14 Outstanding Moments From the 2010 Emmy Awards

From Jane Lynch’s win to Jimmy Fallon as Elton John, WATCH VIDEO of the best moments from the 2010 Emmy Awards.

From Jane Lynch’s win to Jimmy Fallon as Elton John, WATCH VIDEO of the best moments from the 2010 Emmy Awards. Plus, read our recap and view the best from the Emmys red carpet.

A Gleeful Opening

As one of the buzziest new shows in recent history, it’s not a surprise that the producers chose to pay tribute to freshman dramedy Glee in the opening sketch. What was a surprise was how freaking funny it was, thanks to cameos by Kate Gosselin, Jon Hamm, Betty White, and Jorge Garcia.

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One Jane Lynch to Rule Them All

Jane Lynch won a well-deserved Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy thanks to her brilliantly scathing performance as Sue Sylvester in Glee. Emmy voters clearly know better than to mess with Sue Sylvester.

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Clooney Goes Modern

Emmy sketches don’t always succeed in their attempts at humor. This one, which imagines how much better Modern Family would be with the addition of George Clooney, succeeds. Takeaway lesson? More George Clooney. Always.

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Sorry, Joan and Peggy: Archie Panjabi Wins

One of the night’s upsets came when The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi beat out Mad women Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks and her Wife co-star Christine Baranski for Supporting Actress in a Drama. “This is just amazing for my career,” Panjabi said.

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Ricky Gervais Snarks on Mel Gibson

Ricky Gervais adds a dash of sass to any awards show he participates in, and this time was no different, as he took a hilarious pot shot at Mel Gibson.

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George Clooney: Will Strip For Charity

George Clooney brought a touch of levity to the speech for his very serious award, the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award honoring his philanthropic endeavors. "I have offered to go to the south of Sudan and stage, like, a wardrobe malfunction," he said, laughing. "But it was pointed out to me that I'm 49, and the consensus was that it would just be upsetting. And kind of sad."

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“Elton John” Sends Off 24

We already know Jimmy Fallon can do a mean Neil Young, but apparently Elton John is in his repertoire, too. Fallon channeled the singer to bid adieu to Jack Bauer.

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Pacino Thanks Kevorkian

Will the real Dr. Kevorkian please stand up? Al Pacino thanked the controversial doctor while accepting his award for playing him in HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack.

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Danes Thanks Grandin

Similarly, Claire Danes thanked the real-life Temple Grandin after Danes snagged her first Emmy playing the autistic doctor of animal science in HBO’s movie.

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Mad Men Wins (Again)

Three years ago, Mad Men was the underdog whose unexpected Emmy win was the buzziest moment of the night. Now, with three wins under its belt, the show has become the hulking awards behemoth to beat.

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Modern Family Gets the Gold

Modern Family, meanwhile, caused a bit of an upset when it beat out Glee and 30 Rock to take home the award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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Sarah Hyland Talks Glee, Gay Kissing

Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland managed to sound more mature and poised than actors twice her age when she weighed in on whether she should consider Glee her rival and how fans will react to the long-awaited kiss between Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet in Family’s second season.

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Kathy Griffin’s Mom Yells at Ryan Seacrest

Proving that a sense of humor is an inherited trait, Kathy Griffin’s mom, Maggie, chided Ryan Seacrest for stealing the Emmy from Kathy, then said she was wearing “J.C. Pennier.”

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True Blood’s Naked Vampires

True Blood stars and newlyweds Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer dished about their wedding and broke down the logistics behind covering up everyone’s naughty bits on their recent racy Rolling Stone cover.

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