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Cheats October 2015

4 Dead in Colorado Springs Shooting

11 Killed as Pakistanis Vote in Polls

Corey Jones Funeral Held in Florida

3 Dead, 1 Missing in Texas Floods

Bus Driver Arrested for Hitting Student

Son Charged with Parents’ Murder in CT

‘Happy Days’ Actor Al Molinaro Dies

Ohio State Quarterback Arrested

Billionaire Paul Singer Backs Rubio

Bangladesh Publisher Killed, 3 Wounded

27 Dead in Romanian Nightclub Fire

Russian Plane Crash Kills All 224 Aboard

Ben Affleck Had Hillary's Direct Email

State Dept. Releases 7K Hillary Emails

Black Man Arrested for Black Church Fires

Jeb Fires High-Ranking Staffer

ESPN Kills Grantland

Diplomats Discuss Syrian Cease-Fire

RNC Fires NBC for February Debate

Students Walk Out in Support of Fired Deputy

1 Dead in NYC Building Collapse

U.S. Sending Special Ops to Syria

Poland Won’t Extradite Roman Polanski

Senate Passes Two-Year Budget Deal

Iranian American Arrested in Tehran

CNBC Staff ‘Shell-Shocked’ Post Debate

Fugitive Rapist Killed by Kentucky Cops

Last Gitmo Brit Sent Back to London

EU Votes to Protect Edward Snowden

Video Shows Deadly Biker Gang Shootout

Prep-School Perp Gets Year in Jail

Hillary: Don’t Abolish the Death Penalty

Cop Charged for Spitting on Cuffed Man

Cops Used Shotguns to Deflate Lost Blimp

Lesbians Sue Cop for Kissing Arrest

Drug User Narcs Self After Obama Speech

Boeing 767 Catches Fire at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

CNBC Debate Draws Lackluster Ratings

Second U.S. Army Blimp Grounded Indefinitely

Paul Ryan Elected House Speaker

Russian Plane Prompts U.S. Jet Scramble

Pfizer Looks to Buy Botox Maker

China Ends Its One-Child Policy

India: We Killed a Mumbai Mastermind

Two-Thirds of Young People Have Herpes

Facebook Nixes Creepy ‘Other’ Messages

Royals Pummel Mets, Take 2-0 Series Lead

3 Shot at Indianapolis Mall

Jeb Manager Lashes Out at CNBC

Ted Cruz Bashes CNBC During GOP Debate

House Approves Budget Deal

Bernie: End Federal Ban on Marijuana

Lindsey Graham Steals the Show at CNBC’s Undercard Debate

Loose U.S. Army Blimp Finally Landed in PA

GOP Selects Paul Ryan for House Speaker

Top Hospital: Errors in 1/2 of Surgeries

State Didn't Investigate Baby Doe Abuse

Obama Ordered SEALs to Kill Bin Laden

Military Blimp On the Loose in PA

Christie, Paul Campaigns Gripe About Their Debate Greenrooms

Iran to Join U.S.-Russian Talks on Syria

Derek Jeter Reportedly Engaged to Hannah Davis

Milwaukee Sheriff: BLM and ISIS Will Destroy U.S.

Body-Slamming Deputy Ben Fields Has Been Fired

Hastert Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges

Prof: Drinking Made ‘Lazy’ Aussie Accent

Apple Sitting on $206B Cash Stash

7 Candidates Pursuing FIFA Presidency

Royals Rally to Win Game 1 in 14 Innings

U.S. Math Test Scores Down for First Time Ever

Saudis Blame MSF for Hospital Bombing

Hobby Lobby Confirms Federal Probe

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Passes

Royals Open World Series with First Inside-the-Park Homer Since 1929

S.C. Will Not Charge Seneca Officer

Drug-Carrying Drone Crashes at Prison

Sheriff Defends Cop: Girl Hit Him ‘With Her Fists’

Defense Dept. Looks at Afghan Child Rape

House GOP Moves to Impeach IRS Commish

Kasich: ‘I've Had It’ With Trump, Carson

Walgreens Set to Buy Rite Aid

Batman Writer: Too Many White Directors

U.S.: We’ve Invited Iran to Talk Syria

Hillary Is Crushing Bernie in Iowa

Walmart Testing Drones for Home Delivery

DOJ Will Investigate Student Body Slam

REI to Workers: Get Out on Black Friday

Carson Now Beating Trump Nationally

California Town Gives Cops Nunchucks

Charles Koch Frustrated by GOP, Rise of Trump

NYC Makes the SAT Free for All Students

White House, Congress Reach Budget Deal

ISIS Blows Up People on Palmyra Columns

China Warns U.S. Navy: Out of Our Sea

Middle East Weather May Become Unlivable

Corey Jones Was on Phone When Cop Shot

Video: Cop Bodyslams Girl Student Who Refuses to Leave Classroom

Pentagon Considers Embedding U.S. Troops With Iraqi Military

Titanic Cracker Sells for $23,000

OSU Suspect’s Bond Set at $1 Million

Hospital Rejects Taliban Control Claim

Ben Carson Widens Big Iowa Lead

U.S. Used NGO to Spy on North Korea

Ford: Trump Didn’t Convince Us to Move to Ohio

Ole Miss Removes Confederate State Flag

Afghan Quake Death Toll Now At Least 180

WHO: Bacon and Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

U.S.: Russia May Cut Internet Cables

Florida Kills Bear Hunt After 2 Days

Steve Jobs Flick Flops at the Box Office

5 Brits Dead in Whale-Watching Accident

Comedian Elected Guatemalan President

OSU Suspect Faces 4 Counts of Murder

At Least 4 Dead in Tour Boat Sinking

7,000 Guns Seized from SC Property

Christie Camp Sorry for Amtrak Fiasco

Carson Wants to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Arab-Israeli Paraglider Flew Into Syria

Raid That Killed American on Video

Israel Site Now Video-Monitored

Two Students Arrested for Shooting Plot

Police: Man Kept Dead Mom in Motel

Assad Ready For Presidential Election

Top Obama Lieutenant Endorses Hillary

3 Female Suicide Bombers Wound 10

Screen Legend Maureen O’Hara Dies at 95

Obama: End Overtesting of Students

4 Dead, 47 Hurt in Oklahoma Parade Crash

Trail Derailed in Texas Floods

Maldives VP Accused of Assassination Bid

43 Killed in French Bus Crash

Oldest Polar Bear in U.S. Dies at 34

Texas Clinics Turn in Patient Records

Royals Fan Catch Nearly Nixes Home Run

Bangladesh Blasts Kill 1, Injure Dozens

Aurora Theater Killer Assaulted in Jail

Hurricane Patricia Weakens to Category 1

Kansas City Royals Advance to World Series

‘Strongest Storm Ever’ Makes Landfall

Cosby Reportedly Faces Criminal Probe for Sexual Assault

Rare Tolkien Map Found in Copy of ‘LOTR’

Indonesian Province Outlaws Gay Sex

More U.S. Raids on ISIS Coming

House Pulls Anti-Indian Casino Bill

DOJ: No Charges for Former IRS Official Lois Lerner

Adolf Eichmann's Daughter-in-Law Defends Him, Quits Election

Mitt Finally Admits: Romneycare Gave Us Obamacare

40+ Killed in French Bus Crash

Obama: Death Penalty ‘Deeply Troubling’

Jeb Slashes Campaign Salaries

Carson Plows Ahead of Trump in Iowa

NRA Gets Its Highest-Ever ‘Very Favorable’ Rating

G.I. Killed in Iraq Won 11 Bronze Stars

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out of Race

Cops: Swedish Attacker Had Racist Motive

1 Dead in Shooting at TN College

ISIS Oil Nets $50M Monthly

Brutal African Dictator Robert Mugabe Wins ‘Peace Prize’

‘Confidential’ Abortion Video Leaked

U.S. Spied on Israel Fearing Iran Strike

Benghazi Hearing Finally Ends After 11 Hours

Fogle Victims Get $1 Million

Paul Ryan Is Officially Running for House Speaker

Freddie Gray's Mom Reportedly Attempts Suicide

‘Ebola Nurse’ to Sue New Jersey State

Trump Blames Intern for Bad Iowa Tweet

Larry Dawson ‘Assaults’ Capitol Officer During U.S. House Session

Obama Vetoes Defense Bill

California Shingella Outbreak Spreads

Ex-Ron Paul Staffer Guilty of Corruption

Gowdy and Cummings Go Ballistic During Benghazi Hearing

Hillary: Sid Blumenthal Is Just a Friend

FCC Cuts Cost of Prisoner Phone Calls

World Champ Skier: I’m Gay

Bernie: I Wouldn’t Continue Obama Legacy

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq

China’s Communists Ban Golf, Adultery

VW: More Cars May Have Rogue Software

Watch Hillary Testify at Benghazi Panel

Hands-Free Devices Wreck Concentration

2 Dead in Sword Attack on Swedish School

Daniel Murphy Slams Mets to World Series

Freedom Caucus to Support Paul Ryan

Daily Beast Reporter Wins Courage Award

Marijuana Use Doubles Among Americans over Past 12 Years

CIA Slammed Brennan’s ‘Disingenuous’ Contract Bid, WikiLeaks Show

DNC OKs ‘Black Lives Matter’ Town Hall

YouTube Unveils Netflix Alternative

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Call Off Divorce

WikiLeaks Releases CIA Director’s Emails

Biden: I’m Not Running

Ben Carson: Dept. of Education Should Police ‘Extreme’ Political Bias in Colleges

Chris Rock to Host Academy Awards

Trump: I'd Consider Closing Mosques

Refugee-Kicking Journo to Sue Refugee

Star Singapore Pastor Convicted of Fraud

Ayatollah Endorses Iran Nuke Deal

Man Who Helped Slaves Run to Be Pardoned

Assad Meets With Putin in Moscow

Top Police Call to Cut Prison Sentences

NYPD Officer Shot in the Head, Dies

Biden Alters Account of Bin Laden Raid

Mets, Royals One Win From World Series

4-Year-Old Killed in Road-Rage Shooting

Bibi Absolves Hitler for Holocaust

Canadian Web Co. Helps Yemen Censor Net

Ryan In for Speaker, With Conditions

Libyans Mad at Michael Bay Benghazi Film

Canada Withdrawing Jets from Syria

Clock-Making Teen Moving to Qatar

Church Fires May Be Race-Related

U.S., Russia Reach Syria ‘Understanding’

U.S. Gender Pay Gap Is Now Even Wider

2015 Breaks Record for Extreme Cyclones

Nixon Predicted Trudeau Win 43 Years Ago

Poll: Plurality of Dems Don't Want Biden to Run

Iraqis Refused to Let U.S. Official Land

U.S. Fines French Bank $800 Million

Plainclothes Cop Kills Florida Musician

Autopsy: Dermatologist Died of Overdose

Jim Webb Ditches Democratic Race

Baltimore Elects New White Police Chief

Teen Beaten in NY Church to Testify

S. Koreans Head North for Family Reunion

Talk Therapy Tops Meds for Schizophrenia

DEA Agent Gets 6 Years for Bitcoin Theft

Report: Odom Heads to L.A. for Recovery

Blue Jays Pound KC, Still Trail 2-1

Liberal Gov’t Sweeps Out Conservative PM in Canada

Suspicion Surrounds Journalist's Death

W. on Cruz: ‘I Just Don’t Like the Guy’

Teen: My CIA Hack Was Pretty Easy

Tenn. Co.: No Raising Confederate Flag

Trump Hits Highest 2016 Polling Yet

Jim Webb Considers Independent 2016 Run

Oscar Pistorius Released from Jail Early

FBI Investigates ‘Hack’ of CIA Director

Hajj Deaths 3x Larger Than Saudis Claim

Oslo Bans Cars in City Center

Baltimore Cop Exits the Force After Biting Testicle

Fox News: Biden Will Enter 2016 Race

Texas Nixes Planned Parenthood Funds

Poll: Majority Now Want Stricter Gun Laws

Oprah Makes Weight Watchers Stock Soar

UK to Seize Teen Extremists‘ Passports

Hillary Only Got a Tiny Debate Bump

Zombicon Shooter Still at Large

2 People Shot in ‘Fake’ Gunfight

Israeli Crowd Kills Bystander by Mistake

Michelle Obama to Launch College Site

Eddie Murphy Receives Mark Twain Prize

Mets Take 2-0 Lead Against Cubs in NLCS

U.S: Syria Strike Kills Al Qaeda Leader

Man Dies on Plane After Biting Passenger

Report: Terry Richardson to Be a Dad

U.S. Trims Anti-Drug Funds for Mexico

Mayoral Candidate Stabbed, Wins Election

Trump: I Could Have Prevented 9/11

Inmate Kills Deputy at Minn. Hospital

Tommy Hilfiger’s Son Arrested at Club

6-Year-Old Shoots Toddler Brother

Benghazi Committee to GOP: ‘Shut Up’

Four Israeli Cities Ban Arabs In Schools

Cruz Not Sure Ryan Is True Conservative

Iran Nuclear Deal Kicks In

Amazon Sues 1,000 ‘Fake Reviewers’

One Dead After Zombicon Shooting

German Captive Released in Afghanistan

Judge Upholds TX Birth Certificate Rules

Thousands of Migrants Enter Slovenia

Boy Beaten to Death Claimed Witchcraft

CNN: Odom Wakes Up, Talks to Khloe

Israelis Shoot, Kill 3 Palestinians

Hawaii Declares State of Emergency

Final US Airways Flight Takes Off

Toddler, 5-Year-Old Raped in New Delhi

Oregon Hero Describes Attack on Facebook

Mexico: Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Injured

Drone Owners Must Register with U.S. Gov

Torturing Cops Escape Manslaughter Rap

TSA: Trans People Not ‘Anomalies’ 

Docs Try to Wean Odom Off Ventilator

Women Sue ‘Price Fixing’ in Egg Donations

CDC: Booze Costs America $249B Per Year

Mudslide Traps 200 Cars in California

Debate Vaults Hillary Over Bernie in NH

Goldman Fires 20 Cheating Analysts

Co-Ed Marine Units: No Drop in Morale

Palestinians Set Joseph’s Tomb on Fire

Report: Germany Bought 2006 World Cup

German Kills Zimbabwe’s Largest Elephant

CNBC Caves to Trump, Carson Debate Demands

Sanders Rejects Martin Shkreli Donation

Assad Launches Aleppo Offensive

Train Attack Hero Released From Hospital

EU Approves Turkey Migrant Plan

Hillary Leads 2016 Field with $33M Cash

Nevada Shuts Down Fantasy Sports Sites

Biden Family Supports Presidential Bid

Mets to Face Chicago Cubs in NLCS

Kobe Bryant Hits Master P on Odom Remark

Malaysia Arrests a Hacker Linked to ISIS

Kardashian Making Odom Medical Decisions

New Lawsuit: Cosby Abused High Schooler

Canadian Hero of Iran Hostage Crisis Dies

Robert Durst Sued for First Wife’s Death

LAPD Misclassified 14K Serious Assaults

Feds: Fox News Guest Lied About CIA Job

Trump Threatens to Ditch Next Debate

U.S. Special Ops Knew Afghan Target Was Hospital

Lamar Odom’s Prognosis Worsens

Cold Snap Headed for Eastern U.S.

60 Women Immune to Ebola in Guinea

2 New Libyans Suspected for Lockerbie

Hastert to Plead in Hush Money Case

U.S. Drones Kill on Basis of Little Info

Unarmed Man Shot in Head by LAPD Speaks

Alien Megastructure May Be Blocking Star

Scottish Ebola Nurse Back in Hospital

Obama: Staying in Afghanistan Is ‘Right’

Myanmar, 8 Ethnic Groups Sign Ceasefire

GOP Rep.: Benghazi Panel Out for Hillary

Netflix Blames Slump on Credit-Card Chip

Iran Deploys Hundreds of Troops to Syria

DHS Security System Back Up After Glitch

Payments Startup Square Files IPO Plans

Trump: Russia Not to Blame for MH17

FBI Investigating Fantasy Sports

Blue Jays Win Crazy Game 5 to Advance to ALCS

St. Louis Judge Nixes Minimum Wage Hike

U.S. State Dept.: Jewish Man Stabbing Arabs Was ‘Terrorism’

Brothel Owner: We Saw No Drugs on Lamar Odom

University of Washington Names Its First Latina President

Walmart Predicts Steep Drop in Earnings, Stocks Plunge

Famed UC Berkeley Astronomer Resigns over Sexual Harassment

Ex-NFL Player Had Brain Injury Before Suicide

U.S. Planning an Israel Peace Summit Between Netanyahu and Abbas

French Court Officially Recognizes Third Gender

Police to Seal Off Parts of Jerusalem

Democratic Debate Highest-Rated Ever

Dole Recalls Spinach for Salmonella Risk

CA Ends Firefighter Plan for Violent Ex-Cons

Taliban Quits Kunduz After U.S. Strikes

Iran Shows Underground Missile Sites

Bernie Claims Debate Raised $1.3M

Parents Accused of Killing Son at Church

Peace Corps Applications Spike 32%

Sanders: We’re Tired of Hillary’s Emails

CEO: GM Working on Self-Driving Cars

Aunt Loses Suit Against Nephew Over Hug

Lamar Odom Reportedly Had ‘Every Drug Imaginable’ in Him

Jamaican Novelist Wins Man Booker Prize

Cubs Advance to NL Championship

Gun Shop Found Liable for Shooting of 2 Officers

Protests Start After D.C. Cops 'Harass' Black Teen

Former U.S. Detainees Sue CIA Torture Program Creators

Jim Webb Falls for Parody Article Supporting His Candidacy

Ex-Chicago School Chief Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Nurse Acquitted in Matthew Ajibade Case

Rand Paul Mocks Hillary’s Hair

Saudi Arabia to Lash British Grandfather for Having Wine

Iraqi Forces Will Try to Reclaim Ramadi

U.S. Says It's Killed 20k ISIS Fighters

Donald Trump Will Host ‘SNL’ in November

Rapper T.I.: Women Can’t Be President

Baltimore Cop Allegedly Spit on Suspect

Condé Nast Buys Pitchfork Media

Planned Parenthood Ends Fetal-Tissue Reimbursement

Video Shows Cops Tasing Restrained Man in Genitals

U.S. Official in Russia Doesn’t Want to ‘Blame’ Anyone for MH17

Cubs, Mets Win for 2-1 NLDS Leads

Dutch MH17 Investigation Blames Russian Missile for Crash

3 Dead, 20 Injured in Israel Attacks

Lost Hunter Survives 6 Days Eating Ants

Hillary’s Email Server Was a Hack Risk

2 Firefighters Dead in Building Collapse

Nuclear Deal Approved by Iran Parliament

Twitter Suspends Accounts Over Copyright

Yoko: John Lennon Was Bisexual

Woman Livestreams Herself Driving Drunk

Sea Levels to Swallow Miami, New Orleans

Chrissy Teigen Announces Pregnancy

Playboy to Stop Publishing Nudes

Fire Strikes Warehouse in Tianjin

Alaska Changes Columbus Day to 'Indigenous Peoples Day'

U.S. Airdrops Ammo Over Syria

2-Year-Old Shoots Grandma in the Back

USC Coach Fired After Drinking Incident

Ex-Benghazi Investigator: Trey Gowdy Broke Laws

Bernie Nabs 2nd Hill Endorsement

Randy Quaid Bail Set at $500,000

Study: Anorexia Could Be a Habit

MLK to Join Stone Mountain Memorial

London Cops End Assange Monitoring

Dell to Buy EMC for $67B

15 Confederate Flag Flyers Charged with Making Terrorist Threats

Cecil the Lion's Killer Won’t Be Charged

California Bans ‘Redskins’ Team Name

Violent Inmates May Become Firefighters

Poverty Researcher Wins Economics Nobel

Iraq: ISIS Leader Not in Targeted Convoy

U.S. Reporter ‘Guilty’ of Spying in Iran

VW Recalls 2K Diesel Cars in China

Putin Defends Syria Airstrikes

Gunfire Erupts at Cowboys Game, 1 Hurt

Benghazi Panel Centers on Hillary Emails

Southwest Flights Delayed By Tech Glitch

MLB Suspends Chase Utley for ‘Illegal’ Slide

‘Martian’ Wins at Box Office Again

Obama: Hillary Made Email ‘Mistake’

USC Coach May Have Been Drunk at AZ Game

5 NATO Troops Killed in Helicopter Crash

Trump Got 'Rapists' Comment from Coulter

California Bans Campus Concealed Weapons

Ex-Investigator Derides Benghazi Panel

Verdict Reached in Rezaian Trial

Iraqi Military: Strike Hits ISIS Leader

Record Surge of Child Refugees in Europe

Israeli Airstrike Kills Pregnant Woman

Lawyers: No Jail Time Rec for Bergdahl

Million Man March Returns to Capitol

Randy Quaid Detained at Canada Border

Mother Teresa Nuns Stop India Adoptions

NAU Victim: ‘He Killed My Best Friend’

300 Families Gave Half of Election Money

‘Lucky One’ Describes Oregon Shooting

Kim: N. Korea ‘Ready’ for U.S. War

Russia Bombed Rebels Gaining on Assad

Mourners Gather at Turkish Capital

Shia LaBeouf Arrested for Public Intoxication

Secret Service Agent Who Saved Reagan Dies at 85

Militants Kill Iranian General in Syria

Guards Played Solitaire While El Chapo Escaped

UCLA Football Player Arrested for Rape

Renee Ellmers: My Affair Rumors Are 'Batsh*t Crazy'

Paul Ryan: I'm Not Running for Speaker

1 Dead in Texas Southern U. Shooting

Russia Denies Its Missiles Hit Iran

Darrell Issa: I May Run for Speaker

NAU Prez: Frat Shooting ‘Unprecedented’

Alleged Frat Shooter Frequently Posed with Guns

U.S. Dumps Syrian Rebel-Training Program

Maid: Saudi Woman Chopped Off My Hand

ISIS Advances Toward Aleppo

AZ Police: Freshman Shot 3, Killed 1

Tunisian Group Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Astros Defeat Royals 5-2 in ALDS Game 1

Famed Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme Dies

Report: Sepp Blatter Appeals Suspension

Report: Biden Aides Meet With DNC

UN Proposes Unity Government in Libya

SeaWorld Banned From Captive Breeding

Walter Scott’s Family Gets $6.5M

Rome Mayor Resigns Over Expense Account

Someone Used Government PC to Allege McCarthy Affair

NYPD Officer Admits Pulling Gun on Kids While They Played Tag

Newt Gingrich: I’d Consider Returning as House Speaker

More People Googling on Phone Than Web

Bleaching Event Wreaks Havoc on Reefs

Netflix Raises Its Prices

Carson Not Sure Obama’s Christian

Russian Missiles Accidentally Hit Iran

Kevin McCarthy Bails on House Speaker Post

Cops Shoot and Kill Man, Blame Rap Video

French Train Attack Hero Spencer Stone Was Stabbed Last Night

Daniel Craig: I’d Rather Slash My Wrists Than Play 007

Belarusian Wins Nobel Literature Prize

Fukushima Kids Are Getting Cancer

Sepp Blatter Suspended by FIFA

Amazon Launches Rival Etsy Marketplace

IU Frat Suspended Over Alleged Sex Video

Russia Adds Cruise Missiles to Offensive

VW Boss Told About Cheating Last Spring

Hillary Server Targeted by Foreign Hacks

Cubs Defeat Pirates 4-0, Advance to NLDS

Murdoch Wants a ‘Real Black President,’ Apologizes

11 Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe

Matthew Keys Guilty of Hacking Charges

James Blake Officer Used Excessive Force

NBA Player Attacks Coach Over Ex-Wife

Peter Max Allegedly Held Against His Will for a Month

Coast Guard Calls Off Cargo Ship Search

Hillary Comes Out Against TPP Deal

ACLU Sues School over Nativity Scene

Obama Apologizes for Hospital Strike

U.S. Jets Steer Clear of Russians

Pharma CEO Hasn’t Lowered Drug Price

Russia Stalking U.S. Drones in Syria

NY Pitchers Come Clean on Drinking

3 Chemists Win Nobel for DNA Repair

Yellowstone Sets Visitor Record

Model Sues Cosby for 2008 Sexual Assault

2nd Tech Firm Might Have Hillary Emails

NY AG Opens Probe on Fantasy Sports

Clinton Sends Copy of Book to GOP Rivals

Nat Geo to Air First Live Brain Surgery

Nuclear Smugglers Targeting ISIS Buyers

FL School Board Settles Hypnosis Cases

Volkswagen Recall to Begin in January

LinkedIn to Pay $13M in ‘Spam’ Lawsuit

Commissioner Arrested in Reporter Attack

Group of Men Beat and Kill Trans Woman

Matt Harvey Sorry For Missing Workout

Boy Kills Brother During Target Practice

ESPN Pulls Fantasy-Sponsored Segments

Feds to Free 6,000 Inmates Early

Pistorius Jail Release Delayed

Carson on Oregon: I Wouldn't Just 'Let Him Shoot Me'

U.S. Changes Story on Hospital Airstrike

Report: Biden Leaked Son’s Dying Wish

U.S. Deportations Lowest Since 2006

11 Dead as S. Carolina Floodwaters Rise

Europe Ends Data Sharing With the U.S.

U.S.: Russia Targeting CIA’s Rebels

2 Awarded Nobel for Neutrino Discovery

Blast Rocks Yemen Hotel Housing PM

U.S. Probes Alleged UN Bribery Scheme

Clinton Ad Slams Republicans on Benghazi

Facebook to Launch Satellite in 2016

Obama to Meet Shooting Victims’ Families

Russia Moving Ground Forces in Syria

NHL Player Suspended 41 Games For Hit

California Approves Assisted Suicide

Peeple Founder Won’t Be ‘Shamed’

33 Missing on Sunken U.S. Cargo Ship

American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

CC Sabathia Is Checking Into Rehab

Fiorina: My Medieval History Degree Will Help Me Fight ISIS

7 Injured in Amtrak Derailment

Hillary Goes Off on Benghazi Committee

U.S. Blames Afghans for Hospital Strike

Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Reached

Twitter Names Jack Dorsey Permanent CEO

U.S. to Push Fight Toward ISIS Capital

VW ‘Cheats’ Were Promoted to Top Jobs

Bernanke: More Bankers Should Be in Jail

3 Win Nobel for Malaria Breakthrough

Report: Global Poverty to Fall Below 10%

North Korea Releases NYU Student

Hillary Unveils Gun-Control Proposals

American Apparel Files for Bankruptcy

Charity Wants Probe Into Hospital Strike

4 Teens Arrested in School Shooting Plot

Debris Spotted in Search for Cargo Ship

ISIS Blows Up Palmyra Arch of Triumph

Trump: Better Off With Saddam in Power

7 Dead in Historic S.C. Floods

‘The Martian’ Earns $55 Million Opening

Israel Blocks Palestinians From Old City

Jason Chaffetz Running for House Speaker

Gunman Spared Student to Deliver Message

French Riviera Floods Kill 16

Max Scherzer Throws Second No-Hitter

Man Accused of Triple Homicide Captured

Oregon Gunman Committed Suicide

Historic Rains Deluge South Carolina

Russia to Escalate Air Strikes in Syria

Vatican Fires Gay Priest for Coming Out

Oregon Gunman Rejected from Gun Academy

Judges Use Segregation Law to Avoid Gays

Robin Williams Estate Feud Settled

Head of Anti-Abortion Group Deported

Man Arrested in Dentist Murder-for-Hire

26 Killed in Guatemala Mudslide

Hurricane Joaquin Leaves Bahamas

Chicago: 74 Overdose Cases in 72 Hours

Doctors Without Borders Out After Strike

Sheriff: Gunman Enrolled At School

Victims of the Oregon Shooting Named

Jeb on Oregon Massacre: ‘Stuff Happens’

Jesse Matthews Sentenced to Life in Jail

$25K Reward for Shooter of 6-Month-Old

20+ Die of Drug Overdoses in Chicago

UN Suspends Intervention in Syria

All Gunman’s Firearms Purchased Legally

Carolinas May Get 15 Inches of Rain

Pope Met With Same-Sex Couple in U.S.

Rubio Vows to Bring the Pain to Putin

Secretary of Education Is Stepping Down

Economy Adds 142,000 Jobs in September

Joaquin, Rex Block to Bring Heavy Floods

Vatican: Pope Didn’t Endorse Kim Davis

15M T-Mobile Customers Exposed in Hack

Amazon Ends Sale of Apple TV, Chromecast

Warriors Coach Takes Leave After Surgery

Va. Executes Convicted Serial Killer

Sheriff Refuses to Name Shooter

Oregon Shooting Death Toll Revised to 10

Umpqua Gunman ID'd as Chris Harper Mercer

Taliban Claims It Downed U.S. Plane

Congress to Act on Debt Limit By Nov. 5

Obama: Enough ‘Prayers,’ Pass Gun Laws

Bill Cosby Case Turned Over to D.A.

Police: 7 Killed at Umpqua Community College

Hurricane Joaquin Upgraded to Category 4

EPA Tightens Ozone Emissions Standards

Serena Withdraws From Final Tournaments

Teens Frown on Social-Media Breakups

Assad Allies Prep Syrian Ground Attack

Police: Arson at Planned Parenthood

NYPD Will Track Every Use of Force

Gay Olympic Diver to Marry Oscar-Winner

Afghan Forces Claim Control of Kunduz

Oregon Begins Selling Recreational Pot

Russia Launches More Strikes in Syria

Trump: Syrian Refugees ‘Could Be ISIS’

Three More Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out

New App Lets Users Yelp Review People

Hillary Seeks Dem Support on Biden Fears

Asst. Principal Tackles School Shooter

Sanders Raises Nearly as Much as Hillary