The 44 Most Extreme Super Bowl Snacks

For the Super Bowl, The Daily Beast’s taster sorts through 4,423 snacks to find the 44 craziest. From General Tso’s Chips to Giant Cheetos to Dill Pickle Popcorn, VIEW OUR FAVORITES.

I. General Tso Kettle Chips Manufacturer: Hain Celestial Group, Inc. Review: "The chips were dark, wiggly and fairly large. They had a great crispness and nice crunch. And the flavor was great, a very nice spicy taste that didn't precisely remind me of General [Tso's] chicken, but nonetheless was quite delicious."

II. Dill Pickle Popcorn Manufacturer: Mom & Popcorn Review: "I crunched in to find that the popcorn had a great crispness and a very nice taste. There was maybe a subtle pickle flavor, definitely not anything like the strength or taste on any of the pickle-flavored potato chips."

III. Herb Roasted Chicken Crinkle Cut Potato Chips Manufacturer: Arnottís Snackfoods Review: The herbs seemed to be more prominent in the flavor than the chicken, but you could still taste lots of chicken.

IV. Lamb Curry Potato Crisps Manufacturer: Walkers Snack Foods Review: "The flavoring was tasty, and it did indeed taste like curry, but it wasn't nearly as strong as some other curry chips I've eaten. There was a mild heat and a lingering hot aftertaste."

V. Chicken Leg and French Fry Chips Manufacturer: Tricot Review: "This snack combines two shapes—a chicken drumstick and a french fry—made from processed potatoes. The fries are basically hollow, square-shaped pale yellow tubes, about 2-1/2 inches in length. The chicken pieces are sort of a pinkish beige and are hollow, with a series of diagonal slits in them, similar to the texture on Ruffles 3D's. Both kinds are very crisp with a good crunch, and they taste about the same, sort of a Pringles-like taste."

VI. Chicken Teriyaki Jerky Manufacturer: Tyson Foods, Inc. Review: "These were pretty good chicken jerky-type snacks. However, the quality wasn't consistent across all of the meat nuggets in the bag."

VII. Cuttlefish Crackers Manufacturer: Miaow Miaow Food Products Review: "This snack brought great fear to the patrons of the chip bowl, as cuttlefish is not a frequent staple of our diets, but when people actually tried these, they liked the taste and ate more."

VIII. Licorice-Coated Popcorn Manufacturer: Pendleton Popcorn Factory Review: "The taste was indeed like black licorice, with a very sticky sugar that tended to stay on the teeth, and a very chewy overall texture with the combination of popcorn and licorice coating."

IX. Schwarma Chips Manufacturer: Osem Food Industries Ltd. Review: "These snacks were basically three short tubes all bonded together. Kind of like Mickey Mouse's face, except all three circles were the same size. I'm not sure whether they actually tasted like schwarma, but they did taste good."

X. Spicy Lasagna Chips Manufacturer: A&J Snack Foods Review: "These chips looked kind of like large ravioli, generally square in shape with angle-cut edges. They had a ton of crunch, and the flavoring was really quite tasty, kind of a garlicky Italian taste with some spicy heat to it."

XI. Crab Seasoned Popcorn Manufacturer: Wye River Wholesale, Inc. Review: "This popcorn had a very good crispness, and it was lightly seasoned with a very tasty crab seasoning."

XII. Hot Dog-Flavored Potato Chips Manufacturer: Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Review: "They taste more like the condiments on the hot dog than the hot dog. Like a loaded hot dog with onions and relish. Very pickle-y. They're not bad."

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XIII. Prawn Cocktail Chips Manufacturer: Walkers Snack Foods Ltd. Review: "At first, they tasted like mild ketchup chips (with good crunch). The more of these you eat, the more the seafood taste kicks in and you sort of taste the prawn."

XIV. Root Beer Float Popcorn Manufacturer: Ozark Mountain Popcorn Review: "This popcorn mix had two kinds of pieces in it, with about half being the brownish glazed root beer pieces, and the others pale yellow glazed vanilla ones. Both kinds tasted good, as the root beer ones really did taste like root beer."

XV. Squid Crackers Manufacturer: Sepasang Naga Review: "The initial odor is that of a 3-day-old fish market in a third world, or at least the section of the fish docks where the chum isn't even processed. Once you're over that, the rest of the chip isn't that bad."

XVI. Beef-and-Mustard Potato Rings Manufacturer: KP Foods Review: "Overall, there's a lot of potato in relation to the mustard. Not much of a beefy taste."

XVII. Grilled Steak & Onion Potato Chips Manufacturer: Tim's Cascade Snacks Review: "These taste just like grilled steak and onion. They're incredibly crunchy and thick and remind us of steak with A1 sauce."

XVIII. Crispy Fried Chicken Skins Manufacturer: International Provisions Review: "If you're expecting chips, you'll be kind of grossed out. But if you're expecting fried chicken skins, they're OK."

XIX. Dill Pickle Potato Chips Manufacturer: Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Co. Review: "There was no green color in the seasoning, as they looked just like plain potato chips, but with just one bite, the pickle flavor was unmistakable."

XX. Giant Cheetos Manufacturer: Frito-Lay Review: "Each piece in this bag of Cheetos was quite large, as you would expect from the Giant Cheetos name, with a tube-like shape, kind of like a marshmallow, though somewhat irregular, with rounded-off ends."

XXI. Wasabi Flavored Indonesian Shrimp Chips Manufacturer: Brilliant Food Inc. Review: "They've sort of styrofoamy in consistency, but they're crisp and have a nice wasabi flavor."

XXII. Cotton Candy Popcorn Manufacturer: Pendleton Popcorn Factory Review: "This pink sugar-coated popcorn had a flavor that was similar to cotton candy, a pretty good taste, though not completely like cotton candy, as the texture of the sugar coating didn't have the same light feel."

XXIII. Wasabi Ginger Soy Chips Manufacturer: nSpired Natural Foods Review: "It's definitely wasabi, but it's nowhere near strong enough to bring tears to your eyes. They'd be pretty good, if not for the fact that once the ginger and wasabi tastes wear out, you're chewing a very bland chip that doesn't taste all that good."

XXIV. Wasabi Popcorn Manufacturer: Popcorn Chef Review: "They did have a wasabi taste, but the amount of wasabi heat was fairly negligible. Might be good for people who just like the taste of wasabi, but overall the lack of heat made this popcorn quite disappointing."

XXV. Hot Beer Bar-B-Q Chips Manufacturer: Boyerís Potato Chips Review: "These chips are quite hot. It's a delayed heat—you don't notice it at first, but it kicks in after a couple of seconds and packs quite a punch. The heat grows slightly stronger as you continue to chew, and then it lingers for quite a while."

XXVI. Octopus Chips Manufacturer: Nong Shim Co. Review: "When you first bite in, it tastes sort of like lobster and isn't bad. That lasts for about a second, and then you get a fairly bad taste, which lasts for a little while as you chew."

XXVII. Sour Cream and Clam Chips Manufacturer: Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Co. Review: "These are edible if you like clams and are willing to eat just one or two."

XXVIII. Seaweed Potato Chips Manufacturer: Calbee Foods Co. Review: "Most people thought they were absolutely terrible, suitable for inclusion among the Worst Chips Ever. A small minority thought they were decent."

XXIX. PB&J Grape Popcorn Manufacturer: Kernel Encore of Orlando Review: "In this case, the grape kernels really did taste like grape jelly, and the peanut butter ones were sweet but still very peanut buttery. And when we tried eating both kernels at the same time, it really did taste like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Impressive."

XXX. Pickled Onion "Monster Munch" Manufacturer: Walkers Snack Foods Review: "These really do taste like pickled onion. They're gross!"

XXXI. "Ulster Fry" Crisps Manufacturer: Tayto Ltd. Review: "Not having eaten an actual Ulster Fry [eggs, sausage, tomato, black and white pudding, bacon, and bread], I can't say whether these chips matched the taste, but I can say that they tasted good. They had a tangy, spicy flavor that sort of burned the tongue a little."

XXXII. Worcester Sauce Crispy Fries Manufacturer: Walkers Snack Foods Review: "These long, curvy fries had a flavor that was really quite nice, and the flavor got fairly intense after eating several fries in a row. But the texture of the fries just wasn't very good. It was kind of styrofoamy and seemed stale."

XXXIII. Gumbo Chips Manufacturer: Zappís Potato Chip Co. Review: "They had a very nice crunch and a good crispnes, and best of all, they were heavily loaded with the Voodoo Gumbo flavor seasoning. There was no heat in the flavor, as one might have expected from a gumbo chip."

XXXIV. Cheetos Crunchy Cheesy Enchilada Manufacturer: Frito-Lay Review: "The flavor was just great, with lots of cheese, great spices and just enough kick of heat to make it hard to stop eating these."

XXXV. Anchovy-Flavored Chips Manufacturer: Miaow Miaow Food Products Review: "If you can't stand the taste of anchovies, definitely don't try these, but if like anchovies or are adventurous, you might find these to be decent."

XXXVI. "Ass Kickin' Habanero" Popcorn Manufacturer: Southwest Specialty Food, Inc. Review: "The tasted quite good, with great crispness and a nice habanero kick."

XXXVII. Caprese Salad Popcorn Manufacturer: Oogie's Snacks Review: "The flavor seasoning seemed to taste good as we struggled to chew our way through the kernels, but it was hard to judge the taste, given how bad the texture of the popcorn was."

XXXVIII. Chili and Cheese Rippled Potato Chips Manufacturer: Shearer's Foods Review: "The mix of flavors was excellent, with some great seasonings, some heat, and just a great overall chili flavor."

XXXIX. Pepperoni Pizza Potato Chips Manufacturer: Shearer's Foods Review: "There was a nice crunch and great crispness, and the spices were definitely tasty, but calling the flavor something so specific as "pepperoni pizza" might have been a bit of a reach in this case. The flavor was slightly spicy and a little tomatoey, quite good, but just not pepperoni pizza."

XL. Sweet & Spicy Buffalo Wings Chips Manufacturer: Frito-Lay Review: "The seasoning didn't taste like a Buffalo wing sauce at all, but the flavor was still quite good. It was kind of like a barbecue flavor with lots of sweet honey added in, plus a strong kick of heat."

XLI. Philly Cheesesteak Kettle Chips Manufacturer: Herr Foods Review: "These potato chips were crisp with a nice kettle-cooked crunch, and they had a tasty, very oniony steak flavor, like grilled onions. There was no cheese in the taste that I could notice."

XLII. Thai Curry Chips Manufacturer: Boulder Potato Company Taquitos Review: "They've got a spicy Thai flavor that doesn't overpower you, they're quite crunchy, and they're delicious."

XLIII. Corn Burgers Manufacturer: Northern Snack Foods Limited Review: "These corn-based snacks were shaped sort of remotely like tiny little hamburgers, with a dense cheese puff sort of consistency. They tasted pretty good, with a nice tanginess mixed in with the corn taste, but they didn't really taste like beef or hamburgers."

XLIV. Mint Chocolate Chip Popcorn Manufacturer: Kernel Encore of Orlando Review: "The taste was quite nice. It was definitely a less intense flavor than actual mint chocolate chip ice cream, but otherwise the flavor was spot-on."

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