Mission Accomplished?

President Obama declared the end of the seven-year war in Iraq and said his attention will now shift to the economy. The Daily Beast’s Leslie H. Gelb, Tina Brown, Matt Latimer, Louise Roug, Mark McKinnon, Tunku Varadarajan, and Stephen L. Carter weigh in on Obama’s withdrawal speech.

08.31.10 10:37 PM ET

Obama Has a Dream
By Leslie H. Gelb

Obama is right to focus on revitalizing the economy. But Iraq and Afghanistan threaten to jeopardize this essential mission, as Leslie H. Gelb explains.



Obama's Combat Catch-22
By Tina Brown

Despite Obama's moving speech, Bush will get the credit for Iraq—while 44 bogs down in Afghanistan, with little chance for similar redemption.



No Way to Wind Down a War
By Matt Latimer

Obama’s speech was quiet, understated, even gracious. But Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer argues it did not grapple with the lasting consequences of one of America’s longest-running wars.



An Iraqi's Take on Obama
By Lousie Roug

One refugee tells former Iraq correspondent Louise Roug what he thought was missing from Obama’s speech announcing the end of combat operations.



The Shadow Over Obama’s Address
By Mark McKinnon

As President Obama announced the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, he acknowledged his predecessor and revealed he had phoned him before the speech. Mark McKinnon on why Obama would do well to learn more from Bush.



A Fair and Balanced Address
By Tunku Varadarajan

Obama steered clear of stirring verbiage, delivering a gracious hat-tip to Bush and a reassuring brushback of the terrorists. Tunku Varadarajan on what the president did well—and what he left unsaid.



A Bush-Like Address
By Stephen L. Carter

In his steadfast confidence in the rightness of our course, and his ferocity in the manner of pursuing it, Obama echoed his predecessor’s approach Tuesday night.



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Ten Iraq War Legacies
By The Daily Beast

When President Obama announced an official end to combat operations, he acknowledged George Bush’s “support for our troops” as well as his “love of country and commitment to our security.” The Daily Beast surveys the lasting political fallout of Bush’s fateful war.



President Obama declared the combat mission in Iraq over in his second Oval Office speech.


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