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Epstein Victim Says He Forced Her to Marry Female Recruiter

In lawsuits against Jeffery Epstein’s estate, three new victims allege vile abuse and manipulation by the financier and his associates—including a forced marriage.

Barbie Latza Nadeau8.20.19 10:33 AM ET

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein claims that he forced her to marry another young woman, one of his recruiters, in a sham union that allowed the foreign bride to stay in the United States and continue working for his sex-trafficking operation, a new lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit was one of three new claims just filed against Epstein's estate, which lay out disturbing new details about the extent to which the disgraced financier, who died by suicide in a Manhattan correctional facility this month, tormented his young victims.

One plaintiff, identified in the court documents as “Katlyn Doe,” outlines how Epstein coerced her into marriage—and continued to sexually abuse her after her forced union.

Epstein told the young woman, whom he had abused for years starting when she was just 17, that he needed her to marry another girl in his orbit, "a non-United States citizen and recruiter of females for Jeffrey Epstein, to obtain a permanent United States residence so that she could remain in the country to work for him." He promised to pay the victim $20,000 for the marriage, which the victim desperately needed for a medical surgery.

Epstein's "long-time New York attorney" arranged for the two women to be married, the lawsuit claims. "The ceremony included not only signing the necessary legal paperwork prepared by [the lawyer] but also posing for photographs to give the appearance that the marriage was legitimate."

Epstein arranged for the women to live at "one of his apartments located at 301 East 66th Street" in New York. As The Daily Beast has previously reported, this building—owned by Epstein's brother, Mark—lies at the center of allegations about the financier's sex-trafficking enterprise.

During the sham marriage, Epstien continued to force the victim to have sex with him. The two women divorced in 2017.

Katlyn Doe's lawsuit also details the vast network of associates that knew of and assisted Epstein in recruiting and carrying out the sexual abuse. Katyln, like many other young victims, was vulnerable when she met him. She says she suffered from an eating disorder, and that Epstein had implied he would help cure her. Their initial meetings were under the guise of finding proper medical treatment. He promised to pay for surgeries that she would then be indebted to him to repay.

Katyln refers to someone by the name of “Associate 7” who she says was present during some of the sexual encounters. At one point Katlyn was directed to give Epstein a massage, during which he asked her to pinch his nipples. Later on, he grabbed her breasts violently during his own self-pleasuring sessions. She continued to frequent the financier because of the promise of medical help. She told him that she was a virgin and that maintaining her virginity was important to her. Yet she maintains that Epstein “pressured, manipulated, intimidated and forced” her to engage in intercourse and give her virginity to him.

A second plaintiff, known as “Priscilla Doe” in the brief, says she was just 20 when she was introduced to Epstein through Ghislaine Maxwell, now at the center of the next phase of the investigation into sexual impropriety. Priscilla alleges that Maxwell acted as a sort of sexual instructor, teaching her the “proper way” to pleasure Epstein the way he liked it. Priscilla also alleges that Maxwell personally taught her the “proper way to give a blow job." She claims that the duo took her passport when she visited him at his U.S. Virgin Islands estate, often referred to as Pedophile Island.

Priscilla also says she met movers and shakers, including the Sultan of Dubai. But her duties were not just sexual; she says she was also made to do domestic chores, including serving hors d’oeuvres at a private party Epstein held with director Woody Allen, who is not implicated in this case.

Priscilla also said that Epstein commonly bragged about his famous friends, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and the Sultan of Dubai. She says Epstein boasted about Clinton's trips to his private island, though she never saw the president there.

Priscilla says that Epstein would force her to give "massages" to his powerful friends, and they would sexually abuse her as well. The men are unnamed in the lawsuit.

Priscilla was especially disturbed by what she referred to as “commercial sex acts” she was made to engage in between 2006 and 2012, including during the time when Epstein was in jail in Florida in 2009. The document states that the acts included “the use of sex toys inserted inside Plaintiff, digital penetration, forcible touching and many other sexual acts.” The brief also states that there were many other sex acts the plaintiff was forced to engage in that are “too graphic and perverted to detail in the complaint.”

The third plaintiff, known as “Lisa Doe,” in documents, was a dancer with aspirations of joining a major dance company. Epstein promised her that he would provide her with “top of the line dancing attire, including new ballet pointe shoes,” and to help use his contacts to further her career.

From that point on, Epstein engaged in “various sexually charged stretching activities” that did not allow her to practice her dance routines. It was around that time she met a man she refers to as “Prince” who she says was at Epstein’s home as a close personal friend. Lisa says she spoke at length with “Prince” and was “shocked that someone as powerful as a royal family member would be engaging in small talk with her.”

Priscilla was not the only victim who Epstein used a sex toy on against her will. Lisa’s complaint also alleges that Epstein “unexpectedly used a sex toy her, forcibly pressing it onto and into Plaintiff’s vagina.” At that time, the victim says Epstein pleasured himself while he held the vibrating dildo on and in her vagina. One he had ejaculated, he took a book called Massage for Dummies from a pile on the floor and handed it to her, telling she had to finish it before she came back. He then took three $100 bills from his drawer and dismissed her.

Like the other young women, Lisa stayed in Epstein’s orbit because of the promises he made to her, and only left when she felt so violated that she could no longer carry on.