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Caitlyn Jenner’s Plan for California’s Economy Is to ‘Surround Myself With Really Great People’

Staff in The Appeal’s Crusading Newsroom Spent Years Fighting Its ‘Cruel’ Culture

Teenage Boy Charged With Murdering 13-Year-Old Tristyn Bailey, Florida Cheerleader

The Afghan War Is Over, but Not for These Gitmo Prisoners

Randi Weingarten Turns Tables on Martha MacCallum, Presses Her About Election ‘Misinformation’

Violent Jerusalem Clashes Just the Start of Bloody Days to Come

An Apollo Executive Is the ‘BBQ Man’ Behind Sydney’s Mutant COVID Outbreak

Famed Forensic Psychiatrist Park Dietz to Evaluate Robert Brockman, Billionaire Charged in $2B Tax Scheme

Ebola Doc: ‘COVAX Is Just a Way for White Men to Absolve Their Conscience’

Miami Cop Lieutenant John Anthony Jenkins Accused of Rape, Docs Show

Newsmax Guest David Litt Expertly Trolls Network On-Air Over Its False Election Claims

Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem Turned Into a War Zone, Videos Show

Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation System Review

Howard University Is Going to Lose Its Classics Department. Congress Could Save It for Peanuts.

For the Good of the Puzzle, Sometimes Rules Must Be Broken

A New Doc Shines a Loving Light on the New Orleans Jazz Funeral

Before He Was the Bane of Immigrants, Joe Arpaio Was an Immigrant’s Son

Trump’s Big Lie Isn’t About 2020 but All the Elections to Come

The Next Big COVID Disaster Could Be Here

MAGA Attorneys General Are Winning a GOP Civil War

Facing Death on Everest Made Me Ask, ‘What the Hell Am I Doing Here?’

How Trumpists Are Trying to Hijack a Small-Town New Hampshire Ballot Audit

How Big Pharma and D.C. Politicians Got Millions of Americans Hopelessly Addicted to Heroin

The Cesspool that Gave Rise to Stephen Miller

The Crucifixion of Courtney Stodden

Best Makeup Remover Cloth

Joe Biden’s Reboot of That ’70s Show Looks Like a Disaster

The Fight to Clear Rachel Bellesen, Montana Woman Who Killed Her Abusive Ex

Melinda Gates Called Divorce Lawyers in 2019 After Epstein Report, Wall Street Journal Says

Mosquitoes Hate This 12-Hour Skin Safe Bug Spray

Chris Wallace Confronts GOP Rep. Jim Banks, Asks Him ‘Is It a Lie the Election Was Stolen?’

Russian Doctor Alexander Murakhovsky Who Lied About Navalny Poisoning ‘Disappeared in the Woods’

The Mysterious Case of the Body-Swapping Pregnant Mummy

Queen’s First Cousin Allegedly Charged $70,000 for Access to Putin

The Pandemic Changed It All, Including How I Write Fiction

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Cold-War America

Ziwe’s New Late-Night Series Is Off to a Truly Iconic Start

History Says House Dems Are Doomed in 2022. The Top Campaign Dem Thinks Otherwise

OMG I Want to Rent This House: Tulum, Mexico

Inside British TV's Long, Ugly History of Slut-Shaming Sex Workers

D.C. Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo Boasts of Post-Shooting Sex With Accomplice in New Doc

Surviving Pandemic Motherhood: A Case Study in Zero Fucks

Arizona’s ‘Cyber Ninjas’ Usher in New Era of Insane Ballot Attacks

Tory Burch Face Mask Review

A Twisted Catholic Church Attack Shows the High Bar for Hate Crimes in America

Jeff Garlin on Being Mistaken for Harvey Weinstein: It’s Not Funny Being Compared to a Rapist

Elon Musk’s Deceptive and Deeply Awkward SNL Monologue

Ransomware Attackers Strike the ‘Jugular’ of U.S. Gas With Shut Down of Colonial Pipeline

The Ridiculously Racist History of Menthol Cigarettes

Police Reveal New Details in Jean-Joseph Danger Le Chiffre Case

Philly DA Candidate Charles Peruto Forced to Address Julia Law Death, the ‘Girl in the Bathtub’

The Best New Party Game for Adults

Best Body Wash From Juniper Ridge

‘Shrill’s’ Final Season Shows Us the Hell of Going to the Doctor While Fat

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Greene Rile Up the MAGA Faithful With Talk of Guns and Election Lies at Florida Rally

Camping Was So Popular It Became Basic and Nearly Ruined the ‘Outdoors’

‘Girls5eva’ Is the Most Fun Binge of the Year

How Stalin’s Funeral Exposed the Crazed Cult of Soviet Communism

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Feud Becomes a Battle of Rival Royal Brands

My Extra Long Nails Have Made Me a Whole New Person

He Balloon-Dropped 500,000 Anti-Kim Flyers on North Korea—Then Cops Knocked on His Door

Angry, Entitled Disney Adults Are the Heart and Soul of the GOP

Kids Go Hungry in ‘Insane’ Health and Human Services Dallas Migrant Shelter Run by Culmen, Volunteers Say

A Wild VIP Group-Sex Party Is About to Invade New York City

Payal Raj Is Stranded in COVID-Ravaged India, 9,000 Miles From Her Daughter

Aberdeen High School Students Derail Diversity Week With Pro-Trump, Homophobic Banner

Feds Probing Rudy Giuliani’s Push to Get a Visa for a Shady Ukrainian Prosecutor

Black Women Bike Riders Say ‘Central Park Karen’ Falsely Accused Them of ‘Beating’ Her

Why Is LaKeith Stanfield Flirting With Anti-Semitism on Clubhouse?

Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands As Reviewed by a Professional Hand Model

Elon Musk Toys With His Public About Dogecoin Ahead of Saturday Night Live

Calling Charlotte Home: The Increasing Allure of One Mid-Sized Southern City

Washingtonian CEO Catherine Merrill Sorry for Op-Ed Threatening Jobs if They Don’t Return to Office

Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao Indicted on Civil Rights Charges for Floyd Death

Best New Launches From Food52, Hydro Flask, and More

Indians Run for the Exits, Taking COVID Risks to Nepal, Dubai, Maldives From a Dying Nation

Sorry, Snobs. Hard Seltzer and Canned Cocktails Are Blowing Up

Ambra Gutierrez, Evelyn Yang Push for New York Adult Survivors Act

J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s Pandemic Stunts Have Been a Blessing

Nonetheless, Liz Cheney Persisted

Big Pharma Whines to Biden: ‘We’re Not the Bad Guy’

Lance Bass Is Kicking Himself for Not Listening to Britney Spears’ Uber-Investing Advice

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want to Fix Facebook

Colombian President Pins Anti-Government Protests on Narco-Traffickers

Tucker Carlson May Be America’s Biggest Public-Health Problem

Hollywood Wanted Me to Make My Martial-Arts Characters White, but My Ancestors Wouldn’t Have It

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on ‘Ignorant A-Hole’ Caitlyn Jenner

Seth Meyers Drags Ron DeSantis and Fox News Over ‘Shocking’ Voter Suppression Party

Samsung Stick Vacuum Review

Tucker Carlson Blames Biden for His Dangerous Anti-Vax Fearmongering

Melinda Gates Warned Bill Gates About Jeffrey Epstein

The Tragic End to Brian Pillman, Wrestling’s First Great ‘Madman’

Artist Reveals Paris Hilton’s Infamous ‘Stop Being Poor’ Tank Was Fake

Scammers Sell Fire Extinguishers as Oxygen Cylinders to Dying COVID Patients in India

Fox News Anchor John Roberts Wonders ‘Who’s Right’ on the ‘Big Lie,’ Cheney or Trump?

Landon Kenneth Copeland, Utah Man Charged With Assaulting Police During Capitol Riots, Loses It in Court

Bluetooth Speaker Sonos Roam Review

Michelle Boat on Trial for Tracy Mondabough Murder in Marion County, Iowa

Best Down and Down-Alt Comforters for Any Bedroom

‘That Damn Michael Che’ Wants to Be the Next ‘Chappelle’s Show’

Britain Accuses France of Showing ‘Small Dick Energy’ in Petty Navy Standoff Over Fish

The Secret History of Bourbon The Life Behind Bars Podcast

‘The Circle’ Season 2 Winner DeLeesa Found Out She Was Pregnant During the Show

George Chakiris on the Secrets and Scandals of ‘West Side Story,’ 60 Years Later

Kevin McCarthy’s Spineless GOP Is a Step Back for Human Evolution

Believe Me, Mark Zuckerberg Isn't Going to Police Himself

Meet the OnlyShans, the Friendliest LGBTQ Gaming Community

The Cynical Truth Behind Will Smith’s Quarantine Bod Reveal

Inside the Hunt for the Washington Post’s Next Top Editor

Botox-Loving Mom Leigh Ann Bauman’s Murder-for-Hire Case Is Tearing Apart the Ozarks

Indonesia Government Official Accused of Using Coronavirus Pandemic Aid to Pay for Luxury Karaoke

Trevor Noah Makes Fun of Trump’s Deeply Embarrassing Blog

Tucker Carlson Makes BS Claim ‘30 People Every Day’ Are Dying From Vaccines. Here’s the Truth.

Branson Grows Old While Bezos Takes Over Space Travel

The Japanese Photographer Who Captured David Bowie’s Ethereal Beauty

Piedmont School District Regrets Offering a ‘Support Circle for White Students’ After Chauvin Trial

Meet Vitalik Buterin, the World’s Youngest Crypto Billionaire, Ethereum Founder

Finnegan Elder, Gabriel Natale-Hjorth Sentenced to Life in Prison in Italy

Joseph Don Mount Charged for 153-Person Grand Canyon Hike That Violated COVID-19 Rules

Trump, GOP Leaders, and Even Liz Cheney Allies Say She Is a 'Dead Woman Walking

Biden Admin Goes to War With Big Pharma Over COVID Vax Patent Protections

Husband of Suzanne Morphew, Colorado Mom Who Vanished on Mother’s Day, Charged With Murder

Here’s Why We Need Feral Donkeys: Ass Holes

The Met Gala Returns, With Cool Young Hosts, and a Lot of Mystery

Hopkinton Officials Investigate Mikayla Miller Death After ‘Suicide’ Claim

Meghan McCain Rails Against GOP for Choosing ‘Cheeto Jesus’ Over Liz Cheney

Facebook’s Toothless, Authoritarian ‘Oversight Board’ Is Downright Trumpy

Trump Fans See Tyrannical Plot in Facebook Ruling

VacOne Air Brewer Coffee Maker Review

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Tries to Dunk on a 6th Grader for Saying Biden Is Better Than Trump

7 Dishes that Define Minnesota Cuisine & Where to Try Them

A Federal Judge Finds That Bill Barr Was a Fixer and Corrupter of Justice

Dumb In-Person G7 Event in Chaos After Indian Diplomats Test Positive for COVID

Facebook Says Trump Can’t Go Back to Sh*tposting Yet

How Forest Whitaker Is Changing Hollywood

Gua Sha, The Viral TikTok Beauty Tool, Is Actually Ancient Chinese Medicine

Biden Admin Finally Begins Family Reunifications—Slowly but Hopefully

Dr. Fauci Shouldn’t Have Publicly Dismissed Herd Immunity

The Godzilla-Inspired Heavy Metal Band Preaching Environmentalism

The Real Obstacle to a New Normal? Anti-Vaxxer Parents.

Best Women’s Swimwear and Swimsuit Brands

Secret U.S. Intel Reports on Joe Exotic, Juggalos, and Violent Emojis Actually Exist

A Right-Wing Demagogue Is Letting COVID Ravage His People

Family Furious That Killer Roger Sweet Was Freed a Decade Early Over COVID Risk After He Got the Vaccine

Fugitive QAnon Fan Runs Up $10,000 Diner Tab—and Bails

Dr. Fauci Vents to Jimmy Kimmel About ‘Frustrating’ COVID Anti-Vaxxers

Billionaire John Catsimatidis Is Perplexed His Underpaid Oil Workers Are Striking

The ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Premiere: Has COVID Ruined All the Fun?

Trump Lawyers Demand Enemies Pay for ‘Weaponizing Courts’

WaPo Reporter Shuts Down Josh Hawley’s Complaint About Being Silenced During Interview

Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoe Review

You’ve (Probably) Never Seen Paris Like This

COVID Disaster Is Transforming How India Handles Its Dead

American Troops in Iraq Have Been Pummeled by 3 Attacks in 3 Days. Will Biden Strike Back?

Roman Statue Intended for Kim Kardashian Was Looted and Smuggled, U.S. Government Claims

Why Isn’t there a Better Way to Buy Booze Online?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Goes After Liz Cheney, Says She’s Not ‘Carrying Out the Message’

Best Chef’s Knife for Small Hands is from Misen

Indian Prime Minister Modi Called Out for Building Billion-Dollar Residence Despite Deadly COVID Shortages

Rudy Giuliani Is in ‘Deep Shit’

The Taliban Is Ready to Be al-Qaeda’s ‘Darling’ Again

Biden White House Is Preparing to Confront States on Anti-Trans Bills

Dems Use Trump’s Existence to Justify a Government Gone Wild

Forget Herd Immunity. Here’s How We End This COVID-19 Nightmare.

Josh Mandel Slams Big Tech Companies That Made Him Tens of Thousands

Five Books With Jamal Jordan, Author of ‘Queer Love in Color’

Inside America’s Sickening Forced-Marriage Epidemic

Feds Say Accused Swindler Christine Favara Anderson Lied About It All, Money, Trump, and Cancer

The NBA’s Marvel Superhero Mash-Up Was Weird as Hell

Michael Che Says He’s ‘Excited’ for Elon Musk to Host SNL

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Trump’s Sad Mitt Romney Memo

Don Lemon Loses It Over Rick Santorum’s CNN Return, Saying ‘It Was Horrible and Insulting!’

The MAGA Nuts Think Liz Cheney, of All People, Is a RINO

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Fires Back After Tucker Carlson Calls Her the ‘Race Lady’

Director Suggests Netflix’s Oscar-Winning Police Brutality Film ‘Two Distant Strangers’ Copied Her Idea

Ex-Mississippi Deputy Accused in Bizarre Plot to Murder German Farm Owner

‘Mummified’ Cultist’s Corpse Found With Glitter Makeup but No Eyes

Biden Raises Cap on Refugee Admissions After Outrage

Bill and Melinda Gates Announce Divorce After 27 Years

Fox News Finds Its New Dumb Outrage, Claims ‘Woke’ Mob Is ‘Canceling’ a Snow White Theme Park Ride

John Douglas Wright of Ohio Threatened to Join Second Capitol Riot After Jan. 6 Siege, Prosecutors Say

ESPN Executive Kevin Merida to Take Over as Los Angeles Times Top Editor

Trump Lawyers Up for the Capitol Police Officers’ MAGA Riot Lawsuit

My Five Favorite Meals with Surrealist Painter Mark Kostabi

Arresting Capitol Rioters Won’t Stop Hard-Core Extremists

Son of Sam Serial Killer David Berkowitz Said He Didn’t Act Alone

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Finally Winning Her Sexual Assault War with the Pentagon

This Made Flying Absolute Hell but It’s About to Change

U.S. Captured, Tortured, and Cleared Abu Zubaydah. He’s Still in GITMO.

Top COVID Scientist: Bolsonaro Tried to ‘Shut Me Up’

Biden Showers Cash on Ex-CIA Contractor MVM Inc. to Transfer Migrants

Dan Rather on Trolling Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and the State of the News Media

Everlane Easy Shorts Denim Shorts Review

Hilton Carter Recommends a Plant Care Tip

It’s All a Game When It Comes to Sports Clues

John Oliver Rips Into ‘Moron’ Joe Rogan Over COVID Vaccines

Travel Restrictions From COVID-19 Epicenter India Came ‘Weeks’ Too Late

Fox News Staffers Laugh at Calls for Tucker to Be Fired, Say Don’t Hold Your Breath

Wellen Half Zip Pullover Review

Susan Collins Refuses to Tell Jake Tapper Who She Voted for in 2020: ‘Nice Try, Jake!’

Princess Diana Set to Reveal More Royal Secrets From Beyond the Grave

When J. Paul Getty Refused to Pay His Grandson’s Ransom

How the Puritans, Yes, the Puritans, Saw Me Through the Pandemic

A Stunning Satire of Grief and Religion — With a Hitler Cameo

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Tuscany, Italy

A High-Priced Escort’s NSFW Exploration of Sex and Tech

Yellowstone is Shooting Paintballs at Wolves and Says It’s for Their Own Good

Biden’s Creepy, Creeping Newspeak Is an Assault on Democracy

Billionaire Mark Walter Is Buying Up Crested Butte, Colorado, and Locals Are Freaked

What Happened to Jesus' Foreskin?

Is Rapper Blueface’s OnlyFans ‘Cult’ Exploiting Young Women?

What Does It Take to Get a White Man Fired from CNN?

Best Stress Balls From Speks Are Made from Silicone

Green Bay, Wisconsin Police Respond to ‘Active Situation’ at Oneida Casino

Body Scrub from Drunk Elephant Review

Sonoma Influencer Katie Sorensen Charged With False Kidnap Claim Against Latino Couple Eduardo, Sadie Martinez

Here’s How to Save America from the GOP’s Extinction Agenda

Rudy and Andrew Giuliani’s Two-Man Clown Car Is Crashing and Burning

Sugar Babies on Guys Like Gaetz: ‘They Don’t Think They’re Paying for Sex’

Family Reunion Travel is Great, But It's Still Your Family

Tom Jones Wants You to Get Vaccinated, and Wear a Rubber!

Masks are Coming Off, and Lipstick Is Back!

Republicans Tout a Restaurant Fund They Voted Against

This Tennessee City Could Be Your Next Remote Work Destination

Rose Byrne Deserved an Oscar for ‘Bridesmaids’

Netflix’s Cuddly ‘Pet Stars’ Presents a Wild Day in the Life of a Manager to the Animal Stars

Bill Maher Unloads on Rudy Giuliani Over ‘Unprecedented’ FBI Raid