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Trump Defends Teen Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Charged With Murdering Kenosha Protesters

Biden Warns ‘Toxic’ Trump Sees Violence as ‘a Political Lifeline’

Trump Ally Eric Metaxas Allegedly Punched Protester After White House RNC Speech

Here Is the Bloody Face of Putin’s New Crackdown

Steve Scalise Justifies Deceptively Manipulating Video of Disabled Progressive Activist Ady Barkan

Best Neutral Colored Cloth Face Masks

How Saudi Prince MBS Played Trump and Got the Keys to the Kingdom

Yamaguchi-gumi, Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi Civil War Has Wrecked the Supremacy of the Yakuza

Tea Party Bomb Throwers FreedomWorks Call for a Break From Politics

White People Aren’t as Racist or Stupid as Trump Thinks

Joe Kennedy-Ed Markey Race Is a Proxy War Pitting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Against Nancy Pelosi

Biden’s Out-of-the-Basement Strategy: Pummel Trump as Unsafe

Coronavirus Exposure Sends University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) into Chaos, Emails Show

Inside the Final Days of Robin Williams

Chasten Buttigieg on Pete, Death Threats, Melania Trump, and Getting Accused of Not Being ‘Gay Enough’

Are COVID Death Squads Really to Blame for Unprecedented Wave of Colombian Massacres?

Minnesota Dems Warn Biden: If Ignored, We’ll Be the Next State to Flip Red

Ed Henry’s Accusers Say His Behavior Was an Open Secret at Fox News

The MTV VMAs Are Finally Relevant Again. All It Took Was a Pandemic.

John Oliver Rips Tucker Carlson, Trump, and the McCloskeys Over Kenosha Shooting Suspect Kyle Rittenhouse

The Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle Constructor Spills on Grid Patterns

Trump Called Kimberly Guilfoyle After Her Roaring RNC Speech, Compared Her to Eva Perón

Black People Are Living Full, Rich Lives. We Should Celebrate That.

Best Kombucha Starter Kit

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Grills Lara Trump on RNC ‘Super-Spreader Event’

CNN Host Dana Bash Confronts GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on Trump ‘Agitating’ Violence: ‘No Other Way to See It’

Prince Harry Probably Won’t Return to U.K. Until 2021, Will Miss Annual Polo Fundraiser

The Drug-Smuggling Miami Mobster Who Fell in Love With Tarpon Fishing

How We Eerily Predicted Trump’s War on the U.S. Postal Service

How Film Festivals Have Failed Black Talent

Teresa Fazio Is a Marine, and a Different Kind of War Writer

CNN Fact Checker Daniel Dale Is a ‘Firehose’ Dousing Trump’s Incendiary Lies

COVID-19 Reinfections Keep Getting Reported, but How Scared Should You Be?

Dems Turn Table on Post Office Sabotage

Citizens Who Can’t Vote? The United States Has 3.5 Million of Them.

The Pandemic-Induced Desperation of ‘Love Island USA,’ Quarantine Edition

Inside the Game-Fixing Scandal That Rocked the NBA

Tech Gear for Remote College Learning

Jeffrey Epstein’s Right-Hand Mystery Men

Trump DHS Official: Of Course There Are Racists in the Administration

One Shot Dead as Hundreds of Trump Supporters Descend on Portland After Clackamas Meeting

School Supplies for 2020 During COVID-19

Chadwick Boseman’s Death and His Superhero Battle With Colon Cancer

Best Election Merchandise

Best Brush for Natural Hair

In ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music,’ Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Give Us Hope for the Future

He Shot a Gay Man Six Times in the Back. Now He’s Free.

Bill Maher Brutally Mocks Jerry Falwell Jr. Over ‘Pool Boy’ Sex Scandal

Chadwick Boseman Became a Superhero While Battling Cancer

Fear the FDA Will Rush a Shoddy COVID-19 Vaccine Is Rooted in Reality

After Kenosha, NBA Announcers Are Done Sticking to Sports

It’s Suck-Ups Like COVID Kim Who Enable Trump’s Pandemic Lies

You Thought Our Border Policy Couldn’t Get Even Crueler? It Just Did.

Trump’s Army of Allies and TV Sycophants Is Crumbling

Cartoon: What a Super-Spreader Convention!

How Did ‘Drag Race’ Become the Most Toxic Show on TV?

Falwell's ‘Blame the Woman’ Strategy Goes All the Way Back to Eden

The Mystery of Europe’s Less Deadly Coronavirus Second Wave

Trump Fanboys Gear Up to Smear Kamala Harris and Jill Biden

Trump’s ‘Weird Shit’ Is Rotting Our Democracy

‘Black Panther’ Star Chadwick Boseman Dies at 43 After Quietly Battling Colon Cancer for Years

Trump Says Ivanka Is More Fit to Be First Female President Than Kamala Harris

The New World of To-Go Drinks Life Behind Bars What I’ve Learned Podcast

The Fight to Get People to Wear Face Masks in Bars Life Behind Bars What I’ve Learned Podcast

Alice Johnson Refuses to Endorse Trump on CNN After RNC Speech

Trump Advisers Say He Was ‘Triggered’ by Talk of White Supremacy

Best New Launches from Uniqlo, Away, Instant Pot and More

How to Have Recess and Structured Play at Home

Ex-OANN Reporter Emily Miller Out as FDA Spokeswoman After Just 11 Days on the Job

Trump’s RNC Loses Bigly to Biden’s DNC in TV Ratings

‘The Judge Needs to Know He’s Being Watched,’ NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere Says in Jailhouse Call

J.K. Rowling Returns Kennedy Award After Kerry Kennedy Calls Out Her Transphobia

Daily Beast Favorite Products of August 2020

Why the Milwaukee Bucks’ Empty Court Was Historic Television

Ivanka Is an Idiot but Unequivocally the Smartest Trump

Best Measuring Cups Are Made From Silicone

Jacob Blake’s Dad Says Kenosha Cops Shot and Paralyzed His Son, but Gave Kyle Rittenhouse a High-Five

Japan’s Longest-Serving PM, Shinzo Abe, Quits in Bid to ‘Escape’ Potential Prosecution

Rand Paul Claims Cops ‘Saved His Life’ After Protesters Confronted Him Near White House

Caraa Makes the Best Face Mask

‘Centrigrade’ Tells the Quarantine Horror Story of a Couple Trapped in a Snowed-in Car

Trump’s 150 Million COVID-19 Antigen Tests from Abbott Could Be a Game-Changer, or a Mess

Meghan Markle is Getting Political. Will She Back Biden and Harris by Name?

What It’s Like Being a Therapist When the Patient Is Miles Away

Remembering the Time Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Triggered Mike Pence

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Pulls a 180 on Trump’s ‘Very Fine People’ in Charlottesville, Now Calls It a ‘Hoax’

Three Things Trump Is Getting Right, and Democrats Ignored

‘Love Fraud’ Hunts Down an Evil Romance Scammer Who Modeled Himself After Trump

Stephen Colbert Exposes Ivanka Trump’s Biggest RNC Lies

How Trump’s RNC Weaponized Blackness to Sell a Lie

Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Brit Hume Trash Trump’s ‘Flat’ RNC Speech, Say It Was ‘Far Too Long’

At the Republican National Convention, Four Very Good Days Give Trump a Shot at Four More Years

A Sick President Scrambles to Spread His Contagion of Fear

Trump Republican National Convention Speech 2020 Promises to Make America Safe Again, Again

Ivanka Trump Wants to Brag About Results at the RNC? How About 180,000 People Dead of Coronavirus.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Denounces Trump’s RNC ‘Super-Spreader Event’

Even Rudy Giuliani Is Sick of His Biden-Ukraine Conspiracies at the RNC

Teen Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Killed Unarmed Kenosha Protester Who Threw Plastic Bag at Him, Court Docs Say

Becki Falwell Allegedly Had Sexual Encounter With Former Liberty University Student, Report Says

In Prebuttal Speech, Kamala Harris Blasts Trump as ‘Scared’ and ‘Wrong’ on COVID

Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides Review

Right-Wingers Like Tucker Carlson Hype Outsiders, Kyle Rittenhouse While Locals Tell Them to Get Lost.

Jacob Wohl Accused of Starting a Voter Suppression Scheme

Chris Wallace Calls Out Fox Hosts for Seemingly Justifying Vigilante Violence

This Cop and Firefighter Boycotted the RNC for a Good Reason. Her Name Is Skylar.

D.C. Attorney General Probes America’s World Fair Push

MSNBC Anchor Hallie Jackson Confronts Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short on Maskless RNC Crowd

Best Balance Boards for Working Out 2022

Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out at Reporters for Asking if Trump Denounces Vigilante Kid Kyle Rittenhouse

Mary Trump on Whether ‘Despicable’ Ivanka Could Be New VP

Putin Says His Men Are Standing by Ready to Go into Belarus If Protests ‘Get Out of Hand’

Is Iraq Getting Screwed in a Looted Treasures Deal With Hobby Lobby?

Would You Please Stop Calling Whiskey Smooth?

Black America’s Fight for Yusuf Hawkins Is Far From Over

How Is Betty Dodson, the Queen of Female Masturbation, Dying? Not Quietly.

Republicans Have Been Crying ‘Socialist’ at Conventions for 60 Years

Inside QAnon’s Bizarre Hollywood Invasion — and the Civil War Brewing Within Conspiracy-Land

Fox News ‘Assumed’ Pence RNC Crowd Was COVID Tested. They Were Not.

Stephen Colbert Explains Why He Boycotted the RNC, Saying ‘It Doesn’t Reflect Our Reality’

Mike Pence Just Made the Case for Four More Years That Donald Trump Couldn’t

GOP Can’t Bother to Pretend to Care About American Cities at the Republican National Convention

At the Republican National Convention, GOP Tunes Out Hurricane, Cop Violence, and 180,000 Dead Americans

Trevor Noah Goes Off on Kenosha Police for Treating Kyle Rittenhouse Better Than Jacob Blake

Trump’s GOP Goes From MAGA to DGAF in Four Years Flat

Here Are the Athletes and Teams Boycotting Games to Protest the Kenosha Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

The NBA Is Striking Over the Police’s Shooting of Jacob Blake. Will America Listen?

Trump’s Voter Fraud ‘Proof’ Turned Out to Be the Real Fraud

America Doesn’t Deserve Sports Right Now, and the NBA Wildcat Strike Understands That

Tucker Carlson Justifies Kenosha Shootings, Says Rittenhouse Did What ‘No One Else Would’

Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey Identified as Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake

Charles Barkley Reacts to NBA Suspending Playoffs to Protest Jacob Blake Shooting

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Seemingly Excuses ‘Vigilante Justice’ in Kenosha Over Jacob Blake Shooting

University of Alabama Told Profs Not to Tell Students About COVID-Infected Classmates

The GOP Didn’t Always Gaslight Away Pandemics at Their Conventions

Dr. Fauci Says He Was Under Anesthesia When CDC Changed COVID-19 Testing Guidelines

Bette Midler Isn’t Sorry She Called Melania Trump an ‘Illegal Alien’ Who ‘Can’t Speak English’

Saba Sahar, Afghan Actress, Director, and Activist, Shot and Hospitalized

Mark Meadows Loved the Hatch Act, Then Trump Came Along

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17-Year-old Suspect, Charged With Murder After Two Killed at Kenosha Protest

Hurricane Laura Leaves ‘Catastrophic’ Damage as Daybreak Shows Wrath as ‘Unsurvivable’ Storm Surge Looms

Try the Tropical Bird By John Saites Bartenders At Home

Try the Hot Child in the City By Amanda Britton Bartenders At Home

MSNBC Confronts Trump Spox Tim Murtaugh: You Canceled an RNC Speech Over QAnon Tweet, but Won’t Condemn QAnon?

Best Step Ladders and Stools

Best Workout Socks

Did We Just Get a Preview of Trump’s October Surprise?

Democratic Lobbyists Are Already Cashing In on a Likely Biden Win

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Has Its Big Reveal Friday, but Insiders Say the Company Is Plagued by Internal Conflict

Yevgeny Prigozhin, Dubbed ‘Putin’s Chef,’ Threatens to Destroy Navalny in the Courts if He Survives Poisoning

Best Planners for Staying Organized

No, the Coronavirus Didn’t Kill Corona Beer

The Algorithms That Could Reveal the Next Big COVID-19 Breakthrough

How NXIVM’s Women-Branding Sex-Cult Sorority Started as an Anti-Trump Group

RNC Speaker and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Who Presided Over Sturgis, Is a Master of COVID-19 Delusion

‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Ric Grenell Claim Trump Helped Legalize Homosexuality Worldwide Is a Lie, Activists Say

Sadegh Zarza, ‘I Survived an Iranian Assassination Attempt’

Amazon’s ‘CBD Nation’ Explores How Marijuana Can Save Your Child’s Life

Nicholas Sandmann Warns About Cancel Culture During His Prime-Time Speaking Slot at the GOP Convention

CNN Gushes Over Melania Trump’s ‘Moving’ RNC Speech, Says It Was ‘Extraordinary’

Stephen Colbert Nails Trump for Frowning Through Melania’s RNC Speech

In Trump’s Republican Convention Reality Show, 179,000 Dead Americans Barely Rate a Cameo

Melania Trump Still Hardly Counts, and Still Doesn’t Care in Her RNC Speech

Trump Isn’t Building a Case Against Biden. He’s Running a Convention to Troll the Press

Don’t Fool Yourself, Libs. Trump’s Show Is a Yuge Success.

Pick the Right Charlotte’s Web CBD Product for Your Dog

Why the Fuck is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Talking, From Israel, at the Republican National Convention?

Rachel Maddow and Jake Tapper Smack Down Eric Trump’s Huge RNC Lies

Registered Foreign Agent Pam Bondi Says Biden Is Corrupt

Anti-Abortion Zealot Abby Johnson’s Graphic RNC Story Has Been Questioned

RNC Speaker Mary Ann Mendoza Cancelled After Boosting Conspiracy About Jewish Plot to Enslave the World

Jacob Blake’s Mom Begs for ‘Healing’ as Three Protesters Shot in Kenosha

Allform Customizable Couch Review 

Kenosha P.D. Was Already Awash With Corruption, Brutality and Cover-Ups Before Jacob Blake Shooting

House Panel Investigating Whether Pompeo’s RNC Speech Violated Law

Al Gore Says if Trump Refuses to Concede Election, the Military Would Run Him Out

Best Meal Prep Containers

This Isn’t a National Convention, It’s a Republican Funeral Pyre

Fox News Anchor Gets Fact-Checked by Economist Austan Goolsbee On-Air, Telling Her to ‘Check the Numbers’

Trump Administration Insider: President Wanted to ‘Maim’ Migrants

Fox News Editor Thought Their Disastrous Seth Rich Story Would Be ‘Vindicated’

New Smart Electric Toothbrush from Quip Review

Nikloai Lukashenko, Alexander Lukashenko’s Gun-Toting Son, 15, Is Being Groomed as Belarus’ King Joffrey

The Blue Whale Chasing the Signature Drink of Marathon Champ Bill Rodgers

The Labor-Busting Law Firms and Consultants That Keep Big Businesses Union-Free

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Star JB Smoove on Trump’s Reaction to MAGA Hat Scene and His Best SNL Pitches

Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Coming for COVID-19

Netflix’s ‘Million Dollar Beach House’ Wants to Be the Hamptons’ ‘Selling Sunset’ But It’s a Bro-y Nightmare

These Casino Staffers Are Working in Fear Amid Coronavirus

Kevin Costner on ‘Dangerous’ Trump, a ‘Bodyguard’ Sequel With Princess Diana, and American ‘Amnesia’

Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s RNC Speeches

The Diversity Night at the Republican National Convention Was All Tip and No Iceberg

Donald Trump Jr. Just Wants Daddy’s Love at the RNC: The Eyes Have It

At the 2020 Republican National Convention, GOP Says Vote Trump... or Get a Marxist Hellscape

I Thought I’d Be Mocking Mark and Patricia McCloskeys’ Appearance at the Republican Convention. I Was Wrong.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Shouts Unhinged RNC Speech at the Top of Her Lungs

Hannity Complains That Media Won’t Show RNC, While He Talks Over the RNC

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s Stunning Hypocrisy on Hollywood Celebs Jon Voight and Eva Longoria

Trump Whitewashes His COVID-19 Record at Republican National Convention

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Years of LGBTQ Hypocrisy End With the Splash of a Pool Boy

Biden Campaign Hopping Mad at CBS and ABC for Gifting Trump Bonus Airtime

Wisconsin City of Kenosha Consumed by Second Night of Rage Over Horrific Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

Trump's Postmaster General Reveals Impressive Lack of Knowledge About Mail

A Potential Murdoch Family Civil War Looms Over Fox News, Insiders Tell Brian Stelter

Jogging Nurse Sydney Sutherland Was Raped and Buried by Farmer Quake Lewellyn, Cops Say

The Cringiest Moments From the Trump RNC’s Bizarro Roll Call Vote

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Basic Facts About the Post Office

Antimicrobial Backpacks and Lunchboxes for COVID-19 Back to School

Trump’s Answer at RNC for Economic Crisis He’s Overseen? More Trump, an More Lies

Private Equity Investing More and More in Women’s Health Care

Trump Begins 'Optimistic' Convention With Familiar Moaning and Groaning

Giancarlo Granda Says Jerry Falwell Jr. Watched Him Have Sex With Wife

Alexei Navalny Was Likely Poisoned, German Hospital Says

Sheikh Mohammed bin Nayef’s Lawyers Raise Alarm Months After MBS Detained the Former Crown Prince

Russian Media Turns to QAnon Conspiracies to Help Re-Elect Trump

Biden-Harris Ad Says Only They Can ‘Heal America’ Ahead of RNC

Aerie Offline Leggings Are Lululemon Dupes

Trump Is the ‘Most Pro-Gay POTUS Ever’? LGBTQ Orgs: Not So Fast

New Orleans is a Great Place for a Taste of Vietnam

The Next Dangerous Front in the ISIS Holy War

Hundreds of Pizza Huts Are Closing, but What Happens to Those Weird Buildings?

Trump’s Republican Party Is About To Put On the Sickest Convention in American History

David Arquette Thought His Life Was Over. So He Became a Wrestler. Again.

George Conway Offers Tearful Plea on ‘Unfit,’ Saying Trump Is ‘a Racist, He Is Evil’

Trump Admin Puts COVID-Wracked Meat Processor JBS on Food Safety Panel

I Kept and Read Every Trump Campaign Email. Here’s How They Shake People Down.

Rebekah Jones, Fired Florida Data Scientist and Ron DeSantis’ Worst Nightmare, Goes After COVID in Schools

Donald Trump Has Only One Play This Week: Attack Joe Biden

How ‘I May Destroy You’ Forged TV’s Most Beautifully, Brutally Realistic Friendships

How Sofia Coppola and Vanilla Ice Connect in The Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle

John Oliver Roasts the 2020 DNC for Featuring So Many Republicans

Kellyanne Conway Is Leaving the Trump White House to Focus on Family

Katie Hill: Democrats Don’t Need Cyberstalkers Like Aaron Coleman

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Police Shoot Jacob Blake as He’s Getting in Car

Jared Kushner’s Private Channel With Putin’s Money Man Kirill Dmitriev

Big Green Egg Grills Are Egg-Cellent for Everything from Pizza to Ribs

Trump Announces Emergency Use Authorization for Convalescent Plasma Blood Treatment for COVID-19

Best Plant Caddies and Rollers

Donald Trump Wanted a Wild Republican Convention, Now He’s Fighting Joe Biden for TV Ratings

WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Shrugs Off Trump’s Sister Calling Him a ‘Cruel' Liar’

Jake Tapper Grills DHS Chief Chad Wolf on Past Support of Steve Bannon’s Wall ‘Scam’

Meghan Markle Tells Americans if They Don’t Vote, They’re ‘Complicit’

Jean Smart on How ‘Watchmen’ Became the Timeliest Show on TV, Almost One Year Later

Your Dog Has Coronavirus Pandemic Anxiety, Too

The Sickest Lies I Heard While Attending Trump Rallies

Exarchia, the Anarchist Athens Neighborhood Where No Government is Good Government

The Empathy Economy Is a Sham. The Protest Movement Is Real.

HBO’s ‘Class Action Park’ Explores a Water Park Where Bloody Injuries Were the Price of Admission

The GOP Is Getting Its Own ‘Squad’—of Racist, QAnon-Loving Nutballs

How You Can End Up in a Porn Without Even Knowing It

Trump Is Petrified That Pro-Weed Forces Will Roast Him

NRA-Linked Producer David Stanton Is Entangled With Russian Oligarch Sergey Sarkisov

DC Comics’ Virtual Comic-Con Was Like a Funeral More Than a Festival

Racial Terrorists Are Stalking North Carolina’s Black Lives Matter Activists

Billy Eichner Says Trump Is Pushing Even the Quietest Celebs to Speak Out

Trump’s Sister Maryanne Trump Barry in Secret Audio Recording: ‘He Has No Principles’

Outrage Grows Over Police Killing of Trayford Pellerin as He Walked Away

The Real Winner of Steve Bannon’s ‘We Build the Wall’ Walked Away With $1.7 Billion

Best Water Purifiers

Gamblers Pack Brooks, California, Casino Despite Wildfires and COVID-19

Rose McGowan Goes Nuclear on ‘Charmed’ Co-Star Alyssa Milano and Patricia Arquette

The Angry Christian Right Should Watch Netflix’s ‘Cuties’

Elena Ferrante Fever Spikes Ahead of the Anonymous Novelist’s New Book

Judges Keep Buying the GOP’s Bogus Mail-In Voting Fraud Claims

Trump Is Sending Fast, Cheap COVID Tests to Nursing Homes—But There’s a Hitch

Dolly Parton and Cher Show Hollywood Idiots How to Be Woke

The Tragedy of Hurricane Katrina Began More Than 100 Years Ago

Inmates Love Their Handwritten Mail. This Federal Prison Gives Them Photocopies.

Trump’s a Terrible Christian—Democrats of Faith Should Say So

Chad Wolf’s White Savior Charade Imperils Homeland Security

Most Russians Say ‘Hell, No!’ They're Not Taking Putin’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Emails Show Cherokee County, Georgia, School District Asked Students to Disinfect Classrooms

Broadway Producer Brian Moreland on Racism, Fighting for Change, and How Theaters Will Reopen

Trump Is Far from the First Presidential Liar, But He’s Definitely the Worst

Inside the Deep, Dark Roku Underworld Featuring Terrorists, Conspiracy Nuts, and Bill O’Reilly

How the NXIVM Sex Cult Defended Trump from Media Attacks

That Time I Published Putin’s Oligarch Pal Oleg Deripaska’s ’Deep State’ Rant at The Daily Caller

Face Shields for Teachers

Bill Maher Relentlessly Trolls Trump’s QAnon Nuts: ‘I Am Q’

National Enquirer Chief David Pecker Out After AMI Merger

Mamadou N'Diaye, Northern Vermont Basketball Player, Found Dead in Lake After Montana Boat Trip

Back to School 2020 During COVID-19 Checklist

Rush Limbaugh Says Biden’s ‘Flawless’ DNC Speech ‘Had to Be Taped’

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Sentenced to Several Months in Prison for College Bribery Admissions Scandal

Post Office Head Grilled by Congress on Mail-In Voting Fears

Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo Sentenced to Life in Prison After 4 Decades, 13 Murders, 50 Rapes

Russia Allows ‘Poisoned’ Putin Critic Alexei Navalny to Fly to Germany for Treatment

GOP Seeks Permit to Rally in D.C.’s Lafayette Park Where Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Rousted

Best STEM Educational Toys and Kits for Kids

Pro-Trump ‘News Sites’ Are Harvesting Your Emails to Sell to The Campaign

The Fall of Steve Bannon, the Gristle Icarus

CNN’s John Berman Corners Mike Pence on QAnon: ‘Do You Believe They Love America?’

Russia Trained the Mali Coup Leaders

Best Coffee Cups From Bodum

Comedian Ron Funches Sounds Off on Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K.

‘Peninsula,’ the Zombie-Mayhem Sequel to ‘Train to Busan,’ Hits Differently During Coronavirus

‘We Build the Wall’ Victim Says ‘I Wish Them Well in Their Cavity Searches’

Will Former King Juan Carlos’ Scandals Sink the Spanish Royal Family?

Top Psychologists Compare Trump to Hitler and Mussolini in New Documentary ‘#Unfit’

COVID is Back in Europe and So Are Parties and Vacations

Even if Biden Wins Big, Trump Has 77 Days to Wreck America

Anti-Elitist Steve Bannon Gets Bagged on a Yacht for Allegedly Scamming the Yokels

How We Cover Dictators, Dissidents, and Dangerous Places

Where Is Kim Yo Jong? Kim Jong Un’s Sister Goes Missing From Big Party Meeting

$10 Venmo Ensnares Utah Pol in America’s Craziest Protest Case

What Is QAnon? A Deep Look Inside The Nutso Conspiracy Theory Infecting Our Politics

Navalny Poison ‘Is Dangerous to Those Treating Him’

Hollywood’s DNC After-Party Was Totally Deranged

Stephen Colbert Delivers Emotional Plea for Joe Biden on Last Night of DNC

Genuine Joe Biden Shows at Democratic Convention That He's Everything That Donald Trump Is Not

At the DNC, Joe Biden Wants You to Know He’s Not Fucking Around

Cartoon: Democrats Choose Zoom Over Gloom at Convention

Tammy Duckworth, Tammy Baldwin and a Crew of Badass Midwestern Women Show Dems Are Ready to Take Trumpland

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Biden Just ‘Blew a Hole’ in Trump’s Demented ‘Caricature’

Trump Target Hunter Biden Comes Out of the Shadows for His Dad at DNC

Fox News Hosts Laugh at Jesse Watters for Claiming Obama Looked ‘Terrified’ During DNC Speech

Inside the Wild Finale of DARPA’s Simulated Drone Dogfights

Criterion Boss: ‘Nothing’ Can Excuse How the Collection Has Ignored Black Film

How Fox News Helped Boost Steve Bannon’s ‘We Build the Wall’ Fiasco

‘We Build the Wall’ Huckster Brian Kolfage Is Accused of Duping Donors. He Planned to Sell Their Data Too.

Epstein ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew Worked Under Hillary Clinton at State Department

$600M Flint Water Poisoning Payout Can’t Fix Racist Nightmare

‘All Rise’s White Showrunner Drove 5 of 7 Writers to Quit After Arguments on Race

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Says Steve Bannon Facing 20 Years and ‘It Doesn’t Look Good’

Rock Star Obama Sure as Hell Triggered Trump

Obama Finally Gives Up ‘Hope’ for Something Far More Urgent

Controversial GOP Foreign Policy Hand John Negroponte Endorses Biden

O-Cedar Mop Is a Reusable Replacement for a Swiffer

Steve Bannon Arrested in New York on Charges of Stealing From ‘Build the Wall’ Fundraiser

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Urge Social Media Platforms To Stop ‘Training People to be Cruel’

Are the Manhattan & the Martini the Same Cocktail? Life Behind Bars Podcast

Pro-China Conspiracy Campaign Attacks COVID Drugmaker

Kevin Costner, aka ‘The Postman,’ Thinks Trump’s Post Office Meddling Is ‘Criminal’

Netflix Captures One Man’s Weird, Wonderful Mission to Contact Aliens by Playing Kraftwerk

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ Asks: What If ‘Love Actually’ Contracted COVID?

COVID-19 College Life Is Hoax Parties, Pissed Roomies and Canceled Classes

How We Found Shady Trump Donor Imaad Zuberi Before the Feds Did

Motley Crue Tribute Band Rocker Blames ‘Karma’ for COVID-19 Case at Sturgis Saloon

InfoWars Reporter Hailed As a Deep State Victim. The Cops Say She Just Robbed Her Mom.

The Police’s Racist Treatment of Toronto Raptors’ President Masai Ujiri Speaks Volumes

Conservatives Are Very Mad That Barack Obama and Billie Eilish Made DNC TV Great Again

Obama Lays It on the Line While Trump SCREAMS ON TWITTER

Trevor Noah Tears Into Fox News for Saying Kamala Harris Isn’t ‘Black Enough’

Putin Critic Alexey Navalny Allegedly Poisoned by Toxin in His Tea

Dems Deliver Apocalyptic Message: Vote or Die

The Democratic Party Just Moved on From Hillary and Bill Clinton

Kamala Harris Gave a Voice to American Women’s Silent Screams

Kamala Harris: ‘I Know a Predator When I See One’

Obama Delivers Stinging Indictment of Trump at DNC, Says He Treats ‘Presidency as One More Reality Show’

Kamala Harris's Democratic Convention Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech Just Revived the American Dream

Sarah Palin Tells Tucker Carlson, I Never Would Have ‘Prostituted’ Myself Like Kamala Harris

The Mysterious Soldiers Behind the Coup Against Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

Fox News Panel Hammers Trump for Praising QAnon

Thousands of Residents Forced to Flee as Over 300 Fires Scorch California

Trump Backs Violent QAnon Cultists at White House

The Long List of Things President Trump Wants to Boycott, From Oreos to Goodyear Tires and Apple Products

Amazon’s Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Review 2022

Facebook Cracks Down on QAnon by Scrubbing Hundreds of Groups

Fox News Runs Wild With Bogus AOC Biden ‘Snub’ Controversy

How Fake CIA Spy Garrison Courtney Fooled Everyone and Swindled Millions

Brandy’s Daughter Saved Her Life from Suicidal Depression: ‘I Had to Pull Myself Together”

Trump Starts Tire Fire in Swing State Over MAGA Boycott Tweet

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Grills Kellyanne Conway: Biden’s ‘Got a Plan’ for COVID, What Is Trump Doing?

Why Mueller Dropped the Ball. Was He Corrupt or Incompetent?

Vorayuth ‘Boss’ Yoovidhya, Dissolute Red Bull Billionaire Heir, Could Be Re-Investigated Over 2012 Hit and Run

This Stainless Steel Bar Soap Eliminates Stinky Odors in Seconds

Why Jemele Hill Believes You’re a ‘Racist’ If You Vote Trump

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Buys

How Martin Short Channeled a #MeToo Monster on ‘The Morning Show’

Nancy Pelosi Needs to Do More to Save the Postal Service—and the Election

Florida’s Dirtiest Campaign Featured an Allegedly Booby-Trapped Hot Dog

It's Official: The Trump Campaign’s Reckless Win-at-All-Cost Approach Put Our Democracy at Risk in 2016

Schools Touted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Now in a Quarantine Nightmare

Trump Had Me Arrested for Asking Why He Cut Off a 92-Year-Old Woman’s Water

How I Uncovered Erik Prince’s Secret Kremlin Connection

Romanian Billionaire Constantin Dinescu Poisoned by Call Girl at Sex Club Featuring ‘Virgin’ Ponies

Trump Allies Fear That He’s Ditched the Working Class for ‘Boaters’ and Housewives

Does Britney Spears Need to Be Freed from Her Conservatorship?

Fox News’ Brit Hume Liked Jill Biden’s DNC Speech More Than ‘Angry’ Michelle Obama

Biden’s Big Tent Trumps GOP’s Sweaty Clown Car

Stephen Colbert Slams Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech for ‘Lecturing’ Trump on Oval Office Behavior

Joe Biden Bets on Nostalgia Over Young Rising Stars for DNC’s Night 2

Jill Biden’s DNC Pitch: Joe Biden Healed Our Family and He’ll Heal America

Ady Barkan, A Man Without a Voice, Delivers Most Powerful DNC 2020 Speech of Night 2

Best Supplies for Hard to Clean Areas

Tucker Carlson Loses His Mind Over Michelle Obama’s Speech

The Democratic Party Just Dissed and All but Disappeared Stacey Abrams

DNC Welcomes Back Controversial Women’s March Leaders Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour

‘Lottery Lawyer’ Jason Kurland Stole Millions From Jackpot Winners in Mafia-Tied Scheme, Prosecutors Allege

‘Predator Priest’ Michael Zacharias Abused Boys in Ohio for Decades, Says FBI

The Government’s Workplace Safety Agency Cut Its Staff. Then COVID Hit And The Complaints Poured In.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Reopened State While Health Care Workers Needed Millions of Masks and Gowns

Zappos VIP Running Shoe Sale

Broadcast TV Networks Worried About Airing Two Hours of Trump’s Convention

Congress Is Just As Responsible for ‘Clusterfuck’ at USPS

Anderson Cooper Confronts MyPillow Guy Over ‘Miracle’ Cure Claims, Asks Him ‘How Do You Sleep at Night?’

Alice Johnson’s Life Sentence Was Commuted by Trump. Now She Will Speak at His Convention.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Top-Secret Hollywood Project to Sell. Who’s Buying?

What Biden, Harris, and the Dems Need to Do Next

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Hits Trump for Already Questioning Election Results, Says It’s ‘Troubling’

Hezbollah Militant Found Guilty of Murdering Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri

U.S. Senate Releases Final Report Into ‘Aggressive’ Russian Interference in 2016 Election

Is Trump’s Israel-UAE Peace Deal Part of a Massive Sale of F-35s and Drones?

National Treasure Betty Gilpin Is Ready for America’s ‘Gut Renovation’

Inside the Grueling Battle to Declassify Homosexuality as a Mental Illness

A Century After Women First Got the Vote in America, What the Fuck Is Happening?

Former Glossier Staff Allege a ‘Deeply Humiliating’ Culture of Racism In Stores

How I Covered George Floyd’s Death, and the Historic Movement It Inspired

Martin Short Talks Turning 70, SNL, Steve Martin and Performing for ‘Pure Joy’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the Complexities of Dating White People

Texas Just Hit 10,000 COVID Deaths, and It’s ‘Flying Blind’

What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon?

DNC Almost Blew Their Opening Night With 90 Minutes of Cheesy Telethon Antics

Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Leaves Stephen Colbert Speechless

Michelle Obama’s New Stance: When They Go Low, We Square Up

Designer ByChari Deluged With Orders for Michelle Obama’s ‘VOTE’ Necklace

Night One of the DNC Was a Little Weird, but So Is Life in America Right Now. It Worked.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump Both Loathe John Kasich. Biden Put Him in Primetime.

Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Gets Rave Reviews on Fox News

The First Night of the Democratic National Convention Was Like Joe Biden, Disjointed and Emotional

Michelle Obama Writes the Five-Word Epitaph for Trump’s Presidency at the DNC, ‘It Is What It Is’

Feds Outlined Case Against Jam Master Jay Murder Suspects 13 Years Ago 

Trump Can’t Decide if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are ‘Fascist’ or Antifa

Fox News Anchor Martha MacCallum Pushes Debunked Myth About Dead Michigan Voters

Best Bidets of 2021

Two Men Charged in Run-DMC D.J. Jam Master Jay’s Mysterious, Execution-Style Murder Case

Rush Limbaugh Peddles and Amplifies Misogynistic Smears Against Kamala Harris

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Shuts Down Trump Spokesman Hogan Gidley’s Joe Biden Lies

Best Lap Desks

Italian Cruise Ships are Back in the Mediterranean

Rose McGowan Accuses Alexander Payne of Sexual Misconduct

Alexander Lukashenko Tells Protesters They’ll Have to Kill Him to Get New Elections

I’m a Teacher and I’m Horrified at Schools Reopening During COVID

Tennessee Lawmakers Are Going After Protesters, and They’re Not Alone

Cocktails in the Time of Corona Paris’ Experimental Cocktail Club

Should You Really Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood?

The Dark Side of E-Bikes

Think the Coronavirus Pandemic Sucks? Now Imagine You Have a Disability.

Best Way to Remove Ring Stains on Wooden Furniture

Biden’s Democrats Have 80 Days to Save America. Here’s What They Need To Do.

If Coronavirus Is Airborne or Spreads Through Aerosols, Here’s How You Fight It

How We Busted Smear Artist Jacob Wohl

Epstein Victim Claims He Showed Her Off to Trump at Mar-a-Lago When She Was 14

Tips to Crack Tricky Clues from The Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle Constructor

White House Staffers Pissed at a Top National Security Aide for Wearing a Mask in Front of Trump

Why Do Democrats Prefer Never-Trumpers to the Squad?

‘The Suspect’ Investigates the Mysterious Brutal Murder of Millionaire Moosehead Breweries Heir Richard Oland

National Organization for Women President Toni Van Pelt Steps Down After Racism Allegations

John Oliver Exposes Trump’s Kamala Harris Birtherism and QAnon

Iowa Pleads for Federal Help 6 Days After Shock Derecho Storm

Diamond & Silk Claim Fox News Executives ‘Ordered a Hit’ on Them in New Book

Fitbit Keeps Me Accountable During Quarantine

Trump’s Postal Purge Is an Assault on Our Election

‘Fox News Sunday’ Host Chris Wallace Grills Trump Campaign Adviser Steve Cortes on Kamala Harris Birtherism

Best iPhone Armbands For Running

Best Tablets and E-Readers

What the Fuck Is Happening With the Mail?

Trump Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows Says Lack of Evidence of Mail-In Voting Fraud Is the ‘Definition of Fraud’

DNC Preps for the Most Important Zoom Meeting Ever

Meghan Markle Urges People to Vote, Says She Knows ‘What It’s Like to Feel Voiceless’

Once Upon a Time There Were No Toys for Boys and Toys for Girls

The Real Ghosts Haunting a Visit to California's Most Famous Gold Rush Ghost Town

Smell Tests for COVID-19 Are Coming to a College Near You

The GOP Smeared the First Female Veep Choice Geraldine Ferraro. Will History Repeat Itself?

HBO’s ‘Lovecraft Country’ Is a Chaotic Rebuke of American Racism

This Secret Society of Priests Still Won’t Recognize Pope Francis

Cartoon: We Found Trump’s Kamala Harris Burn Book

How to Really Interview a Hollywood Celebrity

Suburban Housewives Take a Hard Pass on Trump’s Cringeworthy Ploy

‘This Is What We Do’: Postal Workers Weren’t Stopped by COVID. They Can Handle Trump, Too.

In Donald Trump’s Simple Mind, We’re All Such Simple People

The Rowdy Queer Wrestling League BLOWW-ing Stereotypes Away

QAnon Incited Her to Kidnap Her Son and Then Hid Her From the Law

Trump’s Younger Brother Robert Dies at 71

Trump Refuses to Acknowledge That Kamala Is Eligible to Run on Democratic Ticket

The Kamala Harris Birtherism Charge Is Straight-Up Racism and Xenophobia

Miniature Vacuum Cleaner Makes WFH Way More Manageable 

Far-Right Militia, Pro-Confederacy Groups, Anti-Facists Face Off in Tense Stone Mountain Protest

Rhone Beach Poncho Is the Perfect Layer

‘Sputnik’ Is a Terrifying Alien Movie About the Fall of the Soviet Union

Trust, Fear, and Solidarity Will Determine the Success of a COVID Vaccine

Inside Hollywood’s Long, Strange History of Movie Nudity

How the U.S. Government Enforced Prohibition By Poisoning Americans

The World Is Tearing Down Racist Monuments but Not in Italy

I Disagree With Biden a Lot. But He’s Not a Cruel Bigot. And Right Now, That’s Enough.

Mountain Climbers Push to Change ‘Super-Insensitive’ Racist Trail Names, Like ‘Aunt Jemima’

Who Cares What Kamala Harris Wears?

What It’s Like to Write About Harry, Meghan, Kate, Will, the Queen, Prince Charles and The Royal Family Drama

Why the Fuck is Creepy Bill Clinton Speaking at the Democratic Convention?

‘Black-ish’ Writer Peter Saji: Don’t Hate ABC For Shelving Our Anti-Trump Episode ‘Please, Baby, Please’

Trump’s Latest Assault on the Law Comes from George W. Bush’s Torture Lawyer John Yoo

QAnon Promotes Pedo-Ring Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Stealing Kids. 

Nomad’s New Wallet Is Sleek and Perfect for Everyday Carry

Trump’s Ex-Wife Marla Maples and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Push Wild Bill Gates Coronavirus Conspiracy

It Took Newsweek Three Days and a Staff Revolt to Apologize for Kamala Harris Birtherism Op-Ed

Bill Maher Fires Back at Trump on ‘Real Time,’ Mocks His Fear of Ramps

Meghan Markle Speaks Out on Online ‘Toxicity,’ Racism, and Fighting for Change

DNC Favors Republicans Over Muslim and Latinx Dems, Activists Say

New Jeffrey Epstein Victims, Including 11-Year-Old Girl, Come Forward in Lawsuit

‘Lovecraft Country,’ ‘Selling Sunset’ and The Daily Beast’s Pop-Culture Obsessions of the Summer

R. Kelly’s Manager Called in Gun Threat That Shut Down Lifetime ‘Surviving R Kelly’ Doc Premiere, Feds Say

All the Materials You Need for an At Home Art Class

Kevin Clinesmith, Former FBI Lawyer, Plans to Plead Guilty to Falsifying Document in Russia Probe

Marge Simpson Fires Back at Trump Adviser Jenna Ellis for Kamala Harris Dig

Dolly Parton to White People: Your ‘Little White Asses’ Aren’t the Only Ones that Matter

Blame Fox News for the Rise of QAnon

Best New Launches From Sony, Brooklinen, Burrow, and More

Paris Declared ‘Red Zone’ as Second COVID Wave Hits Spain and France

Israel and Palestinians Need a 1.5-State Solution

The Shocking Upset That Shows How Democrats Can Crush Trump

Trump Doesn’t Know Much About Strong Women, but He Knows That He Hates Them

How ‘Finding Freedom’ Could Sink Meghan Markle’s Court Case Against British Tabloid

Mississippi Schools Are a Coronavirus Disaster

The Search Is on for the First LGBTQ Supreme Court Justice, Thanks to These Presidential Pioneers

Covering COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus, Is Complicated

How Beau Biden’s Memory Played a Key Role In Kamala Harris VEEP Pick

‘Ren & Stimpy’s’ Dark, Pedophilic Past Is Exposed in ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’

A Nightmare Election Night Scenario That I Bet You Haven’t Thought Of

How QAnon Became Obsessed With ‘Adrenochrome,’ an Imaginary Drug Hollywood Is Harvesting from Kids

Desus & Mero Clown on Ben Shapiro Over ‘WAP’ Criticism

CNN’s Don Lemon Rips Trump’s Birther Attack on Kamala Harris

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Baffled by Trump’s Mail-In Voting Confession

Trump Holds a Grudge Against Kamala Harris for Wanting to ‘Lock Him Up’

Trump Promises to ‘Take a Look’ at Bogus Kamala Harris Birther Claim

Trump’s Israel-UAE Peace Plan Rescues Benjamin Netanyahu. For Now.

Jared Kushner Is Working on More Middle East Pacts With Israel

Con Artist Scams His Way Into Elite Japanese Sushi Club With Wallet of Fake Cash

Katy Perry Doubles Down on Defending Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I’m Not Here to Make Everyone Agree with Me’

Kamala Harris Birtherism Quickly Revived by Trump Campaign Adviser Jenna Ellis

Connecting the Dots Between Kelly Loeffler’s Big-Money Backers

Israel’s Secret Plan to Ship 60,000 Palestinians to Paraguay Revealed in Unclassified Docs

Best Bento Boxes for Working and Schooling From Home

Trump Calls Fox Business Network to Rage About ‘Mad,’ ‘Crazy,’ ‘Yapping’ Powerful Women

Etsy Cloth Face Mask Has Space for an N95 Filter

Men Are Broken. Geena Davis Is Trying to Fix Them.

Andrew Zimmern’s Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe

Donald Trump’s Woman Problem Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Chernobyl Is The Ultimate Destination for Doomsday Preppers

Ammonium Nitrate Blew Up Beirut. It Also Fuels Africa’s Most Dangerous Illegal Mines.

The ‘Boys State’ Teens Voted for Texas to Secede. Now They’re Our Political Future.

How We Broke the News of Mary Trump’s Blockbuster Tell-All

Hawaii’s Lt. Gov. Josh Green on the ‘Fail’ That Helped COVID-19 Roar Back in the State

Everything My Elders Love About Kamala Harris Leaves Me Cold

NOW Board Member Accused of Claiming to Be Woman of Color to Boost Re-Election Chances

The Party of Lincoln Belongs to QAnon Now. Thanks, Donald Trump!

Trevor Noah Calls Out QAnon’s Glaring Hypocrisy, ‘Trump Was BFFs With Jeffrey Epstein’

Stephen Colbert Exposes Trump’s ‘Lazy,’ ‘Misogynist’ Kamala Harris Attacks

Mike Pence ‘Can’t Wait’ for Kamala Harris Showdown: ‘It’s On,’ He Tells Sean Hannity, Grimacing

The Tragedy of Yusuf Hawkins, a Black Teenager Slaughtered by a White Mob in 1980s Brooklyn

Kamala Harris Showed Swagger, and It Will Drive Republican Men Nuts

Joe Biden Welcomes Kamala Harris, Who Absolutely Hammers Trump

Farewell to Sumner Redstone, Media’s Larger-Than-Life King Lear

Team Trump Isn’t Hiding Support for QAnon Kooks Anymore After Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Win in Georgia Primary

Turn Any Flat Surface Into a Touchscreen or Wall Into a Movie Screen with a Hachi Infinite M1

Best Amazon Kitchen Appliances On Sale

Fox News Insists That Joe Biden Didn’t Really Pick Kamala Harris

R. Kelly’s Pals Charged With Threatening Accusers, Offering Bribes, Setting Car on Fire

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Creators Quit Netflix’s Live-Action Series

Pro Poker Player Susie Zhao was Bound, Sexually Assaulted, ‘Lit on Fire’ by Jeffrey Bernard Morris, Docs Say

Kamala Harris' Vice Presidential Nomination Is a Win for Black Women 244 Years in the Making

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Trump Wishes Biden Had Picked Anyone But Kamala Harris

Let’s Hope That Kamala Harris Is Done Pandering to White America

Jessica Baggen Rape-Murder Case in Alaska Solved Through Genealogical DNA After 24 Years

Is Scandal-Hit Massachusetts Mayor Alex Morse Really a Victim of Homophobia?

Best Face Mask Solutions and Accessories

Trump’s TikTok and WeChat Ban Could Backfire Inside China

How I Got Sarah Silverman to Spill Her Soul

A Shady Gun Company Cheated Death and Cashed In

Diego Luna Doesn’t Want to Waste His Time With ‘Toxic’ Trump

Baltimore, Boston, and Chicago Could Be Next Coronavirus Hot Spots, Modelers Warn

Kamala Harris Built a ‘Digital Army’—Now She Gets to Use It

Trevor Noah Explains Why Trump Will Struggle to Attack Kamala Harris Because She’s a Cop

Trump Mourns 'All the Birds' Killed by Windmills, Stays Mum on 160K COVID Deaths

Sarah Cooper Roasts Trump and Louis C.K. as Guest Host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Tucker Carlson Peddles Sexist Smear Against Kamala Harris

There Is No ‘Russia Vaccine’

These Florida Counties Are Feeling the Heat From Gov. Ron DeSantis to Reopen Schools

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Accused of Sexually Abusing a Corpse

Back to School Deals Everyone Can Take Advantage Of

Trump Campaign Playbook Is to Paint Kamala Harris as ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Power-Hungry’

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Corrects Trump Campaign Claim That Kamala Harris Called Biden ‘Racist’

Why Kamala Harris Is the Right Choice for Vice President

Lou Holtz Invokes D-Day and Normandy to Demand College Football Play This Fall

Sen. Kamala Harris Tapped as Joe Biden’s VP

Try The Island Cactus By Ricky Cobia Bartenders At Home

Best Black Cloth Face Masks

That Viral ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Drama Trailer Is Finally Becoming a Show

Key West Cops Arrest 8-Year-Old Special Needs Boy at School. Now His Mother Bianca Digennaro Is Suing Police.

All the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Secrets You Didn’t Already Know From ‘Finding Freedom’

Donald Trump Actually Did Us All One Big Favor

Belarus Opposition Leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Flees to Lithuania After Days of Bloody Protests

Trump Says Biden Is Insulting Men Everywhere by Picking Woman as Running Mate in Interview With Clay Travis

Beirut Government Was Warned About Explosives in Port Two Weeks Before Deadly Blast, Says Report

Best Telescopes for Stargazing

Phoebe Robinson Talks Kanye’s ‘Ignorant’ 2020 Campaign and Schooling Jimmy Fallon on Race

The Science Behind the NBA's Hot New COVID-19 Test

Why Republicans Are Walking All Over Governor Tony Evers

The American Herald Is a ‘News’ Site Bought and Paid for by Donald Trump’s Official Super PAC

How the Mafia Classic ‘Goodfellas’ Directly Inspired Our Trump Book, ‘Sinking in the Swamp’

Pro-Iran Troll Posed as WHO Official to Push Racist Coronavirus Hoax

Dems Say Sexist Attacks Are Wrong. Someone Tell Sarah Palin!

Donald Trump, the MAGA President, Remade America as a Shithole Country

Netflix’s ‘(Un)Well’ Elevates Dangerous Coronavirus Truthers

South Dakota Teacher Stuck Between Rogue Governor Kristi Noem and Sturgis Biker Shitshow

‘Daily Show’ Breaks Down Why Cardi B Should Be Joe Biden’s ‘Wet-Ass VP’

Sean Hannity Openly Mocks Joe Biden’s Stutter

Why Conservatives Like Ben Shapiro Are Triggered by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

Biden Aides Will Stiff-Arm GOP’s Burisma Probe, Sources Say

Tucker Carlson Warns ‘Demographic Shifts’ Will Make Cities ‘Broke, Dirty, and Dangerous’

Former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner May Be Forced to Finally Explain His Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Trump Whisked Out of Strangest Coronavirus Briefing Yet After Shooting Near White House

The Fierce Backlash to Kylie Jenner’s Cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

Best Yoga Pants

The Civil War Tearing Sports Illustrated Apart

The Relentless Misgendering of Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Is Violence

The New Abnormal Bonus Episodes with Molly Jong-Fast, For Subscribers Only

Is Kelly Loeffler a ‘Corporate Liberal’ or ‘Attila the Hun’?

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Is in Shock After Hundreds of Looters Overrun Luxury Shops in ‘Assault on the City’

Review of a Top-Selling Amazon One-Piece Swimsuit

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Ainsley Earhardt ‘Shocked’ to Learn Kids Can Get COVID-19

Back The Beast: Support The Daily Beast

Steve Easterbrook, Fired McDonald’s CEO, Had Sex With Staffers and Sent Himself the Pics, Lawsuit Claims

Travel to Europe’s Best Cabinets of Curiosity

Best Plant Pots on Amazon

Best Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Media Mogul Who Met With Pompeo and Pence, Arrested for ‘Collusion With Foreign Forces’

Why Stan Lee Is So Popular in Crossword Puzzles

Is Coronavirus Turning America Into Bourbon Street?

5-Year-Old’s COVID Saga Has Florida Mom Saying Hell No to In-Person School

Is In-Person Voting Really Unsafe?

Garifuna Minority Group Fears ‘Genocide’ in Trump-Backed Honduras

Harvey Fierstein on Broadway’s ‘Horrifying’ Shutdown, Writing His Memoir, and ‘Gentleman Callers’

Black Lives Matter Activists Court Trump Converts in Crossover Counties

Reopening Schools in September Is a Cruel Experiment

Russian Media Warns Not to Sell Out the ‘Motherland’ to State Department for $10M

How We Got the Scoop on Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest

Conservatives Hate ‘Moochers’ More Than They Love Americans

How a Star Harvard Professor Got Suckered by a Porn Producer on the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’

Fake Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs Lead QAnon Crazies to Target Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé

Trump Aides Say Coronavirus Outbreaks Are ‘Inevitable’ at Reopened Schools

Inside ‘Duncan,’ the ‘Pizzagate’ Horror Movie Shunned by Hollywood

Black ‘Real Housewives’ and Bravo Stars Sound Off on Racism and All Lives Matter: It’s ‘Insulting’

Mike Tyson, Convicted Rapist, Fought a Shark on TV. Sadly, No One Got Bit.

Belarus Riots After Election as Dictator Alexander Lukashenko Clings to Power

Nancy Pelosi Shuts Down Chris Wallace for Saying She ‘Messed Up’

Peter Navarro Claims ‘the Lord’ Created Executive Orders Because of 'Partisan Bickering'

Best Reusable Cleaning Supplies

What’s the Difference Between Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV

Trump’s Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Doesn’t Understand Trump’s COVID Relief Orders

Prince Charles ‘Keeps Door Open’ for ‘Dramatic Return’ of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Trials of Greg Kelley: A High School Football Phenom Wrongly Convicted of Molesting a 4-Year-Old Boy

Armenia Has Some of the World's Most Enchanting Monasteries

Best Magnetic Whiteboard for the Kitchen

‘We Hunt Together’ Follows a Prostitute and Immigrant’s Murder Spree Through London

Were the Ancient Greeks ADA Compliant?

How Segregationist Leander Perez’s Vicious Racism Backfired and Saved Jury Trials

America Killed 90,000 People for No Good Reason, and Then Just Forgot About It

South Korea’s Old Torture Factory Is Making Nice With Kim Jong Un

How Private Schools Have Profited From the Pandemic

The Bizarre Story of a Far-Right Activist Gavin Seim Taking COVID Trutherism to Mexico

Trump Can Win If He Gets Out Of His Fucking Way

Jim Acosta Says CNN Wanted Him to Have Bodyguards at Trump Rally

Chelsea Becker Was Charged With Murder After Her Baby Was Stillborn. California’s AG Has Now Stepped In.

White House Changes Coronavirus Testing Policy to Make It Mandatory for Staff

BIPOC Brands to Buy Homemade Artisan Jewelry Pieces

Best Japanese Garden Scissors and Pruning Shears

Are We in the Golden Age of ‘Real Housewives’?

The Daily Beast’s OBSESSED with Kevin Fallon

Barcelona's Best Hidden Gem May Be a Library for the Working Class

How the Swamp Swallowed Your Coronavirus Relief

Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Only at Kentucky’s Creation Museum

Maria Ressa, the Journalist Targeted by Murderous Philippines Dictator Rodrigo Duterte

Putin Looks to Africa to Extend His Military Might

Why This Summer’s Shark Panic Lacks Its Usual Bite

Cartoon: Reopening-School-Too-Soon-Get-Back-to-Zoom Sale

Even the Official Motorcycle Brand of the Sturgis Rally Thinks the Mass Gathering Is Too Risky

These Scientists in Vans Think They Can Help Solve the Testing Crisis

Lachlan Murdoch Is Even More of a Right-Wing Ultra Than His Old Man

Joe Biden Needs to Stop Hiding and Meet the Press

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn, TV’s Most Fabulously Terrifying Villain, Tells All

Best National CBD Day Sales

Bill Maher Mocks ‘Horny’ Bill Clinton Over Creepy Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Trump Joins His Bedminster Golf Club Guests in Derailing Presser to Bash Journalist Who Asked About Masks

Should Trump Get Involved in Stalled Coronavirus Stimulus Talks? No Way, Republicans Say

Jerry Falwell Jr. Out ‘Indefinitely’ at Liberty University After Unzipped Pants Photo

‘Honest Broker’ Brent Scowcroft Was Everything Team Trump Could Never Be

Utah Woman Madalena McNeil Faces Life in Prison After Allegedly Buying Red Protest Paint

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Beats Her Ex-Lawyer’s Defamation Suit

Best Mascara to Wear With Your Face Mask

Ellen’s Disappointing Transformation From LGBT Hero to Hollywood Villain

Black Voters Know Biden Is Clumsy—and That Trump Is a Menace

Best Cornhole Sets

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Confronts Larry Kudlow With All the Times He’s Been Wrong About the Coronavirus

Trump Makes Same Gaffe as Biden in Least Self-Aware Twitter Attack

NRA Grift Exposed For Yachts, Private Jets and Safaris

Patagonia Baggies are the Best Shorts

Ukrainian Port Has Ship Named Trump D With 10,000 Metric Tons of the Same Explosive That Blew Up Beirut

Beirut Explodes in Violence After Deadly Blast, With Riots and Tear Gas in the Rubble

Dagne Dover Created the Perfect Canvas Tote Bag

Jacques Pépin Needs Your Help in the Kitchen

Composer Ted Hearne Examines White Complicity in the Displacement of Black Americans

Director Alejandro Jodorowsky Claims to ‘Heal’ People by Burying Them Alive and Using Menstrual Blood

Putin’s Got Big Problems in Russia’s Provinces

Wayne LaPierre Looks Like the Corrupt Elites He Rails Against

Lie, Deny, and Hope for a Miracle Isn’t Just Trump’s Coronavirus Plan—It’s Also His Jobs Plan

New Jersey and New York Are Both Having Crazy Parties But Only One COVID Surge

Right Richter: Laura Loomer Is About to Get a Little Closer to Congress

Will the Royals Let the Queen and Prince Philip Have a Peaceful Vacation?

COVID-19 Could Mess With Survivors’ Brains for Years to Come

Aggressive New Guerrilla Tactics Target America’s Eviction Machine

250,000 Bikers to Defy Common Sense and ‘Screw COVID’ for Nine Days at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

‘La Llorona’ Is a Spellbinding Horror Movie About the ‘Silent Holocaust’ Against Indigenous People

Seth Meyers Reveals Trump’s ‘Loveless Marriage’ With ‘Fox & Friends’

Trump Cheers on Kanye’s Bid but His Pollster Says It Could Backfire

Trump Admin Spams Random Russians to Fight Election Meddling

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Comes at Trump Campaign’s Mercedes Schlapp for Falsely Smearing Her Military Husband

The Real Reason New York’s Attorney General Went After the NRA

Pro-Trump Group’s Lies Were Too Big for Facebook

Before Biden Backed Out of DNC Speech, COVID-19 Was Detected at Convention Site

Grad Student Maha Hasan Alshawi Stopped Eating 22 Days Ago Over Dartmouth’s Handling of Her Misconduct Case

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Trump Only Wants More Debates With Biden Because He’s Losing

Best Hangers for Saving Space

We Untangled the Shady Effort to Elect a Florida Republican

Brooklinen Henleys Are Loungewear Must Haves

Defund Jake Paul — YouTuber and Public Menace

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Says Positive COVID-19 Test Was a False Alarm

NY Attorney General Letitia James Moves to Disband the National Rifle Association for ‘Fraud and Abuse’

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s COVID ‘Misinformation’

Best Black Dresses

Saudi Arabia Disinformation Accounts Jump on Beirut Blast

‘The Con’ Exposes ‘The Largest Conspiracy of Lies in the History of the World’

Fostering Diversity in the Beer & Spirits World The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Biden Needs a VP. Kamala Suddenly Sounds More Like Bernie Sanders.

The Irreplaceable Howard Ashman: Disney Finally Tells the Story of Losing Its Finest Lyricist to AIDS

Trump’s Last Gasp Could Be a Supreme Court Justice in January

COVID-19 Hotspot Is Now Ground Zero for Moderna’s Big Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Best Desktop Whiteboards

Vermont City of Vergennes Tried to Confront Race and Policing—and It Imploded

Politicians Feud as Parents Beg for Answers on Schools Reopening During Coronavirus Surge

Inside ‘Out of Shadows,’ the Bonkers Hollywood-Pedophilia Documentary QAnon Loves

Trump’s D.C. Hotel Jacked Up Its Prices as Trump Began Plotting a D.C.-Based Republican National Convention

Sasha Grey on Why Hollywood Was Way Creepier Than Porn and Being Smeared by the Men of ‘Entourage’

How Did American Apparel Creep Dov Charney Get a Military Contract?

Meghan McCain Won’t Commit to Voting Biden Over Trump

See Two Paths to the American Dream in “An American Pickle” Streaming On HBO Max

Federalist Co-Founder Pushes Bizarre Claim Face Masks Cause Brain Damage

Peter Navarro Cites 'Dilbert' Cartoonist to Prove Experts Wrong on Hydroxy

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Trump’s Kindergarten Coronavirus Death Chart From Axios Interview

The 2020 Election Is Under Attack. Our Pols Are Stuck in 2016.

Facebook Finally Moves Against Trump

Trump’s Always Told ‘Jokes.’ Now, He’s Becoming One.

Video Shows John Neville Pleading ‘I Can’t Breathe’ as He Struggles for Life in a North Carolina Jail

Seattle City Council Won’t Slash Police Budget, but OKs Cop Layoffs

Trump’s Debate Moderator Wish List Is Stacked With Fox News Stars and Sycophants

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Is the Most Cooling and Supportive Mattress Around

NYPD Had Paid Informant Embedded in George Floyd Protests

Garrett Rolfe, the Former Atlanta Cop Who Killed Rayshard Brooks, Sues Mayor and Police Chief Over Firing

See the Moment a Bride, a Baby, a BBC Reporter Felt the Beirut Blast

Ellen DeGeneres ‘Crushed’ as Allegations of Toxicity on Her Show Continue

Beirut Ignored Public Warning There Was a Russian ‘Bomb’ at the Port

Biden Campaign Preps Offensive Against Trump ‘Death Star’

Best Way to Defog Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

Best Pool Floats

Why Biden’s Smart to Take His Time With His Veep Pick

How Trump Tried to Block the Release of Our Eye-Opening Netflix ICE Documentary ‘Immigration Nation’

This May Be the Most Absurd, Trumpian Drama Ever

Kodak Spent Big Money Lobbying Trump Before Scoring $765 Million COVID Deal

This Footnote from Cy Vance Could Lock Trump Up in 2021

Why Are People So Deathly Afraid of Criticizing Beyonce?

Funerals at Sea Are The Dark New COVID-19 Trend in Miami

Mitch McConnell, the Turtle, Is Losing the Race Now

Ellen DeGeneres’ Celebrity Defenders, From Katy Perry to Ted Cruz, Are Only Making Things Worse

CNN’s Jake Tapper Exposes Trump’s Vote-by-Mail Hypocrisy

Lake Ozark Mayor Gerry Murawski Says Party Videos During COVID-19 Pandemic Boosted Tourism

New Jersey Gym Owners Drop F-Bombs in Off the Rails CNN Interview

Ed Buck Charged With Four More Felonies for Allegedly Enticing Men to His Apartment to Inject Them With Drugs

Samuel Trelawney Hughes Accused of Cyberstalking California Women With Sick Threats

Trump Says You Can Vote by Mail in Florida After Insisting You Shouldn’t Do That in Any State Ever

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Drags Trump Campaign Adviser Mercedes Schlapp, ‘You’re Just Saying a Bunch of Crap!’

Jarvis Fully Is the Best Standing Desk

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow’s Jailhouse Call to Chad Daybell as FBI Searched His Home Played in Court

Acute Flaccid Myelitis, the Terrifying Illness That Paralyzes Young Children, Is Back

Trump Adm Bails Out Charter Jet Firm That Helps Deport Migrants

Seth Rogen Teases Chris Nolan for Trying to ‘Kill His Greatest Fans’ with ‘Tenet’ Release

Bodies Strewn on the Ground After Apocalyptic Blast in Beirut

Trump Has Us on the Brink of a Social Civil War

Meet the Hero Bartenders Supporting Their Communities

The Secret to Making the Perfect To-Go Cocktail

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Are the Best Hiking Shoes

Kris Kobach Would Do Anything for Trump. But He Won’t Do That

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