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Cheats January 2015

ISIS Reportedly Kills Japanese Captive

Creator of ‘the Pill’ Dies at 91

Dragon-like Dinosaur Discovered In China

Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Unconscious

7,500 Troops to Battle Boko Haram

Tiger Woods Shoots Worst Score as Pro

Super Bowl Flyover Costs Taxpayers $80K

Bruce Jenner Transitioning To A Woman

Man Detained Over Human Remains

New Tumor Found in MS Congressman

Heidi Montag’s Dad Arrested

Italian Parliament Elects New President

British Army Sets Up ‘Social Media Unit’

CIA, Mossad Killed Sr. Hezbollah Figure

Romney Hid Decision Not to Run

Ohio Delays All Executions

Sheldon Silver Resigns

Ferguson is Becoming a Museum

Blogger Outs Putin's Daughter

Jeb: I Drank and Smoked Weed

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop

Tim Duncan Sues Financial Advisor

Victim’s Mom Leaves Hernandez Trial

CIA Tortured Prisoners on U.K. Territory

Boston Marathon Winner Banned

Mitt Romney Will Not Run for President

Charges Dropped Against George Zimmerman

U.S. Economy Grew 2.6% in 2014

Belgium Arrests 4 for Recruiting Jihadis

Fate of ISIS Hostages Unknown

NFL Claims Concussions Are Down

Russian, American Set Balloon Record

Romney to Announce Decision at 11AM

Boston Tickets John Kerry on Shoveling

Obama Calls for Surge in Spending

Poet and Songwriter Rod McKuen Dies

ISIS Wing Claims Sinai Attacks in Egypt

Senate Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

Feds Investigate NY Senate Leader Skelos

Super Bowl: Missy Elliott to Join Perry

TX Executes Intellectually Disabled Man

Police Question Boy About Hebdo Attack

Cop Union Rep Accused of Sparking Melee

CIA Appoints New Top Spy Chief

Measles Outbreak Greets Super Bowl

3 Americans Killed at Kabul Airport

Gunman Taken Down in Dutch TV Station

Dartmouth Bans Hard Alcohol on Campus

Suge Knight Arrested for Murder

Indiana Guv Kills Propaganda Outlet

Obama Wants 1 Million Americans’ DNA

Senators to Introduce Cuba Vacation Bill

60 Hurt in Mexico Hospital Gas Blast

FTC Bans Revenge Porn Website Operator

McCain Calls Protesters ‘Low-Life Scum’

Fishermen May Have Found Unknown Human

ISIS Hostage Deadline Has Passed

Hillary May Delay Presidential Campaign

1st Rare Fox Seen in Yosemite Since 1915

New Ebola Cases Less Than 100 Per Week

MH370 Officially Declared Accident

School Bans 66 Kids Over Measles Fears

N. Korea May Be Restarting Nuke Program

AirAsia Co-Pilot Was Flying Plane

Raul Castro: Gimmie Back Gitmo

Sydney Shooter Forced Victim to Kneel

Boeing to Update Air Force One

SF Police Find Body Parts in Suitcase

Tackle Football Riskier Before Age 12

Widow Challenges Liver Transplant Policy

Broadway Star Joel Grey, 82: I’m Gay

SCOTUS Halts 3 Oklahoma Executions

Fugitive Treasure Hunter Caught in FL

Bruce Jenner Promises 'Journey' on TV

20% of U.S. Children Live on Food Stamps

ACLU: Don't Let White House Hide Torture

AG Pick: No Citizenship for Undocumented

190 at Children’s Hospital Face Measles

Kim Jong Un Plans to Visit Putin

Spanish Soccer Star Wants to Lead FIFA

Drone Maker Deactivates D.C. Craft

Boko Haram Threatens ‘Big Grave’

Researchers Cure Peanut Allergy

1961 ‘Whites Only’ Convictions Tossed

11 Cars Stolen While ‘Warming Up’

China Cracks Down on Alibaba

Jordan Willing to Swap ISIS Terrorist

Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Convoy

GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Puppy Ad

Japanese PM: Deadline is 'Despicable'

Mexico: Missing Students Declared Dead

10 Dead in Tripoli Hotel Attack

Clinton Agrees to Testify on Benghazi

Sheldon Silver Loses Speaker Post

SCOTUS OK’d Disabled Man’s Execution

2 Found Guilty in Vanderbilt Rape Trial

Obama Scraps Tax Hike on College Savings

Apple Sold 75M iPhones Over Christmas

Perry's Criminal Trial Set to Proceed

Taylor Swift Slams Nude Pics Threat

Obama Wants Oil Drilling in Atlantic

Euro Model Botched Blizzard Forecast

Broken Windows Creator Admits Race Issue

New England Gets 30+ Inches of Snow

Drunk Spy Crashed the White House Drone

Scott Walker Forms Presidential Group

Mormon Church Backs LGBT Protection

Boehner to Sue Obama, Again

Bergdahl to Be Charged With Desertion

24 Hours Until ISIS Kills Hostages

Russian Spy: Putin Murdered Me

Cop Took Camera From Disabled Resident

Jet Crash Kills 11 in Spain

Kraft: NFL Owes Pats an Apology

Gunman Attacks Minnesota City Council

‘Life-Threatening’ Blizzard Still Going

Homeless for Juno: No Shelter From the Storm

Obama Leads Delegation to Saudi Arabia

Nadal Out at Australian Open

U.S. Exonerations at Record High

Facebook Suffers Global Outage

Fidel Castro Breaks His Silence

Sleeping Aids May Increase Alzheimer's

Argentina to Dissolve Intel Agency

Nurse Shot in LA Hospital

Obamacare Costs to Drop 20%

Blizzard Driving Outlawed in NYC, Boston

DEA Secretly Tracks Millions of Cars

Kobe May Miss Rest of Season

NFL Investigates Locker Attendant

Koch Brothers Slate $1 Billion for 2016

Melissa Rivers Sues NYC Clinic

Ex-CIA Agent Convicted Over NYT Story

Russia's Credit Rating Cut to ‘Junk’

FBI: Russian Spy Arrested in New York

Uber Caps Surge Prices for Blizzard

Study: Autism in Siblings Is Random

Gov't Employee Flew Drone to White House

Mattel CEO Fired Over Flat Barbie Sales

CIA Drones Yemen as U.S. Embassy Closes

Sam Smith Owes Tom Petty Big Money

Ex-Employee Kills Himself at Fox News HQ

Middle Class Is Vanishing Into Poverty

4,360+ Flights Canceled Before Blizzard

Coked-Out Drunk Calls British Leader

Kurds: ISIS Nearly Out of Kobani

Chris Christie Launches PAC for 2016 Run

More Than 200 Killed in Boko Haram Clash

Obama, Modi Unveil Nuclear Trade Plans

NY Assembly Speaker to Step Down

‘Birdman’ Wins Big at SAG Awards

Coach K Wins 1,000th Game

2 Shot Dead in NYC Home Depot

2 Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash

‘Historic’ Blizzard to Hit East Coast

Obama Wants 12M Acres in AK Off-Limits

Left-Wing Party Wins Greece Elections

‘American Sniper’ Passes $200M

White House CoS Names ISIS Hostage

Man Who Broke Prosecutor's Death Flees

Seahawks RB Warned About Crotch-Grabbing

Eastwood: Film an 'Anti-War Statement'

Australian Politician Goes to Fight ISIS

At Least 18 Dead in Egypt Protests

Rocket Fire Kills At Least 29 in Ukraine

Palestinians Protest Hebdo Cartoons

Attempt to Lift AirAsia Fuselage Fails

Dad Wanted For Killing Daughter, 2 Women

Spain Nabs 4 Jihadi Cell Suspects

Mass Retrial for Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Skips Taj Mahal for Saudi King

Baseball Legend Ernie Banks Dead at 83

Jersey Officer Nabbed For Beating Man

SCOTUS to Rule on Lethal Injection

‘Sniper’ Breaks Rated-R Movie Record

Teammate: Manziel a ‘100% Joke’

Madoff: I Suffer More Than My Victims

NFL: Balls Deflated After Inspection

Argentina: Rogue Agents Killed Prosecutor

ISIS Beheads One Japanese Hostage

Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Tackled

IMF Head: Saudi King ‘Advocate of Women’

SkyMall Crashes and Burns

LiLo Faces More Jail Time

911 Error Killed Tamir Rice

Bloomberg Wants to Buy New York Times

‘Doomsday Clock’ Ticks Close to Midnight

Marco Rubio Preparing Presidential Bid

Ukraine Death Toll Hits 5,000

Americans Keep Trying to Board With Guns

U.S. Home Rental Prices Explode

ISIS Posts Countdown Clock for Hostages

Federer Knocked Out of Australian Open

Uber Resumes Service in New Delhi

DreamWorks to Eliminate 500 Jobs

Thailand Ex-Premier Yingluck Impeached

Former Thai PM Faces Criminal Charges

Clinton Strong-Arms Scorsese Over Film

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Has Died

Tom Brady Said ‘Balls’ 5x in 30 Seconds

Republican Woman Derails Abortion Ban

Anonymous Activist Sentenced to 5 Years

Evolution May Be Reversible

Obama Won’t Meet With Netanyahu

Biggest Snowstorm of Winter Targets NYC

Yemen’s U.S.-Backed President Quits

Scott Walker Would Drug Test for Welfare

Argentine Prez: Prosecutor Was Killed

Meth Drone Crashes Near Mexico Border

Killer Blamed Doctor for Mom’s Death

Belichick: ‘Shocked’ by Deflategate

Uber: Our Drivers Make Double Taxis

FBI Arrests Top New York Dem Lawmaker

North Korea Hiring Tour-Guide Trainers

Saudi Arabia Postpones Flogging Again

Japan Can’t Get Through to ISIS

42 Killed in Congo Protests

Six Bodies Found in AirAsia Wreckage

Airstrikes Killed ‘Half of ISIS Leaders’

13 Killed in Ukraine Bus Shelling

Jeb Bush, Romney to Meet in Utah

Bodies Left Out at Ark. Funeral Home

House GOP Abandons Abortion Bill Debate

U.S. Military Deploying to Ukraine

Newtown Will Raze Lanza House

10 Israeli Tourists Attacked in Argentina

'The Sun' Will Bring Back Topless Photos

E-Cigs Can Contain Lots of Formaldehyde

Yemen's Head Reaches Deal With Rebels

Justice Dept. to Clear Darren Wilson

Video: Hillary Does a Putin Impression

Microsoft to Sell Holographic Goggles

Georgia Governor Went on a Secret Trip

Newtown to Build Sandy Hook Memorial

Citizens United Protesters Crash SCOTUS

Cops Killed Black Man With Hands Up

Dish Busted for Calling Do-Not-Call List

NCAA Investigating Fraud at 20 Schools

White House Rips Boehner’s Bibi Invite

Gitmo Prisoner Raped to Give Up Info

U.S. Ally Held ‘Captive’ in Yemen

CIA Knew Torture Claims Were Inflated

X-Rays Reveal Mysteries of Mt. Vesuvius

Man Who Blew Up Pregnant Woman Caught

Argentine Prez: Dead Prosecutor Lied

U.K. Soldier Accused of Raping 6-Year-Old

Heart Surgeon Killed in Boston Hospital

Williams Sisters Withdraw From Doubles

Several Stabbed in Tel Aviv Bus Attack

4 Men Charged in Paris Terror Attacks

4 Officials Fired Over Shanghai Stampede

11 of 12 Patriots’ Footballs Deflated

Obama Asks Congress to End Cuba Embargo

Biden Security Fails to Capture Gunman

Obama: Tax Rich to Help Middle Class

'American Sniper' Made $105M in 4 Days

'Serial' Figure Offers Alibi for Adnan

Suit: High-School Students Filmed Rape

Carcinogen Spills Into Yellowstone River

Drones Are Japan's New Construction Crew

Charlie Hebdo Pencils to Go Up at SOTU

Christie Hides $800,000 in Travel Bills

Bieber to Get Comedy Central Roast

Yemenis Charged in U.S. for Terror Ties

SCOTUS: Muslim Prisoner Can Grow Beard

Teen Successfully Posed as OB/GYN

U.S. No Longer Wants Assad to Go

Prosecutor Asks to Extradite Polanski

Dead Argentine Prosecutor Didn’t Own Gun

9-Month-Old Boy Killed by Brother

China Growth Hits 24-Year Low

Man Killed in Cincinnati Bridge Collapse

Pope: No Need to Breed ‘Like Rabbits’

Economy Boosts Obama’s Approval Ratings

ISIS Wants $200M for Japanese Hostages

Seahawks Apologize for MLK Tweet

IMF Lowers Global Growth Forecast

Police Spy Inside Homes With Radar

Brown Sanctions 2 Fraternities

Boston MLK March Tackles Race in America

Pope to Visit NYC This Fall

Africa Trip Leaves VA Gov. Hospitalized

Charlie Hebdo Sparks Burning of Churches

Iran General Killed in Israel Raid

China Begins Bathroom Revolution

British Intel Spying on Journalists

Amazon To Produce Feature Films

NFL Investigating If Pats Deflated Ball

Hollande Ratings See Record Boost

Jewish Bombing Prosecutor Found Dead

Australia: Detainees on Hunger Strike

Official: Yemen, Houthis Reach Ceasefire

Top 1% To Own More Than The Rest By 2016

Billionaire Eyes One-Term Senate Run

Saudis Arrest Man Who Filmed Beheading

NSA Hacked N. Korea Before Sony Attack

Seahawks, Patriots Head to The Superbowl

Apology From 'Hanoi Jane'

Ice Storm Causes 50+ Car Pile Up

‘American Sniper’ Pulls in $90.2m

Israeli Strike Kills 5 Hezbollah Ops

Guns Fired Outside of VP’s Home

PGA Star Kidnapped, Beaten in HI

Pope to Men: Don’t Be So Macho

Facebook Aims for Virtual Reality

Record 6M Attend Pope Francis Mass

Obama Seeks Tax Hikes On The 1%

Ireland’s Health Minister Comes Out

ISIS Frees 350 Yazidi Captives

‘The Interview’ Lost Sony $30 Million

Romney Jokes About 2016 ‘Speculation’

Dunham Regrets Cosby-Holocaust Analogy

Two More Planets May Be Behind Pluto

Man Arrested in Mexican Student Deaths

Academy Head: I’d Love More Diversity

Houston Estate Condemns Lifetime Biopic

Woman Accused of Setting Baby on Fire

Yemeni Chief of Staff Abducted

CBS Analyst Arrested in Prostitute Sting

Cops Shot Blacks’ Mugshots as Practice

Two People Killed in FL Mall Shooting

CO Policeman Charged With Murder

Dems Rally Around Muslim Congressman

Int’l Court Probes Israeli War Crimes

SCOTUS to Take on Same-Sex Marriage

NCAA Restores 111 Penn State Wins

Holder Limits Seizures by Police

‘Demon Assassin’ Pleads Guilty to Murder

Twitter Hack Claims WWIII Begins

Grateful Dead to Reunite for Last Shows

DoJ Collected International Phone Calls

2014 Earth’s Warmest Year on Record

Millennials to Surpass Boomers This Year

Boy Admits He Didn’t Go to Heaven

Belgian Terrorists Had Police Uniforms

Saudi Flogging Stopped for Medical Fears

Obama to Host ‘Selma’ Screening

Cops: Fugitive Teens Are on Crime Spree

John Kerry Shows Solidarity With France

Hong Kong Charges Student Leaders

Missing Robot Found on Mars

Bomb Threat Closes Paris Train Station

NASA Pluto Probe Begins Observations

400 US Troops to Train Syrian Opposition

Study: Ocean Life on Verge of Extinction

Legendary Producer Kim Fowley Dead at 75

Contractor Pleads Guilty in Navy Scandal

AZ Students Must Pass US Civics Test

Ben Carson Compares ISIS to US Patriots

Duke Drops Chapel Muslim Call to Prayer

Google Breaks Glass

Sharpton: ‘Emergency Meeting’ for Oscars

Obama Wants to Spend $68 Billion More

Pro-Gay Mormon to Be Excommunicated

Al Qaeda Frees 2 Italian Women

Flu Vaccine Only 23% Effective

GOP Governor Vetoes NRA Gun Bill

Police Chief Shot Wife, Paralyzing Her

Target Evacuates Canada

$500K Afghan Training Center Melts Down

Hero Grocer to Get French Nationality

Saudis Build ‘Great Wall’ to Block ISIS

U.S. Opens Cuba to Tourist Activity

‘Birdman’ Scores 9 Oscar Nominations

GOP Censures Anti-Gay Republican

Pope: ‘One Cannot Make Fun of Faith’

Marlboro Man Dies at 85

Obama Calls for Paid Sick Leave

Oklahoma Resumes Lethal Injections

Mexico Issues Birth Certificates in U.S.

NYC Jail Guards Hired Despite Arrests

French Policewoman Injured in Car Attack

5 Gitmo Prisoners Sent to Oman, Estonia

Poor Taxed at Higher Rate Than Rich

Ex-King’s Paternity Suit Goes to Court

N. Koreans Are Killing Chinese for Food

2016 GOP Convention Set a Month Early

Marriott Ends Personal Wi-Fi Battle

Colts Player Charged With Rape

Free Climbers Reach Yosemite Summit

House to Undo Obama Immigration Reforms

Cosby Rape Accuser Talks to Police

4 Secret Service Execs Given the Boot

ISIS Wannabe Arrested in Ohio

Terry Richardson Leaves Magazine Exile

Feds End Teamsters’ Mafia Monitoring

N. Korea Parody Game Pulled After Hack

Magazine Makes Bruce Jenner Into Woman

Comedian to Be Tried for Hebdo Remarks

Study: Zebras’ Stripes Keeps Them Cool

Iran Indicts U.S. Journalist

10 Die in Texas Prison Bus Crash

FDA OKs Hunger-Control Device

N.Y. May End Grand Jury Secrecy for Cops

NYT Public Editor: Should’ve Shown Hebdo

Teen Saves Cop Who Just Arrested Him

Mexican Mayor Charged With Kidnapping

Hope Solo Domestic Charges Dropped

One Ton of Cocaine Missing in Dominican

NASCAR Driver: My Ex Is Secret Assassin

Al Qaeda Claims Credit for Hebdo Attack

New Charlie Hebdo Issue Sells Out

Albuquerque Cop Fatally Shoots Man

U.K. Police on ‘High Alert’ for Attack

Jets to Name Todd Bowles as Head Coach

Refunds Offered for Cosby’s Denver Shows

Putin Won't Attend Auschwitz Memorial

Jailed Lawmaker Reelected to Va. House

Georgia Executes Veteran With PTSD

FBI: Bartender Planned to Poison Boehner

Amber Alerts Coming to Facebook

BPA Substitute Linked to Hyperactivity

Church Refuses Funeral for Gay Woman

OSU-Oregon Most Viewed Cable TV Ever

Budget Deficit Lowest Since 2007

Rand Calls Mitt ‘Yesterday’s News’

ISIS Enters Afghanistan

Ann Curry Will Finally Leave NBC

Brooklyn Nets Put Up for Sale

Kevin Garnett Suspended for Headbutting

French Terror Victims Buried in Israel

NYPD Slowdown Winds Down

Romney and Christie Will Try to Make Up

Measles Outbreak Hits Disneyland

Woody Allen to Create Amazon TV Series

China Sets Up Moon Landing

Hebdo Prints 3 Million Muhammad Cartoons

Bulgaria Nabs Frenchman With Hebdo Tie

Delhi Uber Driver Charged With Rape

Court: Mubarak Should Be Freed

India: Bootleg Liquor Kills at Least 28

Pope Calls for Inclusivity in Sri Lanka

‘Avengers’ Trailer Debuts

China to Send Ebola Team to West Africa

Woman Killed by Smoke in DC Metro

NYT Reporter Won’t Go to Jail

Ethiopia: Landmark Hotel Damaged in Fire

Romney: I’m ‘Almost Certainly’ Running

South Dakota Marriage Law Struck Down

6 Terrorists on the Loose in France

United Airlines May Outsource 2,000 Jobs

White House: Our Faux Pas on Paris Rally

Cops Face Murder in Homeless Killing

U.S. Military Command Hacked by ‘ISIS’

Feds Punish Joan Rivers’s Clinic

Peyton Manning’s Quad Torn for a Month

Cops Clear U-VA Frat Accused of Rape

Russians Asked Snowden to Spy for Them

Brit PM: Fox News Man ‘Complete Idiot’

Cuba Frees 53 Prisoners in U.S. Deal

Kerry Makes Unannounced Pakistan Visit

Turkey: Boumeddiene Is in Syria

Egypt Frees 26 Caught in Bathhouse Raid

‘Crocodile Bile’ Beer Kills 69

France to Boost Police at Jewish Schools

‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts

Obama to Propose Laws on Data Hacking

‘Boyhood’ Wins Golden Globe Best Picture

Pakistan Schools Reopen After Shooting

Croatia Elects First Female President

AirAsia Flight Data Recorder Recovered

‘Transparent’ Wins Two Golden Globes

Eric Holder Skips Massive Paris Rally

Packers Head for Seattle After 26-21 Win

‘Taken 3’ Wins Box Office

Buffalo Bills Hire Rex Ryan

2 Protesters Arrested at Cheney Home

Five Shot Near Chris Brown Party

Paper Firebombed After Showing Muhammad

Grocery Gunman Linked to Second Shooting

Patriots Come Back to Beat Ravens

Bus Collides With Oil Tanker, 50 Dead

France Holds Largest Rally in History

Three Die in Idaho Spree Shooting

10-Year-Old Suicide Bomber in Nigeria

Lebanon Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 7

Bieber ‘Un-Retouched’ Image Was Fake

Terrorist Fugitive Likely Fled to Syria

Muslim Grocery Clerk Saved Hostages

Hecklers Taunt Bill Cosby at Final Show

AirAsia Tail Lifted Out of Ocean

Final ‘Mad Men’ Episodes Begin April 5

Four Killed in San Francisco Shooting

Bishop Charged with Manslaughter

SpaceX Suffers Hard Landing on Barge

Murdoch: Destroy ‘Jihadist Cancer’

George Zimmerman Arrested for Assault

Feds Want Felony Charges for Petraeus

Prosecutor: Hostages Killed by Gunman

Michael Sam Engaged to Boyfriend

Romney Considers 2016 Run

4 Shot in Gun Shop in Missouri

Qaeda: We Ordered Charlie Hebdo Attack

NYPD Commissioner Confirms Work Slowdown

4 Hostages Die in Paris Kosher Store

Ex-Miami Dolphin Swims 9 Miles to Shore

Dublin Priest Says He Is Gay During Mass

BBC Shows Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad

Police Close Jewish Shops in Paris

U.S. Has Best Jobs Year Since 1999

Court: Teen Must Continue Forced Chemo

Paris Terrorist Met American Jihadi

Police Surround French Terror Suspects

China’s No. 1 in Clean-Energy Investment

Ohio Drops Two-Drug Lethal Injection

MI5 Chief Warns of al Qaeda Plot on U.K.

‘Pings’ Detected in AirAsia Crash Search

Jackie Chan’s Son Jailed on Drug Charges

Bill Cosby Jokes About Rape Allegations

Gospel Singer Andrae Crouch Dies at 72

Gospel Singer Andrae Crouch Dies at 72

Longest-Ruling Sri Lankan Head Defeated

Obama: Make Community College Free

Boston to be U.S. Olympics Host Bid

U.S.: Al Qaeda Trained Said Kouachi

U.S. Had Hebdo Suspects on ‘No Fly’ List

Russia May Deny LGBT Driver's Licenses

Grand Jury: Charge Pennsylvania A.G.

AP to NFL: You Had Ray Rice Tape

France Mourns While Cops Hunt Killers

Honda Fined $70M Over Safety Records

‘Sea of Blood’ Inside Charlie Hebdo

2,000 Feared Dead in Boko Haram Attack

NYC to Ban Foam Cups This Summer

-54° Wind Chill Hits Midwest

Barbara Boxer: No Senate Run in 2016

Brother Abused Sister Who Killed Him

Saudi Activist Sentenced to 1,000 Lashes

Charlie Hebdo to Print 1 Million Copies

Muslim Targets Attacked in France

Florida Man ‘Threw Daughter From Bridge’

Jail Guard Made Inmates Play Patty Cake

Teen Pleads Guilty to Murder of WWII Vet

Two Dead in 18-Vehicle Pileup

Paris Attack Suspects ‘Spotted’

Cop Shot and Killed in South of Paris

De Blasio Refuses to Apologize to NYPD

PM: ‘Several Arrests’ in Paris Attack

10 Bodies, 11 Heads Found in Mexico

New Antibiotic Could Fight Superbugs

Cuba Frees 3 of 53 Political Prisoners

Actor Khan Bonfils Dies in Rehearsal

Christie Re-Election Campaign Subpoenaed

Teen Suspect in Paris Attack Surrenders

Tamir Rice Killer Failed Cop Exam

Foie Gras Legal in California Again

Jyllands-Posten Editor on Charlie Hebdo

Associated Press Censors Muhammad Images

French President: We Will Win

Gunmen Kill Cartoonists in Name of Islam

U.S.: Palestinians Can't Join ICC

Thousands Protest Paris Terrorist Attack

FBI: Sony Hackers Blew Their Cover

Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Sues FSU

FT Columnist: Charlie Hebdo ‘Stupid’

Pro Soccer Team Signs Rapist

U.S. Won’t Raise Terror Alert

Shooters Claimed They Were Al Qaeda

Spy Chief Names North Korean Behind Hack

Charlie Hebdo Editor Didn’t Fear Threats

Poland to Consider Extraditing Polanski

Video: Paris Gunman Assassinates Cop

Morocco to Allow ‘Exodus’ Showings

UVA Greek Life to Resume Immediately

O.J. Simpson Stolen Heisman Found

AirAsia CEO: Tail of Plane Found

UN Chief: Palestine to Join ICC

5 Charged in Calif. Roller Rink Shooting

Suicide Blast Kills Dozens in Yemen

NZ Skydivers Jump Before Plane Crash

Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Full Trailer Debuts

Bomb Exploded at Colorado NAACP

Boehner Purges Enemies From Committee

State Forces Teen to Undergo Chemo

Céline Taps Joan Didion for Ad Campaign

Gunman Kills Doctor at Veterans Clinic

3.5-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Dallas

Ex-Virginia Gov. Gets 2 Years in Prison

Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill

Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 People a Day

Four Elected to MLB Hall of Fame

Boehner Survives Republican Coup

NFL Player Allegedly Tore Woman’s Ear

Shot Cop to de Blasio: Get Lost

Detroit Raises Money to Test Rape Kits

90% of Bibi’s Campaign Funds From U.S.

Cavs, Knicks, Thunder Make 3-Way Deal

SpaceX Launch Aborted During Countdown

CIA Watchdog: I Quit

Egyptian Police Die Protecting Church

Fed Judge Halts Arpaio’s Worksite Raids

NYPD Hunts Shooters of 2 Cops

Jordan’s Prince Seeks FIFA Presidency

Colorado Launches Pot Safety Campaign

Anti-Islam Protests Rock Germany

Man Killed by Cops Left Suicide Notes

Ex-Cyber Chief Sentenced for Child Porn

Train, School Bus Collide in N. Dakota

231 New Abortion Restrictions Enacted

Jeb Bush: Respect Same-Sex Couples

Students Now Shoulder State Tuition

Son Charged in Hedge Funder’s Murder

Diagnosis Is Behind Autism Boom

Uber Driver Kicks Out Kissing Gay Couple

Harvard Staff Hate Obamacare Now

Avalanche Kills 2 U.S. Olympic Hopefuls

NYPD Arrests Plummet for Second Week

Florida's First Gay Couples Get Married

First Jewish Miss America Dies

ESPN Without Cable Coming for $20

Oil Falls to Lowest Price Since 2009

Michael Brown Juror Sues to Speak Out

Putin Critic Cuts Tracking Bracelet

London’s Population Reaches Record High

‘Real Housewife’ Star Checks Into Prison

Subzero Temps Coming for Midwest, East

Rams Owner to Build Stadium in L.A.

Japan Tells Revelers to Chew Slowly

Beijing: N. Korean Killed 4 Chinese

Indonesia Cracks Down on Airlines

Boko Haram Defeats International Forces

Venezuela Wants U.S. Prisoner Swap

Marathon Bombing Trial Set to Begin

Missing Baby Found Dead in San Diego

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Book Challenge

Lebanon to Set Syrian Visa Restrictions

Cowboys Beat Lions on Controversial Call

Meth Seizures Up at Mexican Border

Tomb of Unknown Egyptian Queen Found

‘The Hobbit’ Wins the Weekend, Again

Cops Turn Backs Again on de Blasio

John Boehner Gets Challenger for Speaker

Stuart Scott Dies After Battling Cancer

Bangladesh Opposition Leader Locked Up

13 Egyptian Christians Kidnapped

Mike Huckabee Quits Fox News

Pope Names Diverse Set of New Cardinals

Germany: Greece Euro Zone Exit Doable

President Meets with Eddie Vedder

First Elected Black Senator Dies

Protesters Disavow ‘Dead Cops’ Chant

Man Kills Wife and 2 Grown Children

Obama to Travel Ahead of State of Union

‘Sopranos’ Strip Club Robbed Again

India, Pakistan Trade Fire Along Border

Inmate Dies After Suicide Watch Ignored

Oldest Grand Ole Opry Star Dies

U.S. Embassy Bombing Suspect Dies

NYPD Chief: Don’t Turn Backs on Mayor

Four Large Parts of AirAsia Jet Found

Girl Survives Plane Crash That Killed 4

Feds Still Think Pot Is Dangerous

No Murder Charge in James S. Brady Death

Deductible Boom Makes Many Skip Doctor

Obama Sanctions North Korea for Hack

Cop’s Restraint Move Killed Black Woman

Ducks Taunt Florida QB: ‘No Means No!’

New Frog Gives Birth to Live Tadpoles

Harry Reid Breaks His Face

Cop-Shooters Were Transporting Bodies

Woman ‘Forced’ Into Sex With Brit Prince

500 Children Lost in Cape Town

450 Migrants Rescued at Sea

Bono May Never Play Guitar Again

More Dead Expected in Greek Ferry

Most Cancers Caused by Bad Luck

Gambia Cracks Down on Coup Attempt

Fake Money Not Behind Shanghai Stampede

Policeman Runs Over College Student

7 Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Crash

More Than 76,000 Killed in Syria in 2014

OSU, Oregon Face Off for National Title

New York Ex-Governor Mario Cuomo Dies

Florida Man Decapitates Mom Over Nagging

Two Officers Shot in West Virginia

Gay Marriage Cleared in All FL Counties

Thomas Piketty Rejects Legion D’Honneur

$200,000 Bill Strands UK Couple in NY

Minimum Wage Rises in 20 States

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is a Married Man

36 Die in Shanghai New Year's Stampede

U.S. Gave Nigeria Intel on Missing Girls

Police Chief Shoots Wife Twice

29 Airstrikes Hit ISIS

9 Bodies Found in AirAsia Wreckage

Egypt Orders Al Jazeera Retrial

Jeb Bush Resigns from All Boards

Kim Jong Un: I'm Open to S. Korea Talks

FBI Head to Attend Slain Cop's Funeral