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Articles April 2018

The Joke’s on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Michael Cohen Claimed He Talked With Trump the Day of the Stormy Daniels Deal

Kim Kardashian: I Have No Idea What Kanye’s Tweets Mean Either

Netanyahu Promised Israelis Drama About Iran But Delivered an Old TED Talk Aimed at Trump

This Grassroots Group Could Expand Medicaid in Deep-Red Idaho

Artificial Intelligence Can Predict When You’ll Die

Time’s Up Targets R. Kelly—He Calls It a ‘Public Lynching’

Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump

‘The Good Fight’ Imagines a Trump ‘Pee Tape’ as Impeachment Heads to Network TV

John McCain in New Book: I’m Freer Now to Speak My Mind

Kathy Griffin Takes Back Trump Apology on ‘The View’: ‘F*ck Him’

‘Fox & Friends’ Melts Down Over Michelle Wolf’s ‘X-Rated’ Jokes

Take Better Photos With This Canon Entry Level DSLR, No Experience Needed

Devin Nunes Is the Emblematic Republican Hack of the Trump Era

Meghan Puts Harry On Wedding Diet

Deal Roundup: What The Daily Beast Readers Bought in April

‘Real Housewives’ Star Luann de Lesseps’ Shocking Arrest Video: ‘I’ll Kill You!’

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Nancy Fuller

‘The Bleeding Edge’: Not Even Doctors Know How Medical Devices Are Regulated

Fake Green Party Candidate Exposed as Having Ties to Republican Congressman

Trump Is Unethical, Dishonest, and Norm-Busting. So What Do We Say if He Helps Solve North Korea?

Michael Flynn Is Back on the Campaign Trail in Montana to Unseat Jon Tester

Mick Mulvaney Used Old Campaign Funds to Cover Interest Payments on His Loans

Kim Makes Stunning Nuclear Concessions to ‘Crazy Guy’ Trump

On the Ground With Cops Hunting El Salvador’s Gangs

How Mary Ann Horton Invented the Email Attachment, Then Revolutionized Trans Rights

Indian Schoolgirls Forced to ‘Confess’ to Being Lesbians After Holding Hands

Martin Freeman on ‘Sherlock’ Backlash, ‘Black Panther’ Mania, and His Future Marvel Plans

For Sufferers of Atopic Dermatitis, It’s Not Just a Rash

Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Honesty Is What America Needs Right Now

How AIDS Shaped ‘Beauty and the Beast’: Remembering Disney Songwriting Genius Howard Ashman

Parkland and Sandy Hook Shooting Survivors’ Emotional Summit: ‘I Can Still Taste the Gunpowder’

Stop Snoring and Get a Good Night’s Sleep With This $13 Jaw Strap

John Bolton: U.S. Using ‘Libya Model’ for North Korea Negotiations

Comedians Defend WHCD Speech: ‘F*ck the Niceties, Michelle Wolf Was Brilliant’

Thank You for Burning Man, Larry Harvey

5 Deals on Headphones, Speakers, and More Products Audiophiles Will Love

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones Let You Block Out the World’s Distractions

Michelle Wolf Fires Back at New York Times Reporter Maggie Haberman Over WHCD Criticism

Bible Loved by Christian Fundamentalists Written Using Method They Hate

Colbert’s ‘Cartoon President’ Trump Delivers Deranged WHCD Speech

Michelle Wolf Mocks Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Their Faces at WHCD

Dave Malinsky: Sports Handicapping’s Amazing ‘Professor Wagstaff’

The Secret Islamist Society That Nurtured Jihadist Terrorism

Overshadowed by Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace Was the Most Admirable Man in Science History

Memers Take Over Brooklyn for ‘IRL Party’

Is It OK to Stage-Assassinate Katie Hopkins?

The Fierce Duel Between ‘The New York Times’ and President Trump: Inside Showtime’s ‘The Fourth Estate’

James Meredith Is Not Nearly as Dead as Some People Think

Does Jesus Want Gun-Toting Christians?

Alia Shawkat on #MeToo and Her Radically Honest, Gloriously Queer Romance

Now You Can Channel Richard the Lionheart in a Crusader Fortress Turned Luxury Hotel

‘Avengers: Infinity War’: What Those Shocking Superhero Deaths Mean for the MCU

Whatever Happened to the Book Herman Melville Wrote After ‘Moby-Dick’?

Sympathy for the ‘Incel’

‘Dirty Computer’: Janelle Monae’s Electrifying ‘Coming Out’ Party

The Search for Fidel Castro’s Love Child

President Trump Continues Attack on Tester: I Know Things That Would End His Career

Joy Reid Apologizes for Homophobic Posts She Doesn’t ‘Remember Writing’

Looking for a New Watch? Check Out These 5 Great Deals

White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2018: How to Watch, Live Stream

Bill Maher Grills Ronan Farrow on the #MeToo Movement, Aziz Ansari and Al Franken

The Ghosts of New York’s Fine-Dining Scene: La Caravelle, Le Pavillon and La Côte Basque

Data Can Help Improve Higher Education, But It’s No Cure-All

Ron Perlman Takes No Prisoners: Trump Is a ‘Cardboard Cutout Piece of Shitfuck’

The Midwest Is Booming—Just Not Where You Think

Gina Haspel’s Interrogation Program Hurt Americans Too

How Salinger’s Nervous Breakdown Twisted His View of Nazis

Everything We Don’t Know About Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding

The Fake News Epidemic in Health

Why Molly Ringwald Spoke Out About John Hughes and #MeToo: ‘Things Have to Change’

I Wanted to ‘Rent the Runway.’ What an Expensive Mistake.

Picasso’s Year of Wild Sex Is Too Hot for TV

Mexico Claims Film Students Were Dissolved in Acid. Activists Want Proof.

Heidi Thomas on What It Was Like to Help Convict Cosby

This High-Tech Drone That Raised Over $3 Million On IndieGoGo Is Actually Affordable

Conservative Site RedState ‘Purges’ Anti-Trump Voices, Fired Writers Say

Michael Flynn and Son Met With Russia Ambassador Before RT Gala

Breakup With ‘Bonnie’ May Have Fueled Golden State Killer, Investigators Say

GOP Rep. Patrick Meehan Resigns Amid Harassment Claims

Mick Mulvaney Met With Lobbyist Donors While at Trump White House

Trump Is Thinking About Inviting Kanye to the White House for Dinner, Sources Say

North Korea’s Warm—and Fuzzy—Peace Summit

Caster Semenya Seems Singled Out in Harmful New Track Rules That Hit Elevated Testosterone

These Bluetooth Headphones Offer a Secure Fit And Are THX-Certified For Sound

Trump Will Meet the Queen

How to Drink Like Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming, and Other Literary Greats

Inside Samantha Barry’s Big Plan to Reinvent Condé Nast’s ‘Glamour’

The Women Educating the Middle East About Sexual Health

China Blasts U.S. Record on Human Rights, as if It Knows What They Are

The Painful, Endless Wait for LGBT Asylum Seekers

ICE Wants Drones

Dems’ Job Guarantee Isn’t Nearly as Easy as It Sounds

Don Blankenship Is a Villain of Our Time

Charlie Rose Doesn’t Deserve a Second Act

Vladimir Putin’s Old KGB Buddy Has Plans to Help Russia Survive Sanctions

Reagan Aide’s New Job: Downplay ‘Polish Complicity in the Holocaust’

GOP Senators: Unprepared White House Left Ronny Jackson ‘Out There by Himself’

Mexican Rapper, Whose Music Bemoaned Violence, Dissolved Filmmakers’ Corpses in Acid

Bill Cosby Is Found Guilty of Sexual Assault. Will R. Kelly Be Next?

Kanye West, False Prophet: On the Folly of Celebrity Idol Worship

Stephen Colbert on Bill Cosby’s Guilty Verdict: Donald Trump Is ‘Still at Large’

Claims by Joy Reid’s Cybersecurity Expert Fall Apart

Review: Denzel Washington and the Slow Agony of ‘The Iceman Cometh’

FBI Texts: ‘Catastrophuck’ Trump Nearly Drove Agents to Quit

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Mocks Trump for Not Buying Melania a Birthday Present

Kelis Opens Up About Nas’s Shocking Alleged Abuse: ‘I Had Bruises All Over My Body’

FBI First Informed White House of Rob Porter Allegations in March 2017

‘I’ll Be Gone In the Dark’ Getting New Chapter on Golden State Killer Suspect’s Arrest

Actress: Allison Mack Used Feminism to ‘Lure’ Me Into Her Sex Cult NXIVM

Kanye West’s MAGA Meltdown Ensnares John Legend

Bill Cosby Found Guilty in Sexual-Assault Trial, the First Major Conviction of #MeToo Era

I Got Pills from Ronny Jackson. But That’s Not the Part I Regret.

Diamond & Silk Lie to Congress, Claim They Never Took Trump Campaign Money

The Secret Suburban Life of James DeAngelo, the Suspected Golden State Killer

Trump Interview Devolves Into Random Shouting as ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Sit There Stunned

Trump-Aligned Lobbying Firm Drops Assad-Linked Client

Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Charged Twice as Much to Another GOP Lawmaker

Dark Money and Terrorist Sympathizers, Welcome to Pay Dirt

Protect Your Data and Browse the Internet Faster With This Online Privacy App

Boozing, Pill-Pushing Allegations Bring Down Trump Veterans Affairs Pick Ronny Jackson

Prince Harry Chooses Brother Prince William as Groomsman

This Robotic Vacuum Is a Great Alternative to the Pricey Roomba

Meghan Markle Gets On-Screen Wedding Practice in 'Suits' Finale

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless

Mike Pompeo’s Anti-LGBT Views Should Disqualify Him From Becoming Secretary of State

Does Moon Jae-in Share Kim Jong Un’s Dangerous Desire to Reunite the Two Koreas?

Chuck Schumer to Trump’s CDC Director: Start Gun Research NOW

What the Rise of the Chipotle Rat Tells Us

Cameron Esposito’s ‘Rape Jokes’ Is the First Great Stand-Up Set of the #MeToo Era

They Cross the Mexican Border to Go to High School

Two Members of Congress Were Rumored to Be Having an Affair. He May Be the Next Speaker. She’s Out of a Job.

Inside ‘Archer: Danger Island’: Cannibals, Killer Nazis, and a Battle Royale for the Ages

Patton Oswalt Opens Up About Late Wife Michelle McNamara’s Role in the Golden State Killer Case Arrest

Chance the Rapper’s Wildly Hypocritical Defense of Kanye West’s MAGA Turn

The Daily Beast’s Muckraking Madness Is Coming to Your Inbox

Samantha Bee Goes Off on ‘Racist, Warmongering Homophobe’ Mike Pompeo

Stephen Colbert Tears Into Kanye West: You Have ‘Lost Your Mind’

GOP Senators Losing Their Cool Over White House Vetting Fails

Review: A ‘Saint Joan’ That Needs More Belief and Burning Passion

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Baffled by Kanye West’s ‘Love’ for Trump

White House Aides Wouldn’t All Mind if Pruitt Bombs Before Congress

Top Trump Fundraiser Caught Working for Assad Ally

The Incurable, Mysterious Disease Ravaging Australia’s Indigenous Population

Sean Spicer Relives Memories of Melania Trump at Bizarre Wax Figure Unveiling

Macron Disses Trump in Front of Congress

U.S. Slips Again in World Press Freedom Index

Kanye West: Trump Is ‘My Brother’ But Kim Told Me to Stop Praising Him

Royal Baby Name Game: Louis and Alexander Tipped

How Guaranteeing Jobs Became the Hot New Policy Priority for 2020 Dems

I’m Not Done With Kanye—but It’s Getting Hard to Justify This

Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo, Arrested After 40-Year Hunt, Authorities Say

Inventor Gets Life for Dismembering Journalist Kim Wall

Why Every Drinker Should Know What Bottled-in-Bond Means

This Solar-Powered Backpack Lets You Enjoy Bluetooth Audio, USB-Charging, and More

Senator to Treasury: Don’t Delay the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill

Harry and Meghan Can’t Stop Gazing Lovingly at Each Other, Even at Church

The Inhuman Human Toll of Trump’s Muslim Ban

Nancy Pelosi’s Last Stand

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2: Alexis Bledel on Emily’s Horrifying Fate

Vegan Food for Dogs Is Here. But Is It Safe?

As Donald Trump Eyes Iran Nuclear Deal, North Korea Is Watching

Supreme Court to Finally Decide if Trump’s Travel Ban Is Really a Muslim Ban

Sean Hannity Kept Getting Deals on Properties Previously Owned by a Fraudster Specializing in Foreclosures

The Nigerian Prince Scam Gets the $1 Million Movie Treatment

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Doubles Down on Claim That Hackers ‘Fabricated’ Her Homophobic Blog Posts

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump’s Failed Attempt to Hold Melania’s Hand: ‘She Was Not Having It’

Melania Trump Is Letting Her State-Visit Wardrobe Do the Talking

Big Questions, Big Fun: Tom Stoppard’s ‘Travesties’ Returns to Broadway

Prosecutor Calls Out ‘Con Man’ Cosby for Laughing in Closing Arguments

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review: Not All Your Marvel Superhero Faves Make It Out Alive

Horrifying Details Emerge About Alleged Sex-Cult Recruiter Allison Mack at Bail Hearing

Miss Universe 2013 Host Thomas Roberts Confirms: Trump Stayed Overnight in Moscow

Russia Spy Hack Case Rocked as Judge Stiff-Arms Feds

‘He Started Messaging Me When I Was 16’: Female Memers Slam ‘Content Zone’s’ Creator

‘Repeatedly Drunk’ Ronny Jackson’s VA Nomination Is on Life Support

Trump White House Offered to Help Prep Scott Pruitt for Hearings. EPA Told the White House to ‘Get Lost’

Matt Smith Talks ‘The Crown’ Pay-Gap Scandal, Nudity, and Playing Robert Mapplethorpe

Cosby’s Attorney Compares #MeToo to ‘Witch Hunts, Lynchings, McCarthyism’

Accused Toronto Killer Praised Woman-Hating Mass Murderer Moments Before Attack

This Wireless Charger Can Power an iPhone and an Apple Watch Simultaneously

Brighten Your Workspace With This Levitating Moon Lamp

The Trump-Macron Bromance: Somewhere Between Tragedy and Farce

Learn Today's Top Job Skills With These 8 Online Courses

Accused Sex Cult Queen Allison Mack Tried to Recruit ‘Harry Potter’ Star Emma Watson

Why Kanye West Refuses to Pull a Shania Twain and Apologize for Endorsing Trump

‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Shares a Recipe From Her New Book ‘Magnolia Table’

Beautycon 2018 Celebrates Inclusivity and Instagram Stars

These States Want to Make LGBT Adoption as Hard as Possible

The ALS Activist Who Thinks He Can Flip a Deep Red Arizona District

If Anyone Can Be America’s First Black Woman Governor, It’s Stacey Abrams

The Trump-Hannity Relationship Takes Conservatives One More Step Toward the Moral Low Ground

Court Reviews Conspiracy Theories About Nikolas Cruz Being Under CIA Mind Control Ahead of Murder Trial

Antonio Banderas Reconsiders Picasso’s Misogyny in the Wake of #MeToo

Kellyanne Conway, Conservative Snowflake

Ex-EPA Official’s Legal Advocacy Outfit Embroiled in Vicious Leadership Struggle

Kate and William Had Their Third Child. Why, and What, Were We Watching?

Porn Industry Feels the Heat After Stormy Daniels-Trump: ‘This Is Not Helping’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Exposes Trump’s ‘Origin Lie’

Kanye West Signed His Merch ‘Trump’ After Election Day

Dana Carvey Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Barbara and George H.W. Bush

Enough Is Enough: The Bizarre, Bonkers ‘Donna Summer Musical’ on Broadway

Rachel Dolezal Plays an Exhausting, Self-Centered Victim in Her Netflix Documentary

Trump Might Pardon Jack Johnson. Why Didn’t Obama?

CNN’s Dana Bash ‘Surprised’ by Kellyanne Conway’s Outburst: ‘It Was a Completely Legitimate Question’

10 Dead, 16 Injured After Van Strikes Pedestrians in Toronto

A Bloodless Uprising in Armenia Just Forced the Leader to Resign: Will New Peaceful Revolutions Follow?

Video: Accused Waffle House Shooter Escaped Cops in Stolen BMW Before Massacre

How Kanye West Became a Far-Right Media Hero

Video Shows Alabama Police Throwing Black Woman to Ground in Waffle House Arrest

South Beach Wine & Food Festival Wraps Up Another Successful Year

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Democrats Voting Against Pompeo Don't ‘Love’ America

Develop Your Leadership Skills With This $30 Bundle

Waffle House Hero Is Raising Money for Attack’s Victims

Kamala Harris Now Says She Won’t Accept Corporate PAC Money

These Solar-Powered Smart Lights Can Be Controlled From Your Phone

This Carry-On Bag Comes With Its Own Storage Shelves

Anthony Bourdain’s Journey Deep Into the Heart of Trump Country: ‘I Was Utterly Disarmed’

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier June Rodil

Iraq Psyops Veteran Running Covert Attacks on Qatar

Trump’s Newest Syria Scam: Putting ‘Arab Armies’ in Charge

Want to Change Our Gun Culture and Stop Mass Shootings? Think About Bringing Back the Draft.

Mel Brooks Talks Trump, Anti-Semitism, Political Correctness and the ‘Best Movie’ He Ever Made

The Myth of Trump’s Unparalleled GOP Support

Cops Kill DREAMer’s Father After Hitting the Wrong House

Can Botox Ease Teeth Grinding?

How the Army Recruits Straight Out of Prisons

Democrats Are Primed to Win Big, Reclaim the House, and Save Our Democracy. Here’s How They Could Blow It.

Meet Keith Davidson, the Sex-Tape Lawyer Who Worked With Michael Cohen to Silence Trump’s Women

Kate Middleton's Third Baby Is A Boy

John Oliver Trolls Trump by Purchasing Pro-Iran Nuclear Deal Ads on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Show

Wall Street Journal Editor Gripes About Pulitzer Judges’ Qualifications

‘Westworld’ Premiere’s Most Shocking Twists: What Do They All Mean?

Waffle House Shooter Got AR-15 Back From Dad. Hero Took It Away and Stopped a Massacre.

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ on Broadway Is a Stunning, Magical Tour de Force

Has #MeToo Changed the Way Steubenville Remembers Jane Doe?

Kellyanne Conway Loses It on CNN’s Dana Bash for Asking About Husband’s Anti-Trump Tweets

GOP Sen. Bob Corker Defends His Praise of Democratic Candidate to Replace Him

Frenemies? Polarizing Donald Trump vs. The Ruthless Centrism of Emmanuel Macron

How a Racist Smear Campaign Derailed Lauryn Hill’s Career

Dining with Style: Chef Mark Strausman on Freds in Barneys New York

The Rohingya Crisis Is Becoming Islam’s Genocide; What Are We Doing About It?

Is Driving Now the Distraction?

When Fiction Predicts Politics

Scott Pruitt Is Destroying Earth Day

Meet the Turn-of-the-Century Sex Worshipper Who ‘Married’ an Angel

Was Abraham a Murderer?

How Trump’s Trans Military Ban Backfired. Spectacularly.

Still-Secret Spain: 9 Fairy-Tale Towns Off the Tourist Track

Why Liberals Need Bill Maher’s Tough Love

CIA Discrimination Against Disabled Officers Is Hurting the U.S.

Here’s One Way to Combat Climate Change: Suck Out Carbon Dioxide

Why Do Meghan Markle’s Siblings Want to Ruin Her Wedding?

Alex Jones’ Protegé, Paul Joseph Watson, Is About to Steal His Crackpot Crown

Inside the Radical, Mischievous Mind of Playwright Tom Stoppard

This Smart LED Bulb Is Shark Tank-Approved

‘Blowin Up’: The Crisis Facing Sex Workers Trapped in a Broken System

How Shonda Rhimes and Olivia Pope Changed TV With ‘Scandal’

Trump Rage-Tweets That Michael Cohen Won’t Snitch on Him. Privately, He Tells Folks: ‘We’ll See.’

Upgrade Your Toolbox WIth This Multipurpose Wrench

This TSA-Approved Travel Bag Can Fit an Entire Wardrobe – And Is On Sale Now

Is Natalie Portman’s Israel Protest a Tipping Point?

Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance Pt. 2: How to Watch, Listen

The Crazy (True) Story of One Man’s Hunt for $2 Million in Buried Cocaine Treasure

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Warns Trump: Evidence DVD Is ‘Locked and Loaded’

#MeToo Men Keep Bouncing Back. We Should Make That F*cking Difficult.

Your Parasocial Obsession With the Royals Is Perfectly Normal

Michael Derrick Hudson Won Awards as Yi-Fen Chou. Then He Disappeared.

When Did Earth Day Become Just a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Holiday?

The Ringmaster Who Helped Jewish Acrobats Escape The Nazis

Seth Abramson’s Metamodernism Preceded His Resistance

In Italy, Lesbians Can’t Be Legal Moms Without Saying They’ve Had Straight Sex

Don’t Bet on Cynthia Nixon Beating Andrew Cuomo—But She’s All the Way Under His Skin

Give a Shout Out to Charles Portis and His Extraordinary Novel ‘True Grit'

The Congressman Who Warned Us About Climate Change in 1864

The British Sex Scandal That Should Terrify Donald Trump

London’s Always Been Violent But Now It’s Surpassed New York

Your Next Job Interview Could Be with a Racist Bot

A Martini Tour of Paris Hotel Bars

Don’t Be Confused: Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Concessions Were a Show of Strength by North Korea

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Tells Bill Maher That Sean Hannity Is Screwed

Stephen Colbert Wishes Jeff Sessions a Happy 420 Day: He ‘Could Use a Bong Hit’

North Korea Suspends Nuclear Tests Ahead of Trump Summit

Behind Pussy Riot’s Paper Plane Protest, a Long History Opposing Vladimir Putin

How to Use Clean Energy at Home While The EPA Threatens Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Ellen DeGeneres: ‘As a White Person, I’m Ashamed’ About Police Shootings

Cory Booker: I Get Angry That Privileged People Are Opening Up Pot Shops

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: We’re Going to Sue Trump for Defamation

4Chan Hoax About Free Starbucks Coffee for Black Customers Reaches Laura Ingraham’s Show

Utah Congressman Threw a Party for Rapist Police Chief—After Crafting His Cover-Up, Women Claim

The Democrats’ War Chest to Take Back the House Just Got Even Bigger

Andrew McCabe Shops a Book as DOJ Refers Him for Criminal Charges

This Fast-Charging, Portable Battery Pack Has Tile Built In So You’ll Never Lose It

White House Attorney Ty Cobb Says Trump’s Interview Negotiations With Mueller Are Still On

R. Kelly’s Senior Staff Have Reportedly Quit After Latest Allegations

Michael Symon’s BBQ Advice & a Smoked Pork Belly Recipe

Now What Will Conservatives Say About Gorsuch?

How Trump’s ‘Revolving Door’ Almost Killed Mike Pompeo’s Nomination

How a Reagan Veteran Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Weed Business

‘Super Troopers 2’: The Crazy Cops Are Back but Is the Comedy Magic Still There?

‘Proud Boy’ Lawyer Wants $100M From Man Who Cost Him His Job

Hillary Clinton on Election Night: ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’

Anthony Bourdain’s #MeToo Advice for Alec Baldwin: ‘Just Shut Up’

‘Westworld’ Season 2 Secrets Revealed: Facebook Data Collection, Badass Women and More

Jimmy Kimmel Urges Michael Cohen to Flip on Trump: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t Loyal’

Comey Memos: Trump Said Flynn ‘Has Serious Judgment Issues’

Stephen Colbert: Michael Cohen Will Flip on Trump So Fast

‘My Fair Lady’ Finally Gets Its #MeToo Ending. Somewhere, George Bernard Shaw Is Applauding

How Corey Lewandowski ‘F*cked Over’ a David Petraeus-Linked Socialite to Become the Polish Arms Industry’s Man in D.C.

Fake Pain Pills Killed Prince and Thousands More Americans

Babies in Mexico City Show Signs of Alzheimer’s. Blame Air Pollution.

James Comey ‘Can’t Answer’ Whether U.S. Would Be ‘Better Off’ With Hillary Clinton as President

White Supremacist Arrested Days After Dodging Murder Charge

Rudy Giuliani Joining Trump’s Legal Team ‘For the Good of the Country’

Nursing Home Where H.R. McMaster’s Dad Died Failed Four Inspections in Two Years

Russia Accidentally Sabotages Its Internet

New York Farmer Says ICE Raided His Property Without Showing Warrant

Hans Asperger Was a Nazi, New Medical Paper Alleges

NIH Funds Its Biggest Gun Study in 20 Years to Prevent Children’s Deaths

Judith Regan Calls Cosby’s Lawyer ‘Sleazy’ After He Implied She’s a Liar

New Victims Target Larry Nassar—and Gymnastics’ International Governing Body, Too

Trump’s Washington D.C. Hotel Is Hosting Yet Another Foreign Government

This Eye Massager Helps Relieve Headaches, Insomnia, and Other Stress-Related Issues

Miguel Díaz-Canel Is the New Cuban President: Who’s Really Running Cuba?

Britain Turns on Caribbean Immigrants 50 Years After Inviting Them to Stay

Inside Katie Couric’s Disastrous Yahoo Experiment

Going to the Bottom of the World for New Zealand Single Malt Whisky

Kanye West Is Back on Twitter. But What About His Trump and Cosby Support?

Welcome to Donald Trump’s Gelatin Presidency

The Waco Raid at 25: Enough With the Fairy Tale Lies

How Gambling Is Fueling Hockey’s Hottest Team

The Morgue That Handles Bodies No One Else Wants—Even the Boston Bomber

This Vegetable Could Eliminate E-Waste

Busy Philipps, the Internet’s Best Friend, on ‘I Feel Pretty,’ Instagram Stories & More

What Happened to the Plan to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

Inside the World’s Only All-Trans Bodybuilding Contest

The Gordon Gekko of Newspapers: A Vulture Capitalist Kneecapping Journalists

Democrats Are Raising Gobs of Cash. It May Not Be Enough.

Unmasked: The Mystery Hacker Who Stole Data on 168 Million People

Jimmy Kimmel: Trump’s First Stormy Daniels Tweet Is ‘Absolutely Nuts’

Tina Fey’s Tearful Gilda Radner Tribute: She ‘Was Our Equivalent of Michelle Obama’

Cynthia Nixon Savages ‘The Bad Cuomo’ on Colbert

Stephen Colbert Knows One Time Nikki Haley Was Definitely ‘Confused’

Samantha Bee Destroys Sean Hannity: ‘No One Would F*ck You’

The Devil Inside Matthew Broderick: Reviews of ‘The Seafarer’ and ‘Mlima’s Tale’

Gina Haspel, Trump’s Pick to Lead the CIA, ‘Ran the Interrogation Program,’ Former CIA Lawyer Wrote

John Avlon Talks Secretary of State Nomination

Syria Only Got Off Two Missiles While Coalition Strikes Hit, Despite Russian Claims That 71 Were Intercepted

Nicolle Wallace: Hannity Runs Trump ‘Like an Asset’

NYC ‘Killer Nanny’ Found Guilty of Slaying Two Kids

A ‘Breakthrough’ Injection Could Reduce Number of Migraines Patients Suffer by 50 Percent

Ernst & Young Partner Claims Firm Retaliated Against Her After She Reported Sexual Assault

University of North Texas Student Labelled N****r on Receipt From On-Campus Eatery

‘She Wanted It’: California Lawmaker Sexually Harassed, Assaulted Staffers, Lawsuit Claims

Poll: Ted Cruz vs. Beto O’Rourke Race ‘Too Close to Call’

Trump Org ‘Gifts’ Treasury $150K in Foreign Government ‘Emoluments’

James Comey Gets Blasted From All Sides on ‘The View’

James Comey, Welcome to the Long List of People Trump Wants to Jail

Publisher Killed Rape Allegation Against Cosby in Model’s 2002 Memoir

Unarmed Teen Killed by Police Was ‘Simply Backing His Mom’s Minivan’ Out of Garage, Lawsuit Claims

How Trump’s NASA Nominee Used a Nonprofit He Ran to Benefit Himself

Bob Corker: No, Really, Trump Is Gonna Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal

How Veteran Fighter Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Saved Crippled Southwest Flight 1380

Brian Michael Bendis on Leaving Marvel for DC, Facing Death, and Why America Still Needs Superman

This Tiny Device Perfectly Matches Any Color Instantly

Upgrade Your Car With Alexa and Other Accessories For Your Next Road Trip

Queen’s Last Corgi and ‘James Bond’ Star Willow Has Died

Trump Sent Pompeo to Meet Kim: Is North Korea Outmaneuvering Trump and China?

Resist the Resistance! Impeachment Talk Could Cost Democrats in November.

Nikki Haley, Great Pushback. Now Resign on Principle.

Teen Got Feds to OK His ‘Blaze It for Jill Stein’ PAC

Speak of the Devil: The Vatican Hosts an Exorcist Convention

Make No Mistake, the Syrian War Has Metastasized, and the Prognosis for All of Us Is Grim

China Keeps Trying to Scrub LGBT Content From the Web

How the Feds Can Build a Case Against Michael Cohen for Paying Off Stormy Daniels

Amy Schumer Responds to Her Backlash: I’m Not Going to Shut Up

‘Daily Show’ Breaks Down the ‘Hannity Crime Family’

Stephen Colbert Confronts Comey Over Throwing Election to Trump

‘Dear White People’ Season 2 Targets Alt-Right Trolls

Inside Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Scientology Feud

Method Man Uncensored: ‘Don’t Sh*t on Somebody’s Legacy’

Comey Pushed for the Investigation That Ended McCabe’s Career

Engine Failure Hit Southwest Flight 1380 Like a Bomb

Barbara Bush, Frank and Unpretentious First Lady, Dies at 92

Grandma Who Murdered Her Husband and Then Her Doppelganger Is on the Run

Fox News Legal Analyst: Hannity ‘Can’t Have It Both Ways’ on Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels’ Penthouse Reveal: Plans to Donate $130K to Planned Parenthood in Trump and Cohen’s Names

Don’t Call Adam Pally a Hero: It’s 2018 and Not Cool to Hate on Creators

3 Reasons You Still Need to Know Microsoft Office in 2018

Trump Reaches Deal to Send Detained U.S. Citizen Abroad, Gov’t Says

Long Island Iced Tea to the Grasshopper: Guilty Pleasure Drinks You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Order

Lawmakers Unveil New Plan to Tie Trump’s Hands in Syria

Lawmaker Accused of Harassment Files $1.3 Million Claim Over Ouster

When Brandon Teena Was Killed, LGBT Advocate David S. Buckel Wouldn’t Let the Case Die

Did a 'Young Willem Dafoe' Threaten Stormy Daniels? Internet Goes Wild Trying to ID Her Sketch

Justice Neil Gorsuch Gives Immigrants Big Win Against Trump’s Deportation Machine

For the Right Price, You Can Buy Glenn Beck’s Private Jet

Stormy Daniels Fires Back at Trump’s Denials on ‘The View’: ‘I’m a Better Actress Than He Is’

5 Security Tools You Need to Protect Your Home

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Reveals Sketch of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Her

Private Prison Company Made Detainees Work For Toilet Paper, Lawsuit Alleges

He Reported on Russia’s Secret Mercenary Army. Then He Plunged to His Death.

George Michael’s Boyfriend: ‘I’ll Sell Star’s Possessions to Survive’

Cosby Jury Will Hear His Testimony About Giving Women Quaaludes

Learn How to Write Your Own Novel With This Creative Writing Course

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Political Tell-Alls

Matthew Mellon, the Storied Crypto Billionaire, Dies in Rehab at 54

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Michaël Engelmann

Where Facebook’s Fake News Has Deadly Consequences

Big Pharma’s Biggest Supporter in Congress

Michael Flynn-Linked Consulting Firm Sued for $500,000-Plus in Unpaid Legal Fees

RNC’s Comey Attacks Are Right out of the Dictators’ Playbook

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Black Coffee and White Fear Made a Toxic Mix at That Philadelphia Starbucks

Prosecutors at ‘Killer Nanny’ Trial: Every Stab ‘Had a Purpose’

Amazon Denies Allegations About Inadequate Bathroom Breaks

Judge Hands Defeat to Trump and Cohen Over FBI Raid: ‘You’ve Miscited the Law’

U.S., U.K. Accuse Russia-Backed Attackers of Hacking Routers in Espionage Campaign

White House Throws Nikki Haley Under the Bus as New Russia Sanctions Are Put on Hold

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Michael Cohen Forced to Reveal His Mystery Client Is Sean Hannity

Exclusive: FBI Investigated Former CIA Chief Michael Hayden in Secret-Spilling Case

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The Survivor Educating People About Syria—And the Holocaust

Watch: Holocaust Museum Videos on Bashar Al-Assad's Massacre in Syria

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Outrage Grows After Arrest of Two Black Men at a Philly Starbucks

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7 Killed in South Carolina Prison Riot Over Cell Phones

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Chat Site for Gamers Got Overrun by the Alt-Right. Now It’s Fighting Back.

Anatomy of a Russian Chemical Weapons Lie

While Coal Ash Kills Americans, the EPA Stands By

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James Comey’s ABC Interview Has Furious FBI Insiders Lashing Out

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‘Rip Him Apart’: Trump Glued to James Comey Book Blitz as Feud Escalates

Comey: Trump Acts Like a Mob Boss & Is ‘Morally Unfit to Be President’—But Shouldn’t Be Impeached

GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Defends Michael Cohen Raid: ‘Nothing to Do With Politics’

Beyoncé Makes History at Coachella: Feminism, Black Lives Matter and a Destiny’s Child Reunion

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Donald Trump Goes to War

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War Fever Heats Up as Russians Burn Effigies of Trump

Seth Rogen on How the Sony Hack Predicted the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

U.S., Allies Strikes Chemical Weapons Targets in Syria and Call It a Night

Michael Cohen May Learn the Hard Way That There’s No Such Thing As Consigliere-Client Privilege

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Syria Strikes: This Isn’t How You Punish a ‘Monster’

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How César Ritz & Auguste Escoffier Created the Modern Hotel Restaurant

Bill Maher Brands Trump’s Syria Strikes ‘Operation Desert Stormy,’ Suggests They’re a Distraction

‘Brain Sex With Hillary Clinton’

Trump’s War: What Is It Good For?

Prosecutors Probing Michael Cohen Have Nailed Financial Frauds, Corrupt Pols, and Organized Crooks

White Man Shot at Black Teen Who Asked for Directions

Michael Cohen Has Been Under Criminal Investigation for Months, Feds Reveal

Ed Schultz Touts Vladimir Putin and Himself in Bonkers Interview

Inside the Deadly War on Drugs in the Philippines—Where Murder Is a Meme

Andrea Constand Gets Graphic About Bill Cosby in Retrial Testimony

Judge Groped, Kissed Women Who Sought Help With Charges, DOJ Claims

Trump’s Hit-and-Split Approach to Syria Has Israelis Worried: The U.S. Goes, Iran Stays

Tonya Harding and Adam Rippon to Face Off in New All-Athlete ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season

Trump ‘Pee Tape’ Could Be Real, Says Ex FBI Director James Comey

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Praise the Outcome of Trump’s TPP Flip. Not the Process.

Get Angry Now to Make Congress Protect Mueller—Or Later, After Trump Fires Him

Sinclair / Tribune Merger Has Left and Right United to Fight Terrifying Pro-Trump TV Cartel

New EPA Chief-in-Waiting Andrew Wheeler Is a Lapdog for Big Coal

Putin Polishes His Satellite Killer

Suspected White Supremacist Died Building ISIS-Style Bombs

The Fallen Heroes Who Went to Vietnam in John Bolton’s Place

Harvey Weinstein’s Italian Accusers Speak Out in New York

‘The Opposition’ Confronts ‘Crisis Actor’ Alex Jones

Seth Meyers: James Comey Book Proves ‘Pee Tape’ Is Real

‘This Guy F*cks’: Trevor Noah Impressed by Trump’s Sex Payoffs

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s New ‘King Lear’ Is Pretty Funny for a Great Shakespearean Tragedy

Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist Landlord Being Pressured to Leave His Firm

Lise Lotte-Lublin Saw Bill Cosby as a Mentor. Bill Cosby Saw Her as Prey, She Says.

Review: The Brilliantly Bitter Pill of ‘Carousel’ on Broadway

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Diamond & Silk Claim Facebook Never Contacted Them. Facebook Emails Prove Otherwise.

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Janice Dickinson: I ‘Wanted to Punch’ Cosby After Rape

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Calls Mounting for Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to Resign Amid Sex Scandal

Trump Judicial Pick Promoted Idea Birth Control Gets Women Killed

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Landlord Raped, Harassed Tenants at 50 New York Properties, Justice Department Says

Mike Pompeo Confirms: I’ve Been Interviewed by Mueller

James Comey: John Kelly Called Trump ‘Dishonorable’ for Firing Me

Trump NDAs Tried to Kill Love-Child Rumors

Michigan State May Have Broken the Law in Rebuking Student’s Gang-Rape Lawsuit Claims

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Exiting House Republicans See a ‘Big Wave Coming’ After Speaker Paul Ryan Calls It In

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FDA Launches Criminal Investigation Into Unauthorized Herpes Vaccine Research

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Conservatives Still Can’t Stop Attacking Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg

Off-Duty Cop Didn’t Call 911 After Shooting Unarmed Man, Lawsuit Claims

Cosby Accuser Screams in Court: ‘You Remember, Don’t You Mr. Cosby? ’

Trump Threatens Syria Before Allies Are on Board

Zuckerberg Gets More Questions About Diamond & Silk Than Facebook’s Role in Myanmar Genocide

What Social Media Companies Like Facebook Should Do to Win Back Our Trust

Paul Ryan’s Retirement Gives a Big Boost to the Most Prominent White Nationalist in U.S. Politics

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Paul Ryan Quitting the Job He Never Wanted

John Bolton: Syria Is a ‘Sideshow’

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Morgan Calcote

Can American and Chinese Workers Unite With a Trade War Looming?

Mariska Hargitay Takes on the Police’s Rape Kit Backlog: ‘They Don’t Understand Trauma’

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Mr. Trump, Here’s Why Assad Has to Go

The Italy-Israel Artichoke War

The Bottomless Mass Grave of Mosul: How Many Thousands of ISIS Victims Were Thrown Into the Khasfa Sinkhole?

Trump Thought He’d Picked His Perfect U.S. Attorney in Geoffrey Berman. He Was Very Wrong.

Does Same-Sex Marriage Spell the End of LGBT ‘Community’?

Brandon Victor Dixon On ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ Racism, Broadway, Mike Pence, and Glittering Muscles

Team Hillary: Comey Should ‘Beg Forgiveness,’ Not Hawk Book

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Trolls Trump Over FBI Raid With ‘Witch Hunt’ Hat

The ‘Roseanne’ Revival Aired Its Best Episode Yet. Will It Shut Up the Haters?

Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Trump’s Michael Cohen Meltdown

An-All Woman Road Trip, Also Starring Trump’s Ghost: Review of ‘Miss You Like Hell’

Seth Meyers Blames Trump for Michael Cohen FBI Raid: He ‘Threw Him Under the Bus’

Trump Hits ‘Fever Pitch’ About Finally Firing Rosenstein, Mueller, and Everyone Else Probing Him

Trevor Noah Roasts ‘Robot’ Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Testimony

Reince Priebus Still Riding the Trump Train After It Rolled Over Him

Oops! Mark Zuckerberg Surprised to Learn the Terms of Service for ‘Your Digital Life’

Mueller Team Made a Grab for Paul Manafort’s ‘Privileged’ Docs Before Michael Cohen Raid

Heidi Thomas Says Bill Cosby Called Himself ‘Your Friend’ During Rape

Ted Cruz Leaps to Diamond & Silk’s Defense During Facebook Hearing

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Why, Yes. It’s Time to Give Trump Some Credit on Russia*

Nazi From ‘Sieg Heil Taylor Swift’ Vid Arrested on Weapons Charge

Facebook Can’t Be Fixed, It Needs To Be Broken Up

Trump’s Military Strike on Syria Will Be Illegal

Catholic School Let Wrestling Coaches Sexually Abuse Up to 100 Students, Lawsuit Claims

‘Westworld’ Rickrolls Reddit After Promising Season 2 Spoilers

Cosby Attorney Calls Andrea Constand a ‘Con Artist’ During Opening Arguments

Mark Zuckerberg Testifies to Congress About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: How to Watch, Live Stream Hearing

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley Warns Trump: It’s ‘Suicide’ to Talk About Firing Mueller

‘You Are Mine for the Night’: Michigan State Freshman Claimed Gang-Rape by Basketball Players

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom Now

The Cocktail World According to Jeffrey Morgenthaler

YouTube Illegally Tracks Kids’ Data, Consumer Groups Tell FTC

From Washington Post Reporter to Trump Cheerleader

A Neuroscientist Lost Her Mind From Cancer. She’s Not Alone.

Anti-Semitism Is Alive and Well in Berlin

Stormfront, the Internet’s Oldest White Supremacist Site, Says It’s Going Broke

Party Time, Excellent: This Summer’s Most Anticipated Music Festivals

Zuckerberg Gaslights Congress

FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Is the Most Dangerous Day of Donald Trump’s Life

What Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Will Be Asked in Congress’ Hot Seat

Andre the Giant’s Wild, Wild Life: Bodyslams, Booze and Babes Galore

Laura Ingraham Blasts ‘Speech Czars’ on the Left: They’re ‘Stalinist’

Sean Hannity Responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s Apology With a Threat

Feds Are Treating Michael Cohen Like a Mob Lawyer, Trump Allies Say

‘This Flat Earth’ Brings a School Massacre to the Stage

Researchers Uncover Proteins That Could Finally Explain ALS

Stephen Colbert Cheers FBI’s Michael Cohen Raid: ‘They Got Everything’

Fox News Tells Trump: Bomb Syria—Now

A Second Paul Manafort Associate Has Turned on Him

Cosby Retrial Starts With Topless Protester and Revelation He Paid $3M in Hush Money

Did FBI Raid Michael Cohen Over Stormy Daniels?

All the Alleged Syrian Chemical Attacks Since Trump Bombed an Airstrip Last Year

The Big Winners in Hungary’s Elections? Fear and Hate—and Putin

Beto O’Rourke: I Would Vote to Impeach Trump

Inside NYC’s Egg House You’ll Meet Ellis, an Egg With a Dream

Univision Forces Out Gizmodo CEO as Company Weighs Deep Cuts

The Israeli Airstrike on Syria Monday: A Message to Iran, Russia—and Trump

The Simpsons’ ‘Sad’ Response to ‘The Problem with Apu’

16-Year-Old Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi Would Not Talk. So the Israeli Interrogator Threatened — and Flirted

Sorry, Laura Ingraham. Looks Like Parkland Survivor David Hogg Was Accepted Into UC Irvine

Reports: Israel Behind Surprise Attack on Syria Airbase

Of Beans and Men: L.A.’s Famous Dive Barney’s Beanery

U.S. Navy Workers Are Sleeping on the Job—on Your Dime

Brian Dodge Is on a Mission to Make America Understand Bisexuality

Trump Is Freaking Out About the Wrong Border: Killer Fentanyl Is Coming From Canada

How Every Campaign Will Have a Troll Farm of Its Own

‘The Rider’: A Poetic Tribute to America’s Heartland and One of the Year’s Best Films

Grace Jones on Her One Big Regret: ‘If You Give Up Your Power, You Have No One to Blame But Yourself’

Stormy Daniels Would Like to Set the Record Straight

John Oliver Unloads on Trump’s Scandalous EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: He Can ‘Go F*ck Himself’

It’s Fetch. But It Could Be Fetcher: Review of Tina Fey’s ‘Mean Girls’ on Broadway

Trump Hotel to Employees: Don’t Hire Relatives

Jeremy Wade: My Wet-and-Wild Search for Missing River Monsters...and Answers

U.S. Officials: Unclear Which Chemical Syria Used in Attack

This Apple Watch Charging Dock Includes 3 Additional USB Ports

Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Attacks on Sean Hannity Expose a Liberal Blind Spot

Chefugee: Inside an Afghan Refugee’s Once-Forbidden Dinner Party

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Admits ‘I Don’t Care About America’

Cardi B’s Sexual-Rap Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Going 10 Rounds with Sommelier Victoria James

Megachurches Are Turning Into MAGA-Churches

It’s Alarmingly Easy for Crooks to Hold Whole Cities Hostage

Imagine a World Without Contraceptives. This New York Art Show Does

How China Cut the U.S. Out of the Statue of Liberty Knicknack Racket

Israel’s Migrant Problem: It’s Not Just About Africans

Cheech & Chong Can’t Stand Marijuana-Hater Jeff Sessions: ‘I Can’t Sleep at Night, Man!’

Did God Have a Wife—And a Tail?

How Gustav Klimt’s Unfinished ‘Ria Munk III’ Finally Escaped the Nazis

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Zora Neale Hurston: Black Feminist Icon and Thought Criminal

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A Gripping Western Movie Confronting Australian Racism

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Both Men Were Innocent But They Were From Mississippi

‘Real Housewife’ Luann de Lesseps on Jail, Blackface, and Getting Groped by Russell Simmons

Will Meghan Markle Change the Royals, or Will the Royals Change Her?

Was Stan Lee’s Blood Stolen and Used to Sign Black Panther Comics?

‘Implicit Bias’ Is Very Real and It Infects Every One of Us

In Hungary, Real News Has Become NSFW

The Ethical Challenges of Self-Driving Cars

The Podcast Killed Kevin Williamson, But God Save the Podcast!

Were Bernie Bros and Trumpkins Craving a Religious Moment?

Has American Craft Beer Taken Over the World?

Move Over Gaudí: Inside Barcelona’s Latest Architectural Must-See

Alaska Voters Latest to Reject an Anti-Transgender Law

Michelle Wolf Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Attending White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Scandal-Battered Scott Pruitt, Hanging on, Hopes John Kelly Overplayed His Hand With Decider Donald Trump

‘Super Gonorrhea’ Is Here, But Don’t Worry—Yet

Why Hamas Needs Israel’s Conflict With Gaza to Explode Again

Rep. Blake Farenthold Abruptly Quits Amid Sexual-Harassment Claim

Disgraced Ex-Jack Abramoff Associate Inches Back Into National Politics

The Instagram Moodboard Community Is Having a Breakdown Over Polyvore Closing Down

Leaked Docs Show Neo-Nazis Building Bombs to Protect Themselves From Antifa

Sean Hannity Is Losing His Mind Over Jimmy Kimmel

‘Killing Eve’: Sandra Oh Becomes Jane Bond in a Glorious Female Spy vs. Spy

5 Deals on Camping and Hiking Essentials

It’s Not That April Didn’t Get the Memo About Snow, It’s Just Weather Being Normal

Trump Just Jeopardized America’s Biggest Asset in the Syria War, U.S. Officials Say

U.S. Sanctions Hit Putin’s Son in Law, Manafort Patron, NRA’s Man in Moscow and More

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Conor McGregor Charged After Attacking UFC Bus

You’ll Want These Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Judicial Elections Are a Mess—Here’s How to Fix the Problem

How Beto O’Rourke Is Building a Digital Fundraising Army

Wisconsin Shows the Blue Wave Is Still Rising

When Mueller Worked With Manafort’s Dictator Client

Four Reasons Snowy Springs Don’t Disprove Global Warming

Family Calls on Police to Release Video in Fatal Shooting of Savannah Prom King

Cops Dashed Into Danger to Save Lives. They Took Saheed Vassell’s Instead.

Is Big Pharma Getting ‘Patient Advocates’ to Do Its Lobbying Work?

How Animals ‘Stole’ $300K From Officials in Nigeria

Trump’s Right to Say He’s Not Launching a Trade War With China. He’s Doing Something Bigger.

Why Mueller Named a Russian Oligarch in Court

Jay-Z Opens Up to Letterman About Cheating on Beyoncé: ‘I’m Not the Worst of What I’ve Done’

‘The Endless’ Is One Wild, Trippy UFO Sex Cult Horror Movie

Jimmy Kimmel Unloads on Sean Hannity for Calling Him an ‘Ass Clown’

Seth Meyers Horrified by Stormy Daniels News: ‘I Don’t Want to Think About Donald Trump’s Penis’

Scott Pruitt Is Trump’s Newest Louise Linton

‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Fist-Pumps Its Way Back into America’s Hearts

This Thermos Makes Iced Coffee Anywhere in Under a Minute

Sinclair’s Trump Toady Swears: ‘I’m Not Doing Anybody’s Bidding’

The Atlantic Fires Kevin Williamson, Who Wants Women Executed, Regrets Completely Avoidable Error

Sinclair Executives Quietly Apologize to Anchors From That Infamous Video

Third Republican Member of Congress Calls for Scott Pruitt’s Resignation

Scott Pruitt Says His Lobbyist Landlord’s Clients Didn’t Have Business Before the EPA. They Did.

The Atlantic Finally Fires Kevin Williamson, Who Said Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Hanged

Trump May Want Out, but U.S. Troops in Syria Are Hunkering Down in the Hot Zone

Ex-Fiancée: Nevada GOP Adviser Made Me His Sex Slave

NYPD Killing of Saheed Vassell: What’s Known, What’s Not, and What Needs to Be

Learn to Code From the Comfort of Your Couch

Camilla Parker Bowles Busted Flicking Through Program at Commonwealth Games Opening

Why Did Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan Leave This Cheerful Voicemail Hours Before Her Death?

Celebrity Baker Duff Goldman’s Next Act

The Magnetic Therapy That Could Recover Your Memories

There Is More to John Cena Than His (Beautiful) Muscles

Supreme Court: No Lives Matter If a Cop Feels Threatened

Want Asylum in America? Get Ready for Hell.

The Immigration Wave Is Over, but Trump Is Sending Troops to the Border Anyway

‘A 3rd Grade Anal Joke’: Comedians Savage Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Feed

The Mob Town That Conspired to Gang Rape a Girl

Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil Announces 2020 Presidential Run With Mark Zuckerberg

Seth Meyers: ‘Catch and Release’ Is What Trump Calls Marriage

John Krasinski Lost Out on Captain America. So He Became a Great Director Instead.

‘Chappaquiddick’ Lets Ted Kennedy Off the Hook for the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne

Zuckerberg: Maybe I’m in Cambridge Analytica’s Files

Learn How To Turn Your Social Media Skills Into Useful Business Tools

John Kelly to Scott Pruitt: The Scandals Need to Stop

How to Choose Your Internet in the Age of Streaming

Casey Neistat, Jake Paul, and Other YouTube Creators React to Shooting: ‘It’s Sad for the Community’

Sinclair Anchors Seethe as Execs Tell Them: Hang in There

‘Scalded Alive’: Inside the Protests of the YouTube Shooter

Oklahoma Republican Insulted Teachers. Now a Teacher Wants to Take His Job.

Bill O’Reilly Harassment Settlement Deal Required His Accusers to Lie

Why China Could Kick Trump’s A** in a Trade War

Sasha Wall: The Eighth Transgender Woman Murdered This Year

Accused Russian Intel Asset Teamed Up With GOP Operative

‘Talk Stoop’ Host Cat Greenleaf: NBC Fired Me Because I Suffer From Depression

Cosby Team Says Prosecutors Tossed Potential Juror Because She’s Black

NRATV Implies YouTube Brought the Shooting Upon Themselves

Cynthia Nixon Talks Legal Pot and Why She Was ‘Devastated’ By Sex and The City 2 With Wendy Williams

Orange County Prosecutors Used Jailhouse Informants to Illegally ‘Coerce’ Confessions, ACLU Charges

Donald Trump Jr. Falsely Claims Silicon Valley Is Covering Up YouTube Shooter

Mitch McConnell Frets on Midterms: ‘The Wind Is Going to Be in Our Face’

Trump’s Intel Chief Won’t Pledge ‘Full’ Release of Gina Haspel’s Torture Record

The Black Lives Matter Deaths That Preceded Dr. King’s

Report: Jenna Dewan Struggled With Channing Tatum’s Success

Blac Chyna Loses Deal After Stroller Skirmish

Trump Has a Point About Amazon That Resonates With His Base

How Balducci’s Taught New York to Love Produce

Everyone Is Painting GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as Putin’s Puppet

Sex Workers Fear for Their Future: How SESTA Is Putting Many Prostitutes in Peril

The LGBT Heroes Fighting to Hold the First Ever Pride in Swaziland

Alleged Hitmen Stand Trial in International Murder-for-Hire Scheme

Is ‘Real Housewives of New York’ the Best Reality Show on TV? (Yes. It Is.)

ABC Scored With ‘Roseanne.’ But Where Are TV’s Black Working-Class Shows?

What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Saw From the Mountaintop

Too Crooked to Fail: Why Scott Pruitt Still Has His Job (for Now)

Wearing Black? Feds Say You May Be an Anarchist, Newly Released Documents Show

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump for Coining ‘Cheatin’ Obama’ Nickname

Kathy Griffin Nails Kellyanne Conway on ‘President Show’ Special

YouTube Shooting Suspect Nasim Aghdam ‘Hated’ the Company, Called It a ‘Dictatorship’ Online

Liberal Rebecca Dallet Wallops Conservative Opponent in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Here’s What the Trump Administration Is Really Plotting in Syria

Can This Cruise Line Torpedo Bermuda’s Gay Marriage Ban?

Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Might Have to Reveal Its Funding in Libel Lawsuit

YouTube Finally Says Employees Can Talk Publicly About Shooting

Sinclair Making Employees Sign ‘Highly Problematic’ Contracts, Legal Experts Say

GOP Rep. Rohrabacher on YouTube Shooter: ‘Could Be’ an ‘Illegal Alien’

Trump: Withdraw Troops From Syria. Trump’s Advisers: F That.

YouTube Shooting Shatters Silicon Valley’s Sense of Security

Ex-Officer Suing CIA for Killing Parts of Her Memoir

‘I Can’t Breathe!’ Shock Video Shows Cop Choking Man During Jaywalking Arrest

How to Put Ta-Nehisi Coates On Stage: Review of ‘Between the World and Me’

Scott Pruitt’s D.C. Lobbyist Landlord Also Funded His Oklahoma Attorney General Campaign

Bo Dietl Asked Guests at Geraldo Rivera’s Book Party if He Sexually Harassed Them

Prince Philip, 96, Hospitalized for Hip Surgery

Gay and Single? Bisexual? Transgender? The 2020 Census Still Erases You

Pennsylvania Wardens Let Guards Rape Women in Cells for Years, Lawsuit Claims

Judge Will Let Jury Hear How Much Cosby Paid Rape Accuser

5 Great Deals For Wine Aficionados

Beto O’Rourke Just Raked In an Epic $6.7M Haul in Fight to Unseat Ted Cruz

‘Legion’ Season Two: Heroes May Be Turning Into Supervillains

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The Marshall Plan Was Trumpism in Reverse

Turning Lemons and Pine Needles Into Sunshine Soda

Companies Race to Build Flying Cars by the 2020 Olympics

How to Become Unwifeable and Be Cool With That

National Democrats Want to Make Judicial Elections the Next Crest in the Blue Wave

Jeff Sessions Quietly Appointed a Prosecutor to Probe Trump’s Foes. That Could Be an Unprecedented Disaster.

It’s ‘Punish a Muslim Day.’ Or, as We Muslims Call It, Every Day.

How Kennedy and King Pushed Each Other to Greatness

The Top Trump Donor Who Helps Promote Chairman Mao

Why ‘The President Show’ Star Can’t Go Out in Public as Trump Anymore

Generation Z Is Already Bored by the Internet

Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump’s Easter Egg Roll: ‘Only Thing She’s Been Working on Is an Escape Tunnel’

‘Wild Wild Country’: A Rajneeshee Cult Insider on the Horrors the Netflix Series Left Out

Seth Meyers Appalled by Trump’s ‘Rambling’ Easter Tirade Against Immigrants

National Enquirer Publisher: It’s Our First Amendment Right to Silence Karen McDougal Over Trump

President Trump Asks Judge to Force Stormy Daniels Suit Into Arbitration

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Lobbyist-Owned Pad Was GOP Fundraising Hub

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