Mike Dukakis' Revenge

Who would have thought his disastrous 1988 presidential campaign would create so many Washington stars? From Elena Kagan to Madeleine Albright to Larry Summers, The Daily Beast rounds up staffers who succeeded.

05.10.10 11:04 PM ET

Elena Kagan

Dukakis Campaign: Researcher
Subsequent Fame: Supreme Court nominee


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Madeleine Albright

Dukakis Campaign: Foreign policy adviser
Subsequent Fame: Secretary of State under Bill Clinton


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George Stephanopoulos

Dukakis Campaign: Rapid Response Team
Subsequent Fame: Clinton administration adviser; ABC News chief political correspondent


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Larry Summers

Dukakis Campaign: Unpaid economic adviser, Harvard professor
Subsequent Fame: President of Harvard University 2001-06; top economic adviser, Obama administration

Michael Aronson

Dukakis Campaign: Speechwriter
Subsequent Fame: New York Daily News editorial page editor; 1988 and 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner

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Susan Rice

Dukakis Campaign: Foreign policy aide
Subsequent Fame: U.S. ambassador to the United Nations


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John Podesta

Dukakis Campaign: Lieutenant on Issues staff
Subsequent Fame: Clinton chief of staff (1998-2001); president of Center for American Progress

Mark Katz

Dukakis Campaign: Rapid Response Team, wrote daily hotline briefings
Subsequent Fame: Humor speechwriter for President Clinton 2000-08; principal of the Soundbite Institute (and Daily Beast contributor)

Tom Donilon

Dukakis Campaign: Senior adviser, responsible for debate preparation
Subsequent Fame: Deputy national security adviser for the Obama administration

James Steinberg

Dukakis Campaign: Deputy issues director
Subsequent Fame: Deputy Secretary of State for the Obama administration

Matt Tyrnauer

Dukakis Campaign: Assistant to the campaign manager
Subsequent Fame: Write-director of Valentino: The Last Emperor, Vanity Fair staff writer

Dayton Duncan

Dukakis Campaign: National press secretary
Subsequent Fame: Filmmaker in collaboration with Ken Burns; author

Michael Barr

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff
Subsequent Fame: Assistant secretary for financial institutions

Rosa deLauro

Dukakis Campaign: Campaign director for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Subsequent Fame: Connecticut congresswoman

Gene Sperling

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff, famous for putting in 21-hour days
Subsequent Fame: Counselor to Timothy Geithner, former head of National Economic Council

Joe Lockhart

Dukakis Campaign: Deputy press secretary
Subsequent Fame: Clinton campaign press secretary

Sylvia Matthews Burwell

Dukakis Campaign: Researcher
Subsequent Fame: President of Global Development Program at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Josh Steiner

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff
Subsequent Fame: Co-president and managing partner, Quadrangle

Michael Whouley

Dukakis Campaign: Adviser, field operative
Subsequent Fame: President, Dewey Square Group; portrayed by Dennis Leary in HBO’s Recount, based on the 2000 Gore campaign

Todd Stern

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff
Subsequent Fame: Special envoy for climate change

Tony West

Dukakis Campaign: Assistant to Bob Farmer
Subsequent Fame: Assistant attorney general, Civil Division

Keith Boykin

Dukakis Campaign: Traveling press aide
Subsequent Fame: Prominent blogger and talking head

Bob Farmer

Dukakis Campaign: Head fundraiser
Subsequent Fame: Fundraiser who became consul general to Bermuda under Clinton

Bob Boorstin

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff, ran convention logistics
Subsequent Fame: Runs Google’s lobbying efforts; director of corporate and policy communications in Google's Washington, D.C., office

Vicky Rideout

Dukakis Campaign: Issues staff

Subsequent Fame: Vice president of Kaiser Family Foundation & Spartacus Media Enterprises; Hollywood social activist, power player

Chris Edley

Dukakis Campaign: Ran Issues office; Harvard professor
Subsequent Fame: Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), adviser to Obama during campaign

Mark Gearan

Dukakis Campaign: Ran headquarters press office, campaign spokesman
Subsequent Fame: Former head of Peace Corps; president of Hobart William Smith College

Leslie Dach

Dukakis Campaign: Communications director
Subsequent Fame: As special counselor to CEO of Walmart, launched major public-relations campaign improving the company’s image

Mindy Lubber

Dukakis Campaign: Senior adviser and communications director
Subsequent Fame: President of Ceres, an environmentally focused investment group

Dwight Holton

Dukakis Campaign: “Advance man,” sent to events ahead of the candidate
Subsequent Fame: U.S. attorney for the District of Oregon

Vanessa Kirsch

Dukakis Campaign: Field coordinator
Post-Dukakis: Leading social venture capitalist, president and founder of New Profit Inc.

Clay Constantinou

Dukakis Campaign: New Jersey campaign
Subsequent Fame: U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg (1994-99); member of Patton & Boggs Public Policy and International Practice Groups