Tweeting Through the Pain

As the college rejection letters pour in, Twitter boards are lighting up, proving brevity can be the soul of agony, too. Plus, view our College Admissions topic page.

enriquec: The Economic crisis is a bitch, and college is married to it. Rejected from Purchase...

icebrrrg: got his UPenn rejection today. Weird, it's an email, no letter ... what has the world come to?

TomfooleryTM: Ever hit on someone because they were 'attainable' and get shot down? It's like getting rejected from your safety school, stupid Yale.

alesacm: Stanford's rejection letter was waaaay better than Harvard's.

his_holiness: I was rejected from the University of Washington. My dad has been a professor there for 30 years and is on the board of admissions. FML

warmsound: ponders requesting a formal rejection letter from Princeton... just to get the most out of his application fee.

yaacoviland: Rejected by Waterloo. Accepted by Harvard. Been repeating WTF out loud to myself for the last fifteen minutes.

draytonhiers: Something strange has happened. Being rejected by Yale has made me feel better about myself, rather than worse. I can't explain this.

gabmeister1855: Got rejected from Berkeley. Damn dirty hippies.

antiquitas: well at least Cornell's rejection was thorough and extremely apologetic. only 6 out of 110? yeah, my odds were bad.

rachitect: today's agony of grad school admissions - either you're rejected ( ucla) or you're accepted into programs you cannot afford to attend ( usc)

asaresquares: Sick, and rejected from Barnard, Wellesley and Georgetown. So. eBay shopping as consolation.

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aemeliaclare: Have been rejected by Yale. No big surprise. Why can't I hear back from any of the schools I actually WANT to go to?

swizzard: Got rejected from Princeton today...existential panic rising fast...

anachronistique: Week of fuckery continues: rejected from Harvard. Unsurprising but still sucktastic.

amybethx: got rejected from harvard for the third time (bs,ms,phd) i think i got the message i am not ever donating to them,....

cakhan: I got rejected by Rutgers but admitted to Georgetown! Rutgers is no Georgetown! WTF! What kind of a joke is it?

bkossak: Grad school watch update: rejected from Princeton. Who even wanted to live in NJ anyway?

laureninspace: Rejected to Columbia Journalism. John: It's nice of them to tell you on St. Patty's Day so you can go get drunk afterward.

richmoy1: Got a rejection letter from Columbia today, but I'm not bummed about potentially being $200,000 in debt by the end of 2011, so it's all good

aimeepeng: just got a rejection letter from the United Negro College Fund scholarship. That she never applied to. Because she's not black. What.

erinpuff: Officially rejected from UPenn. Not surprised (especially since I found out last week that their visiting weekend was 2 weeks ago).

ryanjenkins: Rejected from Cornell. They ain't so great in ethics or political philosophy anyhow.

christophino: Just got a letter from Columbia basically saying I'm not NOT

NotMyWeekend: rejected from Pratt. Good thing I was accepted into my first choice Columbia College Chicago. This rejection made me feel stupid/untalented

xsparkaflame: I got my first rejection letter for college. No UCLA. Haha that's one less to explain why I don't want to go there to my parents. Lmao.


_abi_: dear cornell, i can't tell you how glad (and grateful) i am that you rejected me during early decision. so, yeah, thanks for that. bye bye.

Plus: Check out our College Admissions page, for full coverage of who's getting in, who isn't, and how the system really works.