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Articles February 2017

Can the Pentagon Get By on Just $603 Billion?

Don’t Be Fooled by ‘Optimistic Trump’

Betsy DeVos Whitewashes the History of Black Colleges

Cows Have a New Enemy: Drones

Trump Appears to Suggest Bomb Threats Against Jews Are False Flags

What Was Trump’s Air Force Pick Doing For All That Cash?

Mack Beggs, The Teenage Trans Wrestler Facing His Biggest Fight

Oscar Envelope Handler Was Busy Tweeting Pictures of Celebs When Disaster Struck

As ISIS Prepares Its Terror Resurrection, Watch Out for Drone ‘Swarms’

Finally, an Online Safe Space For Trump Fans

Governors to Trump: Chill Out on the Weed

How Trump Can Save Almost $1 Trillion in 10 Easy Steps

Dutch Trump Even Scares His Own Brother

From Trump Economist to Partners With Obama's Pal

How ‘The View UpStairs’ Recalls the Forgotten Gay Disco Inferno That Killed 32

The Secrets to Making Homemade Liqueurs

How Trump Could Really Shock Us Tonight

How to Watch Trump Address Joint Congress Live Stream State of the Union

Hey Democrats: Don’t let the DNC Race Distract From the Real Fight

Jon Stewart Dresses Down the Media: ‘Stop Your Whining’ and Hold Trump Accountable

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates ‘Moonlight’s’ Oscars ‘Reparations’

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Oscars Fiasco: ‘Clyde Threw Bonnie Under the Bus’

The Meaning of Life, Plus Bubble Machine: Review of ‘Wakey, Wakey’

Her Great-Grandparents’ Graves Were Desecrated, Now It’s Happened Again—in America

House Trump-Russia Probe Kneecapped Before It Gets Started

Who Invented Trump’s ISIS Plan? Obama.

Detainees Sue Private Prison for ‘Forced Labor'

Why I Would Never Take Propecia, President Trump’s Hair Growth Drug

From Oscars To Trump, Chaos Is The New Normal

‘Moonlight’ Is the Greatest Oscars Underdog in History

Wilbur Ross Is Another Trump Cabinet Pick With Underexamined Russian Ties

Remembering Ren Hang: A Subversive to China's Censorship

The Particularly LGBT Drama of the ‘Moonlight’ Best Picture Oscar Victory

My Out-of-Bounds Email to Tom Perez

Here’s How We Lose Our Birth Control Under Trump

Revealed Near Mosul: An Enormous ISIS Mass Grave

‘Fox & Friends’ Gives Laughably Bad Analysis of ‘La La Land’ vs. ‘Moonlight’ Oscar Flub

Could The Resistance Start With Georgia’s Special Election?

Warren Beatty Opens Up About Oscar Blunder: It Wasn’t Our Fault

John Oliver: Trump Is the Real Bathroom Predator, Not Transgender Kids

‘Moonlight’ and the Oscars’ Middle Finger to Trumpism

Is This Brooklyn’s Jack the Ripper?

How ‘La La Land’ Was Accidentally Named Best Picture Over ‘Moonlight’ at the Oscars

Why Trump’s Anti-Trans ‘States’ Rights’ Claim Will Backfire

How Trump Should Sell His Tax Cuts

German Alt-Right Loves This Fake ‘Refugee Crime’ Map

The Republican Case for Saving Americorps

The Cocktail Cure for Spring Fever

Arizona GOP Wants To Treat Protesters Like Organized Criminals

‘When We Rise’ Creator Dustin Lance Black on Bringing the Gay Rights Movement to Mainstream TV

Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Trump with Meryl Streep Standing O at the Oscars

Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma: Why Hip-Hop’s Hottest Beef Is a Win for Rap Fans Everywhere

Fact-Checking Tom Perez’s Claim That Donald Trump Wants to ‘Eliminate’ Overtime

RIP Bill Paxton: A Man of Many Faces Who Brought Humanity to All He Touched

America Outsources Our Stories to China

Is ‘The Guide to Getting It On’ the Best Sex Ed Book Ever?

How to Watch Live Stream NASCAR’s 2017 Daytona 500 Full Schedule

Live Stream the 2017 Oscars Red Carpet Academy Awards How to Watch Full Schedule

Iowa Lawmakers Face Rage-Filled Recess

Israelis Will Soon Be Mass Producing AK-47s for the U.S. Market

Fritz Duquesne: The Nazi Spy with 1,000 Faces

The One Place that Still Supports Trans Bathroom Rights: Trump Tower

The Shocking Play Inspired by the Sandy Hook Shooting: Review of ‘On The Exhale’

Crystals, Feathers, and Spanx: Secrets of the Oscar Red Carpet Stylists

The Greatest Myths About Lent

Trump’s Laughable War on Leaks

The $20 Million Heist at the Biggest Party in the World

Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield: America’s First Black Pop Star

Elvis’s Forgotten Gospel Masterpiece

‘Moonlight’ Dominates Defiantly Inclusive Independent Spirit Awards

Kate Briquelet talks Anaheim Crime on Dateline

Prince Charles’ Plan To Make Camilla ‘Queen’

Trump Ditches White House Correspondents' Dinner, Avoids (Second) Roasting

Nigel Farage and Dog the Bounty Hunter Toast Trump’s ‘Revolution’ Aboard Breitbart Boat Bash

How to Watch Live Stream 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards

We Must Hold Chris Brown—and All Our Music Idols—Accountable for Abusing Women

Rep. Darrell Issa: Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself from Trump-Russia Investigation

Inside the Trump White House’s Fight Over LGBT Rights

The Deadly Cost of Turning Back the Immigration Tide

The Captive Mind of Trump True Believer David Horowitz

Will Betsy DeVos Kill Sex Ed in Public Schools?

Gunning Down the Myth of the Lone Cowboy

Did Abraham Lincoln’s Bromance Alter the Course of American History?

How Jonathan Swift Attacked Fake News

How Swinging Sixties London Changed the World

Fleeing War, the Things They Carried

Escapist Fiction Is Now a Dire Necessity

Oscars 2017: The Case for ‘Moonlight’ Over ‘La La Land’

Bill Maher’s Transphobia Problem

Ellison, Perez…Who?: The Democrats Vote on Their Future

Future Calls Ciara His ‘Possession’ Years After She’s Moved On

George Clooney Gets Political at César Awards: Trump Gives ‘Comfort to Our Enemies’

Deconstructing Trump’s ‘Paris’: POTUS Ignorance Meets Bannon Arrogance

President Trump, My Trans Daughter Deserves Fairness and Respect, Not Intolerance and Hate

Jake Tapper Fumes at ‘Petulant’ Trump White House for ‘Un-American’ Exclusion of Media Outlets

White House Blocks CNN, New York Times, and Others from Press Briefing

The American Greatness of Ian Grillot

The ‘Girls’ Episode Everyone’s Talking About: Rape, Fake Penises & Matthew Rhys

At CPAC, President Donald Trump Ups His War on ‘Fake News’

Felix Sater: The Crook Behind the Trump-Russia ‘Peace’ Plan

Milo Yiannopoulos Reportedly Working On New Media Venture, Set To Stay In U.S.

Cops Say She Catfished a Rival Into Jail—and That Was Just the Start

Will Casey Affleck’s Past Come Back to Haunt Him on Oscar Night?

Why Is This Company Selling a Toxin For Children?

Is Vice Really a Shark in the Media Bloodbath?

Charlamagne Tha God Defends His Friendship with Tomi Lahren

Can Heavy Rain Really Cause Earthquakes?

Martin Schulz Might Just Beat Merkel. But Can He Save Europe?

At CPAC: Bannon, Priebus, Trump Himself. Not at CPAC: Conservative Principle

The Unprecedented People’s Revolt to Protect Obamacare From Their Representatives

Everyone Is an A**hole in Netflix’s New Thriller ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Broadway Triumph: Review of Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Sunday in the Park With George’

The ISIS Stronghold of Al Bab Falls to Turkish Backed Troops

Michigan Republican Goes Overtime With Angry Crowd

Seth Meyers Scolds Trump for ‘Bullying’ Transgender Kids

Trump Moves to Make Private Prisons Great Again

Alleged Shooter to Indian-American Victims: ‘Get Out of My Country'

R.I.P. Alan Colmes, Fox News’s Charming Liberal

Alt-Right Now: Steve Bannon Storms CPAC

Ted Cruz’s Sad, Delusional Return to CPAC

A New Diagnosis: ‘Post-Election Stress Disorder’

The Mystery of Princess Beatrice’s Mystery Job

Stephen Colbert Savages Alex Jones: ‘This Is Why You Don’t Mix Steroids with Peyote!’

Bowie and George Michael Dominate Brits, Plus Katy Perry's New ‘Left Shark’

The Kremlin and GOP Have a New Friend—and Boy, Does She Love Guns

At CPAC 2017, ‘Revolution Is Here & It’s Bloody’

Give Viola Davis a Damn Oscar Already

The Return of Pakistan’s Taliban

How Boko Haram’s Sex Slaves Wind Up as Sex Workers in Europe

Great Party, Brutal Hangover—Why Democrats Should Reject Their Donor Class

Trump Starts to Put the Squeeze on Iran’s International Terror Operations

Russians Protest Against the Greed of Putin’s Favorite Church

Ex-Gitmo Detainee Who Got £1 Million Payday Just Blew Himself Up

Peace, Penises, and Pumpkins: The Yayoi Kusama Show About to Invade Your Instagram

A Very British Apocalypse: Caryl Churchill’s ‘Escaped Alone’ at BAM

Boston in Three Drinks

Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump’s ‘Cruel, Unnecessary’ Immigration Plan

New Trump Administration Order Lets States Bully Transgender Students

What the Jewish Cemetery Attack and Trump’s Movement Have in Common

Katy Perry Dances With Skeleton Donald Trump and Theresa May at Brit Awards

Undocumented Woman With a Brain Tumor Locked Up by ICE

Slain Girl Recorded Her Suspected Killer Saying Go ‘Down the Hill’

Jenna Jameson Defends Milo and the KKK, Slams Keith Ellison in Anti-Muslim Tirade

Donald Trump Loves the Oscars More Than Anybody Ever Has or Ever Will

George Clooney: Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Are ‘Hollywood Elitists’

Joe Scarborough to Colbert: Trump’s First Month ‘Scary as Hell’

Cleve Jones on Harvey Milk, ‘When We Rise,’ and Fighting for LGBT Equality Under Trump

Italian Government Paid for Gay Orgies

Taxpayer-Funded Horror at Standing Rock

It’s Absurd to Claim That Trans Kids Are Being ‘Rushed’ Into Transitioning

Pro-Trump Group Is M.I.A.—Just When He Needs It Most

Union Square Cafe’s Secret Weapon

Donald Trump’s Tax Reform Plan Won’t Really Reform Anything

Grisly Murder Next Door to South Carolina Serial Killer’s Territory

Oscars 2017’s Biggest Controversies: Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, and ‘La La Land’

South Beach Wine & Food Festival Kicks Off

Milo Yiannopoulos’s Symphony of Victimhood

Why Is Facebook Helping Fund CPAC?

Chris Brown’s Ex Karrueche Tran Says He Threatened to Kill Her. Enough of His Bullsh*t.

Tucker Carlson Couldn't Debate the Anti-Trump Organizer He Wanted, So This Actor Stepped Up

Chuck Schumer on ‘The View’: Democrats Have More ‘Power’ Than You Think

Oscar Nominees’ Most Embarrassing Roles: Casey Affleck’s Sexpert, Asian Emma Stone, and More

George Clooney Speaks: Our Baby Twins Will Be a Great Adventure

Why America Can’t Spot Dirty Bombs

Is Craft Beer Too Hoppy to Drink?

The Murderer Who Broke Norman Mailer’s Heart

Live From New Jersey, It’s Governor Joe Piscopo!

The Big End-of-Days Ideas of the Breitbart Intellectuals Thinking for Trump

Trump’s Jekyll and Hyde Administration Has Europe Spooked

Daniel Clowes: Trump Made Me Forgive Shia LaBeouf

No Pop Culture Walls in the Trump Era

A General Strike Against Trump? Here’s a Dark History Lesson

Trevor Noah: Trump Doesn’t ‘Have the Balls’ to Come on ‘The Daily Show’

Seth Meyers: Trump Is a Sad ‘Buffoon’ Who Has No Friends

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Fake Sweden Terror Attack: ‘When Will It Begin?!’

Why Conservatives Fell for Milo Yiannopoulos

Trump Taps General Who Doesn’t Back Down

CPAC Disinvites Milo Yiannopoulos, Despite His Attempt at Contrition

Don’t Let a Muslim Registry Undo America the Accessible

Angelina Jolie Breaks Her Silence on ‘Very Difficult’ Brad Pitt Divorce

How Mexican-American Comedian Cristela Alonzo Is Resisting Trump’s America

Inside the Best Zombie Movie Since ‘28 Days Later’

When Putin’s Killers Descended on London

Trump Copies the Worst Mistake of FDR

How Stephen Colbert Became Late Night’s King of Trump Resistance

John Oliver Unloads on ‘Damaged’ Trump for Inventing a Terrorist Attack in Sweden

The Priest Who Helps Illegal Immigrants

A Gay Syrian Refugee’s Message to Donald Trump: I Am a Human Being

The Best Books About American Presidents

Gene Editing: The Next Step In Self-Evolution?

Why William and Kate Have a Royal Work Problem

How Donald Trump Made a Norwegian Playwright The Most Important Man of the Moment.

Trump, Authoritarian? Not Really—He’s a Monarchist

Fake News and the Founding Fathers

The Evolution of the Presidential Portrait

Queens Church Defies Deportations

Is it Closing Time for Bourbon Street?

The Terrifying ISIS Sleeper Cells of Mosul

Donald Trump Mourned "What's Happening Last Night in Sweden"—But Nothing Happened

Judd Apatow Denounces Trump in Epic Stand-Up Set: ‘I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped’

Chris Wallace Smacks Down Reince Priebus: 'You Don't Get to Tell Us What to Do'

White House Chief of Staff Doubles Down on Press as Enemy

Here’s Why the Great Wall of Trump is an Alternative Fact

Trump & Putin: Our New Biblical Kings

Damn Crankies: Donald Trump Is the New George Steinbrenner

Two Old Dogs in One Fragile World

The Screwed Generation Turns Socialist

When Faith Healing Kills Kids

How The Far Right Is Winning Europe’s Word Wars — and Its Elections

The Progressive Attorney General Who Raided Immigrants—And Paid the Price

Are Archaeologists About to Find Nefertiti’s Tomb?

If I Only Had a Brain: How AI ‘Thinks’

Behind ‘Lion’: Saroo and Sue Brierley on Bringing Their Unbelievable True Story to the Screen

How President Trump Is Turning the TV Industry Upside Down

The Road to 2020: Donald Trump's Never-Ending Campaign

Meet the Man Making Porn Great Again

Larry Wilmore Schools Milo Yiannopoulos: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

When Hillary Clinton Met Norma Desmond: Review of ‘Sunset Boulevard’ on Broadway

How Johnny Rotten Joined the Sex Pistols

Charles Darwin Would See Right Through Mike Pence

The Heiress Who Buzz Sawed Her Boyfriend

How The Right Co-Opted ‘Fake News’

A Knockout Passion: In The Ring With The 80-Year-Old Boxer

The Ghost of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mile-High Chicago Tower

Why I Hate Barstools and You Should, Too

Trump's Slow-Motion Mutiny

Arianna Huffington Is Sleeping Through Trump’s Nightmare

It’s Not Too Early to Ask: Are Even the Russians Turning on Trump?

Bill Maher Upstaged by Milo Yiannopoulos on ‘Real Time’

Dreamer Says ICE Threatened to Deport Him

Russian Whistleblowers Turn on Putin—But Can They Be Trusted?

Why President Trump Isn’t Anti-Gay Enough for the Religious Right

Watch the 2017 NBA All-Star Game Live

Homeland Security on AP’s National Guard: ‘Absolutely Incorrect’

Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon Enjoy a Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon Enjoy a Girls’ Night Out in New York City Night Out in New York City

‘Get Out’: How Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Inspired the Year’s Best Horror Movie

Russian Spies Targeted U.S. Sanctions

Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullshit’

Why ‘The Good Fight’ Reshot Its Pilot to Tackle Trump’s Surprise Win

Here’s the Standout Street Style of New York Fashion Week

Congressman in Bed With Foreign Biotech

The Immigrants Who Took Thursday Off—to Become American Citizens

Thanks, Trump, for Making Americans Heart Muslims

Death by Rat Returns to NYC

Why Mick Jagger Wants His ‘Lost’ LSD Memoir to Stay Lost

Seth Meyers Mocks Trump’s Presser: ‘It’s Racist to Assume All Black People Know Each Other’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Tears Into Trump Presser: You Don’t ‘Deserve’ Easy Questions

Trump’s Replacement for Flynn Says No

Farewell New York Fashion Week: Show Reviews of Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs

To Grab Attention, Germany’s Far Right Now Flirts With Hitler

Journalists Whisper at Trump’s Crazy Press Conference: ‘This Is Insane’

FBI: White Supremacist Says He Planned to Kill Jews ‘In the Spirit of Dylann Roof’

Trump: #NeverTrumper Paul Singer Loves Me Now

John Avlon on Standing Up to Hate and Fake News

The Pope Ships His American Enemy To the Other Side of the World

Jake Tapper Rips Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Presser: ‘Get to Work and Stop Whining’

How a Master of Fashion Theater Works: NYFW Reviews of Thom Browne, Marchesa, and Michael Kors

North Korea: Macbeth With Nukes

Polanski’s Last-Ditch Effort to Come Home

Joy Villa, Pro-Trump Grammys Troll, Is a Hardcore Scientologist Who Backed Bernie

Seth Meyers Blasts President Trump: He Promised Us ‘Winning’ But He Keeps Losing

Leaked Emails Show Justice Clarence Thomas’s Wife Pushing Travel Ban

Man Murdered His Wife, Married a Pastor’s Daughter, Then Killed His Own Kids

‘Big Little Lies’: Reese Witherspoon Is So Damn Good

Laverne Cox and the Politics of Transgender Beauty

15-Year-Old Amanda Todd’s Alleged Sextortionist on Trial at Last

To Sell Himself, Trump Relies on His Big ‘American Carnage’ Lie

As Trump Raves, His Republican Enablers Face a Moment of Truth

Can Russia Derail a French Front-Runner?

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump Is a ‘F*cking Moron’ When It Comes to Israel and Palestine

Susan Sarandon Confronted About President Trump by Chris Hayes

Why Was Kanye West Invisible at his Yeezy New York Fashion Week Show?

Steve Bannon: I Didn’t Order Breitbart Hit on Reince Priebus

Why Fashion Purists Love Narciso Rodriguez

Conway, Pence, You Name It—Being Around Trump Ruins Them

The Democrats Scalp Andrew Puzder, and Change Nothing

Abuse Claims Against Andrew Puzder: The 800-Pound Elephant in a Room Full of Elephants

Senate Does NRA’s Bidding, Lets 75,000 Mentally Ill People Buy Guns

Trump Praises ‘Wonderful Man’ Flynn After White House Said He Couldn’t Be ‘Trusted’

As Puzder Pushes Radical Ideas, NYC Models the Right Way to Treat Workers

The Journalism Empire Strikes Back

Harrison Ford Nearly Crashes Vintage Plane Into Passenger Jet

Putin’s Nuclear Provocation Threatens an Arms Race with Trump

Bob Odenkirk on ‘Better Call Saul’s’ Future and ‘Unstable’ President Trump

Seth Meyers Presses Trump on Flynn: We Must Know ‘What the President Knew and When He Knew It’

The Two Words Donald Trump Hates Most: ‘You’re Fired’

Priests, Putin, and a Suitcase of Cyanide

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Ivanka Trump’s Swooning Over Justin Trudeau

GOP House Mice Put Trump Before Country

Team Trump’s Alleged Russian Contacts Blow Holes in White House Denial

Innocent Man Finally Pardoned After Mike Pence Refused to Clear His Name

Latest GOP Obamacare Plan: Repeal and Renege

Is the Vieux Carré the King of New Orleans Cocktails?

Getting Rich Off Left-Wing Activism

New York Fashion Week Dresses for the Oscars: Reviews of Badgley Mischka, Zac Posen, Jil Sander Navy, and Claudia Li

This Mom’s Supreme Court Battle Is for All Transgender Kids

The Best St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Can This Navy SEAL Rescue Donald Trump’s White House?

Colbert Sends Off ‘Dummy’ Mike Flynn: ‘It’s Funny Because It’s Treason’

Could the Logan Act Take Down Michael Flynn? It Got a Farmer Once

Tiffany Trump’s Adventures in New York Fashion Week

Ethics Office Tells White House to Investigate and Discipline Kellyanne Conway

Flynn’s the First Casualty of Trump’s Unsustainable Disinformation Campaign

White House: Flynn Did ‘Nothing Wrong’

Since Flynn’s Gone, Russia’s Acting Like Its Dog Just Died

‘Morning Joe’ Torches Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Blatantly False,’ ‘Blathering’ ‘Lies’

No Quiet, Please: Inside Madonna and Kylie Jenner’s NYFW Library Party

How Ed Sheeran Scammer Swindled $50K Super Bowl Tix

The First Black ‘Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay Breaks a Ridiculous Color Barrier

John Oliver Is Sick of Obama’s ‘Out of Touch’ Vacation Photos

The Mafia Killed This Boy—but His Heart Lived On

Drew Barrymore on Playing a Zombie Mom: ‘I Don’t Want to Put Dark Sh*t Out There’

Anti-Extremists: We Don’t Want Trump’s Cash

Trump Looks Ready to Outdo ‘Deporter-in-Chief’ Obama

Roanoke Victim’s Boyfriend Chris Hurst: I’m Running for Office to Honor Her

The Key to Gender Equality Isn’t in the Workplace or the White House—It’s at Home

As Globalization Breaks Down, Wars of Identity Loom

Andy Warhol’s Obsession With Lips

Victor Newman Slams Trump: Y&R’s Eric Braeden on the ‘Clown’ President, Nazi Ghosts, and Daytime Soap Survival

Conservatives Sell Their Souls to Trump Over Media-Bashing

The Secret to a Dream Valentine’s Dinner

Seth Meyers Compares ‘Sinister’ Trump Adviser Stephen Miller to Mr. Burns

Colbert Challenges Stephen Miller to Defend Trump’s ‘Super-Crazy’ Voter Fraud Lies

Virginia Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban—Maybe Forever

Will President Trump Ever Take Tough Questions From the Press?

Michael Flynn Resigns From the White House

Sandusky’s Son Arrested for Allegedly Sexting His Stepdaughters

Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, Hits Back at White Nationalist David Duke’s Racist Trolling

Wife of KKK Leader Frank Ancona—Who Married Him in Full Klan Costume—Arrested for His Murder

“You Can Fool Some of the People All The Time”

Huma Abedin’s Emotional NYFW Moment: Prabal Gurung and Tracy Reese’s Proudly Political Shows

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Shuts Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Expert Kris Kobach

Pope Francis Goes to Confession Over Church’s Pervert Priests

Solange, Kendrick Lamar and More Outraged Over Beyoncé’s Grammys Snub

Kate Middleton Steals the Bafta Show but Nobody Is Complaining

John Oliver Reveals How Trump Creates His Own Reality

‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces

Kidnapped in Syria: A Story of Survival

Beyoncé Falls Victim to the Grammy Awards’ Racism

Republicans Move to Strip Away Nuclear Test Ban Funding

Jenny Packham Shows New York Fashion Week How to Dress British

The War Inside Infowars

Score One for the Little Guys as W Hotel Drops Its Minimum Wage Surcharge in Seattle

To Bork or Not to Bork? The Old Fight That Shows Democrats Why, and How, to Stop Gorsuch

Why Most Conservative Free-Traders Have Thrown in the Towel

Baltimore’s Drunk History

Inside Romania’s Huge Protests Against a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Decree

How Trump Will Turn Child Refugees Into Child Soldiers

She Called Out Trump’s Lies Decades Ago

A Tribe Called Quest Come for ‘Agent Orange’ Trump at the Grammys

‘The Walking Dead’: A Pro-Refugee Message for Trump’s America

The ‘Girls’ Premiere Is Great, Even if You Hate Lena Dunham

Beyoncé Slays the Patriarchy With Mother Mary-Themed Grammys Performance

After ‘Hamilton,’ Rasputin Gets a Rock Musical: Review of ‘Beardo’ in Brooklyn

Lady Gaga, Laverne Cox, J.Lo, and Jason Derulo: This Is How They Rocked the Grammys Red Carpet

Fact-Checking Trump Adviser Stephen Miller on Voter Fraud

Inside Alexander Wang's Mosh Pit and Jonathan Simkhai's Bullfight at NYFW

Tiffany Trump and Marla Maples Hit New York Fashion Week--Secret Service Included

The Danger of Space Weather and Our Journey to the Heart of the Sun

Aretha Franklin Deserves More Respect

Alec Baldwin Bests Trump by Deferring to SNL’s Cast of Hilarious Women

Why We Don’t Know Much About Medications for Pregnant Moms

How to Watch 2017 BAFTA Awards Live Stream Performers Full Schedule

SNL’s Kellyanne Conway Goes Full ‘Fatal Attraction’ on CNN’s Jake Tapper

She Almost Killed Charles Manson

T.E. Lawrence and the Desert Bromance That Sold America on a War

Justice Is Blind: Why 'An Eye for an Eye' Never Dies In Iran

MMS: A Rogue New ‘Lobotomy’ for Autistic Children

How 9/11 Prepared Muslims for President Trump

Fleeing Pogroms to Fight Nazis: My Family's Secret Refugee Past

That Time Norman Mailer Debated Germaine Greer, and All Hell Broke Loose: Review of ‘The Town Hall Affair’

Is Trump Stiffing the Constitution Over His Conflicts of Interest?

Eating Well Together is the Key to a Happy Marriage

The Tao of Pete Holmes: HBO’s ‘Crashing’ Creator on Comedy, Sex and God

No, Trump is Not Like Orwell’s ‘1984’

SNL: Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Is Back and Better Than Ever

How to Watch the 2017 Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Live Stream, Full Schedule, and Performers

James Dolan, The Man NYC Sports Fans Love To Hate

Next GOP Target: Legal Immigrants

'F*** Donald Trump’: Chromat Gives New York Fashion Week a Political Rap

J.K. Rowling Drags Piers Morgan Over Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Russia Has Declared War on Porn. Will the GOP Do the Same?

Bill Maher and Co. Embarrass Piers Morgan on ‘Real Time’

To Protect America, James Madison Advised Us To ‘Extend the Sphere.’ Now, It’s Contracting.

Erin Ryan Talks Repealing Obamacare

Argentina’s Most Bad-Ass Drug Boss Might Finally Be Out of Action

The Hoarder Who Tried to Spy for Saddam

‘Dark Night’ Provides a Haunting Portrait of America’s Mass Shooting Epidemic

How MLK’s Ghost Will Haunt Mitch McConnell

The Most Patriotic Act of Treason in American History?

The Trans Mayor of a Texas Small Town

The Fate of China’s Democracy Goddess

Trump’s Deportation Force Begins Raids on Undocumented Immigrants

Read These Books to Fight Back Against Donald Trump

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and a Very Big Engagement Question

Michael Weiss talks “America First”

Why Donald Trump Won’t Trash a Newly Critical Drudge Report

Dems: Suspend or Fire Michael Flynn for Secret Russia Talks

‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Is Dr. Phil’s Latest Victim

Principal Charged With Harassing Her Boyfriend’s Rape Victim

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry

The Stars Flock To Calvin Klein: Raf Simons’ Debut Collection at NYFW

Give Me A Break, Kellyanne Conway

Lena Dunham Calls Out White Women Who Voted Trump on ‘The View’

Alleged French Police Rape of a Man Could Set the Country on Fire

Hey Tom Price, Don’t Block My Patients’ Access to Routine Health Care

The Fashion Show With Burgers and Tacos: Reviews of Rag & Bone, Noon By Noor, and Thakoon at New York Fashion Week

Trump Capitulates to China

Ice Cube on Donald ‘Easy D’ Trump: ‘Everybody Is Getting What They Deserve’

Seth Meyers Calls Out Kellyanne Conway: ‘The Only Network Kellyanne Conway Should Be Allowed on Is QVC’

Feds Bust Alleged Russian Bank Hacker in Los Angeles

Ricky Gervais: Donald Trump Is ‘Dangerous’

It’s ACLU 1, Trump 0—and They’re Just Getting Started

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Perform Dueling Trump Impressions on ‘Tonight Show’

ISIS Can Buy U.K. Passports on the Deep Web to Thwart Brexit Security

One of These Paid-Leave Policies Is Not Like the Other

The American Cocktail That Changed Italy

Donald Trump Hallucinates Crime Wave, Can’t See Cop Triumph Outside His Window

Immigrant Heroes Get Relief From DHS

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Celebrates Trump’s Loss in Court

Kendall Jenner’s NYFW Show-Stopper: Reviews of La Perla, Cinq à Sept, Adam Selman, and Tadashi Shoji at New York Fashion Week

Trump Travel Ban Loss Is Huge—but Temporary

Ninth Circuit Rejects Trumpism and Affirms the Rule of Law in Immigration Ban Case

Trial For Mom Accused of Killing Her Husband—and a Neighborhood Dog

Kellyanne Conway Torched for Ivanka Infomercial

Langdon Clay's Manhattan: Then and Now

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Fires Back at Provably False Trump Tweet

Will Oilmen Ride to Climate Rescue?

Priscilla Presley ‘Dating’ Sir Tom Jones

Steve Bannon Wanted Mel Gibson for His Movie About Nazis, Abortion, ‘Mutants’

Republican Wants to Lock Up Lawmakers Who Protect Sanctuary Cities

Inside ‘Inside the Actors Studio’: Backstage With James Lipton and the ‘Girls’ Cast

Trump’s a Sucker if He Thinks He Can Split Up Putin and the Ayatollahs

Inside Renaissance-Era Rome’s Gay Marriage

The Curious Case of ‘Big Luther’ Strange

Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Evan Rachel Wood’s Big Bisexual Moment

ISIS’s Drone Papers Revealed

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Thanks Nordstrom for Dumping Ivanka Trump

Samantha Bee Praises Jake Tapper for Taking Down ‘Fountain of Lies’ Kellyanne Conway

Jeff Sessions’s Redemption Story

Stephen Colbert Condemns GOP for ‘Silencing’ Elizabeth Warren

The Senate’s Anti-Immigration Warrior Heads to DOJ

Jake Tapper, CNN’s Resident BS Detector, on How to Hold President Trump to Account

More Girly Than Grandma: PH5’s Colorful Knitwear at NYFW

Government Watchdog: Trump Border Protection May Have Broken Law

Senators to President Donald Trump: Not So Fast on Russia Sanctions Relief

White House’s War on Nordstrom Is So Unhip, Ethics Experts Say

Take a Bow, Elizabeth Warren

Farewell, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, the Original London ‘It Girl’

Ted Cruz Gets the Facts Wrong on C-Sections

Keith Ellison: Trump Sounds Like ‘Dictator’ with Anti-Judge Comments

President Trump to Judges: Drop Dead

Elizabeth Warren Is Having a Moment—and Donald Trump’s GOP Is Fine With That

Inside ‘Legion’: How the Trippy, Thrilling ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Is Changing the Superhero Game

America’s ‘Resistance’ Has a Lot to Learn From Russia’s Opposition

The Case for Rosie O’Donnell as SNL’s Donald Trump

Lady Gaga Fires Back at Super Bowl Body Shamers: ‘I’m Proud of My Body’

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