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Fleur du Mal

When you think of the lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse, you'll inevitably stumble upon the adjectives sexy, racy -- even erotic. Indeed, the brand has made a name for itself as a purveyor of revealing underpinnings and elaborate sex toys since it was established in 2005. But now, after a stint at Victoria's Secret, its founder Jennifer Zuccarini has unveiled a new lingerie brand called Fleur du Mal, which (she's the first to admit) is pretty different from Kiki's saucy legacy.

“I think more now than ever before, the line between lingerie and clothing has really blurred," Zuccarini told The Daily Beast. "I was inspired by the idea of dressing up and then undressing, and then how those two things work together—I like it as a whole." And Fleur du Mal (which will begin with online only retail) expresses just that—it’s a collection that’s part lingerie, part ready-to-wear. There are just as many covetable skirts and delicate silk tap shorts as there are thorn-cupped bras and barely-there g-strings. A collaboration between Fleur du Mal (whose name is borrowed from Charles Baudelaire’s 1857 book of poetry, Les Fleurs du Mal) with famed French corsetry house Cadolle provides gussied-up basics for the boudoir and the street. Says Zuccarini: “I’m always thinking about how people are going to wear it."