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Articles December 2020

Aurora Pharmacist Arrested After He Sabotaged 500 Vaccine Doses in Wisconsin and 57 People Took It

Alexander Wang Calls Sex Assault Allegations ‘Baseless and Grotesquely False’

Bella Thorne Hosting New Year’s Eve Bash at Mexico Hotel Where Female Worker Was Recently Murdered

Nomad Rugged case keeps my phone stylish and protected

Corey Lewandowski Is Pushing a New, Trumpy Political Project

Georgia Senate Runoff Candidate Jon Ossoff Dunks on Fox News’ Peter Doocy

Best Alexa-Enabled Smart Bulbs

10 Pop Culture Moments in 2020 That Actually Made Us Happy

Arizona Man Arrested After Trail of Skulls and Limbs Scattered in Forest Lead to Him, Police Say

Trump’s Legacy Will Be 300,000 Dead—and Three-Martini Lunches

How TikTok Star Nathan Apodaca Became the Feel-Good Story of 2020 With Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

What the Year in Blockbuster Movies (Should Have) Looked Like

Poisoner, Hacker, Meddler, Spy: How Russian Agents Ran Wild in 2020

Are Jamaica’s Biggest Stars Leaving Reggae Behind?

Ritchie Torres Is Making Afro-Latino, LGBTQ Political History in Congress, on His Own Terms

The Craziest, Most Shocking Crimes of 2020

The Villages in Sumter and Lake County Are Ground Zero in Florida Vaccine Shitshow

Trump Fears That His Influence Is Waning

The 10 Best Movies of 2020, From Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat 2’ to Charlize Theron’s ‘The Old Guard’

Trumpist Lawyer Lin Wood Casually Suggests Chief Justice John Roberts Is a Murderous Pedophile

Trump Bootlickers Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz Take the GOP’s Debasement to the Next Level

Enraged Furries Make Internet Miserable for Controversial Pro-Cop Group American Police Association

Keurig K Duo Coffee Maker Review

Jon Ossoff Hijacks Fox News Airtime to Take Down Perdue and Loeffler

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review 2022

Ted Cruz’s Georgia Runoff Fundraising Is Actually Going to His Campaign. He’s Not Alone

Norway Says 11 Missing, Hundreds Evacuated After Clay Landslide Strikes Village Named Ask

Best Self-Help Book for 2021

Make Star Chef Vivian Howard’s Crave-Worthy Meatloaf From Her Book ‘This Will Make It Taste Good’

The Best Performances of 2020, From Riz Ahmed in ‘Sound of Metal’ to the ‘PEN15’ Ladies and Beyond

From Impeachment to RBG to Election, 2020 Has Been a Political Hellscape

The Downside to Getting Out Two COVID Vaccines So Fast

Biblioteca Vasconcelos Is One of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

Biden Is Taking Forever to Pick His AG and It’s Making, Well, Everyone Anxious

The Wildest Grifts From the Scammiest Year Ever

Loeffler’s Latest Attack on Warnock Is Unprincipled Sleaze

How Fox News Made Us Sick in 2020

The Very Worst Movies of 2020, From Netflix’s ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ to Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dolittle’

How Biden Could Become One of the Greats, and How He Could Fail

Proud Boys Are at War With Their ‘Proud Girls’ Female Extremist Wing

Maskless Mob Storms Erewhon Gourmet Grocery in COVID-Stricken Los Angeles

Fox News Host Wildly Claims Car Accidents Are Counted as COVID Deaths

Louisiana Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow Dead at 41 After COVID Infection

Alec Baldwin’s Trumpian Defense of Hilaria

Alexander Wang Accused of Sexual Abuse by Multiple Models

Jon Ossoff No Longer Wants to Be Republican-Lite

Bizarre Appe Vybe Is Promoting Secret COVID-19 Pandemic Parties

Congress Helps Itself to Vaccine Doses as Americans Wait

Michael Flynn Is Now Selling QAnon Merch

Pierre Cardin Knew His Name Meant Money. And Screw the Fashion Snobs.

Columbus Cop Contradicts Ex-Officer Adam Co, Says Andre Hill Didn’t Pose a Threat

Listen to Baby Archie Stealing the Show on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s New Podcast

Closing Time Running Out the Clock on 2020 The Life Behind Bars Podcast

U.K. Lockdown Measures Aren’t Slowing the Spread of the New Coronavirus Variant, Experts Warn

Missouri Parents Mary and James Mast Can’t Go to Their ‘Demon’ 4-Year-Old Child’s Funeral, Judge Says

My Year in Drinks 2020

Freewaters Sustainable Slipper Review

Netflix vs. Disney+ vs. HBO Max: Who Won the Apocalyptic 2020 Streaming Wars?

2020 Sucked for Many of Us. Readers Shared Their Defining Moments of The Year.

My Racism Recliner Test

Boeing and the FAA say the 737 MAX is Safe to Fly. Why Should We Trust Them?

What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Jesus

The Most Acid-Trippy Episodes of The New Abnormal

Vaccine Passports Are Big Tech’s Latest Dystopian Nightmare

Colbert, SNL and Late-Night TV Are in for a Rude Awakening Post-Trump

Los Angeles COVID-19 Crisis Revealed by Massive Trailer of Death at Funeral Home

The Movies and TV Shows to See or Skip This Holiday Season, from ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to ‘Bridgerton’

Seth Holehouse, the Newest Trump-Boosted Viral MAGA Star, Has Ties to The Epoch Times

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Trolls GOP on Voter Fraud, Says Trump Got ‘100% of the Dead Mother Vote’

Nashville Suicide Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner’s Cop-Hating ‘Hippie’ Past

Rockford, Illinois, Don Carter Lanes Shooting Pinned on Green Beret Duke Webb Could Have Killed Them

Michael Cohen Predicts Trump’s Pardons ‘May Ultimately Be His Downfall’

Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner Is Embraced by Conspiracy Theorists Like QAnon

Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail a Second Time Over Allegedly Recruiting Girls for Jeffrey Epstein

Cloud Massager Onyx Suction Vibrator Review

CEO Xu Yao Detained as Office Politics Investigated as Motive in ‘Game of Thrones’ Billionaire Lin Qi’s Death

Hundreds of British Tourists Flee Luxury Swiss Ski Resort to Escape Mutant Virus Quarantine

We Asked 5 Health Experts if They Would Eat at a Restaurant Indoors

Biden Wants to Fix Trump’s Trans Detention Policy. Advocates Say He Needs to End It.

He Was a Racist and an Anti-Semite—and a Serial Killer

These Iconic Moments From the Summer of Black Lives Matter Protests Will Go Down in History

Reality-TV President Trump’s $2,000 Stimulus Cliffhanger Ends in a Bellyflop

‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Explains That Shocking Whistledown Twist

Kim Yo Jong Is Ready to Become the First Woman Dictator in Modern History

Russian-Linked Disinfo Is Scaring Africans Away From U.S. COVID Vaccine

How Will Fashion Make Us Say Goodbye to Our Sweatpants?

Loser Trump Wants to Drag the Republican Party Down With Him

PBS’ ‘Elizabeth Is Missing’ Is a Masterful Murder-Mystery That Will Keep You Guessing

Smart Air Purifier HealthProtect Review

Nantucket, One of America’s Richest Islands, Got Pummeled by COVID. Then the Warring Started.

They’ve Got Biden Fever—and Will Risk COVID-19 to See Inauguration

The Curious Case of Egg Nog (or Eggnog?)

Alec Baldwin’s Wife, Hilaria Baldwin, Has Been Posing as a Spanish Person for Years

Trump Signs $900 Billion COVID Relief Package Into Law, $600 Checks Incoming

Army Sgt. Duke Webb Charged With Murdering 3 in Shooting at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Calls Out His Party's ‘Grifting Scam’ Election Challenges, Warns of Violence

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Want to Make a New Deal With the Royal Family

Best Women's Jeans from Mott & Bow

How I Got the First Terrifying Glimpse of COVID Horror that Would Sweep the World

Theater Died in 2020. Its Rebirth Will Be Suitably Dramatic.

How Photographer David Bailey Helped the Sixties Swing

Inside Prince Andrew’s First Year as a Shamed Royal Outcast

The Best Thing That Happened in 2020? American Voters Saved Our Democracy.

Why 2020 Was Terrible for Honest Conservatives

Trump Took a Wrecking Ball to Media Credibility, Can Biden Repair It?

Piece of Great Pyramid Found in Scotland May Unlock Major Mystery

Putin Rumors Run Wild as He Shrouds Himself in Secrecy

Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Pixar’s ‘Soul’ for Finally Having a Black Lead

Meet the Therapist to the Porn Stars Who’s Also a Porn Star

When a Flat Earther Refused to Concede and All Hell Broke Loose

This 24-Year-Old Diabetic Is Saving Lives the Government Won’t

Trump Works Overtime to Drag the GOP Down With Him

Cops Have 500 Leads in Nashville’s Christmas Day Bombing, Home in Nearby Antioch Raided

LUXOME LAYR Adjustable Pillow Review

Daily Beast Favorite Cookbooks of the Year

Uruguay Was Hailed for Beating COVID, Now It’s Losing Control

Cáceres Should Be Your First Stop in Spain Post-Pandemic

How Furry Little Lemurs Could Help Humans Travel to Deep Space

Cherie DeVille’s 12 Steps to Become the Next Big Porn Star

How Paris Hilton Gave Us the Best Movie Scene of the Year in ‘Promising Young Woman’

Charles Hatfield Made It Rain in San Diego. The Problem Was He Couldn’t Make It Stop.

Democrats’ Big 2020 Mistake Could Cost Them the House in 2022

The Kenyan Maasai Who Once Hunted Lions Are Now Their Saviors

Biggest Celeb Scandals of 2020, From Ellen DeGeneres’ Unmasking to the Kardashians’ Pandemic Partying

The Anti-Vaxxer Mission to Promote Nonexistent COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

The Michael Alig I Knew, ‘Club Kid,’ Killer, and Mystery

Vehicle in Downtown Nashville Blared a Warning, Then Exploded

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Review

My Five Favorite Meals Christmas Edition with Chefs Daniel Boulud, Lidia Bastianich and More

How Italy Used the Year of COVID-19 to Scapegoat Migrants

My Messed-Up Family Drove Me to the Other Side of the World for Christmas

The Daily Beast’s 12 Most Brain-Melting Cheat Sheet Items of 2020, From Emu Attacks to Lysol-Guzzling

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ Delivers Hot Sex and Corsets for Christmas

The Real Political Heroes of This Dumpster Fire Year

Was Jesus Really Born in Bethlehem? The Gospels Disagree.

The Suits Are Doing Fine, but the Musicians Are Hurting

Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Dazzling and Finally Gives Us a Black Lead — But Falls Short of Greatness

With Vaccines, Here Are Three Paths This Coronavirus Nightmare Could Take Next

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Left the Royal Family, and Took All the Drama With Them

Can You Believe Your Eyes That All This Happened in 2020?

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ on HBO Max Is Saved by Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s Sizzling Chemistry

The Bizarre Rise of the Manhattan Prep School Gangster Turned Enigmatic West Bank Rabbi

With Pardon, Paul Manafort Gets His Reward for Saving Donald Trump from Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Away Front Pocket Backpack Review

Steep Fines and a COVID Explosion? This California Church Doesn’t Care.

Best Heating Pad from OSTRICHPILLOW

How Borat, Sarah Cooper, Jordan Kleppler, and Blaire Erskine Turned MAGA Men Into Laughingstocks

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Baby Archie Release Their Christmas Card

Lululemon Engineered Warmth Jogger Review

Celebrate the End of the Year With a Classic Rum Cocktail

The Best (and Worst) of 2020 in Quarantine Movies, TV Shows, Comedy, TikToks, and More

Another Blow for QAnon as Voat Announces a Christmas Shutdown

Trump Has Put LGBTQ Rights in Peril. Can Joe Biden Save Them?

The Arizona ER Nurse Watching COVID-Denying Politicians Get the Vaccine First

Russia’s New COVID-19 Problem Is Convincing People to Take Its Vaccine

Annette Bening on J.K. Rowling’s Transphobia, ‘Corrupt’ Republicans, and COVID Anti-Maskers

Is Mexcaltitán, a Tiny Island, Really the Lost Home of the Aztecs?

America’s Problem May Be COVID-19 Vaccine Line Jumpers, Not Resisters

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ Will Make You Swoon and Fall in Love With Regé-Jean Page

Pour One Out for All the COVID Weddings That Weren’t

Congress Spent $900 Billion on COVID Relief but Cut $3 Million to Address Health-Care Worker Mental Illness

This Steaming Pile of Filthy Pardons for Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charles Kushner Stinks Just Like Trump

Kirk Cameron Rails Against ‘Mask Gestapo’ on Newsmax After Holding Maskless Caroling Protests

Trump Pardons Charles Kushner, Former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, Roger Stone

Trump’s Blackwater Pardon Sends a Clear Message: ‘Shut the Fuck Up and Obey

Dominion Threatens to Sue Trump-Boosting Networks Over Election Conspiracies

Travel Back in Time to 1950s New York City

Fox’s Sandra Smith Grills GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn on Stimulus Checks: ‘Do You Not Want to Commit to It?’

‘This Is Just What Jared Does’: Kushner Bails on Trump’s Mission to Destroy the 2020 Election

Authorities Identify Andre Maurice Hill as Black Man Killed by Adam Coy, Columbus Cop With History

USC Prof Accused of Luring Students to Italy for Sex Gets Axed From Classroom. Students Say It’s Not Enough.

Dry January Self Help Book

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Tricked by Animal Rights Activist Posing as Smithfield Meat Company CEO

Fox’s Pete Hegseth Applauds Trump for Pardoning War Criminals: ‘God Bless the President’

Breville Milk Cafe Frother Review

Alex Padilla Wins California’s Kentucky Derby of Identity Politics

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham Fight Soho House Village Neighbors Over Plans for ‘Monstrous’ New Lake

Forget Eggnog. Hot Buttered Rum is the Drink of the Holidays. The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Biden Team’s Looming NatSec Conflicts Spell Trouble

Social Media Got Very Sad in 2020

‘A Lot of People Are Going to Die’: Iowa Scientists Fear Gov. Reynolds’ COVID-19 Retreat Will Bring Disaster

Want to Know Who Will Win in Georgia? Look Beyond Atlanta

How an Army of Badass Indian Farmers Put Delhi Under Siege

The Year TikTok Took Over the World — and Drove Trump Mad

Where Was Jesus Actually Born?

Democrats Must Punish the House GOP’s ‘Seditious Seventeen’

Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, and Their Dogs Are the Real Winners of 2020

Kelly Loeffler’s Letter Helped Set Stage for Husband’s $10 Billion Deal

Secret Service Has No Plan if Trump Refuses to Go, Sources Say

Best Steamer on Amazon

How Nick Stahl Survived Skid Row and Hollywood Stardom

White Supremacists Discussed Shooting Up Power Grids, Forming ‘Fascist Society,’ FBI Says in Affidavit

A Massive Purge is Underway at Alex Jones’ Infowars

Trump Goes on Pardon Spree, Grants Pardon to Duncan Hunter, George Papadopoulos

Karl Rove Tears Into Sidney Powell, Says Trump Is ‘So Ill-Served’ by Her ‘Antics’

Donald Trump Tells Sidney Powell He Won't Name Her ‘Special Counsel’

Columbus Cop Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Man, Turns on Body-Cam After

Best Vinegar Hair Rinse Treatment For Shiny Hair

Fox News Complains About Media Being Mean While Comparing CNN Host to a Potato

Best Electric Wine Opener

Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Defends Armed Right-Wing Oregon Mob: ‘What Else Can They Do?’

Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Fort Bragg Soldier Keith Lewis Kills Pregnant Wife Days Before Due Date

Vitaly Mansky Arrested for FSB Underwear Protest Over Navalny Poisoning

Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, Thai King’s Official Mistress, Has Hundreds of Nudes Allegedly Leaked

Last-Minute Gifts Give These Five Fabulous Cookbooks

Last-Minute Gifts Give These Gourmet Drink & Food Presents

Russian-Backed Trolls Are Targeting a New Election in the Central African Republic

How The Daily Beast Made a Shit Year Look Really Good

Did Bill Fucking Barr Just Save American Democracy?!

Trumpworld Wants to Primary GOP Gov. Brian Kemp

‘Badass’ ICU Nurse Jill Hansen Got COVID. Now She’s Hoping for a Double Lung Transplant.

Farrakhan Calls the Vaccine the White Man’s ‘Death Plan’

How Melania Trump Destroys Her Friends

The Stench of Roger Ailes Still Clings to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott

Ariana Grande Celebrates Trump Impeachment in Netflix’s ‘excuse me, i love you’ — But It’s No ‘Miss Americana’

David Misch Charged in 1988 Kidnapping of Michaela Garecht in Hayward, California

The 20 Funniest Performances of 2020, From ‘Borat,’ ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ SNL and More

Rudy Giuliani Distances Trump From Sidney Powell as She Visits White House for Third Time

Anthony Fauci Clarifies That COVID Vaccine Will Get to the Public by Spring

Sebastian Gorka Cuts Off MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for Spouting Voting Machine Conspiracy on Newsmax

Strongman Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Up and Whines Again About Trump and the Feds

Hundreds of Maskless Trumpkins Pack Turning Point USA Party at Mar-a-Lago

Mutant Coronavirus Variant in the U.K. Is Probably Already in the U.S.

Everything You Need to Know About the New COVID Variant

Newsmax Fact-Checks Its Own Smartmatic Lies Following Legal Threats

Mick Mulvaney Shuts Down Fox Host Maria Bartiromo’s Election Nonsense

Justo Smoker Charged With Murder of Linda Stoltzfoos, Amish Teen Who Went Missing After Church in Pennsylvania

Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Descends on Oregon Capitol

Britain’s Supercharged Mutant Coronavirus Expected to Go Global

Viktor Fedotov, Major Conservative Party Donor, Linked to Russian Corruption scandal

Lather Almond Shave Crème Gives Me the Closest Smoothest Shave I’ve Found

Will American Single Malt Ever Rival Scotch Whisky? The Life Behind Bars Podcast

I Have Major Pfizer, Moderna Vaccine FOMO and I Am a Doctor

Only a Third of Employees at Howard University Hospital Want the Vaccine

It’s Time to Start Policing Social Gatherings for COVID Rule-Breakers

25 of the Best Daily Beast Stories That Captured 2020

The Most Overlooked Movies of 2020, from a Controversial Portrait of a Killer to Nicolas Cage Unleashed

The Greek Alphabet Makes For a Plethora of Puzzle Clues

Earth to Media: Don’t Echo Idiotic Trumpworld Biden Memes

The Final 30 Days of the Trump Presidency Will Be Its Most Terrifying

She Was Camilla in ‘The Crown.’ Now Emerald Fennell Is Out for Revenge With ‘Promising Young Woman.’

Donald Trump Is Already Wondering What Airport Will Bear His Name

What if We Gave Pfizer or Moderna Vaccines to Young People First?

Southwest Airlines Allegedly Cut Corners, Pilots Struggled to Get Planes to Take Off

Chris Wallace Swipes at Fox Colleagues Who Whined About Jill Biden’s ‘Doctor’ Title

Mitt Romney Blasts Trump’s ‘Embarrassing’ Flirtation With Martial Law

Best Humidifier Review for Plants and Cough

How Is Prince Harry and Prince William’s Relationship? ‘Still Not Great.’

Costa Rica Is Open to the World. Here’s What It’s Like to Visit

Improve Your Reaction Time and Agility with These Smart Pods

‘That’s Not Who We Are’ Has Never Felt So Inadequate

A Baby Boomer Sticks Up for Millennials

When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey

Why are LGBTQ-Themed Christmas Films So Very White and Conservative?

Inside the International Flights Filled With Unaccompanied Babies

Frankie Jonas on Being the ‘Bonus Jonas,’ TikTok, and Burning His Purity Ring After Watching Hentai Porn

Virginia State Senator, 2021 Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Is Next-Level MAGA

Zerlina Maxwell Says Republicans Know Dems Suck At Messaging to Black People

SNL Sends Off Trump With Epic Montage of His ‘Greatest’ Hits

SNL Introduces Its New Joe Biden Alex Moffat After Jim Carrey’s Exit

How My Once-Apolitical Church Became the House of Trump

‘Pro Pedophilia’ White Supremacist Nathan Larson Forced Girl to Wear a Disguise as He Kidnapped Her, Cops Say

What to Know About Winter Solstice & the ‘Great Conjunction’

Who Should Replace Jim Carrey as Joe Biden on SNL?

Trump’s Bonkers Oval Office Meeting With Sidney Powell Was Even Too Much for Rudy

Make Soups, Smoothies, Sauces and More With a Blender That Cooks and Cleans for You

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch Review

Ben & Jerry Made Delicious Ice Cream. Now They’re Fighting to Free Julian Assange.

Joe Biden Saves Christmas from Giuliani and Trump in Colbert’s ‘Twas the Coup Before Christmas’

We Found a 115,000-Year-Old Iguana Nest Fossil in the Bahamas

Why ‘The Flight Attendant’ Finale Was So F*cking Terrible

He Went to the Bottom of an Ocean Known for Storms. And Lost Contact

How HUD Nominee Marcia Fudge Can Undo the Damage Nixon Did

History Will Agree That Trump Used Americans as Lab Rats

Kyoto is Still Full of Magic and Mystery

Colman Domingo, Star of ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ and ‘Euphoria,’ Is the Man of the Hour

Netflix’s ‘The Ripper’ Exposes the Prostitute-Killing Truck Driver Who Followed in Jack the Ripper’s Footsteps

They Have COVID. One Has an IQ of 69. Trump Is Still Killing Them.

Carnival Cruise Ship Waited Days After COVID-19 Symptoms to Quarantine Passengers, Docs Reveal

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Is Throwing Down Big Money to Fuel Pro-Trump Election Challenges

Incel Who Fantasized About Killing ‘Hot Cheerleaders’ Cole Carini Pleads Guilty to Bomb-Making Charge

The Pfizer Vaccine Rollout Is Causing Confusion Among States and There Is No End in Sight

Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Gets FDA Emergency-Use Authorization to Take on Raging Pandemic

Frontline Doctors Revolt Over Stanford Medical Center's ‘Absurd’ Vaccine Rollout

ATT TV Answers Your Questions About Streaming Entertainment

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Underneath the Tree’ Should Be the Next ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

Biden Honcho Shouldn’t Apologize. Those Republicans ARE Fuckers.

Inside the Ivanka-Melania War

Disorganized, Violent NYPD Badly Screwed Up Floyd Protests, Watchdog Finds

Fake COVID-19 Vaccines are Already Being Sold Online

New York Times Admits Its Caliphate Podcast Fell for ISIS Hoaxer’s Bullshit

Craft Spirits Are in Real Trouble. Can They Rebound in 2021?

Consensus Is a Dirty Word in Washington. Does That Mean Biden Is Fucked?

The GOP Hopes This Issue Will Tarnish Warnock’s Pastor Image

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Strike Gold In Hollywood

They’re Carting Robert E. Lee Out of the U.S. Capitol and It’s About Damn Time

Mitch McConnell Always Crawls From the Wreckage

Sir Ian McKellen, and the Art of the Perfect Vaccine Selfie

This California Representative Survived Jonestown and Says Trumpers Have Definitely Drunk the Kool Aid

How a QAnon-Backing Hormone Doctor Financed 2020’s Craziest, Scariest Election Conspiracy

The 20 Best TV Shows of 2020, From ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Real Housewives’ to ‘I May Destroy You’

Jimmy Kimmel Says Mike Pence Doesn’t Deserve the COVID Vaccine

Joe Biden Reveals His Deep ‘Disappointment’ in Lindsey Graham to Colbert

Don Lemon Calls Out Chris Christie for ‘Rehabbing’ Reputation During Cuomo Interview

75 People and Counting Test Positive for COVID After First Baptist Hendersonville’s Christmas Musical

Cool Beans Joe Yonan Cookbook Gift Pick

Tucker Carlson Tells His Giant Fox Audience Not to Trust COVID Vaccines

Trump Bows to Reality, Asks Confidants, Should I Do ‘The Apprentice’ Again?

Trump-Targeted Voting Company Dominion Hires Top PR Firm To Help Against The Crazy

Feds Had Years of Warnings About Potential Nuclear Hack by Foreign Adversaries

The Novichok Poisoning of Alexei Navalny Leads Straight to Putin

300,000 Are Dead and Fox News Host Will Cain Still Thinks Masks Are a ‘Virtue Signal’

Hundreds of Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolboys Are Freed

FBI Releases Photos of Brian Jeffrey Raymond, Accused Serial Predator Who Worked in U.S. Embassies

At-Home Exercise Yoga Bench Review

Raphael Warnock Hammers Kelly Loeffler for ‘Profiting Off the Pandemic’ on ‘The View’

How a GOP Operative Got Caught Funneling Untraceable Campaign Cash

Texas Black Man Joshua Feast Killed by Police Was Shot in Back, Autopsy Says

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf Brands His Country’s Anti-Lockdown Strategy as a Deadly Failure

Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Pimp Jean-Luc Brunel Nabbed Boarding Flight to Africa

Putin Says Alexei Navalny Would Be Dead if He Had Ordered Him to Be Poisoned

Jim Worthington of Newtown Athletic Club in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Leads Anti-Lockdown Uprising

Last Minute Gifts Amazon Sales

10 Rounds With Fashion Designer John Varvatos Villa One Tequila Co-Founder with Nick Jonas

‘The Stand’ Is Stephen King’s Guide to a Pandemic-Ravaged USA

Out of Work & Out of Money: How COVID-19 Nearly Ruined This Flight Attendant

The Key to Biden Winning Over the Left

David S. Cohen, ‘Financial Batman,’ in the Lead to Run Biden’s CIA

The Mistake Obama Made and Biden Can’t Afford to Repeat

Mike Pence’s Mission Is Slavish Devotion Every Day Til Jan. 20

Ben & Jerry Defend Colin Kaepernick Ice Cream Flavor Against Right-Wing Trolls

Transgender Troops are ‘Excited’ for Joe Biden to Strike Down President Trump’s Ban

Chadwick Boseman’s Career-Best Performance in Netflix’s ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Will Break Your Heart

Rhode Island Is Getting the Vaccine—and a Surge of New Cases

ISIS Fanboy Applies for Job at FBI. Guess What Happens Next.

Laura Benanti Talks Playing Colbert’s ‘Complicit’ Melania Trump

Desperate Tennessee ER Doctor Pleads With Gov. Bill Lee for COVID Action and the Vaccine

Seth Meyers Hammers Newsmax Host Greg Kelly for Rejecting Reality That Trump Lost

Obsessed Tucker Carlson Calls Jill Biden ‘Illiterate’ and ‘Our National Shame’

France Finds 14 Guilty In Brutal Charlie Hebdo Attacks

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Fires Back at Fox News for Mocking Bill Gates COVID Interview

Ex-BF Arrested 19 Years After Rebecca Pena Was Killed, Stuffed in Suitcase, Dumped in Miami Canal

Ron Johnson Brands Gary Peters a Liar, Airs Election Conspiracies in Unhinged Senate Hearing

Mexico Slaps Cuffs on the DEA After Arrest of General Salvador Cienfuegos

Kenyan Man Cholo Abdi Abdullah Indicted for Allegedly Plotting Another 9/11-Style Attack

King of Thailand Allegedly Ruling His Nation From German Ski Resort With a Retinue of Concubines

The Dream Christmas Eve Meal of Star Chef Mary Attea

Why Gov. Newsom Must Appoint a Black Woman to Replace Harris

Biden Must Be Ready for Disaster. We Mean That Literally.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021 Items to Buy

Best Personal Space Heater Review

Carefully Dismembered Bodies Found in Four Suitcases in Italy

ATT TV Cloud Technology Makes Watching Anywhere, Anytime a Reality

Democracy Won Because Donald Trump Couldn’t Break the Judiciary—Including His Own Appointees

Inside the Shady Sex Work Abolitionist Group That Gutted Pornhub

Anti-Trump Republicans Are Doing Nothing Right Now to Stop Him in 2024

These Rogue Sheriffs Won’t Even Give Their Prisoners Masks

Value of Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s Georgia Mansion Dropped $6M Overnight—and Nobody Can Explain Why

Trevor Noah Grills Barack Obama on His ‘Defund the Police’ Beef

'Girl, Bye!' Don Lemon Goes Off On Ex-Colleague Kayleigh McEnany Over Media Attacks

Stop Praising Tom Cruise for Berating His Crew Over COVID

Biden’s Old-School Cabinet Isn’t Getting Any Younger —Even With Mayor Pete

40 Women Sue Pornhub Parent MindGeek for $80M Over ‘Sex Trafficking’ GirlsDoPorn Videos

Tom Cruise Unloads on ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Crew for COVID Breach in Leaked Audio

Trump Considers Clemency for Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road Founder Convicted of Drug and Money Laundering Charges

Russian Media Mourn as Putin Acknowledges Biden’s Win But Say Trump ‘Burned’ U.S. on His Way Out

Former Houston Police Captain Anthony Aguirre Held Repairman at Gunpoint Over Voter Fraud Conspiracy, Cops Say

Takahiro Shiraishi, Twitter Killer Who Lured Victims to His Apartment, Sentenced to Death

Gamblers Bet Big on Trump and Now They Claim Fraud

Ellume At-Home, Over-the-Counter Coronavirus COVID-19 Antigen Test Could Be Big

Never Any Shipping Delays: Give the Gift of Beast Inside

Demon Sperm Doctors Group That Met With Pence Is Now Pushing COVID Vaccine Fears

Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy Seems to Cheer Twitter Attacks on Her Colleague Jedediah Bila

Will Trump’s Fake White House Have a Churro Bar? An Omelette Station? Or Both?

Mitch McConnell Recognizes Joe Biden as the Next President, Saying ‘The Electoral College Has Spoken’

Zappos End of Year Sale 2021

Is the Must-Have Gift of 2020 an Old-Fashioned Cocktail?

‘End of Alzheimer’s’ Dr. Dale Bredesen’s Memory-Loss Program Draws Questions

George Clooney Confronts a Catholic Bishop’s State-Sponsored Assassination

Why You Should Rethink Your White Liberal Critique of Lloyd Austin

Michael Musto Cannot Wait for New York City’s ‘Marvelously Messy’ Comeback

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is Screwing Up the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout

Plea to the Press: Don’t Make Trump 2021’s Shadow President

Inside Jason Mantzoukas’ Journey From ‘Wild-Eyed Maniac’ to Horny Bisexual Tween

Rumble in the Bronx Coronavirus Fight Club Pivots from New York City to Orlando, Florida

Trevor Noah Brutally Roasts Trump Troll Stephen Miller Over Fox News Election Challenge

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Starring Keanu Reeves Is So Glitchy Characters’ Penises Are Falling Out

Stephen Colbert’s Melania Trump Admits the Election and Her Marriage Are Over

Why Bill Barr Did It All for Donald Trump

Geraldo Rivera Slaps Down Charlie Kirk for Pushing Election Denialism, Says ‘You Have to Stop This!’

Paul Behrends, Ex-Staffer to Dana Rohrabacher Who Was Linked to Veselnitskaya Dies Suddenly After a Fall

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Raises Campaign Cash Off Trying to Subvert Democracy

The A-Team of Kremlin Hackers Is Back, and That’s Bad News for the Rest of Us

Trump Says Bill Barr Is Stepping Down, Just as Biden Makes Win Official

Electoral College Confirms Reality: Trump Is a Loser

WSJ’s Jill Biden Op-Ed Is Just the Cherry on a Sh*t Sundae

Hopeless MAGA Faithful Pivot to Apocalypse Prep as Trump Loss Gets Locked In

Lauren Kwei, Medic Outed by New York Post for OnlyFans Account, Is Deluged With Donations

Newsmax Anchor John Bachman Finally Bursts the Bubble, Utters the Words ‘President-Elect Joe Biden’

Barack Obama Mocks His Tan Suit ‘Scandal’ With Desus and Mero

Robert Levinson’s Iran Kidnappers Named as Mohammad Baseri and Ahmad Khazai Are Sanctioned

Brian Kilmeade Confronts Stephen Miller on Trump Election Lawsuits: ‘Do You Have the Worst Legal Team?’

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Superspreader Santa Claus Blamed for Giving COVID-19 to 75 Belgian Nursing Home Residents: Reports

Russian Chemical Experts Trailed Alexei Navalny for Years Before Poisoning Him, Says Report

Dave Ramsey, Personal-Financial Guru, Hosts 1,000 Guests at Maskless Christmas Bash Amid Nashville COVID Spike

Princess Diana Letter Praised Martin Bashir and Said He Never Showed Her Fake Documents, Inquiry Will Hear

Netflix’s ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Is a Sexy, Druggy, Deeply Silly Teen ‘Black Swan’

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Trump Says He’ll Fight On. His Campaign HQ Is Literally Taking Down His Name.

Tulum Braces for Zamna Festival, a 17-Day Dance Music Fest and Potential COVID Superspreader Event

Trump’s Axis of Assholes Just Completed Its Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party

Anti-Vaxxer Panic About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Meets Neo-Nazi Fantasies in ‘Corona Chan’

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John Le Carré, Who Gave Spy Fiction Back to the Spies, Is Dead at 89

Prince Andrew Misled BBC When He Said He Did Not Stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s Home in 2001, Report Says

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John Le Carré, Beloved British Spy Novelist, Dead at 89

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My Journey to Confront the Terrorists Who Blew Me Up

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Former NOW President Toni Van Pelt Got $400,000 Payout After Racism Allegations

COVID Whistleblower Rebekah Jones: I Knew DeSantis Would Go After Me

SNL’s Colin Jost Mocks ‘Desperate Old Man’ Trump for ‘Pretending’ He Won

SNL’s Dr. Fauci and Deborah Birx Torch Trump’s COVID Failure

One Person Shot as Clashes Erupt at Pro-Trump Protest in Washington State

Anthony Fauci Reveals His Biggest COVID Vaccine Fear: Skepticism

Trump Treats D.C. Protesters With a Fleeting Flyover

Imploding MAGA World Turns to Civil War, Secession After Supreme Court Disaster

Proud Boy Leader Says He Was Invited to White House. White House Says It Was Actually a Public Xmas Tour.

FKA twigs Said Abuse ‘Can Happen to Anybody.’ It Happened To Me.

Fran Drescher and Lifetime Make History with the Wonderful, Winning “Christmas Setup”

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The First Modern Victim of Fake News Was a Socialist

Johnny Depp’s Very Expensive Shittiness, by the Numbers

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Bad News for Evangelicals, God Doesn’t Need Donald Trump in the White House

Mark Peikert Used to Edit Broadway’s ‘Playbill.’ He’s Way Happier Working in Gay Porn.

Protests, Marches, and Some Serious Shofar Blowig as Trumpers Set to Descend on D.C. Yet Again

Oh, The Places Ivanka Trump Won’t Go

Trump’s GOP Gives Up On Greatness and Tries to Tear America Apart

America’s Hidden World of Handmade Pornography

Shia LaBeouf Has Transformed Into a Monster

Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Gets FDA Emergency Use Authorization in Massive Pandemic Breakthrough

Sarah Palin Returns to the Movement She Started in Georgia Runoff Campaign

Newsmax Turns on Trump’s SCOTUS Picks After Texas Ruling

Supreme Court Chooses Democracy Over Chaos and Tosses Texas’ Bonkers Election Challenge

Trump Grows Increasingly Angry With FDA, Wonders if COVID Vaccine Makers Are ‘Democrats’

Arizona Dr. Cleavon Gilman Went Public About ICU Beds—and Says He Was Axed

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Arrest Made After Nashville ICU Nurse Caitlyn Kaufman Was Fatally Shot While Driving to Work

Orlando Sentinel Apologizes for Endorsing Rep. Michael Waltz Who Wants to Overturn Election

NY Times Assistant Adam Rubenstein, Who Edited Tom Cotton’s ‘Send in the Troops’ Column, Resigns

‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ Is the Absolutely Bizarre Irish Rom-Com the Whole World Must See

Is This When Ivanka Will Run Against Little Marco Rubio?

Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy Theorists Sent Crazy by Vaccine Rollout in Britain

Donald Trump's Friends Do What Thousands Don’t—Leave the Hospital

Hunter Biden Will Be Topic One on Day One for Joe Biden’s Justice Department

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Russian Communist Party Is Now Following the GOP Playbook on COVID

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Building a Whiskey Empire in 85 Years Heaven Hill Max Shapira The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Disney Unveils Flurry of New ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel Projects Amid Massive Worker Layoffs

Arizona Republican Party Civil War Somehow Keeps Getting Weirder

Wyoming GOP Is Mad at Gov. Mark Gordon for Finally Mandating Masks

How Prince William and Kate Middleton’s U.K. COVID Tour Derailed in Scotland

North Dakota State Sen. Ray Holmberg, New Hampshire, Rep. Dick Hinch, and More Get COVID-19 in State Capitols

Inside the NY Times Probes Threatening Rukmini Callimachi’s Career

How Michael Kosta Became ‘The Daily Show’s’ Token White Guy

LGBTQ Leaders Watch Biden Cabinet Selections With Increasing Anxiety

Trump’s Ruthless Band of Democracy Killers Deserve No Cushy Gigs

A Vile Website Doxxing Trump’s Enemies Has Caught the Eye of the FBI

How the Christian Crowdfunding Site GiveSendGo Became the Go-to Site for Trumpist Rage

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Ted Cruz’s ‘Embarrassing’ Trump Election-Defense Hypocrisy

Seth Meyers Blows Up on ‘Sociopathic’ Trump for Ignoring Record COVID Deaths

Lou Dobbs Says to ‘Hell With’ the Senate Runoffs, Calls Georgians ‘Dumb’

Porn Star Kendra Sunderland Booted Off Instagram After ‘Joking’ About Sex With CEO Adam Mosseri

Unmoved Trump Declines to Save Brandon Bernard, Inmate Backed by Kim Kardashian, From Execution on Thursday

In Trump Election Fight, Pennsylvania GOP State Legislators Urge Supreme Court to Side Against Their Own State

What the Hell Was Biden Thinking With His Wildly Out-of-Touch Choice for Veterans Affairs Secretary?

Mark Zuckerberg Tells Facebook Staff They Won’t Need a Vaccine to Return to Work

Quince Quick Dry Towel Review 2022

Rudy Giuliani’s New Theory on Debunked GA Video Is That They Were Handing Out Dope

Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Blows Up When Marie Harf Calls Out Lack of COVID Death Mentions

Michael Bay’s Pandemic Thriller ‘Songbird’ Is One of the Worst Movies of the Year

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Man ‘Delirious With Jealousy’ Cleared of Murdering His Wife by an Italian Court

PUMA Holiday Gift Guide Is a Hit With Shoppers

How to Remove Stains from Sweaters

Is This the Real Reason Why Trump’s Freaking Out About the Defense Bill?

Iran Can’t Get Its Story Straight on Assassination of Top Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Dem Super PAC Hits Perdue, Loeffler on Stock Sales In New $6.5m Ad Buy

Someone Named ‘Rob’ Is Targeting a Top Pennsylvania Republican With Pro-Trump Robocalls

Tate Reeves, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis and Other Politicians Hosting Coronavirus Holiday Parties

How Did Netflix’s ‘The Prom’ Musical and James Corden’s Performance Become a Big Gay Crisis?

‘New Year, New You’? GTFO, For 2021 at Least.

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Loeffler Ran on This Bill. Too Bad She Didn’t Vote for It.

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‘Covid Travellers’ Is the Facebook Group of Tourists Scheming to Break All the Coronavirus Rules

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on Rudy Giuliani for Getting VIP COVID ‘Miracle Cure’

Samantha Bee Taunts Ivanka Trump Over Preemptive Pardon: ‘Cancel Me, Queen!’

The Seeds of Hunter Biden’s Current Legal Woes Were Found on His Laptop

Rachel Maddow Tears Into Texas’ ‘Insane’ Election Lawsuit, Calls It ‘as Dumb as You Think It Is’

Leslie Jones Goes Off on Anti-Maskers in Bonkers MSNBC Appearance

What Kind of People Terrify a COVID Hero’s Children?

Lloyd Austin, Biden’s Pick for Defense Secretary, Instantly Becomes a ‘Hot Mess’

Donald Trump’s Newest Lawyer Is John Eastman, a Kamala Harris Birther

Jake Tapper Blasts ‘Clownish’ GOP Coup Attempt, Says ‘It Is Absolutely Disgraceful’

Robert Matheson, Scion Who Launched Sidney Powell’s Legal Fund, Is So Toxic Twitter Banned Him

2020’s Most Underappreciated Pop Culture Gems, from Pop Princess Rina Sawayama to Nicolas Cage Rage

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister, Back in Action as North Korea’s Attack Dog

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Netflix Blurs Fact and Fiction With ‘Mank’ and ‘The Crown’

Why Can’t We All Fly as Fast as Chuck Yeager? The Jet Set Elite Wants to Know, and People Are Listening.

Trump’s Stupid Sham Vaccine Summit Was a Sick Last Gasp

Trans People in Britain are Struggling Against a Toxic Tide of Prejudice

Mitch McConnell’s Last Trump-Era Act? One More Unqualified Hack Judge.

The Hottest Campaign Ads on Twitter Didn’t Really Work: Study

Joe Biden Should Build on These Donald Trump Foreign Policy Wins

Can Biden Break the Back of the White Supremacist Movement?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Hosts Backyard MAGA Fest That Could Be Next Coronavirus Fiasco

Russian Media Wants Moscow to Grant Asylum to Trump to Help Him Dodge Prosecutions

Netflix’s ‘Selena the Series’ and the Impossible Task of Bringing Selena Quintanilla Back to Life

Officials Scramble to Stop Thieves From Stealing COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

Laura Ingraham Suggests Mark Zuckerberg Bribed Georgia Officials: Are They ‘On the Take’?

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis for Getting COVID After Claiming ‘There Is No Pandemic’

Kim Kardashian Squares Off With Bill Barr for Trump’s Ear and the Life of Brandon Bernard, a Man on Death Row

Breaking Down Christopher Nolan’s Ugly War With HBO Max and WarnerMedia

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Breakthroughs Have Docs Surprised and Thrilled

‘Stop the Steal’ MAGA Fanatics Obsessed With Overturning 2020 Election Reach Their Death Cult Finale

Mellissa Carone Swears She ‘Wasn’t Drunk’ During Bizarro Rudy Giuliani Hearing

Gift Omsom’s Bundle to an Aspiring Foodie

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Regrets How Much Time ‘Morning Joe’ Spent on Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Trump Cheers ‘Terrific’ Rise in COVID-19 Cases During Off-The-Rails Vaccine Summit

Incognito Cops Roamed the Streets Amid Summer Protests. The Defense Bill Will Put a Stop to It.

Putin’s Agents Accused of Persecuting Scientists as Spy Paranoia Grips Russia

Wine Sealer to Keep Wine Fresh After Opening

Olivia Jade Tells All About Mom Lori Loughlin’s College Admissions Fiasco on ‘Red Table Talk’

Ivanka Trump Went on a Strange Late-Night Tour of Washington’s Monuments

‘Devil Worshiper’ Charged With Another Murder, Just Months After Release on Bail

Chuck Schumer, Senate Dems Ask FBI for Full QAnon Threat Assessment

Airbnb Founders Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia Check In for $5.5 Billion IPO Payday

‘Look! Trump Didn’t Poop Himself! Yay! Good Job, Donald!’

Ex-Cybersecurity Chief Chris Krebs Sues Trump Lawyer Joe DiGenova for Death Threat on Newsmax

2020 Is No Match for the Holidays

Stop the Steal Group Protested at Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's Home, Claims Ties to Macomb GOP

White Male Conservatives Think They’re America’s Real Victims

‘Giving Voice,’ a Love Letter to August Wilson, Is One of This Year’s Most Inspiring Films

Jessica Kirson on Bill Burr, Robert de Niro and Being the Wrong ‘Kind’ of Female Comedian

Here’s Why Joe Biden Won’t Fix Our Broken Immigration System

Should COVID-19 Survivors Go to the Back of the Line for the Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine?

Rudy Giuliani’s COVID Case Shows There’s No Vaccine to Treat the Disease the GOP Has Become

The First Person to Report the Death of John Lennon

Senate Witness Leads Group That Has Long-Hyped Anti-Vaxx Cause

Former Raytheon Missile Engineer James Robert Schweitzer Accused of Leaking Classified Info

When Philly Cops Killed a Baby and Opened Fire on a Black Liberation Group

Grieving Son Mike Sliper’s Open Letter to Jet-Setting South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Chuck Yeager, the Legendary Pilot Who Broke the Sound Barrier, Dies at 97

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Blames Rudy Giuliani for Catching COVID

Hannity Claims Georgia ‘Suitcase’ Video That Fox Debunked Hasn't Been Debunked

Biden Picks Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to Run Pentagon

Firm Tied to Biden Contenders Tony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Michele Flournoy Looks to Cash In On COVID Response

Authorities Raid Home of Fired Florida COVID-19 Dashboard Architect

Fox News ‘Hard News’ Show Buys GOP’s ‘Fascinating’ Effort to Steal Election

Jenks, Oklahoma High School Celebrates Football Title With ‘Superspreader’ Photo, Triggers Massive Backlash

Cuomo Says New York Could Shut Down in Days if Hospitalizations Keep Surging

‘The View’ Trashes ‘Programmed Robot’ Kelly Loeffler, Calls Her a ‘Manchurian Candidate’

Judges Chuck Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ Suits Alleging Venezuela-Based Conspiracy in Georgia and Michigan

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Newsmax Doctor Bob Lahita Calls Rudy Giuliani a One-Man ‘Superspreader’

AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Will Be on Sale in India for $8

Stasher Bags Sitewide Sale

From Disney Jail to ‘Emperor’s New Groove’: A Patrick Warburton Story

Vanessa Kogan, an American Bringing Russia’s Men to Justice, Is Being Kicked Out of the Country

The Supreme Court’s Dangerous New Crusade Against Science Is Just Beginning

Colombia Considers the Ultimate Strike Against Cartels: Legalizing Cocaine

Where to Go in 2021—Once It’s Safe to Travel Again

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Rubbing Trump’s Face in His Loss Isn’t Just Fun—It’s Important

‘Alabama Snake,’ the Appalachian Preacher Who Tried to Murder His Wife via Snake Bite

The Big Thing That Trump Got Right and Biden Can’t Afford to Screw Up Again

Here’s How Trump Could Lose His Twitter Account

Michael Flynn Goes Full QAnon in His Post-Pardon Media Tour

Tulum’s Burning Man Knockoff Became a COVID Superspreader Event

Everlane Day Glove Flat Review

Three Candidates, One No-Show, and Lots of Questions Dodged in Georgia Debates

That Donald Trump Taint Won’t Wash Out Any Time Soon

Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized With COVID-19

Heated Vest Review for Outdoor Eating

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Why the ‘Veep’ Cast Is Reuniting to Save Democracy—and Georgia’s Senate Races

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Corrects HHS Secretary Alex Azar, ‘It’s President-Elect Joe Biden’

Dr. Deborah Birx Says Trump’s COVID ‘Myths’ are Undermining Public Health Response

Best Gifts For People You Aren’t Seeing This Year

Prince Charles Doesn’t See Revived Interest in Princess Diana as a ‘Threat’

Black Doctors Try to Get Through to Vaccine Resisters

Is Gucci’s Non-Binary Gift Range Really Just ‘a Cash Grab’?

“We’ve Got to Get Him Out of There,” The Bloody WWII Mission to Rescue a Wounded Soldier

Big News: Goliath Might Not Have Been a Giant

How Leo Koretz Conned Chicago’s Elite Out of Millions of Dollars

Bryan Cranston Breaks Bad Again in Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ and It’s a Thrill to Watch

Party App CEO Defends Luxury ‘Private Island’ Getaway With Teen TikTok Influencers

Inside the Frantic Push to Get Trump to Pardon Everyone

Former Trump Org VP Barbara Res: He Didn’t Want Black People To Build His Skyscrapers

Pete Davidson Roasts Staten Island’s Anti-COVID Lockdown ‘Babies’ on SNL

They Voted Down Masks. So Dr. John Shell of Coffey County, Kansas, Quit.

SNL’s Cecily Strong Absolutely Nails Rudy Giuliani’s Star ‘Witness’ Mellissa Carone

Judge Jeanine Calls Attorney General Bill Barr a Reptile

Trump Uses Georgia Rally to Urge His Supporters to Avenge Him

Charter Jet CEO Paul Alexander Charged With Sex Trafficking Young Girls

Police Charge Michigan Mom Antoinette Briley with Killing Newborn Twins in 17-Year Cold Case

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Shoe Review

Cushion Lab Seat Pillow Review 2022

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Buying Joe Biden’s Weird Injury Excuse

Joe Biden Reveals Why He Questioned the Osama bin Laden Raid

Brace for an Even Nastier GOP Assault on Voting Rights

It's Come to This: Newt & Cruz Are the ‘Sane’ Ones in Georgia

Peacock’s ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reboot Is So Funny I Can’t Get Over It

COVID Cops in Europe Will Search Your Car for Evidence of Ski Gear

Trump’s Cruel Joke Was on Us, but He’s Just a Punchline Now

Teens Pretended to Lick Each Other at Barnesville, Ohio Homecoming Dance as COVID Surges

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh on HBO Max, the ‘Death’ of Cinema, and Vibing With Meryl Streep

The GOP’s QAnon Faction Is Waging War on Republicans

Mysterious Fort Bragg Deaths Come After a Paratrooper Was Decapitated

Kathy Griffin Speaks Out on Legal Nightmare, Says ‘I’m Not a Terrorist’

Tucker Carlson’s Ugly Anti-Trans Bigotry Flares Into Life on Fox News. Again.

Ohio Hubby Indicted for Offering Hitman $20,000 to Execute Wife He Said ‘Disrespected’ Him, Feds Say

Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s MAGA-Loving Defense Team Implodes

MSNBC Unfairly Boosting Ex-Contributor Maya Wiley’s NYC Mayoral Run, Rival Campaigns Say

Ninja Professional Food Processor Review

CNBC Hosts Andrew Ross Sorkin and Rick Santelli in Bonkers Showdown Over COVID Restrictions

Swanky New Jersey Restaurant Shut for Hosting New York Young Republican Club’s Secret Gala

Muckboots Rain Boots Review

Best New Launches From Brooklinen, Uniqlo, and More

Julia-Louis Dreyfus: We’ve ‘Talked About’ Making More ‘Veep’

The Republican National Committee Shelled Out $300K for Don Jr.’s New Book

Far Right Claims Brussels COVID Orgy Was a Honeytrap Set by Western Spies Aimed at Hungary, Poland

HBO Max’s ‘The Flight Attendant’ Should Be Your Next TV Infatuation

Eggnog Haters You Need to Make Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Eggnog Recipe

Best Measuring Cups Are Collapsible Silicone Measuring Cups

History Will Judge Trump but We’ve Got to Do It First

The Queen Gets Ready for a Family-Free Royal Christmas

Chet Hanks Joined Clubhouse. Then All Hell Broke Loose.

David Perdue Says the SEC ‘Totally Exonerated’ Him, a Thing the SEC Cannot Legally Do

Even Liberals Have to Admit Trump Had Real Successes on the Economy

Meet the Women Telling Their Sterilization Stories on TikTok

Monolith Haters Are Convinced It’s Just a Dumb Marketing Ploy

Their Pacific Northwest Thanksgiving Hosts Had COVID, and They’re Finally Scared

Hannity’s Crony Porter Berry Has Taken Over Fox News Digital and It’s a Disaster, Staffers Say

Sienna Miller Survived Tabloid Hell. Now She’s Thriving.

‘Euphoria’s’ Stripped-Down Pandemic Special Is Proof That It’s a Must-Watch

Trevor Noah Calls Out ‘Hypocrite’ Democratic Politicians for Breaking COVID Rules

Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Mocks Rudy Giuliani’s Star ‘Witness’ Mellissa Carone

Ex-Presidents Can Get Intel Briefings. Trump Shouldn’t.

Trump Announced a Major Coronavirus Vaccine Summit but Forgot to Tell Key Figures

Election Lies Help Trump and RNC Rake in Half a Billion

Fox News’ Juan Williams Tests Positive for COVID-19

Project Veritas’ New CNN Bombshell Is That Jeff Zucker Thinks Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Crazy’

This Is The Etsy Indian Starter Kit That Keeps My Takeout Cravings At Bay.

Howard Farley, Nebraska Drug Kingpin, Hid Out for Over Three Decades Under Dead Baby’s Identity, Feds

Uniqlo HEATTECH Crew Neck T-Shirt Review

Trump Rewards His Cronies and Bundlers With Plum Posts on His Way Out the Door

Newt Gingrich Upset at ‘Totally Destructive’ Pro-Trump Lawyers He Helped Embolden

Top Anti-Trump Corruption Group Says It’s Not Done With Him

Billionaire Bill Gross Blames Blaring Music on Manager in Ridiculous Legal Spat With Neighbor Mark Towfiq

Mary Trump Explains Why Her Uncle Donald Will Never Concede on ‘The View’

Away Mini Gift Set Gift Pick

Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart Living, and Other Meredith Publications Form Editorial Union

Trumpworld Declares War on ‘Fool’ Trumpist Lawyer Lin Wood

New Study Reveals Just How Bad Overdoses Got During Pandemic

COVID Orgy Host in Brussels Says Lawmakers From Nine Countries Came to His Sex Parties

British Anti-Trans Court Ruling on Puberty Blockers Stinks of Cruelty

The NFL Punted on COVID—Just Like Trump

Montana Pro-Maskers Worried New GOP Guv Will Undo Restrictions

Trump Exits Like He Entered—Throwing Mud and Dragging Us Down

Jose and Gloria Arellano Went on Vacation—and Wound Up in the ICU With COVID-19

Biden’s Plan to Reunite Immigrant Families Is a Mystery for Now

Georgia Election Officials Wanted ‘Boring and Simple.’ Now They’re Getting Death Threats Instead.

Bill Barr Just Set a Time Bomb for President Biden With Special Counsel John Durham

Inside ‘Heaven’s Gate,’ the UFO Anti-Sex Cult That Preached Castration and Mass Suicide

Trump ‘Fraud’ Witness Also Believes Ghosts Are Haunting His Family

Mads Mikkelsen on the Joys of Drinking, Replacing Johnny Depp, and His Hunger for More ‘Hannibal’

Stephen Colbert Tears Into Trump’s ‘Impotent’ Facebook Speech

Rudy Giuliani Attempts to Shush Unhinged ‘Witness’ During Election Fraud Hearing

Parade Underwear Body-Positive Review

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election ‘Fraud’ Train Wreck

'This Is Shameful!' Fox Host Scolds Colleagues for Defending Trump's 'Nonsense' Fraud Claims

Long Island Group Schemed to Get Dozens of Turkish Babies Birthright Citizenship, Feds Say

Supernatural Cleaning Products Are All-Natural and Smell Amazing

Michael Flynn’s Calls for Martial Law Blasted by Retired Officers

Trumpist Lawyers Lin Wood Tell Georgia Republicans: Don’t Vote in the Senate Runoff!

These Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments From Food52 Will Spice Up Your Festivities

George Rutler, Prominent ETWN Catholic TV Priest, Accused of Sexually Assaulting NYC Female Security Guard

Harry Styles Trolls Candace Owens’ Call to ‘Bring Back Manly Men’

This May Be the Real Reason Why Rudy’s So Thirsty for a Preemptive Pardon—and Why He Won’t Get One

Anti-‘Cancel Culture’ Reason Magazine Accused of Canceling Shikha Dalmia for Being Too Anti-Trump

Queen Mother’s Family Hits Back at ‘The Crown’ Allegation That Royals Ignored Cousins Sent to an Asylum

How Britain Rolled Out the Pfizer COVID Vaccine Before the U.S.

Inside the Brussels Lockdown Sex Party: Love Hearts, Devil’s Tridents and Mattresses All Over

Kate Spade Surprise Sale Has Gifts for All

10 Rounds With Actor Kyle MacLachlan Owner of Pursued by Bear Wine

Jon Ossoff Goes for David Perdue’s Jugular in GA Senate Race

How Populists Used COVID to Turn Sicily Against Migrants

Daily Beast Favorite Products of November 2020

The GOP’s Hypocritical Old White Snowflakes Are Melting Down Over Biden Pick Neera Tanden’s Mean Tweets

Ex-Goop Contributor Kelly Brogan Brings Her COVID Denialism to Alt-Right Haven Telegram

Here’s How Rudy Giuliani’s Push for a Preemptive Pardon Could Backfire

Conversion Therapy Is ‘Abuse’ and ‘Brainwashing,’ Say Its LGBTQ Survivors

The Three Strains of the GOP: Crazies, Quiets, and Hostages. And Yeah, They All Suck.

This Trump Crony Is Trying to Overturn the Election. His Own Group Has Thrown in the Towel.

Moorish Sovereign Citizens Are Knocking on Doors and Claiming People’s Homes

Netflix Reveals What Mysterious ‘Alien Worlds’ May Look Like

2020 Holiday Gifts to Make the Season Feel Special

‘The Bachelorette’ Made a Scarf-Wearing Harvard Snob Implode

YouTube Star Gabi DeMartino Accused of Selling ‘Child Porn’ Video of Herself on OnlyFans for $3

Project Veritas’ CNN Sting Uncovers Explosive News That Tucker Carlson Is Racist

‘Fast & Furious’ Stars The Rock and Tyrese Gibson Have Officially Squashed Their Feud

DOJ Investigates ‘Secret’ Bribery Scheme to Secure a Presidential Pardon

Sarah Palin Cancels and Matt Gaetz Signs on to NY Young Republicans’ Pandemic Gala

Ex-Arizona Official Paul Petersen Gets Six Years for Smuggling Pregnant Women Into U.S. to Sell Their Babies

Lou Dobbs Accuses Bill Barr of Being ‘Compromised’ and Part of the ‘Deep State’

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Director Resigns After Racism Claims

Quick-Drying Turkish Towels are Better than Microfiber Travel Towels

Joe Biden’s COVID Task Force Member Sounds the Alarm Over Trump’s Vaccine Distribution Plan

Buck Mason Crew Neck Review

Robert Keegan Claims He Killed Aidan Ellison in Self-Defense. An Autopsy Suggests Otherwise.

Does Trump Really Want Republicans to Win in Georgia?

Ex-Cybersecurity Chief Christopher Krebs Suggests Legal Action After Trump Lawyer Joe diGenova’s Death Threat

The Microplane Is the Only Cheese Grater You Need

Jozsef Szajer, Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker, Caught Busting Lockdown at Sex Party in Brussels

Helena Bonham Carter Says ‘The Crown’ Has a ‘Moral Responsibility’ to Admit It Is Fiction

Save the Holidays by Giving Homemade Bottled Cocktails

How Trump Almost Sabotaged the U.S. Postal Service’s Operation Santa

A Question for Donald Trump: What Do You Call Someone Who Loses to ‘a Loser’?

The Real Fascist Threat Was Never Trump—It’s Corporate Power

Considering Rahm Emanuel for Transportation Secretary Is a Slap in the Face of Black America

2020 Holiday Streaming Guide: Dolly Parton, Vanessa Hudgens, and... Fran Drescher?!

Gay Conversion Therapy Survivors Speak Out. ‘It’s Torture.’

The MAGA Coalition Rallying Behind Trump’s Post-Election Mischief Is Already Cracking

Trump Tells Pompeo: Go Wild on Iran, Just Don’t Risk ‘World War III’

John Michael Higgins Talks Letterman, ‘Best in Show,’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s Grandmother Died in Nursing Home Ravaged by COVID-19

Jimmy Kimmel Accuses Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo of ‘Auditioning’ to Be Trump’s Next Wife

Hannity Credulously Buys Sidney Powell’s Excuses for Lack of Evidence and Witnesses

Trump Campaign Lawyer Joe diGenova Says Ex-Cybersecurity Chief Krebs Should Be ‘Taken Out at Dawn and Shot’

Neera Tanden Mean-Tweeted GOP Lawmakers—Until She Needed Their Votes

Fox News Host Martha MacCallum Gives Lara Trump a 2020 Reality Check

Scott Atlas, Trump’s Favorite COVID-19 Adviser, Resigns