Fashionable Death

Tatler's Dog Dies In Door Disaster at Vogue House

It's the kind of death that would suit the most dramatic of fashionistas - being killed by the revolving door at Vogue House.

And yesterday, that grim fate befell Tatler magazine's in-house mascot, a young Dachsund named Alan, arguably the most well-connected dog in Britain.

The revolving door through which generations of celebrities and stylists have walked into the offices of Vogue, GQ and Tatler was transformed into the jaws of death for Alan - or Alan TBH Plumptre to give him his full name - after the small beast bounded forwards into the revolving door when being taken out for a walk by a hapless staffer whose identity has not been revealed.

It was by all accounts a grisly scene, but contrary to early reports on Twitter, Alan was not decapitated by the door, but although the London Fire brigade arrived on with ten men to try and free him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Editorial assistant Jennifer George, who owned the dog, posted a photo of him on Twitter, saying: "He was so awesome and so very loved. This is the last photo I took - handsome as ever."

India Knight tweeted: "Poor Alan the Tatler dachshund, how horrible. (He perished by revolving door in Vogue House)."