New Royal Pregnancy Rumors

William's New Baby Hint

Chris Jackson

Prepare for a new wave of royal pregnancy speculation after Prince William today told a woman who gave him hand-knitted shawl that she might have to start work on a second one.

William told Cynthia Read, who had was commissioned to make a wool shawl for Prince George by the New Zealand government to promote the country's wool industry: “You might have to make another one soon!”

It's the broadest hint yet that Prince George may soon have a baby sibling.

It should also be remembered that in their engagement interview, Will and Kate did declare their intention to have two children.

But is Kate really pregnant? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but here at Royalist towers we think not. After the morning sickness she had first time round, its inconceivable to me that Kate would travel to Australasia in her first trimester. Also, later today she's due to go for a ride on a jet powered motorboat - and attend a wine tasting.