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Let’s Hope That Kamala Harris Is Done Pandering to White America

Jessica Baggen Rape-Murder Case in Alaska Solved Through Genealogical DNA After 24 Years

Is Scandal-Hit Massachusetts Mayor Alex Morse Really a Victim of Homophobia?

Best Face Mask Solutions and Accessories

Trump’s TikTok and WeChat Ban Could Backfire Inside China

How I Got Sarah Silverman to Spill Her Soul

A Shady Gun Company Cheated Death and Cashed In

Diego Luna Doesn’t Want to Waste His Time With ‘Toxic’ Trump

Baltimore, Boston, and Chicago Could Be Next Coronavirus Hot Spots, Modelers Warn

Kamala Harris Built a ‘Digital Army’—Now She Gets to Use It

Trevor Noah Explains Why Trump Will Struggle to Attack Kamala Harris Because She’s a Cop

Trump Mourns 'All the Birds' Killed by Windmills, Stays Mum on 160K COVID Deaths

Sarah Cooper Roasts Trump and Louis C.K. as Guest Host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Tucker Carlson Peddles Sexist Smear Against Kamala Harris

There Is No ‘Russia Vaccine’

These Florida Counties Are Feeling the Heat From Gov. Ron DeSantis to Reopen Schools

Los Angeles Police Department Officer Accused of Sexually Abusing a Corpse

Back to School Deals Everyone Can Take Advantage Of

Trump Campaign Playbook Is to Paint Kamala Harris as ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Power-Hungry’

Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Corrects Trump Campaign Claim That Kamala Harris Called Biden ‘Racist’

Why Kamala Harris Is the Right Choice for Vice President

Lou Holtz Invokes D-Day and Normandy to Demand College Football Play This Fall

Sen. Kamala Harris Tapped as Joe Biden’s VP

Try The Island Cactus By Ricky Cobia Bartenders At Home

That Viral ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Drama Trailer Is Finally Becoming a Show

Key West Cops Arrest 8-Year-Old Special Needs Boy at School. Now His Mother Bianca Digennaro Is Suing Police.

All the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Secrets You Didn’t Already Know From ‘Finding Freedom’

Donald Trump Actually Did Us All One Big Favor

Belarus Opposition Leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Flees to Lithuania After Days of Bloody Protests

Trump Says Biden Is Insulting Men Everywhere by Picking Woman as Running Mate in Interview With Clay Travis

Beirut Government Was Warned About Explosives in Port Two Weeks Before Deadly Blast, Says Report

Best Telescopes for Stargazing

Phoebe Robinson Talks Kanye’s ‘Ignorant’ 2020 Campaign and Schooling Jimmy Fallon on Race

The Science Behind the NBA's Hot New COVID-19 Test

Why Republicans Are Walking All Over Governor Tony Evers

The American Herald Is a ‘News’ Site Bought and Paid for by Donald Trump’s Official Super PAC

How the Mafia Classic ‘Goodfellas’ Directly Inspired Our Trump Book, ‘Sinking in the Swamp’

Pro-Iran Troll Posed as WHO Official to Push Racist Coronavirus Hoax

Dems Say Sexist Attacks Are Wrong. Someone Tell Sarah Palin!

Donald Trump, the MAGA President, Remade America as a Shithole Country

Netflix’s ‘(Un)Well’ Elevates Dangerous Coronavirus Truthers

South Dakota Teacher Stuck Between Rogue Governor Kristi Noem and Sturgis Biker Shitshow

‘Daily Show’ Breaks Down Why Cardi B Should Be Joe Biden’s ‘Wet-Ass VP’

Sean Hannity Openly Mocks Joe Biden’s Stutter

Why Conservatives Like Ben Shapiro Are Triggered by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

Biden Aides Will Stiff-Arm GOP’s Burisma Probe, Sources Say

Tucker Carlson Warns ‘Demographic Shifts’ Will Make Cities ‘Broke, Dirty, and Dangerous’

Former Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner May Be Forced to Finally Explain His Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Trump Whisked Out of Strangest Coronavirus Briefing Yet After Shooting Near White House

The Fierce Backlash to Kylie Jenner’s Cameo in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

Best Yoga Pants

The Civil War Tearing Sports Illustrated Apart

The Relentless Misgendering of Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Is Violence

The New Abnormal Bonus Episodes with Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast, For Members Only

Is Kelly Loeffler a ‘Corporate Liberal’ or ‘Attila the Hun’?

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Is in Shock After Hundreds of Looters Overrun Luxury Shops in ‘Assault on the City’

Review of a Top-Selling Amazon One-Piece Swimsuit

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Ainsley Earhardt ‘Shocked’ to Learn Kids Can Get COVID-19

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Steve Easterbrook, Fired McDonald’s CEO, Had Sex With Staffers and Sent Himself the Pics, Lawsuit Claims

Travel to Europe’s Best Cabinets of Curiosity

Best Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong Media Mogul Who Met With Pompeo and Pence, Arrested for ‘Collusion With Foreign Forces’

Why Stan Lee Is So Popular in Crossword Puzzles

Is Coronavirus Turning America Into Bourbon Street?

5-Year-Old’s COVID Saga Has Florida Mom Saying Hell No to In-Person School

Is In-Person Voting Really Unsafe?

Garifuna Minority Group Fears ‘Genocide’ in Trump-Backed Honduras

Harvey Fierstein on Broadway’s ‘Horrifying’ Shutdown, Writing His Memoir, and ‘Gentleman Callers’

Black Lives Matter Activists Court Trump Converts in Crossover Counties

Reopening Schools in September Is a Cruel Experiment

Russian Media Warns Not to Sell Out the ‘Motherland’ to State Department for $10M

How We Got the Scoop on Jeffrey Epstein’s Arrest

Conservatives Hate ‘Moochers’ More Than They Love Americans

How a Star Harvard Professor Got Suckered by a Porn Producer on the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’

Fake Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs Lead QAnon Crazies to Target Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé

Trump Aides Say Coronavirus Outbreaks Are ‘Inevitable’ at Reopened Schools

Inside ‘Duncan,’ the ‘Pizzagate’ Horror Movie Shunned by Hollywood

Black ‘Real Housewives’ and Bravo Stars Sound Off on Racism and All Lives Matter: It’s ‘Insulting’

Mike Tyson, Convicted Rapist, Fought a Shark on TV. Sadly, No One Got Bit.

Belarus Riots After Election as Dictator Alexander Lukashenko Clings to Power

Nancy Pelosi Shuts Down Chris Wallace for Saying She ‘Messed Up’

Peter Navarro Claims ‘the Lord’ Created Executive Orders Because of 'Partisan Bickering'

What’s the Difference Between Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV?

Best Reusable Cleaning Supplies

Trump’s Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Doesn’t Understand Trump’s COVID Relief Orders

Prince Charles ‘Keeps Door Open’ for ‘Dramatic Return’ of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Trials of Greg Kelley: A High School Football Phenom Wrongly Convicted of Molesting a 4-Year-Old Boy

Armenia Has Some of the World's Most Enchanting Monasteries

Best Magnetic Whiteboard for the Kitchen

‘We Hunt Together’ Follows a Prostitute and Immigrant’s Murder Spree Through London

Were the Ancient Greeks ADA Compliant?

How Segregationist Leander Perez’s Vicious Racism Backfired and Saved Jury Trials

America Killed 90,000 People for No Good Reason, and Then Just Forgot About It

South Korea’s Old Torture Factory Is Making Nice With Kim Jong Un

How Private Schools Have Profited From the Pandemic

The Bizarre Story of a Far-Right Activist Gavin Seim Taking COVID Trutherism to Mexico

Trump Can Win If He Gets Out Of His Fucking Way

Jim Acosta Says CNN Wanted Him to Have Bodyguards at Trump Rally

Chelsea Becker Was Charged With Murder After Her Baby Was Stillborn. California’s AG Has Now Stepped In.

White House Changes Coronavirus Testing Policy to Make It Mandatory for Staff

BIPOC Brands to Buy Homemade Artisan Jewelry Pieces

Best Japanese Garden Scissors and Pruning Shears

Are We in the Golden Age of ‘Real Housewives’?

The Daily Beast’s OBSESSED with Kevin Fallon

Barcelona's Best Hidden Gem May Be a Library for the Working Class

How the Swamp Swallowed Your Coronavirus Relief

Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Only at Kentucky’s Creation Museum

Maria Ressa, the Journalist Targeted by Murderous Philippines Dictator Rodrigo Duterte

Putin Looks to Africa to Extend His Military Might

Why This Summer’s Shark Panic Lacks Its Usual Bite

Cartoon: Reopening-School-Too-Soon-Get-Back-to-Zoom Sale

Even the Official Motorcycle Brand of the Sturgis Rally Thinks the Mass Gathering Is Too Risky

These Scientists in Vans Think They Can Help Solve the Testing Crisis

Lachlan Murdoch Is Even More of a Right-Wing Ultra Than His Old Man

Joe Biden Needs to Stop Hiding and Meet the Press

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Christine Quinn, TV’s Most Fabulously Terrifying Villain, Tells All

Best National CBD Day Sales

Bill Maher Mocks ‘Horny’ Bill Clinton Over Creepy Jeffrey Epstein Ties

Trump Joins His Bedminster Golf Club Guests in Derailing Presser to Bash Journalist Who Asked About Masks

Should Trump Get Involved in Stalled Coronavirus Stimulus Talks? No Way, Republicans Say

Jerry Falwell Jr. Out ‘Indefinitely’ at Liberty University After Unzipped Pants Photo

‘Honest Broker’ Brent Scowcroft Was Everything Team Trump Could Never Be

Utah Woman Madalena McNeil Faces Life in Prison After Allegedly Buying Red Protest Paint

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan Beats Her Ex-Lawyer’s Defamation Suit

Best Mascara to Wear With Your Face Mask

Ellen’s Disappointing Transformation From LGBT Hero to Hollywood Villain

Black Voters Know Biden Is Clumsy—and That Trump Is a Menace

Best Cornhole Sets

CNN’s Poppy Harlow Confronts Larry Kudlow With All the Times He’s Been Wrong About the Coronavirus

Trump Makes Same Gaffe as Biden in Least Self-Aware Twitter Attack

NRA Grift Exposed For Yachts, Private Jets and Safaris

Patagonia Baggies are the Best Shorts

Ukrainian Port Has Ship Named Trump D With 10,000 Metric Tons of the Same Explosive That Blew Up Beirut

Beirut Explodes in Violence After Deadly Blast, With Riots and Tear Gas in the Rubble

Dagne Dover Created the Perfect Canvas Tote Bag

Jacques Pépin Needs Your Help in the Kitchen

Composer Ted Hearne Examines White Complicity in the Displacement of Black Americans

Director Alejandro Jodorowsky Claims to ‘Heal’ People by Burying Them Alive and Using Menstrual Blood

Putin’s Got Big Problems in Russia’s Provinces

Wayne LaPierre Looks Like the Corrupt Elites He Rails Against

Lie, Deny, and Hope for a Miracle Isn’t Just Trump’s Coronavirus Plan—It’s Also His Jobs Plan

New Jersey and New York Are Both Having Crazy Parties But Only One COVID Surge

Right Richter: Laura Loomer Is About to Get a Little Closer to Congress

Will the Royals Let the Queen and Prince Philip Have a Peaceful Vacation?

COVID-19 Could Mess With Survivors’ Brains for Years to Come

Aggressive New Guerrilla Tactics Target America’s Eviction Machine

250,000 Bikers to Defy Common Sense and ‘Screw COVID’ for Nine Days at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

‘La Llorona’ Is a Spellbinding Horror Movie About the ‘Silent Holocaust’ Against Indigenous People

Seth Meyers Reveals Trump’s ‘Loveless Marriage’ With ‘Fox & Friends’

Trump Cheers on Kanye’s Bid but His Pollster Says It Could Backfire

Trump Admin Spams Random Russians to Fight Election Meddling

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Comes at Trump Campaign’s Mercedes Schlapp for Falsely Smearing Her Military Husband

The Real Reason New York’s Attorney General Went After the NRA

Pro-Trump Group’s Lies Were Too Big for Facebook

Before Biden Backed Out of DNC Speech, COVID-19 Was Detected at Convention Site

Grad Student Maha Hasan Alshawi Stopped Eating 22 Days Ago Over Dartmouth’s Handling of Her Misconduct Case

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Trump Only Wants More Debates With Biden Because He’s Losing

We Untangled the Shady Effort to Elect a Florida Republican

Defund Jake Paul — YouTuber and Public Menace

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Says Positive COVID-19 Test Was a False Alarm

NY Attorney General Letitia James Moves to Disband the National Rifle Association for ‘Fraud and Abuse’

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s COVID ‘Misinformation’

Best Black Dresses

Saudi Arabia Disinformation Accounts Jump on Beirut Blast

‘The Con’ Exposes ‘The Largest Conspiracy of Lies in the History of the World’

Fostering Diversity in the Beer & Spirits World The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Biden Needs a VP. Kamala Suddenly Sounds More Like Bernie Sanders.

The Irreplaceable Howard Ashman: Disney Finally Tells the Story of Losing Its Finest Lyricist to AIDS

Trump’s Last Gasp Could Be a Supreme Court Justice in January

COVID-19 Hotspot Is Now Ground Zero for Moderna’s Big Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Best Desktop Whiteboards

Vermont City of Vergennes Tried to Confront Race and Policing—and It Imploded

Politicians Feud as Parents Beg for Answers on Schools Reopening During Coronavirus Surge

Inside ‘Out of Shadows,’ the Bonkers Hollywood-Pedophilia Documentary QAnon Loves

Trump’s D.C. Hotel Jacked Up Its Prices as Trump Began Plotting a D.C.-Based Republican National Convention

Sasha Grey on Why Hollywood Was Way Creepier Than Porn and Being Smeared by the Men of ‘Entourage’

How Did American Apparel Creep Dov Charney Get a Military Contract?

Meghan McCain Won’t Commit to Voting Biden Over Trump

See Two Paths to the American Dream in “An American Pickle” Streaming On HBO Max

Federalist Co-Founder Pushes Bizarre Claim Face Masks Cause Brain Damage

Peter Navarro Cites 'Dilbert' Cartoonist to Prove Experts Wrong on Hydroxy

Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Trump’s Kindergarten Coronavirus Death Chart From Axios Interview

The 2020 Election Is Under Attack. Our Pols Are Stuck in 2016.

Facebook Finally Moves Against Trump

Trump’s Always Told ‘Jokes.’ Now, He’s Becoming One.

Video Shows John Neville Pleading ‘I Can’t Breathe’ as He Struggles for Life in a North Carolina Jail

Seattle City Council Won’t Slash Police Budget, but OKs Cop Layoffs

Trump’s Debate Moderator Wish List Is Stacked With Fox News Stars and Sycophants

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Is the Most Cooling and Supportive Mattress Around

NYPD Had Paid Informant Embedded in George Floyd Protests

Garrett Rolfe, the Former Atlanta Cop Who Killed Rayshard Brooks, Sues Mayor and Police Chief Over Firing

See the Moment a Bride, a Baby, a BBC Reporter Felt the Beirut Blast

Ellen DeGeneres ‘Crushed’ as Allegations of Toxicity on Her Show Continue

Beirut Ignored Public Warning There Was a Russian ‘Bomb’ at the Port

Biden Campaign Preps Offensive Against Trump ‘Death Star’

Best Way to Defog Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

Best Pool Floats

Why Biden’s Smart to Take His Time With His Veep Pick

How Trump Tried to Block the Release of Our Eye-Opening Netflix ICE Documentary ‘Immigration Nation’

This May Be the Most Absurd, Trumpian Drama Ever

Kodak Spent Big Money Lobbying Trump Before Scoring $765 Million COVID Deal

This Footnote from Cy Vance Could Lock Trump Up in 2021

Why Are People So Deathly Afraid of Criticizing Beyonce?

Funerals at Sea Are The Dark New COVID-19 Trend in Miami

Mitch McConnell, the Turtle, Is Losing the Race Now

Ellen DeGeneres’ Celebrity Defenders, From Katy Perry to Ted Cruz, Are Only Making Things Worse

CNN’s Jake Tapper Exposes Trump’s Vote-by-Mail Hypocrisy

Lake Ozark Mayor Gerry Murawski Says Party Videos During COVID-19 Pandemic Boosted Tourism

New Jersey Gym Owners Drop F-Bombs in Off the Rails CNN Interview

Ed Buck Charged With Four More Felonies for Allegedly Enticing Men to His Apartment to Inject Them With Drugs

Samuel Trelawney Hughes Accused of Cyberstalking California Women With Sick Threats

Trump Says You Can Vote by Mail in Florida After Insisting You Shouldn’t Do That in Any State Ever

CNN’s Brianna Keilar Drags Trump Campaign Adviser Mercedes Schlapp, ‘You’re Just Saying a Bunch of Crap!’

Jarvis Fully Is the Best Standing Desk

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow’s Jailhouse Call to Chad Daybell as FBI Searched His Home Played in Court

Acute Flaccid Myelitis, the Terrifying Illness That Paralyzes Young Children, Is Back

Trump Adm Bails Out Charter Jet Firm That Helps Deport Migrants

Seth Rogen Teases Chris Nolan for Trying to ‘Kill His Greatest Fans’ with ‘Tenet’ Release

Bodies Strewn on the Ground After Apocalyptic Blast in Beirut

Trump Has Us on the Brink of a Social Civil War

Meet the Hero Bartenders Supporting Their Communities

The Secret to Making the Perfect To-Go Cocktail

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Are the Best Hiking Shoes

Kris Kobach Would Do Anything for Trump. But He Won’t Do That

Aurora Cops Handcuff Young Black Girls at Gunpoint in Shocking Video After SUV Mistaken as Stolen Motorcycle

The Golden Ratio Coffee Replacement Is My New Favorite Drink

Juan Carlos I, Former King of Spain, Goes Into Exile Amid Allegations of Tax Evasion and Infidelity

Congrats, Philanderers: Sexual Hijinks Won’t Slow Your Path to the White House

‘Supermarket Sweep’ Contestants Brandon and Kevin, Who Really Were Just Roommates, Spill the Show’s Secrets

The Myth of the Peaceful Plantation

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill Earned Income Tax Credit for Millions of Working Poor

Are Kids Stoppers or Spreaders? It Depends on Who in Trumpland You Trust.

Fred Trump Tells You Everything There Is to Know About Donald

If Democrats Take the Senate, Our Democracy Is in a New Kind of Danger

Monty Python’s John Cleese Thinks ‘Woke’ Culture Is Killing Comedy

How Kim Jong Un Won the War Over North Korea’s Nukes

Russia’s ‘Red Penguins’ Had Mobsters, Strippers, Beer-Chugging Bears—and Some Hockey

COVID-19 Infighting Gets Ugly in Mask-Skeptical Oklahoma

Trump Is Under Increasing Pressure to Blow Up His China Deal Before Election Day

A Cards Against Humanity Writer Called Out Racism at Work. He Ended Up Institutionalized Against His Will.

U.S. Convents Were Ravaged by COVID-19. They’re Still Terrified.

Trump Not Impressed by John Lewis, Says ‘He Didn’t Come to My Inauguration’

Tucker Carlson Says It Is ‘Probably Illegal’ for Biden to Only Consider a Black Woman VP

Seth Meyers Exposes ‘Sociopath’ Jared Kushner’s ‘Evil’ Coronavirus Plan

Try The Getaway By Pam Wiznitzer Bartenders At Home

Melanie Gibb Says Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Claims J.J. Vallow’s Grandmother Wanted to ‘Kidnap Him’

Inside the 'Sick Hoax' Coronavirus Death Roiling Arizona State University

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Accuses Media of Pushing Coronavirus ‘Panic Porn’

‘The Bachelorette’ Might Introduce Its Second Black Star in a Historically Messy Season

Trump Attacks Dr. Birx in an Attempt to Keep a Loyal Soldier in Line

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Says She Will Refuse the Coronavirus Vaccine

Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow’s 7-year-old J.J. Was Discovered in Red Pajamas, Wrapped in Plastic

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Lovely Wedding Gives Us Plenty to Dream About

Best Spice Cabinet Organization and Spice Racks

Peter Navarro Throws Another White House Health Expert Under Bus Over Hydroxy

Esther Salas, New Jersey Federal Judge, Recounts Horrific Moment ‘Madman’ Shot Her Son Dead on Their Doorstep

Drug-Smuggling Cat Escapes Welikada Prison High-Security Sri Lankan Prison

Carlos Guillén Alfaro Was the First UN Peacekeeper to Die of COVID-19—or Was He?

The Daily Beast Crossword Puzzle Creator Shares a Tip for Which Clues to Start With

LGBTQ Russians Fight to Survive Putin’s Campaign of Hate

The Pandemic Plays Hell With Fighting Wildfires and Hurricanes

The El Paso Massacre Made Aug. 3, 2019 a Date That Lives in Infamy

The Chaos of Free Police Protest Food in Portland and Seattle

QAnon Targets Africa With New Conspiracy That Democrats Are Stealing Local Children

Could Inhaling This Expensive Gas Help COVID-19 Patients?

Trump’s Convention Chaos Leaves Small Biz Owners Seething

Union Reps Call Out Disney’s ‘Trumpian’ Treatment of Theme Park Workers

The Mask-Mocking Trumpists Live in a Sickening Bubble—and They’re Determined to Expose the Rest of Us

Reopening Schools Is a Test That We’re All Failing Together

HBO’s ‘The Swamp’ Exposes Just How Much Republican Matt Gaetz Kisses Trump’s Butt

Trump’s New Adviser Steve Cortes Thinks He Hasn’t Been ‘Fascist’ Enough

Desus & Mero Roast the Hell Out of Trumpkin Charlie Kirk for His Anti-NBA Tweets

John Oliver Unloads on ‘Idiot’ Trump for Endorsing Dr. Demon Sperm Stella Immanuel

Chris Wallace Confronts Trump Campaign Spox Jason Miller on ‘Fox News Sunday’

The Ridge Wallet Is the Perfect Tiny, Minimalist Wallet

Nancy Pelosi Tears Into Dr. Birx, Says ‘I Don’t Have Confidence’ in Her

Brett Giroir, Coronavirus Testing Czar, Says It’s Time to ‘Move On’ From Hydroxychloroquine

The Queen Put Prince Harry ‘Firmly in His Place’ Over Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Tiara

Broadway Has Some Cool Buildings You’ve Probably Never Noticed

Amy Seimetz’s ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ Is Timely Existential Horror and So Much More

How I Bought a House and Joined the Foreclosure Generation

The Day the Democrats Lost the White Working Class in a Hardhat Riot

When Mary Todd Lincoln’s Son Had Her Declared Insane

Netflix Targets the ‘World’s Most Wanted’ Criminals

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis Wanted to Kill Obamacare. Now He's Plagiarizing It.

Hong Kong’s Delayed Elections Are a Warning to America

Trump Is Terrible. Here’s The One Reason I Still Can’t Vote for Biden.

The Hiroshima Cover-Up Began in the Nuclear Era’s First Hours

Worm Joke Causes Science Twitter Flame War Over Accusations of Sexism and Racism

CIA, Guns, and Rasta: Inside the Making of Rockers, Reggae’s Most Iconic Film

Amid a Mississippi Coronavirus Surge, Morgues Are Overflowing and Coroners Are Scared

A Deadly Shark Attack, Fights with Neighbors, and Fast-Approaching Fall—Can Maine Salvage the Summer?

There Must Be No More Vanessa Guillens in the Military

Uniqlo’s Best Basic Men’s T-Shirts Are On Sale for $10

Trump Underlings Pressured Doctor to Lie About Family Separations

Why Is the Right So Obsessed With Hydroxychloroquine?

Why Cory Booker Won’t Punch Trump in the Face

The Israeli Mafia Behind the Violence at Anti-Bibi Protests

U.S. Marshals Are Actually Auctioning Off Fyre Festival Merch

Hurricane Isaias Heads to Florida—Just as Coronavirus Deaths Hit New Record

Best Ice Cube Trays and Molds For Any Shaped Ice

‘Phygital’? Fashion Designers, Please Stop Making Words Up.

Inside Netflix’s ‘Immigration Nation,’ the Horrifying ICE Documentary Trump Doesn’t Want You to See

Nickelodeon’s ‘The Legend of Korra,’ Soon on Netflix, Is a Great ‘Avatar’ Sequel and You Gotta Deal with It

The Muppets Ask Gen Z How Do You Do, Fellow Kids

Dr. Stella Immanuel’s Beliefs Are Rooted in Ancient Lore of Demons, Sex, and Sickness

Birding is Having Its Moment During the Pandemic

Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki War Crimes? It’s Not so Simple.

Tony Zosherafatain Made a Movie about Being ‘Trans in Trumpland.’ Will Hollywood Support It?

Donald Trump, Pretender-in-Chief, Is No Wartime President

What Immigration Activists Can Learn From BLM’s Success

Meet Shawn Loving, the All-Star Chef Tasked With Fixing the NBA Bubble’s Food Nightmare

Latest Saturate O.C. Event Shows These Faithful Are Determined to ‘Save’ You Even if It Means Giving You COVID

The Tragic History of L.A.'s Black Family Beach Havens

Demon Sperm Doctor Stella Immanuel’s Old Colleagues Warn of Horrible Side Effects of Chloroquine

Coronavirus Pandemic Is Stranding Babies Born to Surrogates in the U.S.

Bill Maher, Who Said the N-Word on TV, Decries ‘Cancel Culture’ With Bari Weiss and Thomas Chatterton Williams

Donald Trump Turns Coronavirus Roundtable Into Mask-Free Campaign Rally