Trump Polls Supporters On ‘Man of the Year’ Title

President-elect Donald Trump asked audience members at a rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday night if Time magazine should change its famous “Person of the Year” title to “Man of the Year.” “Would you rather see ‘Person of the Year’ … ‘Man of the Year?’” Trump asked in West Allis, triggering raucous applause with the second option. “Now so far I’ve done that three times and ‘Person of the Year’ is not doing well,” he said. After claiming Time magazine’s 2016 award for “Person of the Year,” Trump has repeatedly told his supporters he thinks the title is too politically correct. He continued in that vein on Tuesday, apparently trying to distance himself from establishment politicians. “I'm doing this for all of your politicians over here,” he said, referring to Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus. “These guys are so politically correct,” he joked.