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Cheats February 2016

MSNBC Scraps Another Weekend Show

Judge: FBI Can’t Make Apple Provide Data

Vanderbilt Fined $100K for Court-Storming

Oscar Winner George Kennedy Dead at 91

State Dept Wins Clinton Email Fight

Bill O'Reilly Loses Custody of Children

Dick Cheney Edited ‘Independent’ Rockefeller Report

CBS CEO: Trump's Candidacy Has Been Good for Us

U.S. Delta Force to Begin Striking ISIS

Security Chokes Reporter at Trump Rally

4 Injured in Ohio School Shooting

30 HS Students to Be Charged in Fight

Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico

SEAL Team Six Member Gets Medal of Honor

Joe Scarborough: Trump’s KKK Answer ‘Disqualifying’

Clarence Thomas Speaks During Oral Arguments for First Time in Decade

Cruz Ballot Challenge Goes to NY Court

Moderates Win Big in Iranian Elections

Fukushima Execs Charged With Negligence

Moscow Nanny Held Up Kid’s Severed Head

Trump Blames ‘Lousy Earpiece’ for Not Denouncing David Duke

Top Cardinal Testifies in Abuse Inquiry

KKK Members in California Brawl Released

U.S. Student ‘Confesses’ in N. Korea

Switzerland Votes Down Deportation Plan

Biden Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault

Snyder Held Off on Flint Emergency Order

‘Spotlight’ Wins Best Picture; Leo Gets First Oscar

SpaceX Aborts Launch Just Before Liftoff

At Least 59 Dead in Baghdad Bombings

Alabama Sen. Sessions Endorses Trump

Baptist Pastor Shot, Killed at Church

Vice Chair Quits DNC, Endorses Sanders

Pentagon Employee Allegedly Kills Cop

David Duke: I Think Trump 'Knows Who I Am'

MSNBC Cuts Ties with Harris-Perry

Cruz Slams Trump for Alleged Mob Ties

Trump Won't Denounce KKK Support

Stephen Curry Breaks Record for 3's

Cruz, Rubio Release Tax Returns

Man Kills 14 Family Members, Hangs Self

Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina

Three Protesters Stabbed at KKK Rally

Rubio Mocks Trump's Face, Hair, and Tan

NYPD Seizes $1 Million Worth of Weed

French Nationalist Le Pen Endorses Trump

30,000 March Through Moscow in Protest

Buffett: Candidates Are Wrong on Economy

Thai Company to Make Cheaper Cigarettes

Syrian Truce Takes Effect

Trump Protester with KKK T-Shirt Ejected

Saudi Man Gets 10 Years for Tweets

Yoko Ono Hospitalized With Flu Symptoms

88 Hillary Emails Are ‘Confidential’

CDC: Don’t Go to Olympics if Pregnant

Feds: Ex-Girlfriend Gave Guns to Kansas Shooter

‘Making a Murderer’ Creators Plan Sequel

Teen Who Raped, Killed Teacher Gets 40 Years

9 Dead as Gunmen Attack Somali Hotel

Melissa Harris-Perry ‘Walks Off’ Her MSNBC Show

Oscar-Winning Rapper: Academy Not Racist

Trump Wants to Undermine First Amendment

CDC: 2 Women With Zika Had Abortions

‘New Republic’ Sold to Liberal Publisher

Chris Christie Endorses Trump

Actor Who Played ‘Rocky’ Trainer Dies

Kasich: ‘Nobody’s Gonna Win But Trump’ Next Week

Rubio Mocks Trump’s Spelling, Age, Sweat

NIH Shirks on Releasing Research Chimps

Kansas Shooter Had Protective Order Against Him

One Direction Star in Custody Battle

Rubio After Debate Win: Trump’s a ‘Con Artist’

Bees, Butterflies Closer to Extinction

Four Dead in Kansas Workplace Shooting

China Backs U.S. Sanctions on N. Korea

37 Rescued from Icebreaker in Antarctica

Biden to Mexico: Sorry for GOP Rhetoric

Texas Dean Leaves Over Campus Gun Law

‘Shawshank’ Fugitive to Be Released

Trump: I’m Being Audited Because I’m a ‘Strong Christian’

Lindsey Graham: GOP Is ‘Batsh*t Crazy’

First U.S. Uterus Transplant Performed

Lands’ End Pulls Gloria Steinem From Catalog

MLB Adopts New 2B Sliding Rules

Apple: FBI Making ‘Dangerous’ Demands

Report: Rubio Prepping for Contested Convention

Huckabee’s Daughter Joins Trump Team

Mizzou Fires ‘Safe Space’ Professor

SeaWorld Workers Posed as PETA Activists

GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval Withdraws From SCOTUS Consideration

Porn Expo Sues Dallas Over Convention Center Ban

Bowie’s Son: Lorde’s Tribute Was Beautiful

Bristol Palin Loses Long Custody Battle

Mumbai Deaths Linked to Selfies Surge

Report: Scalia’s Last Hours Spent With Secretive Hunting Frat

All Men in Iranian Village Executed

Poll: Trump Crushing Rubio in Florida

Trump Beach Club Hires Foreign Workers

4 Killed in Severe East Coast Storms

Player ‘Punched’ for Helping Rape Victim

Widow Seeks $7.6M in MH370 Lawsuit

Apple to Make It Harder to Hack iPhones

Lawmaker Calls for Cruz or Rubio to Quit

Oregon Refuge Occupiers Plead Not Guilty

Jeb! Apologizes to Donors for Failed Bid

Purported ISIS Video Targets Zuckerberg

Biden Will Be a Presenter at the Oscars

‘Idiocracy’ Writer: Film Became Reality

Apple CEO Would Fight in Supreme Court

Two Dozen Quarantined In California

Charges Dropped in Brooklyn Rape Case

Pro-Trump Robocall: Don't Vote for Cuban

Mitt Romney Hints ‘Bombshell’ in Trump’s Taxes

3 Pregnant FL Women Infected With Zika

Adele: I Stand With Kesha

TX Professors Told to Avoid Offending Campus Carriers

One Deputy Killed, 2 Wounded in Shootout

Report: Obama Vetting GOP Gov for SCOTUS Seat

Flint Still Hasn’t Tested Water for Legionella

Cops: Nurse Assisted Surgery While Drunk

Mississippi Capital: Water Unsafe for Pregnant Women, Children

Rick Perry’s Criminal Case Dismissed

L.A. Schools Return Weapons to Pentagon

Beijing Beats NYC as Billionaire Capital

Apple to Invoke Free Speech in FBI Case

Trump: ‘I Love the Poorly Educated’

Ramon Castro, Brother to Leaders, Dies

Johnson & Johnson Loses Cancer Lawsuit

23 Confirmed Dead in Nepal Plane Crash

Nike Founder Donates $400M to Stanford

Trump Crushes Rivals for Big Nevada Win

Senate Won’t Consider Obama SCOTUS Pick

Three Killed as Severe Storms Hit South

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Backs Hillary

UT Moves To Strike Manning Accusation

Man Shot on D.C. Metro Train

CDC Reports More U.S. Zika Cases

Doctor: Scalia Suffered From Heart Disease and Diabetes

Polygamist Indicted for Food Stamp Fraud

Hillary Aides to Be Put on the Stand

Ex-Trump Adviser Barred From CNN

Kurds Rescue Swedish Teen Girl from ISIS

Libyan Army Takes Back Benghazi

Obama Lays Out Plan to Close Gitmo

Woman Convicted of Cutting Fetus From Womb

‘House of Cards’ Star Feels the Bern

Mars Recalls Candy in 55 Countries

Lithium Battery Cargo Barred From Airliners

6 Students Stabbed at Canadian School

Cop Suspended Without Pay Over Vines

FBI Wants Access to 12 Other iPhones

5 Dead in Arizona Shooting, Fire

Bill Gates Backs FBI Against Apple, Backtracks

Toddler Sentenced to Life in Prison

Swedish Doctor Locked Woman in Bunker

Reports: Assad Accepts Cease-Fire Deal

Cruz: I’ll Send Agents to Deport People

Seas Rise at Fastest Rate in 2,800 Years

Spike Lee Endorses Bernie Sanders

Trump Says He’d Like to Punch Protester

Country Music Legend Sonny James Dies

OPM Chief Quits Before Hearing on Hack

Police: Suspect Admits to Shooting Spree

Kasich Apologizes for ‘Kitchen’ Comment

Google Pulls The Plug on Google Compare

Pentagon to Submit Plan to Close Gitmo

Uber: We Got Complaints About Shooter

13 Bald Eagles Found Dead in Maryland

Puerto Rican Becomes 1st Gay US Justice

3 White Students Dodge Hate Crime Rap

Dr. Luke: I Never Raped Kesha

McCaskill: I Have Breast Cancer

Ted Cruz Fires Top Spokesman

Reporter Apologizes for Sympathetic Holtzclaw Profile

Bernie: Pope Francis Is a Socialist

Video: Kalamazoo Suspect Appears in Court

ISIS: We Beheaded Hindu Priest

Cruz Camp: Sorry for Spreading Rubio Video

DOD Opens Afghan Child Sex Abuse Probe

UN Syrian Cease-Fire Deal Reached

Former Miss New Jersey Dies After Car Crash

Study: Hollywood Is a White, Boys’ Club

Unions: We All Support Hillary Clinton

Car, Amtrak Train Collide in Missouri

Bernie Sanders Wanted to Abolish the CIA

90M More Takata Airbags May Be Recalled

Vaccine Reduced HPV in Young Women

Gunmaker Wants Newtown Lawsuit Tossed

Tropical Cyclone Kills 18 in Fiji

Taylor Swift Donates $250,000 to Kesha

U.S. Rejected N. Korea Peace Talks

San Bernardino Victims Blast Apple

Syrian Bombings Kill Nearly 130

Denny Hamlin Wins First Daytona 500

Gunman Picked Up Uber Fares After Spree

London Mayor: UK Should Leave EU

Private Texas Colleges Say No To Guns

Kasich Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding

Bernie Disagrees With Brother’s Remarks

Glenn Beck is Fasting for Ted Cruz

Missing Radioactive Device Found in Iraq

Snowden Would Return to U.S. for Trial

6 Killed in Michigan Mass Shooting

Rubio Denies Report of Romney Backing

Jeb Bush Drops Out of Race

Donald Trump Wins South Carolina

Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Caucus

Colombia: 6300 Pregnant Women Have Zika

Six-Hour Standoff Ends with Cop Dead

Dallas Cops Haven't Spoken to Manziel

Last Survivor of Nazi Death Camp Dies

NC Must Redraw Gerrymandered Districts

2 NYPD Officers Shot in Brooklyn

North Korea: South Korea President Is a Senile Granny

Taxpayers Have Spent $10M on Bridgegate

Serbia: 2 Captives Died in US Airstrikes

Trump Hails Use of ‘Pigs’ Blood’ Bullets

Writer Umberto Eco Dies at 84

Cameron: Terms for U.K. EU Vote Look Good

Trump, Day 1 of Iraq Invasion: ‘Tremendous Success’

50 Cent Ordered to Court for Money Pics

Pro-Cruz S.C. Robocalls Defend ‘Our’ Confederate Flag

Lawmakers Release Tear Gas in Kosovo Parliament

Trump Wants Apple Boycott; Tweets from iPhone

Prosecutors: Shkreli Witnesses Fear Reprisal

George Harrison Returns on Clapton Album

DOJ Fires Back at Apple, Files Motion

Katy Perry Paid $70K by Hillary Campaign

Man Released After 43 Years in Solitary

Feds: Please Stop Selling Hoverboards

Kesha Not Freed From Dr. Luke Contract

Affluenza Teen’s Case Moved to Adult Court

Sanders: I Was Made an ‘Honorary Woman’

Harper Lee, Author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Dead at 89

Miami Cop Union Calls a Beyonce Boycott

2 Dead in Las Vegas Strip Shooting

Mother Charged With Waterboarding Son

U.S. Hits ISIS Camp in Libya, Kills Over 30

Oregon House Passes Minimum-Wage Hike

Bloomberg on 2016: A Race to Extremes

EU, Turkey to Hold Migration Summit

Hillary Gets Boost From Superdelegates

IL Court to Hear Cruz Eligibility Case

Trump in 2002: We Should Invade Iraq

Charles Koch: I Agree With Bernie

Soldier to Get First Penis Transplant

Teen Arrested for Murder During Class

Bernie: Hillary Uses Obama for Black Vote

Kentucky Gov. Sues Planned Parenthood

Scalia Fam ‘Okay’ With Obama's Funeral No-Show

MSNBC’s Trump Town Hall Loses in Ratings

YMCA Abolishes ‘Slave Re-Enactments’

Officials: California Gas Leak Permanently Capped

FBI Raids Home of San Bernardino Terrorist’s Brother

Pope: Birth Control OK in Zika Zones

Pope Suggests Trump Is ‘Not Christian’

Bowie Rejected Dave Grohl Collaboration

Hacker Suspect Rescued by Disney Cruise

Biden: Obama Wants GOP-Supported Justice

Report: Twitter’s ISIS Strategy Working

‘Mob Wives’ Star Dead at 55

Scalia’s Son: Death Theories ‘Hurtful’

Cosby Suing Assault Accuser Constand

Turkey Vows Revenge, Bombs Iraqi Kurds

ISIS May Get Stolen Radioactive Material

Pope Renews Call to Welcome Migrants

Cliven Bundy Indicted in 2014 Standoff

Cruz on Trump Suit: ‘I Laughed Out Loud’

Google CEO Backs Apple in iPhone Fight

Hospital Paid $17K Ransom to Hackers

President Obama to Visit Cuba

DHS Can Override iPhone Security

Wonderful Pistachios Bash Manny Pacquiao

Audio: Kanye West Yelling Backstage at SNL

Poll: Cruz Now Beating Trump Nationally

Superdome Named Federal Historic Site

Kasich Will Skip S.C. on Primary Day

Pope Francis Scolds Person Who Knocked Him Down

LAPD Cops Charged With Sexual Assault

Obama Will Not Attend Scalia Funeral

Nikki Haley to Endorse Marco Rubio

5 Dead in Turkish Terror Attack

Ex-Tennessee Player Charged in Sex Sting

Nike Drops Manny Pacquiao

$40M ‘Big Lebowski’ House Acquired

Paris Terrorists May Have Spied on Nuclear Official

Right-Wing Hate Groups Surged in 2015

Academy Sues Over Risqué Oscars Gift Bag

Plane Runs Into Plane at Detroit Airport

4K Women Missing, Murdered in Canada

China ‘Put Missiles’ on Disputed Island

Apple Refuses to Unlock Gunman’s Phone

Cosby Loses Appeal to Have Case Tossed

S. Dakota OKs Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

Obama: Trump Will Not Be President

Flint Paid Highest Water Rate in U.S.

U.S. Stealth Jets Fly Over South Korea

German Shorthaired Pointer Wins Top Dog

Eagles of Death Metal Perform in Paris

Obama to GOP: ‘Do Your Job’ on SCOTUS

Apple Ordered to Unlock Shooter's Phone

Cliven Bundy Denied Bail

U.S. Had Iran Cyberattack Plan

Kanye Album Gets 500K Downloads in a Day

Trump, Hillary Hold Big Leads in S.C. Polls

U.S., Cuba Sign Deal on Airline Service

Top Republican Open to Obama SCOTUS Nod

Boehner: I Asked Scalia to Run With Dole

‘Fox & Friends’ Replaces Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Inspiration for ‘The Wire’ Characters Dies

Referee Shot Dead by Player During Match

Madoff Disputes ABC Movie About Him

3 Kidnapped Americans Freed in Baghdad

Saudis, Russia Agree to Limit Oil Output

New Evidence Links Zika to Infant Microcephaly

UN: Boutros Boutros-Ghali Has Died

Pacquiao: Gays Are ‘Worse Than Animals’

4 U.S. Reporters Freed in Bahrain

Church: Yes, Bishops Must Report Abuse

EODM Frontman: We All Need Guns Now

Paralysis Condition Surges in Zika Zones

New Cancer Treatment Acts Like Vaccine

S. Korea Warns of N. Korea Collapse

Judge Reveals Details on Scalia’s Health

Bowie’s Son Not a Fan of Gaga Tribute

George W. Bush Jabs Trump at Jeb Rally

T-Swift, Lamar, Sheeran Take Top Grammys

Vanity, Prince Protegée, Dead at 57

Rihanna Cancels Grammy Performance

Obama to Travel to Vietnam in May

Tiffany Trump Walks in NYFW Show

Donor Gives $18M for Lincoln Memorial

Trump Threatens Third Party Run

U.S. to Build New Factory in Cuba

Hospital Hit In Syrian Airstrike

“Stars Wars: Episode VIII” Cast Out

Former Israeli PM Starts Jail Sentence

Obama Urges Russia to End Syria Assault

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Released

Japan Economy Shrinks More Than Expected

Ranch Owner: Scalia’s Death Was Peaceful

Kanye West Says He’s $53 Million in Debt

Cops Seize $900M in Meth Hidden in Bras

Car Bomb Disarmed at Albuquerque Airport

‘Deadpool’ Breaks R-Rated Record

Spitzer Investigated For Alleged Assault

Obama Won’t Make Recess Appointment

One Dead in Daytona Beach Shooting

Pope To Pray For Mexican City

Hawaii in State of Emergency for Zika

Scalia Died from Heart Attack

Brazilian Troops Begin Mosquito Attack

British Band Killed in Car Crash

UN: Rise in Afghan Civilian Deaths

Obama: I Will Nominate New Justice

Cruz, Rubio: No New Justice Under Obama

Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79

Missile Mistakenly Sent to Cuba Returned

81 Hillary Emails Marked as Classified

Pope: Mexicans Deserve 'True Justice'

Texas Newspapers Snub Cruz

5K+ Pregnant Colombian Women Have Zika

UN: Rising Number of Migrants Are Kids

Russian Premier Decries 'New Cold War'

Mets’ Jenrry Mejia Banned From MLB

Pope Meets Russian Orthodox Leader

2 Girls Killed at Arizona High School

Columbine Killer Mom Feels ‘Huge’ Guilt

Flint Water OK’d Over Official Warning

Trump: I’ll Sue Cruz for Being Mean

Flying Manhole Cover Kills Boston Driver

OH Police Kill Man After Machete Attack

Rich-Poor Longevity Gap Grows

Dr. Dre to Star in Apple’s First TV Show

Feds Knew About Flint Legionnaire’s Crisis

Bill Murray ‘Threw’ Fan’s Phone Off Roof

AT&T to Begin Testing 5G Wireless

Assad: I'll Retake the Whole Country

Cops: Oregon Occupiers Planted Booby Traps

Bernie: I’m Better on Race Than Obama

Plot to Free Daniel Pearl Killer Foiled

U.S. to Ban Slave Labor Imports

5 Charged in NYC Deadly Gas Explosion

Obama to Announce 3 New Calif. Monuments

Cruz Camp Pulls Ad Featuring Porn Star

Hillary Says Bernie Can’t Keep Promises

U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 3 ISIS Leaders

NYC Cop Found Guilty in Stairwell Death

NYPD Officer Guilty of Manslaughter

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Finally Stopped

Clinton Aide Subpoenaed By State Dept.

Jim Webb Rules Out Independent Run

Trump and Univision Reach Settlement

Nearly 50 Georgia Prison Guards Arrested

Congressional Black Caucus Backs Hillary

52 Inmates Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Grand Jury Hears Evidence in Garner Case

Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves

Meryl Streep: ‘We’re All Africans’

Police Release Cliven Bundy’s Mugshot

NATO Ships Will Fight Migrant-Smuggling

North Korea Seizes Joint Industrial Zone

OKC Man ‘Decapitated’ His Grandparents

Auschwitz Guard on Trial for 170K Deaths

Fargo Cop ‘Can’t Survive’ Standoff Wound

All Oregon Occupiers Surrender at Refuge

Senate Backs Tougher N. Korea Sanctions

New ‘House of Cards’ Trailer Released

USOC to Tap Disease Specialists for Zika

2 Deputies Shot, Killed at Panera Bread

Robert Kennedy's Assassin Denied Parole

Suicide Bombers Kill 58 in Nigerian Camp

FBI Surrounds Last Oregon Occupiers

City Wanted $500 From Tamir Rice Estate

Study: Rate of Dementia Declining

2 Cops Killed in ‘Targeted’ Attack

Christie Formally Ends Campaign Bid After NH Loss

Carney: Obama Wants Hillary to Win

DOJ Sues City of Ferguson

Carly Fiorina Drops Out of Race

Bernie Raises $5M+ Since NH Win

Ex-Sheriff to Plead Guilty in Jail Scandal

New Harry Potter Book Coming This Summer

Dead Body From November Found in Walmart Lot

Twitter Officially Adds Algorithmic Timeline

Marco Rubio Collapses to Fifth Place in NH

Rand Paul Campaign Manager Joins Team Rubio

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Heads to Broadway

Meteorite Didn't Kill Indian Man

Israel PM Wants Fence for ‘Wild Beasts’

North Korean Army Chief ‘Executed’

Bernie Crushes Hillary in NH Primary

705,000 Mercedes-Benzes Recalled in U.S.

China Confirms First Case of Zika Virus

U.S. to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

4 People Shot Outside Mich. High School

Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits Chile

Ferguson Approves Revised DOJ Deal

Kasich Nabs NH 2nd Place Behind Trump

Trump, Sanders Win New Hampshire

Supreme Court Puts Climate Rules on Hold

Kanye West: Bill Cosby is Innocent

Former Russia PM Attacked by Chechens

Maine Gov. LePage Admits Racist Rant

Exit Polls: Trump, Sanders Lead in NH

Michigan AG: Manslaughter Charges Possible

NBA Suspends Blake Griffin for Brawl

Bettors Give Bernie 98% Chance in NH

Carson: I’m Open to Being Trump’s VP

Intel Chief: ISIS to Attack U.S. in 2016

TX Cop Kills Unarmed, Naked Black Teen

Browns ‘Covered Up’ Manziel’s Drinking

Cam Newton Admits: I’m a Sore Loser

Black Lives Matter Activist Shoots Self at Statehouse

Shkreli Sued Over $2M Wu-Tang Clan Album

Texas ‘Cop Killer’ Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

Red Lobster Sales Spike Thanks to Beyoncé

Obama's Final Budget: Tax the Banks

Report: DMX Overdosed, Cops Saved Life

Tennis Umpires Banned for Gambling Scam

Video: Trump Calls Hillary ‘Evil’

Google CEO Tops Pay Rankings at $199M

FBI Confirms Clinton Email Probe

Obama Wants $11B to Fight Homelessness

Taiwan Quake Collapse Developer Arrested

9 Killed in German Head-On Train Crash

Sanders, Kasich Win First Votes in N.H.

Shots Fired in Hong Kong New Year Riots

Judge Denies Texas Bid to Block Refugees

MI Board OKs Petition to Recall Governor

ISIS Widow Charged in U.S. Hostage Death

Trump Repeats Insult: Cruz Is a ‘P*ssy’

Woman Convicted of Assaulting Gay Men

Hawaii Mayor Declares Dengue Emergency

Facebook, Amazon, and Tech Stocks Slide

Hack May Have Exposed DHS, FBI Employees

Manziel’s Ex: He Ruptured My Eardrum

Bloomberg Says He's Eyeing 2016 Bid

Report: O.J.'s Bronco Found

Trump Rejects White Separatist Donor

Super Bowl 50 Was Third Most-Watched Program Ever

UN: Syria Is Exterminating Detainees

Hillary Weighs Big Campaign Staff Shakeup

Sikh Actor: Turban Kept Me off Flight

30+ Injured in I-95 Tour Bus Crash

N. Korea’s New Satellite Flew Over Super Bowl

Canada to Cease ISIS Airstrikes This Month

White House Wants $1.8B to Fight Zika

NFL Star LeSean McCoy Allegedly Assaults 2 Cops

Super Bowl Ad Shocks With 9/11 Footage

Second ISIS Video Executioner ID’d

100+ May Be in Collapsed Taiwan Tower

Falling Meteorite Kills Bus Driver

Kasich Passes Rubio for 2nd Place in NH

Officials: U.S. Olympians Should Consider Skipping Rio

Cam Newton Mopes, Ditches Post-Game Presser

Unrestrained Bill Clinton Slams Bernie Sanders

Quick NH Poll Shows Rubio Decline

Von Miller Named Super Bowl MVP

Watch Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars Perform at Super Bowl 50

Who Won Super Bowl 50?

Lady Gaga Slays National Anthem at Super Bowl 50

2 Dead in Mardi Gras Parade Shooting

3-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Sister

2 Dead, 10 Hurt in Orlando Shooting

Marshawn Lynch Seemingly Retires During Super Bowl

Sanders Calls Bernie Bros ‘Disgusting’

Sheriff Gives Antidote to Inmate Addicts

Twins Dead From Canada Sledding Accident

North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket

Twitter Account Parodies Rubio's Stumble

Radioactive Water Leaks at NY Plant

Video: GOP Debate Opens With Complete Disarray

Haitian President to Step Down

Four Killed in Mobile Home Park Standoff

3,100 Pregnant Colombian Women Have Zika

ISIS Supporter Tried to Shoot Up Church

Police Kill Trans Man with Asperger's

Syria: Foreign Troops Will Be In Coffins

Iran: Saudis Aren't 'Brave Enough' To Fight In Syria

Vatican Critic Leaves Abuse Commission

FL Strip Club Shooting Leaves One Dead

Death Toll Rises After Taiwan Earthquake

Errors Found in Iowa Caucus Count

Utah: Porn Is A Public Health Crisis

Judges Rule NC Gerrymandered Districts

GOP Site Exposes 2M Voter Records

Record Number Give Up U.S. Citizenship in 2015

Twitter Suspends 125K ISIS-Related Users

Bernie Lovers Banned From Tinder

Affluenza Teen Moved Out of Juvey

Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend Given House Arrest

Virginia Race War Plotter Pleads Guilty

40K Flee as Assad Forces Surround Aleppo

Three People Die After Contracting Zika

NYC Crane Victim Identified as David Wichs

First U.S. Doctor Sentenced for Patient ODs

Louisville Imposes Postseason Hoops Ban

Manziel’s Dad: QB Won’t Make It to 24

Trump Won’t Run From Next Fox News Debate

New Zealand Official Hit With Dildo During Interview

Drone Hits Empire State Building, Man Arrested

Actor Dies in Stage Hanging Gone Wrong

Video: NYC Crane Collapse Kills One

U.S. Unemployment Drops Below 5%

UN: Zika Nations Must Allow Birth Control

Pope to Meet Russian Church Head in Cuba

2,000 Spelling Changes Enrage the French

S. African Gold Mine Collapse Traps 100+

UN: Assange Should Be Paid Compensation

2 NYPD Officers Shot in Bronx

Chinese Governor Removed for ‘Disloyalty’

Sanders and Clinton Get Fiery Over Foreign Policy

BMX Star Dave Mirra Dead at 41

Manziel’s Ex: He Threatened to Kill Me

Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White Dead at 74

Fiorina Excluded From Next GOP Debate

Former Indiana Governor Whitcomb Dies

Shkreli Attorney Defends ‘Genius’ Client: ‘Not a Bad Kid’

Saudis Want to Send Ground Troops to Syria

6 People, Including Child, Found Slain in Chicago Home

Kochs Could Sit Out Clinton-Trump Race

Kate Del Castillo Takes Action in El Chapo Case

Emails Show Top Michigan Aide Warned of Legionnaires

Condi Aides, Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Personal Email

Video: Judge Gives Bad Cop a Good Talking To

Christie Won’t Release Bridgegate Emails

Trump: Obama Seems ‘Comfortable’ in a Mosque

Shkreli Pleads 5th, Smirks Through Congressional Hearing

Carson’s Campaign Cuts 50+ Staffers

Matt LeBlanc to Co-Host BBC’s ‘Top Gear’

House Oversight to Probe Hillary’s Email

United Nations Suspends Syria Talks

UN Panel: Assange ‘Unlawfully Detained’

Florida Declares Zika State of Emergency

Pacific Nations Sign TPP Trade Deal

North Korea Preparing Missile Launch

Britain, Norway Pledge $2.9B for Syria

Hil, Sanders Clash on Progressive Cred

Phoenix Votes to Avoid Satanic Prayer

Pro-Rape Legalization Group Pulls Event

Bernie: “I Am Larry David”

Porn Star Takes Army Sergeant to Awards

DeRay Mckesson Runs for Baltimore Mayor

Sumner Redstone Steps Down From CBS

Judge Nixes Cosby Bid to Toss Rape Case

Unarmed Man Shot by Police Awarded $23M

Super Bowl QB Earl Morrall Also Had CTE

Man Accidentally Shoots Self at Bass Pro Shop

Fiorina Pleads to Be in Next GOP Debate

Comedian Bob Elliott Dead at 92

Sanders, Clinton Will Debate in Flint

Shkreli Lost $40 Million Since Arrest

Rick Santorum Quits Presidential Race

Obama Calls for Religious Tolerance in Mosque Visit

Pro-Rape Legalization Group Hosts Worldwide Event

Mississippi Jury Summons Leads to Sex Hotline

Robert Durst Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge

Kasich Promises to Reunite Pink Floyd

Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ Appears in Court Seeking Retrial

Sanders, Clinton Agree to New Hampshire Debate

FEC Demands More Answers on Cruz’s Goldman Loans

Rand Paul Drops Presidential Bid

Trump Accuses Cruz of ‘Stealing’ Iowa

NFL Great Ken Stabler Had Severe CTE

Family of Dead Militiaman Claims Coverup

Skid Row Cop Shooting ‘Was Justified’

Georgia Executes Oldest Man on Death Row

Gov. Wants $30M to Help with Flint Bills

Bomb May Have Caused Plane Explosion

Trace of Marines’ DNA Found From Crash

Record Number of Exonerations in 2015

Saudi Court Drops Poet’s Death Sentence

Broncos Player Sent Home After Prostitution Sting

Trump: Debate Might’ve Cost Me 1st Place

State Enters California Gas Leak Suit

FBI Joins Flint Water Investigation

Kanye and Wiz Hug and Make Up

Verizon Interested in Buying Yahoo

Confirmed: Zika Can Also Spread Via Sex

Intercept Reporter Faked Dylann Roof Story

Palin: Trump Should’ve Been More Conservative in Iowa

ESPN Mag Hires First Female EIC

Legal Weed Sales to Reach $6.7B in 2016

LA Jail Mistakenly Frees Alleged Murderer

Trump Breaks Post-Iowa Twitter Silence: ‘2nd Place. Nice’

Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of ‘Dirty Trick’

DHS Extends Maternity Leave for Coast Guard

Report: Peyton Manning Set to Retire

Muslim-American Extremism Peaked in 2015

Groundhog: Spring Is Near

India Reconsidering Homosexuality Ban

ISIS Leaving 60K to Starve in Fallujah

3 Teens Held in Homeless Camp Killings

Hillary Declares Iowa Win, Bernie Says Tie

Record Turnout at Iowa GOP Caucuses

S.C. Sen. Scott to Endorse Marco Rubio

Phoenix NAACP Prez Resigns After Remark

Alphabet Becomes Most Valuable Company

Trump Graciously Accepts Defeat in Iowa

Huckabee Officially Ends His Campaign

Ted Cruz Wins Iowa, Rubio Surges to 3rd

Martin O’Malley Suspends Campaign

Ben Carson Leaves Iowa to Do Laundry

Teens Arrested For Homeless Camp Deaths

Poll: Trump, Hil Have Early Lead in Iowa

Justice Dept to Review San Fran PD

Iowans Googling ‘How to Caucus for Cruz’

Alleged ISIS Fanboy Charged With Murder

Seven Cases of Zika Confirmed in Houston

74 Percent of Chicagoans Think Rahm Lied

Trump: ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of Protesters, I'll Pay Legal Fees

Cops Blame ACLU for Murder Rate Spike

Ted Cruz National Co-Chair: Trump Bought Off Palin

Black NY Students Attacked by White Men

Betting Odds Favor Trump, Hillary in Iowa

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