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How to Fight Back the Doom in the Age of Kavanaugh

What Kanye West’s Trump SNL Sideshow Distracted Us From

Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m a Victim of Sexual Assault’

Kanye West Delivers Pro-Trump Rant on ‘SNL,’ Gets Booed By Audience

Kanye West Rocks Trump MAGA Hat to Close Out SNL Premiere

SNL’s Michael Che Wrecks Kavanaugh: If You ‘Might’ Be a Sexual Predator You Don’t Deserve the ‘Damn Job’

SNL: Matt Damon Absolutely Nails Brett Kavanaugh in Season Premiere

Alaska, Louisiana and Nevada Have Highest Rates of One-on-One Murders of Women by Men

‘God Friended Me’: Finding Faith Through Facebook Creates an Unholy Mess

How Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' Kickstarted American Food Protection Laws

Travel to Midcentury Modern California With This Book

The Scandinavian Secret to Sweet Rolls

What Kate Middleton Could Learn From Meghan Markle

How They Partied in Baiae, the Las Vegas of Ancient Rome

The First Man the Bible Calls the Messiah

The Best Way to Sightsee in Cuba Is by Bicycle

The Sex Abuse of Deaf Orphans in Pope Francis’ Backyard

Jim Hayes Won $19 Million in the Lottery—And Became a Bank Robber

Avenatti Vows to ‘Take the Facts’ to the American People if FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe Doesn’t Include his Client

Elizabeth Warren: I’ll ‘Take a Hard Look’ at Running for President After Midterms

White House Reportedly Wants FBI to Interview Just Two Kavanaugh Accusers, Not the Third

Vet Cut Open Live Puppies To Turn Them Into Drug Mules

Lindsay Lohan Accosts ‘Refugee Family,’ Gets Attacked

Steve Bannon Embarrasses Bill Maher on ‘Real Time’

They Were Sexually Assaulted. Here’s Why They Still Want Kavanaugh.

Mel Gibson and Roman Polanski Mount Comebacks in the Era of #MeToo

How Spencer Pratt Cast Himself as a Villain and We Bought It

Joe Biden Wrote the GOP's Playbook for Brett Kavanaugh

Your Next Car Will Be Self-Driving—If You Buy a Car at All

The Funniest Movie of the Year Takes Place at the ‘Science Fair’

A Sex Scandal Canceled the Nobel Prize for Literature this Year, Should the Other Prizes Take a Break, Too?

These American Whiskies Are So Popular You Can No Longer Buy Them

Reddit ‘Quarantines’ White Nationalist Subreddits

Brett Kavanaugh Can Be Saved. Things Don’t Look So Good For The Supreme Court Though.

‘This Matters’: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Delivers Emotional Tribute to Christine Blasey Ford

The FBI is Now Investigating the Shady Vice Squad That Cuffed Stormy Daniels

Code Red: Facebook Warns Hack Exposed 50 Million Users

How the Trade Unions Halted U.K. Labour’s March to the Left

Sen. Jeff Flake Asked for Kavanaugh Vote Delay After Assault Survivor Confronted Him in Elevator

An Alternative to Retinol Exists, but Does It Work?

Jeff Flake Votes Yes on Kavanaugh—and Calls in the FBI

Linjer Brings a Doctor's Precision To Their New Bag

Azealia Banks vs. Grimes Might Have Gotten Elon Musk Sued by the SEC

Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Try to Have It Both Ways on Christine Blasey Ford

House Intel GOP Withholds Rohrabacher and Wasserman Schultz’s Russia Probe Transcripts

Shark Panic Hits Cape Cod Town: ‘They’re Eating Our Children’

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Aarón Sánchez

Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Makes Its Long-Delayed U.S. Combat Debut

Rachel Nuwer’s Book, ‘Poached’: Poachers Will Continue to Kill Animals—But There's Hope

In Attacking Christine Blasey Ford, Men Defend the Humiliations of Girlhood

Bronx Court Shows Right Way to Handle a Sexual-Assault Claim

Right-Wing Militia Groups Pledge to Meet at Kaitlin Bennett’s Kent State Gun Rally

Lindsey Graham Saves His Own Skin With Kavanaugh Outrage Act

Is Elon Musk Turning Into Howard Hughes?

Kavanaugh Has Become a Hero to the Incel Community

Accused NXIVM Sex Cult Women-Brander Still Practicing Medicine and Preaching the Gospel

Netflix’s Bone-Chilling New Survivalist Thriller Is as Bloody as It Is Beautiful

Jimmy Kimmel Destroys Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Idiotic’ Response to Kavanaugh Hearing

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Kavanaugh Revealed Himself to Be ‘Such an Asshole’

Stephen Colbert: Even Fox News Found Christine Blasey Ford ‘Credible’

Ford’s Dignity Stunned Senate; Kavanaugh’s Anger Stirred It

Hillary Clinton Crashes the Anti-Trump ‘Murphy Brown’ Premiere

Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing Exposes Nation’s Raw Wounds

Meet the ‘Manny Granny’: Halloween Drag or Transphobic?

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Premiere Explores How Toxic Masculinity Can Lead to Violence

Snookered: ‘The Nap’ Features the Worst British Accents on Broadway

The Empathy Theater of Grassley and His Ghouls

Christine Blasey Ford: Trump and Cosby Accusers Dismayed by ‘Insulting’ Kavanaugh Hearing

Kavanaugh Turns Himself Into Trump to Get Confirmed: ‘Never Quite Seen Anything Like This’

Kavanaugh Had a High Bar to Clear—and He Probably Did

‘Star Wars’ Actress Rachel Butera Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

SEC Sues to Ban Elon Musk From Running Tesla

Kavanaugh Strikes Angry Tone in Testimony: ‘You’ll Never Get Me to Quit’

Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony Prompts Women to Call C-SPAN to Share Their Assault Stories

Silicon Valley’s Big-Name, Big-Money Political Ad Gambit

Trump Jr. and the GOP’s Obsession with Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Fear of Flying’

Christine Blasey Ford’s Grace Exposes Her Questioners’ Cruelty

It's Hard to See How Kavanaugh Overcomes Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

Sequelae and the Hippocampus: Christine Blasey Ford Schools the Senate on Memory Science

Christine Blasey Ford Delivers Harrowing Kavanaugh Testimony: ‘I Believed He Was Going to Rape Me’

Speed Read: The 4 Most Alarming Revelations From Michael Lewis’ New Trump Tell-All ‘The Fifth Risk’

Hillary Clinton to Hit the Campaign Trail for Florida Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum

Chris Wallace Warns Fox News Not to ‘Disregard’ Christine Blasey Ford’s Story

Upgrade Your Bedding With Sheets From Buffy, Parachute, and More

Fancy Bear, the Russian Election Hackers, Have a Nasty New Weapon

When Life Gives you Meyer Lemons… Make Cocktails

How Americans Can Get Rid of a Corrupt President

The Real Culprit for Trump and Kavanaugh: Asshole Culture

Will the State Department Fight Non-Binary Passports?

U.S.-Russian Relations Are So Sour Moscow Is Threatening to Build Its Own Moon Station

QAnon Fan Arrested for Threatening Massacre at YouTube Headquarters

#MeToo Is Making Colleges Teach Toxic Masculinity 101

The Unstoppable Rise of ‘Trash’ Fashion

Facebook Fail: A Brigade of Bikers Hasn’t Descended on D.C. to Save Kavanaugh

‘Frat Boy,’ ‘Choirboy,’ or Both? Kavanaugh’s Moment of Truth Is Here

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Wild Weekend in Amsterdam

Jimmy Kimmel Destroys Trump’s ‘Angry, Jumbled, Dishonest’ Press Conference

Samantha Bee Goes Nuclear on GOP for ‘Slut-Shaming’ Kavanaugh Accusers

Kavanaugh Fight Leads ‘Never Trumper’ Erick Erickson Back to Trump

‘South Park’ Premiere Mocks America’s School Shooting Epidemic

Kavanaugh Hearing With Christine Blasey Ford Is Happening. Here’s How to Watch.

Rand Paul’s Push to Lift Some Russia Sanctions Fizzles

‘Disaster’: Trumpworld Starting to Sweat Over Brett Kavanaugh’s Mounting Sexual Assault Allegations

Pentagon Officials Push Back Against Bolton’s Syria War Talk

Trump Interrupts, Talks Over Female Reporters to Defend Kavanaugh at Insane Press Conference

George Papadopoulos Is Shopping a Pro-Trump Book

Jeremy Piven Jokes at Charity Event for Domestic Violence Victims: ‘F**k You All’

Trump Team’s Examples of Chinese Election Interference Look Like Generic Propaganda

Uber Settles Its Largest Lawsuit After Hiding Major Data Hack From Users

Kavanaugh Lawyer Blames New Accuser Julie Swetnick for Not Reporting Alleged Gang Rapes

Brexit Under Threat as Labour Leadership Is Forced to Fight

Revealed: What Erik Prince and Moscow’s Money Man Discussed in That Infamous Seychelles Meeting

Nikki Haley: U.N. Delegation Laughed at Trump Because They ‘Love How Honest He Is’

Woman Says Kavanaugh Was ‘Present’ During Her Gang Rape in 1982

Trump’s U.N. Speech Was a Green Light for Poland, Hungary and Other Anti-Democratic Regimes

These Speks Blocks Are The Desk Toys You Need

The Backpack Deserves a Chance

Friends, Family: Christine Ford Told Us About Kavanaugh Assault Years Ago

Princess Anne Shades Meghan Markle for Her Touchy-Feely Crowd Style

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Carley Gaskin

He Climbed 3,000 Feet Without Ropes on Camera. It Taught Him What Makes Life Worth Living.

The Strange Disappearance of LGBT Content From Federal Websites

It Took Donald Trump to Bring Back ‘Murphy Brown’

Rudy Giuliani Photographed With White Nationalist Mayoral Candidate

Our Warming Planet Is Changing How Hurricanes Work

Congress Still Can’t Pass Its Own Sexual Harassment Bill

Rep. Claudia Tenney Took Money From Man Who Called Obama a ‘Muslim N—’

The Men Who Hurt Their Careers by Hurting Women Aren’t the Victims

Top Justice Department Official Canned Paralegal After Anti-Trump Protest

‘This Is Us’ Season 3 Premiere Confirms It’s Still the Best Drama Series on Broadcast TV

After ‘Lifelong Harm,’ Bill Cosby’s Victims Speak

Seth Meyers Tears Apart Kavanaugh’s Virgin Defense: ‘Just Ask Thousands of Priests’

Janet McTeer Tears Up Broadway, Brilliantly, in ‘Bernhardt/Hamlet’

Stephen Colbert Roasts Trump for Getting Laughed at by U.N. General Assembly

Immigrants Shun Federal Benefits Over Green Card Fears

Bust Out the Twin Beds: Turns Out ’50s TV Sleep Science Was Sound

Hold Kavanaugh to His Own Standard for Bill Clinton, and Take Him Apart Piece by Painful Piece

How Black Activists Changed Disney’s Mind About Princess Tiana’s Skin in ‘Wreck It Ralph 2’

Pulse Survivors Claim They Were Sexually Harassed by Law Firm Staffer Offering Help

Iran’s Rouhani Says Trump Has ‘a Nazi Disposition,’ and Much of the World Backs Iran

NSA Coder Jailed for Smuggling Secrets That Wound Up In Russian Hands

Please Put a Case on Your Kindle

Michael Kors Buying Versace Makes Sense. But What About Money?

Defense Floats Its Own ‘Alternate Video’ of Laquan McDonald Killing

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3-10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault of Andrea Constand

No Laughing Matter: U.N. Speech Shows Trump Thinks He’s the Boss of Everyone

Tom Arnold Calls Out Megyn Kelly for Defending Kavanaugh

Plant Manager Sexually Harassed ‘Bitch’ Employees, Called Foreign-Born Workers ‘Terrorists,’ EEOC Complaint Claims

Rand Paul Wants to Scrap Some U.S. Sanctions on Russia

Joe Scarborough on ‘The View’: Kavanaugh’s Views on Racial Discrimination Should Keep Him Off Supreme Court

Bill Cosby Victim Andrea Constand Gives Impact Statement: He ‘Took My Beautiful Spirit and Crushed It’

Congenital Syphilis Rates Are the Highest They've Been in 20 Years. What's Going On?

Aziz Ansari’s Comeback Gigs Split Opinion

Why Is Samantha Markle Coming to London and What Does She Want?

It’s Time to Stop Hating on the Anchovy

With Dick Wolf’s ‘FBI,’ We Have Reached Peak FBI Hero Worship

Maybe the GOP Should Dump Brett Kavanaugh for Mike Lee

Republicans and Democrats Dismissed Anita Hill. Christine Blasey Ford Won’t Be So Easy to Ignore.

Trump Says His Accomplishments Are Great. The Public Isn’t Buying It.

The Taxi Driver Who Spent 13 Years Trying to Become a Hitman

Russia Is Running an Actual Contest to Troll the World

The Lesbian Who Outed Scientology’s Homophobia

The Vengeful Celebrity Who Helped Disappear Fan Bingbing, China’s Biggest Actress: ‘It’s War’

Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Cut Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Off

The Plan to Save Kavanaugh: Act Confident and Turn Up the Heat

Stormy Daniels’ Suit Against Trump Could Be Tossed Over ‘Chilling Effect’

‘I Was Most Alive With You’ Is About Much More Than Addiction

No Wonder the GOP Doesn’t Want Brett Kavanaugh’s Pal Mark Judge to Testify

Kavanaugh Uses the Virgin Defense Against Sexual Assault Allegations on Fox News

Democrats to Michael Avenatti: You’re Not Helping in the Kavanaugh Fight

DA Asks Judge to Throw the Book at Bill Cosby, Label Him Violent Sexual Predator

‘Those Motherf**kers Are Dead Meat’: Far-Right Militia Threatens Muslims on Leaked Audio

Yale Students Stage Protests Against Alum Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Florida Democratic Congressional Candidate April Freeman Dies Unexpectedly

Rod Rosenstein Rumors Have Justice Department Bracing for ‘Doomsday’

This Is How Versace Might Look if Michael Kors Buys It

Another Former Partner at Ernst & Young Claims ‘Egregious’ Sexual Harassment, Retaliation

Meghan Markle Plays Netball in Stiletto Heels

Team Trump Swears It’s Not Trying to Overthrow Iran’s Mullahs

Trump Lawyers Demand Mueller Probe ‘Time Out’ if Rosenstein Is Ousted

Kellyanne Conway Changes Her Tune on Kavanaugh Claims

Teen Survives Seven Weeks Adrift in Pacific Ocean on Floating Fishing Hut

Republicans Eye Kelly Ayotte to Question Kavanaugh Accuser

Speed Read: What the Hell Is Going on With Brett Kavanaugh Now?

Serena Williams Dishes on Texting Her Friend Meghan Markle for Support

The Lost Art of Acting Drunk

Braai Day: The Holiday of Meat That Brings South Africans Together

China’s Borrowing From Imperial Japan’s Playbook

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions’ War on Medical Marijuana

The New Collateral Damage in Trump’s War on Refugees

The Old Republican Men Asking Why Kavanaugh Accusers Didn’t Report Their Assaults Sooner Damn Well Know Why

LGB Youth at ‘Increased Risk’ of Substance Abuse. Blame Homophobia.

Why Is Trump Letting Moon Jae-in Hand South Korea to Kim Jong Un?

Cry, Dammit!: The Sob-Filled Race to Be the Next ‘This Is Us’

Inside Barstool Sports’ Culture of Online Hate: ‘They Treat Sexual Harassment and Cyberbullying as a Game’

John Oliver Goes Off on Trump, GOP, and Fox News Over Kavanaugh Defenses

Republicans Fret That Kavanaugh Push Will Crush Them in Midterm Elections

Dems Have to Hammer Mark Judge, the Kavanaugh Hearing’s Missing Man

Spilling Tea With ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’: ‘I’m Still Behaving Badly’

Asia Argento Accuser Jimmy Bennett Ridiculed for Saying He Was Raped

New Kavanaugh Accuser Alleges Sexual Misconduct at Yale Party

Kavanaugh Accuser Set to Testify in Open Hearing on Thursday

Inside Steve Bannon’s Alt-Right Circus: A Trip to Rome to Rally Like-Minded Thinkers

Justice Professors Accused of Running Criminal Underworld

Anthony Bourdain’s Message of Tolerance Continues On After His Death

Jeff Bridges’ Urgent Warning: Trump Must Inspire Us to ‘Take Action’

Lisa Page Took Rod Rosenstein’s Trump Tape Talk Seriously

What Whiskey Cocktails Do People Actually Drink?

The Best Coach In College Sports Might Be a Psychologist

When OutKast Ruled the World: The 15th Anniversary of ‘Speakerboxxx / The Love Below’

With the New Glenstone, Will D.C. Get Its Own Version of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art?

Inside the Sometimes Surreal North Korea-China Border Town of Dandong

Egeria, One of Christianity’s First Female Pilgrims, Was a Badass

Doris Kearns Goodwin: What We Need in a President Is Not What We've Got

How Meghan Markle’s Mom, Doria Ragland, Took Royal Center Stage

Nikki Haley Is Taking the Tea Party Global

Power Hair Still Rules on Wall Street

From Kavanaugh to Avenatti, How Lawyers Came to Run America

I’m a Republican, but Kavanaugh Must Withdraw His Nomination

Christine Blasey Ford Agrees to Testify Before Congress Next Week

GOP Aide in Kavanaugh SCOTUS Bid Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegation Surfaces

Brits Warned Trump Against Releasing Carter Page Surveillance Docs

‘Assassination Nation’: Inside the Transgressive Slasher Giving Teen Women a Voice—and Revenge

Seoul's Best Hidden Bars

Bill Maher Unloads on GOP Kavanaugh Defenders for Crazy ‘Doppelganger’ Theory

How One of Hitler's Favorite Works of Art Got Stolen—Twice

Why Great YA Fiction Can Kick Adult Literary Fiction's Ass

The 21 New Books, Restaurants, Bars & Spirits to Check Out This Fall

Collins: I Want to Hear Ford Testify Before Deciding on Kavanaugh

Beto O’Rourke, Closing in on Ted Cruz, Faces Off With Him in First Texas Debate

Meryl Streep to Tracey Ullman: ‘We Need You to Run For President’

Hillary Clinton to Colbert: Would Be ‘Very Easy’ for FBI to Investigate Kavanaugh Allegation

Siblings Blast Gosar in Brutal Brill Ad as Trump Surrogates Continues To See Their Families Speak Out Against Them

Accused Sexual Harassers Thrived Under NBC News Chief Andy Lack

Trump Is Ready for Justice Department ‘Jihad’ After Rod Rosenstein Report

DA Has Leads on 12 Possible Victims of Serial Date-Rape Suspects Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley

Here’s What to Make of Rod Rosenstein’s Unlikely Resistance

Trump’s Long History of Defending Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Most-Wanted Cop, Accused of Murdering His Wife, Caught In China After 13 Years on the Lam

In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria Was Followed by a Storm of Red Tape and Neglect

3-D Printed Gun Creator Cody Wilson Arrested in Taiwan for Child Sexual-Abuse Charges

Democratic Challenger Uses Fox News Hosts to Attack GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter

Whoopi Goldberg: Trump ‘Has Enough Accusers’ to Know Why They Don’t Always Come Forward

Chelsea Cain Returns: ‘Yeah, I’m Dead to Marvel. Trust Me.’

Fox News Spreads Ed Whelan’s Batsh*t Kavanaugh Doppelgänger Theory

Disturbed Woman With Meat Cleaver Slashes Babies at NYC 'Birth Tourism' Daycare

Why Do People Think Beyoncé Is a Witch?

Ed Whelan, Judge Kavanaugh’s Defender, Just Committed Defamation

The Right Way to Cook in the Great Outdoors

The State Department Needs to Reassure Transgender Americans About Their Passports

A Weed Library Grows in Brooklyn

John Hancock Insurance Nudges Customers to Wear FitBits

Suddenly, Vulnerable House Republicans No Longer Bash Obamacare on Their Websites

The Real-Life NCIS Scientists Who Identify Dead Soldiers

There's Still a 30 Percent Chance the GOP Holds the House. And What if It Does?

Team Trump Fears He’ll Cut a Deal With Iran

How the KGB Closed In On Its Most Notorious Double Agent

‘Colette’: Keira Knightley’s Stunning Exploration of Female Agency and Sexuality

Even if You’re Pro-Kavanaugh, Admit It: Trump Should Have Nominated Amy Coney Barrett

SVU’s Detective Olivia Benson ‘Is the Mother of #MeToo’

Cosby Survivor Lise-Lotte Lublin to Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford: We’ve Got Your Back

Trump: The Media Will Endorse Me in 2020—or Go Bankrupt

Trump Talks Kavanaugh With Hannity: Why Didn’t Christine Blasey Ford ‘Call the FBI 36 Years Ago?’

They Oversaw Sex-Crime Cases, Now They’ll Grill Kavanaugh

Accused Russian Agent Maria Butina Subpoenas Her Alma Mater, American University

Kavanaugh Ally Suggests Accuser Confused Him With Classmate, Doxes Classmate

Machiavelli With a Sewing Machine: Edie Falco in ‘The True’

Wayne Allyn Root, Trump’s Rally Opener, Is a Conspiracy Theorist Who Thinks the Vegas Shooter Was ISIS

This May Make You Weep: Miley Cyrus’ Sister Is Selling Her Tears Online For $12,000

Chloe Dykstra ‘Considered Ending It’ After #MeToo Allegations Against Chris Hardwick

Canoers Sue Trump for Barring Them From Potomac River While He Golfs

The United Nations Shudders as ‘Trump Week’ Closes In

Cerissa Riley, Arrested for Rapes With Dr. Grant Robicheaux, Was an Evangelical Missionary

The Mystery Firms Behind the Liberal Facebook Ads Dubbing a Hawaii Rep a ‘CWILF’

Texas Couple Enslaved, Beat, and Called 5-Year-Old Girl a ‘Whore’ Until She Escaped Out a Window: DOJ

Seth Moulton Expected to Raise $1 Million for Democratic Candidates

Meghan Markle’s Mum Doria Ragland Appears in U.K. and Could Be Planning Move to Daughter’s Side

Could a Skin Graft Reverse Cocaine Addiction?

Here’s London Fashion Week at Its Wildest and Best

Sarah Koenig on ‘Serial’ Season 3’s Bold New Direction: ‘Is Anyone Going to Give a Shit Besides Me?’

Florida GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis Spoke to Anti-Muslim Hate Group

Pussy Riot Investigates a Murder—and One Member Almost Dies

Your Turn: Where Are the Lawsuits Against the Trump Family?

ICE Can’t Be Trusted to Care for Detainees During Hurricanes

Myers-Briggs, America’s Favorite Personality Test, Has Quasi-Eugenic Roots

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s ‘Maniac’ Is at Once Brilliant, Terrible, and Obsession-Worthy

GOP Fakes Sincerity for Kavanaugh’s Accuser, Then Goes In for Kill

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Secret Meeting Attempts To Draw a Line Under Hollywood's Most Controversial Divorce

Text Messages Between Drake and His One-Time Lover Revealed

Samantha Bee to Kavanaugh Defenders: Rape Is ‘Never OK… Not Even in High School’

Inside the Shadowy Think Tank Tied to Paul Manafort

Sarah Silverman: Maybe Kavanaugh ‘Doesn’t Remember’ Alleged Assault—but She Does

Stephen Colbert Blasts GOP for Trying to ‘Have It Both Ways’ on Kavanaugh Allegation

Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Halftime Gig Is a Slap in the Face to Hip-Hop

Senate Republicans Deliver Testimony Ultimatum to Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

More Women Accuse ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ Doctor of Rape the Day After He’s Charged

‘We Want Answers,’ Demands Family of Mental-Health Patient Who Drowned in Sheriff’s Van After Florence

Randy ‘Iron Stache’ Bryce’s Family Goes to War With Itself Over Paul Ryan’s Seat

Cody Wilson, 3-D Printed Gun Advocate, Charged With Child Sexual Abuse

Christine Blasey Ford Shows We’ve Made Little Progress With #MeToo

Jameis Winston ‘Grabbed Uber Driver’s Crotch’ While Waiting for a Burrito: Lawsuit

Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Yael Vengroff

Boycotting Laura Ingraham Will Just Make Her a Martyr

The Danger of ‘Deploy or Get Out’ Facing HIV-Positive Troops

W. Kamau Bell on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘I Pinch Myself’ Moment From First Posthumous Episode

We’re Ignoring the Best Way to Protect Ourselves From Hurricanes

Giuliani to Speak Beside Leader of Accused Iranian ‘Cult’

The Pentagon’s Wild Plan for Mind-Controlled Drones

How Lil Tay Conned Her Way to Stardom With Scripted Feuds, Scandals, and Racism

How Mnuchin’s Blunder Led to Sanctions Against Putin Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Meghan Markle Talks About Her New Job

Mirai Malware Masterminds Avoid Jail Time After Helping Feds

Seth Meyers: ‘Let’s Not Take a Closer Look’ at Trump’s ‘Mushroom’ Dick

Christine Blasey Ford Calls for FBI Probe Before Testifying About Kavanaugh

Exclusive: Lawyer for Ultranationalist ‘Proud Boys’ Arrested for Allegedly Faking Gun Theft

Inside Bert and Ernie’s All-Too-Brief Moment of Gay Liberation

Anita Hill Mess Helped Elect Feinstein. Now Kavanaugh Mess Has Her in Hot Seat.

Inside YouTube’s Far-Right Radicalization Factory

Kavanaugh Prep School Pal Mark Judge Doesn’t Want to Testify Publicly

Julie Chen’s ‘The Talk’ Farewell: I Need to ‘Spend More Time’ With Husband Les Moonves

North Korea Summit Sets the Stage for Potential Trump Fiasco

Cops: Suspect Lurked in Woods as European Champ Celia Barquín Golfed Alone in Iowa

The Emmys Red Carpet Had Everything—Except for Marchesa

Right-Wing News Outlets Line Up to Smear Blasey Ford

Elizabeth Smart: ‘Evil and Twisted’ Wanda Barzee Can’t Be Freed

How to Cook, Reheat, and Defrost Food Without a Microwave

Tom Arnold’s ‘The Hunt for the Trump Tapes’ Is an Exercise in Futility

Hurricane Florence: Pig Poop Becomes the Latest Threat to Human Life

Burt Reynolds Excluded His Son Quinton From His Will

Recreating Cuban Rum at Home

Too Much TV: With ‘Sorry for Your Loss,’ Even Facebook Is Making Binge-Worthy TV

McDonald’s Workers in 10 Cities Strike Over Sexual Harassment by Bosses

Love in the Time of Hostages: The Beautiful Romance of ‘Bel Canto’

Thanks, Dad! How Visors Came Back Into Fashion

Christine Blasey Ford’s Republicans Inquisitors Will All Be Men

Leaked NPR Emails: Don’t Call Kermit Gosnell an ‘Abortion Doctor’

U.S. Paid $1B to Contractor Accused of Bigotry at Iraq Air Base

Team Trump: If We Ditch Kavanaugh, We’re Signing Our Own ‘Death Warrant’

The Emmys Telecast Was a Cringe-Worthy, Tone-Deaf Embarrassment

Seth Meyers Calls Out GOP Senators: ‘Stop Dismissing’ Kavanaugh Allegation

SpaceX Announces Yusaku Maezawa Will Be the First Tourist to the Moon

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski Now Hold the Cards on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Emmy Awards Opening: Colin Jost and Michael Che Hit Trump, Roseanne

The ‘But Kavanaugh Was in High School’ Defense Is Gross

Sexual Violence Victims Shouldn’t Have to Take a Polygraph: Experts

Man Who Lost Wife and Baby to Florence: ‘It All Went Wrong So Fast’

‘This Is About Transparency’: Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against 8 Pennsylvania Catholic Dioceses

Cop's Attorney: Killing Laquan McDonald Lawful Because He Was on ‘Wild Rampage’

The Internet, Predictably, Turns Into a God-Awful Fever Swamp Following the Kavanaugh Bombshell

Megyn Kelly: ‘We Need to Know’ if Kavanaugh Has History of Sexual Assault

In Uganda, a Powerful Young Voice Has Challenged Africa’s Rulers

Get Yourself an Extra-Long Charging Cable

‘Fox & Friends’ Doesn’t Want to Believe Brett Kavanaugh’s Accuser

Indicted Rep. Chris Collins to Remain on November Ballot, Despite Saying He Was Abandoning Campaign

Japan Needs ‘Foreigner Blood’ Like Naomi Osaka’s

Separate the #MeToo Abusers and Their Art, Says Glenn Close

Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett Fight Over Trump Tapes at Emmys Party

Fifty Shades of Caramel

How The Weekly Standard Played Facebook and Screwed Think Progress

The Rise and Fall of the American Breastaurant

Ben Mendelsohn on Playing the Villain: ‘I Take It as a Compliment’

This Bird Drone Can Prevent Airplane Crashes

Will Enough 2020 Voters Care That Trump’s a Horrible Human Being?

Want to Avoid Pollution on Your Way Home? Madrid Has an App for That

Murdered Muckracker Continues to Expose Corruption From Malta to Moscow

General’s Secret Weapon to Keep Trump in Afghanistan: Fox News

Bryan Cranston as Roger Stone? J. Law as Sarah Huckabee Sanders? You Can Almost See the Trump Film.

San Juan’s Iconic La Perla Neighborhood Defies Trump

How Sarah Jessica Parker Made a Lucrative Business Out of Being Carrie Bradshaw

Ex-ABC Journalist Brian Ross Is Back and Ready to Cover Trump Again

Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Ties, Gets Job in Neighboring Police Force

Christine Blasey Ford, I’ve Been There, I Believe You

Trump Believes There Is a ‘Conspiracy’ to Torpedo the Kavanaugh Nomination

Michael Brown and the Raw Power of ‘Antigone in Ferguson’

Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward: ‘I Thought He Might Inadvertently Kill Me’

Border Patrol ‘Serial Killer’ Juan David Ortiz Gave Chilling Confession, DA Says

Killer Storm: Florence Tied to 17 Deaths, but Worst Yet to Come as Rivers Keep Rising

Canelo vs. GGG 2: Alvarez Narrowly Defeats Golovkin in Controversial Middleweight Championship Bout

Kanye West’s Porn Moment: What the Rap Icon’s XXX Co-Sign Means for the Adult Industry

Paul Manafort in an Email to Pro-Russia Client: Non-Partisan Think Tank Wonk Did My Bidding

Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart’s Deliciously Satisfying Feminist Revenge Murder Scene

How Great Would It Be if America Had Its Own Photo Album?

Meet the Real Lolita Who Inspired Nabokov’s Novel

Was Council of Nicaea Church Just Found Under a Lake?

Feminist Icon Florence Nightingale Would Be Horrified at the Bible Museum’s Depiction of Her

Come to Dildo for the Selfie But Stay for Good, Clean Fun

New York City Will Allow Gender-Neutral 'X' On Birth Certificates

John J. Rink Had a Fancy Vision for Central Park. It Wasn’t Meant to Be.

Inside the Minds of Cartel Hitmen: Hannibal Lecters for Hire

Ohio’s Richest Republican Backer Leslie Wexner Quits Party After Visit From President Obama

U.S. Border Patrol Agent in Texas Arrested in Killing of 4 Prostitutes, Kidnapping Another

Florence's Fury: 11 Dead, Scores Rescued in Flooded Carolinas

Mother of MS-13 Victim, Who Became a National Voice, Killed On Anniversary of Daughter's Death

The Majestic, Rule-Breaking ‘Hale County’ Questions How We Observe Black Bodies

Mueller Just Called Bullshit on Lobbying Powerhouse Mercury LLC

‘White Boy Rick’ Whitewashes the Real Story of Richard Wershe, the FBI’s Teenage Drug Dealing Informant

Fashion World Turns Its Back on #MeToo, Embraces Alleged Abusers Ron Jeremy, Roman Polanski and More

Ten Years After Lehman Collapsed, We’re Still Screwed

Norm Macdonald Has a (Terrible) Show. Michelle Wolf Had a Great One. Why Are We Settling?

John Kerry Fires Back at Trump on Bill Maher: He Has ‘The Insecurity of a Teenage Girl’

Moscow’s Hippest Neighborhood in the Shadow of the Kremlin

Travel to Palatial Libraries Around the World With This Book

Gas Food Longing: The Goofy Magic of America's Gift Shops

He Worked Undercover in a For-Profit Prison and It Got Ugly

Marc Ribot Leads a Musical Army Protesting Against Trump

Fasting to Feast: A Yom Kippur Story

The ‘Final Offensive’ In Syria by Putin and Assad Suddenly Looks Like It’s On Hold

After Getting Flipped By Mueller, Manafort Is Existential Threat to Trump

DOJ: Violent Drug Ring Used Submarines to Smuggle Cocaine Into U.S.

The FDA Says Low Levels of BPA Are Safe—But Scientists Disagree

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Tropical Storm Florence: Five Dead, Including Mom and Baby Killed by Tree

Andrew Cuomo Cruises Past Cynthia Nixon, but Progressives Claim Scalps Down-Ballot

Teen Killed as Massachusetts Gas Explosions Set Dozens of Homes Ablaze

Stephen Colbert Goes Off on Trump’s ‘Sickening’ Hurricane Maria Tweets

Andrew Cuomo Is America’s Problem Now

Tucker Carlson Railroads ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Michael Avenatti in Trainwreck Fox News Interview

Harrison Ford Takes Aim at Climate Change Deniers: ‘Stop Electing Leaders Who Don’t Believe in Science’

Florence Still Packs a Dangerous Punch

Sheriff: California Gunman Killed Ex-Wife, Four Others in ‘Well-Planned’ Shooting Rampage

Netanyahu’s Spokesman David Keyes Out After #MeToo Accusations

Trump Obsessed With Avoiding His Own ‘Katrina Moment’

Elite St. Paul’s School Spared Criminal Charges in Sexual-Abuse Probe

Michael Flynn to Appear at Far-Right Conference With Pizzagaters, Racist YouTube Stars

NYPD: Ex-Detective Ludwig Paz Ran Brothel Ring, Used Cops as Muscle

Watch Hurricane Florence Coverage With These Livestreams

NYC’s Playboy Club Is Reborn in the #MeToo Era, Bunnies and All

Norm Macdonald Doesn’t Want to Be ‘Tossed In’ with #MeToo Men: 'I Barely Have Consensual Sex’

Dianne Feinstein to Refer Cryptic Kavanaugh Document to Department of Justice

As Hurricane Florence Roars In, These Guys Found the Best Place to Ride Out Storm

Sex-Abuse Crisis Talks at the Vatican Show the Pope’s Problems Getting Worse

Migrant Parents Separated From Their Children May Get Second Chance at Asylum

Exclusive: Audio Reveals Potentially Illegal Coordination Between NRA and Montana Senate Hopeful Matt Rosendale

Trump Denies Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll, Accuses Democrats of Making It Up

Trump State Department Just Made an Ominous Passport Change for Transgender Americans

Suspects Accused of Skripal Attack Insist They Were Just Visiting Stonehenge

Toasting Hemingway’s Paris With a Jack Rose Cocktail

Susan Collins, Don’t Fall for Kavanaugh’s Obvious Claptrap on Roe v. Wade

California Republican Cole Harris Refused to Pay His Vendors, So They Publicly Shamed Him

Russia Shows Us What Happens to ‘Enemies of the People’: Bloodied Heads, Murdered Reporters, Poisoned Dissidents

Trump’s Policy Toward the Palestinians Is Dazed and Confused—and Dangerous for Israel

The Right Is Dominating the Dark-Money Game. Kavanaugh Will Make It Worse.

Will Amazon Put Christmas Tree Sellers Out of Work Next?

How Hurricane Florence Became a Scary Super Storm

Your Turn: How Big Is Trump’s Base, Really?

Trump Adviser Gina Loudon’s Book Claimed She Has a Ph.D. in Psychology. She doesn’t – It’s In Human and Organization Systems.

Ann Coulter Daydreams About Trump Whacking Jared Kushner

Michael Moore Accused of Stiffing, Smearing Vendors: ‘All I Would Like Is to Be Paid’

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Is the Craziest, Best Installment Since ‘Coven’

Stephen Colbert Roasts ‘Scared’ Ted Cruz for Buying ‘Late Show’ Ads to Counter Beto O’Rourke

The Day ‘Fager World’ Came Crashing Down at CBS

Rihanna Closes Out New York Fashion Week With a Supermodel Slumber Party

NYPD: Crooked Cops Protected Prostitution and Gambling Ring

Inside Marc Jacobs’ Very Late, but Very Fabulous, NYFW Show

Will New York’s Progressives Take Down Cuomo’s Democratic Machine?

This Code Bootcamp Will Teach You How To Build Apps For Apple’s New OS

‘Be Careful’: CBS News Reveals Jeff Fager’s Threatening Text Messages

Prosecutors Punch Back at Harvey Weinstein: Your ‘Exculpatory’ Emails Don’t Deny Rape Charge

Hey, President Trump, ‘Getting Clipped’ Is the Worst Description For My Life-Giving Trans Surgery

Asia Argento Accuser Jimmy Bennett Faced Sexual-Misconduct Claim in the Past

Missouri Town to Finally Stop Banishing Residents Who Report Domestic Violence

South Sudan’s New Peace Deal Could Bring More War

North Carolina Gets Ready for Hurricane Florence, Worst Storm in a Generation

White House Order on Election Meddling Has No Teeth, Officials Say

Trump Says Puerto Rico Is ‘Unsung Success.’ Actually, Power Still Goes Out and People Aren’t Coming Back.

Stormy Daniels Announces Her New Tell-All Book ‘Full Disclosure’ on ‘The View’

Can We Prevent Another Housing Crash?

If the '90s Housing Market Taught Us Anything, It's That Bigger Isn't Always Better

The 1980s Were a March Toward Equitable Housing, But We’re Still Marching

Housing Was a Civil Rights and Feminist Issue in the 1970s—and It Still Is Today

Turns Out, Fair Housing Isn’t Always Fair

The Postwar Housing Boom Wasn't All Sunshine and Roses

How Homeownership Prevailed During the Great Depression

The Homestead Act Paved the Way for American Homeownership

Trump’s War on Palestinian Refugees Is as Heartless as Anything He’s Done

‘Mid90s’: Jonah Hill’s Directorial Debut Is a Raw, Crude Portrait of ’90s Skate Culture

Texas’ Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bill’ Died Last Year. It May Come Back to Life.

Democrats Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop, Spending Big Bucks on Television Ads

GOP Chief Shocked to Discover His Candidate Jim Hagedorn’s Crazy Remarks

Lady Gaga Is on a One-Woman, Global Fashion Week. It’s Glorious.

Can Democrat Ken Harbaugh Win an Ohio District Trump Carried by 30 Points?

The Daredevil Scientists Who Fly Into Hurricanes

Laura Ingraham’s Brother Goes to War Against Her

Nude Pictures of Kendall Jenner Riding a Horse And Running Along a Beach Leak Online

Alan Yang Talks His Binge-Worthy New Show ‘Forever’ and Sticking With Aziz Ansari

Matthew McConaughey on His Trump Election Remarks: ‘People Were in Denial’

‘The Daily Show’ Breaks Down Trump’s History of 9/11 Fails: From ‘Weird’ to ‘Hateful’

Bernie Sanders’ Son Levi Loses New Hampshire Congressional Primary

Chance the Rapper’s Pizza-Themed Slasher Movie Is a Deliciously Cheesy Blast

The Unborn 10 of 9/11

Trump’s Ready to Punish Election Interference. Or Is He?

Elizabeth Smart Reacts to Early Release of Woman Who Helped Kidnap Her

Jake Tapper: Is Trump Unaware 3,000 People Died in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria?

Mass Evacuations as Officials Call Hurricane Florence a ‘Vicious Monster’

The 10 States Actually Investigating Clergy Sexual Abuse After Pennsylvania’s Horrifying Report

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Go to War With Don Jr. Over Trump-9/11 Analogy

9/11 Anniversary: Our Most Terrible Day, Commemorated in Trump Tweets

GOP Lawmaker Is a Leader in Hate Group That Calls Immigration ‘Assault on Our Culture’

10 Dishes With Chef Chris Shea

Democrats, You Totally Deserve Trump’s Medicare Demagoguery

Could Kentucky Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic?

Workplaces Need to Prepare for the Non-Binary Future

Lindsey Graham’s Under-the-Radar Push to Turn Trump Into a Defense Hawk

What’s the Difference Between Trump & Moonves? One Still Has a Job

Team Trump Warns Russia of ‘Total Economic Isolation’ Over Possible Syria Bloodbath

Inside the Weird, Wildly Creative Mind of ‘Kidding’ Director Michel Gondry

Can ‘The Predator’ Survive Its Disturbing Sex-Offender Controversy?

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‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Review: Inside Barry Jenkins’ Mesmerizing Follow-Up to ‘Moonlight’

Why Gin (Not Vodka) for Classic Cocktails

Stephen Colbert Shames Ousted CBS Chief Les Moonves on ‘Late Show’

Seth Meyers Rips Kellyanne Conway for Trying to Criminalize Op-Ed Author

Group Raises Nearly $1M for Susan Collins’ Nonexistent Opponent if She Votes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Man Battles Alcor Life Extension Foundation Over Father’s Cryonically Frozen Head

Assad’s ‘Final Offensive’ in Syria May Be Postponed for Lack of Troops

Rob Porter’s Spousal Abuse Allegations Are Largely Ignored in Bob Woodward’s Trump Book

CBS’ ‘The Talk’ Tackles Les Moonves, Without His Wife Julie Chen

Bernie Sanders Snubs Cynthia Nixon as New York Gubernatorial Primary Looms

Fox News and Trump’s Own Adviser Call BS on His Boast About the Economy

Bolton Threatens International Criminal Court With Sanctions if It Keeps Probing Alleged U.S. War Crimes

GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis Resigns to Focus on Tight Florida Governor’s Race

Omarosa Releases Tape of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Agreeing With Trump’s ‘Lies’

Meghan Markle’s Dad Fears He Could Be Kidnapped in Mexico

The Art of Bartending: Dale DeGroff

How Trump Is Making Journalism School Great Again

How Daniel Arsham Is Rewriting the Future of Art

Socialist ‘Vessel’ Julia Salazar Soldiers On in Brooklyn

NYPD Officer Steven McDonald and FDNY Chaplain Mychal Judge Were New York’s Twin Towers of Faith

How ‘The Deuce’ Reinvents Itself in Season 2 After James Franco #MeToo Allegations

Brett Kavanaugh’s Lying to Get on the Supreme Court, Like Clarence Thomas Before Him

Putin Is Pushing for Total Victory in Syria No Matter How Many Civilians Die

Campaign Slush Funds Send Pols to Disney, Beach, Golfing

Maria Butina’s Beau Snookered Investors With a Shady Oil Deal

New York’s Million-Dollar Madam Is Back Behind Bars

Amazon Is Worth $1 Trillion. Its Workers Are on Food Stamps.

The Cavalry Comes to Save Ted Cruz From Humiliation

Omarosa ‘Manipulated’ Actor Michael Clarke Duncan in His Final Days, Say Family and Friends

Miss America 2.0 Is a Radical Win for Women’s Liberation

John Oliver Freaks Out Over Bob Woodward’s Trump Book: ‘We’re All Going to Die’

‘Widows’: Viola Davis Shines in Steve McQueen’s Riveting Crime Caper

Inside Pyer Moss’ Haunting Celebration of Black Power at NYFW

Serena Deserved Better. And So Did Osaka.

CBS’ Les Moonves Is Stepping Down Immediately, Will Donate $20M of Severance to #MeToo

Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway: What Law Did Op-Ed Author Break?

Inside Zambia’s Horrifying Persecution of ‘Witches’

Jumpstart Your Project Management Career With This Bundle

Papadopoulos: Campaign Was ‘Fully’ Aware That I ‘Actively’ Pursued Trump-Putin Meeting

The Perfect Brunch Sandwich

The World's Smallest Wall Charger Goes Everywhere

What It Was Like to Be a Jew in the Roman Empire

Penn Badgley on His Twisted Stalker in ‘You’ and the Dark Side of ‘Gossip Girl’ Fame

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The FBI’s Spying on Writers Was Literary Criticism at Its Worst

How the Penny Press Brought Great Journalism to Populist America

Real Witches Cackle at Sephora’s ‘Sanitized’ Starter Witch Kit

The Fire That Destroyed Brazil's National Museum—and Its Priceless Treasures

Plus-Size Women Flocked to 'CurvyCon,' and Loved It. Their Credit Cards, Not So Much.

The Plea That Echoes Everywhere in Gaza: ‘We Just Want to Feel Safe.’

The Catholic Church’s Hidden Shame: Priests Abused Grown Women, Too

Why Britain Is Snubbing the ‘Other’ Royal Wedding

Trump’s God-Talk Is Turning America Off Religion

The Volunteers Guarding Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

Sarah Silverman on Empathizing With Trump Trolls and Louis C.K.’s ‘Comeback’

When Mac Miller Stood Up to Trump: ‘Racist F**k-wad of a Human’

Bannon Said He ‘Sucked Reince Priebus’ D*ck’ to Get RNC Help, Woodward Book Claims

The Night That Disney Villains Ruled Over NYFW

Cardi B Confronts Nicki Minaj at Fashion Week Party, Calls Her a ‘P***y’

The Bitter Tragedy of Losing Mac Miller, an Artist Who Bared His Demons for All

‘Hotel Mumbai’: A ‘Life-Affirming’ Film About the Mumbai Terror Attacks

Bill Maher Believes John Kelly Wrote the Trump-Bashing New York Times Op-Ed

Who Sabotaged the International Space Station?

A Far-Right Party With Nazi Roots Could Sweep to Power in Sweden

I Saw The Macho and Ambitious Burt Reynolds’ Deliverance While He Shot ‘Deliverance’

Don't Punish A North Korean Hacker Just For Following Orders

The Drag and Burlesque Shows Keeping Berlin Edgy

Thomas Paine Knew How to Deal With a Mad King Like Trump

I Really Wanted to Hate Italy's First Starbucks, But It Was Fantastic

Eat Me: Remembering Kenny Shopsin

These $30 Earbuds Were Made For Intense Workouts – And They’re More Cost-Effective Than AirPods

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Gay Men Targeted In Brutal Homophobic Attack In Kiev Speak Out

India Just Decriminalized Gay Sex. Other Countries May Follow.

We Found the ‘Plaid Shirt Guy’ Who Trolled Trump’s Rally With Hilarious Faces

Learn Music Production From Real Industry Professionals

Elliott Broidy’s Mistress Shera Bechard Says He Demanded She Get Abortion

Elon’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Month

At Kate Spade’s First NYFW Since Its Founder’s Death, The Show Goes On

Conservative PAC Ad Features Concerned Mom, Fails to Disclose She’s a GOP Official

Oklahoma’s GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Stitt Is an Anti-Vaxxer

Burt Reynolds Charmed Everyone Except Maybe Burt Reynolds

Obama Calls Out Trump: How Hard Is It to Say ‘Nazis Are Bad’?

Elon Musk Tokes While Tesla Burns

‘Morning Joe’ Wildly Speculates Kellyanne Conway Wrote Anonymous Op-Ed

How the Trayvon Martin Case Helped Trump Win Florida

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Who’ll Carry John McCain’s Torch Into the Future? Another McCain, That's Who

Newly Released Emails Show Brett Kavanaugh May Have Perjured Himself at Least Four Times

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There’s No Defense of Trump’s Treason Travesty

From Madrid’s Best Coffee to Antiques, Your Morning Person’s Guide to Spain’s Capital

Museum Boss Fears Philly Insect Heist Was an Inside Job

From ‘Get Out’ to ‘Rel’: Lil Rel Howery’s Breakout Moment Was Always Going to Happen

The Plot to Bring Down Pope Francis

‘Fahrenheit 11/9’: Michael Moore Exposes Trump, The New York Times and Establishment Democrats

Seth Meyers Tears Into ‘Worthless’ Anonymous Trump Critics

‘Predator’ and Hollywood’s Disturbing Embrace of Sex Offenders: ‘Anybody Can Work Here Who Makes Money’

This Linguist Helped Investigate the Unabomber. Here’s His Take on the New York Times’ ‘Resistance’ Op-Ed.

Kerri Harris, Progressives’ Next Big Hope, Falls Short Against Tom Carper in Delaware

One Actor, 24 Characters: ‘Private Peaceful’ Is an Intense Tour de Force

The Rebels of Trump’s Internal Resistance Are ‘Fist-Bumping’ Each Other

Burt Reynolds Hated That Nude Bear Rug Photo Everyone Keeps Sharing

Kansas Man Charged With Murdering Professor on Carnival Cruise Ship

Wife Attempted Suicide After Poisoning Husband With Eye Drops: Police

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones and Infowars

VFiles’ NYFW Show Became a Massive Party Starring Lil’ Kim

Feds Nail North Korean Hackers Behind Sony and WannaCry Cyberattacks

Open Letter to Times Op-ed Writer: Go Public Now, Before They Bust You

GOP Candidate Questions Native-American Opponent’s Heritage: She Wasn’t ‘Raised on a Reservation’

Almost Half of Young Facebook Users Deleted the App This Year, New Survey Finds

Trump Officials Scream ‘Not Me’ as Search for Anonymous Op-Ed Writer Heats Up

Dem Super PACs’ New Digital Strategy: Good Old-Fashioned Clickbait

Ex-CNN Trumpkin Star Scottie Nell Hughes Now Working for RT, the Kremlin’s News Outlet

Russian TV Under the Gun in American Court for Its Litvinenko Murder Allegations

This Portable Microscope Lets You Inspect Everything In Amazing Detail

‘Fox & Friends’ Goes Off on NY Times Op-Ed: This Is Not ‘Patriotic Journalism’

The Men’s Rights Movement Now Has Its Own Law Firm

Democrats Go Nuclear for Kavanaugh Documents

An International Rosh Hashanah Meal

Is It Too Late to Learn From Alaska’s Fight Against Climate Change?

The Founders Would Agree: Trump Can Be Indicted

Sen. Patrick Leahy Sets ‘Memogate’ Trap for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

YouTube Won’t Ban ‘They Want You Dead, White Man!’ Channel

Kim Jong Un’s Military Parade Is About to Show Trump ‘Rocket Man’ Is Back

D.C. Wise Man Had Early Access to Trump’s Pro-Russia Speech

ICE Lets Sheriffs Arrest Immigrants, Then Pays to Keep Them Locked Up

Why Trump Loves Nike Almost as Much as He Loathes Colin Kaepernick

‘Kidding’: Jim Carrey Is Astounding in His Surprisingly Dark New Show

Jimmy Kimmel Is Sure Mike Pence Wrote Anti-Trump New York Times Op-Ed

Dominique Jackson of ‘Pose’ Brings ‘Black Dynasty’ to New York Fashion Week

Danny DeVito on That Big ‘Always Sunny’ Premiere Reveal: ‘We Thought It Was Pretty Funny’

The Five Biggest Moments on Day Two of the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

John Kerry to Colbert: I Never Had to Steal Docs Off Obama’s Desk Like Trump Officials

Steve Bannon, in His $1,400 Hotel Suite, Rails Against the ‘Elite’

Tech Titans Promise They’re Better at Fighting Trolls Now

‘The Nun’: Horror Fans Deserve Better Than This Wannabe Satanic Nightmare

Officials ‘Ignored’ Dying Man’s Cries for Help as Latest ‘Tragic Death’ at Infamous Jail

Trump’s Attack on Woodward’s Book Hits a Bump: He Actually Did Call Jeff Sessions a ‘Retard’

The New Fashion Brand That Is Also a Horror Movie

Roy Moore Sues Sacha Baron Cohen Over ‘Who Is America?’ Sex-Offender Segment

Facebook and Twitter Chiefs Tell Senators: We Won’t Police the Truth

Texas Man Rammed TV Station With Truck Full of Conspiracy Fliers

There’s ‘Deep State’ Divergence About the Best Demise for Trump

Months Before His Senate Race, Missouri Attorney General Slammed for ‘Sham’ Clergy-Abuse Probe

Bob Woodward, Bane of Presidents, Turns His Fire on Cheeto Jesus

Quarantined Sick Emirates Passengers From Dubai Report Fevers and Coughing

Marco Rubio and Alex Jones Throw Down in Heated Exchange Outside Senate Hearing

Obama to Hit Campaign Trail for Democrats in California and Ohio

How Russian Spies Used a Fake Nina Ricci Perfume Bottle to Smuggle Novichok Nerve Agent Into England

Report: Kendall Jenner 'Rips Caitlyn' For 'Turning Back' on Family

The New Frontier in Jihadi Bio Terrorism

A Mental-Health Crisis Behind the Bar

The Profound, and Unexpected, Cultural Punch of ‘Shahs of Sunset’

Alleged Russian Operatives Spreading Fake News Sneak Back Onto Facebook

Obama Officials Call Science-Denying Trump Administration ‘Idiotic’

The 40-Year Plan That Allowed Trump to Reshape the Courts

Louisiana Cops Fell for Racist 8Chan Antifa Hoax, Says Lawyer Suing Them for Documents

Why Are Hurricanes So Hard to Predict? And Answers to Your Other Monster Storm Questions

How Rudy Giuliani Squashed Florida’s Opioid Investigation

They Were Indie Rockers With a Bad Reputation. Then Their Alleged Victims Spoke Out.

Young Melania, From Model Student to Cover Girl

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Destroys Kaepernick Haters for ‘Burning Their Own’ Nikes

Craig Melvin May Bring a Welcome Bite to NBC’s ‘Today’

Ayanna Pressley Ousts 20-Year Incumbent Michael Capuano in Massachusetts Primary Shocker

Stephen Colbert Mocks John Kelly Over Bob Woodward’s Trump Reveal

‘The Bachelor’s Most Conservative Pick Yet: Colton Underwood, an Actual Virgin

If Brett Kavanaugh Wins, the Supreme Court Loses

Democrats Delay What They Can’t Deny in Kavanaugh Kabuki

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers From ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Finally Return—and It’s No Joke for the FBI

Kavanaugh Advances, Untouched, as Democrats Perform Resistance

She’s Here. She’s ‘Queer.’ And Cynthia Nixon Wants You to Get Used to It.

Armistead Maupin’s ‘Tales of the City’: The Best Soap Opera in Book Form

‘The View’ Host Abby Huntsman: McCain Family Didn’t Want Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at John McCain’s Funeral

From Nike to Keurig, Conservatives Keep Blowing Up Things They Bought to Own Libs

John McCain’s Replacement Jon Kyl Goes From Lobbying the Senate to Being a Senator

Speed Read: The Most Explosive Revelations From Bob Woodward’s New Book Inside Trump’s White House

If Beto O’Rourke Beats Ted Cruz, Look Out, GOP, He’s the Next Obama

Trump Threatens NBC’s License Over ‘Killing’ Weinstein Story

‘Fox & Friends’ Scrambles to Defend Trump From Their Own Legal Expert

‘Fox & Friends’ Freaks Over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad: ‘This Is an Attack on the Country’

Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Begins—And Immediately Devolves Into Chaos

Aretha Franklin’s Family: Pastor’s Sermon Was ‘Offensive and Distasteful’

Trump Is Going to Hit the ‘Violent Democrats’ Button Hard—and It’ll Work

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence

More ‘Impossible’ Burgers Could Be on the Way—but Are Consumers Ready?

Rainforests Are Fast Becoming a Laboratory for Cancer Drugs

The High Cost of Hope: When the Parallel Interests of Pharma and Families Collide

China and Russia Have Set a Nuclear Collision Course With the United States

Listen to the Cheat Sheet on Your Morning Commute

Lauren Baer Is ‘Proud’ to Be the First Out-LGBT Person Florida Might Elect to Congress

How Robert Mueller Outfoxed Donald Trump

What to Watch for at the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

From 20 Weeks to Heartbeat: Red States Are Moving Up Abortion Bans to Undercut Roe

Inside Germany’s Neo-Nazi Protests

‘The First’: Blasting Sean Penn to Mars Is Not the Thrill You Imagined

Christian Siriano on Celebrity Friends, Living Hard—and Not Designing for Melania Trump

Why Young Men of Color Are Joining White-Supremacist Groups

The Empty Right-Wing Hysteria Over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Campaign

How I Turned ‘Great Expectations’ Into a Dating Service

How ‘The Alchemist’ Made Me Realize New York City Was My ‘Personal Legend’

How Many Of America’s 100 Most-Loved Books Have You Read?

The New Yorker’s Steve Bannon Uproar in a Dozen Tweets

NBC: Weinstein Tried to Pressure Us Again and Again

Trump’s Top TV Advisers Keep Telling Him: Fire the ‘Shill’ Jeff Sessions Now

Mel Gibson’s New Police Brutality Movie Is a Vile, Racist Right-Wing Fantasy

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Deland McCullough Makes Shocking Discovery About Long-Lost Father

O.J.’s Lawyer and the Woman-Abusing Princeling of Silicon Valley

Labor Day 2040: What Happens When Robots Do All the Work?

A Hollywood Liberal Investigates: What Makes Trump Voters Tick?

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Frank Cisneros

In Praise Of Doing Nothing

The Old West Card Table With a Deadly Past

Hey, Democratic Socialists: More Big Government Won’t Fix What Ails Us

Kerri Harris Wants To Build a Movement. But First She Has a Senate Race to Win

Yes, America Benefits From All Immigration—Legal and Illegal

Science Proves Women’s Pants Pockets Suck

Donald Trump Isn’t the Victim of a Witch-Hunt. He’s Leading It.

‘The Purge’ Comes to TV—Darker, Freakier, and Better Than the Movies

University Fights to Keep Anti-Immigration Leader John Tanton’s Papers Secret

The Real Story Behind the Most Famous Nazi Hunt in History

Italian Director Flaunts ‘Weinstein Is Innocent’ Shirt on Venice Film Festival Red Carpet

Inside Tilda Swinton’s ‘Suspiria’ Ruse: Yes, It’s Her as the Old German Man

Robbie Robertson on The Band’s ‘Music From Big Pink’ at 50: ‘It Sounds Like The Band I Remember’

Kanye West’s Slavery ‘Apology’ Proves the Trump Stan Has Learned Nothing

The Most Overlooked Performance of the Year (So Far): Brady Jandreau in ‘The Rider’

The Curious Case of Daryl Davis, the Black Man Befriending Members of the KKK

A Briny Brooklyn Toast to Labor Day

Black And Biracial Americans Wouldn’t Need To Code-Switch If We Lived In A Post-Racial Society

How Does It Feel to Be a Problem with Donald Trump as President?

The Insane Experience of Riding the World's Highest Tidal Wave

The French Historian Who ‘Grave-Robbed’ the Dog Tags of WWII U.S. Airmen

It Wouldn’t Be an American Road Trip Without Roadside Chapels

Hillary's Problem Wasn’t Emails. It Was Challenging Stereotypes

Inside the Cold War Between Prince Charles and William and Harry

The Museum of the Bible Is Exploiting Jewish Tradition—And Saving Its Evangelical Christian Donors Millions

This Tiny Projector Lets You Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere on a Big Screen

With McCain Funeral Underway, Trump Tweets About ‘Fox and Friends’ and Heads to a Golf Club

In Latest Scandal, USA Gymnastics Ousts New Hire Who Defended Larry Nassar

Browse Safely And At Unlimited Speeds With Surfshark VPN

How Porn Made These Women Feel Empowered: ‘It Gave Me a New Sense of Confidence’

‘Harry Potter’ Is My Patronus in the Time of Trump

Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ Lets Its Ruthless Women Shine in Superb Second Season

Marco Rubio and the Right’s Bogus Attacks on Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong Movie ‘First Man’

How a Heavyweight Champ and a Cartoonist Flouted Race Hate

Conspiracy Monger William Cooper Was the Titan of Tin Hats

Drinking the Forest: Developing a Taste for Foraged Cocktails

John McCain Found Lifelong Inspiration From a Hemingway Hero

The Looming Health Crisis in the Aftermath of the California Wildfires

John McCain Believed In America. Let’s Redeem it in His Passing.

Did Killer Colorado Dad Chris Watts Lead a Double Life?

Aretha Franklin’s Phenomenal 10-Hour Funeral: The Queen of Soul, the Black Church, and the Path Forward