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Cheats September 2014

FCC Considers NFL Redskins Ban

First Ebola Case Diagnosed in U.S.

Joran van der Sloot Is Now a Father

U.S. Loosens Rules on New Airstrikes

Off-Duty Secret Service Tackled Intruder

Suspect in KY School Shooting Captured

Police Can’t Return Pentagon Gear

California Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

D.A.: Cop Killing of Unarmed Justified

Vatican Investigates Pedophile Shielder

Michael Phelps Busted for DUI

CDC: Ebola Looks to Be Over in Nigeria

FCC Kills TV Blackouts for Sports

Muslim NFL Player Penalized for Prayer

10K U.S. Troops to Stay in Afghanistan

Hong Kong Exec: ‘Stop This’ Immediately

New Viagra Ads With Women to Hit TV

EU: Ireland Gave Apple Illegal State Aid

Calif. Colleges Get Genderless Bathrooms

New Tremors Felt at Japanese Volcano

Missing Arkansas Realtor Found Dead

Australian Charged With Funding ISIS

Netflix Inks Deal for First Feature Film

Climate Change Causing Heat Waves

NYC to End Solitary for Jailed Teens

Walmart Blames Tracy Morgan for Injuries

White House Jumper Made It to East Room

Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

Court Stops Catalonia Independence Bid

'Fatal Attraction' Doctor Gets 10 Years

Netanyahu: Hamas and ISIS Are Linked

UVA Suspect Linked to 2009 Murder

FedEx Rejects Request to Drop Redskins

ISIS Campaign Already Close to $1B

George and Amal Marry Again

Stevie Nicks Admits Eagles Pregnancy

U.S. Troops to Stay in Afghanistan

30+ Feared Dead at Japan Volcano

At Least 12 Killed in Ukraine Shelling

U.S. Pediatricians Push IUDs for Teens

Hong Kong Erupts Into Chaos

Two Sky Divers Killed in Cape Cod

Cops Arrest Ferguson Protesters

Denzel’s ‘The Equalizer’ Tops Box Office

NJ Exec, Wife Found Dead in House Fire

Ashraf Ghani Sworn in as Afghan President

Al Qaeda: We’ll Hit Back After Strikes

Jane Fonda: Mom Was Sexually Abused

California OKs College Sex-Crimes Bill

India's Modi Greeted as Hero in New York

Monster-Truck Crash Kills Two in Holland

Derek Jeter Gets RBI in Final At-Bat

Europe Wins 3rd Ryder Cup in a Row

Kenyan Sets New Marathon Record

15 People Shot at Miami Night Club

J. Lo Hit by Alleged Drunk Driver

Serbia's Gay Pride Parade Returns

Student Shot at Indiana University

Secret Service Botched 2011 Incident

Family of 5 Found Dead in Utah Home

Airstrikes Hit ISIS Refinery Near Turkey

Ferguson Cop Shot During Robbery

Calif. Enacts Inmate Sterilization Ban

More Flights Nixed After Chicago Fire

Former Congressman James Traficant Dead

Man with Horn Implants Guilty of Murder

Four Dead in College Softball Bus Crash

Catalonia Calls for Independence Vote

UK Warplanes Sent on Iraq Combat Mission

Hong Kong Students Protest for Democracy

13 Teens Escape Juvenile Lockup

Top Ebola Doc Puts Herself in Quarantine

Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth to Baby Girl

The Fappening 3 Leaks More Nude Photos

Regulator Secretly Taped Federal Reserve

Woman Beheaded at Oklahoma Food Company

Pentagon: 15K Rebels Needed to Beat ISIS

N. Korea Acknowledges Leader’s Illness

IED Discovered at Oregon High School

British Parliament Votes to Bomb ISIS

Arson Shuts Down Chicago FAA Center

Water on Earth Is Older Than the Sun

Wall Street's 'Bond King' Steps Down

Professor: Ebola Made by Pentagon

U.S. Economy Grows Most Since 2011

Apple: Bending iPhone an Overblown Myth

Most Illegal Immigrants Disappear

U.S. to Meet Iran ‘Close to Halfway’

FBI: 12 Americans in ISIS, Not 100

Ferguson Police Chief March Backfires

Tony Blair Named a Top Gay Icon

Mexico Detains Soldiers in Mass Slaying

NBA Player Charged With Domestic Assault

California Men Convicted in Terror Plot

Violence Kills 50 in Troubled China Region

Jeter Smacks Game-Winning Hit in Farewell

FBI: Militant in Beheading Videos Identified

Ray Rice Video Sent to NFL Security Head

Hamas, Fatah Forge Gaza Unity Government

Attorney General Holder to Resign

Sierra Leone Quarantines Millions

Feds Sue Over Trans Discrimination

Uber Driver Arrested for Groping Woman

U.S.: Iraq Wrong About ISIS Bombing NYC

Amber Rose Divorces Wiz Khalifa

Ferguson Police Chief Apologizes

Cop Arrested for Shooting Unarmed Man

Pope Fires Bishop for Protecting Abuser

Cops Investigate Frat Over Dead Pledge

Nigeria: the Face of Boko Haram Is Dead

Brazil Releases Thousands of Mosquitos

Ukraine to Apply to EU in 2020

Mexican Cartels Steal $1.1B in Oil

U.S. Hits ISIS Oil Sites

N. Korea Parades U.S. Captive Matthew Miller

ISIS Advances Despite U.S. Airstrikes

Cameron Orders Debate on U.K. Iraq Airstrikes

FAA Will Approve Drones for Movies, TV

Obama Tells UN U.S. Will Fight ‘Network of Death’

Poll: Sponsors Should Cut Ties With NFL

Tony Stewart Cleared in Death of Kevin Ward

Ebola Czar Tapped to Fight Epidemic

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons Over Goodell

Suspect for Missing UVA Student Captured

20% of Workers Laid Off in Past 5 Years

Obamacare Website Cost Over $2B

Domestic Violence Higher for Gay Couples

Killer Cop in Walmart Not Charged

U.N. Tells States to Choke Off ISIS

FSU QB: Rape Accuser Asked for $7M

Apple Pulls iPhone 6 Update

U.S. Pays Navajo Half-Billion Dollars

'The Situation' Indicted for Tax Fraud

FBI: Mass Shootings Are on The Rise

Frenchman Killed by ISIS Loyals in Video

German Ethics Council: Incest Is a Right

Woman Secretly Filmed Life Under ISIS

Suspects in Philly Gay Beating Surrender

Walmart to Offer Checking Accounts

Michael Brown Memorial Rebuilt Post-Fire

CDC: Diabetes Boom Finally Stops

Ex-China Finance Official Admits Bribery

Nude Emma Watson Photo Threat a Hoax

U.K. to Vote on Bombing ISIS

Bin Laden’s Right-Hand Freed in Jordan

Obama Marine Salute Brews Online Flap

Pastor: UPS Gunman 'Troubled' Over Work

ISIS U.K. Hostage Pleads for Life in Audio File

Poll: Americans Fed Up On Immigration

Indian Space Probe Enters Mars Orbit

Palestinians Seek $3.8 Billion for Gaza

China Pledges Emissions Cuts at Summit

Australian Police Kill Terror Suspect

Man Charged For Abducting UVA Student

U.S. Killed Al Qaeda’s Top Man in Syria

Vatican Arrests Pedophile Ex-Archbishop

Conservative D’Souza Spared Prison Time

Vince Vaughn Tapped for ‘True Detective’

3 People Killed at Alabama UPS Center

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Gets Life in Prison

Three-Breasted Woman Is a Hoax

Khorasan Group Linked to Terror Plot

CDC: Ebola Outbreak May Reach 1.4M

Captive U.S. Journalist Freed in Somalia

U.S., Allies Bomb ISIS in Syria

Dry Roasting Peanuts May Cause Allergies

Obama Delivers Statement on ISIS

Spain Drops Plan to Ban Most Abortions

Syria Warned in Advance of Airstrikes

Tiger Mauls Schoolboy at New Delhi Zoo

Israel: We Shot Down Syrian Aircraft

U.S. Hits Corps Pulling Burger King Move

Netflix Refuses to Hand Over Private Data to Canada

West Texas Babies Exposed to TB

Amnesty Blasts China Torture Tools Industry

New iPhones Hit Record 10 Million Sales

WHO Warns of Huge Ebola Surge by November

‘Flood Wall Street’ Protesters Arrested

ISIS-Linked Algerians Seize Frenchman

Kris Jenner Files for Divorce

Obama Admin to Crack Down on Inversions

Arab Bank Liable for Terrorist Support

37th African Country to Ban Gays

Louisiana Gay Marriage Ban Tossed

Ravens Owner: Nobody's Getting Fired

Warrant in Hunt for Missing UVA Student

Wesleyan to Force Frats to Admit Women

800 Rounds in White House Intruder’s Car

Indiana's 'Private' Toll Road Goes Bust

Americans in ISIS Have Returned to U.S.

Justice Kagan Performs Same-Sex Wedding

FIFA Exec: Qatar Cup Will Be Canceled

Inouye Called Gillibrand ‘Chubby’

2nd Murder Trial Begins For Michael Dunn

New Zealand May Cut Union Jack From Flag

ISIS: Kill Members of U.S.-Led Coalition

Kurds Halt ISIS in Syria Near Turkey

2 Dead, 48 Injured on Bus to New York

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Arrives at Mars

Australia Seeks New Powers Against Terrorism

Rockefeller Family Denounces Oil

Ebola Lockdown Declared a Success

Family: White House Intruder Needs Help

Hong Kong Students Boycott Classes

Pope Denounces Religious Extremists

300K Estimated at Climate March in NYC

U.S. Won’t Launch Syria Strikes Alone

Yemeni Government and Rebels Sign Deal

Feinstein: NFL Should Bench at Arrest

Afghan Soldiers Found at Canadian Border

7,800 Firefighters Battle CA Wildfires

Feds Give Weapons to Censured Cop Units

Egypt to Host Israeli-Palestinian Talks

Ex-Titan Rob Bironas Killed in Car Crash

White House Intruder Is Iraq War Vet

Ashraf Ghani to be Afghan President

Second WH Entry Attempt

Sunken Ship Found with Gold, Treasure

Sierra Leone Ebola Lockdown Begins

Alibaba Shares Surge to $93.89 After IPO

SWAT Raid Deployed Over Parody Twitter

Victim Attacked By ‘Ninja’ Sister-Wives

60,000 Flee to Turkey Away from ISIS

Police Surround Suspected Shooter’s Home

Joe Biden Makes Third Gaffe of the Week

Ukraine, Rebels Ink Buffer Zone Deal

Missing Student Likely Got in Man’s Car

Dozens of ISIS Hostages Released

Intruder Walks Into White House

Feds: No Christie Link in Bridgegate

NFL Insiders Open Up On Ray Rice

US Man Fired While Detained in N. Korea

Former CT Gov. Guilty of Conspiracy

Goodell ‘Never Considered’ Quitting

550K Ebola Cases Feared by CDC This Year

Frat Allegedly Used Xs to Roofie Women

UN: Migrant Boat Sinking 'Mass Murder'

Russians Buy Pabst Blue Ribbon

Leader of Scottish Independence Quits

8 Ebola Workers Killed 'in Cold Blood'

Archaeologists Uncover Nazi Gas Chambers

‘Blasphemous’ Muslim Assassinated

Japan to Resume Whaling Program

Home Depot Breach Bigger Than Target

U.S. Military Aid Arrives in Liberia

Man Held on $10M Bail for Cali Wildfire

France Launches First Iraq Airstrikes

Lawyer Faces Suspension Over Doctored Star Pics

U.N.: Ebola Threatens Peace, Security

Texas School Officials Steal $4 Million

5 U.N. Peacekeepers Killed in Mali

Scotland Rejects Independence

Senate Votes to Arm, Train Syrians to Fight ISIS

Florida Man Kills 6 Grandkids, Daughter

Court Lets Dem Quit Kansas Senate Race

Joan Rivers Doctor Denies Selfie

Larry Ellison Steps Down as Oracle CEO

St. Andrews Votes to Let Women Golf

Philly Coach Fired Over Gay Beating

Cops: NFL Player Broke His Wife’s Nose

Kerry: Assad Broke Chemical-Arms Pact

Teacher Wins $1M on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Lawsuit: Patti LaBelle Ordered Beatdown

New ISIS Hostage Releases Bizarre Video

Innocent Convict Gets Statue in Texas

6-Year-Old Stabbed to Death in L.A.

Russians Rob BBC Crew

Thousands Face Tolls for Evading Gunfire

Joan Rivers Doctor Identified

Manhattan Has Widest Wealth Gap in U.S.

Chinese Hacked Defense Companies

Border Patrol Testing Body Cameras

Judge: James Cameron Did Not Rip Off ‘Avatar’

Texas Executes Woman for Starving Boy to Death

Andy Murray Backs Scottish Independence

Expert Warns of ISIS Cyberterrorism

Australia Cops Foil ISIS Terror Plot

Iraq Premier Nixes U.S. Ground Troops

Marine Killed in Afghan Insider Attack

House Approves Obama’s ISIS Campaign

Another NFL Player Faces Assault Charges

Rob Ford Has Rare Cancer

NFL Puts Convicted Abuser on Leave

U.S. Officials Slam ISIS Border Claims

Biden Uses 'Orient' After Shylock Gaffe

NFL Mellows on Marijuana

Teacher Punished for Banning ‘Redskins’

Jameis Winston Suspended for Sex Chant

Okla. Republican Calls Muslims ‘Cancer’

Vikings, Nike Suspend Adrian Peterson

Russian Oil Billionaire Arrested

‘Django’ Actress Seen Grinding in Car

Doc Took Selfie While Rivers Was Under

New Yorker Indicted for ISIS Ties

Left, Right Rip New Texas Textbooks

Cameron: Assassination Would Be Welcome

Thai PM: Tourists in Bikinis Unsafe

Richard III Killed by Blows to Skull

GOP Senate Candidate Plagiarizes Rove

Chinese Court Rules Virginity Worth $5K

ISIS Issues Video Challenge to Obama

Congress Ready to OK Arms for Syria Rebels

Biden Triggers 2016 Talk With Iowa Visit

American Swimming to North Korea Nabbed

Bus Driver Dies Saving Ohio Schoolgirl

Judge Extends Ferguson Deliberation

Eva Mendes Welcomes 1st Child

Aurora Victim's Parents Sue Ammo Dealers

'Survivalist' Wanted for Killing PA Cops

NASA Taps SpaceX, Boeing for Space Taxis

Independent Winning for Senate in Kansas

Big Biz Will Cut Powerful Greenhouse Gas

Ex-Nazi Charged in 300,000 Murders

Anti-Trafficking Activist: I Didn’t Lie

Rihanna Slams CBS for Cutting Her

General: U.S. Troops May Fight ISIS

Prisoner Rate Climbs After Decline

L.A. Heat Wave Knocks Out Power for 3K

2 Americans Killed in Kabul Bombing

FBI to Probe Missouri Cop's Stun-Gun Use

Atlantic City Loses Fourth Casino

Ukraine Passes Eastern Autonomy Bills

Obamacare Abortion Rule Isn’t Followed

Philippines Volcano Forces 12K to Flee

U.S. Sends Military to Fight Ebola

Millions of Banknotes Sent to Scotland

L.A. Cop Defends ‘Django’ Star Treatment

U.S. Looking for Sunnis to Help Fight ISIS

Uninsured Fell by 3.8 Million in Early 2014

Hurricane Odile Slams Baja California

Kerry: U.S. Open to Iran Talks on ISIS

Peterson Reportedly Beat Another Son

U.S. Strikes ISIS in Iraq

FBI Investigating Cop Who Tazed Teen

Swiss Could Offer Home to Snowden

ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution

62% Ferguson Whites: Shooting Justified

Vet Wounded 18 Times Gets Medal of Honor

NFL Looks Into Jet Over Domestic Assault

Russia Stirs Ethnic Tensions in Baltics

Vikings: Peterson Will Play Next Week

Panel Finds More Deaths Than GM Said

434% Voter Turnout in Arizona Precinct

Netflix Invades France

Stray Bullet Kills Philly Mom, Newborn

Kanye Explodes: ‘Pick Another Target’

Ray Rice Plans to Appeal Suspension

U.S. Asks N. Korea to Pardon Miller, Bae

Even New Zealand Is Spying on Its People

California Wildfires Cause 1K To Flee

Queen Warns Scotland About Its Future

LAPD Slammed For ‘Django’ Star Arrest

Migrant Boat Sinks Off Libyan Coast

New York Wins 3rd Miss America in a Row

Cameron: We Will ‘Hunt’ Haines Killers

Bernie Sanders: I May Run For President

Al Qaeda: We’re Not In Decline

Greg Hardy Deactivated For Assaulting Ex

Golfer Greg Norman Nearly Chops Off Hand

Life-Size Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiled

Arab Nations Offer Anti-ISIS Strikes

Liberia Sacks Officials Who Fled Ebola

Failed Foley Rescue Haunts Obama

Australia Commits Forces to Fight ISIS

Facebook Split Shocked Sanford's Fiancee

American Gets Hard Labor in North Korea

ISIS Threatens UK After Beheading

Kerry: Egypt In, Iran Out of Coalition

Griffin: CBS Refused to Consider Women

Buffett Selling Space for Pot Growth

Late-Night Ambush Leaves Trooper Dead

Navy Pilot Missing After Crash

Paris Hilton’s New Dog Cost $13,000

Adrian Peterson Turns Himself In

College Town Police Get Military Tank

Teen Faces Jail Time for Jesus Joke

Body Odor Test Imposed on Cabbies

Palin at Brawl: ‘You Know Who We Are?’

Hawks GM Takes Leave of Absence

Mark Sanford Ends Engagement

Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse

Rand Paul: Repeal All Executive Orders

White House: Yes, We’re At War With ISIS

30% of Ex-NFLers Face Brain Problems

Union: Jail Knew TJ Lane Planned Escape

Rob Ford Quits Mayoral Race

Zimmerman Threatened to Kill Driver

Orioles Slugger Suspended for Adderall

Foley Mom Faced Prosecution for Ransom

U.S. Sanctions Russia's Largest Bank

Irish Hardliner Turned Peacemaker Dies

FAA Investigating Drone Near Airport

Malala’s Taliban Attackers Arrested

Rivers' Doc Not Authorized by Clinic

Pitch Fractures Face of Marlins Hitter

HP Bribed Russian Legal Officials

Three Dead Kids Found in Squalid House

Iggy Azalea Possibly Underage in Tape

Pistorius Found Guilty of Manslaughter

‘SNL’ Gets First Black News Anchor

ISIS Forces Surge to as Many as 31,000

Microsoft's Allen Donates $9M for Ebola

Retired General to Lead ISIS Campaign

Lawmakers Held in Contempt of Education

Investors Grab Chunk of Tobacco Payouts

Ohio School Shooter Breaks Out of Jail

Spinosaurus Was First Swimming Dinosaur

55 Students Struck With Mystery Illness

U.S. Threatened Yahoo for User Data

Goodell Believed Ray Rice Wife Fell

Tim Tebow Is Now a ‘GMA’ Contributor

Russia Hit By More U.S. Sanctions

Kerry: U.S. Not at War With ISIS

Syria Tells U.S. to Come Bomb ISIS

Utah Teacher Shoots Herself in Leg

Maternity Store Used to Funnel Ransoms

Prostitute: I’ll Out Canadian Pols

Teacher Gave Bush-Hitler Assignment

UN Peacekeepers Freed in Syria

Kanye Hospitalized in Australia

Missouri Passes 3-Day Abortion Wait

EU Agrees to Russia Sanctions

Israel Investigating Civilian Killings

Swamp Pig Species Named for Mick Jagger

Big Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland

Cop: NFL Saw Ray Rice Video Months Ago

Pistorius Found Not Guilty of Murder

Latest Scotland Poll Puts 'No' Ahead

Asia Beefs Up Arms Against China Threat

Former Wrestler Sean O'Haire Found Dead

U.S. Lawmakers Embrace ISIS Fight

NOW Calls for Roger Goodell to Quit NFL

NFL Orders Independent Ray Rice Probe

James Bond's 'Jaws' Richard Kiel Dies

James Bond's 'Jaws' Actor Dies

Obama OKs First Syria Airstrikes

Rob Ford Has a Tumor

Ferguson Protesters Arrested on Highway

South Carolina House Speaker Indicted

NFL: We Didn't Ask Casino for Rice Video

Mom: Mets Fired Me for Being Pregnant

The Ozone Layer Is Recovering

New Stem Cells Cleared For Human Use

U.S. Teen Pleads Guilty to Helping ISIS

Israel Charges Cop Who Beat U.S. Teen

France Ready to Bomb ISIS in Iraq

Ship Found in Arctic After 170 Years

Xanax-Like Drugs Linked to Alzheimer's

38 Men Raped in U.S. Military Each Day

Mayweather: NFL Wrong on Rice

Scientists Discover New Life Form

200 Ebola Deaths Recorded in One Day

U.K. Prime Minister Begs Scots to Stay

Ukraine: Russian Forces Leaving

China to Dalai Lama: Respect Reincarnation

Palestinian Killed During Israeli Raid

Missouri Executes 8th Inmate

5 Missing Kids Found Dead in Alabama

Man Gets 14 Years in Autistic Child Rape

China Deploys 700 Troops to South Sudan

U.K. Boy Taken by Parents Has 70% Chance

Syria Airstrikes on the Table for Obama

Early Treatment May Cut Autism Signs

Scientists Find Huge Stonehenge Sibling

Report: Joan Rivers Biopsy Cut Air Supply

10 Responders Tried Resuscitating Rivers

Syrian Militants Release Peacekeepers

Dallas Cowboys Owner Sued by Dancer

Military Botched Child Sex-Abuse Cases

Cop Who Killed 93 Year Old Not Charged

Bitcoin Founder's Email Hacked

Man Charged in Selling Drugs to Boogaard

Elephant Kills Sanctuary Founder

Ray Rice Wife Slams Media, Defends Him

Apple Announces iWatch, iPhone 6

U.S. Job Openings Near 13-Year High

U.S. Marshal Stabbed, Ebola Feared

Japan’s Emperor Criticized Pearl Harbor

Trump Entertainment Files for Bankruptcy

Cops ID Ice Bucket Challenge Bullies

TMZ: NFL Didn’t Ask for Ray Rice Video

Iran Claims to Nab ISIS-Bound Foreigners

Shark Kills Man at Popular Aussie Beach

UN: CO2 Levels Climbing at Record-Pace

Kashmir's Heavy Rains Kill 400+

Hackers Breached 2K+ Home Depot Stores

Dutch: MH17 Hit by ‘High-Energy Objects’

French Women Forsake Topless Habit

UN Moves to Suppress Foreign Fighters

Hotel in U.K. Schedules Swingers’ Holiday

Iraq Swears in New Unity Government

WHO Predicts Thousands More Ebola Cases

Ferguson Announces City Review Board

Man Who Tried to Sell Secrets Sentenced

Senate Votes to Overturn Citizens United

Coach: Hope and Goodwill for Ray Rice

Marin Cilic Wins Men's U.S. Open

Amazon Cuts Phone Price to 99 Cents

Tinder Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

Kansas Sen. Only Been Home ‘7 Times’

Senator Speaks for Beheaded Americans

Subway Bomb in Chile Injures 7

Ray Rice Cut, Suspended Indefinitely

NCAA Lifts Sanctions on Penn State

Harvard: U.S. Wealth Gap Will Worsen

Floods Cripple Phoenix

Missile That Downed MH17 Seen in Russia

Neil Patrick Harris Marries David Burtka

Will and Kate Expecting 2nd Child

Whole Foods Launches Online Delivery

1 Billion Views for Ice Bucket Videos

3 Years to Destroy ISIS, U.S. Estimates

Dubai to Build World's Largest Airport

Yosemite Wildfires Force Evacuations

Hamas, Abbas Slam Each Other

Chick-Fil-A Founder Dead at 93

Meteorite Leaves Crater in Nicaragua

Arab League Urges Members to Confront IS

Afghan Men Condemned to Die for Gang Rape

Thailand Woos Chinese With Free Visas

More U.S. Households Quit Smoking

New Service Offers Taxis for Women Only

Suitcase Yields Long-Lost Monet

Iowa Women Wed After 72 Years Together

Respiratory Virus Hits Kids in Midwest

Stars Gather for Joan Rivers Funeral

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe: Obama Is Afraid of Me

Racist Email Forces Hawks Owner to Sell

Mom Jailed for Giving Teen Abortion Pill

Obama: ISIS Will Not Be Another Iraq War

New Michael Brown Witness Comes Forward

North Korea Sets Trial for U.S. Citizen

Martina Navratilova Proposes at US Open

New Shelling Shakes Ukraine Truce

U.S. Launches New Airstrikes on ISIS

China Kills 5K Dogs to Rein In Rabies

Former X-Factor Contestant Found Dead

Syria Bombs ISIS-Held Territory

Bush-Era Wiretapping Memos Released

Obama Delays Immigration Action

L.A. Official Arrested for Child Porn

Sierra Leone Imposes Anti-Ebola Lockdown

Blue Whale Population Back at 97%

Lava Threatens Homes in Hawaii

Teen Sets Home on Fire for Slender Man

Jamaica Crews Search for Crashed Plane

Egypt’s Morsi Accused of Leaking Secrets

Davis Reveals Personal Abortion Story

WHO: Survivors’ Blood Can Treat Ebola

Alibaba Plans $24 Billion IPO

Texas Rangers Manager Resigns

IRS Loses Five More Employees’ Emails

Plane Full of Americans Lands in Iran

Russians Grab Estonian Official

Iran OKs U.S. Help Against ISIS

Unresponsive Plane Crashes in Sea

Rape Inquiry of Heisman Winner Begins

Kidnapping Diverts D.C.-Beijing Flight

U.S. Kills Somalia’s Bin Laden

Ukraine, Rebels Reach Ceasefire

Asteroid Flying ‘Very Close’ to Earth

NATO Approves Force to Check Russia

New Hires Plunge in August

Bush's Daughters Aren't Republican

American Jihadi Killed in Syria

NYPD Testing Body Cameras

U.S. Forming Coalition to Fight ISIS

Federer Moves to U.S. Open Semifinals

CIA Official Blamed in Benghazi Attack

Apple Boosts Security After Nude Hack

18% Chance of Imported Ebola in U.S.

Ebola Patient Coming to Nebraska

Wyoming Mulls Ending Death Penalty Got Hacked in July

Apple Supplier Accused of Labor Violations

Man Arrested in 8-Year-Old Girl’s Death

Wisc., Ind. Gay Marriage Bans Nixed

Joan Rivers Dies at Age 81

Virginia Ex-Governor Found Guilty

Someone Commits Suicide Every 40 Seconds

Germany Pays Nazis' Child Victims $250M

‘Dreadnoughtus’ Dinosaur Discovered

HuffPo Hires NFL Playing 9/11 Truther

Murder Charges for Dad in Hot-Car Death

Joan Rivers's Clinic Under Investigation

Human-Rights Workers Vanish in Qatar

Fast-Food Workers Strike Coast to Coast

Tesla to Build 'Gigafactory' in Nevada

L.A. Artist Will Display Nude JLaw Pics

Malaysian Lesbians Arrested Under Sharia

U.K. Can Hit ISIS Without Assad, PM Says

Al Qaeda Opens New Front in India

Obama, Cameron Slam Russia in Op-Ed

Bloomberg Returns to Run His Company

Rosie Perez to Join ‘The View’

Feds Launch Ferguson Civil-Rights Probe

Deadly Cobra on The Loose in LA

Dem Pulls Out of Kansas Senate Race

Top Dem: Scott Walker Abuses Women

Silicon Valley Quashes ISIS Videos

Hagel: 100+ Americans Have Joined ISIS

Seau Family Rejects NFL Settlement

3 Canadians Snatched Americans in Syria

Ebola Infects U.S. Doctor in Africa

France Freezes Warship Sale to Russia

Bernie Madoff’s Last Surviving Son Dies

Biden: Follow ISIS to ‘Gates of Hell’

Louisiana Gay-Marriage Ban Upheld

Cowboys Practice Squad Signs Michael Sam

Renisha McBride Killer Gets 15-30 Years

NYC St. Patrick’s Parade to Allow Gays

Koch Honcho: Minimum Wage Brings Fascism

Fukushima Workers to Sue for Hazard Pay

British Ebola Patient Discharged

Ceasefire Announced in Ukraine

Aid Groups Beg for Help with Ebola

Joe Frazier Statue Rising in Philly

How Liz Taylor Fought to Keep Burton

Ill Boy’s Parents Freed in Spain

Obama Arrives in Estonia for Talks

CVS Stores Go Tobacco-Free

Justin Bieber Arrested in ATV Incident

Yes Vote Surge for Scottish Independence

Phishing Blamed in Celeb Nude Pic Leak

Ted Cruz's Dad Says Blacks Are Ignorant

U.S. Deploys 350 More Troops to Iraq

Broncos' Wes Welker Suspended

DNA Test Exonerates Death Row Inmate

Study: Eat Fats, Avoid Carbs

Michael Sam to Join Dallas Cowboys

Russian Bank Hires Ex-Senators

NFL Suspends Colts Owner for DUI

Girl Felt Uzi Was Too Much For Her

Feds May Look Into Chicago Cop Shootings

Putin: I Can ‘Take Kiev in 2 Weeks’

ISIS Beheads Second American Journalist

CDC: ‘Window Is Closing’ to Stop Ebola

Bieber Arrested for Assault in Canada

Sex Geckos Die in Russian Space Orbit

Detroit Bankruptcy Trial Begins

Halliburton Pays $1B for Gulf Oil Spill

Joan Rivers to Be Brought Out of Coma

Apple Says Celeb Hack Not Its Fault

Germany Bans Uber

Michael Sam Cut From Rams Practice Squad

30+ Teens Escape From Detention Center

Eric Cantor Gets New Job on Wall Street

France Upholds Muslim’s Nuke Site Ban

All 25 in Marine Helo Crash Rescued

CeeLo: It’s Not Rape If You Forget

China Scolds U.K. Over Hong Kong

U.S. Envoy Roasted for British Food Jibe

UN Will Investigate War Crimes in Iraq

Peru Cops Show Off Massive Cocaine Haul

Proposal to Move Mohammed's Tomb

Ukraine Preps for Russian 'Invasion

JLaw Requests Nude Pics Investigation

Parents Jailed For Taking Ill Son Abroad

Human Ebola Vaccine Trial to Begin

Obama Notifies Congress of Iraq Strikes

Americans Held in N. Korea Plea For Help

Stonehenge Circle Mystery Solved

Judge Halts Louisiana Abortion Law

Pentagon 80% Sure It Killed Al-Shabab Leader

UK Cops to be Allowed to Seize Passports

Japan Urges Stockpiling of Toilet Paper

Japan Baseball Tourney Game Lasts 4 Days

Ferguson Cop Donations Sites Shut Down

Pakistan Protests Close in on PM's Home

David Cameron Faces Revolt Over EU

Guantanamo Decays as Closing Delayed

U.S. Pols Urge Arms to Fight Russia

Israel Claims More Land in West Bank