Be the Next Face of Benetton

Virtual, worldwide casting competition finds Benetton’s faces of the future.

02.18.10 6:36 AM ET

The United Colors of Benetton is known for celebrating global style and personality. We all know the posters with beautiful, bright, real people of all different colors and backgrounds and unique looks. This is a brand that has always been ahead of its time. And now, Benetton is launching a worldwide casting session to find young people with personal style and genuine passion to represent their new line in Autumn-Winter 2010/2011.

They’re asking: Who are YOU? What makes you DIFFERENT? What is your STYLE? Answer these questions in an online look-book with photos and videos that express your personality. Then, upload your creation at, on or at your local Benetton store. Website users will vote, and the top 100 participants will win 200 euro in Benetton vouchers. Even cooler: They’ll be featured in a book about global style.

So, calling all young people: You’re invited to attend a global casting session. It takes place where you live, physically, emotionally, mentally.

The casting competition is called IT'S:MY:TIME, and that’s just what Benetton hopes people will keep in mind as they create their submissions. They’re looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising. And, as always with Benetton, they’re seeking people who are authentic and open—and fully themselves. This campaign is wholly democratic: It’s open to the world and every single young person. The goal isn’t to identify the latest trend or the next hot thing—this is a real search for personal style and individuality, the desire to be unique. 

Already the web is buzzing—on facebook, twitter, flickr, myspace, youtube. Everywhere there are people who celebrate individuality, there’s a potential face of Benetton. You can enter in any language, from any part of the world. Just be YOU. If you’re an in-person type, here’s a list of global in-store castings.

An expert panel will select the top 20 entrants, who will fly to New York City to model in the fashion shoot for Benetton’s Fall/Winter campaign. So not only will winners get the trip and the photo shoot, but they’ll also get to meet 19 other real-as-it-gets friends from around the world. Bonus.

When the Top 20 are shot by British photographer Josh Olins, they will be part of an innovative, groundbreaking campaign that is enriched with interactive augmented reality. If it sounds like science fiction, it practically is. Benetton is using technology that merges real and virtual worlds. Here’s how it works: When you see the campaign in any magazine, you’ll find a black-and-white code on the page. If you visit and focus your webcam on the code, you will open up a new animated dimension of the campaign. The text will expand and turn into a video with moving images of the young winners sharing their voice, wit and talent and showing the world “IT'S:MY:TIME.” 

So, calling all young people: You’re invited to attend a global casting session. It takes place where you live, physically, emotionally, mentally. Show Benetton your style and personality—what makes you distinctive, exceptional and one-of-a-kind—through videos and photographs. Then upload your work to share with the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, be inspired and get ready for an adventure. The casting competition opens February 8th and the winners will be announced March 18th.

Benetton is looking for the face of the future.

Maybe it's you.

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