The 10 Best Expendables Kills

The heroes assembled in The Expendables have racked up impressive kills in the past. From Stallone's shootouts to Schwarzenegger's steampipes, WATCH VIDEO of their best moments.

The heroes assembled in The Expendables have racked up impressive kills in the past. From Stallone's shootouts to Schwarzenegger's steam-pipes, WATCH VIDEO of their best moments.

Sylvester Stallone: The Cure for Action Movies

The self-appointed leader of The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone is well-known for throttling his opponents in the ring as Rocky and slicing up his enemies as Rambo. Here he uses his Rambo sneak-attack, tries out a futuristic beheading in Demolotion Man, and applies his Cobra-style "cure" for crime.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Just Blowing Off Some Steam

In his long film career, Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has done everything from challenging a predator to a deathmatch, to saving the world as an assassin cyborg, and—most dangerous of all— protecting kindergartners. Here, in the climax of Commando, Schwarzenegger helps this baddy with some plumbing issues.

Bruce Willis: Yippie-Kay-Yay, Hans

Bruce Willis may not have the shirtsleeve-rupturing muscles of Sly or Schwarzenegger, but there's no denying his spot in the upper echelon of American action heroes. Before he saw dead people and found a surrogate, he was best known for playing John McClane in the Die Hard movies. Watch as Willis delivers the final kill on Hans Gruber in the series' first installment.

Jason Statham: A Slick Bike Ride

Englishman Jason Statham has carved out a spot for himself as a strong-jawed macho man in the adrenaline-fueled flicks War and Crank. But few fight scenes are better than this one from The Transporter, where—covered in oil and armed with bicycle pedals—Statham gives some goons a one-way ticket to painsville.

Jet Li: Bone-Crushing Kicks

In the pantheon of martial artists, high on the list are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Chuck Norris. But don't forget the smallest member of The Expendables, Jet Li. In his first English-speaking lead role as a police officer looking for revenge in Romeo Must Die, Li kicked his way into action-movie notoriety, all while giving audiences a lesson in shattering spinal cords.

Mickey Rourke: Ramming His Way to Victory

Not many action stars have been able to fight back and resurrect their careers, so kudos to Mickey Rourke. After making a splash in the '80s starring in movies like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Rourke took a hiatus from acting to pursue boxing. But in Sin City, and later as Randy "The Ram" in The Wrestler, Rourke came roaring back. In this clip from The Wrestler, he lives up to his character's nickname.

Dolph Lundgren: Swedish Master of the Universe

With a name like Dolph Lundgren, you know this 6'5", 250-pound Swede fits the mold for action star. He battled Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago and later suffered a violent death in Universal Soldier: Regeneration at the hands of Jean-Claude Van Damme. But when faced with the task of donning furry underwear as He-Man in Masters of the Universe, Lundgren raised his sword and screamed, "I have... the power!"

Steve Austin: Stone-Cold Redemption

If there's anyone who knows how to act like he's beating the daylights out of another man, it's WWE professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. This clip from the film Damage, where Austin plays an ex-con fighting to earn money, isn't short on cheese—behold the dramatic music and a walloping knockout punch—but who can resist cheering for Austin as he rises from a pit of oil in an unlikely comeback for the ages?

Randy Couture: Captain America Gets Scrappy

Randy Couture's biggest fight was to bring mixed martial arts to the mainstream. With the Ultimate Fighting Championship as popular as ever, "Captain America" can take a break from wailing on his opponents to join The Expendables. Remember, these scenes involve actual combat, sans protective gear.

Terry Crews: Odor's Worst Nightmare

Terry Crews may not have any signature action-movie moments, but he does kill a universal enemy: body odor. The former NFL linebacker is known for his starring role in Old Spice "Odor Blocker Body Wash" ads. (Not to be confused with that other Old Spice star.) Watch as Crews shows another skill essential to a serious badass: a sense of humor.

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