Viral Video of the Day: 29 'Perfect' Impressions Were Faked!

Rob Cantor breaks America’s heart by revealing ruse in making-of video

Last week, a video of a singer impersonating 29 different celeb voices went viral. What we didn’t know until today is that there was a 30th impression going on: Milli Vanilli.

Rob Cantorif that is his real name—hired 12 singers to impersonate the voices on his original song 'Perfect,' and then lip-synced to their performances. Of course, this was his plan the whole time, as this making-of/confessional video demonstrates.

Neither Cantor nor any of the great singers who nailed their impressions are the true stars of the original video. It's sound designer Lindsey Alvarez, who made everything sound natural, right down to artificial chair squeaks that gave it a straight-from-the-webcam vibe.

While it’s hard not to feel a little cheated, a feat of vocal agility has now been revealed to be an equally laudable demonstration of audiovisual sleight of hand, and perhaps a reminder that you can’t take everything on YouTube at face value. Still, 'Perfect' is a catchy song, no matter who’s singing it.