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Articles July 2018

Facebook Busts Election Trolls Who Look a Lot Like the Russians

The Biggest Problem With 3D-Printed Guns? They Blow Up.

Watch: Top Trump Officials Refuse to Raise Hands to Defend Family Separation

Kate Middleton Offers Meghan Markle Tea and Sympathy Over Her Dad

‘Zero Tolerance’ Unleashes Murderous Violence in Italy—and Trump Thinks It’s Just Great

Cases of Sex Abuse by Aid Workers Are the ‘Tip of the Iceberg,’ Damning Report Claims

One Week On, Demi Lovato Still ‘Too Sick to Think About Rehab’: Report

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Tory McPhail

Farewell to Vladimir Voinovich, the Satirist Who Mocked the Soviet Union and Predicted Putin

‘The Sinner’ Season 2 Goes Full ‘Wild Wild Country’ With Carrie Coon

This Toddler Torn from His Parents Could Suffer Lasting Trauma—So Could Hundreds of Others

Cambodia’s Hun Sen: The Blood-Drenched Opportunist of Asia

Imagine a Trump Who Could Constrain Himself and Just Talk About the Economy

Rudy Giuliani’s First Witch Hunt

Charlottesville Hate Leader Jason Kessler Doxxes His Own Followers

Wildfires Raging in Greece and California Prove Climate Change Is Here

The 2020 Dem Class Is Already Frantically Making Moves Behind the Scenes

Topher Grace on Dating Ivanka Trump: ‘It Wasn’t a Political Statement’

Paul Manafort’s Trial Should Be a Slam Dunk for Mueller, but One Big Thing Could Go Wrong

LeBron James: Trump Uses Sports To Exploit America's Racial Divisions

Kim Kardashian Defends Trump: ‘I Have Nothing Bad to Say About the President’

Judd Apatow to Colbert: Seth Rogen Turned Tom Cruise on to Internet Porn

Stephen Colbert Goes After His CBS Boss Les Moonves: ‘Accountability’ Is for ‘Everybody’

No, Rudy: Trump Isn’t Othello. He’s Iago.

Seth Meyers Savages Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Insane’ Collusion Defense: Trump’s Lawyer Is ‘Lying About His Lying Lawyer’s Lies’

Rudy Giuliani on His Odd Cable News Blitz: I Was Trying to Kill a New York Times Story

Avenatti Targeted in Person by QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Jay-Z’s Powerful Trayvon Martin Documentary Takes Aim at the Myth of ‘Post-Racial’ America

Mystery Sting Targets U.S. Senator for Dirt on Russia Sanctions

Minneapolis Police Officers Won’t Face Charges in Shooting Death of Thurman Blevins

Spotify Users Threaten to Quit Over Infowars Podcast

Join the Party: BevCon is Set to Kick Off in Los Angeles

Malaysia’s Government Smears MH370 Pilots One Last Time

Chris Pratt and ‘Guardians’ Cast ‘Fully Support’ Director James Gunn

Jeff Sessions’ ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ Declares Holy War on LGBT People

Giuliani Knows ‘Collusion’ Isn’t a Crime—But Conspiracy Is and Trump Looks Guiltier Today

Denver Riggleman, the Bigfoot Erotica Candidate, Wants You to Know It’s All Anthropological

Trump’s Deal to Free a Pastor in Turkey Falls Apart—and He Makes Things Worse

Drinking for a Cause: Simple Vodka

Cheesy Wrestling in the Shadow of Patsy Cline’s Honky Tonk

Lola Kirke on Her Debut Album and Hitting Back at Misogynist Film Critics: ‘I Felt Ashamed of Myself’

‘Orange Is the New Black’s’ Devastating Finale Charges Into Immigration Politics

The Last of the Syrian Good-Guy Rebels

Brian Benczkowski Worked for a Russian Bank—Now He’s Trump’s Man at Justice

Wanna Beat Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee? Focus on Marijuana

Betsy DeVos’ Message to Students: You Have the Right to Be Ripped Off

Why Aren’t Democrats Blasting the Sh*t Out of Bill Shine?

Robert Mueller Targeted Two Lobbying Firms. One Is Thriving in Trump’s D.C.

NASA’s Space-Suit Drama Could Delay Our Trip to the Moon

On the Run From MS-13 With Nowhere to Go

Rival Opioid Makers Used the OxyContin Panic to Cash In

Bob Odenkirk: Saul Goodman Would Love to Be Trump’s New Michael Cohen

Thomas Markle Sells Out His Daughter Meghan Again And Again

‘GLOW’ Creators Hope Their Female ‘Avengers’ Can Return to Netflix for Season 3

John Oliver Breaks Down Michael Cohen’s Dirt on Trump: ‘That Is Potentially Huge’

Sacha Baron Cohen Tries to ‘Prove’ Roy Moore Is a ‘Pedophile’ on ‘Who Is America?’

It’s the End of ‘The Affair’: Recap, Season 4, Episode 7

GOP Candidate Corey Stewart’s Spokesperson Called Majority-Black Cities ‘Shitholes’

Netflix Exec Breaks Silence Over Aziz Ansari Controversy: ‘Happy’ to Keep Making ‘Master of None’

Amazon Reveals How ‘Transparent’ Will Go On Without Jeffrey Tambor—and How It Lured ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Julia Roberts to TV

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef John Currence

The Dollar Van and the American Dream

The Five Books to Read Before You Visit North Carolina

The Brits Lost the War, and Then They Wouldn’t Pose for This Painting

Last Time a President Dismissed the Russian Threat, It Took Churchill to Wake Him Up

The Stunning Beauty of Flyover Country Sunsets

‘Sharp Objects’ and Hollywood’s Warped Vision of Missouri

Did Researchers Just Solve the Jonah and the Whale Puzzle?

Still Like… Wo: After 20 Years, Mya Has Learned to Live Without Fear

Hollywood Has a Secret LGBT History. We Shouldn’t Dismiss It

Her Son Was a High Priest of Santa Muerte. He Died in a Hail of Bullets. Now She Runs a Huge Cult.

How Actress Kristin Kreuk Is Dodging Her NXIVM Cult Past

How Ex-Cop Jerome Jacobson Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions

‘No Brainer’: Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and DJ Khaled’s ‘Song of the Summer’ Swing and Miss

‘Blindspotting’: Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal on Race, Comedy, and Poetic Justice for Oakland

War Between Kimberly Guilfoyle and Fox News Explodes Over Dueling ‘D*ck Pics’ Claims

Turmoil Rocks CBS After Leslie Moonves, Jeff Fager New Yorker Exposé

Why the World’s Most Famous Muslim Porn Star Called It Quits

Inside the Fiery Massacre at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Estate

Wanna Save Roe v. Wade? Don't Look To The Courts

Sharks Are Creeping Into the Northeast Because of Climate Change

Meet The Badass Breast Cancer Survivors Embracing The Beauty Of ‘Going Flat’

Why Do Americans Have Such Contempt the People Who Feed Them?

The Need for Public Banks to Protect Legal Weed

Experts Worry President Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Could Lead to a Space War

Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau's New Podcast Talks Dems Through 'The Wilderness'

Trump's Views On Due Process Are Straight Out Of Slavery

The Mysterious Case of the Michelada Beer Cocktail

North Korea’s Plan for a Peace to End All Peace

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Six Women

Et tu, Michael? All the Ways Cohen Could Damage Trump

Free Advice for Michael Cohen From Ex-Federal Prosecutors: Shut Up

‘Trapped in Hell’: Family Accused of Keeping Autistic Woman in Cage, Making Her Eat Mom’s Ashes

Aden, Yemen's Second Largest City, Fights to Bounce Back

‘Handmaid’s Tale’s’ Aunt Lydia Shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Your Actions Have Real ‘Consequences’

The Alt-Right Is Taking Over Renaissance Fairs

Steven Raichlen’s Personal Chocolate Brownie S’mores Recipe

Kim Jong Un Must Tell Us What Happened to American POWs

After the Kaitlan Collins Banishment, It’s Time for White House Reporters to Stand Together

Michael Cohen Debuts the Art of the Squeal

Turning Point USA Courts Activist Who Said Jews Want the ‘Destruction of the Black Community’

Paris Hotel Home to Hemingway & Holocaust Survivors Reopens

Why Is Nicki Minaj Co-Signing Convicted Sex Criminal Tekashi 6ix9ine?

The Rare Deep Red Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Is the Longest of the Century

Jimmy Kimmel Reacts to Pregnancy Cover-Up Rumors: ‘Just What We Need, Another Trump’

Jake Tapper Calls Out Fox’s Lou Dobbs on ‘Colbert’ for Attacking CNN’s Kaitlan Collins

Their Lips Aren’t Sealed: The Go-Go’s Score a Queer Broadway Hit in ‘Head Over Heels’

‘Dead to Each Other’: Team Trump Prepares to ‘Bury’ Michael Cohen, ‘Weakling’ and ‘Traitor’

Roseanne Barr Regrets Apologizing to Valerie Jarrett, Argues Her Tweet Was ‘Not Racist’

The Next Prime Minister of Nuclear-Armed Pakistan Really Hates the U.S.

711 Migrant Children Still Separated From Families Hours Before Reunification Deadline

Ian McKellen Bows Out With a Shakespearean Masterclass in ‘King Lear’

Jim Jordan Runs for House Speaker by Trying to Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Russian Hackers’ New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator

Conservative, Pro-Trump Activist to Feds: Investigate Bill Shine Now

Fyre Fest Founder Pleads Guilty, Now Faces Up to 115 Years in Prison

30 Victims Accused 13 Monks at New Jersey Abbey of Sexual Abuse, Catholic Order Says

Sessions: ‘Perhaps’ I Shouldn’t Have Repeated ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant

Fox News Finally Stood With CNN. Lou Dobbs Didn’t Get the Message.

Woman Forced to Give Birth on Floor of ‘Unsanitary’ Jail Cell: Lawsuit

Beto O’Rourke Drops First Ad, Ramping Up Quest to Take Down Ted Cruz

Trump Doesn’t Understand ‘Shadow Banning’ and Twitter Isn’t Doing It Anyway

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Make Nice in Divorce Court After Nasty Split

These Discounted Courses Outline How To Generate Passive Income Using YouTube

Watchdog: Mysterious Donor May Have Illegally Laundered Trump Super PAC Cash

Comedian Lewis Black: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Not the Answer

Pickle: The Flavor of the Moment

Kim Jong Un Suckered Trump With a Fake De-Nuke ‘Breakthrough’

Church Accused of ‘Terror’ Recruits on College Campuses

What if Trump Has Created a Monster That No Republican Can Control After He’s Gone?

They Want Trump’s Liquor License Yanked—and They Just Might Win

New Member of YouTube Star Logan Paul’s Crew Is a Convicted Pimp

The ‘Human Hunger Hormone’ Might Cure Alcoholism

Why Is No One Talking About Tom Cruise and Scientology?

American Racists Look for Allies in Russia

Inside the Disturbing Rape Allegations Against Charlamagne Tha God, Hip-Hop Radio’s Biggest Voice

Meghan McCain Defends Whoopi Goldberg in Jeanine Pirro Fight

Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Any Other President’ Wouldn’t Survive Michael Cohen Tape

Samantha Bee Blasts NRA’s Dana Loesch for Going ‘Silent’ on Russian Spy Maria Butina

As Deadline for Family Unification Nears, Congress Tries to Weaken Protections for Immigrant Children

Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China

Pompeo: Trump’s Tough on Russia if You Don’t Listen to His Words

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Banned by White House for Asking Trump Questions

Michael Cohen’s Tape Sounds Like He Could Bring Down Trump

Valerie Jarrett Shrugs Off Roseanne, Defends Obama’s Trump Silence

Former NFL Network Employee Names Ex-Players in Groping, Assault Lawsuit

FBI Would’ve Been Derelict Not to Use Steele Dossier for the Carter Page FISA Warrant

‘Sanctioning a Murder’: Deadly Florida Shooting Sparks Outcry Over Stand Your Ground

A Look at Maria Butina’s Spy Career: Cyber, Seduction, and Bumbling

The 4-in-1 Luxe Maestra Bag Is Designed by Working Women, For Working Women

Why ‘Step Brothers’ Is the Greatest Movie Comedy of the Past Decade

Jonathan Gold: A Food Critic’s Critic

He Slept With Cary Grant and Spencer Tracy—And Changed Hollywood History

Secrets of Germany’s Deadly Neo-Nazi Terror Underground

It’s No Joke—Comic Jimmy Tingle Might Be Massachusetts’ Next Lieutenant Governor

Republicans Largely Abandon Running on Trump’s Tax Cuts

Naples’ Dark Side: From Skull-Worshiping Old Women to Experiments on Live Humans

Facebook Won’t Stop Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Hoaxes From Spreading

Donald Trump’s HHS Secretary Alex Azar Must Resign Now

Meet the Eastern European Mystery Donors Behind the Trump-Allied Super PAC

Inside Donald Trump’s Deathly Fear of Sharks: ‘I Hope All the Sharks Die’

No One Expects Rand Paul to Actually Vote Against Brett Kavanaugh

The Lesson of ‘This Ain’t No Disco’? Please, No More Studio 54

Pro-Confederate Birther Introduced Maria Butina’s Handler to NRA Chief

Stephen Colbert Rails Against Trump’s ‘Brazen’ Gaslighting of America

Heiress Behind NXIVM Sex Cult Unmasked in Court: ‘Let Her Watch Netflix’

RSV: The Breath-Stealing Virus That Has Scientists On The Hunt For A Vaccine

Demi Lovato’s Opioid Overdose Comes After a Career of Life-Saving Honesty About Addiction

How Ivanka Trump’s Loyalty to Her Father Killed Her Fashion Label

Tronc Exec Tells Daily News Staff to Their Faces: We Have No Strategy

Republican Senators: Trump’s Farmer ‘Welfare’ Won’t Work

Study: Rising Temperatures in U.S. and Mexico Will Lead to More Suicides

Femen’s Pioneering Topless Activist Found Dead in France

‘Pedophile Magnet’ Boy Scouts of America Let ‘Serial’ Sex Abuser Prey on Four Boys: Lawsuit

‘Fox & Friends’ Falls Face-First Into Ocasio-Cortez ‘Trap’

House Democrats to Introduce Federal Jobs Guarantee Bill

This 6-in-1 iPhone Lens Kit Will Transform The Way You Take Photos

This 3-Course Bundle Teaches You Essential Crowdfunding Techniques

Zelda Fitzgerald: The Life of the Party Turns 118

Why Kiev Should Be on Your Architecture Bucket List

This Kid Single-Handedly Ignited the Plastic Straw Ban Movement

Tokyo Is Boiling. Will It Be Too Hot for the 2020 Summer Olympics?

Santa Clarita Valley Signal’s New Owners Boosted Far-Right Conspiracies

Black, White, and Belonging: My Brush With Curlfest

A Brief, Hilarious History of ‘Fox & Friends’ Getting Punked While Trying to Force a Right-Wing Narrative

Donald Trump, the Boy President Who Cried Wolf

Who Whitewashed the Wiki of Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina?

It’s Still Britney, Bitch: Growing Up and Getting Old With Britney Spears

Fox News Wages War On Kimberly Guilfoyle

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Trump’s Hypocrisy on Obama and Iran

Review: Armie Hammer and the Quiet Satire of ‘Straight White Men’

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump’s Iran Tweet Will End in ‘Sharia Law’ for America

The Daily News Was Superman’s Paper—Tronc Fed It Kryptonite

Congress Lets Some U.S. Allies Buy Russian Weapons Despite Sanctions

R. Kelly’s Delusional Response to Sex Cult Allegations in ‘I Admit’: I’m the Victim Here

Far Right Freaks Out Because Twitter Is Filtering Their Hate

Stormy Daniels’ Porn Star Husband Accuses Her of Adultery, Gets Restraining Order

New Dad Fatally Shot ‘Point-Blank’ After Confronting Racist Man: Police

Ann Dowd Confirms Aunt Lydia Will Survive for ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 3

The Moon May Have Once Had Liquid Water—and Life

More Victims Sue USC Over Dr. George Tyndall’s Rampant Sex Abuse: ‘They Were Protecting a Predator’

GOP Rep. Jason Spencer Rejects Calls to ‘Resign Immediately’ Following Sacha Baron Cohen Prank

Tronc Guts the New York Daily News, Fires 50% of Editorial Staff

‘Fox & Friends’ Books Entirely Wrong Guest, Gets Anti-Trump Rant on the Air

These Earbuds Are Completely Waterproof And They're More Than $100 Off

Josh Boschee Could Make LGBT History in North Dakota—Again

Frustrated Trump Team Sends Public Signals to Boss at National Security Retreat in Aspen

Democrats Agree that ’90s Centrism Is Dead—but How Far Left Is Enough?

The ‘Breast Is Best’ Breastfeeding Campaign Is Misguided

Meet the Boston City Councilor With Visions of Becoming the Next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Perovskite Challenges Silicon’s Dominance in Solar Power

GOP to Silicon Valley: Promote the Far Right or Else

Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, the Far Right’s Twin Trolls, Taste Their Own Bitter Medicine

Meet the U.S. Officials Now in China’s Sphere of Influence

The Republicans Must Be More Like Trump to Thwart Him. You Read That Right.

GOP Lawmaker Jason Spencer Strips Down, Screams ‘N-Word’ on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

‘The Affair’ S4E6 Recap: The Middle Seat on a Plane Is Always the Worst

John Kelly Signed Off on a ‘Purge’ of Scott Pruitt Loyalists From EPA

Moscow’s Man in Europe’s Parliament on Trial as a Spy

Hillary Clinton-Headlined OZY Media Festival Falls a Little Flat

Carter Page: FISA Application a ‘Complete Joke’

Jeanine Pirro Takes Shots at Whoopi Goldberg on Fox News: I ‘Preferred You’ in ‘Ghost’

Pig Poop’s Starring Role in the Biofuel Movement

Netflix’s Delightful Home Makeover Show Is a Balm for the Madness of 2018

Kim’s Still Got His Nukes, and Hasn’t Returned Our Heroes

Can L.A.'s Frogtown Survive Gentrification?

How the GOP Screwed Obama on Immigration Reform

The Grand Opera House Bombed to Ruins by the Luftwaffe

Memo to 2020 Democrats: The Time To Start Prepping For Russian Hacking Is Now.

Busta Rhymes on Drake’s Grammys Misfortune: ‘At the End of the Day, People Respect Substance’

Assignment Baghdad: Did a Group of Grad Students Really Help Plan the Gulf War?

The CBS-Viacom Merger Fight Is Wall Street's Best Soap Opera

Catholic Church’s ‘Brides of Christ’ Get a New Rule: Virginity Is Optional

Empathy Is the Kryptonite We Need to Vanquish Trump

Jim Brosnan Wrote the Best Baseball Book You Never Read

Non-Citizen and Wish You Could Vote Against Trump? With the Love Vote, You Almost Can

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Sother Teague

Ron Stallworth, the Black Cop Who Went Undercover in the KKK, Exposed Its U.S. Military Ties

Michelle Wolf as Kirstjen Nielsen Compares ICE to ISIS, Freaks Out ‘Fox & Friends’

Democratic Socialists Gain Momentum, and Lose Their Way

Deadly Cashew Nut Oil Is Poised to Take On Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

The Next Pill You Pop Will Be Eco-Friendly

Europe’s Fascists Are Back. But They Never Really Died.

Female British Aristocrats Fight for Birthright Equality

Rob Reiner: President Trump Is a Russian ‘Asset’ and ‘We Are in Dire Trouble’

‘Bachelor’ Star Corinne Olympios on Sacha Baron Cohen Prank: I Thought I Was ‘Going to Die’

How Traveling With a Guide Dog Opens Up a Whole New World

Mueller Finally Solves Mysteries About Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ Hackers

Inside Bannon’s Plan to Hijack Europe for the Far-Right

Seb Gorka in Talks to Be Salem Radio’s New Host, as Network Plots a ‘Coup’ Against Its Trump Critics

James Gunn’s Firing from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Is a Disastrous Win for Right-Wing Mobs

RNC: Trump Supports Intel Community, Is Tougher on Russia Than Obama

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani

Trump Talks Playmate Payout in Secret Tape

Facebook Puts Holocaust Denial Groups in Top Search Results

‘Death Traps’: Branson Tragedy Isn’t First Deadly Duck Boat Accident

A New Novel Lays out Nuclear War with North Korea

The Strategy Mueller Is Using to Protect His Investigation

A Conspiracy to Suppress Mary Magdalene? No Longer Just a Dan Brown Plotline

Whoopi Goldberg: Jeanine Pirro ‘Cursed’ Us Out in Front of ‘The View’ Audience

A Message to the GOP Congress and Other Trump Enablers: ‘In the Name of God, Go!’

Roseanne Screams About Valerie Jarrett in New Video: ‘I Thought the B*tch Was White!’

The Miami Dolphins Play Right Into Trump’s Tiny Little Hands

Get a Better Night’s Sleep in the Dead of Summer With These Hypoallergenic Sheets

How Solar Tech Could Connect 1 Billion People to Electricity

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Jacques Torres

PrEP Could Reduce HIV Infection Rates. So Why Isn’t It Cheaper?

The Secret Lives of Cairo’s Embassies

Democrats Have Already Jumped the Shark on Judge Kavanaugh

Congress and White House Spar Over Russia Sanctions Relief

The Real Collusion Isn’t With Russia—It’s With the NRA

Revealed: China’s Stealth Lobbying to Undercut a Pentagon Bill

Netflix’s Most Dangerous Show Travels Where Only Psychopaths Dare

Jimmy Kimmel Defends Trump on Russia: ‘You Would Do the Same Thing’ If Putin Had Your Pee Tape

Stephen Colbert Cannot Believe Trump Invited ‘War Criminal’ Putin to Washington

The Birth Control Device Harming Countless Women

How Hollywood Liberal Mark Duplass Was Seduced By Ben Shapiro and the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

‘You Are Either With Trump or You Are Against Him,’ Says Bannon, as Putin Mayhem Tests President’s Grip on GOP

Poll: Half of Americans Think Trump Acted ‘Treasonous’ in Helsinki

New York Times, NBC, and ‘60 Minutes’ Bigwigs Hired These Media Assassins to Fight #MeToo Stories

Between Maria Butina and Sacha Baron Cohen, Conservatives Look Like the World’s Biggest Suckers

Trump Invites Putin to Visit, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats Learns About It From Tweet Read to Him on Stage

GOP Candidate Corey Stewart’s Staffer Was in Alt-Right Hate Rally Chat

GOP Sen. Tim Scott Sinks Trump Nominee Over Past Racist Writings

DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen Won’t Say Putin Wanted Trump to Win

70 Democrats Sign On to New ‘Medicare for All’ House Caucus

Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro for Saying She Has ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Buddhist Prayers and Meditation Helped the Thai Boys Survive

Megyn Kelly Pushes Sean Spicer to Admit Trump ‘Lies’

NATO Fearful as Trump Flip-Flops

Immigration Activists Bash Trump’s Family Reunification Plan

Putin’s Proposed Deal With Trump: An Offer America Can Only Refuse

Rick Scott PAC’s Massive Fundraising Haul Gets a Controversial Assist

Reality-TV Fisherman Edgar Hansen’s Sex-Assault Deal

Earn A Project Management Certification And Break Into a Lucrative New Career

Learn to Code Five Programming Languages With This Crash Course

Never Lose Small Items Again With this Keychain Attachment

If Allergy Season is Disturbing Your Sleep, Grab This Air Purifier While It's Ten Dollars Off

Emeril Lagasse Saved My Sazerac

Trump Wants Putin to Keep Meddling to Get Himself Reelected

Plastic Straws Sucked for Our Taste Buds

Those Were Simpler Times: How the Russians Tried to Spy on Reagan

Turtle Scientist’s Award Pulled After Bikini Shot Controversy

Meeting the Gold Medalist Mustache Dancer of Allahabad

Women of the Roman Mafia Are Turning Their Men In

Proud Boys, the Infamous Right-Wing Brawlers, Head to the Heart of Antifa Country

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Brexit Movie Is ‘Fantasy’ ‘Bullsh*t,’ Say Campaign Insiders

Harvey Weinstein's Ludicrous Claims About Ashley Judd

Brewers All-Star Josh Hader Was Exposed as a Teen Racist. What Happens Now?

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Her ‘B.S.’ Trump-Russia Spin

Trevor Noah Applauds Obama for ‘Subtweeting’ Trump in South Africa

Samantha Bee Blasts Media for Acting ‘Shocked’ by Trump-Putin Presser

Accused Russian Spy’s Boy Toy Is a Serial Fraud: Lawsuits

Trump FBI Director Chris Wray: ‘Russia Attempted to Interfere’ in the 2016 Election

Ivo van Hove’s ‘The Damned’ Is Shocking, but Predictably So

‘Racist’ Hulk Hogan’s WWE Comeback Irks Black Wrestlers: ‘We Find It Difficult to Simply Forget’

U.S. Officials ‘at a Fucking Loss’ Over Latest Russia Sellout

‘Silicon Valley’ Actress Says Male Co-Stars Enabled T.J. Miller’s Bullying: ‘They Can F*ck Off Forever’

Mom of Murdered Bronx Teen Confronts Son’s Accused Killers in Court

Bipartisan Group of Senators Wants to Remove Trump’s Ability to Go Soft on Russia

How Meghan Markle’s Dad Allegedly Faked His Heart Operation to Skip the Royal Wedding

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Finally Rebukes Alex Jones and InfoWars

Trump-Loving Skinheads Face Charges for Beating Black Man

SUNY Professor Apologizes for Racial Remark About Black House Candidate Antonio Delgado

Fox News Host: Trump ‘Sounds Insane’ on Latest Russian Meddling Denial

Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina Romanced GOP Powerbroker, Feds Say

‘Fox & Friends’ Totally Bought Trump’s Mind-Bending Reversal on Putin Meeting

House Republican and Democratic Campaign Leaders Try To Broker Truce Over Hacked Materials

Thai Teens Relive ‘Miracle’ of Their Rescue for First Time

Use Microsoft VBA to Transform The Way You Manage Your Time At Work

Break Out of the Postmates Routine with 5LBs of Crab Claws Delivered Right to Your Door

This Robust Charging Cable Can Stand Up to Any Rough Treatment Without Breaking Down

Listen for 8 Hours off a Single Charge With These Specialized Wireless Workout Headphones

Musk Apologizes for ‘Pedo’ Remark About Heroic Diver in Thailand

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Brian Phillips

The Grim Road Ahead: A Future ‘The Jetsons’ Didn’t Foresee

Trump and Putin Promised Israel Security. Someone Tell Iran.

Progressives Promised an Army to Fight Brett Kavanaugh. They’re Barely Recruiting.

Farmers Fed Up With Trump's Trade War Are Running Against Him

The LGBT ‘Panic Defense’ Is Unjust. It Could Become Illegal.

‘Who the Hell Do I Think I Am?’: Joel Grey on Coming Out, Cabaret, and His Yiddish ‘Fiddler’

YouTube Star Yousef Erakat Promised Fans Drake, Got a Bomb Threat Instead

‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ Is Such Pure Joy, You’ll Cry

China Built an Army of Influence Agents in the U.S.

Now Her Sister Threatens Meghan Markle With the Prospect of her Dad's Death

Jimmy Kimmel Bets Melania Came Up with Trump’s Would-Wouldn’t Excuse: ‘She Hates Him the Most’

Trevor Noah Slams Trump’s Russia Damage Control: ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here, Man’

Trump’s Been Insulting Our Intelligence—and Intelligence Services—Since Day One

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump’s ‘Would’ vs. ‘Wouldn’t’ Walk-Back: ‘How Dumb’ Do You Think We Are?

Trump Tanks His Own Putin Walk-Back During One of the ‘Worst Moments of His Presidency’

National Security Council’s Intelligence Chief Is Leaving as John Bolton Cleans House

‘Inhumane’ Jail Conditions Led to Death of Michigan Inmate: Lawsuit

CNN Dismantles Trump’s ‘Absurd’ Double-Negative Defense: ‘Points for Being Creative’

Kylie Jenner and the ‘Kardashian Curse’: Men ‘Come and Can’t Handle It’

‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’ Now Engulfed in NRA Spy Case

Philip Van Cleave to Gun Activists: I ‘Played Along’ With Sacha Baron Cohen

Stop Saying Trump Committed ‘Treason.’ You’re Playing Into His Hands.

Joe Scarborough: ‘Weak, Dumpy Stooge’ Trump Clearly Being ‘Blackmailed’ by Putin

70+ Democrats Outraised Their GOP House Opponents Last Quarter

Ohio State Knew Richard Strauss’ Sex Abuse Was Rampant—and Did Nothing: Lawsuit

This Cooker is Using Crispy Rice For A Good Cause

How This Accounting Bundle Teaches the Business Side of Entrepreneurship

Develop a Meditation Practice with this Behavioral Science Backed Accountability Journal

It’s Official: The Brexit Campaign Cheated Its Way to Victory

Keep Your Home Safe and Security Footage Private with this Wireless Panoramic Camera

Lawmakers Press Facebook and Google on Censoring U.S. Citizens for Vietnamese Government

Emotional Debt: The Invisible Costs of Unpaid Internships

Can Carbon Farming Reverse Climate Change?

Rashida Tlaib Might Become the First Muslim-American Woman in Congress

The Republican Party Is Now the Blame America Party

Russia’s Plan to Buy Off the GOP Began Before the Rise of Trump

The Surprising Way Fracking’s Microbes Could Illuminate Heart Health

How Michael Avenatti Joined Forces With a Border-Town Lawyer to Fight for Immigrant Kids

Legendary Comic Book Writer Paul Levitz Unmasks the Horror Lurking in Brooklyn

Jimmy Kimmel Convinced Trump Pee Tape Exists ‘Beyond a Treasonable Doubt’

Stephen Colbert: ‘Alarming’ Trump-Putin Summit Has ‘Shaken Me to My Core’

Trump and Putin Trash U.S. Spies at Bromance Summit

Russia-NRA Arrest: This Is as Close as It Gets to Collusion

Seth Meyers Horrified by Trump-Putin Presser: ‘Most Surreal’ Presidential Performance in Modern History

Review: Hear Coney Island’s Heroic Lion Roar in ‘Fire in Dreamland’

Trump’s ‘Missing DNC Server’ Is Neither Missing Nor a Server

Trump and Putin: Two Bullshit Artists Enter Helsinki, One Comes Out Victorious

Trump Just Fell for ‘a Classic KGB Trick’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Presses Vladimir Putin in Tense Interview After Donald Trump Gives Him a Pass

Alleged Don Jr. Mistress Aubrey O’Day Breaks Silence to Trash Trump: ‘Grow the F*ck Up!’

Trump’s Own Team: He ‘Looked Incredibly Weak’ Next to Putin

The ‘Pro-Rape’ Comedian Writing for Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

GOP Rep. Rohrabacher Bashes ‘Sick Fraud’ Sacha Baron Cohen, While His Opponent Jumps on Damning Video

28 Years After Taunting Cops, Suspect Arrested in Little Girl’s Killing

Elon Musk Joins the Fringe Right in Calling His Foe a ‘Pedo’

Browder: Trump Can’t Sell Me Out to Russia Even if He Tries

European MPs: Tune Out Trump—Turn to Congress, Pentagon For Assurances

To Secure a Management Position, Learn To Manage A Team With This Simple Strategy

Immigrants Called ‘Animal,’ ‘Terrorist,’ ‘King Kong’ in Detention Under Trump: Report

Fox News Hosts Bash Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Putin Presser

Bernie Sanders: ‘Of Course’ I’m Concerned Red-State Dems Might Vote For Kavanaugh

Intel Chiefs Won’t Say if They’ll Resign Over Trump’s Betrayal

Putin Admits He Wanted Trump to Win 2016 Election

Shame Them: Everyone Who Endorsed Arming Preschoolers on Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

Woman Chased Down, Stabbed Man Who Flashed Her in Park, Police Say

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Breaks With Trump on ‘Ridiculous’ Russia Tweet

Mueller’s New Indictment Warns Russian Hackers Could Return for 2018 Election

Trump Fails, Again and Again, to Condemn Putin for Anything

Plutonium Was Stolen From the Back of a Van at a Texas Marriott

Meghan Markle’s Dad Seeks to Shame Her

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Meghan Markle's Dad: My Daughter is Suffering Because of the Royals

Dennis Rodman Bombs Harder Than Ann Coulter at Bruce Willis Roast

Sacha Baron Cohen Convinces GOP Congressmen to Arm Toddlers in ‘Who Is America?’ Premiere

Gus Van Sant Remembers the ‘Serious’ Robin Williams of ‘Good Will Hunting’: ‘He Never Tried to Make Me Laugh’

Joel Osteen Comes to Brooklyn

Floyd Collins’ Ghostly Presence Haunts Mammoth Cave

LL Cool J on Hip-Hop’s #MeToo Dilemma: ‘Are We Going to Erase All the Music?’

Sartre, Spinoza ... and Cruising at the Café de Flore

Trump Aides Scramble to Stop Him from Selling Out Syria To Putin

It's Time To Stop The Classist, Sexist Attacks on Meghan Markle

FAA Gives the OK for Airlines to Jam You Into Dangerously Small Coach Seats

Trump’s Confusion Spells Life or Death in Ukraine. Does He Care? (Putin Does)

These Businesses Don’t Want Your Money if You’re LGBT, Married or Not

Big Human Sacrifice Discoveries and the Plight of the Vulnerable

The Library of Alexandria Is Long-Gone – And All Around Us

Capture Sunshine: Turn Ripe Summer Fruits into Jam

Mueller’s Russia Indictment Points to Possible Charges Against Roger Stone

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Two Decades Later, Croatia Seeks Revenge in Title Bout with France

The Way Trump and the GOP Deal With Russian Attacks Is ‘Textbook Treason’

Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh: Sacha Baron Cohen Tricked Me Into Saying We Should Arm Preschoolers

Colbert’s ‘Our Cartoon President’ Season 2 Brutally Mocks Dems Schumer and Pelosi

Ousted Billboard CEO John Amato Being Probed for Sexual Misconduct

The Lakers’ Crazed Cult of Kobe Comes For LeBron James

How ‘Eighth Grade’ Director Bo Burnham Became the Voice of Two Generations

When the Zombie Apocalypse’s Biggest Threat Isn’t People—It’s Boredom

This Lesbian Couple Sailed Oceans to Be Together. Their Epic Journey Is Far From Over.

McIver’s in Sydney, Australia Is the Perfect Escape for the #MeToo Era

Austerity Rules as Trump Claims 'Success' in War on Poverty.

How The Scottish Island Where Trump's Mom Grew Up Became a Haven For Refugees

Will Smith’s Joyous Instagram Is the Only Good Thing About 2018

‘Immigration Is Good, Climate Change Is Real, I Love Trump’

Viral Video Gives Chilling Glimpse into the Right’s Anti-Trans Campaign

Anti-Muslim Bikers Target Islamberg, New York for ‘National Security’

New York’s French Restaurant Scene is Alive and Well

Here's What Makes Novichok, Russia’s Nerve Poison of Choice, Especially Sinister

Russian Hackers Kept DNC Backdoor Longer Than Anyone Knew

Mueller Spells Out Who Helped Russian Spies in 2016 Campaign

Will Trump Keep Pushing Putin's Lies About Attacking America?

Harvey Weinstein Speaks: 'Everyone' Trades Sex for Film Roles

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Putin Shows Trump ‘Pee Tape’ in ‘Our Cartoon President’ Season 2 Premiere

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Trump-Kim Game With US MIA Remains Gets More Cynical by the Hour

Trump Gets His Moment With the Queen, Capping Turbulent U.K. Visit

Fox News’ John Roberts Defends CNN After Trump Refuses Question from ‘Fake News’

‘Feed Him To The Corgis’: Tens of Thousands of Brits Protest Trump

Could Justice Kavanaugh Kill Obamacare?

Two-Faced Trump Sucks Up to ‘Terrific’ Theresa May

Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Officers for Hacking Dems in 2016

Georgia Principal Asked Student to ‘Destroy’ Evidence of Teacher Molesting Teens, Lawsuit Claims

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Victim Is GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘They Totally Got Me’

Sarah Palin Helps Promote Her ‘Embarrassing, Humiliating’ Appearance on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Show

The Tom Collins: Your Summer Drink

Marianne Faithfull: A Lifetime’s Worth of Dream Dinner Dates

Ohio Judge Holds Transgender Teen’s Identity ‘Hostage’

Jill Stein’s Recount Cash Pays for Her Russia Legal Defense

Congress Moves to Force Trump to Come Clean on North Korea Talks

Trump’s Low-Energy Supreme Court Play Is a Lost Opportunity for Republicans

The Creator of Pepe Is Winning His War on the Alt-Right

Iranian Assassins Are Back With a Vengeance, or So It Seems

Feds Force Immigrants Into Parking Garage for ‘Assembly-Line Justice’

‘Roe v. Wade’ Star Breaks Silence: Anti-Abortion Film Is Like Lancing a Boil

Jimmy Kimmel Defends Stormy Daniels After ‘Suspicious’ Strip Club Arrest

Stephen Colbert Hammers Trey Gowdy for Getting His ‘Ass Handed to Him’ by Peter Strzok

Review: Just Who Is Mary Page Marlowe? Tracy Letts Is and Isn’t Saying

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ted Koppel and More Admit Sacha Baron Cohen Got Them Too

Trump Torches Hosts on First Day of Visit to U.K.

Vigilante and Conspiracist Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer Arrested on the Basis of His Own Videos

The Boom and Bust of Lehman Brothers Is Dramatic, but Not Good Theater

Leftist Activists: We’re Going to Shut Down the Charlottesville Sequel in D.C.

Anti-LGBT Campaign In Hong Kong Targets Gay Penguins Book

Racist Tweet Reignites Trump’s Feud With London’s Muslim Mayor

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Is the Most Spectacular Action Film in Years

Bustle Chief Bryan Goldberg Buys Gawker.Com, But Won’t Relaunch It—Yet

‘What’s Wrong With You?’: Shoutfest Ensues When Lawmaker Grills Peter Strzok Over Affair

Trump Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh in 1998: Presidents Must Obey Subpoenas

Republicans Thought Peter Strzok Would Be a Punching Bag. He Just Knocked Them Out.

Hunting Cures Is Hard Enough; Rare Diseases Up The Ante

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Disabled Vet’ Demands Apology From ‘Fake News’ Sarah Palin

17 Most Shocking Emmys Snubs and Surprises: Bill Maher, Bill Hader, ‘Roseanne’ & More

British Cops Launch Last-Minute Crackdown on Protests to Protect Trump Visit

Inside Bill Maher’s Big Late-Night Emmys Snub

Trump Thought Bill Shine Was Victimized By #MeToo. Then He Hired Him

Trump Admin. Completes ‘Eligible’ Family Reunification—With Nearly Half of Children Under 5 Still Separated

FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Congressional Hearing Descends Into a Chaotic Shouting Match

‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie Crew Member Assaulted Reporter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Joe Crowley for Staying on ‘Third-Party’ Ballot After Loss

GOP Senate Hopeful Cooks Books, Skirts Donation Limits

Stormy Daniels Arrested For Hitting Cop With Her Breasts

Lawsuit: NFL Star Marcell Dareus Raped Woman, Gave Her an STD

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Mira Sorvino: Director Gagged Me With Condom When I Was 16

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HHS Plans to Delete 20 Years of Critical Medical Guidelines Next Week

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Silly Excuse for John Kelly’s NATO Frustration

Just Last Year, Brett Kavanaugh Suggested Roe v. Wade Was Wrongly Decided

Trump to Children: Get Lost

Trump, Gunning for NATO, Pits Germany Against Russia

Democrats’ Top Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Basically Running as ‘Independent’ in Arizona

Can America’s New Stealth Fighter Out-Fly a ’70s Retro Plane?

Trump Flips Off Germany, NATO at Summit

Thai Soccer Team May Struggle With PTSD After Miraculous Cave Rescue

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Beating Elderly Man, Telling Him ‘Go Back to Mexico’

Paul Manafort Says He’s Getting ‘VIP’ Treatment Behind Bars: Prosecutors

Anti-Government Groups Cheer Trump’s Pardons of Ranchers Who Inspired Militia

‘Anger and Disgust’ as Trump Blows Up NATO Summit

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When Donald Trump Slut-Shamed Kate Middleton and Harassed Princess Diana

Does a Whiskey Brand Need to Do Its Own Distilling?

You’ve Never Seen a Performance Like ‘Available Light’

Republican Congressmen Are Pushing Anti-Antifa Bill

Brett Kavanaugh Said Banning Assault Rifles Would Be Like Banning Speech

If ‘Roe v. Wade’ Goes, Women May Have to Drive Hours for Abortions. It’s Already Happening in North Dakota

Brett Kavanaugh’s Environmental Record Looks Like Scott Pruitt’s

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2 Finale Gives Trump Resistance Much Needed Hope

Inside Mueller’s New Army

Inside Russia's Trump Summit Propaganda War

Meghan Markle Salutes Irish Abortion Vote

‘GLOW’s’ Harvey Weinstein Moment Sheds Light on the Reality of Sexual Harassment

Inside ‘Castle Rock’: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams’ Spooky Supernatural Series

Stephen Colbert Blasts Brett Kavanaugh for Thinking Trump Is ‘Above the Law’

Hacker Selling Pentagon’s Killer Drone Manual on Dark Web for $150, Cheap

Government Told Immigrant Parents to Pay for DNA Tests to Get Kids Back, Advocate Says

Ready, Fire, Aim: Military Rushes Into Detention Camp Plan

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist’s Event Fizzles Spectacularly

Washington Rushes to Cash In on Supreme Court Cage Match

Yelp Finally Removes Anti-Transgender Slur From Search Feature

Faith-Healing Couple Who Rejected Medical Care for Dying Baby Plead Guilty to Negligent Homicide

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Play the Royal Diplomats in Ireland

GOP Senators Tell Contradictory Stories About Moscow Trip

Joe Scarborough: ‘Make No Mistake’ Trump Only Picked Brett Kavanaugh to ‘Protect Himself’

David Bossie Returns to Fox News After Suspension for Saying Black Guest Was Out of His ‘Cotton-Picking Mind’

‘The View’ Grills Alan Dershowitz on Constant Trump Defense

Business Insider Pulls Conservative Column About Scarlett Johansson Playing Trans Man

Thai Cave Rescue Accomplished: All 12 Boys And Their Soccer Coach Are Safe

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Dems Pounce on Trump’s ‘Extreme’ Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh

When Trump Realizes Kim Isn’t Giving Up His Nukes, It Won’t Be Pretty

Chris Ingham, a ‘Family YouTuber,’ Was Accused of Creeping on Teenage Fan

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier Rafe Gabel

Netflix’s Groundbreaking First Original Series from India Is a Bold, Bloody Thrill

How ‘Parental Permission’ Could Destroy Transgender Kids’ Privacy

Will Obama Ever ’Fess Up to His Merrick Garland Mess?

Here’s What Life Was Like for American Women in America Before ‘Roe v. Wade’

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On the Eve of the NATO Summit, Trump Has Pissed Away the Pax Americana

The Dazzling Director Behind HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ and ‘Big Little Lies’

The Rape Allegation That Haunts MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

Tab Hunter’s LGBT Legacy: Hollywood, It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Trump’s Blatant ‘Lie’ About Their Late-Night Encounter

Stormy Daniels Dances Within Spitting Distance of Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Circus

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Is Probably the End of Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

Trump Trolls His Base With Kavanaugh Pick for Supreme Court

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Trump’s Ridiculously ‘Dramatic’ Supreme Court Announcement

Fox News’ Juan Williams Calls Out Sean Hannity: ‘You’re Running This Presidency!’

Trump Picks Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, Capping Theatrics That Would ‘Make P. T. Barnum Proud’

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick: When Is the SCOTUS Announcement?

New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet: Yes, We Did Too Many Alan Dershowitz Stories

Judge Gives Trump Administration More Time to Reunite Kids It Separated

How Boris Johnson’s Ruthless Ambition Could Topple Theresa May

Megyn Kelly Bashes Miss America Changes: ‘What’s Wrong With Showing Women in Bikinis?’

Anti-Immigrant Activists Keep Getting Banned at Borders

Prince Louis Christened, But Why Wasn’t Prince Philip There?

Playmate Who Aborted Elliott Broidy’s Love Child Makes ‘Troublesome Claims’ in New Lawsuit

A New Immigration Crisis? This Time It Could Be From Haiti.

Boris Johnson Quits, Forcing British Prime Minister to the Brink Over Brexit

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill Doubles Down on Groping Denials: I’ve Been ‘Dragged Through the Gutter’

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Katie Holmes Checks Out Irish Wedding Venue

He Responded to a Report of an Officer Down. Then He Learned It Was His Brother.

Forget the Caribbean: Was Rum Invented in India?

Novichok Victim Dies: Did the Kremlin Really Lose Control of its Deadliest Poisons?

YouTube’s Hot New Trend: Impersonating Cops for Pranks

Aum Shinrikyo: The Japanese Killer Cult That Wanted to Rule the World

Driving Through Teletubbyland: The Wonder of a Springtime Armenia Road Trip

Ex-Vanity Fair Editor and Trump Nemesis Graydon Carter Plots Comeback

Journalist Held by ICE Speaks: ‘Without a Doubt’ I Was Targeted for My Work

The Secrets of Leonard Leo, the Man Behind Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

‘Sorry to Bother You’ Is a Searing, Surreal Indictment of White America

Will America Ever Recognize This Samoan War Hero?

How the Marines Pulled Off an Impossible Rescue Mission in Cambodia

These Marines Went to Rescue Hostages—Who Weren’t There

The Sea, the Sea: The Heart and Soul of ‘The Affair,’ Episode Recap S4E4

‘Sharp Objects’ Is Not the Next ‘Big Little Lies’

Trump’s Cruelty Fails to Stop Migrants Fleeing Deadly Central American Gangs

With Trump’s Help, North Korea’s Divide and Conquer Strategy Is Working

Michelle Wolf Unloads on Anti-Abortion Activists: ‘God Bless Abortions!’

Divers Rescue First of the Thai Boys From Cave

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‘Bill Maher: Live from Oklahoma’: Trump’s ‘Microdick’ Is the Root of All His Problems

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Eating with Literary Giant Peter Matthiessen

Donald Trump’s DNA Attack on Elizabeth Warren is the Beginning of Genetic McCarthyism

Why Americans Love Gun-Toting Preachers

How Washington Wound Up Screwing Over Native Americans

They Fled Violence in Iraq Only to Find It in the United States

John Baldessari Cremated 13 Years’ Worth of His Art, and Called It Art

Bobcat Goldthwait: From ‘Self-Destructive’ Stand-Up to Trusted Comedy Director

Kristin Cavallari on Her Reality TV Comeback and Playing the Villain for ‘The Hills’: ‘I Really Had No Say’

Rare Coin Sheds Light on Doomed Jewish Rebels

These Five Court Cases Could Change the Future of LGBT Rights

Watch Out! Here Come the ‘Woke’ Tech Oligarchs.

Lizzie Borden House: Come for the Ax Murders, Stay for the Cookies

How Much Trouble Will Meghan Markle’s Dad Cause the Royal Family?

Hope Hicks Tells Friends She’s Ruled Out Returning to Trumpworld—At Least for This Year

Trump’s North Korea Policy Just Collapsed

'Limited Time' Left to Save Thai Children From Cave with Heavy Rains Forecasted

Steve Ditko’s Genius Made Him Something He Disdained—A Beloved Celebrity

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‘Roe v. Wade’ Script Leak: Pro-Life Movie Pushes Conspiracy Theories and Lies

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Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and Hollywood’s Misunderstanding of Disability

A Native American Tribe Has a $800 Million Contract to Run ICE Detention Centers

How Fashion Failed to Confront Its #MeToo Moments

How the Riot Grrrl Movement Sold the World on Girl Power

Shame on Us for Ever Thinking That Donald Trump Would Not Threaten Abortion Rights

QAnon: The Craziest Theory of the Trump Era, Explained

Fame, Fortune, Family Drama: Trump and Queen Elizabeth Have More in Common Than You Think

Here Are the Wildest Looks From Paris Couture Week

The Wild Life of France’s Most Dangerously Sexy Femme Fatale

It’s a Shame to Keep Retiring Triple Crown Winners So Early

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Brian Miller

Dave Chappelle Defends His Controversial #MeToo Jokes: ‘Everyone’s Pushing the Line’

Meet the Judges Trump Wants to Win the Top Court for the Right

Cop Fabricated Suicide Story to Cover Up ‘Negligence’ in Fatal Shooting: Lawsuit

Megyn Kelly’s Show Bizarrely Asks ‘Is #MeToo Too Big?’ After Trump Mocks Movement

Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo Blasts HHS for Barring Him From Visiting Detained Kids

Doxing Is Free Speech—If You’re a Right-Wing Prof Harassing a Woman

Nazi Children’s Books, KKK Onesies Are for Sale on Amazon

Prison Officials ‘Punished’ Sergeant Who Reported Sexual Harassment: Lawsuit

A Chinese Billionaire's Fatal Fall in France: Case Not Quite Closed

Trump Once Said He Could Get Away With Murder. In the Philippines, Duterte Does That All The Time.

Sasquatch Hunting Goes Mainstream in Small Canadian Town

Sunlight Might Be the Key to Turning Our Oceans Into Drinkable Water

Control the Temperature of Your Wine With This Thermometer to Ensure the Best Drinking Experience

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This Online Course Bundle Will Teach You How to Avoid Risk While Growing Your Wealth

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‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Director on the ‘Shocking’ Backlash to Marvel’s First Female Superhero Lead

How to Tell if North Korea is Bullshitting America About Its Nukes

Dictators and Thugs Love to Scooooore at the World Cup

How Would Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith Affect Her Ruling on Non-Roe Matters?

The Onion, Clickhole, A.V. Club Brace for Layoffs

Off the Grid Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Off Society

Whitney Houston’s Drugs and Sexual Abuse: Can We Please Stop Trashing Her Legacy?

Inside ‘Roe v. Wade’: A Disturbing Anti-Abortion Film Featuring Milo Yiannopoulos and Tomi Lahren

Chris Brown Arrested After Show in Florida

2018 World Cup: Brazil vs. Belgium, How to Watch

Scott Pruitt Wasn’t Corrupt Enough for Trumpistan

2018 World Cup: France, Uruguay Game Schedule and How to Watch, Live Stream

The Syrian Migrant and British Photographer Lost in War: Review of ‘Borders’

Accused Sexual Predator Trump Mocks ‘#MeToo Generation’ at Rally

Trump Ready to Turn Away Another 20,000 Refugees

How Scott Pruitt’s ‘Ratf*cked’ Aides Brought Down the EPA Boss

Two GOP Candidates Went on White Power Podcasts in Past Two Weeks

Michael Cohen Hires Former Clinton Aide Lanny Davis

Gretchen Carlson Laments Trump Hiring Former Fox News Boss Bill Shine

Toxic Shock: Scott Pruitt Finally Resigns From EPA

Top Secret Russian Poison Strikes Again in England

Scarlett Johansson Reveals Hollywood’s Big Transgender Problem

Nearly 3,000 Separated Immigrant Children Remain in U.S. Custody: Officials

Schumer Urged Trump to Pick Merrick Garland for Supreme Court

This London Pub Owner Is Changing Its Name In Honor Of Trump's Visit

GOP Fundraisers’ Maxine Waters Windfall

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Democrats in Disarray? No, That’s the Myopic Media.

Top Obama Aide Dan Pfeiffer: Impeachment Won’t Take Down Trump

The Last Days of ISIS’ Libya Stronghold

State Prisons Fail to Offer Cure to 144,000 Inmates With Deadly Hepatitis C

Russian Women Are Hungry for a Sexual Revolution—and the World Cup Is Giving Them a Taste

College Chancellor Got New Contract After Allegedly Putting Sticky Notes on Women’s Bodies

The YouTube Star Who Created a Fyre Festival-Style Disaster

Far-Right Twitter Keeps Falling for the Same Liberal Troll

Russian Nerve Agent Strikes U.K. on Eve of NATO Summit

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‘The First Purge’ Envisions a Second Civil War Between White Nationalists and People of Color

The Trials of NBA Star Enes Kanter, Erdogan’s Public Enemy No. 1: ‘I Got No Country’

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What If ‘Jurassic World’ Was Real and Humans Lived With Dinosaurs?

Sick Child Couldn’t Walk After U.S. Took Him From His Mom

In Our Screwed Up Country, Remember Father Mychal Judge’s 4th of July Message: God Bless America

Michael Cohen’s ‘Scared’ and Lonely Journey From Pitbull Lawyer to Potential ‘Snitch’

Anti-ICE Protesters Dodge Guns and Speeding Cars

Richard Swift Is Gone, But His Songs Are Still Here

ABC’s ‘The Proposal’ Contestant Michael Friday Accused of Sexual Assault By Second Woman

Bipartisan Senate Panel Gives Middle Finger to Devin Nunes

‘Desperate to Be Reunited’: Brazilian Immigrant Mom Sues to Get Her Son Back

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorsements Boost Other Left-Wing Democratic Candidates

Andy Dick’s Creepy-Ass History of Unwanted Groping, Kissing, and Lewd Behavior

Right-Wing Leader Warns Trump: Don’t Hire Bill Shine, Roger Ailes’ Former Fox News Henchman

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GOP Senators to Russian Foreign Minister: We Don’t Need to Be ‘Adversaries’

Feds Debunk Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory ‘Pakistani Mystery Man’ Leaked DNC Emails

Oprah Winfrey Rules Out 2020: The ‘Bullsh*t’ of Running for President Would ‘Kill Me’

Twitter Is Defusing #SecondCivilWar Hysteria With #SecondCivilWarLetters

Pompeo Heads Back to North Korea. What More Will Trump Give Away?

Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in Britain After Death of Eight Babies at One Hospital

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Way Too Real — and Watching It Has Become Masochistic

Guy Pearce on ‘Handsy’ Kevin Spacey: ‘Thankfully I Was 29 and Not 14’

Did the Golden State Warriors’ Addition of DeMarcus Cousins Just Ruin the NBA Season?

How Psalm 137 Inspired Frederick Douglass

Platypus Venom Could Treat Diabetes

The Artists Changing America, One Billboard at a Time

Inside the Fight to Save LGBT Rights at an All-New Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett, the Trump Supreme Court Pick Who’ll Troll Liberals the Hardest

How Democratic Groups Plan to Blitz on SCOTUS

‘Abolish ICE’ Is a Slogan, Not a Solution

Three-Year-Old Refugee Ruya Kadir Met an American Monster in Boise

No Air Conditioner Needed: These Buildings Cool Themselves

Poll: Voters Want Trump's Supreme Court Pick to Limit Corporate Money in Politics, Not Abortion

The Right’s New Viral Star Is ‘Red-Pilled’ Hair Stylist From New York

The Cartel’s Deadly Grip on Mexico’s Elections

Armed Cops Forced Domestic-Violence Victims to Make Naked ‘Catfight’ Sex Videos, Lawsuit Claims

Joe Jackson, Michael’s Tormentor, Buried Alongside His Son

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blasts Trump for ‘Disrespecting’ Dead Journalists

Michael Cohen Must Learn the Rules of Cooperation in Criminal Cases

French Cheer Legendary Gangster’s Daring Prison Break

Punch Will Save Your Summer Party

Fox News Suddenly Questions Michael Cohen’s ‘Credibility’

Andy Dick Accused of Groping Stranger in the Street in Los Angeles

Stage Malfunction Maroons Beyoncé in Warsaw

The Cinema Rebel Who Launched Jennifer Lawrence Is Finally Back

Hollywood Keeps Getting Into Bed With Trump Pariahs

How to Grill Like Barbecue World Champion Tuffy Stone

These Scientists Created a Worldwide Network to Measure World Forest Health

What if We Captured Carbon From the Air and Made Energy?

There’s Never Been a Map of the Coral Reefs—Until Now

When Does the American Government Become the Trump Regime?

We Need Nonstop Protests Against Trump—and Here Are 20 New Ways to Do It

Democrats Content Riding Rohrabacher Weakness Into General Election

Republicans, Your Voters Are on Drugs. Please Help Them.

Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

How Trump Can Avoid Being Played by Putin When They Meet

Trump Wants a Space Station Orbiting Around the Moon

Poop’s Starring Role in the Biofuel Movement

2018 Is Shaping Up to Be Another Terrible Year for Trans Murders

The Shocking Backstreet Boys Rape Case That the Media Keeps Ignoring

John Oliver Is Devastated Over SCOTUS: ‘Everything Is Terrible Now’

Race, Cancer, and a Night to Remember: Recap ‘The Affair,’ S4E3

Trump Privately Grumbled That ‘Fake News’ Would Blame Him for Annapolis Newsroom Shooting

Michelle Wolf Compares Ivanka Trump to Herpes: ‘You Always Show Up When We’re About to Get F*cked’

Police Beat and Arrest Protesters Defying Istanbul's LGBT Pride Parade Ban

Complete These 7 Courses to Produce Music on Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X

Susan Collins Vows to Oppose Supreme Court Pick Who Would Overturn ‘Roe v. Wade’

How Homophobia Destroyed a Rap Legend’s Career

Ellen DeGeneres Tells Jerry Seinfeld She’s ‘Overwhelmed with Dread’ About State of the World

The World War One ‘Victory Arch’ Demolished in a New York Minute

Forget Santorini, Check Out Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia

The War Against the Loneliness Epidemic

Mexico’s Anti-Trump, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Is Even More Populist Than Donald Trump

The Muslim Evil-Eye Amulet Discovered in a Jerusalem Parking Lot

How Olivier Dassault Shoots His Masterpieces at 40,000 Feet

Martin Duberman: Why LGBT Activism Needs to Return to Its Radical Roots

How Rejecting Toxic Masculinity Is Guiding a Brotherhood of Addicts to Recovery

‘Liberty’ University? When It Comes to Free Speech, It’s Anything But.

After Janus, Labor Is In a Deep Hole. Here’s How It Could Dig Itself Out.

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef & ‘Bizarre Foods Host’ Andrew Zimmern