Viral Video of the Day: Hyper Time-Lapse Video

An example of something you never knew you needed, and maybe you’re still not sure

What might be called the first-person camera industry has been growing steadily throughout the last decade. GoPro, the industry’s standard bearer in recent times, sold 2.3 million of its cameras and grossed $521 million in 2012. In addition to a steady influx of extreme sports videos, this rise has also given birth to a side market for software to help polish footage often taken at breakneck speed or in tough conditions.

Enter Johannes Kopf and his so-called “hyperlapse” technology, shown in the video below. He shows you how normal methods to speed up lengthy first-person footage can lead to choppiness and a jumpy camera, and how his hyperlapse – a play on the term time-lapse – can yield smooth video even at ten times the original speed. It’s quite a visual experience in some stunning settings.