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Articles April 2015

Experts: You Can’t Break Your Own Spine Like Freddie Gray

Puppy Causes Cutest Plague Outbreak

What We Learned from the Global Activists at Quorum: Global LGBT Voices

MESSENGER Probe Crashes Into Mercury

Are Coup Fears Keeping Kim Jong Un Home?

Morgan Freeman on Baltimore Protest Coverage: ‘F-ck the Media’

Malaysia’s Nisha Ayub Was Thrown in Prison For Being Transgender

Inside The Madness of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’s George Miller

Schoolkids Served Six-Year-Old Lunchmeat

U.S. Special Forces Rescue American From Mountain in Nepal

Prisoner Was Wrong: Freddie Gray Didn’t Kill Himself

Trigger Warning: College Kids Are Human Veal

Bumble Bee Swears Its Tuna Is Human-Free

Britain’s Crazy Decision to Ban ‘Beach Body’ Ads

The People Who Swear Hitler Is Alive

How ‘The Avengers’ Seduced Both Liberals and Conservatives

O’Malley 2016 Just Committed Suicide in Baltimore

Texas Guv Surrenders to Conspiracy Nuts

Bruce Jenner's Not Alone: The GOP Has More Trans People Than You Think

Billionaire: Buying Elections Is Charity

Hitler’s Strange Last Orders

Don’t Expect the Cities to Get Better

Oliver Sacks’s Love Affair With Hogs

3,000 More Foreign Jihadists Join ISIS

A Letter to My Sex Attacker: You Violated a Community, Not Just Me

Teaching High Schoolers After the Riots

Hillary Doesn't Like Unpaid Internships, but Clinton Foundation Sure Does

The Future of Fashion Is in Their Hands

Jon Stewart Grills Judith Miller on Iraq, She Blames the Clintons

Cops Arrest 60 As Protests Spread to New York

U.S. Pays Off Hostage Takers

How ‘Louie Louie’ Launched a Boner-Related FBI Investigation

Cocaine Traces Found At Royal Baby Hospital

Pope Demands Equal Pay for Women But Still Doesn’t Intend to Hire Any

Scientists Can Make You Feel Ghosts

Kate And Will Celebrate Their Anniversary With No Baby And New Parking Restrictions

White Baltimore Gets Troops, Black Baltimore Gets Same Old Cops

'Grand Theft Auto' Gamer Creates Killer Clown Short Film

Jamaican Law Prof Outed, Forced to Flee

Yemen's War Shakes Up the Saudi Palace

The Post-Quake Desperation of Nepal’s Hinterlands

Game of Thrones’ Peen Problem

Saving a Coastline with Surfing

Lesbian Desire, a Father’s Suicide and 12 Tony Noms: Alison Bechdel on ‘Fun Home’

Dead Broke Libya Hires Million-Dollar American Lobbyist

Blake Little Preserves Models in Honey

Just Keep Prancing: How Five Gay Male Dancers May Change America

Summer 2015’s Must-See Movies: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ ‘Jurassic World,’ ‘Dope,’ and More

Can I Hate Its Sexism, But Love Victoria’s Secret Underwear?

Inside the Jeb-O’Reilly Rift

The Artist Who Ditched Tom Cruise For Honey-Covered Nudes

Money Talks and Knock-Offs Walk in North Korea

Nigeria Rescues 293 Women and Girls

Ted Cruz’s Gay Hosts Shouldn’t Apologize

Creflo Dollar: Demons Stole My Private Jet

Old Man Punches Bear

We Animals Roam Free to Get Famous—By Mia, the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

The Kids of Gay Marriage Are All Right

David McCullough Shares the Secrets of Good Writing

The Most Honest 15 Minutes Of Obama’s Presidency

Black Republican Senator on Baltimore Riots: ‘If You’re Hopeless, You Destroy Your Communities’

The Last Time Freddie Gray Was Arrested

RHOBH’s Kim Richards Opens Up About Her Arrest and Alcoholism with Dr. Phil—Before Storming Out

Nigerian-British LGBT Activist Bisi Alimi has been tortured and exiled – but insists “I am not a victim.”

Inside the Supreme Court’s Gay-Marriage Debate

How To Tell A Bruce Jenner Joke: Late Night’s Subtle Transition

‘Fun Home’ Scores 12, Harvey Weinstein Zero: The Tony Nomination Winners and Losers

Scott Walker Is Just Like You! In Debt

Fox News Blames Al Sharpton for Baltimore Unrest Whether He’s There Or Not

The Tiny Italian Town Killing the U.S. Navy’s Surveillance Plans

Making Art Out of Sexual Trauma: 'Nirbhaya' The Play

Ex-Boxer Turned Mayor Fights to Save Kiev

Baltimore Mom Smacks Rioting Son on TV

Royal Delivery Stuns Royal Superfans

Baltimore Looters Take Everything But a Family’s Pennies

ISIS Pushes West, Eyeing a New Caliphate in Tunisia

Exclusive: Ben Affleck’s Ancestor Did Not Own Slaves, Tax Documents Show

How Could Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Wife Not Have Known?

Baltimore Mayor Gave Permission to Riot

The Avengers’ Black Widow Problem: How Marvel Slut-Shamed Their Most Badass Superheroine

How Michelle Obama Became Hugger In Chief

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Knows Plenty: Kit Harington on Sex, Beheadings, and the Obama Link

U.S. Defense Biz Sees Cash from Mideast Chaos

How Hillary Recovers From ‘Clinton Cash’

Brian Williams’s Death By 1,000 Leaks: An Anchor’s Public Humiliation

We're Paranoid About GMO Foods Because of Pseudo-Science

The Cure for Brain Diseases Is in Your Gut

What If No Candidate Is ‘Likable Enough’?

Kate Mulgrew Bares Her Teeth

Rand to Rabbis: Bless Me

Prof Fails Entire Class in Final ‘F You’

Where Taxing the 1% Might Actually Happen

Literati Sneer at Hebdo’s Graves

Police Watch as Baltimore Burns

My Father, the Spy in the Hanoi Hilton

Queer South Africans Living at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

Surreal Terror in the Middle of the Nepal Quakes

Did Princess Diana Have A Secret Daughter?

Supreme Court Will Rule for Marriage: Here’s The Best Way

Cookie Monster Hulks Out on 'Sesame Street'

The Prisoner of War Disaster Overshadowed by Lincoln’s Death

An American Fighting ISIS Is Convicted Sex Offender

Nigerian Pres’ Svengali Tied to Heroin

Sarah Hyland’s Unwavering Courage: From ‘Modern Family’ to Overcoming Abuse and Producing Films

I Watched Every Episode of ‘Full House’ and I Want to Die

Can You Take a Chimp to Court?

Republicans’ Gay-Marriage Hysteria

Behind the Man Who Outed Clinton’s Cash

Inside the Fear of Being Gay

College Advice Book to Women: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Gay Marriage Could Lose Tomorrow

Scenes From the Chaos in Baltimore

How to Talk to Your Kids About ISIS

British MP George Galloway Loves to Hate the USA

Will Kate Be Induced This Week?

Mad Men’s ‘Time & Life’: Peggy’s Powerful Speech on Feminism

Bloods and Crips Team Up to Protest Baltimore’s Cops

John Oliver Obliterates Dr. Oz: The Worst Person Ever on TV in Scrubs, Including Katherine Heigl

Game of Thrones’ ‘The High Sparrow’: Cersei the ‘Dowager Queen’ Gets Served

Jay Z’s Tidal Is a Disaster: The Hip-Hop Icon Defends Tidal Against ‘Smear Campaign’

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Apr 26

Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake (Photos)

Terrifying Footage of Everest Avalanche

In Pakistan, This Activist Was Martyred for Her Moderation

Mt. Everest Guide Recounts The Horror of the Nepal Quake

Enough With the A-Rod Hypocrisy

The White House Hits Its ‘F**k It’ Phase

Bruce Jenner’s Audacious Challenge To Republicans: A Trailblazer Takes Flight

The New Yorker & MoMA: Have New York City’s Twin Towers of Culture Lost Their Way?

Are The Muppets Nazis, Or Merely Drunks?

Can Club Owners Make Musicians Play for Free?

My First Male Mammogram

Why Are Two Wealthy Gay Men Hosting a Benefit for Ted Cruz? Israel.

The Secret Art Life of E.E. Cummings

Kazakhstan’s Scary Sleepy Hollow

Are Designer Babies Finally Real?

A Buckley Comes Out: A Young Conservative’s Case for The Freedom to Marry

If You Only Read One Book About the Legacy of Slavery: ‘Slaves in the Family’

‘How I Saved My Kids From ISIS’

Anthony Bourdain Loves Cow Foot Soup

Gay Slippery Slopes: Where Are They Now?

The Week in Photos

Steve Coogan on Replacing Philip Seymour Hoffman in ‘HAPPYish’

Finally, a U.S. Bishop Is Punished in Sex-Abuse Scandal

Inside the Mussolini Museum

The Scholars And Lawyers Who Believe Gay Marriage Causes Abortion

Obama & Luther Manage White House Anger

Invite GOP Candidates to Gay Weddings

John Oliver Hears Monty Python's Many Secrets

Instagrammer of the Week: One of National Geographic's Best, Keith Ladzinksi

Brick Buildings That Are Actually Cool (PHOTOS)

Gallipoli: WWI’s Most Disastrous Battle

Kim Kardashian’s Ex Kris Humphries Criticizes Bruce Jenner’s Decision

On The Ground At The Nepalese Earthquake

Porn Stars Can Be Sexually Assaulted Too: Why Adult Actresses Have a Hard Time Reporting

Instagrammer of the Week: Keith Ladzinski

Doctor: Why Quack TV Docs Like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil Need to Go

King Charles: The Monarch Nobody Wants

Jimmy Breslin’s Classic Column, ‘The Harlem Riot’

'I Am a Woman': Bruce Jenner Comes Out as Trans In a Landmark Television Moment

A Very British Crime Scene: At Home With Agatha Christie

At Home With Agatha Christie

More Sex Means More Money

Ely Parker, The Civil War’s Native American General

When Venice Threw The ‘Ball of the Century’

Egyptian Scrolls Reveal Hangover Cure

The Wright Brothers’ Big Flop

Joe Biden, America’s Favorite Uncle (PHOTOS)

The Stacks: The Deadpan Genius of Buster Keaton

The Forgotten Pearl Harbor Revenge Raid

What Plato Said About Trigger Warnings

Alfred Taubman, Inventor Of The Shopping Mall, Dies At Age 91

Did Baltimore Cops' Indifference Kill Freddie Gray?

Bill Maher: Anti-Vaxxer? The 'Real Time' Host Sides with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. During Bizarre Interview

Bill Maher Makes First Cracks About Bruce Jenner's Gender After His ‘I Am a Woman’ Admission

The First Full Look at Jared Leto’s The Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ Revealed

Columbia Student Joins The Men Fighting Back in Campus Rape Cases

Italians Grieve Over Hostage Killed In Drone Strike

U.S. Says It Won’t Back Off Its Drone War, Despite Hostages’ Deaths

The ISIS Hug of Death for Gays

Did She Kill Her Newborn at Work?

Alice N’kom Explains Why She Risks Her Life to Protect Cameroon’s Persecuted LGBT Population

Jim Norton Rips Our Culture of Outrage and Defends Phil Robertson: ‘We’re a Nation of Snitches’

How Slavery Gave Capitalism Its Start

Bin Laden Aides Plotted Attack on Vatican from Old U.S. Navy Base

'Tonight Show' Has a 'Shaggy-Off'

New Attorney General Loretta Lynch Is Sex Traffickers’ Worst Nightmare

On Death Row for the Wrong Hair

The Many Wonders of New York’s New Whitney Museum

Yes, the Slaughter of the Armenians Was Genocide

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’s’ Ace in the Hole

Rose Byrne on Surviving the ‘Annie’ Flop, ‘Bridesmaids’ Reunion, and Her Comedy Takeover

The Wonders of the New Whitney

Inside the World of the New Royal Baby

Democrats’ No. 1 Job: Remind Voters That American Wages Have Flatlined

Geez, Can’t a Candidate Even Flip-Flop Anymore?

The Muslims Are Coming…to the Subways!

How Radioactive Is the Pacific, Really?

NRA Makes a Gun Cartoon for the Kids

Jeb Bush’s Cure for Shawshank: Redemption

Preach, Chris Rock: Why Black People Can’t Get Into Baseball

The Shocking ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Death That Had a Nation Weeping Hysterically

Hillary Clinton Channels Obama in Thunderous First 2016 Speech

An American Mom and Her Baby Are Being Held Hostage by The Taliban

Kim Kardashian Can’t Fix Armenia’s Bleak Future

Dr. Oz Fights Back By Shaming His Critics

CIA Drones Targeted al Qaeda Meeting—and Killed Hostages Instead

Adam Sandler’s Disturbing Racial Tourism: A Dozen Native American Actors Storm Off Set in Protest

Meryl Streep: 'I Wanted To Be Tom Sawyer'

Metalhead Jihadist Pioneer Adam Gadahn Meets His Maker

Johnny Depp Takes on Whitey Bulger For His Next Big Role

One Remote-Control Terrorist Fails in France, Others Will Follow

The ‘I’m Too Sexy’ Guys Are The Nicest 9/11 Truthers You’ll Ever Meet

Chelsea Clinton’s Campaign Crucible

38 Years for a Murder He Didn't Commit

Gulliver’s Prototype Apple Watch

Vaxxers Strike Back in California

'Charlie Bit Me' Boys Are All Grown Up

Bill, Chelsea Going to Africa to Prove Clinton Foundation Is Not Sleazy

Now For Sale: The Most Expensive Ticket Ever

Warren Weinstein Begged Obama to Save Him Four Years Before U.S. Drone Killed Him

Prince Harry Heads Home - Just In Time For the Royal Baby!

#MAKEITFAIR Campaign Says Men Are Left Out of Hollywood

Dubya Paid $250K to Perform for Casino King Sheldon Adelson

Survivors Tell of Syria’s Underground Railroad to Europe

Accused Murderer Signed Off on Tulsa Killer Cop’s Training

10 Years Before Freddie Gray, Baltimore Police ‘Accidentally’ Snapped a Perp’s Spine

The Hunting of Bruce Jenner: Why It’s Time for the Media to ‘Transition’

Blake Lively: Actress, Lifestyle Guru, or...

Where Are Pot Inc.’s Minorities?

Is Sandra Bullock Really the ‘Most Beautiful’ Woman in the World?

How Two Dutch Geniuses Taught Us to See

Inside the Dems' Social Security Feud

The Fabulous Life of Iris Apfel: A Fashion Icon’s Late-in-Life Fame

Steve Jobs Took the Armenian Genocide Personally

Obama, Armenia, and What Hitler Learned About Genocide Denial

Searching for You: Face to Face With Your Doppelganger

Progressives Plan to Blitz Hillary

Here’s What Ben Affleck Had Removed About His Slave-Owning Ancestor From ‘Finding Your Roots’

‘Rush Hour 4’ Starring… Diddy?

‘The Americans’ Finale Postmortem: The Big Reveal

New York City’s Noisiest Sex Couple Not That Noisy

How the David Petraeus Prosecution Backfired

Black Women’s Kardashian Double Standard

Robert Downey Jr. Puts an Early End to ‘Avengers’ Interview

Why Progressives Should Celebrate Israel’s 67th Birthday

Europeans Fight U.S. Trade Deal With Fear of McHospitals, Fracking Under Eiffel Tower

Quorum Video: Sochi's Pro-Gay Protester Speaks Out

You Could Save $43 a Month by Cutting Food Waste

The Gluttony of Humanity!

Amy Schumer's Brilliant 'Friday Night Lights' Spoof

The Sad But Self-Inflicted Fall of Cornel West

The 'Ocean's 11' of Bourbon Burglaries: Uncovering the Great Pappy Van Winkle Heist

Exclusive: Pentagon Map Hides ISIS Gains

Beatings, Branding and ‘Butter Torture’: Frat Hazing Sent Kid to the I.C.U.

Olivia Wilde: Why I’m Backing Hillary Clinton for President

‘The Prancing Elites Project’: How Men Twerking in Leotards Became TV’s Most Inspiring New Show

The Clintons Still Aren’t Corrupt

The Wild West of Medical Cures

Jessica Lange Has a Thing For Clowns: Behind An Actress’ Passion for Photography

Jessica Lange’s Thing for Clowns: Behind an Actress’ Passion for Photography

Left to Hillary: You're a Phony

Weed & Feminism at Brooklyn’s Pastry ‘Think Tank’

This Is Carly, Hear Her Roar

How One Man Crashed the Stock Market

Muslim Extremists Want to Slit My Throat

Chicago’s Crybaby Killer: ‘I Don’t Want to Do Bad No More’

Ignorance Is Killing Our Earth

Why Christie Lost a Friend to Jeb

Amy Schumer Is the Comedic Genius We’ve All Been Waiting For

The U.S. Muslim Honor Brigade Strikes Again

If Only a Pulitzer Paid His Salary: Rob Kuznia’s Journalism Rollercoaster

RIP Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s Pooch and Purse-Dweller

ISIS Now Says It Didn’t Bomb Afghanistan

Lindsay Lohan Tried to Say ‘You’re Beautiful’ in Arabic. She Said ‘You’re a Donkey’ Instead.

Speed Read: Krakauer’s Campus Rape Book

We’ve Forgotten About India’s Rape Crisis

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Is Anti-War Overkill

Quorum Video: India’s Meena Seshu on listening to LGBTs, Sex Workers, and the Poor

Israel Deported Them. Then ISIS Cut Off Their Heads.

Bryan Price Has Nothing on Joe Pesci

My Libyan Friend Didn’t Have to Die

Protected Wild Horses Dying for Ranchers’ Profit

Get to Know Shelley Hennig, the ‘Unfriended’ Star and Queen of Supernatural Teens

Fat Cat de Blasio vs. New York’s Poor and Middle Class

Happy Birthday, Rome—and Western Civilization

Dog Captures Her Owner's Marriage Proposal On GoPro

Patti Davis: Don’t Let My Dad’s Shooter Go Free

Jon Stewart Picks a 'Daily Show' End Date

Huckabee Is Ted Cruz’s Nightmare

The Fundamentalist Witch Hunt’s New Prey

A Hollywood Salon Murder Plot

This Is Where ISIS Gets Its Weed

Meet the ‘Hookers for Hillary’: Why Prostitutes Want Hillary Clinton for President

My Bizarre Life As Barack Obama

How California’s Democrats Are Screwing Immigrants

The GOP Primary Will Be Bloody As Hell

New Orleans Lands Loudly on Broadway

The Delicious Roman Artichoke: From Jewish Ghetto to Italian Icon

Claude Cahun, the Lesbian Surrealist Who Defied the Nazis

Bernie Kerik’s Criminally Boring Jail Memoir

Collecting Taxes Might Just Be a ‘War Crime’ in Hawaii

What Saddam Gave ISIS

How Feds Blew The Boston Bombing Case

The Dems’ Most Awkward Party Crasher

Veep’s West Wing Hellraiser: Timothy Simons on the Insane Mess That Is Jonah Ryan

Cops Forced to Buy Their Own Body Cams

Inside the Pulitzer Prize Book Winners

How Social Media Fueled Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s Split

Lilly Pulitzer Shuts Down Target

Running a Boston Marathon 7.5 Months Pregnant

Even in Repressive Contexts, Online Activism Makes LGBT Lives Visible

Italy Is Finally Cracking Down on Slave Trade

‘First Gen’ is the Funniest Web Sitcom You Haven’t Seen Yet

Rand Wants You To Put Your Hillary Horror Stories (and your dollars) In His Dropbox

Why Are Brooklyn Street Artists So Obsessed With The Past?

On the Ground At Coachella for Stoners

Ireland’s Harrowing BDSM Murder Trial: Graham Dwyer Accused of Slaying Sex ‘Slave’ Elaine O’Hara

Italy's Daring Rescue Search for Migrants (PHOTOS)

Willie Celebrates Pot With a New Song

Does 'Avengers 2' Have a Spider-Cameo?

Behind the Murderous Anti-Immigrant Rage in South Africa

A Colorado Biker Who Calls Himself 'Necromancer' Is Fighting ISIS In Iraq

Obama’s Lawyers: Let’s Extend the 9/11 Wars Forever

The Super Rich Have a New Way to Buy Elections

The Fastest-Selling Adult Novel in History: Paula Hawkins’ ‘The Girl On The Train’

Why Does Chris Christie Feel So Poor?

Roseanne Barr on Losing Her Sight, Smoking Weed, Rejecting Feminism, and Not Voting For Hillary

Graham and Clinton Want To Rein In Campaign Cash, But How?

Enough of a Cannibal to Go to Jail?

Are the Yorks Britain's Laziest, Freeloading Royals?

The GOP’s Weird Social Security Gambit

Jeb Bush Fights Off the New Hampshire RINO Hunters

Can Europe Stop Migrants’ Drowning?

Catholic Bishops Support Iran Deal, Oppose Congressional Republicans

Huckabee Finds His 2016 Opening

Mad Men’s Weirdest Relationship Returns: Creepy Glen Got Hot and Is Back for Some Betty

John Oliver’s Earth Day Message: Save the Polar Bear Penises!

Mortal Kombat X: The Most Violent Video Game Ever?

Game of Thrones’ ‘The House of Black and White’: The Women of Westeros Jockey For Power

Animals Like to Get High in the Wild, Too

The GOP Clown Show’s Alternate Reality in New Hampshire

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: April 19

The Murder Trial That Could Break Greece’s Extremist Golden Dawn

How Music Shields a Child’s Psyche in a Time of War

Sony Emails: Ben Affleck Tried To Hide A Slave-Owning Ancestor

Getting Old Shouldn’t Have to Suck

New Orleans Gives Jazz a Hot House

Elephant Kills Hunter, Internet Cheers

The Ultimate 'Game of Thrones' Workout

Marin Blocks Lucas' Plans for Poorhouse

Their Dead Son Was Blamed for Boston Bombing

Scenes From The Hip-Hop Revolution

Felicity Jones Talks Journalism, Telling Off James Franco (On Film), and ‘Star Wars’

The Kremlin Keeps Banning Culture: an Opera, a Movie … Twerking

The Big Idea: California Is So Over

Why Are Colleges Cancelling ‘American Sniper’?

Marco Rubio, Gen-X Fraud

Gunter Grass Was a Finger-Wagging Scold

'Stakeknife,' a Double Agent at the Heart of Northern Ireland Troubles

Ditch the Riviera For The 10 Most Smashing British Beaches

Would Thomas Jefferson Work At GoogleX?

Marco Rubio’s DIY Christianity

Huckabee Loves Filthy Music, Unless It's Beyoncé

My Ancestor Was Punk’d by Patriot's Day

Crowdsourcing Freedom

‘Orphan Black’ Returns Crazier, More Confusing, and Better Than Ever

When Police Tasers Kill: The Tragic Death of Stanley Harlan

Revenge of the Banana-Suited Wrestler: The Craziest Wrestling Story Never Told

‘Unfriended’: A Cyberbullying-Revenge Film About the Horrors of Facebook

The Week in Pictures: April 18, 2015

Huckabee’s Feud With The Clintons

The NBA’s Dystopian, DNA-Testing Future

Being a Celebrity Chef Can Kill You

The Grand Canyon Is Getting A Mall

My Wild Night at the Playboy Mansion—But Where Was Hef?

Kate's Royal Birth Plan For Baby Number Two

The Secret To Selling Vodka

The World’s Weirdest Libraries (Photos)

Little Nemo Was the Most Beautiful Comic Strip Ever Drawn

I’m Glad All The Black Rhinos Are Dead

The Stacks: William Styron was Lit’s Big Game Hunter

Percy Sledge: The Voice Behind ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’

Toni Morrison Spins a Lame Fairy Tale

Demand a Higher Wage, People!

Australia’s LGBT-Only Island

Why Porn Stars Love Game of Thrones’ Cersei

Bill Maher on How Hillary May Lose in 2016: ‘It’s Going to Be ISIS 24-7’

Instagrammer of the Week: Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg: The Darkest Celebrity Instagrammer

Pretentious Is Not A Sexual Orientation

Rick Perry Read A Book On Economics And Won’t Shut Up About It

Amandla Stenberg Understands Appropriation Better Than You

He Served Saddam. He Served ISIS. Now Al Douri May Be Dead.

Forgiving My Nazi Father: A Horrific Past Made Present

Why Palestine Has No Chance at the International Criminal Court

Hey, Let’s Shame the ESPN Anchor Now

Charlie Hebdo Editor Rips ‘Islamophobia’ From the Grave

ISIS Targets Americans In Iraq

Energy Injections: Is This New Spa Trend Legit?

Neil deGrasse Tyson Debunks Alien Rectal Probing

Refugees Drowned for Being Christian

Matthew McConaughey Reacts to the New ‘Star Wars’ Teaser

There Is No ‘Good’ Shia Militia in Iraq

Wrestler Turned Tulsa Deputy Charged With Murder

Yes, People, Clinton Can Be Beat

Scott Walker vs. The World

No, B*tch, We’re Not Madonna: The Pop Queen’s Self-Delusional New Song

Big Brother Is a Pain in the Neck

NYU Blackballs Student Protesters for Handing Out Flyers

Ari Millen, the Genius Behind ‘Orphan Black’s’ Shocking Male Clones

America’s New ‘Lend-Lease’ for Drones

Bravo’s Porn Star Turned Real Estate King

Why Hillary Needs Black Women to Win

The U.S. Has ‘Abandoned’ the Americans in Yemen

The Dumbest Abortion Debate Yet

DJ Jazzy Jeff: DJ AM Was One of a Kind

How the Hype Machine Is Ruining Movies

‘Cruel Intentions’: A Sexy ’90s Musical

Yes, Barry Manilow Got Gay-Married, And It Was 'Freeing' for Him

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Trailer Leaks: See Ben Affleck’s Batman Square Off Against the Man of Steel

Inside Richard Engel’s Abrupt Change of Mind

Daniel Craig vs. The Pentagon on Landmines

Pentagon Chief: Losing Ramadi to ISIS Would Not Be a Big Deal

Ted Cruz’s Favorite ‘Simpsons’ Episodes

Albert Maysles’ Epic Last Train Ride: The Beauty of ‘In Transit’

Who Owns The Embryos Sofia Vergara and Her Ex Created?

Report: Iranian Hackers Eye U.S. Grid

Star Wars Fans: This Is the ‘Force Awakens’ Trailer You’re Looking For

Panama City Gang Rape: A Kitty Genovese for the YouTube Era

The Male Model from Australia Who Joined ISIS—and Paid With His Life

MH370 Search May Be in the Wrong Place Again

David Hasselhoff's New Video is Bonkers

Rohan, Bob Marley’s Son, Gets You High (on Caffeine)

‘Missing’ Daughter Resurfaces for the Custody Case From Hell

‘Scandal’ Star Tony Goldwyn on Shondaland, Mellie Vs. Hillary Clinton, and Standing Up to Cancer

Tea Partier Might Vote for Hillary Clinton

Kate Gets 10% Discount on Second Baby's Birth

Beatings, Murder, Rape in California Asylums

Rubio Gets His Cash From Beyonce Island

Black Teen Hangs, Cops Shrug: No Evidence Collected on Lennon Lacy

Curse of the Cartel's Skinny Hitwoman

Nancy and Tonya Museum in Hipster Hell

Why We Made a Video Game Chronicling Our Baby Boy’s Cancer Battle

The Most Mom-Friendly Vaccine Book

Hands Off My Dense Breasts

Inside Scott Walker’s Secret Brain Trust

How John Roberts Made Hillary Clinton President

One Year After the Korean Ferry Disaster (Photos)

The Fight to Save Sake: Does Japan’s Most Famous Drink Have a Future?

Roseanne: Forget Hillary, Vote for Me!

Get Off My Lawn: A David Brooks Story

You Deserve Hillary’s Bloodless, Condescending Campaign

Why Won’t Obama Help My Syrian Christian Family?

Is Aaron Hernandez a Psychopath?

‘Indian Point’ Doc: Chief Nuke Regulator Forced Out by Industry

Fast-Food Workers Starving to Live in L.A.

Sexism, Racism, Anarchy: ‘Live From New York’ Tells the Real Story of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Turkey Nurtures Egypt’s ‘Terrorist’ Muslim Brothers

ISIS’ Attack on Ramadi Just Upended U.S. War Plans

Huckabee: The World Is a Rattlesnake

Meet Zach King, the Illusionist Behind the Greatest Vine Mash-Up You’ve Ever Seen

Judge Jerry Baxter Screams Down Cheating Atlanta Teachers

Putin Uses the S-300 Missile to Dominate Its Neighbors. Now Iran Can, Too.

Northern Ireland Enjoys the ‘Game of Thrones’ Effect

Obama Says Cuba Doesn’t Sponsor Terrorism. So What Are All These Hijackers and Bomb-Makers Doing There?

GOP to GOP: ‘Sharia Law’ Fearmongering Helping Deadbeat Dads

The Truth About Dennis Quaid’s Meltdown (NSFW)

The Bad Business of Baby Food

Should We Demolish Or Cherish Brutalist Architecture?

Europe’s Dilemma: Let Them In Or Let Them Die?

How Aaron Hernandez Duped the World

Former NYT Reporter Judith Miller Pleads Her Shaky Case

Sizzler Ad from 1991 is the Most Patriotic Thing Anyone Has Ever Made

Pentagon: ISIS Hasn’t Taken Ramadi… Yet

When JFK’s Inner Circle Turned to Jackie

Aaron Hernandez’s Terrifying Past Revealed

Neo-Nazis Blitz Vigils for Immigrant Killed by Cops

Meet the General Shaking Up America’s Yemen, ISIS, and Hostage Rescue Plans

Rich Couple Used Dead Veteran to Cheat IRS

The GOP Primary Is Where Ideas Go to Die

The CIA, Jim Carrey, and Me

Raising Lady Gaga: Cynthia Germanotta on Why It’s Time for an Emotion Revolution

Director James Wan’s Return to Horror After ‘Furious 7’

Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Preview: Kurt Cobain, George Lucas, John Oliver, and More

Bassem Youssef: Comic, Dissident, Harvard Professor

A Broadway Star Is Born: How Max von Essen Found His Voice

Nevermind the Wedding Cakes: ‘Religious Liberty’ Fight Is About Doctors, Wife-Abusers, and Corporations

What We Can All Learn From Autistic People in Love

Why America Is Killing Millions of Birds to Stop the Flu

The Mystery of Lincoln’s Assassin

Can Big Labor Learn to Love Hillary?

Does Turkey Have the Putin Disease?

The Soccer Star at the Center of Border Fight

Refugee Camp Is Under Attack From Assad and ISIS

Meet Aydian Dowling, the Trans Hunk Aiming for a ‘Men’s Health’ Cover

Obama Blinks on Iran Nuke Vote

‘My Abortion’ Videos Are Moving, But Don’t Change Laws

47% of Americans Can’t Save Any Money

Exclusive: Donor Ready to Sue Schock to Get His Money Back

The Bard’s Uncomfortable New Rape Play

The Man Who Captured John John’s Salute: Dan Farrell’s Most Iconic Photos

Hillary's Big Iowa Flip-Flop

Chimp Gives Drone a Smackdown

Can Medicine Outsmart Death?

What’s So Gross About Madonna? Getting Older, It Seems

King of the Douchebags: Justin Bieber Carried Out of Coachella in a Chokehold

‘Avengers’ Director Joss Whedon and James Gunn on Female Superheroes and Hillary 2016

Remember ‘Who Am I to Judge’? Vatican Silent on France’s Gay Appointee

VIDEO: Dennis Quaid Melts Down On Film Set

Feds Quietly Admit Pot Helps Cancer Patients

The Untold Miracle of Lincoln’s Last Day on Earth

Rubio: Sorry, Jeb I’m Not Waiting My Turn

Tulsa’s Killer Is Sheriff’s Sugar Daddy

Viggo Mortensen Talks Walter Scott, Anti-Muslim Sentiment, and How Edward Snowden Is a Hero

Game of Thrones’ Mysterious Evil Cult

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Instagrammer of the Week: Nicolee Drake

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The Last Matzo Factory in Manhattan

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Next, We Muslims Bring Sharia to Indiana

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