Time This Summer

Diane Kruger on ‘The Bridge,’ the Immigration Problem, and Rooting For Germany in the World Cup

Jill Abramson Talks Obama Secrecy and Her New York Times Firing

Argentina Drops the Netherlands on Penalties in World Cup Semifinal

Obama’s Top Terror-Hunter Is Out, Just as the Jihadists Are Peaking

Alps Murder Twist: Iraqi Wife Had Secret American Ex-Husband Who Died on the Same Day

How I Got Used to Gaza Rockets

How Mexico’s Cartels Are Behind the Border Kid Crisis

The Hobby Lobby Backlash Hits Whole Foods

40% of Colleges Haven’t Investigated a Single Sexual Assault

New NSA Bombshell Proves ‘Muslim’ Equals ‘Suspicious’ in America

Castro Street’s Hot Cop Is the Batman to Sexy Mug Shot Guy’s Joker

Vatican Bank: No More Secret Accounts For Politicians And “Bad Families”

Teju Cole’s Keen Eye Spares No One—Himself Included

Anthony Cumia: ‘I Have No Regrets’

The Great Debate: Can Britney Spears Sing Without Auto-Tune?

Viral Video of the Day: Frozen is the New Black

Tyra Banks Predicts the Future in 'Wall Street Journal'; Kim Kardashian Talks Being a Working Mom

William Tells Dad, "You're Buff, Pa!"

Prince George Is Vanity Fair's August Cover Star

GOP to Border Kids: Drop Dead

Thank You for Smoking: How Big Tobacco Created the ‘Type A’ Personality Myth

Fighting Wildfire With Satellites, Lasers, and Drones

The Student Accused of Smuggling Jihadi Money in Her Underwear

Send the National Guard to ‘Chiraq’

Surprise! Halle Berry’s Career Is ‘Extant’

Hezbollah Profits From Hash as Syria Goes to Pot

Emmys 2014: Who Will and Who Should Be Nominated

Al Qaeda to ISIS: Get Off My Lawn—The Theological Debate Behind the Caliphate

Obama, Why Aren’t You in Chiraq?

The GOP Flees to the Cleve

Tangled Up in Blue: Young Stars and Their Blue Rinses

The Wonderful Weirdness of Christine McConnell, Queen of Creepy Cookies

Reality TV’s Arranged Marriage Fail

Creating Consequences for South Sudan’s Political Elite

Obama Should Counter John Boehner’s Lawsuit—and Here’s How He Can Do It

Why the Border Bigots Are Beating Obama

Meet the Professor of Hairy Studies

Why We Need to Spy on the Germans

Is Bondage Porn to Blame for a Murder?

Sleeping Yankees Fan Files Worst Lawsuit Ever

Why Progressives Just Woke Up and Killed ENDA

Germany Humiliates World Cup Host Brazil 7-1 in Semifinal Slaughter

Obama to Request $3.7 Billion to Solve Border Kid Crisis

The World Cup Still Hasn’t Conquered America

The Cupcake Boom’s Sugar High Finally Crashes

The CIA’s Bumbling German Spy Was More Austin Powers and Less James Bond

"Out of Control" Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Could Have 1,500 Victims Who Don't Know They're Carriers

Fans Rage Over Opie Minus Anthony

Kendall Jenner Walks in Chanel Couture; Taylor Swift Pens Op-Ed for ‘The Wall Street Journal’

Viral Video of the Day: Justin Bieber's Tom Hanks Instagram Video

Republican's Ballsy Ad Features Him Getting Punched in the Crotch

Russian Priest: Multi-Colored Cleats Make World Cup a ‘Homosexual Abomination’

Shock! Harry Potter Has Gray Hair

Testing Automatic Link, the FitBit for Your Car

Motion Capture Maestro Andy Serkis on ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and Revolutionizing Cinema

The Cake Is a Lie: Sexism Isn’t a Boss Gamer Girls Can Beat

‘Drunk History’: A Booze Cruise of Red, White, and Blood

Jafar Panahi: Filmmaking Ban Is My Iranian Prison

Why Obama’s Plan for Working Moms Just Won’t Work

Brooklyn’s Booming Firewood Industry

Chris McDaniel Confirms the Worst GOP Stereotypes

The Terrorist Caliph as Nation Builder in Iraq, Syria, and Beyond

Discovering Underground Labyrinths, Remote Cities, and More of the World’s Lost Places

How Marc Jacobs Punk’d the Modeling World

Your Health Food’s Hidden Sugar Bomb

Paris’s Secret Fashion Week Haunts

Madeline’s New York Moment: Ludwig Bemelmans’ Heroine Comes Home

Iraq VP to U.S.: Stay Out of Our Civil War

Iowa Has a Phantom Democratic Presidential Candidates Problem

When a Modern-Day Indiana Jones Met an Adventurous Gin Distiller

Alleged U.K. Parliamentary Pedophile Ring Hushed Up for Decades

The Supreme Court Turns the First Amendment Into a Weapon for Corporations

Israeli Politician Declares ‘War’ on ‘the Palestinian People’

Uber’s Battle Against Its Drivers Continues

This Week’s Hot Reads: July 7, 2014

Senators Clueless About NSA Bombshell

Maryland’s Plan to Stop Rape: Ban ‘Jungle Juice’

Israel Needs Better War Technology

Chris McDaniel’s Campaign Manager Hearts Haley Barbour

Solange Talks Elevator Fight with Jay Z in Lucky Magazine; Burberry Investors Question CEO Christopher Bailey's Perks

The American Dream Is Dead, and Good Riddance

Israelis and Arabs Shaken by the Aftershock of Teen Murders

Sex-Abuse Victims to Pope: Stop Begging for Forgiveness and Just Stop the Abuse

Viral Video of the Day: John Oliver Recaps Your 4th of July (NSFW)

Mom Gun-Control Group Fights the NRA With Its Own Weapon

The Trials of ‘Tammy’: Stop Policing Melissa McCarthy’s Body

Broadway Was Made for Tupac

The Romantic Comedy Is Dead

A Border Patrol Campaign Worthy of Don Draper

ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq

The Christian Do-Gooders Secretly Attacking Gays

Why You Don’t Know Obama Has Created 4.5 Million Jobs

U.S.: Assad’s ‘Machinery of Death’ Worst Since the Nazis

Home of the (Footballing) Brave: The U.S. Bested Britain in World Cup Spirit

Washington’s First (Legal) Weed Salesman

‘Designer’ Babies Are Only for the Rich

Frickin’ Laser Beams Run by Eyeballs: The Next Art Revolution Is Here

Getting to Know the ‘Beyonce Voter’

You, Too, Could Be a Homicidal Zealot

Italy: Migrants Dying en Masse

The Belarus Free Theatre’s Badass Dissident Artists Get the HBO Treatment

The Congressman Fighting for More Arsenic in Drinking Water

Prince Harry at Silverstone Grand Prix To See Lewis Hamilton Win

Bill Oddie: "Let's Put The Royals In A Zoo".

Scaife v. Clinton and the Dangers of Demonization

Miley Cyrus’s NBC Twerk-A-Thon: Tongues, Leotards, and Dwarfs, Oh My!

The Seeds of the Next Intifada

The Exoplanet That Wasn’t There

The Chronic Chronicles: A History of Pot

The Best Biographies of 2014 (So Far)

Short Stories from The Daily Beast: Four Hundred Grand

How Iraq Became Obama’s War

Even After Hobby Lobby, the Religious Right is Still Terrified

Did Needs-Blind Admission Create the College Debt Crisis?

A British Start to the Tour de France Forces the English to Wonder: What Does Being English Mean Anymore?

American Wilderness Faces the Firing Squad

Even Conservative Evangelical Support Couldn’t Save Immigration Reform

Why the White House Ignored All Those Warnings About ISIS

On the Canadian Border, It's Pancakes for Every Meal

The Rapture: The Theological Idea That Inspired ‘The Leftovers’

Video Games Go Wild for Reboots

Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Jon Stewart

The Anti-Gay Archbishop Who Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

La Roux Discusses New Album ‘Trouble in Paradise,’ the 5-Year Gap, and Embracing Her Androgyny

My Friend, Roger Ebert: Pulitzer Prize Winner Tom Shales on the Moving Documentary ‘Life Itself’

Costa Rica vs. the Netherlands: A Tale of Two Goalies

Of Course Facebook Wants to Control Your Feelings

Fancy Pants Dance, World Cup Poseurs, and More Viral Videos

Former Giants Minor League Player Garrett Broshius Leads a Lawsuit Against Major League Baseball for a Minimum Wage

How to Stomach a Hot Dog Eating Contest

Clare Boothe Luce's Vapid Second Act

Progressive-palooza: On Obama, Occupy, and Moral Monday

No Rapes On Campus? No Way.

The Daily Show President: Obama's Edgy Humor

The Week in Photos: July 5, 2014

Vets Pick the Best Books About Iraq

America’s Best Summer Food Festivals

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, July 6, 2014

Candidates in Maine, Nebraska, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., Challenge Republicans and Democrats Alike

Iran Cleric: Jews Use Sorcery to Spy

Defining Feminist Porn: Is That XXX Flick Organic?

The 11 Best Fashion Instagrams

Brazil and Colombia Bring the Ugly Game

We Should Celebrate Social Media's Slaying of Robin Thicke

Meet Thomas Ravenel, The Reality TV Star Running For Senate

The Most Popular U.S. Beaches, From Ocean City to Honolulu

The Best & Worst Dressed of the Week

Playing Violent Video Games Makes You a Better Person, Study Says

Fourth of July Weekend ’14 Movies to See or Skip: ‘Tammy,’ ‘Begin Again,’ ‘Transformers,’ More

William Shatner Picks His Favorite Wines

Inside Iran’s Fling With The U.S.

The Stacks: The Day Lou Gehrig Delivered Baseball’s Gettysburg Address

The Summer’s Craziest New Roller Coasters (PHOTOS)

One U.S. Constitution Just Wasn’t Enough

It’s Time to Blow Up The Myth of Female Terrorists as Love-Struck Victims

The First Americans to Observe the 4th Were Moravian Pacifists

James Madison’s Lesson in Delayed Great-ification

Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff On Congressional Travel Disclosure

Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 'The Notebook' and More

Life, Liberty, and the Founding Fathers’ Pursuit of Hoppiness

The Internet’s Latest Pearl-Clutching Panic Over Mamading Is Insane

#Fail: How Twitter Will Ruin Your Relationship

Why 7 Times 8 Tripped Up the UK Chancellor

Doctors Say Motörhead Is So Hardcore, They Could Make Your Brain Bleed

Use or Look at Online Privacy Tools? NSA Labels You an ‘Extremist’

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want to Have Birth Control

Videos of the Day: Lightning Across New York City

Sorry Bigfoot Truthers: Yetis Aren’t Real

J. Crew Adds 000 to Sizing; Nicolas Ghesquiere and Balenciaga Head to Court

Iranian Poet Blacklisted for Being Gay

Hillary Clinton’s Golden Ticket: Paid Family Medical Leave

Campus Sex Assault Law Could Be ‘Two Years’ Away

Obama Admin Debates Whether Assad Really Must Go

The Evolution of David and Victoria Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham Celebrate Their 15th Wedding Anniversary

How Not to Blow Yourself Up on July 4th

Your Fake Followers Are Catfishing You: Bacon Mavens, Newt’s Fake Fans, and Other Social Media Scams

Could Rahm Lose to This Infamous Union Leader?

It’s Time to Shut the NSA’s Backdoor Used to Spy on Americans

P.J. O'Rourke: 27 Sensitive, Caring, Green, and Politically Committed Reasons to Ban July 4th

Beware: Connecticut’s Museum of the Occult May Kill You

Nazis’ ‘Perfect Aryan’ Child Was Jewish

Why Tourette’s May Be Tim Howard’s Secret Weapon on the Field

Meet the Governor-Turned-Ganjapreneur

Kate's Hair Keeps Calm And Carrys On

Hundreds of Immigrants Are Rushing the Border Just to Get Caught

The Israeli Way of Death

Team USA Goalie Tim Howard Goes Viral: All the Best Memes

Racists and Conspiracy Nuts Turn Cochran Call Into The Biggest Campaign Sh*tshow of 2014

Is Obama Really the Worst President?

New York City's Professional Bridesmaid; Fox News Creates “Beyonce Voters” Demographic

Another Blow to Anti-Vaxxers’ Fortress of Pseudoscience

Viral Video of the Day: One Singer, 29 Voices

Hobby Lobby: Sex, Lies, and Craft Supplies

Monica Lewinsky Is Doomed: Trying To Craft a Career Outside Her Infamy May Be Impossible

Murray Crashes Out Of Wimbledon As Kate And William Watch

Natasha Lyonne and Yael Stone on OITNB’s Heartbreaking Scene

Did Beyoncé Just Accuse Jay Z of Cheating?

France’s Ex-Prez Sarkozy Placed Under Formal Investigation for Corruption

‘Life Itself’: A Fitting, Heartrending Tribute to Cinema’s Great Appreciator Roger Ebert

Why NYPD Couldn’t Cook The ‘Cannibal Cop’

Rick Santorum’s Hobby Lobby Horror Movie

Cara Delevingne, Ireland Baldwin, and How Sexually Uninhibited Models Are Bucking the Male Gaze

Ukraine Wants to Seal Its Russian Border

Face It—We Rubes Will Never Live Like Gwyneth and Jennifer Aniston

Can This Ornery Socialist Spoil the Clinton Coronation?

Lyndon Johnson’s Last Miracle: The Civil Rights Act Turns 50

At Least Two ‘Border Kids’ Have Swine Flu

The Conservative Case for Unions After the Harris V. Quinn Decision

Pierce Brosnan’s Life After Bond: From Action Hero to Losing His Daughter to Cancer

China’s Last Foot-Binding Survivors

How Airbnb Is Jacking Up Your Rent

The Brave Colostomy Bag Selfies

Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s Top Spy, is the Modern-Day Karla, John Le Carré’s Villainous Mastermind

Monty Python Forgot Their Lines on Opening Night, but Who Cares?

There Is No Moral Equivalent to the Murder of Three Israeli Teenagers

Team USA Goes Down Swinging in 2-1 World Cup Loss to Belgium

Team USA Lost, but Tim Howard Is a Winner

Israel Bombs Gaza While Hamas’ Kidnapping Mastermind Sits in Turkey

Why is Russia in Iraq?

Iraqi Kurds Declare Plans For Breakaway State

Obama Points Finger at Congress for Immigration Crisis

Hobby Lobby Ignores The Fact That The Pill Is More Than A Contraceptive

Painkiller Overdoses Kill More Than One American Every Hour

Viral Video of the Day: Building a Better Water Pistol

Raffaele Sollecito Says Amanda Knox’s Confession Is Nothing To Do With Him

Beyonce Named Most Powerful Celebrity; Kanye West is Back at A.P.C.

Massive Hong Kong Protest Calls for More Democracy

Israel’s Murdered Teenagers and Dying Hopes for Peace

Why Pippa Middleton Doesn't Get She's Just Another Celebrity

Ann Coulter Doesn’t Get the Real Reasons Behind America’s World Cup Mania

Cameroon Investigates World Cup Fixing Claim

‘Guns in Bars’ Bill Kicks Off in Georgia

A New Breakup Therapist: Your Phone

Supreme Court Justices Looked to Personal Views Rather Than Legal Arguments for Hobby Lobby Decision

The Genetic Heroes That Could Cure the Sick

200 Years of Americana in Detroit

‘Game of Thrones’ Withdrawal? Watch Nickelodeon’s Fantasy Epic ‘The Legend of Korra’

World Cup Anchor Mike Tirico’s Bizarre History: Reports of Stalking and Sexual Harassment

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Arrive in Notorious Mafia Port

U.S. Visas Helped Fuel the Juarez Drug Wars

Is There a Ma Joad for the Piketty Era?

What Do Arab Millennials Want?

Brooklyn Shooting Hits Close to Bill de Blasio’s Park Slope Home

U.S. on Alert for Al Qaeda Attack as Group Battles ISIS for Top Terrorist

Exclusive: Putin’s Pilots Set to Fly Over Iraq

I Heard About the Latest Crazed Shooter While I Watched the World Cup with Guys He Almost Killed

Twisted Anti-Vaxxer Parents Choose Fatal Diseases Over Autism

What Hillary Clinton Can Learn From Portugal, Costa Rica, and England in the World Cup

People Prefer ‘The Bachelor’ to ‘The Bachelorette.’ Why? It’s Science.

Will Jozy Altidore Be Team USA’s World Cup Savior vs. Belgium?

Israeli Intel Chief: Hamas Is Just Like ISIS