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Articles July 2016

Trump’s Lying Again: Leaked DNC Emails Show Clinton Didn’t Fix the Debates

ISIS Joins Donald Trump in Dishonoring Humayun Khan’s Sacrifice

Does Donald Trump Have a Heart?

Mark Cuban Comes Off the Bench for Hillary

Trump Versus Hitler: What We Can Learn From Weimar Germany

Linda Fairstein Makes Murder Fashionable

Russia Was So Afraid of Gay Marriage, It Kicked Out This Priest

With 100 Days to Go, Is Clinton or Trump the Favorite?

How to Make LBJ's Barbecued Chicken

Does This Rock Explain Why Egyptians Are Biblical Villains?

What Roger Ailes’s Case Says About the Sexism Epidemic in TV News

From Humphrey Hatred to Bernie or Bust—The High Price of the Politics of Petulance

Julia Stiles on Channeling Anonymous and Snowden for ‘Jason Bourne’

Why Hillary Should Savor This Moment—While She Can

Asa Akira: Something More Intimate Than Sex

HBO Slammed For Sexual Violence Against Women in Its Shows

Chicken Hawk Trump Mocks Captain Khan’s Mother

Trevor Noah: Trump Losing ‘His Sh*t’ After DNC Proves He Doesn’t Have the ‘Temperament’ to Be President

Bernie Sanders Looks to the Future: ‘We Must Continue the Political Revolution’

The Last Man to See the Lost Girls of Panama Alive

The Epic Honey Trap: A Classic Case Shows Just How Far Moscow Will Go

The Last Days of Billy Name: The Man Who Turned Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’ Silver

When ‘Taking Our Country Back’ Led to a Massacre of Black Americans

It’s Not Just Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders—The Whole World Is Turning On Its Elites

Will Prince George Ever Be King? The New Royal Status Anxiety

He Nailed His Scrotum to Red Square and Set the FSB On Fire

The 3 Worst Arguments Against Gun Control

Dismissing Trump Fans As White Trash Gets Our Class System All Wrong

Is This Famous Samurai Sword Missing In America?

Pressure Grows on Obama to Name DNC Hackers

Is This The Most Boston Thing To Have Ever Happened?

Watch Bernie Sanders Look Super Sad During Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech

Courts Crush Voter Suppression Just in Time for Election Day

Muslim War Hero Sacrificed Himself for All Americans, Including Donald Trump

MH370 Pilot’s Flight to Nowhere Proves Nothing

Dear Next President: Lend a Hand to Our Entrepreneurs

Pay Up: Journalists Twitter-Shame IBT Bosses Over Severance Pay

Inside the Snoop Dogg Super PAC Party at DNC 2016: ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ ‘Hillary, You’re My Favorite Girl’

Matt Damon Whitewashes Chinese History in ‘The Great Wall’

‘Broad City’s’ Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer Get Historical for Hillary on ‘Colbert’

Confident Clinton Taunts ‘Little’ Trump

Hillary Clinton Is Right: Donald Trump Threatens World War III

Why the DNC Was So Much More of a Cluster Than the RNC

Hillary Clinton Makes History, Delivers Stump Speech

Trans Woman Captures Her Supervisor’s Sexual Harassment on Facebook Live

How Stephen Colbert Got His Groove Back at RNC and DNC 2016

Katy Perry Roars for Hillary at the DNC: The Strangest Political Coupling Ever?

Bill Maher Can’t Believe Hillary Clinton Referenced ‘The Blowjob’ in DNC Speech

ISIS Wants a Global Civil War

Meet the Couple Fighting Anti-Gay Hate, One Kiss a Day

Surfing Legend Kelly Slater’s New Outerknown Takes Beach Wear to a New Level

How the Rum-Soaked Royal Navy Sobered Up

Utah Blames the Weather, Not Homophobia, for Teen Suicide Epidemic

Forget DNC 2016: It’s Time for BronyCon

DNC 2016: Truth-O-Metering Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party Reclaims Morning in America

Is ‘Mr. Robot’ Pushing Its Luck With Yet Another Big Plot Twist?

Khizr Khan, Muslim Father of Fallen Soldier, Shames Donald Trump at DNC

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar Takes It to the Hole, and Slams Donald Trump

Philadelphia Keeps Up Its Proud Tradition of Boosting Entrepreneurship

Democrats Adopt Reagan’s ‘City on a Hill’ Mantra

Why’s Obama Covering for Russian War Crimes in Syria?

A Fashion Field Guide to DNC Stereotypes

Cousin of Slain Baton Rouge Cop Was Wrongly Arrested for the Massacre

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Rich, in Love, and Mourning Taylor Swift: ‘I Was Such a Fan of Hers’

Kristen Stewart Gushes About Her Girlfriend: Finally, an Actor Gets Why Coming Out Matters

Bill Maher: Trump Is ‘The Voice of Treason’ for Urging Russia to Hack Hillary

Republicans Are Very Upset That ‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Is at the DNC

John Oliver Mocks Hillary VP Tim Kaine on ‘Colbert’: He Is ‘America’s Stepdad’

Stephen Colbert Defies Viacom, Reverts Back to His ‘Colbert Report’ Persona

Obama Tramples Trump’s ‘Philosophy’ at DNC 2016

Keegan-Michael Key on His Obama and Trump Impressions in ‘Don’t Think Twice’

Hillary Clinton’s Big, Completely Underappreciated Moment Is Here

Kingmaker Mark McKinnon’s Casual Style

Tales of a Boozy Indiana Jones: Dean Ivan Lamb

How ‘Equity’ Tells The Harsh Truth About Being a Woman on Wall Street

Gang-Raped Under UN ‘Protection’ in South Sudan

Joe Biden Comes Out Swinging at DNC 2016, His Last Big Political Speech as VP

DNC 2016: Tim Kaine’s Got a Tough Job Ahead

What We Owe the White House Slaves: $83 Million

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Tames the Bernie Bros at DNC 2016

Trevor Noah: ‘Embarrassing’ That Trump vs. Hillary Is Even a Contest

Goldie Taylor—Mom Beating Georgia Teen Goes Viral—but Hitting Kids Is No Way to Protect Them

Donald Trump Previews First Amendment Crackdown in Heavily Censored Reddit AMA

Sigourney Weaver at DNC 2016: Donald Trump Will Kill Planet Earth

Could Republicans’ Supreme Court Obstructionism Cost them the Senate?

‘Stranger Things’: Watch Perfect Side-By-Side Film References From the ’70s and ’80s

‘Slave-Gate’ Joins Bill O’Reilly and Fox News’s Ugly History of Race-Baiting

VMAs Snub Taylor Swift, Get in Formation With Beyoncé—and Vindicate Kanye West’s 2009 Outburst

Goldie Taylor—Six Baltimore Cops Killed Freddie Gray. The System Set Them Free.

Cash-Starved Startups See Some Daylight

Video: Hipster Tears Down Pro-Cop Ribbons and Screams ‘Black Lives Matter!’

Donald Trump’s Call for Russia to Hack the U.S. Might Be a Felony

DNC 2016: Team Hillary Tweeted Out This Pic of Muslim Fan—But She’s for Bernie

Donald Trump’s Siberian Meltdown: Calls on Russia to Hack Hillary’s Emails

Donald Trump to NBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Be Quiet!’

Watch the Hillary Clinton Video Her Campaign Killed

Assad and Putin’s Sick Strategy Bombing Hospitals

Samira Wiley on Poussey’s Powerful—and Controversial—OITNB Death and Living Out Loud

How Black Heroes Matter Was Born at Comic-Con

DNC 2016: Truth-O-Metering Day Two

45 Years in Prison for Loaning His Car to a Cop-Killer

Three Drinks In: Chicago, Illinois

Khloe Kardashian’s Vagina Oil Is a Bad Idea

Reefer Madness Hits Colorado’s Toddlers

Donald Trump’s Big Lie About the Law That ‘Threatens’ Christians

Our Gripping Love Affair With Vans

Bill Clinton Was Cute, but Now Democrats Need to Tear Donald Trump’s Face Off

Cory Booker Defends Bernie Supporters at DNC: They’re Not Being ‘Ridiculous’

Bill Clinton Finally Quits Embarrassing Hillary With DNC Speech

Meryl Streep’s Ecstatic Hillary Speech at the DNC: ‘It Takes Grit, and It Takes Grace’

‘F*ck You, Old Man!’: ‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Hits ‘Bernie or Bust’ for Turning on Sanders

Meet Omarosa: Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach and Wacky Reality TV Villain

Lena Dunham: Donald Trump Wants Women to Be ‘Beautiful and Silent’

Why These Union Members and Lifelong Democrats Are Voting Trump

Seth Meyers Shuts Down ‘Bernie or Bust’: ‘We Don’t Have Time for This’

How the DNC Dissed This 9/11 Family

Bernie Sanders Fans Think the Unthinkable: Voting for Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Banks Trolls Trump at DNC: ‘A Cruel, Out-of-Touch Reality TV Star Who Wears Insane Wigs’

Moderates and Centrists are Mad as Hell at Both Parties

Khloe Kardashian to Donald Trump: ‘F*ck You!’

Rep. Alan Grayson, Alleged Wife-Beater, Loses Endorsements

Hillary Campaign Plans to Control Berniacs During Vote

‘Jason Bourne’ Review: Matt Damon Goes ‘Con Air’ on Sin City

Ousted DNC Chair’s Challenger Out For Blood

Prince George, 3, Accused of Being A ‘F**king D**khead’ with ‘White Privilege’

‘Hillary for Prison’ Is a Big Hit With Diehard Sanders Fans at DNC

Bernie Sanders Supporters Don’t Care if Russia Hacked DNC Email

Bank Thieves Went Through Roofs and Walls to Steal Millions

The American Dream Is on the Ropes

U.K. Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Lets It All Hang Out

Mariah Carey Now Has Her Own Entrance Music: Let Us Celebrate the Greatest Diva Ever

Do Bernie Delegates Have A Rival VP?

Watch: ‘Bernie or Bust’ Movement’s Worst Moments at the DNC

‘DNC Hacker’ Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say

Japan’s Sordid History of ‘Grudge’ Murders

ISIS Jihadists, Mass Shooters: What’s Happening to the World?

Chadwick Boseman: ‘Black Panther’ Will Reflect Black America

Anthony Weiner to Bernie Fans on ‘Colbert’: ‘Stop Complaining About the System!’

Samantha Bee: How Roger Ailes Got ‘F*cked’ by Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly

DNC 2016: Michelle Obama’s Speech of a Lifetime Turns Convention Around for Hillary Clinton

Is Yahoo’s Starving Fantasy Football Cash Cow Headed to Slaughter at Verizon?

Bernie Sanders’s Revolution Goes Down Screaming at Democratic Convention

What George Washington Knew About Vladimir Putin’s Political Hack

‘Last Chance U’: Netflix’s Gripping Docuseries Wants to Be This Generation’s ‘Hoop Dreams’

Black Mothers Matter: Moms of Victims of Police Shootings Take Center Stage at DNC

Benicio Del Toro: Drinking Rules

Rufus Wainwright’s Personal Trainer Is Menswear’s Most Badass Jewelry Designer

Russia’s Long History of Messing With Americans Minds Before the DNC Hack

DNC 2016: Truth-O-Metering Day One

Saying Goodbye to Ernest, the Cat Who Saved My Life

Sarah Silverman, Once an ‘Artist for Bernie,’ Rallies for Hillary at DNC

In Fort Myers, a Non-Terror Mass Murder America Decided to Ignore

DNC Protesters Want Bernie in the White House and Hillary in Jail

Tulsi Gabbard: The Bernie-Endorsing Congresswoman Who Trump Fans Can Love

Jailer Chokes Inmate to Death on Video But Still Hasn’t Been Charged

All the Times Donald Trump Sucked Up To Vladimir Putin

This Is The ‘Seagull Cinderella’ Sculpture Outraging Massachusetts

School Bus Driver Sentenced to Probation for Raping Teenage Girl

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Hillary After DNC Hack: At Least She’s Not a ‘Racist Pig’

Lindsay Lohan Accuses Millionaire Fiancé of Strangling Her: ‘You Tried to Kill Me’

Lawyer Could Get Jail Time for Wearing Black Lives Matter Pin

Will the Troubles of de Blasio and Cuomo Tarnish Hillary?

FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC; U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump

Ted Cruz’s RNC Clash with Trump Gets ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment

DNC 2016: Full Schedule, Watch Live Stream Online

American Entrepreneurship in Decline

Remembering Marni Nixon, the Invisible Voice of ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘West Side Story,’ and ‘The King and I’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Berned at DNC 2016 Opening

Chloe Grace Moretz: The Scott Baio of Hillary Clinton’s DNC

John Oliver Exposes Donald Trump: ‘This Is a Dictatorship and I’m the Dictator’

DNC 2016: Will Berniacs Ruin Hillary’s Prom?

Meth, Strippers & a Missing Teen: FBI Investigates Oklahoma Sheriff

Deborah Nadoolman Made Indiana Jones Into a Style Icon

‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg on Season 3 and That ‘Surprising’ Abortion Episode

Shania Twain Fan Allegedly Faked Her Own Abduction

The Biggest GOP Names Backing Hillary Clinton—So Far

The Greatest American Whiskey Bargain

Gigantic Wildfire Rages Near Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

What It Feels Like To Be An Autistic Person of Color in the Eyes of the Police

Racist Cops, Abused Women and the Blue Wall of Silence

Trump Is Lying About Kaine, But Hillary’s Lying About Pence

The Missing Man at the Center of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Democrats Still Have a Reason to Hope

Bernie Bros Celebrate Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Ouster as DNC Head

Spineless IOC Surrenders Olympic Integrity to Russia Forever

Trump Defends Roger Ailes: ‘He Helped Those Women’

How to Make It as a Muslim Host in Donald Trump’s America

Superheroines Rule at Comic-Con: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Captain Marvel, and More

Drew Carey Wants Libertarian Gary Johnson As President

Meet ‘The Night Of’ Star Riz Ahmed, Your Summer TV Crush

‘Gleason’: Inside the Most Powerful, Poignant Documentary of the Year

Trump’s Newest Ad Is So Fucking Weird

Tech’s Not Our God. Or Our Devil.

Christianity Owes Very Little to ‘White’ People

Donald Trump to America: Be Afraid, Very Afraid. And Then Vote For Me.

What Hillary Clinton Got Wrong About the World

Why Hitler and Hermann Göring Went To War Over The Ghent Altarpiece

Molly Crabapple’s Mourning In America: The Republican National Convention Illustrated

What My Nurse Ratched Taught Me About Donald Trump

How Vladimir Putin’s Spies Hid Athlete Doping

U.S. Political Conventions Have Been Weird From The Start

When Graham Greene Lied About My Mom

Death on the Serpent River: How the Lost Girls of Panama Disappeared

Pastor Ran A Rehab For Dead People

Goodbye ‘Looking’: How HBO's LGBT Drama Was Lost, and Finally Found

‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot: My Diana Prince Was Inspired by Princess Diana

Watch: Comic-Con ‘Justice League’ Trailer Featuring Aquaman and The Flash

Watch: Kickass ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Premieres at Comic-Con

Holy Crap, Tim Kaine Just Killed It In His First Speech With Clinton

How Donald Trump’s RNC Inspired a Muslim, Gay, and Trump Porn Craze

Bill Maher on Trump: He Wants to Make America White Again

The Slave Who Stole the Confederate Codes—and a Rebel Warship

Taylor Swift’s History of Suing Friends, Fans, and Foes—and Now Kimye?

Donald Trump’s Plagiarized Anti-Semitic Slogan

Pippa Middleton’s Wedding: A Royal Disaster?

America Was 20 Minutes Away From Being French

How To Make Hoarding Into Brilliant Art

Welcome Freshman—Your Degree Is Obsolete

Inside ‘Blair Witch’: The Top-Secret, Thrilling Sequel to ‘The Blair Witch Project’

Hillary Clinton Taps Tim Kaine and Goes With Substance Over Sizzle

Sweetie Darling, ‘AbFab’ Is Back—But Is The Big Screen Too Big For It?

DNC Leaked Emails: Do We Let Pedophile’s Lawyer Host Fundraiser?

How Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP, Defies the Religious Stereotype

Hillary Clinton Keeps It Safe With Tim Kaine as VP Pick

IMF Boss Christine Lagarde to Face Trial

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner: Jon Snow ‘Doesn’t Have the Intellect’ to Rule

Donald Trump, Resident of America’s Safest Big City, Peddles Fear

Why This Year’s Eisner Awards Are a Turning Point for Women in Comics

Watch: Comic-Con’s ‘Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer Premiere

From Camelot To Shamelot: The Strange, Sad Path From The Kennedys To The Trumps

Watch: Trump’s RNC Speech is a Lot Like the ‘Idiocracy’ State of the Union

Munich Shooting Spree: 10 Dead

Comedian Eric Andre Gets Roughed Up by Conspiracy Theorists at the RNC

Florida Paramedics Took Selfies with Unconscious Patients

MH370 Search to Be Suspended as New Evidence Hints the Flight Glided

Prince George Gives Lupo A Lick of Ice Cream As Kate Middleton Celebrates His Third Birthday

How the Real Edward Snowden Helped Write the Ending to Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’

Leslie Jones Clears the Air: ‘I Did Not Leave Twitter’

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Sounded Like ‘Two-Bit Dictator’ in RNC Speech

Meet the Shady Network of Immigration Opponents Donald Trump Loves to Cite

Jon Stewart Returns to Take Down Trump and the GOP: ‘I See Your Bullshit’

The NBA Picked Trans People Over Money

Donald Trump Drags GOP Into Very Ugly Territory

RNC 2016 Was Awful for Local Cleveland Businesses

GOP Won’t Quit Making Abortion Cremation Laws

‘BoJack Horseman’ Returns: Inside Season 3 of TV’s Funniest, Darkest Comedy

Philadelphia Prostitutes Band Together to Fight a Mystery Predator

Three Drinks In: Portland, Oregon

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Just Can’t Keep His Clothes On

Can Woody Allen Do An ‘Annie Hall’ for Men’s Fashion?

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Contenders, Ranked

‘I Was an ISIS Jihadist—Until They Arrested and Tortured Me’

We Just Watched the Republican Party Kill Itself

Inside ‘The Daily Show’s’ Hilarious Trump Parody Film, Narrated by Rosie O’Donnell

Bill Maher on Trump’s Scary RNC Speech: ‘He Looked a Lot Like Mussolini’

Years From Now, Peter Thiel Will Wonder What He Was Doing on That Stage

Donald Trump’s RNC 2016 Speech Packed With Lies And Shady Stats

Roger Ailes Can’t Build a Fox News Rival...Yet

Fox News Men Shed Tears as Roger Ailes Resigns

Black Lives Matter Activists Take on a New Foe: Police Unions

Ted Cruz, Moral Avenger Against Donald Trump? Uh…Not Always

Jerry Seinfeld and John Oliver Find Trump’s True Calling: ‘A Good Little Stress Ball’

The Political Convention Celebrity Orgy Is a Hell of Our Own Making

Donald Trump Invites Putin to Invade Melania’s Hometown

Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s Gospel of Corporate Welfare

When Ivanka Trump Was a Kardashian

Cory Booker Makes His Final Pitch to Become Hillary’s VP

Goldie Taylor—Charles Kinsey Did Everything Right. The Police Still Shot Him.

Ann Coulter: Ted Cruz a ‘Little Bitch’ for Snubbing Trump

Laurie Dhue Shops Roger Ailes Tell-All Memoir

Donald Trump Is Sucking Up and Selling Out to Putin

Is a ‘Heat Dome’ Really Going to Fry the U.S.?

Trump Rape Accusers Turn On Each Other

Ted Cruz at RNC 2016: What He Said vs. What He Meant

Scenes From Cleveland’s Republican Trumpocalypse

RNC Day 4: Full Schedule, Watch Donald Trump’s Speech Live Stream Online

RNC 2016: Making Swag Great Again (PHOTOS)

Unlikely Style Icon: Dennis Hopper in ‘Easy Rider’ Is the Man, Man

Kate McKinnon’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg Crashes the RNC, Goes After Trump

Copy This, Melania! FLOTUS Michelle Obama Rocks Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Stephen Colbert Stumps RNC Delegates With Game of ‘Trump or False’

Mike Pence, Putting Ambition Before Belief, Assumes His Position Beside Trump

How Ernest Hemingway Taught the World to Drink

Lawsuit: Racist Rodeo ‘Rounded Up’ City’s Native Americans

Cleveland Has Never Recovered From These Riots

David Hockney: ‘I Don’t Do Celebrities’

How LGBT Equality Arrived for British Aristocrats

Trump’s RNC Welcomes Xenophobia Inc.

Can ‘Dynasty’ Politics Save Donald Trump’s RNC?

Woman Falsely Accused of Impersonating Ex-Boyfriend’s Pregnant Wife With Rape Ads, Cops Say

Bill Maher on Ted Cruz’s RNC Trump Diss: ‘There’s Nothing Lower Than That!’

Fact-Checking the 2016 Republican National Convention’s Third Night

Newt Gingrich’s Agenda Wednesday Night? As Always, Newt

Ted Cruz Humiliates Donald Trump, Refuses to Endorse Him at RNC

RNC Fashions Stall on the Runway

The Anti-Imperialism of Fools

‘Beaches’ Is Garry Marshall’s Weepy Masterpiece

Twitter Stopped One Troll. It Has No Plan for the Rest.

Mike Pence—Conversion Therapy True Believer—Ups the Hate for Donald Trump’s GOP

Two Days, Six Lies, and Trump’s Third Wife

How Garry Marshall Saved ‘Pretty Woman’—and All of Us From Our Jadedness

Racists, Idiots and Sociopaths Get Down at the RNC’s Big Gay Party

Trans Student: School Forced Me to Wear Wristband to Use the Bathroom

Independent Senator’s 15 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Tap Tim Kaine

Turkey Denies Its Warships Vanished

Murdering a Journalist, and the Truth, in Ukraine

Investigators Find Vital New Clues to EgyptAir 804 Crash

Donald Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Line Miffs Millions

Trump Adviser Al Baldasaro: Execute Hillary Clinton for ‘Treason’

Caitlyn Jenner in Cleveland: GOP Needs to Stop ‘Bullying’ LGBT Community

RNC Day 3: Full Schedule, Watch Live Stream Online

Toxic Waste Cleanup Crews Were Led to Believe Ash Sites Were ‘Safe’

Evan Rachel Wood on Her Bisexuality and Our Divided World: ‘Listen to Your Opponent’

The Priest Who Walked 360 Miles to Protest Donald Trump at RNC 2016

Taylor Swift’s Loud Election Silence—and Connection to Donald Trump

Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump Defends Herself on ‘Colbert’

Ben Carson Ties Hillary Clinton to Lucifer as GOP Swaps Campaign for Witch Trial

Does Airbnb Do Enough to Fight Gay Hate?

How ‘Looking’ Helped Jonathan Groff Learn to Like Being Gay

Shirley Temples Are Destroying America’s Youth

Glimmerglass, the Opera Festival That’s Closer to Nature

Like Maintaining Baseball Gloves or Cars, Why It’s Cool for Men to Polish and Primp

Family Sues to Overturn Suicide Ruling for Teen Whose Shorts and Phone Were Gone Before She Died

Remembering Garry Marshall: A Titan of Comedy and a Total Mensch

Washed-Up Chris Christie Rips Into Hillary Clinton

Clint Eastwood’s Spirit Looms in Cleveland, as Angry White Men Stand Their Ground

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Mocks Melania’s Plagiarism: ‘She Stole the Show, Literally’

Fact-Checking the 2016 Republican National Convention’s Second Night

Tiffany Trump, The Donald’s Silent Daughter, Finally Speaks at RNC 2016

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rebrands the RNC: ‘Make America Fear Again’

U.S.-Backed ‘Moderate’ Rebels Behead a Child Near Aleppo

RNC 2016: Paul Ryan Officially Hands Over His Party to Crazy

Arizona Delegate Tries to Vote Her Conscience, Gets the Boot

RNC 2016 Shows Off White Nationalist Tweet

Thankfully, Dana White Did Not Mention Donald Trump's 'Nuts' on the RNC Stage

Roger Ailes Is All but Out the Door at Fox News

Yale Wants to Rehire Window Smasher Corey Menafee

Donald Trump Used Model Parties to Seal Deals, Industry Sources Say

After Kim Kardashian’s Exposé, Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad Can’t Stop Making Everything Worse

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Quits Twitter After Racist Trolls Unleash ‘Hell’

After Trump Loses, We Can Build a Sane Republican Party

Time for Donald Trump To Be Presidential, Whatever That Means

Why the Failed Turkish Coup is Very Bad News for the War on ISIS

RNC Spokesman Quotes ‘My Little Pony’ to Defend Melania Trump

‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Reads Frank O’Hara’s poem about Lana Turner

Did Melania Write Her Plagiarizing Speech Herself?

Everything Donald Trump Has Plagiarized

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Confronts Scott Baio for Tweet Calling Hillary Clinton a ‘C*nt’

The Blind 19-Year-Old Prodigy Who Sang at the RNC

German Axe Terrorist Sent Suicide Vid to ISIS

‘The View’ Mocks Melania Trump’s Plagiarism: ‘Somebody Sabotaged Her’

Scenes From Cleveland: The Red States Take Over (PHOTOS)

Revealed: How VW Designed the Greatest Scandal in Automotive History

RNC Day 2: Full Schedule, Watch Live Stream Online

In Cleveland, the GOP Puts Its Benghazi Ignorance On Parade

Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama, a Woman Republicans Said Hated America

Watch All the Moments Trump Truly Lost His Mind

How Dana Carvey Got His Groove Back

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite for an RNC Special to Take Down Trump

Skinhead Executed His Best Friend After FBI Probe

Ukraine’s Ingrained Culture of Torture

Trucker Couple Drove 2,300 Miles to See Donald Trump in Cleveland

Goldie Taylor—White Evangelicals Put Fear Before Faith to Stand Behind Donald Trump

American Uniters, From Tricky Dick to Con Man Donald

The U.K. Police Force That Sees Misogyny as a ‘Hate Crime’

Republicans Peddle Fear and Little Else on Day One of RNC 2016

Two-Year-Old Gunned Down in Shadow of GOP Convention

Who Are the Five Black Men Willing to Speak for Trump in Cleveland?

How Fighter Jets Almost Killed a President

‘Power’ Season 3 Brings Action and Drama

Melania Trump Looooves Her Husband (And Michelle Obama, Too)

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Enduring Blend of High-Low Cool Endures in Art and Fashion

Samantha Bee Mocks the RNC Crazy, Slams Mike Pence’s Anti-Woman Crusade

The RNC’s Opening-Night D-Listers: Antonio Sabato Jr., Scott Baio, and Willie Robertson

Nice Attack: Has a Bisexual Muslim Hustler Put France on the Path to Civil War?

Baton Rouge Cop-Killer Gavin Long Recorded Himself Telling Black Men in Dallas to Wake Up After Attack on Police

Saying Goodbye To Suicide’s Alan Vega, a True American Original

Pippa Middleton Is Engaged—To A Very Rich Banker

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long’s Bizarre Sect

Chaos Erupts on Day One of RNC 2016

How Long Can Roger Ailes Hang On at Fox News?

Alex Jones, Roger Stone Bring the Crazy to RNC 2016

Can Taylor Swift Survive Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat Burial?

Inside Boris Johnson’s Brexit House Party

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Strikes Out at Ill-Signed Push Back Presser

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Hunger Games’ RNC 2016 Stunt Shows He’s Ready to Play

Hillary Clinton Ad Ripping Donald Trump Revives Lyndon Johnson Attack On Barry Goldwater

Michelle Van Etten, Soon-to-Be RNC 2016 Star, Peddles Pills that Make Alex Jones ‘Crazed’

RNC Day 1: Full Schedule, Watch Live Stream Online

Ian Connor, Accused Serial Rapist and Kanye West Employee, Is Threatening Women on Twitter

Bryan Cranston Trashes Trump: ‘An Anomaly to the Human Race’

Simon Pegg on ‘Madman’ Donald Trump and Brexit: ‘I Feel a Little Bit Ashamed’

How Kim Kardashian Beat Taylor Swift at Her Own Game

Murdered Pakistani Icon Qandeel Baloch Had Zero F***s Left to Give

Trump’s Convention Is Already Nervous With Guns, Protesters, and Cop-Killings in the Air

The Invisible Men and Women of Black Fashion

Forget #NeverTrump, Meet the #AlwaysTrump Candidates of 2016

How John Oliver Found Love in a Hopeless Place: The Republican National Convention

Muslim Doctors to Trump Fans: We’ll Treat You Even if You Hate Us

The Last Time Trump Wrecked a Party

Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort: The Bushes ‘Are Part Of The Past’

Drink Up! The Case for Republicans and Democrats Boozing Together

Marcus Samuelsson: Drinking Rules

Landon Donovan: Drinking Rules

I’m Sorry for the Moonshine Onslaught

Slain Baton Rouge Cop Montrell Jackson’s Facebook Plea: ‘Please Don’t Let Hate Infect Your Heart.’

Kim Kardashian Exposes Taylor Swift on Snapchat, Swift Calls It ‘Character Assassination’

The Four Seasons Restaurant’s Last Power Lunch Minute by Minute

Gavin Long, Alleged Baton Rouge Cop-Killer, Said Dallas Attack on Police Was ‘Justice’

Hero Cop: If You Need a Hug or a Prayer, ‘I Got You’

Alleged Coup Mastermind Fethullah Gülen Loves Hillary Clinton

‘The Night Of’: Bill Camp on Race, Injustice and ‘Subtle Beast’ Detective Box

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Is Wrong on Children Raised by Gay Parents

RNC 2016 Bans Tennis Balls—but Assault Rifles Are OK

3 Baton Rouge Cops Shot and Killed by Suspect With Assault Rifle

Turkey’s Coup Won’t Stop ISIS War

Top Presidential Convention Bars

‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ Drugged and Strangled in Honor Killing

Scott Baio Hand-Picked by a Desperate Trump to Speak at His D-List RNC

From Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber: a Guide to Celebrity Emojis, Hollywood’s Favorite New App Trend

Everlast on Having to Face Your Newborn Baby’s Mortality

In Defense of the Philistines

Toasting Dead Friends: A Farewell to Hemingway’s Pamplona

The Wild Life of Princess Margaret, The Original Royal Rockstar

Cops Have a New Way to Take Your Money: Prepaid Debit Cards

The Shittiest Health Pitches I’ve Ever Gotten

The Con Man Who Hoodwinked Hitler

When Eisenhower Took on Big Oil

Twelve Tribes: The Church Preached Child Abuse & Slavery

Our Back-To-The-Future Cop Conversation

Don King Is a Self-Made American Villain. Donald Trump Is Just a Rich Man’s Son.

Who Stole These Francis Bacon Masterpieces?

The Coming GOP Clown Show in Cleveland Has Responsible Republicans Running the Other Way

‘Ghostbusters’ Director Ivan Reitman on Killing Bill Murray in the Ghostbusters III That Wasn’t

Bono and Bill Gates Remember How Michael Elliott Changed The World

The Awkward Arranged Marriage of Trump and Pence

Turkey Coup: No More Mr. Nice Sultan For Erdogan

The Vicious Battle to Capture Fallujah in 2004 Was a Close Fought Nightmare

Who’s Really To Blame For Turkey’s Coup?

The Man Cops Say Serially Killed San Diego’s Homeless Is Homeless Himself

Viggo Mortensen Goes Green: ‘I Trust Hillary About as Much as I Trust Donald Trump’

Porn Industry: Blame the GOP for the ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Not Us!

Real Dangers in the Fake Pokemon World

The Right Way to Drink Scotch in the Summer

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Goldie Taylor—Alton Sterling, Father of Five—One More Black Man Shot Down by American Police

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My Obama Report Card

‘Catch a Predator’ Vigilante Sued by Pervs He Caught on Video

Jailers Crushed Inmate’s Windpipe and Didn’t Tell Paramedics

Marvel Artist Who Made a Trump Supervillain Thinks Donald Is a ‘Goddamn Idiot’

New York Observer Owner Jared Kushner Is Trumped by an Underling

Ciara Worries That Future Might Kill Her Fiancé Russell Wilson

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I’m The Dancing Coney Island Hot Dog For Fun… Not So Much For Profit

Make This ‘Chopped’ Champion’s July 4 Feast

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The Marshall Plan Was the Anti-Brexit: It United Europe and Strengthened It

Stay Cool With Slushie Cocktails

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Mastermind of Istanbul Airport Attack Had Been Georgian Informant, Official Says

Pope Benedict Dishes on Vatican’s ‘Powerful Gay Lobby’

WATCH: You Have To See This Woman Singing The National Anthem At The Lincoln Memorial

Inside Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s Very Disastrous, Very Public Split

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Manhattan Coke Ring Sold Dope in Drugstores to High-Class Clients

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Ray Kelly, Ex-New York Top Cop, Braces for Summer of Terror

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Theresa May Would Be the Best PM for British Sanity—but Boris Johnson Will Be Back