Watch This!

Slow Motion Tiger Jump, a Tornado at the Rose Bowl and More Viral Videos

From a tiger jumping for its lunch in slo-mo to Taylor Swift giving back to fans, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. Bengal Tiger Jumps in Slow Motion

Further proof that slow motion video makes everything look cool, this portrait-style video of a tiger jumping to catch still manages to look amazing.

4. Going ‘Round the Gas Pump

We’ve all been there. For whatever reason—exhaustion, illness, too many pot brownies—we just can’t think through a task that would otherwise be simple if we were at the top of our game. Take this woman who pulls up to a gas station, realizes her gas tank is on the other side of the car, and pulls around to the other side. Her slight miscalculation of how to fix the situation leads to her driving around the gas pump. Hopefully, she got as much of a laugh out of it as the rest of the world has.

3. Dust Devil at the Rose Bowl

It looks like a remake of Twister, but it’s the real deal. A dust devil—a tornado too small to cause any serious damage but strong enough to ruin your picnic—tore up the fanfest area of the Rose Bowl, upending tents, stands and tables. A couple of people were treated for minor injuries but no major incidents occurred.

2. Kid Destroys Dollar Store

Speaking of tornadoes, shoppers at a dollar store in Tallahassee, FL, were given a show when a young boy proceeded to angrily knock items off of the shelves, pull down display stands and threaten to throw things at anyone who got in his way. Thankfully, someone was there to capture this “jit going ham,” as the cameraman put it. Even more thankfully, no one appeared to be harmed, but someone’s going to have to explain what happened to his parents.

1. Taylor Swift Plays Santa for Fans

Taylor Swift had a great 2014: a successful tour, a hit album, a catchy song that was the subject of a Saturday Night Live skit; and most notably, she was named New York City’s ambassador without even being from New York City.

With this embarrassment of riches, Swift felt it was good karma to give back to some of her fans, picking a few out and sending them gifts. Her fans called it “Swiftmas,” thus adding “having a holiday named after her” to the list of Swift’s stellar accomplishments in 2014. Things can only go downhill for her from here.