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Cheats February 2015

Turkish Writer Yasar Kemal Dead at 91

Walker Unfairly Attacked On College Rape

Iraq Reopens Baghdad Museum

Billionaire Looted Firm to Build Mansion

Walker Won’t End Campus Rape Reports

Almsot 1,000 Flights Cancelled in Dallas

Woman Dies After Falling into East River

Ex-Knicks Player Anthony Mason Dies

Lupita's Stolen Oscar Dress Returned

Teen Arrested for Encouraging Suicide

Starbucks to Launch Media Company

Teen’s Autopsy Contradicts Police Report

House Passes One-Week DHS Fund Extension

Major Putin Critic Gunned Down in Moscow

Osbourne Walks From ‘Fashion Police’

Uber Breach May Affect 50k Drivers

DHS Runs Out Of Money

Leprosy On The Rise in Florida

9 Killed in Missouri Murder Spree

John Legend to Sing in Despotic Bahrain

Cosby Attempts to Dismiss Sex Cases

WHO: Limit Yourself to 1 Hour of Music

Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

Fourth Quarter GDP Revised Down

‘Most Wanted’ Mexican Kingpin Caught

Holder: Make Civil-Rights Cases Easier

GOP Science Chair Didn’t Vaxx His Kids

Singer Gary Glitter Jailed for 16 Years

First Black NBA Player Earl Lloyd Dies

Virginia Pays Sterilization Victims

American Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

Ex-Notre Dame President Hesburgh Dies

Indiana Considers Abandoned Baby Box

HK Woman Jailed for Abusing Maid

IRS Watchdog Probes Lerner Emails

Stolen Picasso Seized in U.S.

China Has More Submarines Than U.S.

Congress Braces for DHS Funding Deadline

3 Accused of Keeping Woman as Sex Slave

Missouri Guv Candidate Kills Himself

Walker: Protests Prepped Me for ISIS

O'Reilly Backtracks on Killed Nuns Story

Post-9/11 Record for No War Casualties

ISIS Destroys Biblical Artifacts in Iraq

Mort Zuckerman May Sell Daily News

Judge Dismisses Case vs. Argentine Prez

Judge Sends Adrian Peterson Back to Play

Smog Particles Linked to Heart Disease

Josh Hamilton Admits to Cocaine Binge

FCC Turns Internet Into a Public Utility

Lupita’s $150K Pearl Dress Stolen

Kardashians Sign $100M Deal With E!

Castrated Followers Turn Against Guru

Legal Marijuana Comes to Washington, D.C.

Hackers Take Over Lenovo Website

Obama: Blame GOP for Immigration Stall

ISIS Beheader ‘Jihadi John’ Unmasked

ISIS Takes 220 From Christian Villages

Bin Laden Raid Files Read at U.S. Trial

South Korea Decriminalizes Adultery

Kabul Blast Kills 1 Near Iran Embassy

Wisc. Lawmakers Pass Right-to-Work Bill

Trinidad Wants To Swap Tissue for Oil

N. Korea Renames Ships to Bypass Embargo

Clinton Foundation Received Foreign Cash

Report: CO2 is Heating Earth's Surface

Madonna Falls Off Stage at BRIT Awards

Teen Charged in ‘Next Top Model’ Homicide

Men Get First Bionic Hands

Bobbi Kristina Taken Out of Coma

Kerry Bombs Bibi on Iraq War

Bibi: World Gave Up in Iran Nuke Talks

Jazeera Journos Busted for Paris Drone

SCOTUS Hears Hijab vs. Abercrombie

FBI: Men Planned U.S. Attack for ISIS

Gaga to Star in ‘American Horror Story’

Austria Passes Anti-Islam Bill

NATO Gen.: Russia Creating Buffer States

Cherry Tycoon Kills Self in Weed Raid

ISIS Kidnaps 100 Men and Boys

Four Arrested for Dubai Swordfight

Hungarian Village Up for Rent

U.S. Seas Rose to Record Levels

Obama Aide: Netanyahu Talk ‘Destructive’

Southwest Failed to Inspect 128 Planes

City Council Approves LA NFL Stadium

Jamaica Decriminalizes Pot

Reddit, Google Ban Illicit Nude Pics

Bulls' Derrick Rose Needs Knee Surgery

Vet Guilty of Killing ‘American Sniper’

Rahm Emanuel Heads Into Runoff Election

State Official Busted in Child Sex Sting

Clinton: Arquette Right on Wage Equality

28 Injured in CA Train Crash

Birth Defects After Syrian Gas Attacks

Osbourne May Quit E! Over Dreadlock Diss

UK Approves 3-Person Fertilization

Obama's Third Veto Ever Is for Keystone

Serious Tunnel Stumps Toronto Police

Olbermann Attacked Kid-Cancer Charity

Samantha Bee Leaves ‘The Daily Show’

Feds: No Evidence to Charge Zimmerman

O’Reilly’s JFK Story Proven False

NYPD Boss: Cops Historically Hurt Blacks

Iran Smuggled $1B to Evade Sanctions

Rich Escape Audits After IRS Budget Cuts

Chicago Cops Interrogate at ‘Black Site’

Gunman Kills 8 in Czech Restaurant

U.S. Missionary Kidnapped in Nigeria

30 Hurt in Fiery California Train Crash

Gerbils Blamed for Black Death, Not Rats

O’Reilly Threatens New York Times Journo

Nazi-Era Jews Sue Germany for $226M Art

Pro-Russia Rebels Claim Weapons Pullback

Alaskans Now Allowed to Get High at Home

ISIS Abducts 90 Christians in Syria

Greece Submits Reform Proposals

U.S., South Korea Set for Joint Drills

19 Manatees Saved From Florida Drain

NZ to Deploy Non-Combat Troops to Iraq

2 Men Jailed for Plot to Kill Americans

Hollande Vows Penalties for Hate Speech

‘American Horror Story’ Actor Dies

McConnell Backs Off From Shuttering DHS

Texas Surgeons Separate Conjoined Twins

Peanuts Cut Risk of Allergies for Babies

Cold Weather Finally Going Away in March

Illinois Rep. Billed Planes, Concerts

Christie Broke Law With Pension Cuts

Suit Says Sharpton Got Paid for Silence

Stabbed Passenger Sues Uber for $2M

300 New Emojis Coming to iPhone

Bomb-Wearing Bank Robber Thwarted

Weed 114x Safer Than Alcohol

Lowest Oscars Ratings Since 2009

Walker Fundraises on Rudy’s Obama Hate

$219M Awarded in Terrorism Case

Mossad: Bibi Wrong About Iranian Nuke

Unvaccinated Toddler Dies of Measles

80-Year-Old Plant Has One Month to Live

Dishwashers May Contribute to Allergies

Presbyterians May OK Same-Sex Marriage

Rabbis May Make Pot Kosher in New York

U.S. Would Let Iran Resume Nuclear Work

Police Dog Found After 61 Days

11 Wesleyan Students OD on Molly

Suicide Bomber, Age 7, Kills in Nigeria

Blogger Gets 5 Years in Egyptian Prison

Journalists’ Retrial Adjourned in Egypt

N. Korea Bans Foreigners From Marathon

Alabama-New Mexico Snow Covers South

Australia to Start Citizenship Crackdown

Thai Students Jailed for Royals Insult

TX Prison Relocates Inmates After Riot

‘Birdman’ Wins the Biggest Oscars

Jerusalem Mayor Stops Stabbing

Jazz Trumpeter Clark Terry Dies

Parents of Syria Runaways: Come Home

Turkey Rescues Its Soldiers from Syria

Al Shabaab Threatens Mall of America

Kirk Cameron Wins Big at Razzies

33 Killed in Bangladesh Ferry Collision

Ex-Prez of Maldives Arrested

Bomb Kills 3 at Ukraine Rally

Inmates Riot At Federal Prison in Texas

Walker Won't Say If Obama Is Christian

More Sanctions to Be Imposed on Russia

UNICEF: 89 Boys Abducted in South Sudan

Newly Discovered Virus Kills Kansas Man

‘Laser Cat’ Teen Takes His Own Life

Television Academy Changes Emmys Rules

Detroit Parents Charged With Torture

Giuliani Says He’s Getting Death Threats

Two Kids Killed in NJ House Fire

‘AHS’ Star in Critical Condition

Former Yemen President Flees Capital

‘Walking Dead’ Actor Attempts Suicide

Driver Kurt Busch Suspended Indefinitely

Dubai Skyscraper Up In Flames

Mayweather & Pacquiao Go Head-to-Head

Soccer Player Pleads Guilty to Murder

Hillary Clinton Is Vetting Herself

Kanye's Ex: ’Kim Let RayJ N-- on Her’

Germans Agree to Keep Greece Alive

Alan Gross, Ex-Cuba Prisoner, Sues U.S.

Wall Street Employment Plummets

Arrest Made in Colorado NAACP Bombing

Ex-First Lady of Virginia Goes to Prison

Mirror Falls on Luxe NYC Brunchers

MLB Adds Rules to Speed Up Games

Cold Snap Breaks Records Across U.S.

800K Got Bad Tax Info From Obamacare

Poehler Mourns ‘Parks and Rec’ Exec

Scotland Yard: 3 Girls Heading for ISIS

GOP Critics: Christie Is in a ‘Bubble’

Queen Elsa of ‘Frozen’ Wanted for Arrest

Kids Given Cards on How to Talk to Cops

UCSB Killer Loved Hitler, Hated Women

Yemen Agrees on Transitional Council

Thailand Bans Surrogacy for Foreigners

Obama Names 3 New National Monuments

DNC Chair to Donor: I’ll OK Pot for You

Venezuelan Mayor Accused of Coup Plot

Rudy: Not Racist Cuz Obama’s White Mom

Pentagon Tries to Psych Out ISIS

Apple Wants to Roll Out Cars in 2020

O’Reilly May Have Fudged War Reporting

Tea Party Website Staff Quits En Masse

Vegas Road-Rage Killer Arrested

Texas Blocks Future Same-Sex Weddings

Spies Hacked Virtually Every Cellphone

10% of NBA Traded in One Day

Rabbi Admits to Spying on Nude Women

Turkey, U.S. to Train Syrians vs. ISIS

Boston Snow Starts Parking Turf War

Final ‘Mad Men’ Trailer Released

Garner’s Family Gets $0 From Do-Gooders

Oliver Sacks Has Terminal Cancer

Walmart Boosts Minimum Wage to $9/Hour

Germany to Greece: No Loan for You

Obama: Religion Doesn’t Cause Terrorism

Former NBA Star Jerome Kersey Dies at 52

Alien Star Buzzed Our Solar System

Eddie Murphy Wouldn’t Do Cosby on ‘SNL’

Ukraine Calls on UN Peacekeepers

Silent March Marks Prosecutor’s Death

Australian Held at Gitmo Wins Appeal

Some Cumin Tests Positive for Peanuts

Libya Appeals to UN to Lift Arms Embargo

Muslims Offer to Protect Oslo Synagogue

Chelsea Handler Slams E!

179 Possibly Exposed to Superbug at UCLA

Justice Dept. Ready to Sue Ferguson Cops

Doctor Won’t Care for Baby With Two Moms

Pentagon Gets Last Chance to Hide Abuse

Vanilla Ice Busted for Burglary

Mars Burp Confuses Scientists

Oil Refinery Explosion Rocks California

Jeb Says ISIS 10x Bigger Than U.S. Says

No Charges for Cops Who Shot Man in Bed

‘We’re Racist!’ Soccer Fans Attack Man

Two New Dr. Seuss Books Discovered

Gitmo Torturer Practiced as Chicago Cop

Next Week to Be Even Colder Across U.S.

Mueller’s Boyfriend: I Tried To Save Her

Patriot Gave Official Unapproved Ball

HIV Vaccine a Success in Monkeys

Jeb Bush Runs From His Brother’s Wars

Casualties Up 22% in Afghanistan

Strongest Material on Earth: Snail Teeth

Record Treasure Haul in Israel

Ukrainians Lose Town During ‘Ceasefire’

Haiti Cancels Carnival After 16 Killed

Rand Paul to Announce Run in April

Slain Mom Looked for Road-Rage Suspect

Obamacare Enrollment Hits 11.4 Million

Beagle Wins Westminster Dog Show

TX Judge Rules Against Gay-Marriage Ban

Clinton Foundation Gets Foreign Funds

U.S. Delays Immigration Action

Putin: Let Ukrainian Troops Surrender

U.S. Gives Syria Rebels Airstrike Power

Freed Inmate Sues for $40M

John Oliver Not Taking Over ‘Daily Show’

Canada: Anti-Oil Groups Like Terrorists

U.S. to Let Allies Buy Killer Drones

U.K. Paper Allegedly Spiked HSBC Stories

A-Rod Sort of Apologizes

ISIS Said to Have Burned 45 to Death

Hillary Wooed Warren in Private Meeting

Kobe Wants ‘Rebirth,’ Not Retirement

Apple Pre-Orders 6 Million Watches

Polanski to Go to Extradition Hearing

Inequality Hasn’t Grown Since the Crash

20 Dead in Afghan Police Suicide Attack

Winter Storm Shuts Down the South

Patty Hearst Wins Big at Westminster

Penguins Can’t Taste Sweet or Bitter

20 Electrocuted in Haiti Carnival Horror

Ukraine Deadline Passes for Withdrawal

Egypt Calls for UN Coalition vs. ISIS

Judge Suspends Obama’s Immigration Order

Man Indicted in Chapel Hill Murders

DSK Trial: 5 Plaintiffs Abandon Claims

Aggressive Strain of HIV Found in Cuba

Arrest Made in TX Islamic Center Fire

35 More Egyptians Kidnapped

Russian Firm: U.S. Widely Plants Spyware

Lady Gaga Engaged

Poll: Americans Want U.S. to Attack ISIS

‘It's My Party’ Singer Lesley Gore Dies

‘SNL’ Most Tweeted Show Ever

Oil Train Explodes in W. Virginia

Copenhagen Suspect Just Freed From Jail

Lance Armstrong Ordered to Pay $10M

Ex-Nazi Guard Charged at Age 93

100 Finalists Chosen for Mars Voyage

300 Jewish Tombs Desecrated in France

FAA Could Ground Amazon Drones

$26M+ of Lost Cash Returned in Japan

Sanctions Hit Russia’s ‘Frank Sinatra’

American Gored by Bull in Spanish ICU

Liberian Schools Reopen Post-Ebola

Northeast Feels Like 20 Below

Israeli PM Tells Jews to Move to Israel

Westbrook Sets NBA All-Star Game Record

Conan Films Late-Night Show in Cuba

Egypt Bombs ISIS in Libya After Video

French Actor Louis Jourdan Dies at 93

Hacking Ring Steals Up To $1B From Banks

ISIS Beheads 21 Christians

Benedict Cumberbatch Marries

Swedish Cartoonist: I'm Not Scared

‘50 Shades’ Makes $90 Million

Swedish Cartoonist: I'm Not Scared

Poet Laureate Philip Levine Dies

Denver Protesters Deface Cop Memorial

Female Bomber Kills 10 in Nigeria

Terror Threat Cancels German Carnival

Browning-Resistant Apples Get Federal OK

Google, Mattel Make Virtual Reality Toy

Hong Kong Ferry Captain Convicted

Jeb Bush Gets Mom’s Blessing to Run

Pope Francis Appoints 20 New Cardinals

Northeast Braces for Blizzard ‘Neptune’

Two Killed in Copenhagen Attacks

Palestine: Chapel Hill Was Terrorist Act

Ukraine Ceasefire Threatened By Fighting

Apple Wants to Make Self-Driving Cars

Obama Asks Execs to Help Evade Hacks

Canadian Police Foil Mall Attack Plot

Officer Shoots Inmate at Dallas Airport

Apple May Be Working on An Electric Car

Oregon Man Admits Guilt in 2009 Bombing

Fire at Islamic Center in Houston

Accelerant Used in Islamic Center Fire

Guns Found at Chapel Hill Suspect's Home

Oregon’s Next Guv Is Bisexual, a First

Apple Reconsiders Policy on Weed Apps

Actor Emile Hirsch Heads to Rehab

Arkansas Passes LGBT Discrimination Bill

Argentine Prez Charged in Terror Coverup

Pennsylvania Guv Halts All Executions

Cop Arrested for Paralyzing Unarmed Man

Notorious R.B.G.: I Was Drunk at SOTU

‘Megadrought’ Coming to U.S.

Scandalized Oregon Governor Resigns

Women, Children 60% of Gaza Home Deaths

Facebook to Allow Posting from the Grave

Two New Cosby Accusers Step Forward

Boko Haram Attacks Chad for First Time

47 Soldiers Killed in Myanmar Clashes

8 Killed in Ukraine After Peace Talks

Al Jazeera Journalist Released on Bail

200 Whales Stranded in New Zealand

Obama to Push Sharing Cyberthreat Data

22 Marines Injured in Training Exercise

New York Times Columnist David Carr Dies

Bob Simon’s Driver on ‘Suicide Mission’

Williams May Have Fudged Meeting Pope

U.S. Approves Manning’s Hormone Therapy

Alabama Ordered to Allow Gay Marriages

Top Oregon Dems Tell Governor to Resign

Amy Pascal on What She Learned from the Sony Hack

Bobbi Kristina Wrecked Car Before Coma

8M Tons of Plastic Dumped Into Sea

Down Syndrome Model Walks Fashion Week

$200K Raised for Slain Muslim Students

$100/Hour Fight Closes West Coast Ports

Uma Thurman: It’s My Makeup, Not Surgery

U.S. Killing Al Qaeda With Seized Laptop

Mom Pleads Guilty to Killing 6 Newborns

U.K. Criminalizes Revenge Porn

Philly to Host 2016 Dem Convention

FBI Director: Cops Have Racial Biases

Cops Kill Homeless Man Throwing Rocks

ISIS Mag ‘Interviews’ Hayat Boumeddiene

Amanda Knox Is Engaged to a Musician

Jail for Korean Air Boss’s Daughter

Egypt Releases Al Jazeera Journalists

Neighbors: N.C. Shooter Threatened Us

Pierce Brosnan’s Home Damaged in Fire

Putin Announces Ukraine Ceasefire

Taiwan Inmates Shoot Themselves in Siege

John Oliver Won’t Replace Jon Stewart

SpaceX Launches A Deep Space Satellite

House Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

‘60 Minutes’ Bob Simon Killed in Crash

Tiger Woods Quits Golf For Now

Man Exonerated After 30 Years in Prison

Early ‘House of Cards’ Release Pulled

Police, Wife: Muslim Killings Not Hate

‘American Sniper’ Said Killer Was ‘Nuts’

Sriracha Creator Fine With Rip-Offs

Legendary Coach Jerry Tarkanian Dies

Kanye: ‘Voices’ Told Me to Crash Beck

Sudanese Army Raped 200 in 36 Hours

Brian Williams Wanted Jay Leno’s Job

Obama Wants No Turf Limit on ISIS War

Team Stripped of Little League Title

DSK Allegedly Took Prostitute to IMF

Apple Building $850M Solar Farm

200 Migrants Die in Mediterranean

Cambodia: Valentine’s, Not Virginity Day

White Men Hunting Blacks Sentenced

Brian Williams Suspended Without Pay

Jon Stewart Is Leaving the ‘Daily Show’

Man Shot By Border Agent Awarded $500K

Family, Friends Remember Kayla Mueller

U.S. Will Drop Cholesterol Warnings

NYC Cop Indicted for Unarmed Man Killing

Taylor Swift Threatens Guitar Teacher

Kansas GOP Governor Ends LGBT Protection

State Spox Unaware Jews Killed in Paris

UAE Louvre Workers Allegedly Abused

Minister Arrested While Marrying Gays

Pro-Gay Mormon Excommunicated

New DNA in Argentine Prosecutor’s Home

Newsweek Hacked by Pro-ISIS Group

ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Is Dead

Obama Was ‘Bullshitting’ on Gay Marriage

Moon Relics Found in Armstrong’s Closet

UAE Bombs ISIS From Jordan

Malaysian Leader Kept in Jail for Sodomy

‘Better Call Saul’ Breaks Cable Record

4,000 Lynching Victims Named

Assad: I Get U.S. Info on ISIS Strikes

Clintons Got $81M Via Shady HSBC Clients

Boston Gets Record Snowfall

Peyton Manning Training for 2015

UVA Suspect Faces 1st Degree Murder

DSK: My Orgies Were Legal

Miley Cyrus Enters Porn Festival

Kerry: I’m Pro Arming Ukraine

Obama to Ask Permission to Fight ISIS

Netanyahu Says He Won't Ditch Congress

Brian Williams Blames Fear for Mistake

CDC Tallies 121 Measles Cases

Prosecutor: Drew Peterson Ordered My Hit

Obama: U.S. Might Arm Ukraine

Airbnb Forces Down NYC Hotel Prices

Abuse Case Against NFL Player Crumbles

Founder: Groupon Was a ‘Stupid’ Idea

Samsung: Don’t Talk in Front of Smart TV

Justice Halts Alabama Gay Marriages

HSBC Helped Wealthy Clients Dodge Taxes

Lawsuit: Ferguson Runs a Debtors’ Prison

Sam Smith Dominates the Grammys

Egypt to Retry Al Jazeera Journalists

Tourist: Indian Tour Guide Raped Me

40+ Dead in Cairo Soccer Riot

Man Dies After Shark Bites Off Legs

Abandoned Baby Saved by Homeless Man

China Executes Tycoon for Murder, Graft

Miss Universe Asked to FARC Peace Talks

Gunman Shoots, Kills Ex-Wife and Kids

Hacked Chipotle Tweets ‘F*ck the FBI’

Harper Lee Is ‘Hurt and Humiliated’

Man Attacks Coast Guard in Michigan

Netanyahu: We Will 'Thwart' Iran Deal

Dean Smith Dies at 83

17-Year-Old Arrested for Mall Shooting

Did Kayla’s Parents Nix Rescue Operation?

Japanese Journalist's Passport Seized

New England to Get Several Days of Snow

Greek PM to Reveal Anti-Austerity Moves

1 Killed in Crash Involving Bruce Jenner

NBC's Brian Williams Benches Himself

Florida Mom Delivers 14-Pound Baby

Amal Clooney to Meet Egyptian President

Jordan Vows to ‘Wipe Out ISIS’

Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ Granted Appeal

Soldier Killed on U.S. Army Base

Study: Pot Doesn’t Increase Crash Risk

Judge: Upskirt Photos Legal in Oregon

Kayla Mueller Parents ‘Still Hopeful’

Historian: Harper Lee Is Mentally Sound

Rosie Quits ‘The View,’ Leaves Wife

6 U.S. Residents Indicted for Terrorism

Cops Target Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend

Russia Offers No Peace for Ukraine

Drugs Outrank Booze in U.S. Drivers

Louvre Acquires Washington Portrait

USS Arizona Loses Oldest Survivor

Purple Hearts Going to Ft. Hood Victims

Canada to Allow Doc-Assisted Suicide

States Say No to TurboTax

Detroit Hitchhiker Gets a Free Car

Jordan: ISIS Lies About Killing American

ISIS: American Female Hostage Is Dead

Pilot Turns Tail on Brian Williams

Major Labels Hoard Most Spotify Profit

Bubonic Plague Found in NYC Subway

Economy Has Best Stretch Since 1997

Bobby Brown Won’t Pull Plug on Daughter

Obama ‘Has Offended Every Christian’

Taiwan Crash Pilot ‘Saved Residents’

Britain: Mass Surveillance Was Unlawful

Australian PM Faces Leadership Challenge

Chinese Suspected in Anthem Data Breach

Family Accused of Staging Kidnapping

East Timor PM Xanana Gusmao Resigns

Ukraine: Western Leaders Push for Peace

Uruguay Expels Iranian Envoy Over Bomb

Obama’s New Motto: ‘Strategic Patience’

Christie Investigated for Federal Crimes

Harvard Bans Profs From Banging Students

Chimps Can Change Their 'Words'

Gary Glitter Sexually Abused Young Girls

Boehner: We Won't Fight Gay Marriage

Gauguin Painting Sold for $300 Million

Murder-Suicide at U. South Carolina

DA: Philly Cops Beat Man, Lied About It

Measles Hits 5 Chicago Infants

Sony Exec at Center of Hack Demoted

Pope Francis to Address Congress

Bobbi Kristina’s Family Says Goodbye

Obama Praises Dalai Lama as Good Friend

Republican: Gay Rights Not Human Rights

U.S. Drone Kills Senior Al Qaeda Member

Twitter CEO: ‘We Suck’ at Stopping Abuse

Friends Say Harper Lee Was Manipulated

Anti-Vaxx Documentary Gets L.A. Premiere

12 French Military Veterans Join ISIS

Cop Cam Shows Him Punching Woman’s Face

Two Shot at Maryland High School

FDA Commissioner to Step Down

12 Still Missing in TransAsia Crash

Space Probe Returns Images of Pluto

Tweets to Appear in Google Search

Girl Scout Shot While Selling Cookies

FL Guv Accused of Forcing Out Official

80 Million Insurance Customers Hacked

Pentagon Slammed for King Abdullah Essay

Obamacare Expansion Killed in Tennessee

Brian Williams Recants War Story

Silk Road Operator Found Guilty

ISIS Selling, Crucifying Children

Pentagon Study: Putin Has Asperger’s

Lung Cancer Surpasses Breast Cancer

Jeb: My Last Name Is a ‘Challenge’

Unknown Millionaire Gives All to Town

Harper Lee’s New Book No. 1 on Amazon

Rand Paul Belonged to HIV-Denying Group

Cuban Baseball Players Defect to U.S.

Vietnam Buries Thousands of Cats Alive

FCC Would Regulate Internet as a Utility

AZ A.G.: Teacher Prison Rape Her Fault

Florida Asks: Is Gay Sex Intercourse?

Israeli Soldiers Charged for Looting

U.K. Judge: Sterilize Disabled Woman

Trade Minister: Used Clothes Cause HIV

China Bans Online Impersonation

Soldiers Wounded in Jewish Center Attack

First African-American Pro Golfer Dies

Dashcam Captures Taiwan Airliner Crash

13 Dead From Shoveling Snow in Chicago

Funding Delays Helped Ebola Spread

Seattle Debuts First Pot Vending Machine

Terrorist Claims Saudis Funded Al Qaeda

Jordan Executes 2 Over Pilot’s Death

6 Killed in New York Train Crash

ISIS Throws Gay Man from Roof

University Recognizes Third Gender

Conrad Hilton Arrested for Tantrum

Armstrong’s GF Took Hit-and-Run Blame

Jordan to Avenge Pilot by Killing Bomber

Suge Knight Went to Hospital After Court

Arrest Warrant for Argentine Prez Found

Rand: Mandatory Vaccine Like Martial Law

FAA to Let Companies Claim Moon Turf

Montana Republican Would End Executions

ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive

Obama Asks NSA to Delete Info

U.K. Votes to OK ‘Three-Person Babies’

Harper Lee to Publish Second Novel

9,000 Refused Vaccines in New Jersey

Manson Marriage License Set to Expire

Jordan Paid Christie’s $30K Hotel Tab

Japan: Sleep ‘Researcher’ Raped 100+

UN: Serbia Cleared of Croatia Genocide

France Arrests 8 Syria Jihad Suspects

Bobbi Kristina’s Family Found Drugs

2 Bombs Found in Cairo Airport

Cuba Reveals New Photos of Fidel Castro

Monopoly Includes Cash in Special Sets

Justice Dept. Drops News Corp. Probe

Petrol Bomb Attack Kill 7 in Bangladesh

Clinton Tweets Support for Vaccines

Ex-PA Treasurer Charged With Extortion

Study: Craigslist Increases HIV Rates

Suge Knight Charged with Murder

Google, Uber Prepare to Battle

Robin Williams' Kids, Widow in Fight

U.S. Students Improve in Math, Science

Prostitutes: Warren Sapp Assaulted Us

$765M NFL Concussion Settlement Rejected

U.S. Won't Classify Afghanistan Info

RadioShack Will Be Liquidated

Rand: Most Vaccines Should Be Voluntary

Possible Michelangelo Sculptures Found

Seattle QB: Bad Play Won’t Define Me

Obama Budget Pushes Gay Couple Benefits

Heiress May Get 3 Years for Nut Freakout

Johnny Manziel Enters Rehab

Super Bowl Earns Highest Ratings Ever

Christie: Vaccines Are Parents’ Choice

DSK’s 'Aggravated Pimping' Trial Is Set

U.S. Couple’s Bali Murder Trial Is OKed

10K Protesters Hit Hong Kong Streets

183 Brotherhood Backers Put on Death Row

Punxsutawney Phil Sees More Winter

Winter Storm Headed Toward Northeast

Too Much Salt, Sugar in Toddler Food

Super Bowl Ads Take on Serious Tone

Bombs at Bangkok Mall Injure 1

UN Aviation Group Holds Safety Summit

South Sudan, Rebels Sign Ceasefire

Patriots Lead Seahawks in Super Bowl

U.S. Considering Sending Arms to Ukraine

Power Ranger Accused of Sword Murder

Super Bowl Scoreless After 1Q

‘American Sniper’ Sets Super Bowl Record

Huckabee: Gay Lifestyle Like Drinking

Ahmadinejad Launches a Website

Al Jazeera Journalist Freed

Quitters Prefer E-Cigs Over Gum

Novak Djokovic Wins 5th Australian Open

Jordan Renews Prisoner Swap Offer

Aaron Rodgers Named NFL MVP

Brown in Medically Induced Coma

Toddler Shoots Pregnant Mother, Father