Iranian Intransigence

Take Responsibility for Your Actions, Iran!

The Times of London reports that Iran is running short of anesthetics.

Iranian hospitals are running out of anesthetic for operations as the regime in Tehran slashes funding to the health sector to offset the impact of international sanctions.

Government data obtained by The Times confirms that Iran only has sufficient stockpiles of medicine to last another 100 days. A toxic combination of mismanagement and corruption, compounded by sanctions, is now placing the lives of ordinary Iranians at risk, with Tehran refusing to release its dwindling foreign currency reserves to replenish drug stocks.

When you read a story like that, it's helpful to recall that every paragraph should begin: "As a consequence of its decision to sustain its nuclear weapons program … "

Iran is choosing nukes over anesthetics. The moral obloquy for that choice falls on those who make it, not on those who react to it.

One last question: how did The Times obtain that data on Iranian anesthetic stockpiles? I assume it was provided to them. Useful to ponder who provided that information, and why.