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Ben Carson’s Church Believes the U.S. Government Will Team Up With the Antichrist

Instagrammer of the Week: Ockie Fourie

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2015 (PHOTOS)

Amazing Vintage Halloween Costumes

Instagrammer of the Week (@theworldsyoungestman)

Bill Maher: Blame Parents for Police Brutality

Leah Remini Slams Tom Cruise and Scientology: ‘This is Some Crazy Sh-t’

The Real Story of The Secret Space Station

How Machismo Is Keeping Bros Up at Night

The Unknown Caribbean Island Breeding Baseball Stars

Milwaukee’s Shoot-From-The-Hip Sheriff

Between Ole Miss and Me

Russia Denies Stalin’s Killer Famine

Jesus, Kale, and Corpses: How We Got the Weirdly Awesome Halloween

Why Is Kate Middleton so Silent?

How Uber Killed Taxi TV

How ‘Star Wars’ Took Over Global Politics

The Best Con Man You've Never Heard Of

Who Invented The ‘Bedsheet Ghost’?

Best of Breslin: Stander, As In Stand-Up

The Week in Pictures: October 31, 2015

Wes Craven's Favorite Scary Movies

Martin Scorsese’s Scariest Movies of All Time

What’s Weird about Japanese Halloween

The World Congress of Families: Christian Extremism Decoded

ESPN Kills Grantland, Quadruples Down on Profitable Shouting and Hysteria

Why Is Kate’s Mum Selling Mini-Skirts To Four Year Olds?

Pentagon Throws Shade on New ISIS War Plan

Can Republicans and NBC Play Nicely?

Comet’s Mysterious Oxygen Stump Scientists

When CNBC Created the Tea Party

How I Became Adele, Cookie, and Drake For Halloween: A Definitive Pop Culture Costume Guide

ISIS Assassinates Prominent Syrian Activists in Turkey

Doughnut Rat Is Eating Better Than You

Baseball’s Bogus Pine-Tar Controversy

70 Babies Have Died Since Aylan

Not Muslim Enough? The Malcolm X Zombie Rises Again

‘Once’ Star Glen Hansard Is Back to Break Your Heart All Over Again

Begging to Be Executed Saved His Life

Cops Covered Up Trans Woman’s Mysterious Death

Southern Methodist University Sororities Still Preach Segregation

This Goth Wants Her Halloween Back

Donald Trump’s Biggest Vulnerability Is the Bible

China: Have More Kids or Granny Gets It

How to Translate Passion Into a Paycheck

A Must-Read Novel Complete With Mermaids

Love Triggers Your Brain’s Weed Receptor

Inside Killjoy’s Kastle, the Lesbian Feminist House of Horrors

There’s No Centrist Superman to Save You

Understanding Ted Cruz’s Jedi Debate Skills

These Candidates Are Eating Our Brains

Guv Believes in Aliens—and Jeb Bush’s Chances

Walt Disney Heiress Takes on the Gun Lobby

U.S. Scratches Out ISIS Rapper

Why Did the CNBC Republican Debate Unite America in Hate?

Jared Fogle’s Child Sex Admissions

Inside Ben Carson’s Cancer Scam

Real Housewives of the GOP

Beijing Closes In on Vietnam’s ‘China Beach’

Can a 5-Year-Old Decide Her Own Death?

Why Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

Officer Battles Teen in Epic Dance-Off

Back to School in Mosul: The ISIS Curriculum

Push a Button, Call Bullshit on GOP Pols

Why Your Kitchen Counter Might Make You Gain 20 Pounds

NFL Cares About Face Paint, Not Abuse

Paul Ryan, the Radical Now Running the House

Lindsey Graham Steals the Show at CNBC’s Undercard Debate

Cats Shaking It Off (Photos)

Raven-Symone Has Lost Her Damn Mind

Russell Wilson and Ciara: The Curse of Being a Born-Again Virgin

Murdered NYPD Cop Randolph Holder ‘Died as a Warrior’

Lamestream GOP Moderators’ Total Debate Fail

Will China Colonize North Korea?

We’ve Been Measuring Poverty All Wrong

Is Sexism All in Your Brain?

There’s Still a Chance for the 219 Girls Taken by Boko Haram

Now Kids Are Being Trained to Stop Heroin Overdoses

Nun Excommunicated for Becoming a Priest

Columbia’s Anti-Rape Protest Gets Wacky

‘Kanye West—Reanimator’: Hip-Hop’s Mad Scientist Revives Dead Jay Z in H.P. Lovecraft Mashup

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Pounce in GOP ‘Cage Match’

Paul Giamatti Uncovers the Impending Cyborg Revolution

Carson Denies Obvious Ties to Controversial Supplement Maker

Marco Rubio on Missing Votes: BFD

John Kasich Doesn’t Want to Play Nice Anymore

Queer Spy at the Anti-Gay Conference

Evil Internet Bill CISPA Is Back From the Dead, Now Cleverly Titled CISA

Black American Seeks Asylum in Canada Over Police Brutality

Is This the Ancestor of a Homeric Hero?

Ben Carson’s Money Men Co-Sponsored Anti-Gay Conference

Army Blimp Goes Out of Control, Menacing Towns and Thrilling America

How Dennis Hastert Is Like Jared Fogle and Jerry Sandusky

Video: Pastor Denies Impregnating Wife of Man He Shot and Killed

Orca Reenacts ‘Friday Night Lights’ Scene

Derek Jeter’s Lady-Killing Past Before Hannah Davis

How to Watch CNBC's Republican Debate Live Stream Online

Dear White People: Blackface Is Not OK

Monica Bellucci: The Babe Who Tamed Bond

Bearded Prince Harry Wows Michelle Obama: He’s a ‘Real Guy’

Colbert Challenges Hillary Clinton on Being a Young Republican and Wanting the Banks to Fail

Prep School Kid and Sis Robbed Drug Dealers

Gay in Nirvana: Bhutan’s LGBT Population Emerges from the Shadows

German Gang Robs Churches to Fund ISIS

Why This Muslim Is Defending Islam-Hating Carson

What Really Happened to Salem’s Witches

Houston Baseball Legend Stokes Trans Bathroom Panic

Meet the Buddies Behind ‘Flop House,’ the Internet’s Funniest Film Critics

No ‘Trick or Treating’ Sign Ordered for Sex Offender’s Home

The Nine Losers Running for President

The World’s Hottest Leader Finds a New, Unexpected Home

Computing at the Speed of Light

The U.S. War Casualties the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to See

Ben Carson’s Stabbing Story Is Full of Holes

Future and Blac Chyna’s Viral Fauxmance

Walmart’s Arab-Hating Halloween

Secret U.S. Stealth Bomber Project Takes Off

Body Slam Video Shows Schools Treat Black Kids Like Potential Criminals

‘Star Wars’ Tractor Beams Are Real

Government Watchdogs to Rubio: Vote or GTFO

Marc Jacobs’s Refreshing Sexual Candor And His Super Chill 10-Person Orgy

Mike Tyson’s Been Killing It the Last 24 Hours

How to Watch the 2015 World Series Live Stream Online

Hey, Hobby Lobby Boss: Thou Shalt Not Steal

Kid, 15, Is Prime Suspect in Talk Talk Data Hack Affecting Millions

NY Giants Star Victor Cruz: I ‘Guarantee’ I'll Be Back This Regular Season

This Is Not a Game: How SXSW Turned GamerGate Abuse Into a Spectator Sport

DC Movie Universe Creator: ‘There Are Too Many White Male Directors’

Will We Ever Respect Justin Bieber?

Geena Davis: Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence, But Women in Hollywood Have a Long Way to Go

‘Running the Gauntlet’: The Internet’s Most Disgusting Challenge

China Looks at Syria, Sees $$$

The Dark Side of Hillary Clinton’s New Inevitability

The Day Bob Gibson Struck Out 17 Batters

The 365-Room Fixer-Upper of Your Dreams—Cheap!

The Scary New Sequel to ‘Cloud Atlas’

College Paper Prints The Most Racist Front Page in America

Trump Brings Out New Hampshire’s Crazy

What Ben Carson’s Rise Says About America

Russia Bombs Hospitals. Lefties Shrug.

Rand Tries Not to Lose His Third Debate in a Row

Legally, Bud Light Lime Is a Craft Beer

Is Big Brother After Black Lives Matter?

Exclusive: Feds Investigate Hobby Lobby Boss for Illicit Artifacts

Will, Kate, and Harry: The Fun Royal Power Trio

Video: Cop Bodyslams Girl Student Who Refuses to Leave Classroom

They’re Brawling at the Polls in Ukraine

Are Two Star Players About to Help English Football Come Out?

Watch: Trump Says Women Like Burqas Because They Don’t Need to Wear Makeup

The ISIS War Inside Turkey Is Escalating

Eating Bad Things Bad for You

Netflix and Kill: Man Tells Cops He Slayed Friend After Binge-Watching ‘Walking Dead’

Cops: Florida Couple Stalked a Woman for Being French

The Most NSFW Movie of the Year

‘Supergirl’: Jeb Bush’s Favorite Superhero Delivers

The Cuban Assassination That Could Kill Obama’s Detente Deal

The Big Sleazy’s Insane Governor’s Race

A Taliban-Russia Team-Up Against ISIS?

The Shadow Behind ‘Spotlight’: How Predator Priests Derailed Boston’s Would-Be Pope, Cardinal Bernard Law

How Paul Ryan Went From Wingnut to RINO

Does American Girl Have a Sex Problem?

The Death Penalty Election: A Louisiana Parish Is Ground Zero for the Capital Punishment Debate

The Dog-Whistle Politics of ‘Gun Control’

Why Did Ted Cruz Suddenly Get Tough on Gun Possession?

Surgery Goes Very Wrong 50% of the Time

Give ‘Smart Guns’ a Chance to Save Lives

Why Do Doctors Hate This Vaccine?

Ron Howard Explores the Latest Life Hack, Curing Aging

Drugs, Drinking, and a Meltdown: Season 2, Episode 4 of ‘The Affair’

‘The Walking Dead’: We Need to Talk About Glenn

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: October 25

Hillary Clinton, Trey Gowdy, and the True Victims of Playing Politics With War

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Why Whites Like His Writing

An Israeli Arab’s Flight to the ISIS Dark Side

Indie Rock’s Rebel Goddess Opens Up

Muppets Are More Tolerant Than People

How Big Government and Big Business Stick It to the Working Wealthy

Why It’s OK To Sexually Objectify Justin Trudeau—And Each Other

When Sinatra Campaigned for FDR

Why Everyone Should Rescue: Inside the Life of an Unwanted Dog

Loren Eiseley, the Science Writer Our Planet Needs Now

The Real Power of ISIS

The Science of an Insane Hitting Streak

We Shouldn’t Have First Ladies

Meow! Welcome to Kitten Bowl, the Super Bowl for Cats

Japan’s Yakuza Cancels Halloween

When an Atheist Rapper Takes on Religion

Wesleyan: The School for Intolerant Dictators

How to Make John Quincy Adams's Presidential Pumpkin Bread

Scenes From Nature’s Cruelest Puberty: Rupert Soskin’s ‘Metamorphosis’

‘Anomalisa’: Charlie Kaufman’s Existential Masterpiece Is Animated Film of the Year

14-Year-Old Girl Faces Assault Charges for Throwing Baby Carrot at Teacher

Tanzania’s Election Crackdown on Dissent

When Should You Not Recycle?

Maureen O'Hara: The Golden Years (Photos)

Why Did Hurricane Patricia Fizzle Out?

The Week in Pictures: October 24, 2015

Why Record Labels Are Making Rappers Dance For Dollars

Mapping the History of Booze in America

How Elvis Costello’s Dad Met the Beatles

11 Bronze Stars, 14 Tours, 1 Widow

Inside NYC's Most Bizarre Speakeasy

Trump’s Secret? He’s a Great Entertainer

Naked Girls, Skeletons, and Tilda Swinton

Women Won the Right to Vote, but Not Yet the Right to Their Bodies

CIA-Armed Rebels March On Assad Homeland

Yankee Schools’ Haunting Confederate Past

When the Mets Got You to Believe

Taylor Swift’s Racial Blind Spot

Trudeau Is Less Liberal Than You Think

From ‘Dr. No’ To ‘Spectre’: 50 Years of Bond

When LBJ Changed Immigration Forever

Best of Breslin: The Cuban Baseball Fan

Hillary Answers to the Left on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’

Watch: Hurricane Patricia In Real Time

ISIS and Netanyahu Heat Up the Conflict

Top Judge Joked About Raping, Tasing Women

HIV Hero Takes On Price-Gouging Pharma Bro

Mitt Finally Admits: Romneycare Gave Us Obamacare

Why ‘Hello’ There: Adele Returns to Break Our Hearts All Over Again

Trump Ditches PAC Problem

India’s Hate Crime Wave Burns Kids to Death and Modi Says Nothing

Iceland: Where Bankers Go to Jail for 74 Years

Cutting Through the Boycott, Divest, Sanction BS About Israel

How I Escaped My Child Marriage

‘Why I Made Corpses Fist-fight—and What I Learned About Human Evolution’

Why Bill Murray Is a Golden God

Forget Hillary: Here’s the Real Villain of Benghazi

How a Whites-Excluding Yoga Class Reveals the Absurdity of Identity Politics

#Benghazi4Money: GOP, Democrats Cash In

Lobbyists Spend Millions to Keep This Native American Tribe Poor

Kandahar Is Killing All Its Brave Women

Did Parents’ Messy House Kill Their Baby?

Give Charlotte Rampling the Oscar!

Three Words: Self. Destructing. Drone.

The ‘Degenerate’ Genius of Gore Vidal

Brian Williams’s Big Benghazi Comeback

Woman Claims Doctor Raped Her While She Was Sedated

Why is Ukraine’s Reformist President Supporting a Candidate from the Ancien Regime?

The Adorable Wisdom of Sara Bareilles

Charlotte Rampling Through The Years (Photos)

Hillary Had a Lovely Benghazi Day

The GOP’s Benghazi Weak Sauce

Now Donald Trump Says: I’ll Close Mosques!

Sarah Silverman’s Knockout Dress Shows Why Chest Is Best

Ben Carson Thinks Hillary Clinton Is Going to Jail

Soccer Star Bastian Schweinsteiger May Sue Over Nazi Doll With His Name and Face

Benghazi Panel Targets Clinton Yes Man

Goldie Taylor—7 St. Louis Churches Burned This Month and No One Knows Why

Decoding the Secret Lives of Typefaces

U.S. Soldier Killed by ISIS, Pentagon Won’t Call It Combat

‘Bless Me Father’—Catholic Sin Explained

Eddie Murphy Finally Brings Back His Cosby Impersonation

‘Darth Vader’ Killer Hacks Two to Death in Swedish School

Watch the Benghazi Hearing Live

Anthony Mackie Talks Marvel, Dictators, and How Republicans Suppress the Vote

How Republicans Blew It on Benghazi

Now Biden Can Be Genuine Joe Again

Paul Ryan Tames Tea Party, Paving the Way to the Worst Job Ever

Trans Woman Ashley Hallstrom: Let My Suicide Be a Lesson

Paul Ryan’s No. 1 Hater Calls Him a ‘Gay Trojan Horse’

When Casting Racists Attack: From Idris Elba to ‘Star Wars,’ Why Idiots Prefer the Status Quo

Senator Clean’s Dirty Money

The ‘Tampon Tax’ Outrage Is Overblown

Applebee’s Stiffs Autistic Employee—and It’s Hardly Alone

Rosie O’Donnell’s Rage Lawsuit Allegedly Started Over ISIS

Could This Drug Cure Alcoholism?

America’s 4 Million Miles of Discovery

How Congress Will Grill Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

Bill Murray on MC Hammer, Flavor Flav, and the Best Party He Ever Crashed

‘Back to the Future’ Vs. Carly Fiorina

Assad Comes to Daddy in Moscow

Self-Tying Laces! The ‘Back to the Future’ Shoes Came True

Cult Victim Tried to Save Brother’s Life

Wikileaks Doxxes CIA Chief’s Wife and Daughters

Merkel Wants Turkey in the EU to Win Re-Election

Facebook Is Spying On Your Clipboard

Sorry, World: Bill Murray Is Not Dating Jenny Lewis

What Benjamin Netanyahu’s Insane Holocaust Claim Really Means

Marine Convicted of Sex Dungeon Murder

New Labour Party PR Chief Is a Soviet Apologist

California Bans Antibiotics for Livestock

Ben Carson: Dept. of Education Should Police ‘Extreme’ Political Bias in Colleges

Don’t Call Gary Indiana a Gay Writer

Why Joe Biden Suddenly Bowed Out

China Scrubs Tiananmen Square From Its First Lady’s Past

Will UK Billionaire Heir Face Charges Over Child’s Death?

Jimmy Kimmel Rips on Trump For Canceling

An Unheard Alan Jackson Song

Bradley Cooper on Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and His $50M ‘American Sniper’ Payday

Is Pope Francis Sicker Than We Know?

CNN Hires Bob Beckel Months After Fox Kicked Him to the Curb

Watch: The Lightsaber Supercut You Need

Kanye West’s Songwriter Wants His Due

How Justin Bieber Inspired ‘Jem and the Holograms’

‘Back to the Future’ Writer: Biff Tannen Is Based on Donald Trump

DEA Secretly OKs Killer Quantities of Oxy and Morphine

Neocon Scheme: Send Nuke Bombers to Israel

African Americans Can’t Go ‘Home’

Two Months Left to Put Bill Cosby in Jail

Why Black Lives Matter Still Confounds Democrats

Why These Hipsters Hate Renoir

The Search for the God Algorithm

A Prostitute Vs. the Sex Industry

Her Patients Overdosed. Now She’s on Trial for Murder.

Just How Long Can Hillary’s Media Love-In Last?

Lea Michele: Ladies, It’s Time to Bring Back Sisterhood!

Hummus for Peace: As Extremists on Both Sides Escalate, the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Camp Looks Increasingly Impotent

Goldie Taylor—A Black Female Prime-Time Anchor? Only if She’s Fictional.

HBO to Dolan: Why the ‘F You’ to Women?

Hillary’s Libya Post-War Plan Was ‘Play It by Ear,’ Gates Says

The U.S. Air Force Just Repossessed an Alien House

Jim Webb’s Biggest Crowd Was for His Funeral

Foul Play in British Journalist’s Bizarre Airport Death?

Watch: An Explosive Mountain Bike Film

Inside Mexico’s Failed El Chapo Raid

GOP Wants Press to Pay Up for Good Convention Seats

Why Conservatives Love the Galactic Empire


Arrogant Prince Charles Is Snubbing China

No Guns, No Money, Ready to Hit ISIS HQ

Watch Bill Murray Mourn the Cubs

Patrick Wilson: How a Hollywood Hunk Ended Up in ‘Fargo’

Gabrielle Union: There’s No Such Thing As a ‘Child Prostitute’

Marilynne Robinson on The Day President Obama Interviewed Her

Goldie Taylor―‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Breaks New Ground With Gay Relationship

Inside the Meridian Ball, Where D.C.’s Elite Really Likes to Party

Why There Hasn’t Been Another Benghazi

Can MANPADS Be Controlled in Syria?

Will Ted Cruz Be the Last Wingnut Standing?

The Day I Joined the ‘Juice Crawl’ Cult

Pistol-Packing Preacher Shows Changing Black Attitudes on Gun Control

Jeb: Give Me Money to Defend W., Who I Am Nothing Like

ZombiCon Killer Used a Husband and Wife as Human Shields

‘Porn Kills Love’: Mormons’ Anti-Smut Crusade

The World Can’t Afford All Its Refugees

4chan 4 Trump

Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Video Is So Emo, So Drake

Behold: The New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

Crybaby Hollywood Brat Joins Al Qaeda

Alaska Geniuses Hold ‘Slavery Auction’

Netflix Revives ‘Gilmore Girls’! We Are Thrilled, and Terrified.

Racists Urge Boycott of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Over Black Lead, and Most of Them Love Trump

Secret Service Not Taking Bullets for Trump or Carson,Yet

Larry David as Bernie in the Dem Debate

‘Queen of Porn’ Jenna Jameson Defends Israel, Bashes Obama

Biden 2016: A Bad Idea Gets Worse

Margaret Hoover and John Avlon Talk 2016

Could Moving To America Be Pippa Middleton’s Best Move?

Richard Branson Claims the UN Is Asking The World To Decriminalise All Drugs

Ninja Slices Speeding Fastball In Half

Street-Racing Arab Playboys Tear Up L.A.

Did Ben Carson Already Break Campaign Law?

Portrait of a Palestinian Librarian Turned Terrorist

Portrait of Palestinian Killer

Snooki: Chris Christie Is a ‘Scary Man’

Meet al Qaeda’s Hostage Negotiator

Pro-Lifers Cozy Up to LGBT Movement

Marlene Dietrich and Her Dark Double Leni Riefenstahl

Sex Is a Competitive Sport

The Scary Reason GHB Is Making a Comeback

Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Brooks, and the ‘Street Code’ of Journalism

Rand Paul’s Campaign Into Obscurity in New Hampshire

Russia Bombs, ISIS Gains

O Canada! Say No to Muslim-Bashing, Eh?

To Be Great, We Need to Embrace Winners

Inside James Franco’s Rowdy Bar Mitzvah: Rabbi Jeff Goldblum and Zac Efron as Franco’s Penis

John Oliver and Mike Myers Blast Canada’s PM Stephen Harper: ‘Do Not Vote For Stephen Harper’

‘Breakthrough’ Brings Together World-Class Talent to Explore the Biggest Scientific Issues of Our Time.

Sex, Lies, and Swimming: Season 2, Episode 3 of ‘The Affair’

The Biggest Tearjerker of the Year

‘The Walking Dead’: Carol Goes on the Rampage, Kicking Ass and Baking Casserole

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: October 18

Matthew Keys: I’m Not a Hacker

Tommy Hilfiger’s Son Arrested After a Crime of Fashion

Colin Hanks Explores the Rise and Fall of Tower Records

She Kills People From 7,850 Miles Away

Meet Brian K. Vaughan: The Comic Book Visionary Behind ‘Y: The Last Man’

Larry David Plays Bernie Sanders on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Fulfills Our Fantasy

Tracy Morgan’s Triumphant ‘Saturday Night Live’ Return

Doug Ireland: LGBT’s Prickly Laureate

Inside the Mind of Israel/Palestine

Peru vs. Chile: South America’s Great Pisco War

Into The Wild With Tristan Gooley, The 'Natural Navigator'

President James Monroe's Brunch-Perfect Eggs

How to Get Dictators to Care About Children

Bernie’s Socialist Dreamland Is BS

Goldie Taylor―Why I Could Not Let My Drug-Addicted Brother Go

Old Jerusalem In New Havana

The Constitution Doesn’t Matter to SCOTUS (and That’s a Good Thing)

This Is Your Brain on Love

Joyce Kazmierski and Sandra Spuzich: A Golf Love Story Comes Out of the Closet

New Charlie Hebdo Book Blames Victims

Best of Breslin: They Always Shoot the Young

The Week in Pictures: October 17, 2015

Frederick Forsyth: ‘I Slept with Secret Police’

George Clooney on Why He’s Never Running For President: ‘Who Would Ever Want to Live Like That?’

Porn Stars Escape Livestream Murder

‘Lamar and Me on the Mean Streets’

Priest: The Real Miracle Would Be A Cubs Win

How Gay U.S. Ambassador Rufus Gifford Got Married, And Became a Social Media Star

The Beautiful Books the Nazis Burned

General Schwarzkopf’s Unforgettable Life Lessons

Father Of Ukraine Revolution Speaks Out

Bob Dylan and The Pursuit Of The Perfect Song Lyric

The Kissinger Who Could Do No Wrong

Why It's Harder to Lose Weight Now Than 30 Years Ago

Who Moved Your Cheese? Blame the OSS

Joe Biden, Narc in Chief

Turning Off Your Dreams Is a Bad Idea

Tequila Tries To Get Classy

The Suburban Dad Behind Rap’s Bible

J.K. Rowling Kept Me Awake All Night for the Last Time

Bill Maher Stuns Bernie Sanders: How Will America Pay For Your Radical Agenda?

Seth Rogen on ‘Despicable’ Ben Carson, North Korea, and His Award-Worthy Turn in ‘Jobs’

Why Was This Size 2 Model ‘Too Big’ To Do Her Job?

Fifth Woman Turns Up Dead in Small Town Ohio

Photo of Muslims Praying on Beach Sends Florida Town into Frenzy

Has Kate Moss Matched With a Bismarck?

The Saga of Randy and Evi Quaid, Conspiracy Theorist Fugitives in Love

What an Alien Planet Will Look Like

Air Force Launches Probe Into ‘Miley-Gate’

Cuba Is Intervening in Syria to Help Russia. It’s Not the First Time Havana’s Assisted Moscow.

Police Ignored Turkey’s ISIS Teahouse of Death

Ann Coulter Gets Grilled For Being Anti-Immigrant and Pro-Trump on ‘The View’

Monty Python Releases Unseen ‘Grail’ Animation

Prince William: 'Grief Is the Most Painful Experience That Any Child or Parent Can Endure.’

Iran Winning the Underground Arms Race

Stephen Colbert and Oprah Get Biblical on ‘The Late Show’

Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-Worthy ‘Bridge of Spies’ Finds Dark Humor in the Cold War

Who Does Iran Want for This U.S. Prisoner?

What Happens When You Survive Ebola

How Blacks Get Screwed by U.S. Health Care

Mark Penn, Hillary’s 2008 Scapegoat, Comes in From the Cold

Bernie’s Weak Sauce for the World

U.S. Troops Vs. Boko Haram’s Child Soldiers in Cameroon

The Sharp Genius of Sloane Crosley

Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator

Education Reform: Why America Needs a David Cameron

The Turkish City That Feels Like Syria

Is Netflix’s ‘Beasts of No Nation’ the Future of Movies?

A 27-Hour Commute Can’t Stop Dominique Drake

Goldie Taylor―Why Diehard Defenders Will Never Stop Believing Bill Cosby Is Innocent

Jeb Wants a Recession in D.C., Having Forgotten That Real People Live There

North Korea’s Scary New Nuke Missiles Could Threaten the West Coast

Cops: Facebook Fiend Took Teen as Sex Slave

Is Jeb’s Money Machine Out of Gas?

Obama’s Right Not to Quit Afghanistan

Inside Lamar Odom’s Infamous Brothel: Home of Viagra Parties and ‘Hookers For Hillary’

Sexy Swedish Royals Announce Pregnancy on Facebook

Forget Cecil, Danes Chop Up Lions in Front of Kids

How We Hacked ‘Homeland’

Iranian-American Businessman Jailed in Tehran

Princess Charlotte is 'Lady-like' and George is 'Lively'

Man Perfectly Responds to police questioning for “Jogging While Black”

Ebola Hiding in Semen for Almost a Year

Watch Bernie Sanders Bust A Move

Exclusive: Bob Dylan Like You’ve Never Heard Him

Scrappy Duck Downs Pint in Pub, Fights Dog

Ex-Member: Church Where Teen Was Beaten to Death Had History of Emotional Abuse

The Deadly Cargo Inside MH370: How Exploding Batteries Explain the Mystery

‘The Knick’: How Clive Owen Became TV’s Biggest Badass

The Tea Partier Who Loves Wasting Billions on Cold War Weapons

The Plot to Steal Millions From Chicago’s Schoolkids

How Sex Addict Neil Strauss Quit ‘The Game’

Hey, President Trump Might Not Destroy America

Is Exercise or Diet More Important for Weight Loss?

How Bill Maher Actually Helped a Muslim

Putin’s War on Terror Backfires?

Radical Lesbian’s Groping Scandal Engulfs Oxford University

All the People Who Tried to Save Lamar Odom

WikiLeaks’ Anti-Feminist Rant

The Intifada Will Be Instagrammed: How Social Media Has Already Enflamed the Latest Israel-Palestine Conflict

Iran and Russia Ready to Pound Aleppo

911 Caller: Lamar Odom Did Cocaine Before Being Found Near Death in Brothel

Rev. Jesse Jackson Clarifies Lamar Odom’s Condition: ‘He’s a Very Sick Man’

America’s Capital, Powered by Poop

Jim Webb Wouldn’t Be the First President to Have Killed a Man

Lamar Odom’s Toxic Drug Cocktail

Lamar Odom’s Ex-Wife Liza Morales on Losing Him to Khloe Kardashian

Lincoln Chafee Once Used Taxpayer Money to Buy Frogs For His Office

‘Part of the Recruitment Team’: Speed-Read the Louisville Basketball ‘Escort Queen’s’ Tell-All

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

Abortion Doctor Had Human Tissue, Powerful Painkiller in Trunk

Rock Royalty Rages In Corny Film Trailer

Exclusive: Watch Tinariwen Perform Live in Paris

This Magnet Can Change Your Faith in God

Who Will Win the Post-Debate Spin?

Bern Your Enthusiasm: The Dem Debate

Cops Grab Black Teen’s Throat, Slam Him

Olivia Wilde Brands Hillary Clinton Attacks ‘Pure Sexism’ and Discusses the Best Turn of Her Career

Ex-Scientologists: David Miscavige Is a ‘Terrorist’

Cybersecurity Expert: Be Afraid, America. Be Very Afraid.

Exclusive: Suge Knight’s Alleged Assault Victim Speaks: ‘I Was Threatened By People Who Knew Him’

Hillary Clinton Goes Full Khaleesi, Sets the CNN Debate Stage on Fire

Church’s ‘Faith Healing’ Killed This Baby

Would-Be Killers, Click Here for Help

We Still Won’t Have a Female President

Trapped in France’s Refugee City

Why There Will Be Another MH17

Kurt Cobain’s ‘Montage of Heck’ Secret Demos Reveal the Humanity of a Legend

A County in Tennessee Is So Broke It Shut Down School

Iran’s Losing Major Operatives in Syria

Did Nevada GOP Boss Bilk a Children’s Charity?

How the Dan Rather Movie ‘Truth’ Lies About Good Journalism

Everyone but Jim Webb Says Black Lives Matter

T.I. Doesn’t Know S**t About Women: The Rapper Bashes Hillary Clinton and Props Up Iggy Azalea

Huckabee: Bernie’s Like a North Korean Dog-Eater

Bernie Sanders: Leave Hillary Clinton Alooooooone!

Bernie Sanders Collapses Under Fire on Guns

Rand Paul Livestreams His Despair

Inside the Slimy World of Chelsea Clinton Conspiracy Theories

Pass the Tissues: ‘Playboy’ Just Lost Its Centerfolds

Justin Bieber Mini Messiah: Loves Jesus Too Hard, Is Banned in the Middle East

Bernie Sanders’ Biggest Donors Are Decidedly Middle Class

Jennifer Lawrence’s Equal Pay Crusade: Does More Money Really Equal More Respect?

The Saudis Are About to Lash a British Cancer Survivor

Goldie Taylor―Cops Almost Got Away With Torturing Mathew Ajibade to Death

Democratic Debate Brings Out The Truthers

Where’s the Sex? Berlusconi’s So-Called Bunga-Bunga Biography

Did CIA Director Allen Dulles Order the Hit on JFK?

Anti-Vaxxers Are Destroying the Herd Immunity They Rely On

Am I Safe in Turkey?

Kardashian, Jenner Body Mods Animated

The Ladybird Book Covers: Grown-up Edition (PHOTOS)

Dick and Jane Have a Midlife Crisis? A U.K. Kids Classic Goes Rogue

Apollo Astronaut Photos As Reimagined As Stunning Video

Sienna Miller Comes Clean: The Actress on Her Comeback, Battling the Tabloids, and ‘Black Mass’

Why Can’t Hollywood Figure Out Peter Pan?

The Nonexistent ‘War on Halloween’ Has Real Victims, Like a Mom With Cancer

A Toddler Shooter Proves the NRA Wrong

Yoko Ono: I Still Fear John’s Killer

Samantha Bee Has Some Four-Letter Words for ‘Vanity Fair’

Guns Are Cheaper At This Tennessee Store If You’re a Christian

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After Penises, Rick Owens Shows Models Wearing Models In Paris

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Mike Huckabee Has No Idea How Strip Clubs Work, As Shown by New Video

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