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Articles June 2015

Angry Journey Drummer Charged With Rape

Can This Man Buy an Election From Jail?

Jeb Bush Goes Clear

Goodbye, Bennifer: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Announce Divorce a Day After 10th Anniversary

The End of Greece’s European Dream?

The Dumbest Stuff Donald Trump Has Ever Said

LSU Associate Professor Makes Lame PG-13 Jokes, Gets Fired for Harassment

Why Prince Philip Can’t Forgive Fergie

The ISIS Leader Tells It Like It Isn’t

Christie Promises Cringeworthy Campaign in 2016 Launch

Drones Find Russian Base Inside Ukraine

Father John Misty Revives ‘The Suburbs’

Chris Pratt’s Bizarro Lost SNL Skit

Tour of New York’s Best Secret Libraries

Learning to Farm Your Own Artisanal Honey On the Rooftops of New York

Millennials Won’t Pay for Apple Music

Spies Warned Feds About OPM Mega-Hack Danger

Richard Matt Was an FBI Snitch

Conservatives Love Scott Walker’s Anti-Gay Transition

Why Rappers Rock the Confederate Flag: From OutKast to Kanye West’s Merchandise

OITNB’s Used-Panty Business Is Real: The Shocking True Story Behind the Show’s Prison Panty Ring

A Conversation with a Very Stoned A$AP Rocky on Drugs, James Franco, and Rachel Dolezal

The Supreme Court’s Election Reform Ruling Is a Big F-ing Deal

Rats Dream About Where They Want to Go

Inequality: Where Right and Left Agree

1,000 Bridgegates Couldn’t Stop Chris Christie From Running for President

The Pegan Diet: Should You Try This Paleo-Vegan Hybrid?

Hey, Liberals: SCOTUS Ain’t Your Friend

Will Ultra-Orthodox Jews Handle a Woman on the $10?

So Long to Tsipras, the Pyromaniac Demagogue of Greece

Ask Siri What Zero Divided By Zero Is and Receive the Best Response Ever

New York’s Best Yoga Class Is On A Paddleboard

Rock Climbing in the Middle of New York City’s Central Park

Visiting the Historic Atlanta Cyclorama On the Eve of Its Move to Buckhead

Chicago’s Magical Full Moon Jam Brings Fire Spinners, Drum Circles, and Curious Families to Uptown

Transport Back in Time to a Place of Serenity at The Cloisters

Ancient Rome Rises From The Ashes at the Mythical Getty Villa

The BET Awards Outshines the Grammys: What the Grammy Awards Can Learn From the BETs

America’s Drunkest States

The Week Cynicism Rested

Britney Spears Fires Back at Iggy Azalea: Responds to Azalea Slam with Dig at Canceled Tour

Tense Scenes From the Greek Crisis (PHOTOS)

Burned Black Churches May Be ‘Violent Backlash’ After Charleston Shooting

Pentagon Has No Idea How Many Transgender Troops It Kicked Out

Canadian Killer Gets a Dating Profile

Adios, Señor Trump! NBC Fires ‘The Donald’ Over Mexican Remarks

Harry Reid & Burning Man Vs. Toilets That Flush

A Divided Supreme Court Upholds Lethal Injection, But More Justices Are Doubting the Death Penalty’s Constitutionality

Inside Miami’s Wild Museum of Sex

Yemen Is Another Nice Mess the Saudis Got Us Into

The Man Who Led the Fight for Gay Rights

Supreme Court: If It’s Worth It for Corporations, Pollution May Be Okay

Fans Draw on Justin Bieber's Face in New Video

The Straight Interracial Couple Who Paved the Way for Gay Marriage

Britain’s Agony and Anger Over Tunisia Massacre

Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism

I Got Doxxed So You Don’t Have To

Meet Marvel’s Next Big Villain: Corey Stoll on Graduating From ‘House of Cards’ to ‘Ant-Man’

The Best Way to Stop Men Making Babies

Joe Manganiello Strips Down: On ‘Magic Mike XXL,’ His Sex Dungeon, and Winning Over Sofia Vergara

When Creepy Kids Are Part of an Art Show

The Musician Calling BS on the ‘Cuba Libre’ Lies

Road to Victory in New Hampshire Goes Through the VFW

Charles Darwin’s Captain, a Footnote in History, Was First Modern Weatherman

The $3 Million Federal Grant to Cure ‘Pot Addiction’

Taylor Kitsch on ‘True Detective,’ McConaughey’s Words of Wisdom, and Paul’s Big Secret

Let Bristol Palin Have a Sex Life

Conservative Witch Hunt at Northwest Nazarene University Claims a Scalp

John Oliver Slams CNN for Mistaking Pride Parade’s Dildo Flag for ISIS Flag

‘True Detective’ Episode 2: The Man with No Dick and the Masked Assassin

Why We’ll Never Be Happy: A Candid Conversation with ‘HAPPYish’ Creator Shalom Auslander

Watching Pride as an Ex-Evangelical

Shia LaBeouf's Rat-Tailed Renaissance: From Motivational Speaker to Freestyle Rapper

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Jun 28

ISIS Strikes Back

Cops Shoot and Capture Second Fugitive David Sweat

Turkey Plans to Invade Syria, But to Stop the Kurds, Not ISIS

Mass Protests in Armenia Trace Their Inspiration to…Kim Kardashian

Westboro Founder’s Son Taunts Church Over Gay Marriage

‘Avengers’ Patrick Macnee: Bookie, Actor, Nudist, Spy

The Week in Pictures: June 28, 2015

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, June 22-28

Catching This Nazi Became His Life

Biologists Are From Mars, Engineers Are From Venus

The Molecular Music Written In DNA

Blame Jefferson for the Confederate Flag

Meet The Middle East’s Atheist Preacher

In Charleston, We Saw Christianity at its Best

Pope Francis Says Marital Splits Sometimes OK In Extreme Cases

What’s So Fun About Fake Data?

Why Tsukiji, Tokyo’s Amazing Temple of Fish, Is In Danger

She’s a Beautiful, Passionate Voice for Ukraine, But That’s Not Enough

A Royally Good Grandma: The Unstoppable Rise of Kate Middleton’s Mom

The Sixth Mass Extinction: We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid

Where ‘Mad Men’ Left Off: Why Television Is Headed to Sexy, Scary ‘70s New York

It’s Time to Legalize Drugs: An Open Letter to Congress and the President

How ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Found God

Angelina, Brad, William and Kate's Afternoon Tea

‘Kids’: The Cast and Crew Reflect on the Groundbreaking Film’s 20th Anniversary

Confederate Flag Rally - Ride for Pride (Photos)

A Husband’s Death And Hostages’ Freedom From Iran

Rocking Pride Parties Worldwide After U.S. Gay Marriage Decision

Inside Obama’s ‘Amazing Grace’ Moment

Did The Four Dissenting Justices In Gay Marriage Case Just Suggest Treason?

How to Get Fit Like a Porn Star: Looking Good Naked Ain’t Easy

ISIS Unleashes Its Full Terror Arsenal

American Muslims Supporting Gay Marriage Speak Up

I Watched 100 Cat Videos for Science

How the South Rewrote History

Where Punks Always Got the Best Table

She Paved the Way for Helen Keller

The Worst Week for the Worst Man on Cable News

What A World: Robin Hood’s Secret Castle

Hoverboards, Avengers-Meets-Oz, and More Viral Videos

Inside Paris’s Kinkiest Sex Club

Bill Maher Slams Bristol Palin and the Homophobic GOP

The Stacks: How the Grateful Dead Became Immortal

Gay Marriage Is American As Apple Pie

Catching One Nazi Became His Life

The Surprising Republican Hero Of Same-Sex Marriage

Want To Feel Gay Pride? Go Here

‘Terminator Genisys’: A Baffling Blend of Awesome Action and Sci-Fi Blasphemy

Hollywood Comes Out For Gay Marriage: Lena Dunham, J.K. Rowling, and More Praise SCOTUS Decision

Escaped Murderer Richard Matt Killed By Police After Carjacking

Amy Schumer on Why She Turned Down ‘The Daily Show’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Applauds SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling: ‘The Right Way to Go’

The GOP Gay Marriage Freakout

GOP Field Split on Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Giant Vortex in Texas Lake (VIDEO)

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Back For Summer

A Manifesto for Marriage Equality

ISIS Kills 28 Shia Worshippers in Kuwait

America Celebrates Gay Independence Day (PHOTOS)

LGBT Leaders: Gay Marriage Is Not Enough

ISIS’s Revenge? ‘Bloody Friday’ Kills 60

Terror Attack Aftermath (Photos)

Islamists Put Head on a Gate in France

Harry Potter and the Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll?

Scott Walker’s Gun Bill Is Based on a Lie

Congo’s Army of Jack Bauers

‘A Murder in the Park’: The Innocence Project That Wasn’t

An ‘American Horror’ Success Story: Finn Wittrock’s Emmy-Worthy ‘Freak Show’

Rick Ross’s Worst Week Ever: The Pot Bust, the Sex Tape, and the (Alleged) Pistol-Whipping

Dubya’s Real Brother Is Rubio

This Is What the Government Thinks an ISIS Fighter Looks like

Is Georgia Covering Up This Student’s Jailhouse Death?

Sid Blumenthal’s Israel Michegas

Your Porn Addiction Isn’t Real

The GOP’s Obamacare Alternative: Crickets

How a Fox News Host Handled Sex Assault

Ted Cruz Details Dad’s Torture in New Book

Donald Trump’s Miss USA Mess: The Presidential Candidate’s Racist Comments Provoke Mass Exodus

What Scalia’s ‘Jiggery-Pokery’ Means

Gay Conversion Therapy Takes a Legal Hit in New Jersey

Courtney Love Feels French Cabbies’ Fury

Should 18-Year-Olds Freeze Their Sperm?

Screech’s Long, Sad Road to the Slammer: The Fall of ‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Dustin Diamond

Dear Vogue, ‘Gay’ Is Not a Phase

Supreme Court: Institutional Racism Is Real

Ken Burns on Confederate Flag (VIDEO)

Doctor Mocked A Sedated Patient…And Is Still Practicing Medicine

Zoolander Is Real: How Rick Owens Outdid His Penis Scandal

Can Country Music Quit the Rebel Flag?

Supreme Court Lets GOP Candidates Off the Hook on Obamacare

Christie To *Maybe* Announce Presidential Campaign Tuesday

What King v. Burwell Means for 2016

And Now, the Muslims Are Coming—to Court vs. the MTA

How Conservatism Kept Obamacare Alive

Inside Pyongyang’s Shiny, Creepy, Empty New Airport

ISIS Is On the Defensive. Is it On the Ropes?

Larry Wilmore Debates Bill O'Reilly (VIDEO)

Fox News Viciously Kicks ‘The Five’s’ Bob Beckel to the Curb

That Antonin Scalia Dissent Was Really Dumb

Polyamorists Assume the Missionary Position

How the Feds Asked Me to Rat Out Commenters

The Tao of Jaden Smith: How to Achieve a Higher Level of Consciousness

The New FCC Rule Could End Polling as We Know It

The Shameless Dolores Huerta

David Oyelowo: Racism in Hollywood Is ‘a Real Thing’

Scott Walker’s Jobs Program Didn’t Work

On the Ground in Incredible Shrinking Gaza

Ambitious Obscurity: The Lincoln Chafee Story

Jada Pinkett Smith on Strip Clubs, Energies, and Her ‘Real Ghetto’ Wedding Song to Will Smith

The Race That Defined Hillary’s Strategy

Can Iraq Be Saved?

Taylor Swift Follows Prince: The Artist Who Tamed the Corporate Giant

Why Can’t American Women Play Baseball?

Hackers Stole Secrets of U.S. Government Workers’ Sex Lives

Vine Star Carter Reynolds Attempts Statutory Rape in Video, Is Shamed By His Own Twitter Hashtag

Was Tsarnaev’s Apology Part of a Strategy to Keep Him Alive?

Facebook Bans Journalist’s Pseudonym

The al Qaeda-Hunting Ex-CIA Analyst Who Fact-Checked ‘Spy’

How ‘Voodoo,’ a Trailblazing 1928 Harlem Rennaisance Opera, Was Reborn

Qatar’s Foundation for Hypocrisy

Can Obama’s New Plan Save 30 American Hostages?

The Heavy Burden of Carrying Rev. Pinckney

Rick Ross & Terrible Celebrity Mugshots

Fix NATO or Risk WWIII

Are Devil-Worshippers Slaughtering British Sheep?

Lexus Channels Marty McFly With Real-Life Hoverboard

The Hidden Faces of the Al Jazeera Trial

British Lord Accused of Raping Boys Inside Parliament

Exclusive: Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Kennedy Family

Jaws Is Real: Great White Shark Off Cape Cod (VIDEO)

‘Ted 2’ Goes After Tom Brady’s Sperm: Mark Wahlberg on the Deflategate Joke He Snuck in the Film

Buckingham Palace is Falling Down And The Queen's Moving Out

Kiddie Boot Camp Accused of Abuse

The Klan’s Vile Post-Charleston Recruiting Spree

The South Shall Not Rise Again

The New Refugee Ghettoes of Rome

Texans Building a Confederate Monument Right Now

Mr. Big Says No More ‘Sex and the City’

McCain Accuses Republican of Funding Putin

The Artist With Gay Blood on His Hands

We’ve Reached Peak ’90s: Diddy’s Arrested, Suge Knight’s in Jail, and ‘Jurassic World’ Is No. 1

How One Mother Lost Three Kids to Chiraq Over Three Decades

Lawsuit: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Ex Nick Gordon Knocked Her Teeth Out, Stole $11K While in Coma

Candace Bushnell: ‘I’ve Had a Lot of Great Sex in My Life’

Bobby Jindal’s Common Core Crusade Could Backfire

Boston Stops the Turf War That Almost Killed Bobby Brown

How Obama Can Heal the Democrats’ Split on Trade

The Clinton-Confederate Flag Conspiracy Theory Is a New Low

ISIS Is Begging for Your Attention—by Killing People With Rocket Launchers

Chris Christie Finally Figures Out the Confederate Flag Is ‘Divisive’

‘Himizu’: How Charleston Terrorist Dylann Roof Missed the Point of His Favorite Film

Diddy’s Crazy Rap Sheet: From Attacking a Record Exec to His Alleged Kettlebell Assault

Group That Fueled Dylann Roof’s Hate Is Subsidized by U.S. Taxpayers

What the GOP Lost When It Won the South

Medical Pot Is Bunk & So’s Your Brownie

Lester Holt: NBC’s New Crown Prince

The Internet Falls in Love With Ancient, Crackpot Study Showing IPAs Cause Man Boobs

Lewis Black Endorses Bernie Sanders, Tells Bill Cosby to F Himself

The Things They’re Carrying: Migrants’ Most Cherished Belongings (Photos)

British Schoolboys Caught Pilfering Artifacts from Auschwitz

Larry Wilmore Takes Down Confederate Flag Supporters (VIDEO)

Hospitalized by Her Skinny Jeans

A James Horner Playlist: The Best From the ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ Composer

Crimean Gangland: Putin’s Seaside Mafia State

Inside Cablevision’s War With Big Labor

Exclusive: Unreleased Miles Davis Track

America’s Sexual Hypocrisy Addiction

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Forgotten Anti-Gay Sex Crusade

Greece on the Brink of the Brink

Republican Who Kept Confederate Flag Flying Is a Rebel Sympathizer

Gamergate Fail: The Rise of Ass-Kicking Women in Video Games

Feds Wise Up to Shady Foreign Lobbyist Hunting for Gaddafi Treasure

How to Translate ‘Spinglish’

The Dopest Actor in Hollywood: Shameik Moore on ‘Dope’ and His Netflix Series ‘The Get Down’

Church Massacre Response Reveals the True Spirit of Charleston

American Jews Reject Israeli Rabbinate

Doc Says Anti-Vaxxers Are Treated Like Jews in Nazi Germany

#Millennials: Want to #Hang With #JebBush?

The Real-Life Fall of Anakin Skywalker: Jake Lloyd’s Journey From ‘Star Wars’ to the Slammer

‘The Bachelorette’ Got Laid: Kaitlyn's Sexing (and Worrying) Seen ‘Round the World

Hip-Hop Sounds Off on Charleston: The ‘White Supremacy’ and the Right to Bear Arms

Trump’s Running—but the Joke’s on You

The ‘Southern Avenger’ Repents: I Was Wrong About the Confederate Flag

Scientists Discover Hundreds of Hidden Galaxies

North Korea’s Dark Secret: ‘100-Year Drought’ Is Knocking Out Its Power Supply

‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Says Goodbye: The Creators on the Influential Animated Sitcom

White House Won’t Back FBI Chief on Charleston ‘Terror’

Mark Wahlberg: ‘Not Everybody Is Being Treated Equally, and That’s Not Right’

John Oliver: Kill the Confederate Flag

Obama on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast: Racism Is More Than ‘N****r’

The Cartel That Makes Sure Airplane Tickets Never Get Cheaper

How ISIS’s ‘Attack America’ Plan Is Working

The Man Who Predicted Putin

The University of California’s Insane Speech Police

Why Won’t the GOP Do the Right Thing on the Confedrate Flag?

Keep Fighting Joseph Kony’s LRA

What if Ben Carson Went Deep Into Obama Territory, and No One Noticed?

Cast Off That Double-D Cup: Why Going Bra-Less Feels So Good

Uber Drivers: You Bet They’re Employees

Can Epigenetics Stop Late-Stage Cancer?

Jeb Bush’s Florida Lost 500 Kids

Spoon Cover Band Plays. Spoon Shows Up.

LUX Life Guide: Mariachi USA, the World’s Largest Celebration of Mariachi

‘True Detective’ Season 2 Premiere: Welcome to Hell-A

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Jun 21

The Fight Over the Confederate Flag Is the GOP’s Sister Souljah Moment

Mother Emanuel Comforts Her Children

Churches Want Your Dad, and Will Give Him Bacon, Guns, and a Grill

Dylann Roof’s Segregation Inspiration and the Politicians Who Pander to Them

‘Infinitely Polar Bear’: A Bipolar & Biracial Love Story, Starring Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana

Ed Helms on His Bluegrass Supergroup and Banjo-Plucking Skills

‘True Detective’s’ Colin Farrell: Don’t Call It a Comeback, He’s Been Here For Years

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, June 15-21

A True Crime Breakdown of The New York Prison Break

Celebrate Father’s Day Like This Father-Son Bounty Hunting Team

Goodreads Picks the Hottest Books of the 2015 Summer

Hail the Espadrille, Shoe of Summer—and Lauren Bacall

From Beirut to Boston: The Utter Americanness of Khalil Gibran

The ‘Face’—And Soul—Of John Dickerson

Tony Kushner On Arthur Miller, Marilyn and Marriage Equality

Assad Is Losing His Troops

Breslin’s Up Close Encounter With Roof’s Racism In 1965

Confessions Of A New Father

Instagram Wanderlust Helps Mother Earth

Saving Gorillas In A War Zone

The Stacks: A Son Finds His Father on Guadalcanal

Instagrammer of the Week: Taylor Rees

The Mountain Gorillas Of Virunga (PHOTOS)

Inside Orphan Black’s Shocking Finale: Co-Creator Graeme Manson on That ‘Mother’ of a Twist

Faith and Grace in the Face of Hate

Seashells, Sequins and Lots of Glitter: This Year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Everything Known About Charleston Church Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof

How Twitter Sleuths Found Dylann Roof’s Manifesto

Dylann Roof Visited Slave Plantations, Confederate Landmarks

The Week in Pictures: June 20, 2015

Great White Sharks Are Swarming Cape Cod and It’s the Government’s Fault

Alabama Cops Fired for Palling Around with White Supremacists

Dylann Roof's Racist Manifesto Is Chilling

A Grand Adventure in Modern Art at Havana's Biennale

Trump, Terminator, and More Viral Videos

LAPD Shoot Man In Head, Roll Him Over and Handcuff Him

Are You Eating Too Much Fruit?

The ‘Power’ of Black Sex Onscreen: Why the Starz TV Series’ Sex Scenes Are Groundbreaking

‘Scarface’ For the Deaf: Inside ‘The Tribe,’ a Graphic Crime Saga Featuring an All-Deaf Cast

How America Broke Its Drone Force

Charleston Shooting Families Proved Grace Wins Out Over Hate

Stanford Bros Invent Earth’s Worst App

Lakota Warriors Vow to Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies

Will ‘Poldark’ Win America's ‘Downton’ Love?

‘Inside Out’: Pixar’s Latest Masterpiece Is Its Most Profound Movie Yet

Terry Riley’s Maximal Minimalist Music

Happiest Man in the World: Stop Trying to be Happy

Athleisure Wear Is Here To Stay

Yes, You Can Buy Your Own Bourbon Barrel

Why Are Commencement Speeches So Bad?

Burlesque Icon Blaze Starr Fades Out At Age 83

Captain Kirk’s New Wild Ride

Bill Maher Blames Right-Wing Media For Charleston: ‘They Present a Really Twisted View’

Big Sean on Charleston and Police Brutality: ‘The World Is a Mess’

Jeb Sells Catholicism to Evangelicals

How Comedians Handle Tragedy

Racist Talk From Dylann Roof’s Judge

Blumenthal: Free My Benghazi Testimony

Prince Harry Is Still ‘Secretly Dating’ His Ex, Cressida Bonas

‘Crazy’ Ben Carson Is The GOP’s Voice of Sanity on Charleston

Jon Stewart on Charleston: ‘We Still Won’t Do Jackshit’

We Need To Talk About White Culture

Chinese Town To Kill 10,000 Dogs For Festival

Now Where Will You Buy a Curse? Etsy Just Crossed the Wrong Witches

Who’s Winning the Facebook Primary?

Brian Williams’s Ego Is Alive and Well

Charleston Lesson: Black Americans Live With Terrorism All the Time

Exclusive: Watch a Clip From ‘Batkid Begins,’ the Story of Batkid’s Viral San Francisco Takeover

‘True Detective’ Season 2: More Is Less, But Rachel McAdams Gives Us Hope

The Hospital Singing Soviet War Songs

Scientists Just Made a Lightbulb That’s One Atom Thick

Shove Over, Mr. Hamilton: Our Top 10 Women for the New $10 Bill

A Damning Indictment of Syrian President Assad’s Systematic Massacres

Why We Love to Loathe Manhattan’s Upper East Side: From F. Scott Fitzgerald to ‘Odd Mom Out’

‘Inside Out’ Star Phyllis Smith’s Journey From G-Stringed Dancer to ‘The Office’ and Pixar

The Actors Who Trapped Gay Men Into Having Illegal Sex

Is ‘Mr. Talented’ the World’s Most Dangerous Starf**ker?

How Liberals Can Save Obamacare

Meet ‘Big Boo’: OITNB’s Lea DeLaria on Her Backstory, That Strap-On Scene, and Living Out Loud

Charleston Shooting Victim Sharonda Coleman-Singleton’s Last Words to Her Son

How James Madison Separated Church and State

Why This London Museum Had to Turn Its Moths Gay

Why the GOP Hates Talking About Hate: Conservatives Can’t Confront Racism in Charleston Shooting

The Body-Shaming of Rob Kardashian: New Pictures Emerge and the Pitchforks Come Out

Reddit’s Racists ‘Celebrate’ Charleston Terror—and Worry About the Blowback

How Lester Holt Dethroned Brian Williams: NBC’S Messy Changing of The Guard

Europe Takes Over Putin TV

The Incredible History of Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E.: The Bravest Church in America

Get Real: Charleston Church Shooting Was Terrorism

Pacific ‘Blob’ May Be Worsening Drought

Charleston Faithful in Disbelief Over Church Massacre

Rand Blames Charleston Shooting on ‘People Not Understanding Where Salvation Comes From’

Remembering the Victims of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (PHOTOS)

The New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Speed Read: 13 Naughtiest Bits

iPhone Photography at its Best

Mark Russell and DC Comics Resurrect Prez, the Teen President

Ditch Jackson, Keep Hamilton

Scenes From Charleston’s Church Shooting (Photos)

Behind the Hate Crime Massacre in a Black Charleston Church

Stop Calling Hillary Old

These Are the Dictators Donald Trump Loves

Teen Chooses ‘Slender Man’ Over Her Meds

‘Hawaii’s Got Nothing on Azerbaijan!’ Say Paid Stooges

Glad to Be Gay: The Long Lost, Pro-LGBT Film From 1961

Big Love, Big Split for Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

Inside Prince George’s Royal Publicity Blitz

Parents Can Lose Custody of Children Just for Being Kinky

100 Beheadings, 6 Months: Why the Saudi Kingdom Is on an Execution Spree

Waterloo and the End of Napoleonic War

Songwriters Hall of Fame Honors Hunter and Garcia, Tuneful Wizards of the Grateful Dead

Jennifer Lawrence Won the Sony Hack: Why the Actress Is Being Paid More Than Chris Pratt

The Banned Chemical That Keeps on Killing

Jessica Lange on Lady Gaga, ‘Freak Show,’ and Saying Goodbye to ‘American Horror Story’

How Darren Criss Graduated ‘Glee,’ Mastered ‘Hedwig,’ and Became the ‘It Boy’ Again

Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith’s ‘Gender Fluid’ Revolution

Why Is Brian Williams Good Enough for MSNBC, but Not NBC?

Mom Wants Uber to Pay After Driver Sexually Assaulted Her Daughter

Peace Protests Erupt in East Ukraine While Unrest Rises in the West

Taylor Swift Wants to Make Harnesses Happen

When Reading a Kids’ Book Is ‘Psycho-Emotional Rape’

Will Jeb Bush’s ‘Tonight Show’ News Jam Win Him Votes?

Mom’s Abortion Switcheroo for Gay Pal

We Remixed the Rachel Dolezal Tribute Song

Drones Turn al Qaeda Killers on Each Other

The Specter of Ethnic Cleansing in the Dominican Republic

Stunt Flying 4-Year-Old (VIDEO)

The Fight in Iran About Women in the Stands

Madonna’s Star-Studded ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ Video Is Just Plain Sad

Exclusive: MH370 Search Cut Back by Malaysia

Stephen Colbert Trumps Trump (VIDEO)

A Playlist of Politically Purloined Tunes

Steve Kerr, the Risk-Taking General Who Led the Warriors to Victory

Ireland Is ‘Frozen in Shock’ by Balcony Deaths

Ran 7,000 Miles. Putin Still Got Them.

Iran and the Afghan Taliban Teaming Up Against ISIS

The Backyard Beasts Scarier Than Sharks

Meet Orange Is the New Black’s Most Adorable Sociopath: Yael Stone on Morello’s Accented Ascent

Bristol Palin’s Celebrity Trolling Spree: A Peek Inside Bristol’s Burn Book

Pussy Riot for President?

MTV’s ‘Scream’: Ghostface Goes Viral

Ambassador Chris Stevens’s Friends Are Tired of This Benghazi Nonsense

When GI Jane Joined Special Ops

Dropped by the U.S. Military, Colt Goes Bankrupt

This Week’s Hot Reads: June 17, 2015

Drones Take Over America’s War on ISIS

Dutch Demagogue Taunts Muslim Crazies With Texas Cartoons

Real Talk with Mark Ruffalo: On Manic Depression, Bernie Sanders, and Sexism

The War Crime That Kills You Quietly

Kirk Kerkorian, the Modest Mogul Who Quietly Built Vegas, Dies at 98

Video: White Cop Grabs Black Tween by Her Neck—And Slams Her Against His Squad Car

The Genius Behind Your Favorite Book Covers

Sexist Scientist: I Was Being ‘Honest’

If Rachel Dolezal Says She’s Black, She’s Black. Sort Of.

Elephants Enjoy Classical Music (VIDEO)

Dolezal’s Damaging ‘Transracial’ Game

She Googled Her Symptoms, Doctors Ignored Her, Now She’s Dead

Trump to U.S.: ‘I Am Rich,’ Hire Me.

Mykki Blanco, The Rapper Challenges Rap’s HIV Stigma

ISIS Is Losing in Northern Syria, but Ankara Is Unhappy

Harry’s FLOTUS Tea Party

We Ate the Hot Dog Pizza—and Lived

Did This Congressional Powerhouse Write a Bill to Help His Donor ‘Make a Quick Buck’?

Garish Tastes, Awful Hair: Donald Trump Is America

In the Warren vs. Dimon Feud, It’s Warren, Not Even Close

Front Row at the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant

Henrietta Bingham, the Jazz Age’s Secret Lothario

‘Wife Bonus’ Author: My Critics Hate Women

Let Kristen Stewart Love Who She Wants

Chris Christie Pardoned This Man to Save Himself

Black Celebs’ Rachel Dolezal Dilemma: Why Dave Chappelle Shouldn’t Give the Con Artist a Pass

‘Game of Thrones’ Abused Women: Saying Goodbye to the Most Brutal Season Yet

Nigeria’s Lousy Schools Helped Spawn Boko Haram

Aziz Ansari on the Flaws of Insta-Boner Marriage, and the ‘Recipe for Misery’ That Is Dating in 2015

Pope Francis Tries to Save the World From Climate Change

Will Hulk Hogan Pin Nick Denton? The Lawsuit That Could Destroy Gawker

When Gangsters Took Over the Big Apple: Inside AMC’s ‘The Making of the Mob: New York’

Watch Out, Rachel Dolezal: There’s Another White NAACP Leader

Did We All Descend From Comets? We’re About to Find Out

‘Amnesty Hecklers’ Moment Will Haunt Jeb Bush on the Trail

The U.S. Just Killed Al Qaeda’s Most-Dangerous Man

Win or Lose, Give LeBron the NBA Finals MVP

Meter Maid Hoists Taxi (VIDEO)

Can a Reality TV Star Save Sweden’s Royal Family?

Exclusive: U.S. Strikes Hit Suspected ISIS-Al Qaeda Gathering

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale’s Burning Question: Will Melisandre Revive Him?

Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis Sing "We Are the World"

Astronomer Pieter Van Dokkum Photographs Dragonflies Up Close and Personal

China’s Hack Just Wrecked American Espionage

Do You Dare to Bare in a Crop Top?

Confessions of Moscow’s Last Independent Radio Newsman

Black Lives Matter at MoMA

Jeb Bush Pops America the Question—With Some Help From His Friends

Bernie Sanders Is Building an Army to Take D.C.

An Over-the-Counter Pill Isn’t Safe

Mosul Is ‘Safe, Clean’...and Run by ISIS

‘Gossip Girl’ Star Kelly Rutherford Clears the Air Regarding Her Custody Drama

Rush Limbaugh Is Selling His Children’s Books in Spanish Now

Domineering Dads and Sexual Frustration Driving Kids in the West to ISIS

John Oliver and Helen Mirren Take the U.S. and ‘24’s’ Jack Bauer to Task Over Torture

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Finale: All Men Must Die

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Shocker: Yes, They're Really Dead

Louisville Cop Guns Down African Immigrant Wielding a Flagpole

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5: The Best Moments in Photos

Iran’s Spies Tried to Recruit Me

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows: Jun 14

After a Close Election, Gay California Republican Still Resents Election ‘Smear’

Wild Rains Free Wild Animals in Tbilisi

The Daily Beast’s Best Longreads, June 8-14

The Secrets of ‘Saturday Night Live’: Where Comedy Legends Are Born

The ‘Queen of Versailles’ Death Mystery: A Fallen Heiress and a Family Under Fire

Baron Davis: I Want Steph Curry For ‘Avengers’-Style ‘Space Jam 2’

Next Stop Bottom of the Sea: Old Subway Cars Become Reefs (PHOTOS)

A Stark New Munich Museum Reveals How The Nazis Were Made

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Raunchy Schumer Speech Inspires

Prince Charles Used Secret Letters to Push His Medical Quackery

Man Plays Guitar During His Own Brain Surgery

Obama Bets It All on the Mullahs

Black Chicago Pastor: Dems ‘Failing’ Us

How France Let the Charlie Hebdo Killers Go Free

‘I Brought Down the Iggy Azalea Tour’

Carly Fiorina Is Not Running for Vice President

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These T-Shirts Fight Ebola

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Marco Rubio Used to Heart Huckabee

John Cusack Talks ‘Love & Mercy,’ Drug Trips, and the Ways Obama Is ‘Worse Than Bush’

100% of Standing Desk Users Still Die

The Duggars’ Fox News Interview Was an Unholy Disaster

The ‘XXL’ Freshman Class List Is a Joke: Kidd Kidd, Iggy Azalea, and More Rap Lunacy

Should Chris Matthews Use His TV Show to Talk Up His Candidate Wife?

Cameron Crowe (Sorta) Apologizes For Asian Emma Stone in ‘Aloha,’ But Still Misses the Point

Viewing Tiananmen From Hong Kong

Military Swore Its Anthrax Was Dead

No One Trusts Dick Morris to Stop Hillary

Transphobic Trolls Are Out to Strip Caitlyn Jenner of Her Olympic Gold Medal

Sex, North Korea, and Red Wine: The Night New York Drank Smarter

U.S. Ready to Snatch Qatar’s World Cup

Can Anyone Stop Putin’s New Blitz?

Nemtsov’s Murder Unites Putin Enemies

Brad Meltzer Eats Critics for Lunch

Stephen Colbert is Back, As Weird and Funny As Ever!

Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan Fight For Their Rights in ‘Suffragette’

Boston’s Wannabe Beheader ‘Liked’ ISIS Enough to Kill

Why Is MoMA Screwing Over Its Staff?

Caitlyn Jenner's Reality Trailer

Rita Ora Picks Her ‘Poison’

‘Mount Misery’: Frederick Douglass Confronts Donald Rumsfeld

Banned in India: My Censorship Battle

Erroneous BBC Tweet During Technical Rehearsal of Queen's Death Sparks Panic

Alicia Vikander: Hollywood’s Most Wanted

The Triumph of a Transgender World Cup Star

Today’s ADHD Blame Game: Pesticides

Killed by Her Back Alley Butt Implants

Can Slacktivists Stop Gun Violence? When Fashion Meets Activism

Why ‘The World’s Best Restaurant’ List Is Ridiculous

Gun Nuts: Arm the Mentally Ill!

2016 Needs a Third Party

U.N. Envoy to Syria: Assad Must Go

Meet the Alisons: How Three Women Helped ‘Fun Home’ Conquer Broadway

Meet Rand Paul’s Nerd Army: Like Mathletes, but for Liberty

Jeb’s Super Awesome Homecoming

TV’s Rape Obsession: What ‘Outlander’ Got Right and ‘Game of Thrones’ Gets Very Wrong

Jeb Blasts NSA Critics: You Are Making Us Unsafe

It’s NSA 1, Rand Paul 0 as the Senate Passes Patriot Act Reform

What the Yangtze Disaster Says About China’s Attitude Toward Safety

Russian Trolls Blame CIA for Blatter Resignation

Graham Enters 2016 Race To Shift Debate

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Qatar and Putin’s FIFA Friend Is Dead

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Town the U.S. Helped Save Now Run by ‘Terrorists’

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Mississippi Murderer Allowed to Drive Sheriff’s Car, Sleep at Home

Polygamy Is More Popular Than Ever

Only the Republicans Can Clean Up the Surveillance Mess They Made

This LSD Could Save Your Life

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What Happens When the Queen Dies—Inside ‘The Bridge’

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Fox News’ Disgusting Caitlyn Jenner Transphobia

Vince Vaughn, Hollywood’s Biggest Libertarian, Wants More Guns in Schools

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Adam Levine Wants Us to Look at His Perfect Ass

Surgery, Suicide, and Self-Acceptance: Caitlyn Jenner Bares All in Vanity Fair

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The Brain Tumor That Killed Beau Biden

The Patriot Act Just Made Rand Paul GOP Enemy No. 1

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