Living Dangerously

The 5 Greatest Pieces of Carlos Danger Merchandise

On Tuesday, Anthony Weiner's code name for sexual correspondences was revealed as "Carlos Danger." A look at clothes now inspired by the alias.

Anthony Weiner's sext alias Carlos Danger has inspired parody twitter accounts, countless memes, a Carlos Danger name generator, and yes, even in fashion's humor t-shirt department. Since the pseudo-name was made public on Tuesday, the Web has created t-shirts clad with plays on the alias and hilarious slogans, ranging from “Carlos is my Name, Danger is my Game” to a more timely and appropriate take on the situation: "Carlos Danger for Mayor.” A look at the best:

1. Created by Look At Me Shirts, the tee, complete with Weiner's mustachioed face, aims to inspire its customers to "live dangerously," just like Carlos Danger himself:

2. This black, long-sleeve top by Florin Calugaru, provides women with warning to steer clear of Carlos Danger:

3. The in-sync timing of Weiner's sext scandal with his mayoral race makes for the perfect politically-inspired tee, made by Bogart Designs for Skreened:

4. Redbubble goes for a more straight-forward "Carlos Danger aka Anthony Weiner":

5. The green t-shirt (made by Idakoos) turns Weiner's indiscretions into a rhyme game. The slogan "Carlos is my Name, Danger is my Game," is available on numerous clothing pieces, including sweatshirts, aprons, and even a child onesie: