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All the Times Nancy Grace Was Terrible

Openly Trans Soldier Speaks: ‘I Feel Liberated’ by the End of Pentagon’s Transgender Ban

What Adnan Syed’s Retrial Means for His Case and the Future of ‘Serial’

Who’ll Try to Lead the U.K. Out of This Mess? One Of These Five.

Cops: Meth-Smoking Boyfriend and Girlfriend Beheaded Her Alleged Rapist

Body Parts Wash Up on Rio’s Shore

The Rich History Of Cognac Cocktails

Is This the Year Oscars Finally Embrace Diversity?

The 2 Trans Women Running for Congress

Samuel L. Jackson on ‘The View’: Trump Is Running for Popularity, Not President

This Is Why You Can’t Eat Cookie Dough

DJ Caught Watching Soccer on Phone

Brexit Leader Boris Johnson Backstabbed in Brutal Fight to Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister

Brexit’s ‘Meaning’? Globalization Sucks.

Amber Rose on the Ian Connor Rape Allegations: ‘21 Women Have Reached Out to Me So Far’

Meet the ‘Queen of the South,’ TV’s Female Walter White

Women’s Health Activists Fight Global Abortion Restrictions—by Land, by Sea, and Online

Goldie Taylor—Donald Trump Can Still Win—and He’ll Have the Race Card to Thank if He Does

GOP National-Security Experts Are #ReadyForHer

Japan Scandalized by the Nipple Geezer

White House Goes Dark on the 9/11 Report’s Secret 28 Pages

Richard Branson and Other British Billionaires Lose Big in Brexit

Is Hillary Clinton’s Cough the New Benghazi?

The D.C. Monument Full of Zika Mosquitoes

Democrats: The White Working Class Isn’t Voting for You, So Stop Pandering to Them

The Sleazy Fall of a Far-Right Ratfucker in Nevada

Jeffrey Epstein Could Bring Down Trump and Hillary Clinton

Stephen Colbert to Media: Replaying Istanbul Attack Like ‘Advertising’ for Terrorists

From the French 75 to the Sazerac: Why you should be fixing Cognac Cocktails

How Bill Hader Helped Turn Kanye West Into South Park’s ‘Gay Fish’

Roseanne Barr Calls Out Louis C.K.: ‘I’ve Heard So Many Stories’

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Attack: Turkey Could Knock Out ISIS, but Will It?

North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Bathroom Law Just Got Worse

Stephen Hawking: Our Stupidity Is Still Destroying Us

Happy Heterosexual Pride Day, a Rare Moment for Straight-Love Celebration

Legalizing Weed Will Get a Vote in California

The Restaurant That Only Serves Cereal

Watch Superhero Cop Jump Out of Helicopter and Tackle Burglary Suspect

Chris Brown, Woman Abuser, Gets His Comeuppance

Game of Thrones’ Daario Naharis on What It’s Like to Get Dumped by Khaleesi

‘Die Hard’: How Bruce Willis Changed the Movies

Orange Is the New Black’s Kimiko Glenn on That Finale, ‘Waitress,’ and Being an Asian-American Actress on TV

When Alan Grayson Bucked Dems to Back Ebola Travel Ban, His Girlfriend Had Skin in Cure Game

Violent Pro-Trump Neo-Nazis to Crash GOP Convention

Laser-Armed Trucks Are Coming to Shoot Drones Out of the Sky

Cops: Doctor Stole Fentanyl for Illegal Abortions

Donald Trump’s ‘Improved’ Muslim Ban Proposal Still Won’t Stop Terrorists

Istanbul Ataturk Airport Terrorists Behaved Like a Special Forces Unit

Don’t Take My Guns, Christy Sheats Said. Then She Shot Her Daughters.

ISIS Top Suspect in Istanbul Ataturk Airport Slaughter

Donald Trump, Garbage Candidate, Speaks in Front of a Wall of Garbage

Supermodel Christina Estrada Wants Ex to Pay for Her $262 Million Lifestyle

Istanbul Airport Blasts Kill At Least 41

Donald Trump Courts Mike Tyson, a Convicted Rapist, and Other Rape Apologists

Cops: Father-Son Kidnappers On the Lam Murder a Man

Donald Trump’s Trade Talk Is Garbage—Literally

Suicide Slaughter at Istanbul Atatürk Airport: Terrorists Kill at Least 41

The Prankster Who ‘Killed’ Cormac McCarthy on Twitter

Watch a Huge Shark Eat a Smaller Shark

Trump’s Abortion Ruling Silence Worries Pro-Lifers

Goldie Taylor—Was the Entire Cast of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Just Fired?

Elizabeth Warren on ‘The View’: Donald Trump Can’t ‘Bully Me Into Shutting Up’

Through the Brexit Looking Glass: Britain Wakes Up to a New Wave of Racism

How Not To Have a High-Class Hamptons Sex Orgy

Pat Summitt Remembered as a Trailblazer

Iceland Beating England Is Soccer’s ‘Miracle on Ice’ Moment

Republicans’ Benghazi Witch Hunt Burns GOP Instead

Jeff Bridges: ‘I Don’t Go the Trump Way’

Queen Declares, ‘I’m Still Alive’ After Brexit Drama

Tespo Is the Keurig of Vitamins—but Does It Work?

Winona Ryder, Another Johnny Depp Ally, Comes Forward. But Who Will Fight for Amber Heard?

Did a Trump Staffer Make The Meme That Nearly Broke His Campaign?

The Tax Speech That Could Elect President Donald J. Trump

Mutiny Ahead for Trump Train as Republicans Run for Their Lives

Your ‘Local’ Craft Whiskey May Really Be From Canada

Dublin Prepares for a Brexit Boom

Inside Fallujah (PHOTOS)

SNL’s Darrell Hammond on Transforming Into Trump: ‘He Can Take a Punch’

Witness: ‘I Saw White Cop Assassinate Black Teen’

They Survived ISIS, Then Disappeared

‘Fetal Pain’ Is the Next Battle for Pro-Lifers

Samantha Bee Warns: Trump Is Our Brexit

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Dylan Noble, ‘Country Boy’ Shot by Fresno Cops, ‘Loved Everybody’

‘Game of Thrones’: What to Expect in Season 7, from Cersei’s Death to Arya’s Revenge

Jesse Williams’s Essential History of Social Justice

McDonnell SCOTUS Decision Could Open Up a New Golden Age of Political Pay-to-Play

Beware Boris Johnson: The Power of a Cunning Clown

Charlie Rangel’s Shadow Still Looms as New Racial Tensions Roil Contest to Replace Him

Watch This Robot Dog Slip on Banana Peels

Pope Francis Says Church Should Apologize To Gays And Others It Has Hurt And Ask Their Forgiveness

Why Women Worry About a Clinton-Warren Ticket

Beijing Is Literally Sinking

Why the Supreme Court Saved Abortion Again

Supreme Court’s Texas Decision Is the Greatest Victory for Abortion Rights Since Roe v. Wade

Spanish Elections Shrug Off Extremes — A Lesson for the Rest of Us?

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale: All Hail Cersei, the Baddest Bitch in Westeros

Justin Timberlake Dragged Over BET Awards Tweet: ‘Stop Appropriating Our Music and Culture’

John Oliver Loses It Over Brexit: ‘There Are No Fucking Do-Overs’

He Escaped ISIS to Lead NYC Pride: Subhi Nahas’s Fight for LGBT Refugees

Inside the Secret Nazi Dance Music Underground

BET Awards Go All Out for Prince Tribute: Stevie, Badu, JHud, Sheila E., and More

Experts: Donald Trump Is Lying About His Fundraising Haul

Putin’s New Rival: Stalin

‘The Free State of Jones’ Battles Civil War Cliches

Iran’s Trying to Rebuild Its Air Force

#NeverTrump Cleveland Plan Will #NeverWork

The Secret Service Officer Out to Get Hillary Clinton

Guess Why the GOP Hates Our Black Attorney General?

The Seething Anger of Egypt’s Students Three Years After the Coup

New York City Sports’ New Normal: Sexual Violence

Sarah Palin Takes Credit for Donald Trump’s Rise

The Progressive Case Against Elizabeth Warren for VP

Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar Stun BET Awards With ‘Freedom,’ a Fiery Black Lives Matter Anthem

Jailers Handcuffed, Pepper-Sprayed, and Choked Inmate to Death

Brexit Voters Had the Wrong Idea About Immigration and Unemployment

Donald Trump’s Frank Rizzo Factor—‘The Hidden Vote’

Will Bernie Sanders Pull a Jeremy Corbyn and Let Donald Trump Win?

YouTube’s Most Disliked Video? A Pride Video Featuring Transgender Community

Selma Blair and the Art of the Celebrity Apology

Labour Party Coup Against Corbyn for ‘Sabotaging’ Brexit Campaign

How to Make Mamie Eisenhower's Million Dollar Fudge

RIP Bill Cunningham, Master Photographer and Godfather of Street Style

Shirley Manson of Garbage on Brexit, Taylor Swift, and How the Scots Have ‘Disowned’ Trump

Ann Coulter Clashes with Van Jones Over Trump at Politicon

Michael Herr, the Author Whose Words Shaped How We Saw Our Wars

Muslim Cops Make America Great Again

The Lost Chinese City Police Feared to Enter

Who Really Killed a Playboy Terrorist?

Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, Hatsune Miku, Whitney Houston, and Elvis: Dead Artists Are Killing It In Music

When Leaving Religion Costs You Everything

Keep Your PC Mitts Off American History

The US Has Screwed Up in the Muslim World for 36 Years

George W. Bush on Kanye West’s NSFW ‘Famous’ Orgy: That’s Not Me!

Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video Boasts Bizarre Orgy with Donald Trump and Taylor Swift

Bill Maher Warns Brexit Vote a ‘Harbinger’ for President Donald Trump

The Avett Brothers Get Real About Divorce and Aim for the Arenas on ‘True Sadness’

Why It’s Cool to Hate Cooking

The Watch Thieves Who Picked L.A. Clean

Hamilton Star Lin-Manuel Miranda Ready to Take on Trump

Bondage, Necrophilia, and Models: Making ‘Neon Demon,’ the Most Twisted Movie of the Year

Jay Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Turns 20: A Brooklyn Rap God Is Born

‘I Was Drunk’ Is Not An Excuse For Online Rape Threats

The Texas Slave Who Conned Everyone As a Mexican Millionaire

The Racist Origins of the SAT

These Are The Most Badly Behaved Royals, Big and Small

‘Electrosex’ Is Our Freaky Future

The Oldest Gay Bars in New York

Aziz Ansari Pens Scathing Op-Ed Denouncing Trump’s Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

Brent Spiner (Data!) on ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ and 50 Years of ‘Star Trek’

Oh Britain, What Have You Done? The Brexit Nightmare Unfolds

How Britain Tricked Itself Into Leaving Europe

Calvin Harris Spills the Tea on His Breakup With Taylor Swift: ‘She Controlled the Media’

Utah Police Now Have a Kiddie-Porn-Sniffing Dog

Old-Time Music Great Ralph Stanley Found His Power In His Homeland

Celebrities React to Brexit on Twitter

The App That Spoils ‘Game of Thrones’ for Your Enemies

Donald Trump On Brexit: Great Time To Play Golf at My Resort

Watch What It’s Like to Go Down the Skyslide

Brexit: What Happens Now That the U.K. Has Voted to Leave the EU

Lucky David Cameron Exposed as One of Britain’s Worst Prime Ministers

After Brexit, What Happens to the Survivors?

After Orlando, the Plan to Police NYC Pride

Boris Johnson Takes His Revenge on Cameron as U.K. Crashes Out of Europe After Brexit Vote

Watch Resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron

The House Sit-In’s Most Shameful Moment

Glacier Raves, Volcano Concerts & Ponies: A Weekend at Iceland’s Secret Solstice

Cheerleader Helped Boyfriend ‘Kill Homeless Man for Kicks’

Touch Artist Milo Moiré, and She’ll Get Arrested

How the GOP Gutted Voting Rights

Brexit Shock: Markets Buckle as Britain Quits the European Union

Stephen Colbert Grills Bernie Sanders: ‘What Is It You Want?’

Bernie Sanders’s Sixth Sense Campaign Rolls On

Lindsay Lohan’s Brexit Twitter Meltdown Is Epic

What Can Ex-Trump Aide Corey Lewandowski Say on CNN?

Rob Gronkowski on Ben Affleck’s Deflategate Rant: ‘It’s Cool to See Him Sticking Up for Tom’

Hip-Hop World Fights Back Against Ian Connor, Accused Serial Rapist and Kanye Muse

Pound Collapses as Britain Plunges Into Isolation

Los Angeles: City for Dreamers

Ben Carson to Donald Trump: Lay Off Hillary Clinton’s Faith

House Democrats End Sit-In, Vow to Fight On

Goldie Taylor—Freddie Gray’s Killer Cops Are Walking Away Unscathed

The Day the NRA’s Gun Dam Began to Crack

The Masked Gunman Who Attacked A German Theater Was The Only Casualty

The KFC Box That Charges Your Phone

The Right Wins as It Loses on Affirmative Action at the Supreme Court

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo Toss a Reporter’s Mic Into a Lake

Chelsea Handler Helps Nancy Pelosi Make the Case for ‘No Fly, No Buy’

Supreme Court, Broken by GOP, Couldn’t Decide Crucial Immigration Case

Matthew McConaughey Bares His Soul: ‘Mankind Has Bastardized Religion’

Is Trump Using Campaign Funds to Pimp His Golf Course?

Ben Affleck’s Expletive-Laced Rant Over Deflategate the Highlight of Bill Simmons’s HBO Premiere

If U.K. Votes Brexit, Frexit and Italexit Could Follow

House in Chaos as Democrats Press Gun Fight, Republicans Try to Gain Control

How Nathan Handwerker Became the Hot Dog King

Strategy for Saudi-Iran War to Come?

Mom Posts Facebook Video of Her Daughter Getting Attacked in Cry for Justice

Could Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cost John McCain His Senate Seat?

How Anna Chlumsky Became Veep’s Secret Weapon

Uncovered: Dark New CIA Torture Claims

Libertarian Ticket Makes Its Case as Big Parties Vie to Reap Political Gain From Orlando Massacre

Just How Dirty Is the Olympics?

Jimmy Fallon’s Trump Selects Teen Trump Impersonator ‘Little Donald’ as Running Mate

How the Brexit Vote Could Hurt the U.S.

Gay Hate No Crime in Too Many States, Even After Pulse

How USC’s Roski Art School Lost All Its MFA Students

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Leads House Sit-In Over Guns

Boeing’s Man Pushed for the Iran Nuclear Deal—and Now the Company Is Selling $25 Billion Worth of Planes to Tehran

Beyoncé Has Blessed Us With a Standalone Video for ‘Sorry’ feat. Serena Williams

CNN Libertarian Town Hall: How to Watch Live Stream Online

Goldie Taylor—DNA Test Shows Prince’s ‘Only Son’ Isn’t Related to Him After All

Trump Mostly Behaves Himself In Anti-Clinton Speech

Robert Mapplethorpe: Edge of Desire

Marco Rubio Wants to Return to a Job He Hates

Aaron Sorkin Trashes Trump, Teases ‘West Wing’ Reboot During 10 Year Reunion

Idiots Light Entire Fireworks Display on Fire Inside Phoenix Walmart

Goldie Taylor—Gladys Knight’s Son Allegedly Stole $650,000

John Avlon on Trump’s ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Campaign

John Avlon: Why Trump’s Campaign is Imploding

Cleveland Cavs Victory Parade: How to Watch the Live Stream Online

Marco Rubio Puts His Life in Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands

Who Won the Brexit Vote? How to Watch Live Stream Results Online

Who’s Voting What in Tomorrow’s Big U.K. Poll

Charlie Sheen Regrets Not Using a Condom, and ‘Could Be Prosecuted’ For Hiding HIV Status

50 Cent on Donald Trump and Bankruptcy: ‘He’s Done It Four Times!’

The Miyazaki of Makeup: Inside the Fantastical Creations of Pompberry

Is Tom Cruise Estranged From Suri?

Stephen Colbert Blasts Senate’s Inaction on Guns After Orlando: ‘It’s Easy to Feel Hopeless’

That Time the Icelandic Coast Guard Rescued Me From a Rock Concert in a Volcano

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Just Made the Year’s Most Important TV Finale

Brexit: Britain’s Fourth of July

Buy Lincoln’s Hair—and His Assassin’s

NRA Corpses Pile Up

Why You May Bail Out Donald Trump’s Dead Broke Campaign

White Cop Growing Pot Gets Off Easy. Black Teens Do Hard Time.

From Kate Moss to a Beastie Boy, These Celebrities Want to Style You

They’ve Got U.S. Guns. Can They Stop ISIS?

Why the Next Supreme Court Is Poised to Roll Back Gun Rights

Why Brexit Makes No Sense at All

No Man Left Behind: True Stories of Battlefield Heroism

Evangelicals Tepidly Inch Closer to Trumpism

Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton on His Gory Demise: ‘What a Scumbag’

Corey Lewandowski, Freshly Fired by Donald Trump, Stars at GOP Donor Event

Gun-Toting, Monster Truck-Driving Dad Turns Vigilante After Heroin Killed His Daughter

How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Syria?

How the Polygamy Cult Will Hide Fugitive Leader Lyle Jeffs

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Tanked Businesses, Saved Himself

Is This the Secret DNC File on Hillary Clinton?

Congress Should Heed Disney’s Righteous Tax Complaint

Greenpeace Holds Incredible Floating Piano Concert in Front of Glacier

The Big Summer Food Adventure Is in the Midwest

Hands Off My Burning Emu: Bird Owner Fires Shotgun at Cop

Mississippi Closes The Case On Freedom Summer Murders

Donald Trump Goes Truther on Hillary Clinton’s Religion

Frank Ocean Releases Powerful Letter On Orlando Massacre

Parents of Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Say He’s Lovesick and Autistic

Orlando Survivor: ‘I Haven’t Stopped Crying Since’ Mom Saved My Life

Trump’s Campaign Con Collapses. Sad!

Report Alleges Michael Jackson Stockpiled Child Porn And Animal Torture Pictures

‘Sanctuary’ After Pulse: We Cannot Let the Orlando Shooter Win

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Taika Waititi on Marvel’s First Female Supervillain

Obama Will Finally Own Up to Drone War Dead

Charlie Sheen’s LELO Condoms Get the Shaft From Sex Workers, Feminist Bloggers

Why the Queen Should Oppose Brexit

The $14 Billion Divorce Headed to a London Courtroom

Jon Voight in Talks With Trump Campaign: ‘Everything Is on the Table’

How W.C. Fields Helped End Prohibition

Fallujah: The Iraq Victory That Could Lose the War

U.S. Spies: Israeli Agent Jonathan Pollard Could Spill More Secrets—Even After 30 Years Behind Bars

Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Mob Came for Me

Samantha Bee: Why Republicans Can’t Denounce Trump’s Rampant Racism

Trump’s Campaign Is So Broke It Couldn’t Afford a Condo in Trump Tower

49 Dead in Orlando Massacre Not Enough to Move the Senate on Guns

Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Governments, Where Punishment Can Mean Death

Ivanka: The Smartest Trump of Them All

Van Jones to Trump: Why Not ‘Start Racially Profiling White Men?’

Why Are Prominent Liberals Closeting the Motivations of the Radical Islamic Murderer Who Targeted Gays?

Obamas Travel to Yosemite to Help Park Service Celebrate Centennial

Goldie Taylor—Donald Trump Is So Gun-Happy, Even the NRA Thinks He’s Gone Nuts

The Mafia’s Sick New Weapon: Flaming Cats That Set Sicily on Fire

Corey Lewandowski Got Away With Bullying—Until Donald Trump’s Campaign Cratered

John Avlon on Trump’s Media ‘Blacklist’

Cleveland Celebrates Cavaliers Win (PHOTOS)

John Avlon Talks Gun vs. Terror Divide

John Oliver Blasts the NRA in the Wake of Orlando: Repeal the Dickey Amendment

Remembering Anton Yelchin: From ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ to ‘Star Trek’

The Tragic Death of Anton Yelchin: A Bright Young Star Who Shined in Damn Near Everything

Game of Thrones’ ‘Battle of the Bastards’: Jon Snow Seeks Revenge on His Sister’s Rapist

All Hail King James or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love LeBron

John Oliver Goes Off on Brexit: Britain Leaving the EU Is ‘Absolutely Insane’

The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Mom Used Kids to Fake Cancer for Cash

The Septuagenarian NRA Uber-Lobbyist Behind Florida’s Weak Gun Laws

Inside Bindle & Keep, the Tailoring Company Behind the Sharpest Trans Suits

Here’s How Islamists and the Far Right Feed Off Each Other

Skylab Remembered: How Reality TV Started in Space

Why Men Love to Wear Stella McCartney

Trump Campaign Manager’s Firm Turned Blind Eye to Burma Rapes

U.S. Diplomats Are Right on Syria

Open Letter to a Nazi Mass Murderer

The Real Story of Afghanistan’s Harrowing Battle of Ganjgal

Survivors Recount the Harrowing ‘Black Hawk Down’ Story

Sorry, Trump: The Delegates Actually Do Have the Authority to Dump You

U.S. and Russian Jets Clash Over Syria

How ‘The Onion’ Became One of the Strongest Voices for Gun Control

She Shook Her Quadruplets Nearly to Death—and She’s Already Out of Jail

UCLA Killer’s First Victim Not Forgotten Amid Orlando Outcry

The Trump Parody Video Going Viral in Japan

Trump and Clinton Have Both Been Gay Rights Opportunists

‘Finding Dory,’ Disability, and Me

Proud and Defiant, Gay Clubs Celebrate Life and Mourn the Dead in Orlando

How to Make Harry Truman's Favorite Meatloaf

When Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks Took on Harlem

Make Your Father a Cocktail Today

LGBT Latinos Count The Cost of The Orlando Massacre

A Father’s Suicide Sets a Son Searching

Jeff Bezos Ready to Beat Richard Branson in the Billionaire Space Race

Yes, There Are Women Priests, and The Vatican Wishes There Weren’t

The Deadliest Attack on Gays Before Orlando Was Treated Like a Joke

The Truth About the New Probiotics Trend

My Father, the Mensch of Smut

The Shocking Discovery at Petra, Indiana Jones’s Favorite City

How Prince George’s Style Became Big Business

The Mystery of FDR’s Final Portrait

Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

The Nazi Family Hiding In New York

Are the NBA Finals Rigged?

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Is a Sexist Mouth-Breather. (The ‘A’ Is for Asshole.)

Warriors vs. Cavs Game 7 Live Stream Online

Mexico’s Cartels Are Much More Dangerous To Americans Than ISIS

Charlie Sheen: Trump Is a ‘Charlatan’ Who Gave Me Fake Jewelry as a Wedding Gift

Dear Revenge Porn Victims, It Gets Better

Ex-Amish Family Traded Underage Daughter for Cash

Post-Orlando Truth For You: Gay Bars Aren’t ‘Safe Spaces’

‘Pocahontas’ Isn’t The Only Native American Trump Has Offended

Hearing Loss Is a Soldier’s Dire Enemy

If Led Zeppelin Goes Down, We All Burn

James Franco’s Lesbian Vampire Experiment

The Cocktail That’s Killing Lil Wayne

The Truth About Elvis and the History of Racism in Rock

Virtual Reality Porn Seduces Red-Faced Gamers

Where Bernie Sanders Finally Gets His Trump Debate

The Year Identity Politics Failed

Amber Rose: Taylor Swift Doesn’t Need Time to ‘Let Her Pussy Rest’

The Unhinged Home That Raised Orlando Killer Omar Mateen

David Letterman Slams Donald Trump, Explains His Creepy Retirement Beard

Bill Maher Blames Islam for the Orlando Shooting

My Gay War With Peter Thiel: Gawker’s Nick Denton Faces the Future

Russia: America and the West ‘Invented’ Olympic Doping Scandal to ‘Humiliate’ Us

Football Stars: Weed Helped Our Brain Injuries

British Lawmaker Jo Cox’s Assassination Throws Brexit Vote Into Turmoil

Was Texas Journalist Jay Torres Murdered For His Reporting?

Why Are New Zealanders Stealing Hundreds of Avocados?

The Most Powerful Moments From Chris Murphy’s Gun Violence Filibuster

Trump Thanks America for Poll Showing Him Losing

Hasan Minhaj Tears Congress Apart Over Guns And Bigotry

Rick Scott Repeatedly Refuses to Admit Role of Guns in Orlando Shooting

Meat Loaf Hospitalized After Concert Collapse

Chemist May Have Tainted 24,000 Court Cases

Jena Malone on ‘Neon Demon’ and the Necrophilia That Stunned Cannes: ‘I Was Almost Sobbing’

Donald Trump Bragged to Press He Made a Fortune in 1984, Told the IRS It Was Zero

No Joke: Seth Meyers Really Hates Donald Trump

The Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Presents

Jon Watts on His Bizarre Journey From The Onion to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

What It’s Like When a Mass Shooting Changes Your Hometown

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Still Imperfect, and Still Special

Here’s How Celebrity Twitter Accounts Are Getting Hacked

How the House of Windsor Became the Rainbow Castle

North Korea Steals U.S. Fighter Blueprints

Mom: Abusive Husband Murdered My Daughter by Driving Her to Suicide

Guns Have Killed At Least 125 Americans Since The Orlando Pulse Massacre

The Home of Syria’s Only Real Rebels

Yes, Bernie Sanders Really Is Winding Down His ‘Revolution’

Oprah Throws Shade at Trump, Says Donald Makes Her Feel ‘Really Qualified’ to Be President

Omar Mateen ‘Lacked Remorse’ as a Kid and Grew More Violent in School

Want to Make Calls For Trump? You Must Know This Secret Word

CIA Chief Warns ‘Formidable’ ISIS Plots More Paris, Orlando-Style Attacks

Goldie Taylor—Bernie Sanders Goes AWOL on Guns Filibuster

This Video of People Dancing on a Building Will Probably Give You Vertigo

African Nations Erase LGBTs From Orlando Massacre

Libertarian Gary Johnson on How NSA Is Worse Than China, and What Type of Weed Is Best

Australia Boots Iranian Cleric Who Says Gays Must Die

Watch: Vogue’s Anna Wintour Becomes Amy Schumer for a Day

MP Jo Cox Murdered in Brazen Attack on British Street

A New Low: Thieves Steal the Bones of Venezuela’s Best-Loved Novelist

Alligators, Snake Fright and Floats: The Most Bizarre Deaths At The House of Mouse

The NBA Is Softer Than Baby Thighs

LGBT Community to Donald Trump: Shove It, You Homophobe

Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, Jack Dempsey: America’s Greatest Sports Bar, Toots Shor

Did Damien Hirst Copy Jewelry Designer’s Pill Necklaces?

Gay Muslim: Islam Is No Religion of Peace

Donald Trump’s Racism Repels Black Republicans

Trump Says He’d Host Kim Jong Un at White House: ‘Who the Hell Cares?’

As Orlando Reminds Us, Gay Pride Must Be More Than a Party

Donald Trump Accused of Using His Charity as a Political Slush Fund

After Orlando Pulse Massacre, Pope Francis Prays Away the Gay

Hail Judge John Woolsey as the Man Who Set ‘Ulysses’ Free

Gay Marriage Freedom Fighter: How Anti-Gay Policies Created a ‘Climate’ for the Orlando Shooting

I Have No Patience for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

The GOP Just Might Hate Gun Control More Than Terrorists

Anderson Cooper: Florida AG Pam Bondi Either ‘Mistaken or Not Telling the Truth’

The Kremlin Backs Brawling Soccer Hooligans in France

EgyptAir 804 Found: Will the Professional French or Bumbling Egyptians Get It Next?

Oklahoma Cop Killed Mentally Ill Man in Cold Blood

9 Out of 10 Refugee Children Make the Trip From Libya to Italy Without Parents

Warriors vs. Cavs Game 6 Live Stream Online

The Bay Area’s Hip-Hop Renaissance: ‘Kicks,’ Curry, and Coogler

Prince William Graces Cover of Gay Magazine Attitude

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Iain Glen on His New Aboriginal Superhero Series and Ser Jorah’s Future

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Blasts Trump’s ‘Crazy Dangerous’ Orlando Response

Anderson Cooper Is the Anchor We Need Now

Laverne Cox Talks Love, Healing, and Pride

A Twitter Bot Is Beating Trump Fans

Americans Need to Get Over Same-Sex PDA

Irving Penn’s Gloriously Strange Images (Photos)

New Evidence Donald Trump Didn’t Pay Taxes

The Torturers Taking on ISIS in Fallujah

The Drag Show at Parliament House That Saved Orlando

If Omar Mateen Was Gay, It Makes the LGBT Nightlub Attack More Homophobic

Bees, Trash, and Cigarette Butts: Irving Penn’s Passions Beyond Fashion

Was Orlando Killer Omar Mateen Poisoned by the Closet?

FBI Tracked Orlando Killer Omar Mateen and Came Up Empty

Hillary Clinton Is About to Clean Donald Trump’s Clock

Are Bystanders to Blame for Terrorism?

The Stories of the Victims of the Pulse Gay Nightclub Massacre in Orlando

Freud’s Grandson Linked to Madeleine McCann and VIP Pedophile Ring

Stop Infantilizing Women Over Seeing ‘Beach Body’ Ads

Trump Once Dreamed of a Trump-Oprah Ticket

Congress Clueless on Gay Blood Ban

Goldie Taylor—President Obama Drops Gloves, Gives Donald Trump an Overdue Ass-Kicking

Anderson Cooper Confronts Florida AG Pam Bondi: Are You Really a ‘Champion of the Gay Community’?

Thousands Gather at Stonewall Inn Vigil for Orlando Shooting

Lawsuit: White Boys ‘Dragged’ Black Girl by Rope Around Her Neck

Obama: Donald Trump Is Helping ‘Radical Islam’

Everything Known About Noor Zahi Salman, the Wife of Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen

George Takei: How the LGBT Community Can Lead America to a Sane Gun Policy

VIDEO: Pastor Praises Killing of ‘Pedophiles’ at Gay Club, Says ‘Orlando Is a Little Safer’ Now

ISIS Terror Killing in Paris Streamed on Facebook Live

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jaime’s ‘Purest’ Love for Brienne and Male Nudity

Admit It: These Terrorists Are Muslims

Oscar Pistorius is ‘Broken Man’ and Should Be In Hospital, Not Jail, Court Hears

Gaming Industry Mourns Orlando Victims at E3—and Sees No Link Between Video Games and Gun Violence

Stephen Colbert Gets Bill O’Reilly to Admit Trump’s Orlando Reaction Was ‘Self-Congratulatory’

Was Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen Inspired by This Bank-Robbing Ex-Marine?

The Orlando Couples Whose Love Was Stronger Than Bullets

What if ‘Lost’ Was Hilarious? Inside the Making of ‘Wrecked’

The Republicans’ Big Ol’ Anti-Gay Summer

China Now Has a Flying Propaganda Machine

Gun Control Isn’t the Answer

He Left Pulse Early, His Friends Never Did

Is GPS Dangerous to Your Health?

Gay Bars Liberated Me, and Orlando Must Not Scare Us Away From Them

Orlando Killer Omar Mateen Was a Knockoff Rent-a-Cop

Donald Trump Turns 70 Today. Hillary Clinton is 68. This Is America’s Senior Moment.

Conan O’Brien Calls for Assault Weapons Ban Post-Orlando: ‘These Are Weapons of War’

Samantha Bee Rips GOP’s Orlando Shooting Response: Yes, I Do Want to ‘Take Your Guns Away!’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Fights Back Tears Reading Orlando Victim Names

Donate Blood, Call Your Representatives, Use Your Voice: What You Can Do to Help Orlando Right Now

Watch: John Oliver Has Been Mocking U.S. Gun Nuts for Years

The Biggest Lies in Donald Trump’s ‘Security’ Speech

Watch: The London Gay Men’s Chorus’ Song for Orlando

OS Updates but No Hardware at Apple’s WWDC

Geraldo Rivera Shames Orlando Victims: ‘For God’s Sakes, Fight Back’

Warriors vs. Cavs Game 5 Live Stream Online

Reddit Turns to ‘The Donald’ for News—In Record Numbers

Mourning Orlando’s Mass LGBT Murder

Gay Orlando, It’s Your Turn to Help Pulse Now

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