Viral Video of the Day: A Brief History of Movies

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Hollywood (in the length of three trailers)

If you’ve ever wondered how the movies became such a dominant form of entertainment, look no further than this short but remarkably comprehensive history of moving pictures.

Cinefix’s Film School’d series starts way back in the 1st Century AD, moving through the invention of the zoetrope in the 1830s and how Eadweard Muybridge’s $25,000 bet that horses lift all their legs in a gallop eventually gave birth to the motion picture as we know it today.

The video covers the macro and the micro of film, from the birth of the various gimmicks and trends to the details of how studios fund and distribute films. Of course, the current Golden Age of Television and web-based content are included as well. In less than one-tenth the length of the average Transformers film, you can learn all about the moving image.