Roadside Rage

12 Craziest Anti-Obama Billboards (Photos)

A new sign in Idaho compares President Obama to James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora movie-theater shooting.

A new sign in Idaho compares President Obama to James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora movie-theater shooting. From birther proclamations to an anti-abortion advertisement, see more hyperpartisan billboards.

An electronic billboard in Caldwell, Idaho draws a shocking comparison between President Obama and James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado movie theater shooting. Next to a picture of Holmes, the billboard reads: “Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out.”  Alongside that image is a photo of Obama with the caption: “Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace prize.” A spokesman for the Ralph Smeed Foundation, the organization that owns the billboard, claims that the purpose is not to imply that the president is a “lunatic,” but to compare the ways society reacts to killing. “We’re all outraged over that killing in Aurora, Colo., but we’re not outraged over the boys killed in Afghanistan,” he said.

This classic from on U.S. 63 near West Plains, Missouri, is decidedly Third World in its artistry—but then maybe that’s the point, what with the turban and all. Nah, it’s just homespun bigotry and fear-mongering from the Show Me State. Thomas Hart Benton would be pissed that local folk art has fallen so far.

Niles, Ohio, is the hometown of Republican President William McKinley. It was also where this pre-election billboard surfaced courtesy of one Jack Kapp, who at least shares his name with the CEO of Central Appalachian Petroleum in nearby Warren, Ohio. Guess Sarah Palin’s socialist riffs struck a chord—but Obama ended up winning Ohio anyway.

This billboard neatly recited all the Hatriot themes for drivers alongside Interstate 70 in Blue Springs, Missouri. With the Soviet hammer and sickle, warning that the Constitution itself is being undermined, it warns motorists that they’re on the road to communism as well as the mall.

This isn’t just a one-off—it’s part of a series of 20 roadside billboards purchased by WorldNet Daily Founder and Editor Joseph Farah, at a cost of some $300,000, fueled by donations from the angry and gullible. After devoting his C-SPAN-broadcast Friday night speech at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville to the "birther" cause, Farah tried to say that he’s never actually said that Obama wasn’t born in the USA. He was just asking the question. Can’t imagine where people got the wrong idea.

This call for revolution bridges conservative activist “starve the beast” rhetoric with tax-protester appeals and finally armed resistance. Best yet, it appears to have been endorsed by the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee—cause nothing says patriotism like overturning democratic elections with an armed insurrection.

This election-eve billboard appeared on the road from Houston to Arkansas and neatly captured all the “Obama’s coming for yer gun” fears. Who needs words when symbols will suffice?

Last April, this billboard on the Indiana toll road I-80/90 offered some advice to the folks at Notre Dame, who’d had the temerity to invite the president of the United States to give a commencement address. Nevermind that Obama gave a thoughtful speech about bridging this most difficult divide—pro-choice means pro-abortion. It was more civil than many of the other protesters, like former Operation Rescue Director Randall Terry, who was arrested for rolling a baby carriage down the campus full of bloody baby doll parts with the legend “Obama ’09–One Dead Baby at a Time.”

Outside Mason City, Iowa, the Obama-Nation Soviet iconography was back in style, this time with a little more text defining socialism.

This sign appeared in Henderson, North Carolina—the hometown of PBS’ Charlie Rose—until public outcry led the owner to take it down in October ’08. Obama won the state.

No word on what the good folks at KFC though of this artful add on to a State Farm life insurance salesman’s sign in Mandeville, Louisiana

Here in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the good folks at Wolf Interstate Leasing went the full Muslim Manchurian Candidate route, with not only the requisite birther riff, but also the classy “Remember Fort Hood” rejoinder. ‘Cause, you know, the president secretly condoned the terrorist attack he condemned. After all, “the enemy is within” warnings have always ended well throughout human history.