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Democrats Finally Step Up and Smack Down Texas Jim Crow Law

Daily Beast Favorite Products of May 2021

The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2021, From ‘F9’ and ‘Space Jam’ to ‘The Suicide Squad’

Things Are About to Get Cheesy In Here

Why a Gold Star Widow Hides on Memorial Day

Sebastian Junger on What We Talk About When We Talk About Freedom

The Absurd Drama Behind a Notorious Pasadena Dog-Adoption Honcho

How the VA Is Pushing Vets Into the Opioid Abyss

This Black Journalist Made Sure the Tulsa Race Massacre Was Never Forgotten

Doctors Are Hiding Mental Health Struggles Because of State Licensing Boards

Rolf Kaestel Robbed a Taco Joint With a Toy Gun and Got Life in Prison

‘Mare of Easttown’ Finale’s Julianne Nicholson Breaks Down the Tragic Twist

Gaetz’s GOP Primed Young Women to Sell Sex to Men Like Him

How Two World War I POWs Conned Their Way Out With a Ouija Board

Benjamin Netanyahu May Finally Be Out as Israeli Opposition Finds Enough Votes to Axe Him

Pete Buttigieg Says We're ‘Close to Fish-or-Cut Bait Moment’ on Infrastructure Talks

Jake Tapper Grills Rep. Michael McCaul on Texas’ Strict Voter Restriction Bill

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Memorial Day Weekend

Prince William Is ‘Greatly Concerned’ at What Prince Harry Could Say Next

The Head of the 9/11 Commission Is Looking at COVID Now

Oooh! Have You Heard? Gossip Is Back.

The Best Summer Reads of 2021

Will Biden Ever Get Off His Ass to Save Democracy?

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Ibiza, Spain

How These Rothkos Were Restored Without Touching the Canvas

Forget Art and Gems, Thieves Make Discreet Millions at the Library

Think Conservatives Are Censored on Social Media? Try Being a Porn Star.

While You’re at the Beach, Biden’s Racing to Spend $6 Trillion

The Untold Story of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Secret Pact With Nazi Propagandist Leni Riefenstahl

The Truly Sinister Message Behind the Right’s Defense of Its Lies

The Lavish Lives of the Kremlin’s Ultra-Rich Daughters

Christian Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin Lara and 6 Others Presumed Dead in Percy Priest Lake Plane Crash

Hat Shop That Sold Anti-Vaxx Nazi Star Patches Also Posted From Capitol Riots

Eddie Bauer K-6 Hiking Boot Review

Jay-Z Reveals He Boycotted the Grammys Because They Dissed DMX

Bill Maher Admits the Vaccine ‘Probably’ Helped Him Kick COVID

Coway AirMega 250 Air Purifier Review

Is ‘Smelly Cat’ From ‘Friends’ Secretly the Best Cover Song of All Time?

How Two Incredible Women Declared War on the Makers of Agent Orange Sprayed All Over Vietnam and the U.S.

Men Who Are Worried About a ‘Baby Bust’ Should Try Talking to Women

Broadway Is Back, and May Finally Confront Its Racism

Visiting Egypt Right Now Means Luxury Hotels on the Cheap, Pyramids to Oneself

Who the Hell Was Jackie Jones and Why Is a Mountain Named for Him?

Keith McNally on Nearly Dying, Graydon Carter, Defending Woody Allen, and Saving His Restaurant Empire

Billionaire Lord Ashcroft’s Daughter-in-Law Jasmine Hartin Questioned in Belize Cop Henry Jemmott’s Death

New York Prosecutors Zero in on Donald Trump’s Real-Life Wayne Manor

How Hollywood’s ‘Jesus’ Jim Caviezel Went Full QAnon

They Killed the Jan. 6 Commission. Now We Need to Kill the Filibuster

How Frank Luntz Created a Mess Inside the Los Angeles Times

Kim Kardashian Denies She Got COVID-19 During Reckless Vacation and Partying. Is That the Whole Truth?

A Moveable Feast Your Summer Food & Drink Gear Guide

Cristian Bahena Rivera Found Guilty of Murdering Mollie Tibbetts

German Bosque, ‘Florida’s Worst Cop,’ Was Just Fired for Misconduct for the 7th Time

Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Jails

Senate Republicans Kill Bipartisan Jan. 6 Riot Commission

Fox News and Donna Brazile Quietly Part Ways

Cash Gernon Kidnap Suspect Darriynn Brown Allegedly Snatched Another Dallas Child in February

India Variant Becomes Dominant in Britain, Threatens to Wreck Boris Johnson’s Grand Reopening

Best New Launches From Allbirds, Rothy’s, and More

Michael Lewis Confirms His 19-Year-Old Daughter Dixie Was Killed in California Car Crash

Prince Harry Tells Zak Williams He Was ‘Unable’ to Grieve Princess Diana

Trump Jr.-Bongino 2024??

You Should Absolutely Go Back to the Movies. I Did. And Cried. (A Lot.)

Jailed Journalist in Russia Says He Falsely Confessed After Electric Shock Torture

Women’s Equality Starts With Ending the Tampon Tax

Why Are Sunscreen Ads Ignoring, and Failing, People of Color?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Keep Dishing. The Royals Are Getting Used to It.

Disney’s Girlboss ‘Cruella’ Actually Rules

Cops Say J’Mauri Bumpass Killed Himself During a Traffic Stop. His Family Says It’s Murder.

Jimmy Kimmel Exposes the Absurdity of Trump’s Memorial Day Message

Seth Meyers Lashes Out at Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert, and the Jan. 6 Republican ‘Trump Cult’

Anyday Microwave Cookware Review

CNN’s Manu Raju Flips Out When Rogue Cicada Jumps Him

The Only Way to Resolve the Wuhan ‘Lab Leak’ COVID Controversy

The Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Traveling Freak Show is the Future of the GOP

State Department Worker Committed ‘Corporate Espionage’ for Tens of Thousands in Bribes, Feds Say

Aiden Fucci Stabbed Cheerleader Tristyn Bailey 114 Times, Prosecutors Say

Lori Vallow, Doomsday Mom Accused of Murdered Kids, Found Unfit to Stand Trial

Rudy Giuliani’s Actual Legal Defense: These Dems Are Peddling Conspiracies!

Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Review

My Five Favorite Meals with Chef Joey Campanaro

These Trans Teens and Parents Are Ready to Fight Arkansas Health Care Ban in Court

Inside the Wild GOP Civil War Playing Out Under the Radar

The Hot Taika Waititi-Rita Ora-Tessa Thompson Threesome Kicks Off Slutty Summer

Russian TV Circus: Biden Desperately ‘Begged’ for Putin Talks

213 Mass Shootings Later, What Has Biden Done on Guns?

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Last Honest Republican, Gives In and Kneels Before Trump

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Reveal They Nearly Had a ‘Friends’ Romance

Seth Meyers on Trump’s Evasion of Consequences: ‘He’s Like the David Blaine of Crime’

Michael Rudometkin, Lars Lane, More Victims of San Jose Valley Transportation Authority Shooting Identified

N.J. Woman Trapped in India by COVID Restrictions While Husband Dies in U.S.

Juan Williams Is Suddenly Out at Fox News’ ‘The Five’—And Insiders Are Blaming Co-Host Greg Gutfeld

Cristian Bahena Rivera, Mollie Tibbetts’ Accused Killer, Says Armed, Masked Men Put Her Body in His Trunk

‘Bomb Threat' That Justified Belarus Hijacking Came 24 Minutes After

Ex-‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcaster Sofia Franklyn Loses Advertisers After Foul-Mouthed Attack on Mollee Gray

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey to Host a Mental Health Town Hall on Friday, but the Queen Is ‘Gobsmacked’

Unbound Merino Wool T-Shirt Review

Fox News ‘Expert’ Pat Brosnan Somehow Ties San Jose Mass Shooting to Vaccines

The Tony Awards Will Finally Happen, Just After Broadway Reopens

Police Digging in Backyard Where Linda Seymour, Illinois Woman Missing Since 1982, Once Lived

The One Where the HBO Max ‘Friends’ Reunion Is a Disaster

Abercrombie Mom Shorts Are the Best Women's Denim Shorts

The Longtime Anti-Vaxxers Caving to the COVID Jab

‘Bipolar’ San Jose Shooter Samuel Cassidy Was Accused of Rape, Spooked Neighbors

Bug Repellent Citronella Candle Coil for Keeping Bugs Away Outside

Ex-Wife, Anne Sinclair, Says, IMF Boss Dominique Strauss-Khan Manipulated Her Into ‘Submission’

Dominic Cummings Rips Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Response to Shreds

Emergency Brake on Italy’s Cable Car That Killed 14 Was Tampered With, Say Prosecutors

10 Rounds with Retired NBA Star Yao Ming and Owner of Yao Family Wines

Climate Change Is Pushing Wildfires to New Heights

The Full Scale of Anti-Trans, Anti-LGBTQ Bills in State Houses Will Shock You

Biden Won’t Give Up on Zombie Infrastructure Deal

Ed Markey’s Adoring, Online Fans Have a New Enemy: Ed Markey

This Trumpy Anti-Trafficking Group Relies on Psychic for Tips

Holly Simmons Was Found Buried in a Lake and Her ‘Weird’ Texas Landlord is Charged with Murder

These ‘Well’ Building Ads Starring Lady Gaga and J.Lo Only Look Like a PSA

Ron DeSantis Wants to Be the New Conductor of the GOP Crazy Train

Putin Invites Lukashenko, the Belarus Plane Hijacker, for Tea

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Shameless Fundraising Ad: ‘Send the Billionaire Your Money, Dummies’

Sean Hannity Wants Fox News Reporter to Give His ‘Sippy Cup’ to Biden

Charges Permanently Dropped Against Rachel Bellesen, Montana Woman Who Killed Abusive Husband

Andrew Yang Rips New York Daily News for ‘Racist’ Cartoon Calling Him a ‘Tourist’

Witnesses Say Lisa Michelle O’Quinn, White Woman Accused of Ramming Protesters in Elizabeth City, Used N-Word

John Cena Issues Groveling Apology to China After Calling Taiwan a Country

Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow Charged With Murder in Deaths of J.J., Tylee, and Tammy Daybell

Family of American Journo Detained in Myanmar Shares Nightmare: ‘You Never Imagine’

I’m a Rational Jewish Person. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Nuts.

Gunfire Erupts at George Floyd Square as Mourners Gather for One-Year Anniversary

CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Tells Concerned Staffers That Chris Cuomo Made a ‘Mistake’

Investigators Told Mollie Tibbetts’ Accused Killer Christian Bahena Rivera He ‘Blacked Out,’ Defense Argues

Stephen Colbert ‘Randsplains’ Why Rand Paul Needs the COVID-19 Vaccine and Not Just ‘Natural Immunity’

Dick Pound Says Olympics Cancellation ‘Off the Table’ After Dire U.S. Travel Warning Over COVID Surge

Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste Review 2022

Scott’s Cheap Flights Recommends Knives for Traveling

How Far Has America Really Come from Jim Crow-Era Racist Mob Violence?

How Gregg Bordowitz Revealed the Messy Humanity of AIDS Activism

Former GOP Rep Says My Party Didn’t Just Leave Me, ‘They Were Beamed Up by Aliens’

George Floyd’s Murder Destroyed the Myth of Minnesota Nice

Portland, Jamaica Isn’t Perfect but It’s Awful Close

The Musical Puppetmaster Behind ‘American Idol’ on Claudia Conway and a Close Call With Disaster

Biden Had It Right on Crime—in 1993. He's In Trouble Now.

Shaun King’s PAC and Philly DA Larry Krasner Scratched Backs, Suit Claims

CNN Insiders Disgusted After Network Seemingly Rolls Over for Chris Cuomo

QAnon Crowd Convinced UFOs Are a Diversion From Voter Fraud

Fired Rick Santorum Runs to Hannity’s Safe Space to Whine About ‘Cancel Culture’

Zappos Memorial Day Sale 2021

Ashu Mahajan, New Jersey Man Stranded in India, Comes Home, but Others Are Still Stuck

Chaos Breaks Out in Imran Ali Prosecution of Kim Potter, Cop Who Shot Daunte Wright

Kidnapped Boy’s Family Is Now Fighting Over His Funeral

Clark County Nevada GOP Cancels Meeting Amid Fear of Proud Boy Insurgency

Top Kremlin Pundits Celebrate Mid-Air Takedown of Belarus Journalist Facing Execution

Meghan McCain Makes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust Remarks About Ilhan Omar, Chaos Ensues

Quadruple Murder Suspect Tyler Terry Arrested After Weeklong Manhunt in South Carolina

Best Books You Can Read in a Weekend

The Secret to the 270-Year-Old Spirits Brand Domaine Charbay? Reinvention

Best Memorial Day Sales of 2021

Sasha Johnson, British Black Lives Matter Activist Shot in Head After Alleged Death Threats

Girlfriend of Belarusian Activist Roman Protasevich Also Snatched From Hijacked Ryanair Flight

Quince Linen Shirts are Easy, Breezy, and Professional

He Posed as a Neo-Nazi and Caught the London Nail Bomber

In Fight Over 1619 Project and Nikole Hannah-Jones, White Ignorance Has Been Bliss—and Power

Here’s How to Clear Up the CDC’s Communications Confusion

Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini on His Surreal Time Sparring With Bob Dylan in the Boxing Ring

Andrew Yang Lists His ‘Favorite Racial Stereotypes’ in Self-Owning Ziwe Interview

Team Biden: Will People ‘Give a Sh*t’ if Afghanistan Erupts?

Bears’ Weakness for Donuts Is Killing Them

Moby Talks ‘Reprise,’ Natalie Portman, and His Trump-Russia Claims

Overstock Founder Will Sell You Election Fraud for $5 Per Month

John Oliver Roasts ‘Nightmare’ Andrew Giuliani’s NY Guv Bid: It’s ‘F*cking Terrifying’

Trevor Gernon Releases Statement About Death of 4-Year-Old Cash Gernon

Journalist Snatched from Flight Faces Belarus ‘Death Penalty’

Hydro Flask Camp Cookware For Picnics and Outdoors Review

Ex-Trump Ambassador Scott Brown Pushes for Independent Commission: 'He Bears Responsibility' for Insurrection

Queen and Prince Charles Feel ‘Deeply Upset’ and ‘Wretched’ Over Prince Harry’s Criticism

At Least 14 Dead After Italian Cable Car Plummets From Peak at Lake Maggiore

How Three Powerful Black Mothers Helped Shape US History

Can Fashion Face Masks Survive In a Post-Vaccine World?

OMG I Want This House: Malibu, Calif.

Stacey Abrams Can Turn a Red State Blue, and She Can Make You Turn Pages

A Secret Gay Love Story in the Shadow of a Gilded Age Fortune

Brazil’s Vaccine Shortage Sets Off Wild, Crime-Fueled Scramble for Jabs

Trump’s GOP is a Party of Snowflakes and Beta Males

Danny Masterson Rape Hearing Lifts Lid on Scientology’s Culture of Silence

Belarusian Currency Trader Paul Belogour Is Buying Up Tiny Vermont

Braun Series 7 Electric Razor Review

Rep. Eric Swalwell Says GOP Is Turning Their Back on Cops

Cecily Strong’s Jeanine Pirro Chugs Wine, Belts ‘My Way’ on ‘SNL’

Lil Nas X’s ‘SNL’ ‘Montero’ Pole Dance Will Leave His Haters Apoplectic

The Strange New Turn in the Case of Darriynn Brown and 4-Year-Old Cash Gernon

CNN Fired Rick Santorum for Racist, Pro-Colonization Comments

Washable Silk Top from Cuyana Is My New Everyday Shirt

Police Pulled Him Over. Then They Tested His Daughter’s Ashes for Drugs.

Billionaire François Pinault’s Unwanted Paris Art Museum Opens with Melting Statues and Talking Mice

The Dirtiest, Juiciest Secrets of the Real Housewives

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Is Taking on America’s Criminal Justice System

Best Nostalgic Products 2021

Hast Minimalist Powdered Steel Knives Review

‘Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.’ Is the Demented, R-Rated Disney Superhero Epic You Didn’t Know You Needed

With the Lyle, D.C. Just Got a Sexy New Boutique Hotel

Photographer Chris Applebaum Says He Witnessed the Harassment Guess Models Had to Endure

What Andrew Yang and Kamala Harris Do—and Don’t—Have In Common

The GOP Welcomes the McCloskeys’ Sick, Sad American Dream

Seth Rogen’s Wild First Meeting With Snoop Dogg: ‘Bring in the Hoes’

Trump Saved Paul Manafort—But Not His Fancy Townhouse

Scott Berkett Charged in Dark Web Murder-for-Hire Plot

Accused Cannibal Rapist Haunted Her. Then She Faced Him.

Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, Guards Who Slept Through Jeffrey Epstein Suicide, Get No-Jail Deal

New Video of Ronald Greene Arrest in Louisiana Is Just Brutal

Former Iowa Cop Pamela Romero Grilled for Mollie Tibbetts Killer's Confession

If Prince Harry Wants ‘Reconciliation,’ Why Does He Keep Trashing the Royal Family?

The Views Sunny Hostin Defends Chris Cuomo, Claiming Fox News Does It Too!

Best New Launches From Vasque, Buck Mason, and More

Thomas Elvin Darnell Charged With Laura Marie Purchase Murder After ‘Highway Stalker’ Confession

These Trans Kids Are Trying to Survive Tennessee’s ‘Slate of Hate’

Best Mosquito Repellant For Your Your Backyard 2022

Prince Harry Accuses the Monarchy of Conspiring With the Media to Smear Meghan Markle With Bullying Claim

Dozens of Bodies of Murdered Women Found in Former El Salvador Cop’s Backyard

Pokemon Snap Is a Nostalgia-Inducing Game That’s Perfect for 2021

How the Black Creators of Barbecue Were Erased From History

Netflix’s ‘Special’ Shows Gay Sex on TV Has Never Been This Good

Michael Cohen Went Down First, but This Trump Crony Should Be Next

Fight Between Progressives and Biden on Israel Just Starting

How America Could Be Helping COVID Ravage the World

Kevin McCarthy is the Pathetic ‘Leader’ Republicans Deserve

Why Isn’t Sean Spicer Mauled by Zombies in Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead?’

The Motley Crew Dying to Send Georgia Back to ‘Stop the Steal’ Hell

How ‘Master of None’ Season 3 Handles Its Aziz Ansari Problem

The Shock Jock Texts That Could Be Critical in the Matt Gaetz Probe

Jimmy Kimmel Drags Marjorie Taylor Greene Over Idiotic Anti-Mask Stunt

If ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Real, Why Aren’t Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo Canceled?

Tucker Carlson Calls U.S. Capitol Police Letter a ‘Ransom Note’ From ‘Armed Political Action Committee’

Chris Cuomo Somehow Claims He ‘Knows Where the Line Is’ After Scandal Erupts

Lady Gaga Discusses Rape, PTSD, and Mental Health: I ‘Think About Dying’

Prince Harry Sounds Off to Oprah About Prince Charles and the Royal Family’s Bullying

A ‘Confident’ Biden Keeps His Distance from Israel-Palestine ‘Swamp’

Israel, Hamas Agree to Ceasefire After 11-Day Bloodbath

New York City Officially Reopened. It Was Quite a Day, and Night.

Heather Reynolds, Jeffrey Callahan Charged With Murder-for-Hire Plot

Princess Diana Was Tricked Into BBC Interview by Martin Bashir’s ‘Deceptions,’ Report Finds

Lululemon At Ease Short Review

Christopher Kimball & the Grateful Dead School of Bartending The Life Behind Bars Podcast

Indiana is a Land of Exotic Dunes and Perfect Blue Water

Why the FEC Is Kneecapping Crypto Campaign Donations

The Bombs Raining Down on Gaza? They’re American

Joe Budden Can’t Talk His Way Out of This Sexual-Harassment Controversy

This Time, the Royals are Ready for Prince Harry to Reveal More Secrets to Oprah

The GOP’s ‘Pro-Life’ Ghouls Are About to Roll Back 50 Years of Women’s Rights

Standoff Over ‘Little Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un Could Blow Up White House Summit

‘Too Close’ Proves Emily Watson Is One of the Finest Actors Alive

Surreal GOP ‘Audit’ in Arizona Is Off the Rails, and Just Getting Started

Stephen Colbert Can’t Believe Mike Pence’s Own Brother Sold Him Out

Adidas Slides Are the Retro Footwear of the Summer

Inside the Drama Shaking Up the New York Times’ Styles Section

The GOP’s Plan to Move On From Jan. 6? Flood the Zone With Shit.

35 Republicans Defy Trump and GOP Leaders to Push Jan. 6 Commission

Russian Oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov’s Ex-Wife Tatiana Hires SBS Team to Seize His Megayacht

Mary Nielsen Makes Funeral Arrangements for Emily and Teddy, Found Dead in Dad Adam Price’s Home

Fox News Star Geraldo Rivera Says U.S. Is ‘Complicit’ in Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity’ in Palestine

New York Attorney General Letitia James' Move to a Criminal Probe Is a Red Alert for the Trump Organization

Ex-Loveland Officers Austin Hopp, Daria Jalali Charged for Karen Garner Arrest

Nicholas Firkus Arrested 11 Years After Claiming Wife Heidi Firkus Was Shot During Struggle With Intruder

Biden’s CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky Keeps Changing Her Story—And Confusing Everyone

Trial for Mollie Tibbetts’ Accused Killer Cristian Bahena Rivera Begins in Scott County, Iowa

McConnell Comes Out Against Jan. 6 Commission

Casaluna Bedding From Target Review

European Union Agrees to Let Americans Visit This Summer—If They’re Vaxxed

Your Drink of Summer Should Be Radler, a Refreshing German Beer

Trump, Modi, Bolsonaro, Obrado, Lukashenko Were 5 Worst World Leaders for COVID

Jan. 6 Commission Shows Split Between McConnell and McCarthy

Women Don’t Want to Give Up Masks, and Go Back to Catcalls

We’re Loving Our Favorite Cities to Death

The Andrew Brown Case Is a Familiar Nightmare to People Whose Loved Ones Were Shot in Moving Cars

Saturday Night Live’s Sam Jay Wants to Get Drunk and Make You Uncomfortable

‘Seinfeld’ Writer Larry Charles Says Kramer Would Be a ‘Believer in QAnon’

Sweaty Trump Stooge Kevin McCarthy Tries to Kill Jan. 6 Commission

Stephen King on Scary Stalkers, Being ‘Canceled’ by J.K. Rowling, and Navigating Trauma

Shreveport, Louisiana, Cops Ran Wild Under Trump. Will Biden Send in the Feds?

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Andrew Giuliani Over NY Governor Bid

OAN Stars Bolt for Newsmax as Pro-Trump Network Reaches New Levels of Bonkers

Case of Ashley Parlier, Missing Michigan Woman, Tied to Pennsylvania ‘Serial Killer’ Harold Haulman?

Skorts for Women Are the Nostalgic Clothing Item You Need This Year

Tucker Applauds Kevin McCarthy for Opposing Jan. 6 Commission, Says ‘It’s a Farce!’

Failson-In-Chief Andrew Giuliani Offers Himself to New York

Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales of 2021

Israeli Soldier Lip Syncs ‘Kill Everyone’ as Wartime Shitposting Surges

Meghan McCain Loses It After Joy Behar Calls GOP the ‘QAnon Party’

Etsy Outdoor Sales Event Roundup

Killing of Andrew Brown by Deputies ‘Was Justified’ in Elizabeth City Shooting, DA Andrew Womble Concludes

Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts Review

India’s COVID Nightmare Is Now Officially Africa’s Problem

Biden’s Border Bungling Is Doing the GOP’s Work for Them

Why David Alan Grier Turned Down ‘Saturday Night Live’ After ‘In Living Color’

‘F*ck the Olympics’: Inside Japan’s War to Dodge a COVID Disaster

‘They Can Kiss My Ass’—Climbers Rip National Park Service Over New Rules

How Democrats Can Force Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to Put Up or Shut Up

Republicans Are Trying to Steal Your Vote, and Dems Are Snoozing Through It

Abortion Is on SCOTUS’ Radar—and Biden Is Getting Heat

The ‘Woke’ White Lesbian Couple That Secretly Abused Their 6 Adopted Black Kids

The Agonizing Vigil for Ayman Abu al-Ouf, Gaza Doctor Killed by Israel Airstrike

The Return of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Is a Sign Nature Is Healing Post-COVID

Bill Gates Thought Jeffrey Epstein Was His Ticket to a Nobel Prize, Ex-Staffer Says

Igloo Coolers Got a Retro Re-Design for Summer 2023

Cindy McCain Tells Colbert That John McCain Would Be Ashamed by the GOP’s Trumpian Cowardice

Tools For Helping Pet Separation Anxiety

T.I. and Tiny Under Investigation in Los Angeles for Sexual Assault and Drugging

How Joel Greenberg’s Plea Deal Spells Trouble for Matt Gaetz

Israeli Officials Dispute Death Toll in Gaza Amid Onslaught

Fox Anchor Harris Faulkner Grumbles When Guest Mentions Trump’s Bleach Bullshit: 'Not Funny'

This Comfy and Supportive Swimsuit Is Perfect for All Sorts of Summer Fun

With Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court is Ready to Begin Ending Roe v. Wade.

Archie Harrison Makes Cameo Appearance in Trailer For Prince Harry’s New Show

Here’s Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice

Everlane ReNew Air Pants Review

A Delicious Italian Twist on the Classic Egg Sandwich from Chef Giancarla Bodoni of Monteverdi Tuscany Resort

Rudy Giuliani Says He Is Being Treated Like ‘Head of Drug Cartel’ After Raid on Home, Office

Gaetz Wingman Pleads Guilty in Latest Threat to Congressman

Elon Musk Tweets and Sends Bitcoin on a Wild Ride Down, and Part Way Back Up Again

Black Fungus Infection Clusters Are Ravaging India’s Coronavirus Patients

A Certain Clue Can Reveal More Than You Think

Selling Higher Ed as an ‘Experience’ Is Destroying Higher Ed

What an 80,000-Year-Old Burial Site Reveals About Humanity

The Real Takeaway from the New York Yankees’ Spooky COVID-19 ‘Outbreak’

Biden’s Trying to Blame Mexican American Xavier Becerra for the Border Crisis on HIs Watch

Hunting for Flying Dinosaurs in a Remote Corner of the World

Trump Has Blown Off Rudy Giuliani’s Pleas for Help as Feds Circle

Sex, Deceit, and Scandal — The Ugly War Over Bob Ross’ Ghost

John Oliver Accuses Israel of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Apartheid’ Against Palestinians

Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera Review

Mary Nielsen Speaks After Kids Theodore and Emily Found Dead in Dad Adam Price’s Bellevue, Nebraska, Home

Jeffrey Epstein Gave Bill Gates Advice on How to End ‘Toxic’ Marriage, Sources Say

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Vows to Keep Bombing Gaza ‘Full Force’

Chris Wallace Grills CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Mask Guidance

Best Bikes for Travel

Chuck Todd Challenges Dan Crenshaw on Meet the Press

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Should Drop Their Titles, Royal Sources Say

St. Louis’ Over-the-Top Library with a Secret Treasure

Salomon XT-6 Hiking and Running Shoe Review

Equating Guns With Freedom Is a Toxic Myth That Hurts Us All

OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Santa Barbara, CA

Here's One More Way Women Get Shortchanged on Money Matters

Food Hacks or Mess Porn? Celebrity Chefs Scott Conant and Andrew Zimmern Unpack a Weird Viral Trend

Norton I Declared Himself Emperor of the United States, and His Subjects Loved It

These Start-Ups Could Make Abortion One Click Away

How Three Dead Prostitutes Triggered a Wild Satanic Panic

A Vaccine for Lots of Coronaviruses Could Be in Your Future

UFO Community Explodes in Lawsuit Drama, Accusations of ‘Luciferianism’

SNL Brutally Mocks Anti-Trump Bigot Liz Cheney

Trump Came This Close to Making the Opioid Crisis More Hellish

Suspect in Custody After 4-Year-Old Found Slain in Dallas Street With ‘Multiple Wounds’

Lindsey Abbuhl Faked Daughter Rylee’s Terminal Illness, Canton Ohio Officials Say

Anadolu Agency Journalists Mohammed Alaloul, Mustafa Hassona Recount Israeli Airstrike in Gaza

Aryan Brotherhood’s Richard Kuykendall Charged After Albuquerque Triple Homicide

Raincoat Made from Recycled Material Is the Best I've Tried

Israeli Airstrike on Refugee Camp Kills 8 Children

Windmill Air Conditioner Unit Review

It’s Time to Celebrate the Black Women Who Invented Rock and Roll

Five Things I Can't Wait to Do When I Finally Get Back to Ischia

Prince Harry Wants to ‘Break the Cycle.’ The Royals Seem Stunned, and Stuck.

The World Seems to Be Going Back to Normal, But I’m Not

The Rise of TV Shows That Sound Like ‘30 Rock’ Jokes

What Everyone Can Learn From How Porn Stars Do Their Taxes

Give Pandemic-Frazzled Working Moms the Support They Need, Or the Economy Will Suffer

Red Tape Keeps Boston Woman From Dying Mom in India

LaKeith Stanfield Comes Clean on His Antisemitism Controversy, ‘I Don’t Stand by Louis Farrakhan’

An Entire County Just Paid Thousands to Join a Far-Right Group

Rep. Matt Gaetz Snorted Cocaine With Megan Zalonka, Escort Who Had ‘No Show’ Gov’t Job

U.S. Marshal Ian Diaz Indicted for Anaheim Love Triangle Plot Against Michelle Hadley

How Democrats Can Revive Their Doomed Voting Rights Legislation

Gaetz Wingman Joel Greenberg Will Cooperate With DOJ After Pleading Guilty

The World Braces for the Virus as America Begins to Move On

MIT Researcher Qinxuan Pan Accused of Murdering Yale Grad Student Kevin Jiang Arrested After Months on the Lam

Made In Cookware Carbon Pizza Steel Review

Barry Lee Morphew Voted for Trump on Behalf of His Missing Wife, Suzanne Morphew

Congress Is Finally Ready to Create a Jan. 6 Commission

Best New Launches From Brooklinen, L.L. Bean, and More

Matt Gaetz Buddy Joel Greenberg Agrees to Plead Guilty to Sex Trafficking, Says Report

Violent Insurrection Like the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Is the New Camping

Tracing an ISIS Fighter’s Terrifying Seduction of a Female Journalist

How Barry Jenkins’ ‘The Underground Railroad’ Avoids the Trauma Porn of Slavery Movies Past

Away Travel Face Mask Review

David Hogg on His Surreal Run-In With Marjorie Taylor Greene

It’s Time to Ditch COVID-19 Temperature Checks

Is Glenn Shephard, the ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Captain, the Nicest Guy on Reality TV?

How Bibi Empowered the Supremacist Movement Fueling This Conflict

Bidenomics Looks Like a Ticking Time Bomb for Democrats (and the Economy)

Indian Generals Blast Government for Withholding Life-Saving Army Aid From Its Own People

Chris Martin Reveals How Coldplay Made ‘Yellow’ on a Farm

Trump Wrongly Jailed Him for Murder. Biden’s Still Holding Him.

Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel Roast the Humorless 2021 Oscars

I'm a Pediatrician and Can't Wait to Throw Out My Mask. But Here’s Why I’m Concerned.

Liz Cheney Calls Out Fox News on Fox News, Saying It Has ‘Obligation’ to Say ‘Election Wasn’t Stolen’

Gaza Residents ‘Run From Their Homes’ as Israel Strikes ‘Metro’ Tunnels After IDF Ground Forces Bluff

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin’s $1.5 Billion Donation of ‘Petcoins’ to Charity Backfires

New CDC Coronavirus Mask Guidance Makes Sense, but It’s Also a Huge Gamble.

Texas Passes Heartbeat Bill That Would Create Anti-Abortion Vigilantes

Los Alamitos School Board Vote on Social Justice Issues Sparks Critical Race Theory Far-Right Panic

Ellen DeGeneres’ Farewell Tour Is Already a Whiny, Tone-Deaf Disaster

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His Twin Vanished 38 Years Ago. He Thinks a Serial Killer Got Her.

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Body-Cam Footage Shows Andrew Brown Jr. ‘Ambushed’ by Police, Lawyers Say

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MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin Challenges Ex-Ambassador on Possible Israeli 'War Crimes'

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Gas Panic Over the Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Is America's Latest Spasm of Pandemic Hoarding

Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier Ratted Out Friend To Feds

Multnomah County Oregon GOP Invited Security Run By Proud Boy Associate Daniel Tooze to Guard a Secret Meeting

NYPD Cops Robert Smith, Heather Busch, Robert Hassett Indicted for Bribery Schemes

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NYC Mayor Candidates Ray McGuire, Shaun Donovan Flub Question on Brooklyn House Price

Michelle Boat Testifies She ‘Snapped’ and Killed Tracy Mondabough After She Hit Her

Putin Orders New Gun Laws After School Shooting Kills 9

Travel Baroque Europe with Citrus Trees

Sally Buzbee Named New Washington Post Executive Editor, First Woman to Hold the Top Job

Mass Grave Dug on Banks of Ganges for 100 COVID Victims Found Floating Down River

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Baseboard Buddy Cleaning Product Review

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Violent Jerusalem Clashes Just the Start of Bloody Days to Come

An Apollo Executive Is the ‘BBQ Man’ Behind Sydney’s Mutant COVID Outbreak

Famed Forensic Psychiatrist Park Dietz to Evaluate Robert Brockman, Billionaire Charged in $2B Tax Scheme

Ebola Doc: ‘COVAX Is Just a Way for White Men to Absolve Their Conscience’

Miami Cop Lieutenant John Anthony Jenkins Accused of Rape, Docs Show

Newsmax Guest David Litt Expertly Trolls Network On-Air Over Its False Election Claims

Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem Turned Into a War Zone, Videos Show

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He Balloon-Dropped 500,000 Anti-Kim Flyers on North Korea—Then Cops Knocked on His Door

Angry, Entitled Disney Adults Are the Heart and Soul of the GOP

Kids Go Hungry in ‘Insane’ Health and Human Services Dallas Migrant Shelter Run by Culmen, Volunteers Say

A Wild VIP Group-Sex Party Is About to Invade New York City

Payal Raj Is Stranded in COVID-Ravaged India, 9,000 Miles From Her Daughter

Aberdeen High School Students Derail Diversity Week With Pro-Trump, Homophobic Banner

Feds Probing Rudy Giuliani’s Push to Get a Visa for a Shady Ukrainian Prosecutor

Black Women Bike Riders Say ‘Central Park Karen’ Falsely Accused Them of ‘Beating’ Her

Why Is LaKeith Stanfield Flirting With Anti-Semitism on Clubhouse?

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Elon Musk Toys With His Public About Dogecoin Ahead of Saturday Night Live

Calling Charlotte Home: The Increasing Allure of One Mid-Sized Southern City

Washingtonian CEO Catherine Merrill Sorry for Op-Ed Threatening Jobs if They Don’t Return to Office

Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao Indicted on Civil Rights Charges for Floyd Death

Best New Launches From Food52, Hydro Flask, and More

Indians Run for the Exits, Taking COVID Risks to Nepal, Dubai, Maldives From a Dying Nation

Sorry, Snobs. Hard Seltzer and Canned Cocktails Are Blowing Up

Ambra Gutierrez, Evelyn Yang Push for New York Adult Survivors Act

J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s Pandemic Stunts Have Been a Blessing

Nonetheless, Liz Cheney Persisted

Big Pharma Whines to Biden: ‘We’re Not the Bad Guy’

Lance Bass Is Kicking Himself for Not Listening to Britney Spears’ Uber-Investing Advice

Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want to Fix Facebook

Colombian President Pins Anti-Government Protests on Narco-Traffickers

Tucker Carlson May Be America’s Biggest Public-Health Problem

Hollywood Wanted Me to Make My Martial-Arts Characters White, but My Ancestors Wouldn’t Have It

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off on ‘Ignorant A-Hole’ Caitlyn Jenner

Seth Meyers Drags Ron DeSantis and Fox News Over ‘Shocking’ Voter Suppression Party

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Melinda Gates Warned Bill Gates About Jeffrey Epstein

The Tragic End to Brian Pillman, Wrestling’s First Great ‘Madman’

Artist Reveals Paris Hilton’s Infamous ‘Stop Being Poor’ Tank Was Fake

Scammers Sell Fire Extinguishers as Oxygen Cylinders to Dying COVID Patients in India

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Landon Kenneth Copeland, Utah Man Charged With Assaulting Police During Capitol Riots, Loses It in Court

Bluetooth Speaker Sonos Roam Review

Michelle Boat on Trial for Tracy Mondabough Murder in Marion County, Iowa

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Piedmont School District Regrets Offering a ‘Support Circle for White Students’ After Chauvin Trial

Meet Vitalik Buterin, the World’s Youngest Crypto Billionaire, Ethereum Founder

Finnegan Elder, Gabriel Natale-Hjorth Sentenced to Life in Prison in Italy

Joseph Don Mount Charged for 153-Person Grand Canyon Hike That Violated COVID-19 Rules

Trump, GOP Leaders, and Even Liz Cheney Allies Say She Is a 'Dead Woman Walking

Biden Admin Goes to War With Big Pharma Over COVID Vax Patent Protections

Husband of Suzanne Morphew, Colorado Mom Who Vanished on Mother’s Day, Charged With Murder

Here’s Why We Need Feral Donkeys: Ass Holes

The Met Gala Returns, With Cool Young Hosts, and a Lot of Mystery

Hopkinton Officials Investigate Mikayla Miller Death After ‘Suicide’ Claim

Meghan McCain Rails Against GOP for Choosing ‘Cheeto Jesus’ Over Liz Cheney

Facebook’s Toothless, Authoritarian ‘Oversight Board’ Is Downright Trumpy

Trump Fans See Tyrannical Plot in Facebook Ruling

VacOne Air Brewer Coffee Maker Review

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Tries to Dunk on a 6th Grader for Saying Biden Is Better Than Trump

7 Dishes that Define Minnesota Cuisine & Where to Try Them

A Federal Judge Finds That Bill Barr Was a Fixer and Corrupter of Justice

Dumb In-Person G7 Event in Chaos After Indian Diplomats Test Positive for COVID

Facebook Says Trump Can’t Go Back to Sh*tposting Yet

How Forest Whitaker Is Changing Hollywood

Gua Sha, The Viral TikTok Beauty Tool, Is Actually Ancient Chinese Medicine

Biden Admin Finally Begins Family Reunifications—Slowly but Hopefully

Dr. Fauci Shouldn’t Have Publicly Dismissed Herd Immunity

The Godzilla-Inspired Heavy Metal Band Preaching Environmentalism

The Real Obstacle to a New Normal? Anti-Vaxxer Parents.

Best Women’s Swimwear and Swimsuit Brands

Secret U.S. Intel Reports on Joe Exotic, Juggalos, and Violent Emojis Actually Exist

A Right-Wing Demagogue Is Letting COVID Ravage His People

Family Furious That Killer Roger Sweet Was Freed a Decade Early Over COVID Risk After He Got the Vaccine

Fugitive QAnon Fan Runs Up $10,000 Diner Tab—and Bails

Dr. Fauci Vents to Jimmy Kimmel About ‘Frustrating’ COVID Anti-Vaxxers

Billionaire John Catsimatidis Is Perplexed His Underpaid Oil Workers Are Striking

The ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Premiere: Has COVID Ruined All the Fun?

Trump Lawyers Demand Enemies Pay for ‘Weaponizing Courts’

WaPo Reporter Shuts Down Josh Hawley’s Complaint About Being Silenced During Interview

Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoe Review

You’ve (Probably) Never Seen Paris Like This

COVID Disaster Is Transforming How India Handles Its Dead

American Troops in Iraq Have Been Pummeled by 3 Attacks in 3 Days. Will Biden Strike Back?

Roman Statue Intended for Kim Kardashian Was Looted and Smuggled, U.S. Government Claims

Why Isn’t there a Better Way to Buy Booze Online?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Goes After Liz Cheney, Says She’s Not ‘Carrying Out the Message’

Best Chef’s Knife for Small Hands is from Misen

Indian Prime Minister Modi Called Out for Building Billion-Dollar Residence Despite Deadly COVID Shortages

Rudy Giuliani Is in ‘Deep Shit’

The Taliban Is Ready to Be al-Qaeda’s ‘Darling’ Again

Biden White House Is Preparing to Confront States on Anti-Trans Bills

Dems Use Trump’s Existence to Justify a Government Gone Wild

Forget Herd Immunity. Here’s How We End This COVID-19 Nightmare.

Josh Mandel Slams Big Tech Companies That Made Him Tens of Thousands

Five Books With Jamal Jordan, Author of ‘Queer Love in Color’

Inside America’s Sickening Forced-Marriage Epidemic

Feds Say Accused Swindler Christine Favara Anderson Lied About It All, Money, Trump, and Cancer

The NBA’s Marvel Superhero Mash-Up Was Weird as Hell

Michael Che Says He’s ‘Excited’ for Elon Musk to Host SNL

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Trump’s Sad Mitt Romney Memo

Don Lemon Loses It Over Rick Santorum’s CNN Return, Saying ‘It Was Horrible and Insulting!’

The MAGA Nuts Think Liz Cheney, of All People, Is a RINO

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Fires Back After Tucker Carlson Calls Her the ‘Race Lady’

Director Suggests Netflix’s Oscar-Winning Police Brutality Film ‘Two Distant Strangers’ Copied Her Idea

Ex-Mississippi Deputy Accused in Bizarre Plot to Murder German Farm Owner

‘Mummified’ Cultist’s Corpse Found With Glitter Makeup but No Eyes

Biden Raises Cap on Refugee Admissions After Outrage

Bill and Melinda Gates Announce Divorce After 27 Years

Fox News Finds Its New Dumb Outrage, Claims ‘Woke’ Mob Is ‘Canceling’ a Snow White Theme Park Ride

John Douglas Wright of Ohio Threatened to Join Second Capitol Riot After Jan. 6 Siege, Prosecutors Say

ESPN Executive Kevin Merida to Take Over as Los Angeles Times Top Editor

Trump Lawyers Up for the Capitol Police Officers’ MAGA Riot Lawsuit

My Five Favorite Meals with Surrealist Painter Mark Kostabi

Arresting Capitol Rioters Won’t Stop Hard-Core Extremists

Son of Sam Serial Killer David Berkowitz Said He Didn’t Act Alone

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Finally Winning Her Sexual Assault War with the Pentagon

This Made Flying Absolute Hell but It’s About to Change

U.S. Captured, Tortured, and Cleared Abu Zubaydah. He’s Still in GITMO.

Top COVID Scientist: Bolsonaro Tried to ‘Shut Me Up’

Biden Showers Cash on Ex-CIA Contractor MVM Inc. to Transfer Migrants

Dan Rather on Trolling Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and the State of the News Media

Hilton Carter Recommends a Plant Care Tip

Everlane Easy Shorts Denim Shorts Review

It’s All a Game When It Comes to Sports Clues

John Oliver Rips Into ‘Moron’ Joe Rogan Over COVID Vaccines

Travel Restrictions From COVID-19 Epicenter India Came ‘Weeks’ Too Late

Fox News Staffers Laugh at Calls for Tucker to Be Fired, Say Don’t Hold Your Breath

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Susan Collins Refuses to Tell Jake Tapper Who She Voted for in 2020: ‘Nice Try, Jake!’

Princess Diana Set to Reveal More Royal Secrets From Beyond the Grave

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Yellowstone is Shooting Paintballs at Wolves and Says It’s for Their Own Good

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Is Rapper Blueface’s OnlyFans ‘Cult’ Exploiting Young Women?

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Green Bay, Wisconsin Police Respond to ‘Active Situation’ at Oneida Casino

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Sonoma Influencer Katie Sorensen Charged With False Kidnap Claim Against Latino Couple Eduardo, Sadie Martinez

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Here’s How to Save America from the GOP’s Extinction Agenda

Rudy and Andrew Giuliani’s Two-Man Clown Car Is Crashing and Burning

Sugar Babies on Guys Like Gaetz: ‘They Don’t Think They’re Paying for Sex’

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Republicans Tout a Restaurant Fund They Voted Against

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