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William and Kate Seek 'Loyal' Servant

Stefan Rousseau/PA, via Landov

Kate has made it clear that she doesn't want to employ a nanny for their baby, but that doesn't mean she couldn't use a little help around the house.
The couple are advertising for a full-time Person-Friday to look after their home and walk their dogs.

The royal couple are advertising for a "discreet, loyal and reliable" servant to help manage their house, according to job notice posted on Buckingham Palace's internal employment board, which calls for someone to provide "a high standard of housekeeping" for William and Kate at their new Kensington Palace home.

"Discretion, loyalty and reliability are paramount," the advertisement reads. "Attention to detail, together with a flexible and pro-active approach is essential."

As well as cleaning, main duties include, walking the couple's dog Lupo, polishing silver and glassware, running errands, preparing basic meals and doing laundry — all in 37 hours a week (though the successful candidate must be willing to work extra hours when required).

The position has reportedly attracted a high level of interest from within the royal household, despite insiders expressing concern about the huge workload.

"Obviously the prestige of working for the world's most famous couple is an incentive," an insider told the UK's Sunday Express. "It is unheard of for one person to be asked to perform so many duties.

"About 15 people have already applied despite everyone wondering how anyone will be able to carry out all these duties in just 37 hours a week.

"The advert states that they’ll be required to work extra hours and you can bet your life they will.

"Most people employed as housekeepers expect to do a bit of cooking on the side, but walking dogs and driving too? And there's also going to be a baby to factor into the equation. It's unprecedented."

Kate has up till now done all the couple's grocery shopping herself, and she and William have shared cooking and cleaning duties.