The Father Who Made His Kids Have Sex With a Dog

Christopher Sena presented himself as a loving husband and father but he stands charged with incest, felony child abuse and other horrific crimes.

Readers of Christopher Sena’s Facebook posts would be forgiven for thinking he was a real family guy.

A loving husband and responsible father: That’s the image the Las Vegas resident presented on social media.

In reality, authorities believe, Sena was a perverted monster who practiced child abuse and incest in what the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is calling “one of the most horrific sex rings in memory.”

A 23-count amended criminal complaint alleging incest, bestiality and felony child abuse filed against Sena, sources said, only begins to illustrate the scope of the evidence Metro detectives have gathered. Sena was first arrested on a sexual assault charge in September. His wife Deborah and ex-wife Terri, the biological mother of his three sons and one daughter, were arrested December 11 in Las Vegas. Among the evidence recovered: A videotape of two Sena children having sex with the family dog.

A preliminary hearing set for Tuesday morning in Clark County Justice Court is expected to reveal some of the voluminous and revolting material in evidence against the defendants.

Sena might have felt insulated from suspicion in part because of his friendly relationship with local police. He went so far as to throw an “Activation Party” in their honor just weeks before his September arrest. He spent some of his spare time posting remarks on Facebook that made him appear the picture of the responsible father and loving husband.

One August 6 post making the rounds on the Internet was accompanied by a photo of Sena and his Deborah striking a pose on his racing motorcycle: “Some more beautiful pictures of me and my wife, don’t we make the best couple in the world, if you think so please give this a like and comment what you think. My wife is always doing something to make me laugh.”

Just days earlier Sena had lauded an unnamed son’s assistance with household chores. The child, “also learned a valuable lesson, after cleaning up your mess after you make it, its easier to clean the house. And I was really proud of him when we mowed the yard, he stood up and took charge instead of standing around, I think he’s finally getting the hang of things, because I didn’t have to yell at him, I just have one more son to go.”

Many of the nearly two dozen charges carry sentences ranging up to life in prison. Local CBS affiliate KLAS TV-8 reported veteran police detectives shocked by the horrific abuse of two children, who are now in their teens.

News of Sena’s arrest generated a swift reaction from acquaintances and friends, some of whom claimed to have known him for many years.

“I’ve known you most of my life & never would have suspected you to be such a disgusting pervert,” one self-described longtime friend wrote on Sena’s Facebook page. “... How could you hurt a child?”