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Students Protestors Reportedly Beaten at Tehran University

Dave Chappelle Defends Louis C.K. in New Netflix Special

You’ll Need One of These 5 VPNS Once Net Neutrality Is Gone

How to Watch the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year's Eve

11 Must-See TV Moments of 2017: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Send-Off, Ivanka Trump’s ‘Complicit’ and More

How Is Steven Spielberg Going to Make a Great Movie Out of This God-Awful Book?

2017: The Year In Photos

How (and What) to Drink in 2018, With a Little Help From Winston Churchill

The Labor Journalist Blinded by Union Thugs

Dear Ivanka and Jared, This Is Your Plan For 2018

Is The Next Fitbit A Tattoo?

King-Slapping, Devil-Dressing, and Avoiding Blondes: The Crazy Ways Humans Have Rung in the New Year Throughout History

Paris Syndrome? Really? How the City of Light Gives People the Blues

What’s Red, Blue, and Broke All Over? America.

Ed Asner Sounds Off on Republicans: They Want to ‘Destroy the Middle Class’

The Frank Ocean Effect: Welcome to the New Golden Age of Soul Music

Spirits Watch: What You’ll be Drinking in 2018

From ‘Colossal’ to ‘Black Mirror,’ How Sci-Fi Slapped Down Geek Culture’s Toxic Masculinity in 2017

When Gen. Douglas MacArthur Put the Hurt on North Korea

The Best of the Beast Illustrations 2017

OMG I Want This House: Valencia, Spain (Photos)

Murder Suspect in Troy, New York Quadruple Slaying Was ‘Friends’ With Victim, Family Member Says

The Future Of Charging Is This Wireless Power Bank

Protests Spread in Iran. Will Trump Help or Hurt The Cause of Freedom?

Meet the Porn Star Turned Academic Who’s Revolutionizing the Adult Industry

The Mystery of Who Stole One of the World’s Finest Champagnes–And Where It Ended Up

The Year Shepard Smith Went Rogue at Fox News

In a Rough First Year as First Daughter, Nevertheless, Ivanka Trump’s Brand Persisted

For America’s Sake, Let Trump Golf!

How Trump May Torpedo Prince Harry’s Obama Wedding Invite

The Secret of North Brother Island, the Abandoned New York City Island Where Typhoid Mary Was Held Captive

The Rise of Resistance: 2017 in Protest Photos

The French Petty Thief Who Influenced Bob Dylan’s Songs

Spend Winter Break Reading the Best Nonfiction Books of 2017

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier Thomas Pastuszak

How Faith Helped Winston Churchill ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

15 Biggest Pop Culture Disasters of 2017: Kendall Jenner, Megyn Kelly, the Oscars, & More

Trump Suddenly and Summarily Fires the Remaining Members of His HIV/AIDS Advisory Council

Bronx Building’s Oil-Based Paint Made It Burn Like ‘Gasoline’

Asbestos-Hunter Finds Toxins in Claire’s Makeup for Girls

Should We Believe a Russian Hacker Who Claims He Hit the DNC for a Rogue Operative in the FSB?

The 20 Best Movies of 2017: Wonder Women, Racial Disharmony, and Daniel Day-Lewis’ Final Bow

Satellite Pics Show North Korea Will Make 2018 a Year of Missiles

How #MeToo Exposes the Myth of Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Meet Logan Downs, a Trans Recruit Joining the Military on Jan. 2

2017 Was a Garbage Year, But It Showed Us We Can Viably Escape to Mars

The Ten Worst Things Scott Pruitt’s EPA Has Already Done

The Media Stars Who Outdid Themselves Under Trump in 2017

Trump’s Judges: White, Male, and Unprepared to Be Questioned

The KGB Playbook for Turning Russians Worldwide Into Agents

The KGB Papers: Here Are the Originals

Beyond the Peach Sex: The Remarkable Year in LGBT Film

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4’s Best Episode Is Shockingly Hopeful

Bronx Blaze Kills 12 on Frigid Night

Breitbart Still Wants to Make Paul Ryan Miserable, Even Without ‘F**king Nazi’ Paul Nehlen Around

Who Killed the Boy With the ‘Biggest Smile’ and His Family in Upstate New York?

Trump Inc. Had a Rough Year, but His D.C. Hotel Is Killing It

Family of Four Killed in ‘Savage’ Slaying Over Christmas in Upstate New York

She Imports Trump’s Foreign Labor. Now She’s Running for Congress.

Meet ‘Posh George’: The Shady Money Man Tangled Up With Brexit, Russia, and Trump

Make America Cringe Again: A Year of Cringeworthy Moments From President Trump (Photos)

The ‘Cruel Intentions’ Musical Needs to Lose the Gay Insults

Where Did WikiLeaks’ $25 Million Bitcoin Fortune Go?

The KGB Playbook for Infiltrating the Middle East

How Fans Invented #Hannie, the Ultimate Social Media Supercouple

The Fight for LGBT Equality in 2018 Will Be Fierce

The Long Rise and Fast Fall of New York’s Black Mafia

10 Best Albums of 2017: Sex, Rhymes and Heartbreak

How Jimmy Kimmel Made Late-Night Matter Again in 2017

The Practical and Portable Tech You Need To Start 2018

Trump Administration Is Set to Add Another Burden on Immigrants

Trump’s War on the Truth—and How We Can Fight It

Even Steve Bannon Is (Finally) Renouncing the Unhinged Racist Running Against Paul Ryan

‘Bad Lip Reading’ Reveals Melania Trump’s Secret Christmas Message

The #NeverTrump Movement Has Been Neutered

Prince Harry: ‘Royals Are the Family Meghan Never Had’

Stock Up on Fine Wine at Amazing Prices With Winc

Revealed: The Secret KGB Manual for Recruiting Spies

The Baseball Establishment Shafts Marvin Miller Again

11 Non-Depressing Things That Happened in 2017 (Photos)

How Andrew Cuomo Lost His Footing in the #MeToo Moment

Hey, America, We’re More Alike Than We Think

A Look Back at the Most Batsh*t Insane Movie of 2017

When #MeToo Becomes #YouToo

The 10 Late-Night Moments That Defined 2017: Laughter, Tears, and Plenty of Outrage

How the Era of the Big-Name News Anchor Crashed to an End

Rihanna and Lady Gaga Lead the Red Carpet Conquerors of 2017

These Are the Dream Buildings New York City Never Built

Cardi B Claps Back at Her ‘Sex Tape’ Slut-Shamer in the Best Possible Way

The 5 Most Wondrous Medical Breakthroughs This Year

How to Drink & Cook Like a Celebrity

Robert Mueller May Indict Paul Manafort Again

Heroes, Killers, and a Double-Shot of Omarosa: The Daily Beast’s Best-Read Stories of 2017

The Sexist, Tone-Deaf Mess of Bravo’s ‘Relationshep’

The Ugly, Sad (!) Truth Behind All Those Government Vacancies

The Trump Administration Is Waging Guerrilla War on Legal Immigration, Attorneys Say

The First-Born Son of the Monstrous Warlord Joseph Kony Speaks Out for the First Time

The 20 Best Movie Performances of 2017: A Year of Black, Gay, and Trans Excellence

Gun-Toting Zoo Owners in Showdown With PETA and the Feds Over Baby Tigers

The 2017 Movie Masterpiece That You Probably Missed

Nicolas Cage Is a Child-Murdering Lunatic in One of the Craziest Movies of 2018

2017 Changed How We’ll Have Babies

Ben Hampton Has 670,000 Followers on Instagram. He’s Only 6 Years Old.

Take a Tour of the Red-Hot Center of Chinese Counterfeiting

The Secret History of the Gold Rush

Is Your Bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Fake?

Democrats Are Actually Praising Team Trump for Taking on Russia

Best Celebrity Instagrams of the 2017 Holiday Season

Our Classic Christmas Traditions Are Actually Pagan

Meghan Markle Is One of the Family at Christmas Day Church Service

Do They Know It’s Christmas? Yes, These Survivors Certainly Do

Syrian Rebels Held Me Hostage and Then Stomped on My Soul

The Firefighter Who Can’t Stop Being a Hero, Even on Christmas

Casanova, Mozart, and the Secret Backstory of ‘The Night Before Christmas’

When Dylan Thomas Recorded the Best Christmas Radio Show

All the (Fun) Celebrity Gossip That Kept Us Sane in 2017

Combat Jack and the Slow Death of Hip-Hop Journalism

Judge: Gov’t Must Give ‘Enemy Combatant’ U.S. Citizen Access to ACLU Attorney

An American Bitcoin Trader and the Mysterious Death of the Naked Dutch Model in Malaysia

Christmas Weekend Movies to See or Skip: No to ‘The Post,’ Yes to ‘Jumanji’ (Really)

HiRO the Drone Will Change Emergency Medical Treatment

Kids Don’t Have Parents Anymore—They Have ‘Sharents’

How Women Built the Little Town of Bethlehem

The Best Things We Drank in 2017

‘Home Alone’ Is So Much Better if Kevin McCallister is Dead

In SoHo, You Can See the Ghost of T-R-U-M-P Now

The Husband and Wife Behind the Jewels of ‘The Crown’

‘Bright’ and Netflix’s Original Movie Problem

The Flight Into Egypt: Jesus, Mary, Joseph—and ISIS

How a Shy Jewish Boy Gave America Rudolf for Christmas

‘Bright’ Screenwriter Max Landis Accused of Sexual Assault

Video: The Best (Maybe True) Heartwarming Christmas Story

Landlord to 98-Year-old Veteran: Get Out

Former ‘SNL’ Star Jim Breuer’s Next Act: Heavy Metal, But Hilarious

It’s a (Not So Wonderful) Tax-Free Life

The 20-Year-Old Making Unholy Amounts of Cash on Meme Bibles

The Three Botticellis Burned in the World War II Battle for Berlin

The Christmas Eve When Curt Flood Changed Baseball Forever

What You Should Be Drinking on Christmas

Forget the High-Speed Rail Fiasco: Whisper-Quiet Electric Airplanes Will Transform Travel in America

The Stand-Out Street Style at ‘The Nutcracker’

Blood, Milk, and Fat: Your Handy Beauty Guide from the Ancient World

A Dark, Demented Satire of the Disgustingly Rich

Corey Lewandowski Accused of Repeatedly Slapping Singer Joy Villa’s Butt

Hollywood’s Long History of Replacing Actors, From the Tin Man to Kevin Spacey

The Best Alternative Christmas Movies: ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Gremlins,’ and More

OMG I Want This House: Telluride (Photos)

Donald Trump Surrenders in the War on Christmas

How Stephen Colbert Used Trump to Win the Late-Night War

Is Mrs. Claus Santa’s Real Beard? Or: Who Made Santa Straight?

The Year Sex With Fruit Changed Cinema

How Models Like Emily Ratajkowski Sell Sex, Feminism, and Themselves

How Napoleon Cognac Became the World’s First Celebrity Spirit

The Ten Things Meghan Markle Can Learn From Watching ‘The Crown’

The Forgotten Harassment Allegation Against an Oscar Winner

Third Time's No Charm, as Appeals Court Rules 3-0 Against President Trump’s ‘Travel Ban 3.0’

Mike Cernovich Hounded on Rape Allegation in Reddit AMA

British Princess ‘Very Sorry’ for Wearing ‘Racist’ Brooch to Meghan Markle Lunch

Republican Senator Rand Paul Freezes Trump Nomination Over NSA

Mika Brzezinski Scolds Mark Halperin’s Victims for Not Meeting With Him

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: December 22, 2017

Stellar ‘Hamilton’ Blows London’s Skeptical Theater Critics Away

My Theory on Why Mike Pence Kisses Donald Trump’s, uh, Ring So Fulsomely

States to Congress: You’ve Still Left Us a Children’s Health Care Mess

Catalans Vote to... Continue the Confusion About Independence, and Probably Make It Worse

Donald Trump Just Pulled Off the Greatest Long Con in History

Spielberg’s ‘The Post’: Good Movie, Bad History

Trump and the GOP Just Ensured That the 2018 Blue Wave Will Be Yuuuge

93 Days Later, Puerto Rico Can’t Get Supplies to Turn on the Power

Can the Arts Keep Borders (and Minds) Open in Trumpian Times?

‘The Greatest Showman’ Fails Disabled Audiences by Masking P.T. Barnum’s Monstrous Past

Did the NIH Just Open the Door to the Next Killer Pandemic?

How Kim Jong Un Ran Circles Around America’s Dear Leader

West Point Let Football Star Break Rules Before Drunk Driving Death, Investigation Found

Drinking for a Cause: Warrior Whiskey

Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Is a $90 Million Steaming Pile of Orc Sh*t

Seth Meyers Explains How to Trick Trump Into Resigning

Doug Jones: ‘Everybody Needs to Pay Attention’ to Trump Sexual-Assault Allegations

Why Is Everyone Obsessing Over Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince?’

Trumpworld Gloats as One-Time GOP Foes Now Bend the Knee

See Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Adorable Engagement Pictures

AT&T Credits Trump for Bonus Its Union Already Negotiated

Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles Under Sex Crimes Investigation, Police Confirm

Anti-Trump Protesters Beat D.C. in Court: Jury Rules Not Guilty on All Charges

Sore Alabama Senate Race Loser Roy Moore Goes After Doug Jones’ Gay Son

Trump Ditched America’s China-First Policy Overnight

Forget Rome’s Dead Christmas Tree. The Vatican Has a Naked Bro

Yes, Trump Is Embarrassing; But for Conservatives, This Really Wasn’t a Bad Year

Chuck Close Accused of Sexual Harassment

New Republican War Cry: Mueller Probe ‘Worse Than Watergate’

Trump Has Put a Record Number of Dangerous Men on the Bench

Farewell to the Kentucky Judge Who Wouldn’t Hear LGBT Adoption Cases

Feds: Hezbollah Recruited American to Be Sleeper Agent

The Congressional Intern Secretly Vandalizing Wikipedia

It’s Raining Nude Men on New York Stages—But Why Now?

ISIS Threatened Ancient Art. 3-D Printing Will Save It.

What to Drink at Famous Nola Bar Cure

The #MeToo Movement Targets Meryl Streep and Shoots Itself in the Foot

The Tao of Matt Damon: Hollywood’s Large Adult Son

Here Are Some Weird Top-Selling Amazon Products

Here’s How to Travel Smarter in 2018

Sam Bee Has ‘Had Enough’ of Fox News Helping Trump Undermine Robert Mueller

Seth Meyers Goes Off on Trump’s Tax Bill: The Worst ‘Christmas Gift’ for ‘Average’ Americans

Trump White House Signals It Will Abandon Obamacare Repeal

#MeToo Movement Takes Down Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green

Top Dem Warns: Firing Robert Mueller Would Be a ‘Red Line’

Trump Wins Tax Cuts, Kids Lose Health Insurance

Senate GOP Breaks Health-Care Promise to Keep Government Open

Cutting Taxes Is Great, Republicans, but Deficits Do Matter

British Spies Were Spooked by Trump’s Torture Rhetoric

Catt Sadler Quits E! Over Gender Pay Gap

Bill de Blasio Finds People Who Appreciate Him—in Iowa

The 7 Most Overlooked Movies of 2017: Ghosts, Architecture, and Ass-Kicking Galore

DreamScreen Offers a More Immersive TV Watching Experience

Bernard Law, The Vatican’s Face of Evil, Is Dead but the Pain Lives On

Conspiracy Theorists: Government Released UFO Video to Cover Up Pizzagate and Las Vegas Shooting

States’ Christmas Letter to Kids: No Health Care for You

How Trump Made 2017 a Horrific Year for LGBT Rights—and Worse Is to Come

Breitbart News Helped Trump Win. Under Steve Bannon, It Might Also Help Him Lose

Why You Should Be Drinking Month-Old Eggnog

Cartel Hunts Cops Accused of a ‘Massacre’ in Mexico

Did Trump Play Into Jihadists’ Hands on Jerusalem?

T.J. Miller and ‘Kong’ Director Accused of Harassment by Porn Star Dana DeArmond

‘The Greatest Showman’ Is a Three-Ring Disaster (With Great Music)

Tax Cuts: Check. Funding the Government? Not So Fast.

When Donald Trump Joined Forces with Darth Vader

Seth Meyers Is Totally Creeped Out by Disney’s Animatronic Trump

Democrats: Party Leaders Caved on DREAMers

Trump Strategy Calls for More Confrontational China Approach

Trump Admin Calls Out North Korea Hackers, Stays Mum on Russia’s

‘All the Money in the World’: How to Disappear Kevin Spacey Completely

‘Silicon Valley’ Star T.J. Miller Accused of Sexually Assaulting and Punching a Woman

Can Northam and Jones Pull Off a Center-Left Balancing Act?

Congress Quietly Abandons Its Help for Diabetic Kids

How Do You Deprogram a Country After ISIS Is Defeated?

GOP Senators See No Reason to Shield Mueller From Trump

Trump Is America’s First Lawless President

The Sweet Taste of the Holidays

Amtrak Train Crash Brought Out Trump’s Worst—and NTSB’s Best

Trump Supporters Invade Taylor Swift’s New App

The Year When Bette Stormed Broadway, and Trump ‘Died’ in Central Park: NYC Theater in 2017

Rian Johnson Reveals Secrets of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: On Rey’s Parents, Luke’s Fate and More

Terrifying Donald Trump Robot Debuts at Disney World. And It Talks.

Seth Meyers Exposes How GOP Tax Bill Will ‘Personally Enrich’ Trump

DuPont, Washington Fought to Keep Amtrak Out Before Killer Crash

The Firm Fighting Tooth and Nail to Defend Harvey Weinstein

Trevor Noah Reveals the One ‘Terrifying’ Moment that Defined Trump in 2017

Rewatch ‘Star Wars’ With These Millennium Falcon Ice Molds

Train Tumbles Off Overpass in Deadly Amtrak Crash

GOP Pushes Back as Trump’s Lawyer Tries to Stack the Bench

How ‘Transgender’ and ‘Fetus’ Became Trump’s Target Words

Amazon’s Absurd Mistreatment of Female-Led TV Hits a New Low

Trump’s National Security Strategy Ignores Donald Trump

Trump’s Attacks on the FBI Could Harm the Entire Criminal Justice System

Twitter Bans Some White Supremacists, Who Flee to Safe Space

Trump’s Latest Tweet: “I” Have the Most Beautiful Political Brain Around, Okay?

Kids Are Getting Needlessly Exposed to Opioids From Routine Wisdom Tooth Removal

Prince Harry and Barack Obama in Conversation on the BBC

Luis Elizondo, Former Director of the Pentagon’s Aerospace ID Program, Says Some UFOs Still ‘Defy Explanation’

Climate-Change Disasters Cost U.S. More Than $200 Billion This Year

The Republican Party Faces a Roy Moore-Style Humiliation in Virginia

Everybody Might Soon Be Talking About ‘Jamie’ on Broadway

The Drug Decimating Russia’s Women

Nursing Homes Are Pushing Out Poor and Disabled Patients

I Was With Heather Heyer the Day She Died in Charlottesville: Her Mentor and Friends Remember Her

The Case for Pittsburgh Pizza

Amber Tamblyn Accuses Rose McGowan of ‘Shaming and Taunting’ Hollywood Actresses

Daniel Day-Lewis Goes Out With a Bang in the Exquisite ‘Phantom Thread’

Hey, Hollywood: Hire the Women Whose Careers Were Destroyed by Harvey Weinstein

‘A Christmas Story Live!’ Will (Almost) Make You Want to Shoot Your Own Ears Off

Atlanta Airport Blackout Sends Message to Terrorists: America Is Unprepared

New Orleans Judges Profited Off City’s Poorest, Federal Court Rules

Mark Rylance Is Cured by the Magic of Music in ‘Farinelli and the King’ on Broadway

Frustrated Donald Trump Plots Counterpunches and Talks Lawsuits

Mark Hamill Destroys Ted Cruz Over Net Neutrality: ‘Maybe You’re Just Distracted from Watching Porn’

SNL’s Weekend Update: Trump Should ‘Consider Resigning’ Over Sexual-Assault Allegations

SNL’s Omarosa Storms the White House in Yet Another Lame Trump Sketch

Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ at 25: A Misogynistic Hip-Hop Masterpiece and Relic of the Past

Why Is It So Hard for the TV News to Say ‘Gay’?

Russians Tried to Recruit Black Students to Bash Hillary Clinton

Mobster Madonnas: The Rise of Women In Sicily’s Mafia

Inside the Wild Parties of Art Basel Miami Beach

The Alien Feeling of Watching ‘The Twilight Zone’ on Stage

The 97 Men (and One Woman) Taken Down by the #MeToo Movement

After the Los Angeles Wildfires, the Rich Will Rebuild Even Bigger

The Mad King and the Secret History of Hanukkah

The French Built a Fake Paris to Fool German Bombers in World War One

Inside the Liquor Cabinet of ‘Odd Mom Out’ Star Jill Kargman

Errol Morris on Harvey Weinstein: ‘I Would Always See Him Going Upstairs with Hookers’

The Beatles’ Rare Christmas Records Are Finally Revealed

Brooklyn’s Own Christmas Spectacular: Dyker Heights Holiday Lights

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Carrie Fisher Wrote Leia’s Most Touching Final Moments

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Cuts Down FCC’s Ajit Pai: ‘A Jedi You Are Not’

Eminem Comes for Trump on ‘Revival’ and Whiffs Big Time

Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Trump Over Russia’s Election Interference

Trump to Obamacare Shoppers: Sorry, Store’s Closed

Five Ways That the Republican Tax Bill Is a Giveaway to the Super-Rich

‘Pinocchio’ on Stage: The Best Puppet Show Since ‘War Horse’

How Doug Jones Destroyed Roy Moore’s Whole Shtick with One Well-Chosen Verb

Actually, the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Don’t Suck

When the Knicks Took Pages From Weinstein’s Playbook

Fake Cops, Real Murders: Inside the Takedown of New York’s Most Notorious Police Impersonators

These Restaurants & Bars Take the Holidays Very Seriously

How America’s First Black Ambassador Became a Popular Hero

OMG, I Want This House: Lake Tahoe (Photos)

Inside the Royal Family’s Very Meghan Christmas

Netflix’s ‘The Ranch,’ Starring Accused Rapist Danny Masterson, Is Now TV’s Most Problematic Sitcom

The Republicans Are What We Thought They Were

Venezuela: Nepotism, Cocaine, and Incompetence at the Top

Australia Blames Celibacy and Confession for Pedophile Priests

Harvey Weinstein’s Insidious Sabotage of Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino’s Careers

Facebook: Facebook Can Be Bad for You

In the FBI’s Backyard, Trump Snubs the Bureau

The Week in 7 Insane Photos: December 15, 2017

U.S. Gen. Reins in Special Operations Forces in Africa After Niger Deaths and Daily Beast Investigations

The Jerusalem Blowback in Palestine: Not What You’d Think

Behind Rubio’s Irresponsible, 12th-Hour Tax Bill Monkey Wrench

‘Russell Simmons Is Just the Beginning’: Music Industry Braces for #MeToo Impact

Pentagon Allows Transgender Recruits—but Will They Sign Up?

Why the Left Shouldn’t Boycott SiriusXM Over Steve Bannon

Trump’s Numbers Near a Tipping Point

Putin Backs Trump in U.S., but Faces Tough Questions at Home

Blame ‘Star Wars’ if You Think Science Fiction Is Brain Dead

Reddit’s Favorite High-School Porn Magnate Is Actually 22

The Unhealthiest State in America Has the Best Vaccination Rate

Who’s Next Off the Island on Survivor: White House?

Is This Marine Veteran the Next Doug Jones?

Hollywood Stands Up for #MeToo on Red Carpets. #BlackLivesMatter Deserves the Same.

New Mexico School Shooter Had Secret Life on Pro-Trump White-Supremacy Sites

How to Win Your Christmas Cookie Swap

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rails Against Omarosa: ‘She Was Not Fighting for Black People’

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts ‘Jackhole’ FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for Repealing Net Neutrality

From Sulzberger to Sulzberger at The New York Times

Thanks to Google AI, Astronomers Have Found New Planets

FCC Votes to End Net Neutrality, Let Corporate Greed Run the Internet

Secrets of the Malta Journalist’s Murder Revealed

‘Good Morning America’ Host Robin Roberts Disses Omarosa: ‘Bye, Felicia’

Stephen Colbert Slams ‘Loser’ President Trump Over Roy Moore Loss

How Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump Retaliated Against Salma Hayek

Who’s Getting Rich Off All These Loud Teen YouTube Stars? This Guy.

CBS’ Major Garrett on Working in Trump’s White House of ‘Disdain and Deflection’

Heather Heyer’s Mom: I Have to Hide Her Grave From Neo-Nazis

Health Insurance Was a Nightmare for Me—But I’m Signing Up Again

Steve Bannon’s Con Game Is Over

After Alabama, It’s Time for Democrats to Get Over Their White Working-Class Fixation

Men’s Rights Activists: Use Bitcoin to Hide Money From Your Future Ex-Wife

Our 10 Favorite Gift Books for Whiskey Lovers

Top 20 TV Shows of 2017: A Best-of List in a Year of Ickiness

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Partner Tells the Inside Story of His Fatal Battle With Addiction

Tone-Deaf ‘Three Billboards’ Tries Absolving White People of Racism. And Oscars Season Loves It.

Conservatives on Roy Moore’s Loss: Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Thanks for Nothing, White Voters

Here’s How Democrats Can Keep Fighting to Win Seats in the Deep South

Alabama’s Nathan Mathis Found His Lesbian Daughter Dead. His Message to Roy Moore in Defeat: ‘You Better Pray For Forgiveness’

Omarosa Tried to ‘Storm the Residence’ in Reality TV-Style Ouster

Alt-Right Hyped Sexual Harassment Hoax to Attack Schumer

Joe Biden Consoles Meghan McCain in Powerfully Emotional TV Moment

Mueller’s Boss Pledges to Protect Russia Probe Against GOP: ‘I Would Not’ Fire Him

Feds Bust Designers of the Botnet That Crippled the Internet

Amber Fossil Shows Blood-Sucking Ticks Terrorizing Feathered Dinosaurs

Meghan Markle Will Spend Christmas With the Queen

How George Clooney Gave His 14 Best Pals a Million Bucks Each

These Wireless, Noise-Canceling Earbuds Work Like AirPods Without The Price Tag

Prince William and Harry’s Height Blows Their Cover in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Cameo

Think This Week's Climate News Was Bad? It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

The Breathalyzer’s Effect on Drinking & Driving

A NASA Algorithm Can Save Endangered Whale Sharks

This App Instantly Turns Your City Into a Crime-Riddled Hellscape

The Shady Bank Where This Russian NBA Owner Stashed Money

Self-Help Group Lured Man Into Sexual Cult, Lawsuit Claims

David Ermold Wants to Unseat Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis for ‘Closure’

The Strange Viral Saga of Keaton Jones: Feel-Good Story or Cautionary Tale?

Errol Morris’ ‘Wormwood’ Is a Genre-Bending True-Crime Masterpiece

How Doug Jones Pulled Off a Shock Win Over Roy Moore in Deep-Red Alabama

‘I Think Bannon Made an Ass of Himself’: Republicans Rejoice in Breitbart Chief’s Alabama Humiliation

Doug Jones Pulls Off Electoral Miracle, Beats Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore

Stephen Colbert Mocks Roy Moore Over Alabama Senate Loss: ‘Roy Moore Now Has to Eat His Horse’

Broadway’s Brilliant Apocalypse: Review of ‘The Children’

Trump Objects to Defense Law’s Anti-Russia Provisions

Kayla Moore Wants You to Believe She’s Surrounded by Liars

Keaton Jones and the Ethics of Filming Your Kids Online

If Bermuda Re-Bans Same-Sex Marriage, It Will Make Global, Anti-Gay History

Roy Moore Spokesman to CNN: He ‘Probably’ Thinks Being Gay Should Be Illegal

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year Is a Great One

Feds: Jailed Terrorist Used Prosecutor Materials for ISIS Propaganda Ring

Jada Pinkett Smith Accuses Golden Globes of Refusing to Watch ‘Girls Trip,’ Globes Says Fake News

‘Versace: American Crime Story’ Will Actually Be About Being Gay in the ’90s

Is the ‘Man Flu’ Actually Real?

The Vatican’s Dirty Money Problem

Maureen Dowd Praises #MeToo—After Years of Slut-Shaming Monica Lewinsky

Want to Launder Bitcoins? How Crooks Are Hacking iTunes and Getting Paid by Apple

‘The Last Jedi’ Is the Best ‘Star Wars’ Movie in Decades

Exclusive: Rex Tillerson, in Meeting With U.S. Diplomats, Says Russia ‘Interfered’ in Election

Woman: Trump Groped Me and I Could See the ‘Look of Guilt’ on His Face

Feds: NYC Bomber Taunted Trump: ‘You Failed to Protect Your Nation’

Which Alabama Will Claim Victory Tonight?

Who Won the Alabama Special Election? Watch the Live Results Here

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham Is Meghan Markle’s New London Pal

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Involved in Prison Brawl

How Oligarchs Are Taking Over the World

Annise Parker’s Mission: To Get More LGBT Candidates Elected

Will the Senate Still Protect Robert Mueller From Donald Trump’s Ax?

Roy Moore’s Last Push: It’s Me or the ‘Lynch Mob Media’

Steve Bannon Cheers as GOP Tax Plan Pours SALT in Wounds

The Sewer System Crisis About to Hit the Heartland

Want to Save Net Neutrality? Take It to Court.

Finally, a Hanukkah Cocktail You’ll Want to Drink

I Don’t Want to Have to Say, ‘I’m From Alabama, but...’

New York City Sent Its Best to Take Down ISIS Bomber

When Detroit Tried to Break the Christmas Sweater World Record

Anthony Bourdain’s War on Famous Creeps

Jimmy Kimmel, With Son Billy in Tow, Delivers Tear-Filled Plea for Children’s Health Insurance

Stephen Colbert Knows Why Trump Hates CNN’s Don Lemon

The Mysterious Death of a Cyberbullied Porn Star

After Manafort’s Indictment, Firms Are Suddenly Registering Their Foreign Lobbying

Doug Jones and Sir Charles Urge Alabamians to Break With History

New Email Shows Paul Manafort’s Heavy Hand on Ghost-Written Ukraine Op-Ed

Russia Probe Dems Want to Grill Jared Kushner Again

The New Yorker Fires Star Reporter Ryan Lizza Over ‘Improper Sexual Conduct’

Roy Moore and Doug Jones are Flush With Out-of-State Cash

Hey Media, Would You Please Stop Helping Trump Prove His ‘Fake News’ Case?

Private Eye Used Trump’s Social Security Number to Try to Get His Tax Returns

Golden Globes Snubs and Surprises: No Female Directors? Where’s ‘Wonder Woman’?

Woman: Donald Trump Groped Me and Called Me a ‘C*nt’

Bomb-Wearing Suspect Hits Subway in Second NYC Terror Attack in Two Months

Why Doctors Aren’t Afraid of Better, More Efficient AI Diagnosing Cancer

This Is One of the Most Funded Bags in Kickstarter History

Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Mark Hamill #StandWithKeaton

Harry the Hunting Hypocrite Joins Royal Shooting Party

In Trump’s America, Even White People Can Face Poll Taxes, if They Lean Liberal

Russian Artists Are Under Siege at the Bolshoi and Beyond—but Some Are Fighting Back

Shadowy Facebook Ads That Pushed Trump Are Back in Alabama

Could Voter Suppression Swing Alabama’s Senate Race to Roy Moore?

The State Department Accidentally Promoted Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Then Chaos Ensued.

Going 10 Rounds With Award-Winning Bartender Kenta Goto

How Eminem Is Challenging His Trumpian Fan Base to Examine Their Hate

Has Bryan Singer’s Hollywood Empire Finally Crumbled?

Busted: The Fed in Cahoots With a Colombian Drug Lord

YouTuber Jake Paul Builds a Multimillion-Dollar Empire—With the Help of Thousands of Tween Fans

‘Nathan for You’s’ ‘Finding Frances’: The Most Bizarrely Romantic TV Episode of the Year

Jeremy Clarkson Slams ‘Petulant’ Elon Musk and ‘Orange Face’ Piers Morgan

Alabama Evangelicals Find It Easy to Forgive Roy Moore

Southern California Wildfires Are the Worst Firefighters Have Ever Seen

‘Best Bounty Hunter In Texas’ Accused of Sex Trafficking

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