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The Best BBQ On The Block Starts With These Spices

Pick between three different sets of six artisanal seasonings.


By The Beast

Barbecue season is almost here, but before you throw on that grilling apron, take stock of your ingredients — particularly, your salts and seasonings, which are the backbone to any good BBQ meal. If you're looking to improve what you’ve got, start with the Gustus Vitae's Spice and Salt Collections. Each set comes with six different non-GMO spices and salts that include California local and imported ingredients, tailored to different types of cuisine.

For the avid grillmaster, the Ultimate BBQ Collection will add extra flavor to your steaks and ribs with natural smoked sea salt, ancho chile sea salt, garlic pepper rub, and Greek, Cajun, and Jamaican seasonings.

If you're trying to turn up the heat, the Spicy Sea Salts Collection includes uniquely flavored salts like sriracha, red cayenne, ancho chile, buffalo wing, paprika, and chipotle.

Lastly, for those final touches, there’s the Chef's Secret Finishing Sea Salts Collection of sriracha, dijon mustard, wasabi, blue cheese, buffalo wing, and chipotle sea salt flavors.

Regardless of which kit you choose, all of Gustus Vitae's ingredients are all-natural and free of artificial colors and flavors. Plus, each case includes a magnetic backing that lets you stick the tins to your fridge, grill, or any other metal surfaces for added convenience.

You can broaden your cooking arsenal with Gustus Vitae's Spice and Salt Collections, on sale for 33% off at $39.99 each.

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